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#rockbox log for 2004-03-09

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01:16:58GDE-DeadMeatgood evening everyone
01:17:12GDE-DeadMeatI just received my archos and tossed on rockbox
01:19:57diddystar5cool :)
01:20:05diddystar5what unit do you have?
01:21:03GDE-DeadMeatthe 5000
01:21:14GDE-DeadMeatit's being a pain though... isn't booting correctly... etc.
01:21:59GDE-DeadMeatit's not the rockbox firmware though... because it wasn't working with the archos software either.
01:22:02GDE-DeadMeatbut oh well
01:22:12diddystar5ohh boy the 5000's......
01:22:29diddystar5what was wrong with booting?
01:24:12GDE-DeadMeatit begins to boot. Shows Jukebox 5.08
01:24:17GDE-DeadMeatand then hangs on that.
01:24:27GDE-DeadMeatare the 5000's a POS?
01:24:35GDE-DeadMeatcan they be formatted?
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01:25:21diddystar5yes, but what you should do if your having problems with the booting is flash rockbox
01:25:54diddystar5it may seem scary to do it, but it should go fine
01:26:33GDE-DeadMeatmeh... I'm not worried
01:26:39GDE-DeadMeatI only paid 60 bucks for it...
01:26:56GDE-DeadMeatthen again... it didn't come w/ a power adapter, usb cable, or anything else.
01:27:05GDE-DeadMeatthe guy advertised as new but not in box...
01:27:07GDE-DeadMeatgo figure
01:27:36diddystar5humm.... i guess you cant flash the player
01:27:39diddystar5i thought you could
01:27:45GDE-DeadMeatnaw... I've got a cable now
01:27:56GDE-DeadMeatI bought a player for myself and one of my friends bought one
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01:27:59GDE-DeadMeatI'm using her cable.
01:28:19diddystar5what did you friend get a 5000?
01:28:26diddystar5hi scotty
01:29:46GDE-DeadMeatno, my friend picked up a 6000
01:30:00GDE-DeadMeatcame w/ everything but the power adapter... but she lives in england... so no biggy there.
01:30:09GDE-DeadMeatI'm going to go out and pick one up if I can.
01:30:18GDE-DeadMeat9v at 600mA, right?
01:31:43GDE-DeadMeatbah... there's no flash for the 5000
01:31:47diddystar5make sure the polarity is right
01:32:30diddystar5i wish people would stop seeling the old players
01:33:10GDE-DeadMeatI'm in college... so I have to be thrifty. From everything i have read... this player is easy to mod.
01:33:47GDE-DeadMeatso... cheap and easy to mod = decent deal.
01:33:58GDE-DeadMeatbut... if it isn't working... heh
01:34:19diddystar5what do you mean by it hangs exactly though? it just wont boot sometimes?
01:35:09GDE-DeadMeatjust sec... I'll tell you exaclty
01:36:10GDE-DeadMeatstarts to boot. I see Jukebox
01:36:17GDE-DeadMeatver : 5.08
01:36:19GDE-DeadMeatand that's it
01:38:00diddystar5you may try to reformat, just make sure you do it as fat32
01:39:24GDE-DeadMeatI'll do that now.
01:39:46GDE-DeadMeatsince I don't have a power adapter... do you think that USB power should be sufficient?
01:40:52diddystar5the players draw no power off usb
01:42:18GDE-DeadMeatok... be back in a few. I'm going to go see if radio shack has a 9volt conditioned act adapter.
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01:43:43GDE-DeadMeatbetween gentoo and rockbox... I have a headache
01:44:10diddystar5you use gentoo?
01:45:18GDE-DeadMeatyou aren't a gentoo hater are ya?
01:45:35diddystar5i have gentoo but i haven't had time to install it yet
01:45:36GDE-DeadMeatI was away from the linux seen for a long time...
01:45:41GDE-DeadMeatit's sweet
01:46:02GDE-DeadMeatso long as you have something to do while loading it
01:46:03diddystar5i used redhat before windows crashed and delted all my partitions....
01:46:17diddystar5while loading it?
01:46:26GDE-DeadMeatlet me rephrase
01:46:44GDE-DeadMeatgentoo takes a fuckload of time to compile... especially if you are starting from stage 1.
01:46:58GDE-DeadMeatget a good book (read war and peace) and that will get you through bootstrapping.
01:47:08GDE-DeadMeata snickers will get you past compiling the system.
