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#rockbox log for 2004-03-08

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00:43:49Mylaccmy archos jukebox came with an RCA cable, including yellow, i was wondering if it is capable of outputing divx or any type of video?
00:45:03mattzzguess not
00:45:18mattzzjukebox recorder?
00:48:35amiconn|awayAny low-level coder here?
00:49:17mattzznot yet...
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00:49:46amiconnI'm missing linus, just discovered _very_ interesting things...
00:49:58mattzzregarding the corrupt fs?
00:51:21amiconnNot yet for sure, but another speed improvement possibility.
00:52:25mattzzHow about the recent jbr firmware, why does it spin down after booting to spin up immediately?
00:53:32amiconnI don't know, this didn't occur with my box. What does happen exactly?
00:54:59mattzzwhen I boot my jbr20 (latest CVS) it spins up twice while showing the logo screen
00:55:23amiconnIs your box flashed?
00:55:49mattzzbut there is also an ajz file - shouldn't matter, right?
00:56:38amiconnHmm, do you know when the problem appeared (date)?
00:57:08amiconnNo, ajz isn't read at startup with all newer rockbox version. Only if you ROLO explicitly
00:57:13mattzzsorry, no. I switched from 2.1 stable flashed to this one (started hacking last night...)
00:59:50amiconnHmm, just checked with my box, didn't notice it before. Do you talk about that effect:
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01:00:34ILuvitHi guys
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01:01:38amiconnIf you power on the disk spins, is switched off very short time (<< 1 sec), spins for ~2 sec while showing the logo, then (for a second time) is switched off very short time, then spins again and finally show the resume question (if you set it)?
01:03:59mattzzamiconn: it's more like: switch on, disk is on for about 3 secs, disk spins down, light goes off, stays of for about 1 sec, spins up for one sec and asks the resume question
01:05:22mattzzamiconn: it happens also with resume=no
01:05:22amiconnHmm, maybe it's nevertheless the same effect, I think the real "switch-off" time is very short, but some hard disks have a built-in safety to not switch on again very fast.
01:06:18amiconnI didn't notice it before you pointed me to it, since with my disk it's only noticeable if you put your ear directly on your box.
01:06:19mattzzwouldn't it be best to keep the disk powered up until the boot process finished completely?
01:06:54amiconnYes, of course.
01:07:00ILuvitThe new Gateway DMP x20 has a huge screen but the software suck is anyone doing work on it?
01:07:11ILuvitIt would be nice to see the Rock Box running on it
01:09:05MTsomeone would need to buy one for one of the core developers
01:09:13MTand get them interested enough to want tod o it
01:09:16amiconnmattzz: I don't know yet why this occurs, I'm hacking rockbox only for 2 weeks... but I really like low level stuff.
01:09:25MTi suggest doing the latter first tho ;)
01:10:07mattzzamiconn: when I finished my metronome plugin I will try to have a look.
01:11:12mattzzamiconn: I entered hacking last night - and it's fun!
01:11:23amiconnmattzz: Did you run my ata test build?
01:11:27ILuvitMT have you seen it its nice
01:11:51mattzzamiconn: not yet. you announced a new version on the list as I saw
01:12:08MTdefine nice - id be interested if it had oodles of ram and a fast cpu, screen size isnt too relevant to my desires :)
01:12:26MTthe xclef is the one that really excites me
01:12:35amiconnmattzz: New version was out shortly (a few hours) after the announcement.
01:12:56mattzzamiconn: do you have a sec?
01:13:06amiconnmattzz: Yup.
01:14:41ILuvitits thinIts thinner than the fm 20 and a bit smaller but it has a 2.5 inch LCD display with blue backlight
01:15:14MTi only really use mine in the car, size doesnt bother me either
01:15:36MTheh, the only thing that i really demand from an mp3 player si that I can adapt the software to suit my needs ;)
01:16:00MTi swear, rockbox keeps archos in business ;)
01:18:48ILuvitI don't know where to find the ROM and CPU info you need
01:19:43amiconnILuvit: talking about my ata test?
01:20:35MTILuvit: you would need to break your unit apart and take detailed, hi resolution photos of every chip and board inside it
01:21:26mattzzamiconn: do I have to type the screen results or is there a saved file?
01:21:42amiconnmattzz: Sorry, no file.
01:21:59mattzzamiconn: do you want the results here or via mailinglist
01:21:59ILuvitIf it will help you guy ill see what I can do
01:22:20amiconnmattzz: As it suits you best.
