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#rockbox log for 2004-03-11

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00:20:04Godzukihey rockbox dev guys, I just want to say, I love you.
00:26:12Godzukiis anyone currently NOT idle?
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00:33:54Godzukihey rockbox dev guys, I love you.
00:34:09midknight2k3sry missed you before
00:34:18Godzukinaw, I wasn't sure if it was working
00:34:24GodzukiI was using that silly javascript client
00:34:31Godzukiit was throwing errors of some kind
00:34:38Godzukiso I broke down and dug my copy of mirc
00:34:41midknight2k3oh, registration ones
00:35:00GodzukiI don't really care to register myself, I don't think I'll be here much
00:35:22GodzukiI have a question about the batteries, please don't kill me
00:35:48GodzukiI bought one of these v2 20 gigs off amazon, and it claims to have nimh batteries
00:36:02midknight2k3lithium ion
00:36:08Godzukinow, everyone I know with a v2 claims they have lithium ion
00:36:16midknight2k3they do
00:36:19Godzukibut it SAYS on my box, and manual, that's it's nimh
00:36:25Godzukiis that a dirty lie?
00:36:56midknight2k3it's possible they used the old recorder box
00:36:56GodzukiI believe this version may perhaps be different. it was really cheap, and it seems to be some weird edition
00:37:16GodzukiI was just gonna pop it open, I just wanted to make sure I have a reason to.
00:37:43midknight2k3well, what would make a reason? me telling you they are LiIon?
00:38:00Godzukia reason to NOT would be you telling me they could easily be nimh
00:38:15Godzukibut now I'm just gonna go ahead then.
00:38:25midknight2k3nope, lithium ion
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00:38:46Godzukiand, on a side note, my 2.1 v2 firmware seems to be lacking file naming options, and battery charging options
00:38:54GodzukiI couldn't find details about it on the sight.
00:39:19midknight2k3on+play is rename
00:39:24midknight2k3and there are no charging options
00:39:41Godzukihave they been removed?
00:40:04midknight2k3never there
00:40:06midknight2k3for V2s
00:40:22Godzukiwell then. thank you very much
00:40:25Godzukiare they going to be?
00:41:57midknight2k3no, sorry
00:42:02midknight2k3not possible, or they'd be there
00:42:46Godzukiany special charging precautions I should take then? I'm pretty clueless about the different rechargeable batteries.
00:42:56midknight2k3not really
00:42:59midknight2k3charge it fully at first
00:43:02midknight2k3that's about all
00:43:37Godzukiactually, I lied, I have one more question
00:43:55Godzukiwill the rvf files ever support sound? or is it too much for the proc?
00:44:00midknight2k3already do
00:44:09GodzukiI made a few, none of them did.
00:44:16midknight2k3you need to add it in manually
00:44:22midknight2k3save your sound as an MP3 file
00:44:46midknight2k3then call "rvf_mux.exe rvfinput.rvf mp3input.mp3 rvfoutput.rvf"
00:45:09midknight2k3takes arg #1 and #2 and mixes them into #3
00:45:30Godzukiwill it whine at me if the mp3 length isn't the same as the video?
00:45:39Godzukithis could lead to some easy hilarity.
00:46:27Godzukiok, well, thank you much.
00:46:37Godzukisorry for asking dumb questions
00:46:45GodzukiI hope there isn't some FAQ somewhere that I missed
00:47:02Godzukisome of the stuff is out of date and I don't know what to believe...
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00:48:11Godzukiyou guys saved me 300 dollars and delivered a superior product.
00:48:13GodzukiI salute you.
00:49:13scunnerthey do nice work!
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00:50:30scunnermy wife's player is giving the red death toward the end of a song and beginning of the next...not on mine though. any patch releases for this?
00:50:51midknight2k3scunner: no
00:51:11midknight2k3no idea on why it happens
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01:21:22scunnerever get "ondio fm" on a rolo?
01:21:48scunnerupside down too.
01:22:16midknight2k3wtf are you saying
01:22:29scunnerit says that on the v screen when i rolo to the archos firmware.
01:22:36scunnerv2 screen.
01:22:48midknight2k3wel archos makes an ondio fm
01:23:06scunneri wonder....
01:23:19scunnerit's worth a try.
01:24:30midknight2k3what is
01:25:00scunneri'll try the ondio fm firmware on a rolo.
