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#rockbox log for 2004-03-16

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01:21:10stevenmAre any developers on ?
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01:54:39hardeepHeya mattzz! That metronome you wrote is very cool (and handy). :)
01:54:51mattzzhardeep: thanx ;-)
01:54:53hardeepstevenm: I'm a developer
01:56:35mattzzhardeep: I am still looking for a nice "tock" sound (in addition to the "tick" that is in place)
01:56:56mattzzhardeep: So that we will have a "tick"-"tock" finally ;-)
01:57:58hardeepheh, well what's there is already good enough for me. :)
02:04:07stevenmHi all
02:04:16stevenmTried the talkbox, very nice
02:04:38stevenmthe reason I'm here- I happen to have an RC8650 voice synthesis board
02:05:07hardeepstevenm: have you tried the new voice ui that [IDC]Dragon implemented? It's very cool
02:05:10stevenmit's got a bunch of voice parameters, and I managed to get it to synthesize a bunch of fun stuff, esp the "zero wing" voice
02:05:33stevenmhardeep, not the new one.. i have the daily build version, not bleeding edge
02:05:46stevenmpoint is.. if you guys need voices, I've got a nice synth here I can use
02:06:30hardeepstevenm: please send a message on the mailing list. I'm sure people will be interested
02:06:59stevenmhardeep, which specific mailing list ?
02:07:50hardeepstevenm: the rockbox development list at
02:08:08stevenmhardeep, thanks
02:08:19stevenmalso, approx. how many distinct voice clips are there
02:09:11mattzzstevenm: > 300, I think
02:09:28mattzzstevenm: check the .lang files, you will find the strings there
02:09:30hardeepstevenm: hmmmm, apps/lang/english.lang has ~350 strings..
02:10:09hardeepalthough not all of those will require voice clips
02:10:19stevenmthis is really cool
02:10:34stevenmwhat other mp3 player speaks its menu? IPOD? :)
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03:00:18hardeepstevenm: i think there's already a patch on the tracker to do this
03:00:33stevenmhardeep, cool
03:01:09hardeepthere's also a patch to search a file which would do the same thing when used in conjunction with the "Create Playlist" functionality
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03:21:00diddystar5hi lunchbox
03:22:26Lunchboxis it not as safe to flash if you have a "_norom" chip
03:22:48diddystar5you meanflash = ?? ??
03:24:58Lunchboxnot exactly
03:25:01Lunchboxits uhh
03:25:32Lunchboxor is that not what you mean
03:26:12diddystar5it may work i dont know
03:26:19diddystar5there is one version that wil work
03:26:22diddystar5you can try it
03:26:36diddystar5it it want flash, then you cant do it :)
03:26:47diddystar5the flashing thing cheaks the flash to see if it can
03:27:07Lunchboxit says it will flash, I just don't wanna kill my box
03:27:20diddystar5i wouldn't worry
03:27:20Lunchboxthat would be bad :-(
03:27:33diddystar5it just seems to be scary, but really isn't
03:28:08diddystar5i have only heard of one case where flashing failed, but i think the guys box was ok
03:29:06LunchboxI have flashed on a V2 and a jukebox, but this is a recorder, and i was reading up and it says that the UART bootmod doesn't work with the _norom variant, so it just scared me a little
03:29:33diddystar5humm your choice! i would do it
03:30:12Lunchboxyeah i just wish there was a safety net that's all
03:30:54Lunchboxaww what the heck
03:30:56Lunchboxhere goes
03:32:04Lunchboxit says it verified
03:33:00LunchboxI'm restarting now
03:33:13Lunchboxdo you have to unplug to restart?
03:33:29LunchboxI'm halfway through recharging :-/
03:35:01Lunchboxsaweet sweet sweet
03:35:10Lunchboxtime to finish charging
03:35:16diddystar5cool :)
03:35:47Lunchboxi read that the new cvs version is faster at booting, is that true?
03:35:58diddystar5i don't really know
03:36:02diddystar5are you on 2.2?
03:36:20diddystar5i would upgrade to a daily, yes
03:36:25diddystar5it is certainly better
03:36:38Lunchboxis today pretty stable?
03:37:00diddystar5should be
03:37:18diddystar5if you mean it want crash on you or nothing
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03:37:42diddystar5but the new voice menu thing may have alittle bug in it or something
03:37:45diddystar5MID! yes
03:38:23diddystar5mid open a dialoug, chat is buged up rig ht now
03:38:50Lunchboxthe voice bug only occurs when using voice right, not just in normal operation?
03:39:29diddystar5im not saying there is but no you shouldn't se anything wrong with normal use
03:39:53Lunchboxcool thanks for the help!
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03:46:40diddystar5well your welcome
03:47:02diddystar5i honestly never used a real version since 1.2 :)
03:47:17diddystar5daily's are always better
03:47:37diddystar5and usually just as stable and less bugy
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03:57:05Lunchboxhey diddystar, back so soon?
03:57:47diddystar5uhh yea
03:58:30Lunchboxbtw, know any good chip8 games?
03:59:00Lunchboxor a web repository other than the one listed in the docs?
