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#rockbox log for 2004-03-07

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01:35:55diddystar5by bye
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04:52:04Bluechipdo you recall how the GAIN feature in MP3DirectCut works?
04:52:28midknight2k3no idea sir
04:53:49Bluechipdid you finish all your plugins?
04:55:44midknight2k3uh no
04:55:52midknight2k3i got carried away chatting and rendering
04:58:19Bluechipwhat's left to do?
04:59:18midknight2k3gotta go
04:59:19midknight2k3LOL jk
04:59:57midknight2k3lol its like "uh er well uh gotta clean the truck out peace"
05:01:49Bluechipsome of these speech synths are awesome
05:10:49Bluechipcatching up with the mailing list
05:11:10Bluechipdid you check any of them out?
05:11:35midknight2k3could we put one in rockbox?
05:11:43Bluechipdo you read the mail list?
05:12:18midknight2k3but could it be done?
05:12:24Bluechipah - it's been the hot topic for about 2 weeks now
05:12:50Bluechipalong with the new release and a couple of other techie and speed improvements
05:13:54midknight2k3but could it be done?
05:14:04Bluechipit is being done
05:17:00Bluechipthey do great trnce inductions - lol
05:18:39Bluechipgot <5mins to download it...
05:19:13midknight2k3its not <5m
05:19:44Bluechipno idea
05:20:33Bluechipit does embedded commands quite well
05:21:13midknight2k3sorta cool
05:21:28Bluechipthe UK voices suck
05:21:41midknight2k3uh, what
05:22:23Bluechipsorry jibbering - ignore me
05:30:31Bluechipbored now - byeeeeee
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06:21:49Mylacci just got my archos today and it's charging so i cant test it but it came with an RCA cable, including yellow, i was wondering if it is capable of outputing divx at all?
06:28:30Mylaccor any video
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06:37:28Mylaccsorry, archos jukebox recorder
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08:40:27midknight2k3hi nibs
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09:50:50*Nibbler hates this servers
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11:34:11c0uttaMylacc, the RCA cable is used for the digital audio (SPDIF) on the recorder
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13:51:31FlorianKhi pfavr, remember me from last week? you helped me, and i promised to tell you what happened
13:56:18FlorianKanybody here have experience with a busted DC adapter for the JBR?
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14:02:52FlorianKhi matsl
14:03:55FlorianKdo you happen to have experience with a busted dc adapter for the JBR?
14:04:39matslsort of. i bought a new one when mine broke.
14:04:49FlorianKhow did you know that it broke?
14:04:54FlorianKsimply not charging anymore?
14:05:38matslw8. u said JBR? I have a player
14:05:50FlorianKsame difference, i guess
14:06:29matslcharging didn't work. I use a DC meter to check the voltage. nothing.
14:06:37FlorianKmine simply won't charge anymore, and i don't know whether it's the batteries or the charger
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14:07:00FlorianKright, a dc meter. that might be worth a try
14:07:26matsldoes the unit say it is chargening?
14:07:38FlorianKnope, doesn't even turn on when i plug it in
14:07:47FlorianKthat's what makes me think it's the charger
14:08:21matslok. sound like the right thing to test.
14:08:28FlorianKbut it might also be that the plug on the unit is damaged
14:08:41FlorianKnot that icould tell from looking at it
14:09:21matslyes. it can probably be lots of things. so you'll have to start somewhere and check things.
14:09:42FlorianKlast thing i needed, but there it is
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16:28:40[IDC]Dragonuski, are you there?
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16:55:38[IDC]Dragonno luck with players here
16:55:50[IDC]Dragonlooks pretty grim for that subject
16:56:10uskican you tell me what you did exactly to search the cause of "the" behavior ?
16:56:20uskihave you tried to flash a simple firmware that simply blink the red led ?
16:56:34[IDC]Dragonnot flash, but download
16:56:40uskijust to see if the ram, flash, cpu works
16:56:48[IDC]Dragonyes, it does.
16:56:58[IDC]Dragonthe LCD lines also work
16:57:10uskihave you some development board that have an I2C bus that you can easily program ?