01:25:21scunnerif smoke starts pouring out...911
01:32:56scunnernope, same s#*t. oh well. what have people been doing about that red death at the end of the songs? any word?
01:33:33midknight2k3you mean "same $#!+"
01:33:42midknight2k3no idea
01:33:45scunneryeah that too.
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02:37:37track_whats new?
02:40:37track_gonna port rockbox to that?
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03:04:55dwihnoAnother day, another dollar.
03:05:42midknight2k3you make a dollar a day?
03:06:42dwihnoIt's just a figure of speech
03:07:00dwihnoAlthough it sometimes feels like I only make $1 a day... :) Somehow the money always seem to get spent.
03:07:03dwihnoDon't ask me how.
03:07:46midknight2k3"ajb accessories"
03:09:08dwihnoDo you know if there has been any new work on getting Rockbox running on the gmini's?
03:09:34midknight2k3i thought they were starting from scratch
03:09:37midknight2k3but no no idea
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03:22:14midknight2k3GO SCOTT
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03:52:42diddystar5midk2k3: hello
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05:03:27diddystar5bye bye
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07:55:38dwihnoLinusN: Any reports regarding the ata_reset removal yet?
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08:04:13LinusNno, seems to be working allright
08:12:07dwihnoNeatelio! :D
08:12:12dwihnoThis calls for celebration coffee \o/
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10:31:38c0uttais 2.2 any closer ?
10:32:22[IDC]Dragonhave the impression that the docs are the missing piece
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10:33:36[IDC]DragonBTW, good morning!
10:34:44[IDC]DragonLinusN, are you there?
10:38:38dwihnoHiya Jörg
10:39:05mattzz[IDC]Dragon: just flashed the new firmware on my jbr20, booting takes 4 secs again. need any debug info?
10:39:20[IDC]Dragonno, it's OK if it works.
10:39:31mattzz[IDC]Dragon: btw, still sick at home?
10:39:43[IDC]Dragonyes :(
10:39:48mattzzgute besserung!
10:40:23[IDC]Dragondo you happen to have a slave disk (unlikely)?
10:41:20mattzzata 0x200, master
10:41:54dwihnoCan't be that many who has the disk attached as slave.
10:42:36[IDC]Dragonyea, but some are reported to have that stupid scenario.
10:43:05[IDC]DragonI tested slave yesterday, works for me, but field tests are a different story.
10:43:44[IDC]DragonLinusN: I saw from the log that Jens found a better CPU mode for the DRAM?
10:46:34LinusNyeah, he discovered that the static column mode wasn't enabled
10:47:24[IDC]Dragonshould we do so?
10:48:29LinusNafter 2.2
10:48:51[IDC]Dragonno more last-minute fixes?
10:49:00LinusNfixes, yes
10:49:46[IDC]Dragonwould be something for the bootloader as well
10:50:15[IDC]Dragon(faster way to the Rockbox logo)
10:50:26[IDC]Dragonand longer wait for the disk ;)
10:50:42LinusN(got my logic analyzer today)
10:50:54[IDC]Dragonstrange that Archos is not using that mode
10:53:25dwihnoThat would've been really snafu! :)
10:55:16dwihnoSituation normal - all fucked up :)
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11:00:12[IDC]DragonLinusN: is the "Create directory" entry gonna stay where it is (even below "Info")?
11:00:29LinusNit really should move somewhere else
11:01:13[IDC]Dragonlet me guess: after 2.2
11:03:02LinusNpreferrably before
11:03:08LinusNany ideas?
11:03:21LinusNon+play seems natural, but still not
11:04:17[IDC]Dragonif in main, then before "Info"
11:04:44[IDC]Dragonwe don't have a real suitable submenu for it
11:05:22[IDC]Dragonbest of the worse, in "General settings"?
11:05:36[IDC]Dragonsounds the most miscellaneous
11:08:41LinusNbut it isn't really a setting
11:09:09[IDC]DragonI know, don't tell me
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11:11:33Quelsaruktired mornings
11:14:13mattzzI understood on+play as something like a "file-menu". It is definitively not a file action on the selected file, but it is the place where I would expect it.
11:15:03mattzzbtw, is there a function as move file
11:16:22LinusNthe problem today is that the on+play function is designed to work on a selected file
11:16:56LinusNand it malfunctions when called in an empty dir
11:17:29dwihnoI think the sound menu should be topmost (and not bookmark)
11:17:48mattzzwhat happen in case of malfunction?