01:47:12diddystar5i started to install ast week and then i saw you had to compile and i quit right there
01:47:46diddystar5i was thinking about starting at stage 2 or 3
01:47:51GDE-DeadMeatbut... OMG... if you use KDE or Gnome... go have some kids, raise'em, have grandkids... die... reincarnate... and then maybe the rest will be done
01:47:54GDE-DeadMeatstart at stage 2.
01:47:55diddystar5whay do you think i should do?
01:47:58GDE-DeadMeattis easy
01:48:07diddystar5lol i want gnome
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01:48:22GDE-DeadMeatOMG... now... I'm a Gnome hater... so don't take it personal.
01:48:29diddystar5what do you use?
01:48:35GDE-DeadMeatdepends on my mood
01:48:43GDE-DeadMeatsometimes KDE if I want to waste system resources.
01:48:57GDE-DeadMeatI'm thinking about something else I saw recently:
01:49:21GDE-DeadMeatlooks kool
01:49:23diddystar5i hate that one
01:49:27diddystar5its so annoying
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01:49:32GDE-DeadMeatlike a cross between a windows and mac gui
01:49:34 Part track
01:49:41diddystar5you have to right click to start programs and stuff
01:49:46GDE-DeadMeatI want something nice, but lightweight
01:49:54diddystar5its very lightweight
01:49:59diddystar5it looks cool
01:49:59Hadakaxfce is horrid, imho
01:50:04diddystar5but i think its annoting
01:50:14Hadakaand not that light-weight either, imho
01:50:25GDE-DeadMeatI have been using litestep on my windoze boxes.
01:50:36GDE-DeadMeatis there anything you could recommend?
01:50:50GDE-DeadMeatI want something that looks nice... but works well on minimal resources.
01:51:02Hadakabut what the poop are you talking about, mixing desktop environments and window managers and whatnot
01:51:17GDE-DeadMeatyou've never seen litestep?
01:51:28diddystar5i dont really know, the only mangers i ve used are KDE, gnome, Xfce, and fluxbox
01:51:38diddystar5no, whats litestep?
01:51:47GDE-DeadMeatit's a shell replacement for windows
01:51:55diddystar5ohh sounds neat
01:52:09GDE-DeadMeatruns off of 6-8 meg of ram vs 16-28 that explorer uses.
01:52:10Hadakaneighther KDE nor gnome is a window manager - KDE contains it's own window manager hack though, and gnome uses metacity by default
01:52:12GDE-DeadMeatand is more stable.
01:53:03GDE-DeadMeatright now I'm looking for something else. KDE irritates the hell out of me... I hate windows because IE is integrated... KDE should be no different.
01:53:07HadakaGDE-DeadMeat: what do you want from the thingmajik you were considering using xfce for?
01:53:09GDE-DeadMeatI hate Konqueror.
01:53:37GDE-DeadMeatHonestly... it just looked neat.
01:53:45diddystar5Konqueror, yes that thing is annoying, that one reason i like gnome
01:53:57diddystar5it dosent use a funky file manager
01:54:12Hadakaheh, gnome does use a funky file manager :)
01:55:15Hadakaanyway - what I mean is that what do you really want from a desktop environment? what parts do you use out of it?
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01:57:00GDE-DeadMeateasy of use. Isn't that a compound answer wrapped up in a neat little package.
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01:57:34Hadakawell, yes, but that doesn't really tell what use is
01:57:50GDE-DeadMeatactually... what I would really like is that system tray thing that macs have. I dunno what it's called... but when you hover of it w/ the mouse it enlarges and scrolls back and forth.
01:58:02GDE-DeadMeatknow what I'm talking about ( mac nub in the room)
01:58:19Hadakathere's a program launcher that behaves similarily
01:58:25GDE-DeadMeatdude... if I could find a sytem tray like that... I'd be happy as hell.
01:58:42Hadakabut is that all you need? just a program launcher and that's it?
01:58:50GDE-DeadMeatpretty much.
01:58:56GDE-DeadMeatI configure everything by hand.
01:59:08GDE-DeadMeata resource monitor would be nice too.
01:59:23GDE-DeadMeatI know I can get all of these things separately... but I'm a lazy bastard.
01:59:23Hadakawell then you only need to pick a window manager, not an entire desktop environment like gnome or kde - and then run separate applications
02:00:00GDE-DeadMeatI switched from windows about 2 weeks ago because windows crashed on me while I was writing my thesis.
02:00:39diddystar5brb im going to linux
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02:01:39GDE-DeadMeatI'm going to go get a power supply for my archos
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02:06:02Hadakafound it
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02:20:20diddystar5crap i jsut crashed mozilla
02:21:13diddystar5arghh and no other prog will start
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02:26:06diddystar5brb going to restart cant get anything to work no
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02:32:42GDE-DeadMeat9v conditioned PS rated for up to 8mA (regulated)
02:33:45GDE-DeadMeatso what's the speil on polarity?