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04:36:22EdmarWorkheyas all
04:36:40EdmarWorkis the first time i visit this channel
04:36:53diddystar5hey there
04:37:05EdmarWorkto the rockbox project creators, all i have to say is "FRIGGING IMPRESSIVE"
04:37:53EdmarWorki saw a friend Archos Jukebox running rockbox and i was "WOW"
04:38:02diddystar5cool :)
04:38:07EdmarWorkunfortunately i dont have an Archos :(
04:38:31EdmarWorkactually i just ordered an iRiver iHP-140, 370 dollars thru Slickdeals
04:39:16EdmarWorkso just wanted to beg like there's no tomorrow for Rockbox for iRiver iHP series, plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!! hehehehehe
04:39:40diddystar5sorry, can't happen
04:39:49EdmarWorkreally? why is that?
04:39:58diddystar5totaly differn't hardware
04:40:30EdmarWorki know
04:40:50diddystar5for a few things the screen is going to be totaly differn't, it will have totaly differn't CPU architechture...
04:40:56 Quit Lunchbox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:40:56EdmarWorkbut well, you can always start with another hardware lol
04:41:06diddystar5and the mpeg decoding is a totaly differn't chip
04:41:29diddystar5EdmarWork, with a lot of work it could be done
04:41:38EdmarWorkyea i understand
04:42:06diddystar5well i have to go dude
04:42:08diddystar5see you
04:42:16EdmarWorkwell, i'll keep praying
04:42:22EdmarWorktake care diddy
04:42:34diddystar5ok :)
04:43:04 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
04:43:51EdmarWorki have heard lot of comments from other Archos users that would be willing to switch to an iRIver iHP eyes closed, but only if Rockbox is done for it
04:44:07EdmarWorkand is totally understandable
04:44:22EdmarWorkRockbox plain kicks ass, no question about it
04:45:05EdmarWorkwell, back to work i go, take care all...
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04:52:18gonjahi all... i just got a v2 and flashed it with rockbox.... whenever i plug in the DC charger while its off... the archos won't come on or charge... anyone heard of this type of problem? i reflashed back to the original archos firmware and it still won't boot with DC power... wondering if i fried my archos =(
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08:25:27discordi looked in the FAQ
08:25:48discordcan anyone help me mount the rockbox?
08:26:19discorddo I need to load a module?
08:28:32discordanybody wanna help me?
08:32:39 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:34:28discordfigure it out myself
08:34:36matsldiscord: good!
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09:27:37LinusNhola Bagder_
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09:58:45LinusNBagder: i'm reviewing the newkeys doc
09:59:08Bagderit probably needs some updates to reflect our current reality
09:59:36LinusNi think we should be able to leave the menu with the same key that was used to enter it
10:00:01Bagderthat's probably wise, yes
10:00:16LinusNmaybe add newkeys to cvs?
10:00:37LinusNand call it ui_policy or something?
10:01:41Bagdersounds fair
10:03:57LinusNdocs/UI-POLICY it is
10:08:10LinusNhmmm, policy...
10:08:54LinusNit's a kind of transitional document anyway
10:09:20Bagderor at least we should update it as we move along
10:09:22LinusNi'll call it NEWKEYS, when we're done with the changes the doc will be obsolete anyway
10:10:44LinusNi wonder if we should use "..." or something in nested menus
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10:40:26LinusN|busyc0utta: i looked at your code
10:40:31 Nick LinusN|busy is now known as LinusN (
10:41:39c0uttayou hate it ??
10:41:50*Bagder makes a drumroll
10:42:10LinusNlooks ok, but it still loads the menu dynamically, every time
10:42:24c0uttaat this stage it does. i'm aware of that
10:43:17c0uttawhen it comes time to patch it'll only load once
10:43:58LinusNif the action codes are sequential, there would be no need to search in the actions[] array
10:44:19c0uttagood timing - that's exactly what i'm doing now!
10:44:24LinusNi.e the index is the same as the action code
10:44:57c0uttahas there been a decision about the contents of the f2 menu ?
10:45:09LinusNyou mean the default?
10:45:56c0uttayes - it will dictate which function i do first
10:46:08 Quit AciD` ("Il vaut mieux douter de ses certitudes que d'être sur de ses doutes.")
10:46:22LinusNi haven't really though about that
10:47:25LinusNyou have a run_plugin() action?
10:47:43c0uttanot yet, but that's the next one i'll be doing
10:48:47LinusNi think "Add to favorites" will be popular, for instance
10:48:52c0uttaduring my testing i had plugins loading dynamically
10:49:05c0utta"add to favourites" was one, as well as tetris
10:49:35c0uttajust by editing the f2 file i could load anything
10:50:17c0uttado you still dislike my idea about making f3 configurable ?
10:50:45LinusNthe idea is good, but we see too many practical problems
10:51:17LinusNhowever, if we add a good "revert" option in the f1 menu...
10:51:28c0uttai'll look into it
10:51:49c0uttai am starting to convert all the menus tonight
10:51:51LinusNi'm adding a nice button bar in the menu code btw...
10:52:24LinusNso there will be a slight change in the menu initialization
10:52:34c0uttain menu_init ?