11:18:52LinusNmattzz: the "selected file" is taken from old buffer contents
11:19:02LinusNcould be anything
11:19:28LinusNdwihno: an audio book listener may disagree with you
11:20:07dwihnoLinusN: How about the Grand Masses? :)
11:20:43Quelsarukwhy not alphabetical order?
11:20:43mattzzLinusN: what I understood so far is, that due to a bug in on+play we are going to mess with the menu structure?
11:21:06Quelsarukare we going to change the menu structure??
11:21:23mattzzQuelsaruk: talking about "create dir"
11:21:51Quelsarukmattzz, ah! thx :)
11:21:52LinusNmattzz: kind of, yes
11:22:17LinusNwe could redesign the on+play code
11:22:24mattzzLinusN: hm, what do you think of the on-play bug priority?
11:22:34LinusNi just didn't feel like doing that when i added the createdir function
11:22:59LinusNtechnically, it isn't a bug in on+play
11:23:54LinusNon+play works on the current selected file, and if no file is selected, it ignores the on+play keypress
11:24:05LinusNso nothing bad can happen
11:24:24LinusNhowever, that means that the createdir function can't be placed there
11:24:39LinusNbecause you will want to create a dir in an empty directory
11:25:06mattzzbut we _could_ enter the file menu with on+play and no selected file with the option "create dir", couldn't we?
11:25:16c0uttasounds like a good idea for the f2 menu :)
11:26:08LinusNmattzz: yes, but then the createdir function wouldn't know where to create the directory, because the path information is in the selected file
11:26:35LinusNit is purely a coding issue
11:26:46Quelsarukcoudln't we enter then the browser and tell the function where to create it?
11:27:08LinusNif we redesign the on+play code, it will work
11:27:45mattzzI think we should keep all file/dir opererations in one place
11:27:55*LinusN just had an idea
11:28:09c0uttawhat about a "file menu" with rename, delete, create dir, etc in it ?
11:28:38*LinusN will fix the on+play issue
11:28:53mattzzapplause :)
11:28:54c0uttai know that rename/delete would be superfluous, but it'd be consistent
11:30:21QuelsarukLinusN, how?
11:30:54LinusNi'll let onplay() know that there is no file selected
11:32:39Quelsaruk(OFFTOPIC: just if someone wants to know, today there was a terrorist act in Madrid, about 130 innocents killed :(
11:35:00Quelsaruki love my country...
11:35:12Quelsaruk(ironic mode off)
11:35:53QuelsarukLinusN, have you seen the code?
11:38:00LinusNnot yet, sorry
11:38:51Quelsarukdon't worry
11:40:12Quelsaruklet's say that i have a long weekend, but i have to calculate the metallic structure of an industrial building, so that's in a second place :)
11:48:51*LinusN has moved Create Directory to on+play
11:49:16dwihnoLinusN: Are you an audio book listener? :)
11:49:38*dwihno tries to convince Linus to switch the audio/bookmark settings
11:52:26[IDC]Dragonnot wanting to start the menu order discussion again, but I also think that bookmarks as the first is unusual.
11:52:41LinusNi agree
11:52:57c0uttaif only zagor had allowed me to commit my user defined F1 menu :(
11:53:05[IDC]Dragonsound setting and recording at the top positions sounds natural to me
11:53:06*mattzz agrees also
11:53:09c0uttayou wouldn't be having this discussion
11:53:20[IDC]Dragongeneral settings could be further down
11:53:42LinusNsome people want recording way down the list
11:54:12[IDC]DragonI also don't record, but it's a recorder after all.
11:54:30LinusNboy, will people hang us for not having a Delete Directory option :-)
11:54:55[IDC]Dragonit was requested already, yes.
11:54:57LinusNi think people fiddle with the general settings a lot more often than we think
11:55:36LinusNstill, i think settings should be the last option(s)
11:56:59mattzzHow about ordering in a way most applications do - such as "file, edit, view, go, bookmarks, tools, help" for example (just looking at mozilla....)
11:57:02[IDC]Dragonjust got a *PANIC* Stkov ata
11:57:20[IDC]Dragonsound russian or so what is this?
11:59:07LinusNit means that the ata thread stack was overwritten
11:59:21LinusNwhat did you do?