02:36:23diddystar5i cant remember what was right
02:36:47GDE-DeadMeathow much damage you think I could do by using the wrong polarity for a moment?
02:37:01GDE-DeadMeatI'm thinking lots... but I tend to be pesemistic
02:38:34GDE-DeadMeatdamn it... leave it to gnome sources to be corrupt.
02:40:03diddystar5i have done it before
02:40:08diddystar5it started smoking
02:40:14diddystar5but there was no damage done
02:42:03GDE-DeadMeatit started smoking but there was no damage done?
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02:45:53GDE-DeadMeatI know what the problem was.
02:45:56GDE-DeadMeatlack of power
02:48:57GDE-DeadMeatgot the polarity right... first try
02:52:13GDE-DeadMeatrockbox works as well
02:52:35GDE-DeadMeatI'm happier than a 16yr old in a french whore house
02:52:53GDE-DeadMeatnow... what mp3's to pick
02:53:02diddystar5pink floyd :)
02:53:05GDE-DeadMeatah ha... all of Iron Maiden and Back
02:53:21GDE-DeadMeatw/ a little bit of britney spears
02:53:27GDE-DeadMeat(just kidding bout the britney)
02:53:53GDE-DeadMeatI wouldn't fill my player w/ that sort of rubbish
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02:57:28diddystar5me is stk in abrv hell atm
02:59:38GDE-DeadMeatugh... now I get to read the 60 page guide to rockbox...
02:59:57diddystar5dont worry about that
03:00:01diddystar5its a waste of time
03:00:11diddystar5just play with it
03:00:14GDE-DeadMeatI guess that is ok considering the fact that it's going to take the next 100 years to push all this stuff to my player
03:00:26diddystar5it wont take long to learn all about RB
03:00:38diddystar5yeah usb 1.1 sucks
03:00:39GDE-DeadMeatI'm wondering if it would be better to just pull the drive and stick it in my box for the fill
03:00:58diddystar5i would have done that if i had a 2.5 > 3.5 converter
03:01:10diddystar5it took hours for me to transfer all my stuff
03:01:18GDE-DeadMeatI just picked up one.
03:01:26GDE-DeadMeatwork won't miss it.
03:01:28diddystar5i would do it
03:02:00GDE-DeadMeatit's just annoying to take appart.
03:02:06GDE-DeadMeatthen again... I might as well, right?
03:02:21GDE-DeadMeatnow I just need to find a good linux CD ripper
03:02:54diddystar5easy, just take the four screws holding the front thingy on, and take the four holding the drive in out, pull off 2 rubber bumpers, pull the unit out, and po the hd out :)
03:03:07diddystar5realyy easy when you see it
03:03:52GDE-DeadMeatI've done it once already
03:04:07GDE-DeadMeattook it apart before even thinking about finding a power converter to power it up
03:04:12GDE-DeadMeatthat's just the kinda guy I am
03:05:23GDE-DeadMeatwhat do you think, abcde or grip to rip and encode CD's?
03:05:55diddystar5i dont know i know lots of people that use grip
03:06:07diddystar5*i mena ido know lots of poepl that use it
03:09:35GDE-DeadMeatyeah... that's what I was thinking about... but I need something that I can set to read first session only.
03:09:42GDE-DeadMeatDamn EMI copy protection.
03:10:09diddystar5i think the nice program EAC workin under wine in linux
03:11:02diddystar5i need to go home soon
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03:14:23diddystar5hi wake
03:14:41GDE-DeadMeatyou at school or work?
03:16:39GDE-DeadMeatdid you say that you think EAC works under wine?
03:18:06diddystar5im at a library
03:18:14diddystar5yes i think eac works in wine
03:18:22GDE-DeadMeatI'll try it out then
03:18:31diddystar5you will proably need to get lame for windows also for it to wrok
03:18:33GDE-DeadMeatgotta find someone to do a first-session-only read
03:18:54GDE-DeadMeatI guess I could always throw VMware on here
03:19:11diddystar5ohh yeah
03:19:17diddystar5well time to go see ya
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06:03:07midknight2k3WAKE up!
06:09:47midknight2k3bye ppl
06:09:53 Quit midknight2k3 ("Going... BYE!")
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10:14:21c0uttalinus, did you look at my callback work ?