01:23:39MTILuvit: theres very little chance of rockbox being ported to another platform unless someone is willing to do a lot of very hard work, or the platform is very similar already to the archos
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01:30:55mattzzamiconn: ok, I put it in the mailinglist for further reference
01:31:41amiconnmattzz: Ok, thank you very much. Did you get any "error" reading?
01:32:06mattzzamiconn: nope
01:32:41amiconnOk, sorta expected that.
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01:38:53amiconnNite all.
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01:45:18mattzzbed time... cu
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02:13:21Thresholdanyone alive ?
02:15:43Thresholdneed help with my was working fine earlier, now when I went to go power it up the red light flashes for a second or 2 the LCD screen does a quick flash, then it shuts off
02:15:53Thresholddoes the same when plugging in the power supply
02:15:55MTwhat player?
02:16:02Thresholdjust keeps doing it over and over
02:16:05MTwhat player?
02:16:08Thresholdthe 20 gig v2
02:16:14MThold down on
02:16:35Thresholdkeeps doing it over and over
02:16:51MTflashed or not flashed?
02:17:00Thresholdnot flashed
02:17:15MTout of battery then
02:17:33Thresholdits fully charged
02:17:42Thresholdwhen I plug it in it does the same thing
02:17:51Thresholdthe charging screen doesn't even come on
02:18:15MTthen its broken
02:18:44ThresholdI don't see how I just got it yesterday, I was playing it earlier and it shut down fine
02:22:32Thresholdanywhere I can look at list of symptoms these units have ?
02:23:19MTif you just got it yesterday its quite likely its broken
02:25:17Thresholdya I'm sure it's possible....but I don't see how, I shut it down, put it in it's case, 2 hours later I goto power it up and this happens
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02:31:30MTi still think its out of power
02:31:42MTits either out of power or bust
02:31:53MTif the holding down on trick didnt work..
02:36:16Thresholdok if it's out of power, then when I plug it in, it should goto the charging screen, but it does the same as when I try to power it on
02:55:39MTif theres no power in the batteries
02:55:47MThow would it turn on the screen
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03:10:46Thresholdguess u got a point
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07:41:31hardeepsorry for what?
07:41:42midkfor some reason
07:41:47midkyou have to hold on to boot the box
07:41:49midkany idea why?
07:41:52midkflashed fm
07:42:35hardeepyou have to hold on for longer then normal?
07:42:48hardeephmmm, no idea
07:42:49midkit happened before, then was fixed, then broke again
07:53:38midkok think i got it
07:53:41midknite all
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08:06:09Topic"Feature freeze for 2.2!" by Bagder (
08:09:13hardeepheya Bagder
08:23:20dwihnoMT: The unit you told me about uses a 1.5GB drive.
08:23:45dwihnoLovely monday
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11:55:44FlorianKhi everyone, qucik question on rechargeable batteries & third-party adapter for JBR?
11:56:43FlorianKcan i insert new (i.e., non-archos) rechargeables and connect the unit to a third-party adapter to charge em? or do i need to buy a separate charger for the accus?
12:01:23dwihnoI use a third part charger
12:01:37dwihnoI also use 1800 GP mAh batteries.
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12:11:22quelsarukhi all
12:11:40*quelsaruk looks at Bagder
12:11:50quelsaruki'm innocent!
12:19:06Bagderhi q
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12:32:28quelsarukbtw Bagder, languages are up to date
12:35:24quelsarukhm.. i'm just accepting and closing the patches, not deleting them (afaik i'm not able to remove a patch from the tracker), is that ok?
12:35:42Bagderthat's fine
12:35:45Bagderthat's how we all do
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12:41:42Bagderhey you tunneling man linusN ;-)
12:42:00linusNyes, finally dug my tunnel, using a table spoon :-)
12:42:11linusNand a corkscrew
12:42:15Bagdertable spoons are nice
12:42:31Bagderand muh
12:43:10quelsarukhi linusN
12:45:13linusNhi quelsaruk
12:53:06quelsaruklinusN, i had some problems trying to modify the lcd_put_scroll_style() function, so it just write text in part of the screen. i'll try again today, but without that, the splash menu is not useful :(
12:53:37linusNquelsaruk: you can send me the source anyway
12:56:01quelsaruka spanish technopriest can't surrender ;) even if this means killing all my goats, i will make the scroll function work
13:03:03mattzzcan anybody help me how poll system ticks in a plugin?
13:03:23mattzzs/how poll/how to poll/
13:06:25linusNwhat do you want to know?
13:07:19mattzzI wrote a metronome plugin using sleep(). I'd like to poll something like a tick counter instead.
