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#rockbox log for 2004-03-13

00:00:36[IDC]Dragonamiconn, do you read? How are you?
00:00:38LinusNthe lcd_bitmap() function would probably gain from optimization
00:01:00LinusNsince it blits the characters to the frame buffer
00:01:12[IDC]DragonI've been there, but didn't go as far as assembler
00:01:55amiconn|code[IDC]Dragon: I was right, if I unroll it to 2 longwords/loop, I can do 8 bytes in 8 cycles :-)
00:02:17[IDC]Dragonhaving the shift in IRAM would be beneficial for that one, we talked about it.
00:02:40[IDC]Dragonhow far are the store apart?
00:03:17amiconn|codeIt goes: mov.l - cmp/hi - mov.l - bt
00:03:40[IDC]Dragonah, yes.
00:03:55LinusNwith an alignment/odd length prologue and epologue, of course
00:04:01[IDC]Dragoncan't be more, and they're on 32 bit boundaries.
00:05:01amiconn|codeLinusN: yes. I do the longword loop only for >= 20 bytes now. But even my byte loop should be faster than the original (will measure this).
00:05:23[IDC]Dragondon't unroll too much, then the setup becomes too dominant.
00:05:51[IDC]DragonWe do short memset's most of the time, 112 byte I guess ;)
00:06:52amiconn|code[IDC]Dragon: The additional setup for the longword -> 2 longword unrolling is exactly 1 "add" instruction (and of course some more byte copying at the beginning/end).
00:07:28[IDC]Dragonthe latter is what I meant
00:08:25amiconn|codeFor large buffers it's now 2.5 times as fast for longword alignment and 13 times as fast for other alignments.
00:08:54amiconn|codeBtw: still smaller than the C routine.
00:09:52[IDC]DragonOK, enough then ;)
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00:10:25amiconn|codeWilll do measure some figures with 112 bytes memset().
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00:21:24track_hi linusN
00:21:44track_LinusN there is an issued for the flashed box if the batteries are 100% flat
00:22:24track_because when you plug the charger in you have to wait before the batteries are charged, and if the batteries are flat there is no power to sustain the jukebox while the charging software sorts itself out.
00:22:52track_I had to remove the batteries and charge them in another charger
00:23:12LinusNtrack_: that shouldn't happen
00:23:18track_well it happened to me
00:23:34LinusNodd, the cpu should be able to run without the batteries
00:23:42LinusNon D/C alone
00:24:01track_well I dunno
00:24:14[IDC]Dragontrack_: do you have an old bootloader?
00:24:17LinusNwe fixed the boot loader for exactly this reason
00:24:23track_what u mean?
00:24:28track_I flashed to version 2.2 today
00:24:32LinusNwhen did you flash for the first time?
00:24:33[IDC]Dragonmeaning, no full reflash this year?
00:24:44track_my archos is running on flashed 2.2
00:24:48LinusNwhen did you flash for the first time?
00:24:54track_dunno, several months ago
00:24:56[IDC]DragonHave you just posted? I answered that.
00:25:03track_no I didnt popst
00:25:21[IDC]DragonStill, read there ;)
00:25:33track_where is the link?
00:25:37[IDC]Dragonsubject ata error -1 or so
00:25:51LinusNone of the last posts in the mailing list archive
00:25:52track_can you provide me with a link please?
00:26:20amiconn|code[IDC]Dragon, LinusN: With 112 bytes my new memset() is still 1.85 times as fast with long aligned and about 8 times as fast otherwise. (Measured in a 100,000-loop, taking null loop timing into account).
00:27:30LinusNi thought long-align would be faster than 1.85x
00:27:43[IDC]Dragonsounds like a step to faster screen updates :)
00:29:35amiconn|codeLinusN: This means my routine is 1.85x faster than the original when both long-aligned. This doesn't mean that my routine doesn't utilize long-align, buther rather the other way round:
00:30:47amiconn|codeThe original routine does _only_ use long-write if the buffer is long-aligned in the first place and uses byte-writes otherwise. Mine uses only byte writes at the beginning/end.
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00:31:11LinusNsounds nice
00:31:48[IDC]Dragonstupid implementation in the first place
00:31:55LinusNif we replace memset() and optimize lcd_bitmap(), we can get a nice LCD performance boost
00:32:08amiconn|codeThe timings for 100,000 passes of 112 bytes each: Original, long-aligned: 3.32s, original, misaligned: 14.19s, new: 1.79s for both.
00:32:47[IDC]Dragonagain, I did optimize lcd_bitmap() to some extent in the past
00:32:56amiconn|codeI expect a similar increase for memcpy() (haven't done it yet).