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10:33:29LinusNhaven't had time yet, sorry
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10:47:06c0uttano problem - wait until after 2.2
10:50:17LinusNlooking at it now, looks good
10:50:39LinusNone thing though, i think the callback should call menu_draw() if it has changed the menu
10:50:57LinusNelse we get many unnecessary redraws if it hasn't changed
10:52:25c0uttamenu_draw is a static function so we would have to expose it
10:52:43LinusNit doesn't matter, export it then
10:54:09c0uttacan you see anything else that needs to be changed ?
10:54:26c0uttai decided to not pass cursor in the callback
10:55:03LinusNi think exporting the property functions works just as well
10:55:25LinusNi think we are getting somewhere here
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11:07:49c0uttano more changes linus ? can i submit again (for the last time) ?
11:08:41LinusNthink so :-)
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11:17:39LinusNnah, i'll eat later
11:19:16LinusNJens' ATA tests are indeed interesting
11:19:45LinusNthey seem to show that the read loop itself works fine
11:20:55LinusNand it doesn't fail until we try to write
11:22:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
11:27:00c0uttalinus, i've submitted the patch
11:30:47LinusNlooks good
11:31:22LinusNi can't wait to get 2.2 out the door, so we can include it in CVS
11:31:51c0uttayes, leave my patch out of 2.2 !
11:32:54LinusNdon't worry :-)
11:33:42c0utta2.2 is released tomorrow ?
11:34:55LinusNthat was our intention, i don't know if we have to delay it
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11:55:47mattzzIs there any restricion in minimum size of an mp3 sound?
11:58:12LinusNwell, it should be at least 1 frame :-)
11:58:36mattzzhow long is one frame?
11:58:59LinusNit depends, but a 44.1kHz frame is 26.1ms, iirc
11:59:27LinusNwhy do you ask?
11:59:52mattzzI found a nice metronome sound, but the "tock" is far too short. It is only played partly
12:00:02LinusNi think i know why
12:00:16LinusNhow did you encode it?
12:00:43mattzzlame -V 9 -t −−vbr-new
12:00:56mattzzand without parameters
12:01:01LinusNok, and you didn't edit the file afterwards?
12:01:31mattzznope, just converted to dezimal bytes and have bitswap() do the rest
12:01:59LinusNok, so it is included as a C array in the source file?
12:02:19mattzzexactly (guess I did it the wrong way?)
12:02:31LinusNhow big is the sound in bytes?
12:03:50mattzzThe shortest tock is about 885 bytes
12:04:01LinusN2 frames
12:04:30LinusNcould be only 1
12:04:31mattzzThe original archos firmware is not able to play it. The Rockbox firmware plays at least a part of it
12:05:13mattzzchip8.c uses a far shorter sound
12:05:27mattzzbut it's beeing repeated
12:05:56LinusNsince the size is odd, i assume that the frame count is odd as well, so i guess it's only 1 frame
12:07:50mattzzSo, do I have to edit the mp3 file in any way?
12:10:22LinusNyou shouldn't have to
12:10:58LinusNcan you send me the file?
12:11:29mattzzmattzz@scrat:~/archos/metronome_sounds$ mpginfo tick.mp3
12:11:29mattzz Audio : Mpeg 1 layer 3
12:11:29DBUGEnqueued KICK mattzz
12:11:29mattzz Estimated Duration: 00.15s
12:11:29mattzz 48 kbps 44100 Hz
12:11:30***Alert Mode level 1
12:11:30mattzz Frame size: 156 bytes
12:11:32mattzz Mono, No emphasis, original
12:12:49mattzzdcc does not work for you?
12:15:45LinusNno, i am irc:ing through a restrictive tunnel
12:15:58LinusNtry linus at haxx se
12:15:58mattzzok, I sent it via mail.
12:19:01LinusNgot it
12:21:31***Alert Mode OFF
12:23:44LinusNit's 6 frames
12:24:24LinusNbitrates: 48, 48, 64, 48, 80, 32
12:24:45LinusNsorry, 5 frames
12:24:53LinusN48, 64, 48, 80, 32
12:25:05mattzzdoes it start counting with 0?
12:25:27LinusNwait, what is counting?
12:25:39mattzzmpg123 -v gives me 4
12:26:14mattzzI must admit that I have not dealt with mp3 internals lately...
12:27:15LinusN885 bytes is correct
12:27:30LinusNi see nothing wrong with this file
12:29:55LinusNis it possible that you failed to bitswap it all?
12:31:05mattzzwell, I called rb->bitswap(sound, sizeof(sound));
12:31:17LinusNlooks good to me
12:31:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:32:30mattzzmp3asm (some diagnostic tool) shows me 3 probably broken frames...
12:32:47mattzzmight have something to do with vbr
12:33:04LinusNprobably, it looks good to me
12:33:25mattzzI will have a closer look into that. Thank you so far.