10:53:24c0uttai thought about having a setting in the keypad map file - like an "advanced" mode
10:53:37c0uttathis would allow you to configure anything
10:54:07c0uttayou probably saw in action.c
10:54:08c0uttaif( line[ 0 ] == '#')
10:54:09c0uttaconfigurable = (!strcasecmp(line, "#configure=yes"));
10:54:31LinusNdidn't look that close
10:54:48c0uttathis allows sorting/deleting of menu items
10:54:54c0uttathe main reason for the callback
10:55:50c0utta"anything" means any keypress in any context
10:56:19c0uttacould be tied to an action
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10:57:16LinusNmattzz: hi
10:57:27mattzzgodd morning :)
10:57:36LinusNlove your metronome
10:57:44mattzzthanx ;-)
10:57:56LinusNonw question though: why do you mute it for every keypress?
10:58:13 Join AciD` [0] (
10:58:26LinusNc0utta: i'd stick with the "regular" configurability for now
10:58:52mattzzFirst I recalculated remaining time to next tock. But did not give me a right feeling.
10:59:11LinusNit's very annoying when you alter the volume
10:59:19LinusN"right feeling"?
11:00:20mattzzLinusN: OK, for volume it's worth a look. I will check. "right feeling" means it had a wrong timing.
11:00:35mattzzthe accuracy just was not high enough, maybe
11:00:44LinusNbut wasn't that a bug in the calculation?
11:00:46 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{afk} (
11:01:16mattzzLinusN: maybe it was a bug. Lemme check
11:01:42*mattzz wants sound in the simulator
11:11:01mattzzLinusN: now I remember, why it did not feel right ;-) If the remaining time is recalculated it will lead to a blocking bahaviour, i.e. keys will be polled with every "tock", which is annoying.
11:12:28LinusNwhy would it?
11:13:44mattzzbecause the frequency of "switch (rb->button_get_w_tmo(time_to_next_tock))" would be always 60sec/bpm
11:14:49mattzzCurrently I am polling the buttons only once a period
11:15:21LinusNi thought you used button_get_w_tmo()?
11:15:57LinusNjust reduce the timeout with the time that has passed
11:16:16LinusNsince the last tock
11:16:57LinusNthe current tile is in *rb->current_tick
11:17:14mattzzThis will produce many tocks if the buttons stays pressed
11:17:44Bagdernot if there's time left until next tock
11:18:19*Bagder dives in
11:18:29*mattzz waits for the coffee to blast my tired brain
11:18:50mattzzI will fix it
11:19:36 Quit AciD` ("")
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11:24:59mattzzLinusN: BTW, I reduced calculation time for a mandelbrot-set on AJBR20 to 3,5 seconds
11:26:32mattzzscreenshot is on">
11:27:25LinusNyou should add grayscales :-)
11:27:28Bagderno greyscales?
11:27:31*Bagder laughs
11:28:17mattzznot yet - I was thinking about that already. Will have to talk to Joerg.
11:28:41 Join AciD` [0] (
11:29:14LinusNwe won't accept the patch until then :-)
11:29:41mattzznow I actually _do_ feel some kind of pressure ;-)
11:31:51Bagdercan we get sound too? ;-P
11:32:41mattzzAny sound you like. Just play a mp3 file and enter the plugin..... whew, that was a close one :)
11:34:05Bagderoh right, I forgot, its an mp3 player!
11:35:40mattzzIt's damn cool that the archos guys put a MAS somewhere on the PCB, isn't it?
11:39:36Bagdermust've been one of those last-minute changes
11:40:02Bagderfood time!
11:40:12mattzzdefinitively food time!
11:52:40 Nick c0utta{afk} is now known as c0utta (
12:18:40c0uttaok - plugins are done
12:22:30 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|busy (
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13:13:47 Nick uski|afk is now known as uski (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:defa:ced)
13:19:46c0uttalinus, i've submitted a patch to allow a parameter to be passed to favorites.rock designating an alternative file name
13:20:44c0uttahey, you're busy!
13:21:12c0uttasimple patch, but allows flexibility
13:21:21LinusN|busygood for "mark-for-deletion"
13:22:08c0uttastandard functionality is still there if you don't pass a parameter
13:23:47LinusN|busylooks good
13:23:48c0uttagotta go - i'll check the patch tracker tomorrow :)
13:24:07 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zzZZ} (
13:26:26 Nick LinusN|busy is now known as LinusN (
13:39:44 Quit silencer ("leaving")
13:43:59mattzzLinusN: Which timer IRQ is free for usage?
13:44:23mattzzLinusN: Any starting point where I should look in the SH-1 manual?
13:44:37LinusNmattzz: what is your goal?
13:44:54LinusNtimer 2,3,4 should be free, iirc
13:45:49mattzzI fixed the metronome. But I noticed that "ticks" give me a very bad granularity. I.e. 199 bpm and 120 bpm result in the same number of ticks.
13:46:39mattzzSo I want to trigger the sound in the irq-handler of a timer interrupt
13:46:40LinusN100 ticks per second
13:47:06LinusNshould be enough
13:48:09Bagder6000/120 and 6000/119 both are 50
13:48:38mattzzright. and when it comes to higher bpm rates it's getting worse
13:48:44Bagder50.0 and 50.42 to be exact
13:49:23mattzz194bpm up to 200 bpm result in 30 ticks
13:50:44mattzzI will have a look into video.c and the manual to figure out how to set up a timer for this.