16:57:14[IDC]Dragon(tested with gdb)
16:57:18uskiit would be itneresting to test the LCDs to see if they are still working
16:57:39[IDC]Dragonnot I2C, SPI
16:57:44uskioops i wasn't sure
16:58:00[IDC]Dragonthe init sequence is a problem
16:58:03uskiperhaps the LCDs are simply broken due to the uart mod
16:58:11uskicut&paste rockbox code :)
16:58:12[IDC]Dragonwe don't know it for sure
16:58:33uskiyou know what controller it is, right ?
16:58:37[IDC]Dragonno, that is the part of Rockbox which needed to be debugged for flashing
16:58:43uskiyea i remember..
16:59:04[IDC]DragonI can send you your box, if you like.
16:59:19uskidoes it mean you give up ? ;)
16:59:21[IDC]Dragonstill have a "reference" here
16:59:28[IDC]Dragonsortof, yes
16:59:59uskiwell, if it can be some use to you for rockbox, keep it, otherwise send it back but only if it doesn't cost you too much money
17:00:03[IDC]DragonMaybe you find something, who knows?
17:00:15uskiunfortunately these days i don' have much free time
17:00:30[IDC]Dragondon't tell me
17:00:46[IDC]Dragonit doesn't have to be "these days"
17:01:09uskiactually i can only work on some projects at vacations
17:01:17[IDC]Dragonone strange thing remains:
17:01:29uskioops, holidays, not vacations
17:01:33[IDC]DragonI can talk to your box with the UART mod
17:01:46[IDC]Dragonbut not to the other.
17:02:04[IDC]DragonOnly if I take the other CPU board into yours
17:02:10uskiperhaps that's because of the way you did the mod ?
17:02:22uskiif i remember, you used the line in jack while i used an external jack
17:02:33[IDC]Dragonso it must be something on the "base", but which is pretty passive in this
17:02:43uskiperhaps it broke something in the MAS, and now the MAS is forcing the line down or sth like that
17:02:59[IDC]DragonI disconnected that
17:03:04uskihmm forget it, the MAS is on the CPU board
17:03:15uskiso perhaps the cause of the problem is on the base...
17:03:36[IDC]Dragonobviously, yes
17:03:45uskiwhat if you try with Eric's base and cpu board, but with connecting the uart pins directly on the cpu board ?
17:04:36[IDC]Dragonhaven't done that yet
17:05:23uskithe question is: do you have the time to, and do you want to, do it ?
17:05:35[IDC]Dragonnot really, no
17:05:52 Join moormaster [0] (
17:06:05uskiso, youi said the only problem for rockbox flashed on players is the lcd init sequence ?
17:06:23[IDC]Dragonand the disk powerup also has a problem
17:06:33uskilike ?
17:06:45uskiyou don't know which line to pull down/up, sth like that ?
17:06:51uskior is it more tricky ?
17:06:56[IDC]Dragonthat was the outcome of my "remote tries" with gizz
17:07:10[IDC]Dragonwe don't know yet, there may be more
17:08:39[IDC]Dragonafk, hang on
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18:04:32 Join mattzz [0] (
18:04:49mattzzHi Joerg ;-)
18:07:40mattzzI need some advice to play a mp3 sound in a plugin (trying to build a metronome)
18:07:51moormasterdoes anybody know who has programmed the sliding puzzle plugin?
18:08:15moormasterthere is a bug in the shuffle algorithm which causes the puzzle to be unsolveable
18:08:44mattzzmoormaster: Copyright (C) 2002 Vicentini Martin
18:09:00[IDC]Dragonmattzz: look into the chip8 plugin
18:09:08[IDC]Dragonit plays a beep
18:09:32[IDC]Dragontake out the repeatition, and you're there
18:09:57mattzz[IDC]Dragon: That's what I did. Can I put a sleep in the callback function?
18:10:18[IDC]Dragonyou won't need the callback, I guess.
18:10:35[IDC]Dragonbecause you play only distinct clicks.