11:59:35[IDC]DragonI updated the radio station file
11:59:51[IDC]Dragonnow I get this every time I select radio
12:00:06dwihnoStkov? Sounds like some cheap vodka :D
12:00:20dwihnoSchlockoff vodka for all \o/
12:00:24[IDC]Dragonfound it in the code
12:01:03[IDC]Dragonwho is Mr. Stkov?
12:01:16LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i thought i fixed that
12:01:31mattzzsounds like the guy from startek
12:01:32LinusNhow many entries are in the presets file?
12:01:54LinusNstkov == STacK OVerflow
12:02:26[IDC]DragonI see
12:02:31[IDC]Dragon35 lines
12:03:09[IDC]Dragonthe last 14 are just 0: placeholders
12:03:11LinusN32 is max
12:03:44[IDC]Dragonno limit check?
12:05:09LinusNyes, but it fails
12:05:13*LinusN fixes
12:09:00LinusN[IDC]Dragon: committed
12:10:17LinusNwhat is?
12:10:31[IDC]Dragonyour speed
12:11:23LinusNi was just as fast the last time i thought i fixed it :-)
12:13:25Quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, LinusN secret is that he's using a dual brain workstation ;)
12:14:01[IDC]Dragonone for his job and one for Rockbox?
12:14:12[IDC]Dragonhow's the job?
12:15:15LinusNfun as hell
12:15:38c0uttaso is haxx your "side project" ?
12:16:03LinusNi work at a consulting firm called Contactor
12:16:24LinusNi and Daniel have an own company called Haxx, for side projects
12:16:39Quelsarukhaxx is your company??
12:16:58c0uttaaha - i wondered how you made a living from haxx
12:17:05c0uttaseems very specialised
12:17:09LinusNwe don't
12:17:15 Join pfavr [0] (
12:17:34LinusNwe make a few hundred bucks here and there
12:17:35dwihnoMr. Stkov to the bridge!
12:17:39dwihnoSounds star-trek'ish
12:18:14c0uttahow does contactor feel about your work on rockbox ?
12:18:41LinusNthey encourage it
12:18:53dwihnoThey love it - all employees get an archos when their hired :)
12:18:57LinusNwe learn from it, and it keeps us happy
12:19:02c0uttawow, do they have any positions ?
12:19:29LinusNwe are always open for skilled engineers
12:20:03dwihnosuch as me \o/
12:20:10c0uttai'm not skilled tho. if you need your manufacturing processes bought up to world class then i can help
12:20:23[IDC]DragonI should move to sweden in case germany goes downhill
12:20:53LinusNthe consulting business in sweden is pretty bad nowadays
12:21:34LinusNthe downfall of Ericsson brought the entire it industry down
12:22:10[IDC]Dragonyes, I know a couple of people more or less affected by Ericsson
12:22:16dwihnoLinusN: You should start a new company ... Nielsen enterprises :D
12:22:41dwihnoImagine doing cellular phones with cutting edge software :D
12:22:44[IDC]Dragonthey had a branch closeby here
12:23:09LinusNNielsen Elektronik is owned by my father :-)
12:23:37QuelsarukLinusN, do you need civil engineers too? ;)
12:24:04LinusNwe do software and project management
12:25:36LinusNQuelsaruk: i'm not sure what a civil engineer is to you, though
12:27:08c0uttaa polite engineer ?
12:27:10Quelsarukwhat's a civil engineer for you?
12:31:50LinusNin sweden, a civil engineer is an MSc in engineering, afaik
12:32:01LinusNbut there are several fields
12:32:45Quelsarukok, a civil engineer is a person who designs and proyects roads, bridges, ports, dams, building foundations and all that kind of stuff. Civil construction
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12:33:01LinusNok, then we have no need for you :-)
12:33:16Quelsaruki was joking anyway
12:33:27LinusNi know
12:35:44 Quit Quelsaruk ("Leaving")
12:38:51c0uttalinus, any decision on what will appear in the default f2 menu ?
12:39:05LinusNno, we haven't discussed it yet
12:39:56c0uttano problem
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13:41:50quelsaruklunch time
13:42:30mattzzc u
13:44:06 Quit quelsaruk ("Terrorism is not going to win. For sure!")
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14:16:42LinusNgotta go, cu guys
14:16:44 Part LinusN
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17:46:57mattzzany sourceforge wizzards online?
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20:39:35amiconnHi [IDC]Dragon!