13:51:45mattzzmaybe we should provide an API function for timer-irqs, or is there already something in place?
13:52:20Bagdera function or two would be nice
13:52:41LinusNbut is it really an irq that you want?
13:53:12mattzzI want better timing granularity
13:53:36LinusNso perhaps a timed callback would be enough?
13:53:43LinusNusing a hires timer
13:54:09mattzzyup, I just don't know what the SH-1 or the rockbox OS do offer
13:54:51LinusNwe don't offer anything like that today, maybe tomorrow :-)
13:55:31mattzzI understand a timer IRQ to be something like a timed callback
13:55:41LinusNeven simpler, how about a function that can send a message after a specified time?
13:56:53mattzzwhat do you mean by "sending a message"?
13:57:05*mattzz is not too deep into rockbox OS yet
13:57:06LinusNto the button queue
13:57:55mattzzI like the idea of a rough, independent running timer better
13:57:56LinusNmsg_send_delayed(&button_queue, msg_id, time_in_ms);
13:58:13LinusNan independent timer whioch you would poll?
13:58:52mattzzno, an OS independent timer that has an IRQ-handler routine
13:59:05mattzz(meaning a hardware timer)
13:59:17LinusNredirecting an IRQ vector to a plugin is not feasible
13:59:35mattzzvideo.c does it as I understood that
14:00:44LinusNi know, but i'm not too happy about that
14:01:50LinusNthe plugins are not supposed to "bang on the hardware" directly
14:02:06LinusNbut unfortunately some of them do
14:08:40 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
14:09:25LinusNi'd rather have a more hw independent API
14:10:47mattzzsome hires timed thing would be nice
14:11:07mattzzhw independent sounds right
14:11:44LinusNyeah, we just have to figure out a good way of doing it
14:11:57LinusNa delayed message in the queue
14:12:00LinusNor a callback
14:13:47mattzza timed callback sounds nice to me as I am not familiar with your message queue concepts.
14:14:09LinusNwell you are using it with button_get()
14:14:26LinusNwhat would happen is that you get a new message to switch on
14:15:06LinusNlike "case SYS_TIMEOUT" or something
14:16:08LinusNbutton_get() uses a message queue
14:17:15mattzzIs the queue management running on tick-basis?
14:20:23Bagderperhaps we could just provide a usleep() that hides all the timer interrupt logic
14:21:06LinusNsleep is not nice at all in the metronome plugin
14:21:19LinusNthen it can't respond to button events
14:21:51Bagderit's just a very simple api
14:24:27mattzzIs there any timing jitter possible in delayed messages?
14:25:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:25:24LinusNyes, the scheduler takes time, of course
14:26:11mattzzI was just wondering if video.c could live with something like that, too.
14:27:09LinusNnot sure
14:27:40LinusNin the video case, a callback in irq context is probably the best
14:28:00LinusNbut the latency should be quite low
14:28:14LinusNall other threads should be sleeping
14:29:41LinusNso it should be a matter of microseconds
14:30:09mattzzok, that's neglectable
14:30:39LinusNi guess you can live with up to a millisecond as well?
14:30:50mattzzmsg_send_delayed(&queue, msg_id, time_in_ms); sounds most reasonable then
14:31:20LinusNit would be even better if we could set up a repeated msg_send
14:31:35LinusNthen the timing would not drift
14:32:48mattzzcould be a boolean parameter whether to repeat this msg or not
14:35:35LinusNi'll work on that soonish
14:35:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:35:44mattzznice - thanks!
14:36:41mattzzmeanwhile I will put a patch for the metronome in the tracker.
15:01:25 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:04:53 Join deadite66 [0] (
15:18:13 Nick AciD` is now known as AciD\aw (
15:43:43 Join quelsaruk [0] (dgrg@
15:43:53quelsarukgood afternoon
15:45:11 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:46:38 Quit deadite66 (
15:46:38 Quit LinusN (
15:46:38 Quit webmind (
15:46:38 Quit Hadaka (
15:47:57 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
15:48:16NJoindeadite66 [0] (
15:48:16NJoinLinusN [200] (
15:48:16NJoinHadaka [0] (
15:48:16NJoinwebmind [0] (
15:48:19 Part LinusN
15:55:12 Join scunner [0] (
15:56:28quelsarukBagder, do you know if [idc]-dragon is coming here today?
15:56:38Bagderno idea
15:56:53scunnerwhat's this "voicefont" cvs i been reading about. you need cvs knowhow to run it? programmers knowhow? confused.
15:57:15Bagderyou need a very recent daily build
15:57:39scunneris that implemented on the recent build then?
15:57:46quelsarukscunner, you have to download that voicefont file from [idc]-dragon website, afaik
15:58:10scunneris that the executable file?
15:58:29Bagderno, that's the voice file only
15:58:41Bagderthe voice code is in the daily build
15:59:11scunner??what's it called?
15:59:49quelsarukscunner, the code? is already implemented in rockbox (is that the question??)
16:00:26scunneryes. but i still need the font file right?
16:00:49quelsarukyou need a recent build to have the code
16:00:51scunnerokeedokee. thanks.