12:37:10LinusNhmmm, the CRC looks suspicious
12:42:31mattzzhow can you tell?
12:42:52 Join AciD` [0] (
12:45:03LinusNwell, i can't, but the crc of the first frame is 0x0000, how likely is that?
13:07:57mattzzbesides that the rockbox seems also to have problems playing short files (even files that passed mp3asm). That might be an issue when it comes to tts.
13:08:34mattzzWhere "short" means < 0.5s
13:09:06mattzzI checked that with different files
13:09:24mattzzwith default lame encoder settings
13:10:24LinusNwhen you say "play", do you mean pressing play on the file?
13:10:41LinusNand what exactly is "problems"?
13:10:45mattzzWhen playing short mp3 files from the plugin via rb->mp3_play_data(sound, sizeof(sound), callback); it seems that the ending is cut off
13:11:11mattzzWhen playing short mp3 files via rockbox' play function the cutting is even more
13:11:45LinusNgotta eat
13:11:52LinusNi'll be back after lunch
13:11:59 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
13:12:33 Join quelsaruk [0] (~supmedvet@
13:12:47mattzzok - I'll be back tonight - cu
13:12:52quelsarukBagder, scrolling in the splash menu works!
13:12:57LinusN|lunchhi quelsaruk
13:13:05 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:13:07LinusN|lunchquelsaruk: send me the code!!!!!!!!!!!
13:13:09quelsarukhi LinusN|lunch, can i send you the code?
13:13:16LinusN|lunchemail it
13:13:35 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
13:13:35DBUGEnqueued KICK mattzz|away
13:17:04quelsaruknow i just have a strange bug
13:17:40quelsarukwhen calling the splash menu, i kill the minutes in the clock.. they just desappear and re-appear after closing the menu
13:18:31quelsarukbut i don't understand why...
13:19:22quelsarukafaik, that's controlled by a function that refreshes the top of the screen if the statusbar is on, no?
13:19:50quelsarukand i haven't mess up with that code...
13:29:43 Quit mattzz|away ("Client exiting")
13:33:47 Join Mylacc` [0] (
13:39:50 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:40:53CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 2 minutes at the last flood
13:40:53*quelsaruk hides
13:47:57quelsarukLinusN, i'm diffing the changes
13:48:05 Quit AciD` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:52:05 Quit Mylacc (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:55:09quelsarukwriting the mail and explaining what i've done... i'm not sure if my comments are good enought as the code is not finished
13:55:32LinusNdon't worry
14:05:20quelsarukmessage sent!
14:14:02Bagderoh no, you shocked him to death!
14:14:09*Bagder grins
14:15:03quelsarukhe was not ready to see my code.. full of goat's blood :)
14:18:55quelsaruklunch time
14:19:12 Quit quelsaruk ()
14:31:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:34:55BagderLinusN: here?
14:36:40Bagderis the player any lighter than the recorder?
14:36:47Bagderspeaking weight
14:36:56Bagderthe archos site is confused about it
14:37:10LinusNi think the weight is about the same says 290 g / 12 oz
14:37:37Bagderbut 12 oz is 340 g
14:37:48Bagderand the fm/v2 is 290 which is 10.2 oz
14:38:18BagderI'll assume 12 oz is correct for now
14:39:31LinusNdo so
14:39:42LinusNupdating the comparison table?
14:39:54Bagderdimensions and weight added now
14:42:56Bagderarchos doesn't even mention the fm recorder anymore
14:43:21Bagderwhile even the 6000 is still there
14:50:57 Join GDE-DeadMeat [0] (
15:12:52Bagderit got really wide
15:13:19LinusNnever mind
15:14:22LinusNwhile you're at it, add a note about the bumber colors
15:14:41Bagderah right
15:15:02LinusNwe have an issue with fm radio and flashing
15:15:17Bagderthat radio detection thing?
15:15:29LinusNthe serial comm glitches somehow
15:15:56Bagderdo we know of any other units than the recorder that is available with both blue and black bumpers?
15:16:11LinusNi have no idea
15:18:05LinusNa quick search in the rockbox archive shows only recorders
15:23:05Bagderis CPU frequency interesting to add to the table?
15:24:09BagderI guess it doesn't hurt
15:26:35LinusNguess not
15:27:58Bagderdags att dra!
15:28:00 Part Bagder
15:33:35LinusNtime to go
15:33:36 Part LinusN
15:51:33 Join methangas [0] (
16:13:29GDE-DeadMeatgood morning
16:14:33 Join diddystar5 [0] (
16:14:56diddystar5Ka_: got your jukebox yet?