18:11:01[IDC]DragonThe callback is necessary for continuous, seamless playback.
18:11:29mattzz[IDC]Dragon: Do I have to call mp3_play_data every time I want to play a sound or is it just the buffer loading?
18:11:46[IDC]Dragonand no, don't sleep in the callback. It's called within interrupt.
18:12:02mattzzaahh - OK
18:12:10[IDC]Dragonyes, mp3_play_data
18:12:40mattzzis the is_playing stuff mandatory?
18:13:00[IDC]Dragonnot if you're rude
18:13:35mattzzSo all I have to do is
18:13:39[IDC]DragonI did that to prevent sounds when mp3s are playing, and you only want to play in the foreground
18:14:39mattzzso I basically do 1. mp3_play_data, 2. mp3_play_pause(true), 3. sleep(), 4. goto 1.?
18:15:03[IDC]Dragonyou can use plugin_get_mp3_buffer() to stop playback, if there was any, even if you don't need the buffer.
18:15:32mattzzDo I have to do some initialization as in mp3_init()?
18:16:19[IDC]Dragonyou mean mp3_play_init()?
18:16:34[IDC]Dragondon't use that, this function is "evil".
18:16:47mattzzI am rude _and_ evil, too ;-)
18:17:04[IDC]DragonI will remove it next time the plugin API gets incompatible.
18:17:34mattzzbtw: lutz got his rockbox last week. pretty happy guy now
18:17:59[IDC]Dragonyou don't need it, the default state is playback anyway.
18:18:57[IDC]DragonIt unnecessarily resets the MAS and your sound settings.
18:19:16[IDC]DragonThis was the reason why my video plugin misbehaved.
18:19:33mattzzOne more question: The sound is pretty large (about 2.4kb), does this have an impact on the repetition speed. I want to build a metronome with a nice rimshot sound.
18:19:54mattzzthe sound itself is pretty short
18:19:58[IDC]DragonNo, the sound is played in the background.
18:20:18[IDC]Dragonthe mp3_xx() functions return immediately.
18:20:54[IDC]Dragonbut your sound should be shorter than the sleep
18:21:41mattzzand the mp3_is_playing function is used to detect if playback has finished?
18:22:50[IDC]Dragonno, it tells if the box plays regular mp3 meanwhile.
18:23:15[IDC]DragonSo you can be graceful
18:23:30mattzzI certainly will be
18:23:54[IDC]DragonTo tell if your sound finished, you can use the callback again, set a flag
18:24:55[IDC]Dragonfor a metronome, I would not use sleep, granularity is 10 ms
18:25:06[IDC]Dragonistead, rather poll current_tick
18:25:21[IDC]Dragonto tell if your next click is due
18:25:54[IDC]Dragonso you won't accumulate the granularity
18:26:05mattzzGood hint.
18:26:49[IDC]Dragon(but you still better sleep to "waste" your time")
18:27:36 Join moorkonig [0] (
18:28:56[IDC]Dragonmattzz: you know about the bitswapping issue, for your mp3 data?
18:29:29mattzz[IDC]Dragon: yup, I wrote a little perlscript to have my mp3 data swapped
18:30:09mattzz[IDC]Dragon: I managed having the sound played but the repetition was not clear to me.
18:30:14 Quit moormaster (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:30:14[IDC]Dragonyou can as well have the box do that, if you like.
18:31:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:31:20mattzz[IDC]Dragon: That would be best. let the metronome point to a soundfile, have it loaded and bitswapped by rockbox
18:31:48mattzz[IDC]Dragon: I think I found the bitswap.S
18:33:18mattzz[IDC]Dragon: I have two weeks of vacation in front of me - plenty of time to hack the box
18:35:05[IDC]Dragonvacation from DivX? How come?
18:36:09mattzz[IDC]Dragon: Well, first there was Delta (two vacations dumped), than there was the 3100 and finally divx...well TH wouldn't dare to ask me again :-)
18:36:34mattzz[IDC]Dragon: Actually this is vacation from last year
18:37:16mattzz[IDC]Dragon: I am kind of sick of it... Brute force pull-in sucks
18:38:48[IDC]DragonMaybe you're interested to know I'm working on a JPEG viewer plugin
18:39:02[IDC]Dragon(besides all the other stuff)
18:39:13mattzzI _am_ interested.