13:08:00linusNthe tick counter is *rb->current_tick
13:09:11linusNyou should probably use button_get_w_tmo()
13:09:16mattzzOk, my mistake. I used rb->current_tick, not *rb->current_tick
13:09:36linusNcu quelsaruk
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13:11:49*mattzz looks up button_get_w_tmo()
13:14:55mattzzmy problem is not polling a key, but producing an exact timing for playing the sounds
13:16:08linusNi know, but you do poll keys, don't you?
13:16:26mattzzyep, using button_get(false)
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13:17:12linusNyou calculate how long to delay until it's time to play the next "blipp"
13:17:43linusNbutton = button_get_w_tmo(time_until_next_blipp);
13:18:00linusNthen, if button == 0, it was a timeout
13:18:26linusNelse it was a button, and you handle it and recalculate the remaining time and start over again
13:18:45mattzzI understand. That is probably the better way.
13:19:14mattzzthanks a lot
13:19:46linusNyou're welcome
13:20:58mattzzbtw, I had a little chat with jens last night about the jbr spinning up twice while booting - joerg also seems to have noticed it.
13:22:01linusNdid you read the mailing list?
13:22:25*mattzz blushes
13:22:40linusNi explained that it is my fault
13:22:56linusNi fixed another bug, and introduced this one instead
13:23:21mattzzi c
13:23:40linusNi'll look into it asap
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16:35:57quelsarukhi again
16:36:11*Bagder moos silently
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18:07:22mattzzany MAS specialists here?
18:10:49 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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18:54:59slightedchrishello room
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19:32:31mattzzhm, short mp3 sounds are not played properly
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20:01:57xCTi want to install rockbox on my jukebox studio 20
20:02:06xCTi can't get my usb drivers to work though
20:02:20xCTso can't even connect to my piece :d
20:02:59xCTso, somebody please help
20:03:29mattzzwhich OS?
20:03:41xCTxp "fucked up" pro
20:04:07mattzzcan only help with *nix -
20:04:14xCTi just read that somebody was experiencing a similar problem with his Archos recorder 20
20:04:42xCTdo you know a quick partitioning tool (windows) but not partitionmagic?
20:04:45mattzzI would expect a new drive after pluggin in the device
20:05:07xCTxp says new hardware detected, usb stuff blah blah blah
20:05:13xCTit installs tpp v2 or something
20:05:23xCTbut it won't start
20:05:30pfavrah, this reminds me: I once needed to assign a drive letter manually. I think the problem was with XP pro
20:05:42xCTi also looked into that
20:05:57xCTbut i think i did that after the winxp screw up and i was too lazy to try it again
20:06:07xCTi will bother doing it now though
20:06:14pfavrdid it work earlier on the same machine?
20:06:33xCTand it gives an hd error so i need to connect it -badly-
20:06:54pfavrok. I'm not sure where to find this option. Maybe in the system devices screen.
20:07:01xCTyeah i know
20:07:05xCTwin xp says
20:07:07pfavrgood luck
20:07:11xCTfound new hardware: USB Storage Adapter
20:07:23xCTwizard new hardware: blah
20:07:57xCThmm the drivers don't meet the windows logo stuff things
20:08:00xCTdoes that matter?
20:10:05xCTwinXP says: This device does not start. (Code 10)
20:13:07xCTpfavr, is there a new hd in the system devices screen or should i add it there :?
20:13:51pfavrnot running xp
20:13:58pfavrso I can't check that
20:14:11pfavrthis was on my brothers company laptop
20:15:06xCTwould it work on mandrake 9.2?
20:17:24xCTi'd have to edit my winxp partition
20:17:36c0uttaare the usb controllers on the studio and recorder the same ?
20:17:38xCTwhich generally would screw winxp up and i'd have to do another install
20:17:46xCTi think so
20:18:25xCTi've downloaded the full usb driver thingy, extracted it, installed new hardware and let it search through the extracted dir with the drivers
20:18:40c0uttai found a driver set for my recorder that was only 51KB zipped
20:18:49c0uttaworks perfectly on my XP system
20:18:54c0uttaXP Pro
20:19:05c0uttawant it xCT ?
20:19:07xCTis it downloadable?
20:19:13xCTwould be great
20:19:21xCTdo you have a url i mean
20:19:22c0uttai'vestill got it - can you accept dcc ?
20:19:37xCThaven't installed a firewall yet :d
20:20:26c0uttamake sure you uninstall the tpp inst drivers
20:20:53c0uttaremove the device from device manager too
20:20:56c0uttaand then reboot
20:21:17c0uttai extracted the drivers to a temporary folder and then manually added hardware
20:21:39xCTthx !