16:18:38 Join pfavr [0] (
16:21:20diddystar5hey pfavr
16:21:53GDE-DeadMeatgot my jukebox... up and running and full of mp3's
16:22:02pfavrdiddystar5, hey!
16:22:35diddystar5GDE-DeadMeat: goody
16:23:10GDE-DeadMeatrockbox my socks off.
16:23:48GDE-DeadMeatbefore I installed rockbox, I was listing to a few w/ the archos firmware
16:23:52GDE-DeadMeatevil I tell ya
16:23:58GDE-DeadMeatsound distortion from hell.
16:24:03GDE-DeadMeatespecially w/ the highnotes.
16:29:02GDE-DeadMeatI hear a *few* distortions here and there w/ rockbox... but not enough to even consider it a bother.
16:31:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:35:09diddystar5what headphones do you use?
16:36:04GDE-DeadMeatI used the ones that came w/ the player?
16:36:19GDE-DeadMeatdidn't know if it was worth of the sony's or Bose yet
16:36:35diddystar5i use $10 sony earbuds :)
16:36:49diddystar5they are 10x better than the archos headphones
16:36:53GDE-DeadMeatcan't stand earbuds to much
16:36:55GDE-DeadMeatI have some.
16:37:40GDE-DeadMeatI like nice padded headphones...
16:37:51diddystar5what are they?
16:37:58GDE-DeadMeatthe kind that make sweet love to your ears w/ their clean crisp sound
16:38:18 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
16:38:22GDE-DeadMeatI like using my uncle's Bose noise canceling headset
16:38:33GDE-DeadMeatyes sir... beautiful sound.
16:43:48 Join quelsaruk [0] (~WzY@
16:45:50 Join track [0] (
16:45:56 Quit track (Client Quit)
16:46:22 Join diddystar5 [0] (
16:46:41quelsarukhi diddystar5
16:47:08diddystar5hey quelsaruk
16:51:23quelsarukhmm.. i wanted to speak with linus
16:52:52diddystar5>logbot_< seen LinusN
16:52:52diddystar5-logbot_- LinusN ( left the channel 1 hour and 19 minutes ago
16:56:51quelsaruki know
16:57:02quelsarukthx anyway
17:00:48 Quit GDE-DeadMeat ("Client exited")
17:02:46 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
17:13:27quelsarukoh great Linus, i call you!! Please hear my cry (this works sometimes)
17:18:20 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:18:22 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:18:36 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
17:28:03diddystar5time to go to school
17:28:44diddystar5yes im 14 :)
17:29:15 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
17:29:27 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
17:34:20 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:41:41 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:20 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
18:02:14 Quit quelsaruk ()
18:16:14 Join AciD` [0] (
18:21:19 Join amiconn [0] (
18:22:38 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
18:25:34 Quit AciD` ("")
18:28:52 Join wake [0] (
18:30:07 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
18:30:22 Join AciD` [0] (
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18:41:07 Join funkymonkey [0] (
18:42:18 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
18:43:40Ka_anyone here mounted an archos jukebox recorder 2.0 under linux? i'm trying to determin what device linux sees it as. i thought it would be /dev/sda1
18:43:48 Quit elinenbe (
18:43:48 Quit methangas (
18:43:49 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
18:43:50 Nick funkymonkey is now known as methangas (
18:45:57 Join mattzz [0] (
18:47:20 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:56:14 Nick edx is now known as edx{code} (
18:59:08 Quit maikeul (Remote closed the connection)
19:09:09 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{eatz} (
19:10:45 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
19:11:01 Join amiconn [0] (
19:14:30 Part amiconn
19:20:14 Join matsl [0] (
19:23:25 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:28:48 Quit amiconn|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:29:19 Join AciD` [0] (
19:34:46 Quit mattzz|away (Remote closed the connection)
19:49:51 Join LinusN [200] (
19:50:01LinusNKa_: any luck with the mounting?
19:50:13Ka_not yet
19:50:44LinusN/var/log/messages usually tells which device it maps to
20:01:03 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:14:22 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|fairytale (
20:24:04 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:28:37 Join amiconn [0] (
20:30:40 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
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20:34:51Mylacc`a directory with 89 subfolders is giving a dir buffer full message while a directory with 13 is not with the daily build from yesterday. it's been reported as bug #885940 but just wanted to let u know it's still not wokring in the build from yesterday
20:37:06Mylacc`with 2.2 coming out jsut thought i'd be able to get more response saying something in here
20:37:17Mylacc`that is for archos v2
20:39:17 Quit Mylacc` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:57:13 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:04:22 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
21:12:17 Join AciD` [0] (
21:24:30 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:24:50amiconn|awayHi [IDC]Dragon
21:24:59 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn (
21:25:06[IDC]Dragonnot away?