20:39:43[IDC]DragonHi amiconn, seen my email?
20:39:52amiconnJust reading it
20:40:19[IDC]Dragontake your time, I'm gonna eat something.
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20:41:57 Part cjnr11
20:56:19 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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21:02:12 Quit Ka__ ("Leaving")
21:07:13 Nick amiconn|eat is now known as amiconn (
21:08:31[IDC]Dragonback again?
21:08:58amiconnJust preparing an answer to your mail
21:34:03amiconnMail is out
21:41:21 Join track [0] (
21:41:25 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:46:29 Join [IDC]Dragon3 [0] (
21:46:45[IDC]Dragon3sorry, got disconnected
21:53:12 Quit [IDC]Dragon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:53:46 Nick [IDC]Dragon3 is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
21:53:58[IDC]Dragonback to myself
21:55:10amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Just got an idea how to save 4 bytes in bitswap (no speedup though).
21:55:36[IDC]Dragondon't push it too hard
21:56:04amiconnIt's easy, and it saves a bit your precios IRAM.
21:56:17[IDC]DragonIRAM is not _that_ precious
21:57:17[IDC]Dragonbut we take freebies
21:58:54amiconnBasic idea: Let r7 and r0 swap roles, so that r0 addresses the fliptable. Then we can use "mova" and get rid of the extra longword that stores the filptable address.
22:01:35[IDC]Dragonyou don't need any "special features" of r0 elsewhere?
22:02:49amiconnOk, forget it. Just saw that I use immediate offset addressing later, which needs r0.
22:04:49[IDC]Dragonthis sign extension of 16/8 bit data is a stupid feature
22:05:38amiconnDamn, Hitachi says that there are 16 general purpose registers, why are some of them still special (esp. r0)
22:06:03[IDC]Dragonsome are more equal...
22:07:17 Join ofir_d1 [0] (
22:08:24[IDC]Dragondo we need a dedicated "add" for the loop?
22:08:43[IDC]Dragon(just thinking about your trick)
22:09:32amiconnIn the case of bitswap: yes :(
22:10:36amiconnSH only does post-increment when reading from memory, with writing only pre-decrement is possible.
22:11:17[IDC]Dragoncan it write with a -2 offset?
22:11:55amiconnAs we read _and_ write in the loop, we must adjust for either of it with using offset addressing. Unfortunately, immediate offset is unsigned, so it cannot be -2.
22:12:45ofir_d1im sorry for this question but, where do i find how to install the rockbox?
22:14:30amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Furthermore, r0 is also taken, so we cannot use it as offset.
22:15:23[IDC]Dragonr0 is the bottleneck again, yes.
22:15:23 Quit ofir_d1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:15:35amiconnDamnn r0 ;-)
22:16:19 Join uski [0] (
22:16:33uskihi all !
22:16:36uski[IDC]Dragon: hi :)
22:17:51amiconnA question: If I want to introduce a new source file, what do I have to change within the makefile (don't know much about make yet)?
22:18:23[IDC]Dragonnormally nothing, if the directory already exists
22:18:34[IDC]Dragonthe make compiles *.c
22:20:22amiconnDirectory exists, but it will be an assembler file. My idea is to optimize the disk writing also (not the turbo version as there is much less writing than reading) and to separate these loops into ata-transfer.S
22:20:55[IDC]Dragonyes, you can do so.
22:21:00 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!")
22:21:21[IDC]Dragon.S files are way better readable than the inline
22:22:03amiconnThen I will have to declare the function as "external" in ata.c and the ata-transfer.S will be compiled automagically?
22:22:34[IDC]DragonIIRC, yes. And you need to export it from your .S
22:23:48amiconnWill check this. First I will have a look at memcpy/memset
22:25:52amiconnAnother question: From several .S files i guessed that function parameters are passed in r4 (, r5, r6 etc.) and r0-r7 are freely usable without preservation. Am I correct?
22:26:38[IDC]Dragonabout the trashing I don't know.
22:26:53[IDC]Dragonarguments from r4 on, yes.
22:27:06[IDC]Dragonreturn is r0, if not void
22:28:30amiconnDidn't find any documentation on this.. The trashing "rules" I guessed from the old descramble.S. It uses up to r9 and only saves r8 and r9.