20:21:41c0uttai never got the cypress drivers to work
20:21:56c0uttaalso, i have had problems with partition magic
20:22:16xCTi hate it
20:22:18c0uttai used a product called BootItNG
20:22:31c0uttait resized my ntfs partition
20:22:36xCTi use fat though
20:22:47xCTi don't feel like switching to ntfs
20:23:17c0uttayou can do fat32 as well
20:23:34c0uttait all runs from one floppy disk
20:23:39c0uttathe manual is woeful
20:23:49xCTbut i want to resize it without losing data
20:23:52xCTdo you think that's possible?
20:24:14 Join wake [0] (
20:24:16c0uttamy experience with ntfs was good - i didn't lose anything
20:24:23xCTi'll try
20:24:24c0uttanot sdure about fat32
20:24:32xCTntsf might work better
20:25:18c0uttait moved the data for me so i was happy. partition magic was useless on my system
20:25:37 Part amiconn|away
20:27:19xCTi'll reboot
20:27:22xCTthx for your help
20:27:49 Quit xCT ()
20:29:29 Quit wake ("leaving")
20:29:43c0uttau there hardeep ?
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20:48:05hardeepc0utta: off and on
20:48:54c0uttau did most of the work with playlists, correct ?
20:56:39 Quit amiconn ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
21:00:14hardeepmost of the recent changes, yes
21:00:50c0uttawhen a playlist is saved, do you rewrite the whole file ?
21:01:32hardeepit's not really a rewrite
21:01:50hardeepwe create a new file that contains all the tracks in the dynamic playlist
21:02:55c0uttai currently have an m3u of my whole jukebox with about 12000 entries
21:03:11c0uttait takes a long time to save when i remove tracks
21:03:35hardeepyeah, the saving speed is ~10 tracks/s
21:03:57c0uttai wondered whether you thought about seeking to a point in the file and putting a # (for a comment)
21:04:07c0uttathis would effectively delete the track
21:04:18 Join amiconn [0] (
21:04:19 Join matsl [0] (
21:04:31 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
21:06:00hardeepin-place editing doesn't work too well because of all the other functionality provided with dynamic playlists (insert/move/etc.)
21:07:20c0uttai'll do my own patch, since i only add entries to playlists on my PC
21:07:40c0uttai suppose the first insert/move would invalidate the in-place editing
21:10:04hardeepyes... it's certainly possible to special case if tracks have only been deleted
21:12:14c0uttawould i need to keep a byte position against each playlist entry ?
21:12:50 Join AciD` [0] (
21:14:33 Quit pfavr (Remote closed the connection)
21:15:48hardeepc0utta: we already keep it, that's what's stored in the indices
21:16:40 Nick hardeep is now known as hardeep|away (1098@
21:24:44c0uttathanks hardeep - you've done most of the job for me
21:25:02 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{work} (HydraIRC@
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22:02:25xCTi'm trying to install rockbox
22:02:38xCTbut currently I can't even connect to my Archos Jukebox Studio 20
22:02:57xCTit gives an HD error so I really need to access my HD\
22:03:21xCTi'm using winXP and I tried a few different drivers
22:03:49xCTit says it Cannot start and my jukebox does not appear as HD in My Computer\
22:03:54xCTanyone here :?
22:06:50xCTIt seems i'm experiencing the same problems as the guy in describes
22:07:09xCTonly I use winXP instead of win2k
22:12:54xCTi'm kinda stuck :X
22:21:33xCTeverybody away?
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22:32:09xCTthought that somebody joined, but no...
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22:45:14 Nick xCT` is now known as xCT (
22:45:30xCTpc crashed when I disconnected my usb cable
22:45:47xCTbut i installed some other much older drivers I found and I'm not getting an error or something with the drivers
22:45:51xCTmy JB says: USB
22:45:59xCTinstead of USB connecting or something
22:46:14xCTbut I don't get a new drive :(
22:46:18xCTanyone knows what's wrong?
22:46:40xCTnow it doesn't work anymore :@
22:47:38xCThow typical that complicated things like this always turn up when I try to do something "easy"
22:49:36 Join scott666 [0] (
22:49:44xCTcan you help me? :d
22:49:49xCTeveryone else is afk
22:49:50scott666with what?
22:49:53xCTat least, so it seems
22:50:01scott666yeah, thats normal
22:50:08xCTconnection problems between my JB and PC
22:50:25scott666what OS?