21:25:17amiconnNo longer away.
21:25:42 Nick edx{eatz} is now known as edx{code} (
21:25:52 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:26:29 Join quelsaruk [0] (~vg743wd@
21:26:47quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
21:27:01[IDC]DragonHi everybody!
21:27:42quelsaruklinus, tell me when you've finished the tale :)
21:28:15[IDC]Dragonyou also want one, right?
21:28:24elinenbehello everyone...
21:29:13quelsarukfor sure [IDC]Dragon :)
21:29:14quelsarukhi elinenbe
21:42:44quelsarukwhat are you working on right now [IDC]Dragon?
21:43:03[IDC]Dragongood question
21:43:12[IDC]Dragondo I always have to?
21:43:47quelsarukif you where spanish i would say, *no*
21:43:49[IDC]Dragonright now I'm close to do a little profiling on the startup
21:44:06[IDC]Dragonlooking at stuff
21:44:30[IDC]Dragonand you?
21:44:49quelsaruki sent linus a preview of the splash menus this afternoon
21:45:05[IDC]Dragonyes ,saw that in the log
21:45:07quelsarukand i wanted to know his opinion so i know how to continue that
21:45:23quelsaruki have to kill that strange clock bug
21:45:42elinenbewhat are the splash menus?
21:46:30 Join scott666 [0] (
21:46:35quelsaruki'll send you a snapshot
21:46:48elinenbeI'll take a look.
21:46:55quelsarukit's hard for me to explain
21:48:13elinenbeare you going to email or dcc?
21:48:29elinenbeeither works fine for me... my email is elinenbeATumichDOTedu
21:50:04quelsarukemail then
21:50:09 Join GDE-DeadMeat [0] (
21:53:55quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, i just wanted to know that because i'm interested in all your ideas.. video,cd charger emulator and so on :)
21:54:18[IDC]Dragonyes, lots of ideas
21:54:33[IDC]DragonI have a bunch of unfinished stuff:
21:54:39quelsaruki have just one.. and got it from dwihno :)
21:55:11[IDC]DragonJPEG viewer, talking UI, all-in-one video converter
21:55:38[IDC]Dragonplans for the CD changer emulator
21:55:59 Join AciD` [0] (
21:56:03quelsarukthats the most interesting project for me ;)
21:56:48[IDC]DragonI currently avoid it because it's so much intrusive to Rockbox
21:56:56quelsaruki suppose so
21:57:08[IDC]DragonI don't want to fork off from the normal development
21:57:32elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: how close are you to being finished with the jpeg viewer?
21:57:59elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I think it would be INCREDIBLE to view images embedded in ID3v2 tags
21:58:01[IDC]Dragonthe decoder works, I have ported halftoning to integer arithmetic
21:58:51[IDC]Dragonit will be a plugin, so no viewing from within Rockbox
22:03:16 Quit wake ("off to work")
22:03:18elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: you should include it in the unfinished but very complete id3 viewer plugin
22:03:46[IDC]Dragonthat may be an option
22:07:30quelsarukhm.. which function places the pointer (the selector) in the screen?? :(
22:12:31GDE-DeadMeatgood afternoon everyone
22:12:48quelsarukgood night GDE-DeadMeat ;)
22:13:32quelsarukelinenbe, did you get the snapshot?
22:14:36elinenbequelsaruk: yes I did.
22:14:47elinenbequelsaruk: I am not sure if I like it better or worse!
22:15:07elinenbeI think the entire menu system needs a big fix right about now.
22:15:08quelsarukit's not intended to be that
22:15:15elinenbeeverything is such a mess.
22:15:21elinenbeI know. I am just talking.
22:15:33quelsaruki mean, the splash menu is something like that
22:15:36elinenbeand plugins need to be sorted by type...
22:15:46quelsaruknot that all menus should be in a splash window
22:16:04quelsaruklet me see if i have the fake snapshot i made once..
22:16:12quelsarukthat is what i really want to do
22:20:32quelsarukno, i don't have it
22:27:23 Quit GDE-DeadMeat ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
22:30:19 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
22:32:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:32:37 Nick amiconn is now known as amicon|afk (
22:39:23 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:40:45 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
22:46:16 Join chris [0] (
22:46:22chrishi !
22:47:45chrisI've put the ajbrec file in the recorder 20 1.28 fimware & it tells me "error accessing playlist file control"
22:48:08quelsarukdo you have a .rockbox folder?