16:01:00quelsarukand the voicefont so your box can speak
16:01:36scunneri just slam the font into .rockbox?
16:02:00Bagderyes, for now
16:02:15scunnerokay. thanks again.
16:02:28 Join methangas [0] (
16:14:13 Join silencer_ [0] (
16:15:28 Quit silencer_ (Client Quit)
16:15:52 Quit scunner (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:16:21 Join silencer [0] (
16:20:23 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
16:32:18quelsarukhi hardeep
16:35:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:42:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:42:27 Quit AciD\aw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:45 Join AciD\aw [0] (
16:43:09 Join scunner [0] (
16:45:04scunneri guess i'm still confused. there's a voicefont (no extension) voicefont.exe and voicefont.cpp in the download section. do they all get moved to the .rockbox folder?
16:45:59 Join LinusN [200] (
16:46:01Bagderonly the no-extension file
16:46:13 Part LinusN
16:46:34scunnerthat gets saved as a txt. do i have to change the extension?
16:46:43silencerdoes the voicefont works ?
16:46:53Bagderscunner: don't save it as "txt"
16:47:01Bagdersilencer: yes, in recent code
16:47:12silencerrecent meand today ?
16:47:20Bagderyes, afaik
16:47:28Bagderor possibly bleeding edge
16:48:09scunnerno, it does not. i must be doing something wrong.
16:48:29scunnerit save ti as a txt by default.
16:48:31Bagdermultiple persons already said it works
16:48:42Bagderscunner: "it" being a stupid browser
16:49:00quelsarukBagder, bleeding edge and today's daily build (as it was commited yesterday) ;)
16:49:08Bagderok, thanks
16:49:35scunnerdit doesn't go into a sub dir in .rockbox does it?
16:49:48quelsarukfirst time i'm useful to the mighty and great Bagder!!!
16:49:56Bagderscunner: it will
16:50:04Bagderscunner: and it'll get an extension too
16:50:04quelsarukscunner, right now in .rockbox
16:51:41scunneri'll try some things. be right back. thanks
16:51:46 Quit scunner ()
16:54:21silencerfunny this voicefont !
16:55:06silencerno customusation is yet possible, isnt it ?
16:55:45quelsaruki think the .exe file is for that, but not sure
16:56:00silencerwell, i mean un the internal menus
16:56:17quelsaruknot yet
16:56:26silencerok !
16:56:27 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
16:56:29quelsarukthat's a first release
16:56:55silenceri see
16:57:02deadite66it's funny the way it says ploogins rather than plug ins
16:57:47silenceris not anything said before the 'ploogins' ?
16:57:49quelsarukdeadite66 did you try virtualdubmod to create a rvf??
16:59:14deadite66audio streams menu is a bit different in the mod version
17:00:06 Join cjnr11 [0] (
17:01:46deadite66silencer it says "browse ploogins"
17:01:57quelsaruki don't care that.. my problem is that i always get a "unable to find frame in AVI file" when using avitoyuv on the modiffied file using virtualdubmod
17:02:29silencerdeadite66: right :)
17:02:40deadite66are you saving as uncompressed avi
17:02:42 Part cjnr11
17:05:02quelsarukyes, uncompressed avi and using the resize filter to create a 112x64 fiel
17:05:57deadite66hmm, dunno just tried it worked fine for me
17:08:52quelsaruki liked the software, and was using it for the rfv HOWTO, but... just if i can make a rvf ;)
17:12:44 Quit MT ("changing servers")
17:13:22 Join MT [0] (mt@
17:29:36 Quit AciD\aw (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:52 Part Bagder
17:34:10 Join X0ner8 [0] (
17:35:34X0ner8I've got a sound level question...rockbox vs. Archos software...anyone care to comment?
17:37:27quelsaruki'll answer if i know how to ;)
17:37:53X0ner8I've jsut installed rockbox, and it sounds to me like to volume levels are radically reduced compared to the 'stock' config
17:38:46quelsaruknot really, the difference is that archos uses just some sound range, while rockbox uses a more wide range
17:39:10quelsarukthat is.. a 70% in rockbox may be like a 20% in archos, while the 100% in both is the same
17:40:03quelsarukat least, that is what I understood ;)
17:40:39X0ner8That example corresponds well to what I thought I was hearing...thanks for the insight
17:41:38quelsarukanother thing that comes to my mind
17:42:30quelsaruki read once that with volumes 90% and higher, you don't get good sound quality
17:42:40quelsaruki don't know how to explain in english.. sorry
17:42:50quelsaruki hope you get the idea
17:44:31X0ner8Generally, I do not have the volume up very much, and the quality is excellent
17:44:50quelsaruki usually have a 70%
17:45:27X0ner8However, in particular when flying, I run the level up, but then there's enough background noise that I can't evaluate quality
17:46:12X0ner8Right now I have ~65%, and I seem to think that corresponds to ~20% in the Archos software
17:46:35quelsarukyou should read the manual, as there are some interesting things, like customizing the "while playing screen", or creating config files... apart from all key combos and so on :)
17:47:32X0ner8Done...just wish I could flash rockbox...need a hardware mod that I am not sure I want to take on...
17:48:04quelsarukyou don't need anything
17:48:17X0ner8What do you mean?