22:28:40[IDC]DragonI didn't dare to optimize the ATA write, because that's dangerous
22:29:06[IDC]Dragonsorry for topic jump
22:31:25amiconnI wouldn't say it's dangerous, now that I'm quite sure that there is nothing wrong with the transfers. You just must'n put a typo in. In addition, I have a full backup of my disk, and it's USB2.0.
22:33:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:01[IDC]DragonI love typos, and it took me some tries for the read function
22:36:28[IDC]Dragonso I was saving this for when I have a spare disk
22:38:14amiconnFor memcpy/memset: These are .c files atm. How do I tell "make" to use .S variants instead?
22:39:39amiconnIn addition: is memcmp also worth tackling?
22:40:21amiconnAnd at last: Do we have to retain a .c version for building the simulator?
22:43:20[IDC]Dragonno, it's a library function then
22:45:03[IDC]Dragonseems like memcmp() is barely used at all
22:45:10*uski is away: ah
22:45:24 Nick uski is now known as uski|afk (
22:46:37[IDC]Dragonto replace the .c by .S: you'd have to remove the .c
22:54:15amiconnAnother thing that I think about optimizing: the rec_tick() function in mpeg.c. This is even commented "should be written in assembler".
22:54:34 Join ofir_d1 [0] (
22:55:04[IDC]Dragonbetter ask Linus about it, I'm not sure
22:55:42 Join AciD` [0] (
22:56:09[IDC]Dragonit's quite big, that I don't like
22:57:24[IDC]Dragonthe whole thing is in IRAM, not just the copy loops
22:59:36amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Ok, will ask Linus first. I thought of optimizing the 2 read loops only, that's not that big (lines 512-564). Perhaps we can take the other stuff out of IRAM.
23:00:05[IDC]DragonThat's how I did for the sector read, too.
23:00:43[IDC]Dragonbefore they had a larger function in IRAM, most of the code was no loop at all.
23:01:58amiconnThe 2 read loop could possibly be combined into one, since the _only_ difference is the different polarity. Thought of using XOR here.
23:02:20[IDC]Dragonyes, that once also occurred to me.
23:02:42[IDC]Dragonand you can make a function from the rest
23:02:55[IDC]Dragonto be called from the IRAM part
23:03:07 Join track [0] (
23:03:11 Quit track (Client Quit)
23:03:19[IDC]Dragonthis way, we have the call overhead after satisfying the buffer
23:04:17[IDC]Dragonno new latency
23:13:19amiconnThere is another function in mpeg.c that uses if(inverted_pr) ... else ... - drain_dma_buffer()
23:14:20amiconnIn order to test these modifications we would need recorders with different polarities.
23:14:40[IDC]Dragonseems to do the same, but discards the data
23:16:44amiconnThis doesn't have to be asm optimized, but using XOR should make it shorter. Of course, if we use XOR, we have to set a defined initial state. Could do this in mpeg_init() directly and discard the variable, since it isn't used elsewhere.
23:16:44 Join MANOWAR^ [0] (~MANOWAR^
23:17:29MANOWAR^ok so when you guys say that you will not support archos jukebox do you mean the archos jukebox multimedia 20 (JBM) or the AV140 and so on?
23:18:12 Quit AciD` (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:18:38MANOWAR^ah I c
23:18:44MANOWAR^well that sucks I had my hopes up :)
23:19:23MTJukebox 6000, Jukebox Studio, Jukebox Recorder, Jukebox FM Recorder and Jukebox Recorder V2
23:19:31MTas is stated on the first page of the website
23:19:42MANOWAR^yeah I know
23:19:44MANOWAR^I read that
23:19:58MANOWAR^I was just hoping I can slam this on my jbm and just forget about video
23:20:04MANOWAR^since it is usless anyway :)
23:22:12 Quit MANOWAR^ ("Client exiting")
23:26:43 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|afk (
23:32:52 Join ofir_d2 [0] (
23:32:54 Quit ofir_d1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:32:58ofir_d2sorry i got disconnected
23:33:12ofir_d2can you please repeat the answer
23:33:18ofir_d2if you answered it?
23:34:43[IDC]Dragon<amiconn> ofir_d1:
23:40:22 Quit edx{code} ()
23:40:23 Quit ofir_d2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:40:25 Nick amiconn|afk is now known as amiconn (
23:41:12amiconnOk, will start to code a bit.
23:41:23 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|code (
23:42:02[IDC]Dragoncoding which?
23:45:01amiconn|codememset at first.

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