18:39:46mattzzDo you need an analyzer tool? I have one here
18:39:57[IDC]Dragondecoding already works, thanks.
18:40:43[IDC]DragonI'm porting the halftoning algorithm to fixed point now, to have it runningon the box.
18:41:07mattzzAre you doing a full iDCT or are you just looking at the DC values?
18:41:20[IDC]Dragonreal DCT
18:42:00[IDC]Dragonreduced sizes need to be done, need a 4*4 or 2*2 IDCT
18:42:17mattzzIs there any possibility of grey-tones on the display?
18:42:32[IDC]Dragonyou haven't seen my video yet?
18:43:03mattzznope, just started hacking last night
18:43:17[IDC]Dragondosn't take hacking
18:43:21mattzzI guess I should have look than
18:44:09mattzzwell, at least I had to compile an up-to-date kernel of the RB ;-)
18:44:54[IDC]Dragonyou only need to download a .rvf then
18:45:07mattzzwhich .rock file is needed?
18:45:10[IDC]Dragoncopy it to the box and ply it
18:45:23[IDC]Dragonnone, you should already have that
18:45:42[IDC]Dragonif you're running a daily build or compiled recent sources
18:46:10[IDC]Dragondo you have broadband internet?
18:46:42[IDC]Dragonthen go for futurama!
18:48:23uskifuturama is excellent
18:48:50mattzz[IDC]Dragon: did you write the jpeg huffman decoder by yourself?
18:49:11[IDC]DragonI borrowed that from the IJG code
18:49:30[IDC]Dragon(open source)
18:50:03[IDC]Dragonbut thinned it out substantially
18:50:05mattzz[IDC]Dragon: that's fine.
18:50:34[IDC]Dragonwhy "fine"?
18:50:37mattzzMy idea was to use the DC values only because of the downscaling
18:50:58[IDC]DragonI have made that once, need to do it here
18:51:47mattzz[IDC]Dragon: "fine" because you borrowed code from the IJG ;-)
18:52:56 Quit moorkonig (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:53:56 Join moorkonig [0] (
18:54:21[IDC]Dragonhow's your futurama download doing?
18:55:20mattzz40% but I started viewing already. I must say that I am quite speechless.
18:56:07[IDC]Dragonheadphones connected?
18:58:05[IDC]Dragonthe display has no grayscale. You can see what's really going on when you hit pause.
18:58:28[IDC]DragonI flicker the pixel for a grayscale effect.
18:58:59[IDC]Dragonsomething like PDM (Pulse Density Modulation).
18:59:23[IDC]Dragonthe slow display smears it to grayscales.
18:59:31mattzzso this will be used for jpeg display also?
19:00:13[IDC]Dragonyou can also view this as "temporal dithering"
19:00:56mattzzthat's what the good ol' c64 was doing when programmed in assembler....
19:01:07[IDC]Dragonwas it?
19:01:27[IDC]Dragon(this is assembler, too)
19:01:44mattzzhow many frames per sec is it?
19:01:56[IDC]Dragon67 by default
19:02:18[IDC]Dragonit should match the refresh of the LCD for best effect.
19:02:42mattzz67 black/white frames?
19:02:47uskiactually it matches exactly my lcd refresh at startup
19:02:55[IDC]Dragonwhich we don't know, that's a bad thing
19:03:03uskibut after 15 mins the screen starts to be "harder to see"
19:03:10[IDC]Dragonthe LCD has no vsync
19:03:31[IDC]Dragonand generates its clock with an RC oscillator
19:04:08[IDC]Dragonso it drifts with temperature, varies amoung the users
19:04:15mattzzso maybe BUTTON_UP/DOWN should be able to trim that timer value
19:04:27[IDC]Dragonand the audio?