17:48:24quelsarukexcept your box doesn't have a flashable rom :)
17:49:04X0ner8yes...I could replace the rom, but I'm not sure I want to take the chance of blowing it.
17:49:06quelsaruki mean, for a normal box, you just have to use a special rockbox version to flash rockbox
17:49:49quelsarukso i suppose you took a look in debug−−>hardware and your box is not flashable :(
17:50:58X0ner8Oh well, maybe I'll try to find a new one, and then dump the one i have,,,
17:51:41X0ner8sucker born every minute...
17:55:26X0ner8I did not see a very complete description of the audio level differences in the manual...perhaps this would be a good addition for a future version
17:59:17quelsarukor in the FAQ
17:59:22quelsarukmaybe it's there
17:59:25quelsaruki don't know
17:59:29quelsaruki'll check
17:59:32quelsarukhave to go
17:59:39 Part quelsaruk
17:59:44X0ner8I looked, but did not see it
18:13:53 Join quelsaruk [0] (~sdfsaf@
18:14:19 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
18:15:44 Join AlexF [0] (
18:15:57 Quit AlexF (Client Quit)
18:16:05 Join AlexF [0] (
18:16:27AlexFIs Linus in?
18:17:26quelsarukdon't think so
18:17:33quelsarukwas here before
18:32:53 Join scunner [0] (
18:33:56scunneryeah, my beowser keeps saving the voicefont file as a text file. is this suppose to be?
18:35:36AlexFon which site?
18:35:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:36:15quelsarukscunner, using ie?
18:36:43scunnerwin xp
18:37:18quelsaruktry saying "save as" and in the dialog window, in the "extenison" choose "all file formats" (or something like that) as you have by default .txt file extension
18:39:04 Join cjnr11 [0] (
18:39:08 Part cjnr11
18:40:07scunnerit's telling me it's saving voicefont.txt even though i chose "all files". waiting for completion.
18:44:26scunneryeah, still a text file. huh.
18:44:27quelsarukchoose "all files" and check if the name includes the .txt extension, if so, remove the extension.
18:44:48quelsaruktry just removing the extension, it may work ;)
18:45:17quelsarukelinenbe, rockbox??
18:45:28quelsarukbut not real rockbox rockbox ;)
18:45:38scunnerthere is no extension. there must be a way to change it.
18:46:26quelsaruki had the same problem (using ie too), but just changing the extension to all files and checking that the file did not have a .txt extension in the end...
18:46:33quelsarukand worked
18:47:17deadite66use a proper browser
18:47:42quelsarukcvs is so slow...
18:47:45scunneri'll try that. thanks.
18:48:05quelsaruk30 minutes to get the website :(
18:48:42 Quit scunner ()
18:48:59 Quit X0ner8 ("Leaving")
18:57:20 Part quelsaruk
18:57:34 Join scunner [0] (
18:58:15scunnergot it! changed settign in folder options."hide file types" pretty cool!
18:58:33 Quit hardeep ("[BX] We drink more beers than Norm on Cheers!")
19:01:12 Quit scunner (Client Quit)
19:06:02 Quit deadite66 ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
19:09:31 Join notport19 [0] (
19:14:15 Quit mattzz|away ("Client exiting")
19:17:16 Quit notport19 ("Leaving")
19:26:26 Join amiconn [0] (
19:29:49 Join AciD\aw [0] (
19:30:38 Nick AciD\aw is now known as AciD` (
19:33:28 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|code (
20:06:10 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
20:20:14 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:20:32Neurosupherotanybody has aldready used bmp2eb.exe?
20:21:18 Quit AlexF (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:29 Quit Neurosupherot (Client Quit)
20:35:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:07:37 Join LinusN [200] (
21:08:05amiconn|codeHi LinusN!
21:10:28 Join jorbond [0] (
21:13:13jorbondanyone want to try and help me fix a player problem
21:14:10LinusNwhat is the problem?
21:14:14LinusNamiconn|code: yo
21:15:30jorbondwell it will not boot up right
21:15:42LinusNany error message?
21:15:45jorbondi have to use on and play to even get it to try and boot
21:15:56jorbondif i use just on the red light will flash
21:16:32LinusNare your batteries ok?
21:16:40LinusNhave you tried with another set?
21:17:02jorbondthey should be since once i do get it to boot it showsa them as full
21:17:30LinusNthey can still be bad
21:17:52LinusNbooting problems usually have something to do with batteries
21:17:59jorbondwhen i turn it on most of the time just the backlight comes on and it freezes there
21:18:09LinusNeither one or more bad cells, or broken battery contacts
21:18:12jorbondbut it will boot up sometimes and once it does the batteries will last like normal
21:18:37LinusNdoes it help to squeeze the bumpers?
21:18:53LinusNpushing the batteries together
21:19:14LinusNis it different when the charger is inserted?
21:19:31jorbondwhen i plug in the charger it will just turn on the green liught and the backlight
21:19:42jorbondit doesnt show the charging screen
21:21:13jorbondand fdisk showed zero hdd problems
21:22:06LinusNodd problem
21:22:25jorbondi have tried removing rockbox but it still does it
21:22:41LinusNyeah, it sure sounds like a hardware problem
21:23:15jorbondit dounds like something is loose but i am afraid to open it up and look at look inside as i dont want to break it more is
21:26:00 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:27:03 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
21:28:08 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
21:28:14 Join edx{code} [0] (
21:29:48LinusNjorbond: you should probably let someone open up the box and find out what's wrong, preferrably someone with soldering skills
21:30:26jorbondis the player hard to disassemble?