00:33:35[IDC]Dragonmemcpy by nature does a lot of page breaks
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00:34:07[IDC]Dragonso for that it may be worth lo load and store a bunch of registers
00:34:26amiconn|codeJust had the same idea...
00:34:44LinusNyou mean to optimize for the static column mode?
00:35:17LinusNmaybe the burst mode can help as well?
00:35:24[IDC]DragonLinusN: have you seen my mentioning that I measured the current?
00:35:30LinusNsaw that
00:35:43[IDC]Dragonso we should use that mode
00:37:50[IDC]Dragoncurrent mesurements also indicate there's not terribly much to gain with the CPU sleeping more :(
00:38:05LinusNfigured so
00:39:33[IDC]Dragonmy box measures ~55 mA when idle, 70 when playing video (without backlight)
00:40:00[IDC]Dragondisk powered off, not standby
00:41:43[IDC]Dragonshould make a test plugin that halts it (interrupts disabled, sleep mode), to find the lower boundary
00:42:02amiconn|codeEven my byte write loop is 2.1x as fast aas the original :)
00:44:34[IDC]Dragonwant to see a stupid latest posting:
00:47:06[IDC]DragonDid you know that we're just 2 steps away from having the JBR as a VCR?
00:50:05LinusNsaw that :-)
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01:06:08[IDC]DragonGoodnight folks!
01:06:35 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:07:10track_can't wait for my new PC keyboard to be delivered
01:09:06LinusNah, finally found the dreaded bug that causes all these "dir buffer full" errors for the newbies
01:14:28amiconn|codeLinusN: Did you find something concerning the ata problem already?
01:14:53 Quit edx{code} ()
01:16:36 Nick amiconn|code is now known as amiconn (
01:17:52LinusNthis was a bug in the settings loader
01:18:16LinusNand it only happens to people who install rockbox for the very first time
01:18:32LinusNtalk about a good first impression :-)
01:20:03amiconnFine. A good first impression is always important.
01:21:40amiconnI will stop here now (no coding 'til 5 a.m. today). Will not file a patch for my new memset() yet, want to do it combined with my new memcpy(), which has not been written yet.
01:23:20amiconnNite all!
01:23:45 Part amiconn
01:31:03hardeepLinusN: Was that really the problem? If the rtc isn't valid then we call init_config_buffer() which does the same initialization
01:32:12LinusNyes, but there are occasions when the rtc is valid and the disk sector isn't
01:32:31hardeepah, right, got it
01:37:55LinusNgotta sleep now, cu around
01:38:38 Part LinusN
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03:56:06midknight2k3HA nerds
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07:37:59*scott666 wonders what that noise was
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13:56:10uskihi all
13:59:12c0uttahello there
14:00:12 Part cjnr11
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14:40:54Ka_anyone know is there is documentation for the video player plugin?
14:44:24 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
14:44:42c0uttaKa_, what do you need to know ?
14:44:46c0uttaNeurosupherot, hi
14:44:55Neurosupheroti need help
14:45:30c0uttaask a question!
14:45:35Neurosupheroti begin editing source codes
14:45:50Neurosupherotand how do we change icons?
14:45:55Neurosupherotand bmps?
14:46:09Neurosupherotin the source code, there is 0x45 0x66 etc
14:46:23Neurosupherotbut where can i find a converter
14:47:09c0uttahang on - i'll try and find it
14:51:58Neurosupherotdo you know how delete FOLDERS in the archos, without pc?
14:53:13Ka_I'm getting an error after loading the video plugin. Once I start the plugin I get a box on the screen that reads "Play .rvf File!" and then a box that reads "Plugin returned error" then the plugin exits.
14:53:33c0uttaNeurosupherot, the program is called bmp2rb.exe
14:53:54c0uttait's in your \bin\tools
14:54:24c0uttai have not used it - there are many complaints about this tool
14:54:28Neurosupheroti just need to launch it?
14:54:58Neurosupherotwith the picture in the folder?
14:55:10c0uttayou might need to seek some help from linus
14:55:27c0uttait appears the "bmp2rb filename.bmp" is enough
14:55:52Neurosupherotok thx:D
14:55:53c0uttaKa_, you cannot use the plugin by itself
14:56:06c0uttayou must play an RVF file
14:56:50c0uttathen the plugin loads
14:56:52Ka_c0utta: well i converted a video file to rvf as the faq for it described and copied it to the archos
14:57:11Ka_but it isn't showing up as a supported file format so i can't click play on it
14:57:29Ka_oh wait a minute..
14:57:34Ka_i think i found the issue..
14:57:50c0uttaand you've got supported files set to ???
