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#rockbox log for 2004-03-14

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00:08:58elinenbeis anyone here?
00:09:36elinenbeI have got a question −− it seems the latest changes do not show up in the CVS for me? When I pull the CVS from sourceforge, I am unable to pull the changes over the past few days...
00:10:29mattzzhm, I see the changes in CVS here.
00:10:46mattzzthere is a notable time lag for anonymous CVS users.
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00:10:57mattzzbut that's only up to a few hours
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00:45:29ScrubbIn how far, the remote control is compatible with rockbox? Is it fully functionable?
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02:01:19trackHow do you use the metronome during song playback?
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10:37:13midknight2k3i miss matsl
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12:00:14Mine78-Tensorehi guys
12:00:29Mine78-Tensoreis there anyone who can send me a link to the video converter with the audio option ?
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17:03:10alfanumercan someone help me with uninstalling (I tried deleting all the files, even formatting the drive but rockbox is still rockin)
17:03:29mattzzdid you flash it?
17:03:43alfanumerwith the archos rom?
17:04:10mattzzwith the rockbox firmware (when you installed rockbox)
17:04:38mattzzdid you create rom-dumps as described in the manual?
17:05:02alfanumerhmmmm i think i did, but erased them
17:05:15alfanumeram I screwed?
17:05:46mattzznope, guess not.
17:05:52alfanumerthe reason I need to take Rockbox off is i'm sending the player back to Archos for repair and I'm pretty sure rb voids the warranty
17:06:15mattzzDid you find the re-flash instructions already?
17:07:06mattzzwhat model do you have?
17:07:16alfanumerfm recorder
17:07:51mattzzargh, I could have provided you with the romdumps of recorder but not of the fm recorder...
17:09:46alfanumerdoes archos have a flash rom to overwrite rockbox?
17:10:38mattzzuh, I dont know. You should ask Linus or Joerg. Could be dangerous.
17:10:49mattzzDid you check the mailinglist?
17:11:16alfanumera little bit, i'll look further
17:11:23alfanumerhey thanks for your help
17:11:31mattzzyoure welcome
17:11:43mattzzAnd check the manual,
17:11:53mattzzpp 12
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17:35:53deadite66anyone mind if i pimp in here?
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17:44:47 Join silencer [0] (
17:48:25silencerdid anyone had a problem while upgrading to a new version of rockbox ? However clean the file system is, the boot mechanism doesn't load ajbrec.ajz ...
17:52:04mattzzupgrading from 2.1?
17:52:19silenceryep from flash2.1 to "file"2.2
17:52:36mattzzrolo does not work?
17:52:44silencerit does
17:52:49silencerbut after a reboot
17:52:58silencerit's the 2.1 that came back
17:53:25silencerand i must execute rolo to load the 2.2
17:53:46silencer(and of course I loose all my customisations)
17:54:40deadite66have you ran the .ucl from the 2.2 zip file
17:55:37silencermmm well, i must be an idiot ... i'm running it right now
17:56:56silencerthanks, it is ok now... But the rock firm doesn't support boot image loading like the archos one ?
17:57:06silencer(except with rolo?)
17:58:13deadite66correct they didn't think it was nessesary to load a ajbrec.ajz on a flashed archos
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17:59:00silencerthx :)
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18:10:11[IDC]Dragonhmm, alfanumer is gone again
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18:32:13 Join alfanumer [0] (
18:33:45deadite66heh you keep missing each other
18:34:06deadite66<[IDC]Dragon> hmm, alfanumer is gone again
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18:38:10alfanumeri figured it out
18:38:28 Nick mattzz|pizza is now known as mattzz (
18:38:35mattzzalfanumer: got it?
18:39:04alfanumercheck my post
18:40:34mattzzah, I didnt know that joerg has the archos roms on his site
18:41:58alfanumerdoes anyone else have the fm recorder?
18:42:19MTi had the fm recorder
18:42:40alfanumerthe thing is a piece of crap in my opinion
18:43:04alfanumerits been nothing but problems since i bought it
18:43:05MTi really enjoyed having it for about 7 months
18:43:11MTand then it broke
18:43:23MTso i sent it back, but there were no more to be had
18:43:30MTso i just got my money back :/
18:43:49MTand in ~ 10-12 days i will get my replacement
18:44:02alfanumeri'm sending mine back tomorrow for various reasons, they don't have any left?