19:05:15mattzzargh. shoot me
19:05:27uskihmmm IDEA, im thinking of a possible way to allow changing the refresh speed wihtout losing AV sync
19:06:51[IDC]Dragonaudio can be pitched, yes, but the problem is that the clocks have to match _exacly_.
19:07:06 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
19:07:39 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:07:41 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
19:08:16[IDC]Dragonc0utta: I saw from the logs you're updating the flash manual?
19:08:27mattzzgotta have my jbr flashed right now...
19:08:53[IDC]Dragonhave or will?
19:09:36mattzzwill flash it right now. Flash is running on stable and rolo-ing all the time sucks
19:11:05uskiyou are lucky to have a flashable box... :\
19:12:54[IDC]Dragonwho knows if he does?
19:13:05uskihmm right lol
19:13:19mattzz<−− has one
19:13:52 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:15:23mattzzwhat is supposed to be in rockbox.ucl?
19:16:09[IDC]Dragonwell, rockbox
19:16:25[IDC]Dragonhuh, where are you now?
19:16:32uskiat home
19:16:35uskiok, ok, not funny
19:16:54mattzzuski: well that one _was_ funny.
19:17:03mattzz[IDC]Dragon: in my build-dir
19:17:23[IDC]Dragonno, I mean with the flashing procedure.
19:17:51mattzz[IDC]Dragon: not started yet. I am currently copying my built .rock-files to the archos
19:18:19[IDC]Dragonyou need the firmware image from my webspace
19:18:29mattzz[IDC]Dragon: the fine manual said something about playing the rockbox.ucl file
19:18:51[IDC]Dragonthat's for later, if you have flashed already.
19:19:15mattzz[IDC]Dragon: I have 2.1 flashed already
19:19:25[IDC]DragonAh, I see
19:19:26mattzz[IDC]Dragon: but now I want to flash a recent build
19:19:54[IDC]Dragonthe .ucl is in the daily build zip
19:20:27[IDC]Dragonif you compile for yourself, you need uclpack in your path
19:20:59mattzzOK, than I know what to do.. descramble and uclpack
19:21:02[IDC]Dragonafk, soory
19:21:09[IDC]Dragonsorry, I mean
19:22:07 Join scott666 [0] (
19:23:03 Nick [IDC]Dragon is now known as [IDC]Dragon|away (
19:40:15mattzzDoes anybody know where to find the uclpack sources? I only have an upx_ucl package here but that does not support e2 algorithm
19:41:51 Quit moorkonig (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:43:15 Join moorkonig [0] (
19:44:02mattzz...found it.
19:45:29 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:47:08diddystar5hi everyone
19:50:28diddystar5were you the one working on the metronome?
19:52:06diddystar5ohh, got it working?
19:52:44diddystar5(if not i'll be happy to get it to work) :)
19:52:48mattzzI have a nice rimshot sound playing. I had a little chat with Joerg about the mp3_xyz functions. Now it's a bit clearer to me
19:53:10diddystar5can i see your code?
19:53:26diddystar5(just curious to see)
19:54:13mattzzThis is not working right now, but, sure - yes
19:54:31diddystar5ok thanks
19:55:08 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:55:30mattzzdiddystar5: via dcc?
19:55:46diddystar5yes dcc should work for me
19:57:18diddystar5did you send it?
19:57:44mattzzdiddystar5: just hacking a few comments in. Actually this is in a pretty rough state .... ;-) just a sec
19:59:29mattzzdiddystar5: the upper part is for testing, the lower part (while-loop) is not ready yet
20:00:25mattzzdiddystar5: I also have a different understanding of the mp3_ functions. So main parts of my code are crap
20:01:11mattzzdiddystar5: I should be able to bring it in the right order now.
20:01:22diddystar5could you please send it again, xchat saved it where icant acess it (im on a library machine)
20:02:35mattzzno prob ;-)
20:04:46diddystar5that beep is quite big :-)
20:05:22mattzzthe beep is a rimshot from hydrogen (linux drum computer)
20:05:39 Quit moorkonig (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:33diddystar5 rb->mp3_play_data(sound, sizeof(sound), callback);
20:06:33diddystar5 rb->mp3_play_pause(true); /* kickoff audio */
20:06:45 Join moorkonig [0] (
20:07:02diddystar5so it would keep on playing until that puase it called?