22:50:28xCTi've been installing different drivers and stuff
22:50:40xCTwinXP :X
22:50:46scott666you shouldnt need a driver at all
22:50:49xCTit says: can not start
22:51:05xCTyeah.. but it requires drivers or something anyway
22:51:16xCTmy JB gives an HD error by the way
22:51:25scott666when you turn it on?
22:51:30xCTmaybe that's because it won't work
22:51:38scott666maybe you have a bad drive
22:51:49xCTwould be a bummer
22:52:08xCTthe guy who posted this:
22:52:11scott666is it new?
22:52:16xCThad exactly the same problem on a win2k box
22:52:24xCT6 months old or something
22:52:34xCTgot it from a girl at school who used it for one week
22:52:44xCTshe said she dropped it though
22:53:13xCTi can return it if i want to, and let her use her warrenty
22:53:16scott666does it turn on with the archos software?
22:53:18xCTbut i'd rather fix it my self
22:53:28xCTi mean what do you mean
22:54:00xCTi just get battery when I load it, HD error when I press on (with DC cable connected) or USB connecting/USB when I try to plug it in
22:54:34xCTi'm really stuck :/
22:55:19scott666if you have a spare laptop hard drive you could try replacing it yourself
22:55:36xCTbut i'd lose warrenty
22:55:50scott666wheres the warranty from? archos?
22:55:54scott666or like best buy
22:55:58xCTi don't know
22:56:20scott666cause i dont think its possible to void a best buy warranty
22:56:22xCTknowing the girl, some kind of big pc company
22:56:36xCTexpensive and stuff
22:56:39xCTnot best buy
22:56:52xCTi'm from The Netherlands :P
22:56:57scott666did the guy who posted that message get a response?
22:57:05Mylaccanyone else get Dir Buffer Error with todays build? where do i report yhe bug?
22:57:18xCThe first posted that it didn't work and after that he posted that he fixed it
22:57:55xCTthe difference is that his OS installed new drivers for him and he could see the drive with the new drivers
22:58:14scott666Mylacc: the list
22:58:16xCTMylacc: and scroll down to the bottom
22:58:33Mylaccok, wasnt sure if that was for final releases only
22:58:40scott666theyre working on the 2.2 release, any bug in the daily builds is important
22:58:58scott666post it to the mailing list
22:59:01xCTscott666, do you have any idea how I could fix this with other drivers or something?
22:59:12xCTthen i'll give up :(
22:59:17scott666i'd say try a new HD or cash in the warranty
22:59:36scott666is it a regular recorder or an FMR?
22:59:45xCTstudio 20
22:59:53scott666ahhh, player then
23:01:17xCTdoes that matter?
23:01:39 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:01:40scott666just curious
23:01:47scott666FMRs are prone to death
23:02:12*scott666 's FMR has a broken headphone jack
23:02:23xCTwell, I got it for 70 euro and if it doesn't work I can return it
23:02:33Mylaccit's at 885940
23:02:45Mylaccshould i reply to that or send a mail to the list about it
23:02:57xCTif the JB would work I get a kickass mp3 player with a 130 euro or 160 discount :P
23:03:56 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
23:04:00xCTWhen I tried to start my JB before I would get some kind of jibberish on the screen though
23:04:06xCTi don't know if that has any meaning at all
23:04:14xCTbut it might indicate that the HD isn't dead
23:04:43xCTif I can't cash the warrenty I could try and format the HD
23:04:43Mylaccmaybe the flash is messed?
23:04:51 Quit n9yty (Remote closed the connection)
23:04:51xCTthat could be possible
23:05:02xCTbut how can I reset the flash without a connection to my pc :X
23:05:12xCTisn't there some kind of reset button in the JB itself?
23:05:28Mylacci jsut got mine yesterday, wont be the person to ask, sorry, lol
23:05:39xCTi got mine today :D
23:06:59Mylaccscotty, you know of any easy fix to convert a v2 to be FMR?
23:07:02xCTanyway, i'm going home
23:07:07Mylaccaight, good luck
23:07:19xCTthanks for all the help scott666 and Mylacc!
23:07:24xCTespecially scott666 :P
23:07:28 Quit xCT ()
23:08:30 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
23:09:05 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
23:17:25scott666Mylacc: find the FM reciever archos uses and solder it in?
23:35:56 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:37:43 Quit hardeep|away ("[BX] Mr. Peanut uses BitchX. Shouldn't you?")
23:42:50 Join AciD` [0] (
23:44:54 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:45:06 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
23:55:19 Quit scott666 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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