18:46:52MTmy supplier didnt
18:47:07MTif you bought direct from archos, they will probably have them
18:47:29alfanumerhopefully not, so i can get something else
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19:41:30Quelsarukhave to go!
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20:14:11 Join uski [0] (
20:15:20mattzzis there any stdio/stderr running the rockboxui?
20:15:46mattzzfor printing debug information
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21:24:29 Join uski [0] (
21:31:58diddystar5hey uski
21:32:21uskihi :)
21:33:44 Quit telliott ("ChatZilla 0.9.61dp [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040206]")
21:53:48 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
21:54:09diddystar5yo hardeep
22:07:48mattzzdammit. Mandelbrot calculation time increased to 69sec on AJBR20 ;-/
22:08:09diddystar5mattzz, ???">
22:09:05mattzzchecking out another algorithm...
22:09:36CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 9 hours and 7 minutes at the last flood
22:09:36*mattzz is trying to write the most pointless plugin
22:09:50 Quit uski ("brb")
22:09:55diddystar5Mandelbrot: what exactly does oe do?
22:10:18 Join uski [0] (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:0:2)
22:10:53mattzzit computes a pretty large bunch of complex numbers resulting in a nice picture
22:11:08mattzzcalled fractal image
22:12:45diddystar5like some of the winamp visulations?
22:13:15mattzzdunno winamp
22:14:30diddystar5ahh... linux freak heh
22:14:32diddystar5j/k :)
22:14:39uskimattzz: what thing are you speaking about ?
22:14:40uskifft ?
22:14:50mattzznope, fractals
22:14:54uskiok :)
22:14:55diddystar5those screen shots look cool
22:15:10diddystar5mattzz, can you send me source, i just want to see it :)
22:15:28 Join infinitef [0] (~god@
22:15:42mattzzI saw that on the avOS page, so I thought that should be feasable on AJB as well
22:15:50infinitefis there any software for the mutlitmedia jukebox
22:15:57mattzzdiddystar5: it's in the patch repository
22:16:13infinitefif i just use it for playing mp3s in stead of video?
22:16:40mattzz Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for the Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder and Recorder V2 MP3 players.
22:16:50diddystar5mattzz, ok
22:17:06infinitefu know of any that would work for the multimedia av120 player/
22:17:32 Join AciD` [0] (
22:17:40mattzzinfinitef: nope, wont work due to the different hardware
22:18:35infinitefit is gay, becuase u doesnt have any options to find music
22:19:03infinitefu can just go to the folder.. i got to much music.. heh, i need a arist search ect.. does rockbox have all that?
22:32:06 Quit silencer ("leaving")
22:32:50 Quit uski ("brb")
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23:04:34silencerhow does the queue function work on rockbox ? I have no 'queue' item in the ON+PLAY menu while already playing a file...
23:04:49 Nick uski is now known as uski|afk (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:defa:ced)
23:06:37 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:10:39 Join WeeD0pE [0] (
23:10:56WeeD0pEwhats all about the latest voice-ui ?
23:11:14 Join scunner [0] (~sucnbag@
23:11:15WeeD0pEFirst step of the voice-UI: the menus can talk. You need a "voicefont" file in .rockbox to use this.
23:11:24WeeD0pEwhere do i get voicefont ?
23:11:58silenceri guess it's your job to make it, no ?
23:12:56scunneris there a rom flash for 2.2?
23:14:12 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:14:54 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:15:17silencerWeeD0pE: well, i don't know!
23:18:24scunnerhmmm. i have one v2 unit that "red light's" (quits playing sound, but time keeps counting) on one unit, but not on the other. this ony happens during shuffle. if shuffle is off, no problems. did the boys come up with a patch for this?
23:19:56WeeD0pEanyone got a rvf video with sound for me ?
23:20:01WeeD0pEa link or somethign
23:21:50silencernope, but if you find one, tell me the url :)
23:26:14silencer ?
23:27:55WeeD0pEbut do they have sound ?
23:28:35silencerwe'll see ...
23:28:37 Quit c0utta{zZ} (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:30:18silenceryes !
23:32:41silencerWeeD0pE: really interesting
23:34:22WeeD0pEim downloading now
23:34:45silencerespecially the doom_AV
23:37:49silencerWeeD0pE: do you use the queue function with Rockbox ?
23:38:06 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
23:45:10 Quit scunner ()
23:48:22WeeD0pEfor what ?
23:49:15silencerto queue songs dynamically
23:52:34WeeD0pEi dont use it
23:52:43WeeD0pEive got not reason :)

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