20:07:40mattzzAs I said, that was one my first shots.
20:08:05diddystar5i want to give this a shot :)
20:08:28mattzzI was not sure, what functions are necessary to play that sound.
20:19:26diddystar5i think i kinda understnad it now
20:19:53mattzzdiddystar5: lucky you ;) I have another version coming. slightly more readable
20:19:57*diddystar5 goes to work
20:20:19diddystar5static unsigned int bpm = 60; is 60 generaly the default?
20:20:42mattzzdiddystar5: joerg told me to poll the ticks, because sleep has a 10ms granularity
20:21:34diddystar5what should the min/max BPM be you think? like what does that program you were talking about limit to?
20:22:01diddystar5ohh!!!! i just had a good idea! i should blink the red led for the beep also!
20:22:39mattzzdiddystar5: good idea. Do you want me to send a new version?
20:23:08diddystar5whats the new version do differnt?
20:23:45mattzzI removed the test stuff and set up the loop stuff as I think it should be a starting point
20:24:22diddystar5thats ok, i have actually already done that
20:25:29mattzzdiddystar5: I added a flag that is set in the callback
20:25:50mattzzdiddystar5: but repetition does not work
20:26:13diddystar5im doing that also atm :)
20:26:38diddystar5arghh i wish i had a goos code editor right now
20:31:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:12 Part moorkonig
20:36:09diddystar5i have finished the code
20:36:28diddystar5give me a few minutes to download cygwin and compile rockbox
20:36:32mattzzlet me see ;)
20:36:41diddystar5(it wont take long i can dl cygwin at 2000 kb's :))
20:38:48diddystar5cygwin download already done
20:38:59diddystar5il send it to you, i just want to make sure it compiles first
20:40:26diddystar5illl go ahead and send it
20:41:02mattzzargh where did xchat save it?
20:41:17diddystar5linux or windows?
20:41:27diddystar5ohh, im not sure then
20:41:56diddystar5you can see, go to settings, preffeerances, file transfers and you can see where it saves
20:42:09diddystar5wow i cant speel today :)
20:42:35mattzzstupid me
20:45:26mattzzsame mis-behaviour as in my code :)
20:45:35mattzzmind to have a look in my file?
20:47:41mattzzthe sound is not repeated, only if a button is pressed
20:48:40mattzzI used sound_active to block the playing process
20:49:02mattzzfrom loading new data while the sound is processed
20:49:21diddystar5maybe you could do case !BUTTON_???: :)
20:54:50mattzzI think I used the blocking button_get...
20:56:06diddystar5does the thing even beep once as is?
20:56:29mattzznow it repeats
20:56:48diddystar5one sec... i have a idea...
20:56:57mattzz144 bpm and still rising ;-)
20:57:25mattzzbutton_get(false) is my friend now
20:59:11diddystar5try this one out
20:59:20diddystar5it may work without doing that button thing
21:01:10diddystar5does it work?
21:01:25diddystar5i dont know dude
21:01:30mattzzBUTTON_OFF does not work
21:01:38mattzzwell, I have a nice working version here
21:01:59diddystar5wait does button_get(flase) still work, with buttons?
21:02:16mattzzin my case, yes
21:02:29diddystar5then it works!
21:02:37diddystar5may i do graphics :)
21:02:51mattzzsure! would be a pleasure.
21:04:54diddystar5humm i need to figure out how the math would work for rb->sleep(HZ*bpm)
21:05:38diddystar5ohh i see
21:05:39mattzzbut polling the ticks should be more precise
21:05:58diddystar510ms... i dont really think you could tell a differnce
21:09:35mattzzhm, 180bmp seems to be the limit
21:10:06diddystar5on the archos or in that program?
21:10:14mattzzon the archos
21:10:31mattzzI expected something like that
21:10:57diddystar5what should be then lowest bpm?