21:30:31jorbondi know how to solder
21:32:43 Nick amiconn|code is now known as amiconn (
21:32:54amiconnhi [IDC]Dragon!
21:33:45[IDC]Dragonhi guys
21:34:16amiconnHi Jörg! Already discovered my memset/memcpy patch?
21:35:28jorbondi really hate archos lol, i should paid 100 more dollars and got an ipod
21:35:49[IDC]DragonNo, sorry. I looked yesterday for it last time.
21:36:01[IDC]Dragon(I think)
21:36:19LinusNjorbond: don't swear in the house of God :-)
21:36:51jorbondhehe my bad
21:37:44amiconnDid post it this morning. Have just prepared an optimized memcmp() as a complement. Will file another patch for this.
21:38:23amiconnBtw.: All three functions are tested for correctness with a test plugin.
21:38:36[IDC]DragonWe couln't hold you back?
21:39:10[IDC]DragonWell, memcmp is barely used at all
21:39:47amiconnI know, but it was relatively easy (memcmp itself took me less than an hour).
21:40:56[IDC]DragonLinusN, do you read?
21:41:29amiconnPerhaps it will be used a bit more in the future. For use in plugins it must of course be exposed to the plugin api at first (did this for my tests).
21:41:56[IDC]Dragonyes, a bunch of string functions are missing there.
21:43:02 Part LinusN
21:43:07amiconnPerhaps I can speed up bitswap (again).
21:43:54 Join LinusN [200] (
21:45:09[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you can?
21:46:01 Quit jorbond ("Leaving")
21:46:42 Join scott666 [0] (
21:46:43amiconnDon't know yet if it is possible, just have some ideas. Would be a bit larger, unfortunately :(
21:47:07[IDC]Dragonmore unrolling, or what?
21:47:30[IDC]Dragonlet me guess: a 64 kB lookup table?
21:48:34amiconnMore unrolling: yes (to longword). Additionally I'm thinking of a method to get rid of extu.b's (at least some of them).
21:49:00amiconn64k LUT: sure no! This wouldn't fit into IRAM ;-)
21:52:14amiconnSorry, have to reboot (this %&$§ Windows doesn't want me to rename a file).
21:52:18 Part amiconn
21:55:53 Join amiconn [0] (
22:01:56 Quit methangas (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
22:02:19 Join track [0] (
22:02:26trackhiya boys ;-)
22:06:35 Nick c0utta{zzZZ} is now known as c0utta (
22:07:00 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{work} (
22:19:19amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Patch for memcmp() filed. Sorry that it is tripled, the sourceforge server was so sloooooow that I thought it didn't accept it.
22:19:39 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:19:49[IDC]Dragonthank you!
22:22:53[IDC]DragonI'm a bit busy coding/scripting right now
22:27:10amiconnLet _me_ guess: the talking UI? Excellent work, already tested it. Code size didn't increase much!
22:29:34 Join track [0] (
22:29:43[IDC]Dragonyes, thanks.
22:30:08[IDC]DragonI wrote an algorithm to put numbers into words
22:30:21[IDC]DragonNow I'm preparing for that
22:32:51track hiya
22:33:08 Join john_in_berkeley [0] (
22:33:17amiconnHi track
22:34:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I did think about the talking UI also. Sure this is a good idea, and the approach we have now works well. But one idea keeps me thinking about.
22:35:21[IDC]Dragonwhich is?
22:35:31elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: nice work on the talking patch!
22:35:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:09john_in_berkeleyanyone know of an adaptor for a JB Recorder that can transfer data directly from an SD card via USB?
22:36:16amiconnCurrently you use a pre-encoded set of speech. I think that speech synthesis should be possible on our hardware. Why I think so? -
22:36:19[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: Thanks. It's not "the" patch, it's a new thing. Talkboy will come later, too.
22:36:41[IDC]DragonTalkbox, I mean.
22:37:23amiconnjohn_in_berkeley: This cannot work at all: The JBR is an USB slave only and will never be a master.
22:38:11trackyea Archos violated the USB standard by puting a type A socket on the Jukebox
22:38:38trackwhy they did that is beyond us
22:38:49trackyou try buying a generic A-A USB cable
22:38:49amiconn[IDC]Dragon: (1) I have speech synthesis on my amiga. This was also possible with a stock amiga 500/2000, which has a 7 MHz CPU.
22:39:16john_in_berkeleyThx, Dragon - i was looking for a way to cache digital images while on the road...
22:39:28john_in_berkeleyoops, amiconn!
22:40:46amiconn(2) The code size required to do this is not very large: the "translator.library" which does the translation from english to phonemes is ~10 KB, the "narrator.device" which does the actual speech synthesis is ~64 KB.
22:41:37[IDC]Dragonthis is huge
22:41:47[IDC]Dragonlike half of Rockbox
22:42:40amiconnHm, more like a third. Furthermore it is much smaller than a voice font file.