14:58:52c0uttaUsage: bmp2rb [-i <id>] [-a] <bitmap file>
14:59:01 Quit uski (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:59:07c0utta-i <id> Bitmap name (default is filename without extension)
14:59:16c0utta-a Show ascii picture of bitmap
15:00:55Neurosupherotthx a lot!!
15:00:57Ka_with all of the conversions to the video file to make it an rvf i screwed up the file extension on the last conversion.. i had rfv instead of rvf :)
15:01:17Ka_it was a late night when i did it.. i was tired :)
15:02:34c0uttai've never done an rvf so i'm only able to answer easy questions
15:02:58Ka_i'm still wondering if there is a full document though..
15:03:10Ka_just to make sure i'm not missing anything..
15:03:26Ka_all i found was the video file conversion faq.
15:03:47c0uttathat's all i know too:
15:04:00c0uttaotherwise you'd have to look at the source code
15:04:34 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (~[IDC]
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20:35:59ArticronoHello.. I had a question about the Rockbox firmware?
20:36:50mattzz|busygo ahead
20:36:59 Nick mattzz|busy is now known as mattzz (
20:37:02ArticronoI have this unit:
20:37:08ArticronoAnd I was wondering if it was compatible?
20:37:36ArticronoOh well. Thanks.
20:37:45 Part Articrono
20:38:53mattzzthat guy left too fast
20:39:05 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:39:33 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:40:43Neurosupherotwhat are the new freatures in the 2.2?
20:41:12 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:42:04diddystar5Neurosupherot, lots of things
20:42:46diddystar5some big things are the video player and dynamic playlist viewer
20:42:54diddystar5but there are many new things
20:43:07diddystar5mattzz, good on!
20:43:49mattzzeven better:
20:45:21diddystar5Neurosupherot, you should definitly upgrade to 2.2, i would even just grab the daily build instead
20:46:22 Quit Neurosupherot ()
20:47:19mattzzyou're welcome...
20:47:47diddystar5yea lol
20:48:11diddystar5mattzz, Francois Boucher
20:48:11diddystar5 is that you name?
20:48:39diddystar5huh you need your name added!
20:48:47diddystar5tell Linus or someone about it
20:49:03mattzzit allready has been added
20:49:14diddystar5ohh just not for 2.2...
21:15:07 Join track [0] (
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21:20:53 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
21:21:01diddystar5hi Neurosupherot
21:22:07diddystar5did you get 2.2?
21:22:20Neurosupherotnot yet
21:22:28Neurosupheroti havnt winzip on this pc
21:22:39Neurosupherotthis is not really my pc
21:22:42diddystar5what windows are you on?
21:23:45Neurosupherotbut i am not the admin
21:23:50Neurosupherotthen i cant installl it
21:23:58diddystar5i dont think you have to be admin to run it
21:24:01diddystar5i can test...
21:26:05diddystar5that didn't work
21:26:11diddystar5but winrar did
21:26:25diddystar5you can get winrar here:
21:26:44diddystar5(its' the olde rand free version, but still good)
21:27:06diddystar5just install it where you have permission (like desktop/winrar will work most likly)
21:28:25diddystar5you get it?
21:28:57Neurosupherothave you already used bmp2rb.exe?
21:29:08Neurosupheroti dont know how to use it
21:29:28diddystar5what do you want to do with it?
21:29:42diddystar5just make a output?
21:30:11Neurosupherotconvert bm) files
21:30:23Neurosupherotto 0x32 0x6b etc
21:31:43diddystar5i think it was bmp2rb -i bmpfile > outfile
21:31:56diddystar5or bmp2rb -i bmpfile < outfile
21:32:00diddystar5something like that
21:32:08Neurosupherotyes but it still have errors
21:32:15diddystar5like what?
21:32:20Neurosupherotmy bmp is 2 bits, black and white
21:32:33diddystar5you need to to be monochrome
21:32:39diddystar5(1 bit)
21:32:41Neurosupherotand it tells me that its more than 8 bit, get 256
21:32:54Neurosupherotor 1 buit
21:32:59diddystar5im not really sure about that
21:33:07Neurosupheroti have tried everything
21:33:26Neurosupherotmaybe an too old version
21:33:28diddystar5you can start with the pic in /uisimulator/x11/archos
21:33:42diddystar5and maybe if you start there and save it as monochrome it will work
21:34:37diddystar5I have to go good luck getting it to work
21:34:49Neurosupherotthen i must put the bmp2rb.exe in this folder
21:34:55Neurosupherotthx +
21:35:01diddystar5ok bye
21:35:03 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
21:35:24Neurosupherotze ze edx{off} dwihno q
21:40:07 Quit Neurosupherot ()
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