21:12:46mattzz10 bpm? dunno
21:13:13diddystar5ok, i just let it be 1 for now
21:17:10diddystar5i wish i could test this, but my archos is dead :(
21:17:23mattzzhow come?
21:17:54diddystar5it wont do anything cant even get it to turn on i have taken it apart and done some soldering but nothing works
21:18:08diddystar5and before that the display would turn on most of the time
21:19:11mattzzno flash problem?
21:19:35mattzzthat sounds bad :(
21:19:39diddystar5even if flash was dead, atleast the green light would come on
21:26:51mattzzwill have some lunch, see you diddystar5
21:27:01 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
21:40:04diddystar5[IDC]Dragon|away: are you un-away now?
21:57:52 Join amiconn [0] (
21:58:10diddystar5hi amiconn
21:58:18amiconnhi diddystar5
22:07:51 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
22:09:00 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:10:24diddystar5mattzz|away: i will be back soon
22:10:27 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
22:16:11 Nick [IDC]Dragon|away is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
22:16:22 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:26:23 Quit funkymonkey (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
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22:32:41 Quit edx ()
22:32:45 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn (
22:33:09amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon
22:34:27amiconnI did some calculation with the results of my ata survey.
22:35:22amiconnI found something very interesting, have to do some more testing, but I'm pretty confident of two things.
22:36:01amiconn1) The file corruption problem does not result from the ata read optimization alone.
22:37:23amiconn2) I don't yet understand the following thing: apparently _every_ external access, be it memory read, memory write or ata, generates two wait cycles.
22:38:02amiconnAt least writing shouldn't generate wait states since warp mode is activated?
22:38:18[IDC]DragonI think so, yes.
22:38:30[IDC]Dragonunless you use the bus.
22:38:55amiconnYes, of course.
22:42:07[IDC]DragonI'd like to drop out, bedtime!
22:42:35[IDC]DragonDon't take it personal that I leave shortly after you come in here.
22:42:42amiconnOk, g'night then. Will look up cpu specs.
22:43:04 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:43:09 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
22:51:31 Nick mattzz|away is now known as mattzz (
22:58:35 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
22:59:19diddystar5hi mattzz
22:59:25mattzzre hi
22:59:58diddystar5i didnt really do much graphic work, but do you want the file?
23:00:22mattzzsure, hand it over.
23:03:16diddystar5it should wrok fine, but i cant test
23:06:20mattzzok, thanx
23:06:51diddystar5does it work?
23:07:10mattzzchecking... mompls
23:09:26mattzzyep, works fine. I will merge that into my version, ok?
23:10:02diddystar5have you done any new stuff?
23:10:07mattzzgreat, thanks.
23:10:19mattzzyep, I ate a pizza ;-)
23:10:35mattzzI added right/left key
23:10:42diddystar5what do they do?
23:10:44mattzzto increase/decrease bpm by 10
23:11:01diddystar5nice idea
23:11:08mattzzcurrently I am checking out the current_ticks thing
23:11:13mattzzand the red LED
23:11:50diddystar5i was going to make a part of the screen blink on a beep, but i was scard that would mess up timing because you would have to do a little sleep to where you actaully seeit
23:12:35mattzzI want to get rid of the sleep function. It messes up key polling and is _very_ unacurate
23:12:51mattzzaeh... inacurate?
23:13:27diddystar5i guess, i dont really knowhow to do a tick counter
23:14:06mattzzactually I thought there _was_ already one. There is current_tick in plugin.h
23:15:32diddystar5i dont really know
23:24:52 Join aycAway [0] (
23:31:02 Join telliott [0] (
23:34:20 Part telliott
23:36:33 Quit hardeep ("9) nanoseconds")
23:36:45diddystar5im going home
23:36:50diddystar5see you mattzz
23:36:54mattzzc u diddystar5
23:37:11 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:38:50 Join midk [0] (
23:43:11 Quit midk (Client Quit)
23:45:49 Quit aycAway ()
23:51:43 Join midk [0] (

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