22:43:11[IDC]Dragonwe can't make Rockbox that big.
22:43:45[IDC]DragonThere is a hard limit of 200kB for the .ajz, else it will not get loaded.
22:44:00amiconnOf course this would require another mechanism of dynamically loadable extensions (200 KB limit, I know)
22:44:05[IDC]DragonPlus, we take away the mp3 buffer when growing so much.
22:44:30amiconn(3) Of course, we don't have direct access to the DAC, but I think we don't need this anyway: If I'm correct, speech synthesis consists of 3 basic steps.
22:44:40[IDC]DragonYes, you need to swap out at least the data.
22:45:39amiconnStep 1: convert the text to phonemes. Step 2: Calculate frequence coefficients for each phoneme. Step 3: Do a fourier transform to get the actual playable audio data.
22:47:37amiconnSince we have frequency coefficients in step (2) and mp2/mp3 consists of frequency coefficients, it might be possible to take the coefficients, do some huffman compression and get playable mp2.
22:47:58amiconnThis way, step 3 will be done by the MAS.
22:49:06[IDC]DragonOK, you do that, I carry on with my voicefonts... ;-)
22:49:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Can we use the plugin space from the main firmware?
22:49:34LinusN[IDC]Dragon: any idea why the voice playback sometimes doesn't start from the beginning?
22:50:07[IDC]DragonSeriously, there was a lot of thinking in the group since a long time, but all that fancy stuff is pie in the sky.
22:50:19[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes
22:50:24[IDC]DragonHi LinusN!
22:50:44[IDC]DragonLinusN: I was about to ask that to you...
22:51:08[IDC]DragonI think it's because the old clip was interrupted by a new one
22:51:21[IDC]Dragonso the MAS does not see complete frames
22:51:29[IDC]Dragonand need te re-sync
22:51:46[IDC]DragonIs that possible?
22:51:48LinusNdid you compress with the bit reservoir disabled?
22:51:58[IDC]Dragonguess not
22:52:08LinusNyou should, to minimize that problem
22:52:26[IDC]DragonHmm, I really need to squeeze here
22:52:43[IDC]DragonSo I don't want to waste space/quality on this
22:52:53LinusNstill, i don't think it's a reservoir problem
22:53:23[IDC]DragonI could place some empty VBR frames ahead of the clips
22:53:47LinusNhow long are your clips?
22:53:57[IDC]Dragonin bytes?
22:54:05 Quit john_in_berkeley ("Leaving")
22:54:51[IDC]Dragon4.7 kB average
23:00:30amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Perhaps it is beacause you call your talk_id() function nonblocking. So if this is called a second time while the first clip is still playing, the old data gets replaced by the new, but the playback isn't restarted from the beginning.
23:01:08[IDC]Dragonthat's about what I told Linus
23:01:46[IDC]Dragondata doesn't get replaced, but concatenated at a random point
23:02:34[IDC]Dragoncan very likely be fixed, but is not my primary concern right now
23:03:08[IDC]DragonFirst, I need a queue of samples, so I can schedule more than one clip.
23:03:09 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:04:03[IDC]DragonIf I hafe that, I can "preload" a new clip after interrupting a running one with a "sync block".
23:04:08elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I know it
23:04:18elinenbe's not a patch −− but what is talkboy?
23:04:37elinenbeoh −− I see...
23:04:44LinusNa boy that talks a lot?
23:04:47[IDC]Dragonx and y are close
23:04:48elinenbesorry, I can't type (or read) right now!
23:07:10elinenbeamiconn: if you get voice synthesis working that would be incredible. Good luck!
23:08:25 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
23:09:09amiconnelinenbe: I really want to try it; unfortunately there are no public sources of the amiga speech synthesis :( So I have to use other sources, or the pure theory. Quite a lot of work..
23:09:20elinenbeamiconn: understandable.
23:09:52elinenbeamiconn: nice work on the assembler routines... are you thinking about tackling anything else?
23:10:40 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:11:01amiconnelinenbe, [IDC]Dragon: The amiga speech doesn't sound that bad, hmm.. a bit like the microsoft voice used for the current voice font.
23:11:40amiconnelinenbe: I have a minesweeper game in mind, after I tackled the time critical things a bit more.
23:11:43[IDC]Dragonthe current one is not MS, that was TextAloud.
23:12:21[IDC]Dragonminesweeper? I thought a voice synthesis in the mp3 compressed domain?
23:13:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: This is will take a bit longer, however it is a really interesting project. I could learn a lot about speech synthesis...
23:14:16elinenbeI would like to see a grayscale game −− if that is even possible with the current method....
23:14:41[IDC]Dragonit is, if you doit clever
23:15:21[IDC]Dragonworking on a few planes at the same time
23:19:11elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: it would be great to see some demo code that did sprites like that! :D
23:19:15 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
23:22:53 Join track [0] (
23:27:38 Join elah [0] (~jirc@
23:27:40 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:34:13LinusNamiconn: one patch is enough!!!
23:38:42 Quit c0utta{work} (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:39:06 Join c0utta{work} [0] (
23:43:54amiconnLinusN: I know; the sourceforge server was so slooow that I thought it didn't accept my post. Sorry for the inconvenience :(
23:46:49 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")

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