22:48:39chrisdo I have to put it on the disk too?
22:49:07quelsarukyou need it, because the playlist control file is written there, so if you don't have that folder, rockbox can't create it
22:49:29chrisok,I'll do it now
22:51:57chrisok !!! it works !! thanks
22:52:16quelsarukyou're welcome
22:53:52quelsaruk2:39 hours of fairytale... that's a long one!!
22:54:17chrisif I push play in the plugins on"firmware flash",what happens?
22:55:36quelsaruki think
22:55:45quelsarukbut.. don't try if you don't want to flash
22:56:36 Join mattzz [0] (
22:56:48 Quit mattzz (Client Quit)
23:02:06 Quit chris ("Leaving")
23:12:34 Nick Linus|fairytale is now known as LinusN (
23:12:52quelsarukhi LinusN!
23:20:35 Join wake [0] (
23:23:06 Quit edx{code} ()
23:23:44LinusNgotta reboot, cu in a while
23:23:48 Part LinusN
23:31:09 Join LinusN [200] (
23:31:36quelsarukre LinusN
23:32:20LinusNyo man
23:33:24quelsarukhmm.. what's the function which puts the pointer in the screen?? i thought it was one.. but now i've realized that is other one :(
23:34:11quelsarukthe pointer line selector
23:35:52 Nick amicon|afk is now known as amiconn (
23:36:05LinusNyou mean the arrow cursor?
23:36:27quelsaruki need a quelsaruk/english dictionary :D
23:37:29amiconnHi LinusN!
23:37:35LinusNamiconn: hi jens
23:38:17amiconnWhat do you think about my ata test? I'm not really satisfied with the results though...
23:38:34LinusNinteresting results indeed
23:38:46LinusNhow does it work?
23:38:56LinusNyou read the entire buffer and checksums it?
23:39:59LinusNsi it doesn't seem to be a problem with disk reading after all
23:40:29amiconnYes, I'm quite sure that it isn't the reading alone.
23:40:33LinusNand when you think of it, they never complained that the playback was bad
23:41:01LinusNso, it is probably a read operation followed by a write
23:41:14amiconnHow it works: I extended ata_read_sectors with a 3rd parameter to choose different copy_read_sectors version.
23:41:35LinusNone thing to not is that the read operation is done by one thread and the write by another
23:42:28amiconnThen I renamed this ata_read_sectors to ata_read_sectors_ex and call this from a stub ata_read_sectors with speed=0. Thus it's safe for noraml operation.
23:43:15amiconnThen I included ata_read_sectors_ex into plugin api
23:43:49amiconnMy plugin reads the beginning of the disk (as much as fits into the buffers) and checksums it.
23:44:12 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:52amiconnIt does this for all speed/alignment combinations (in order to use all different routines) and compares the checksum with that for speed=0 (the C version).
23:45:19LinusNand it works for everybody
23:46:21amiconnYes. I did some further calculations with the results. All disks seem to deliver the same read speeds (apart from seek time differences).
23:47:06amiconnIn doing this, I found another way of improving the overall speed of rockbox (confirmed working on my hardware)!
23:47:37LinusNand that is?
23:48:59amiconnMy speed improvement: You set warp mode and also burst mode. Both don't help much: warp mode apparently does nothing for DRAM access,
23:49:52amiconnburst mode by itself does only improve speed if DRAM access is continuous _without_ accessing other addresses in between, which is rarely the case.
23:52:20amiconnI stumbled across bit 14 in register DCR: RAS down mode. If you set this bit, RAM pages are held open as long as possible, even if you access other addresses, as long as you don't access another DRAM page.
23:53:12amiconnOf course you have to make sure not to hold RAS down for too long, but since the CPU is set to do the DRAM refresh, this is guaranteed.
23:53:44LinusNstatic column, that is?
23:54:18amiconnYes, aka fast page mode.
23:55:15LinusNwe have Fast Page RAM on the Player and EDO on the Recorder
23:55:23amiconnI've calculated then max. time RAS will be held down if you set RAS down mode, it is within specs for both the recorder and player DRAMS.
23:56:19LinusNand the speed improvement?
23:56:46amiconnIf you have a player at hand, you could test it, works perfectly for my recorder. The speed improvement varies with the routines.
23:57:16amiconnI measured 15% speed increase for bitswap and ~10% for the various ata loops.
23:57:47LinusNthat rocks!
23:58:41amiconnYes, I _measured_ as I said. The modification is very easy: Just change line 489 in system.c to read "DCR != 5000"
23:58:41*quelsaruk is impressed

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