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#rockbox log for 2004-03-17

00:05:29 Join mattzz [0] (
00:05:43mattzzhiya folx
00:07:13[IDC]Dragonhi there!
00:07:48[IDC]DragonLinusN: I want to introduce a couple of LANG_ IDs which have no string content
00:08:21[IDC]Dragonjust for having voice clips associated
00:08:40[IDC]Dragonmakes it very elegant here
00:09:09[IDC]Dragondrawback it that even empty strings take some space
00:10:09LinusN4 bytes?
00:10:22[IDC]Dragonprobably, yes
00:10:33[IDC]Dragonfor the pointer
00:10:46[IDC]Dragonit's an array of pointers, after all
00:11:21[IDC]DragonI hope the compiler is clever enough to map all the '\0' to the same
00:11:24 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
00:12:53[IDC]DragonI have 46 of those empty strings
00:12:56 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
00:13:15midknight2k3hi ppl
00:13:17midknight2k3woo packed in here
00:13:25 Quit edx{code} ()
00:13:57LinusN[IDC]Dragon: i see indications of problems with the ata reset fix
00:14:20[IDC]Dragonflash start?
00:14:53midknight2k3Boot ROM: none is still OK to flash right?
00:15:08LinusNpeople have flashed the latest daily and rockbox hung during boot
00:15:17LinusNand 2.2 worked fine
00:15:34[IDC]Dragonslave drive?
00:15:56 Quit AciD` ("")
00:18:01[IDC]Dragonwhat a pity to roll this back
00:18:11 Join krackerjack22 [0] (
00:18:31[IDC]Dragonevery time we make something twice as fast, there's some disk which doesn't like it
00:18:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: ;)
00:19:18LinusNi'm still not convinced that the disk corruption is directly related to the read optimizations
00:19:28midknight2k3*refrains from flashing current rockbox*
00:19:36[IDC]Dragonnobody is
00:19:38LinusNamiconn's tests show that the read data is intact
00:19:43midknight2k3Why don't we have an option to "ROLO on boot"?
00:19:45[IDC]Dragonmidknight2k3: don't worry
00:19:58midknight2k3idc: joking
00:20:06[IDC]DragonLinusN: I know
00:20:58[IDC]DragonGood thing Björn took the ata startup change out of 2.2
00:21:31 Join AciD` [0] (
00:23:11midknight2k3anybody with a jbr15 here?
00:24:06midknight2k3idc: does the hard drive make a clicking sound when accessing? like a bit louder than an FM one or a JBR20 one?
00:24:25[IDC]Dragonit's pretty noisy, yes.
00:24:46[IDC]DragonMy JBR60 is much more quiet.
00:25:39midknight2k3then it's normal
00:31:25krackerjack22I have a couple of questions for problems on my jb60000, can someone chat with me?
00:31:49midknight2k3go linus! :D
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00:35:56 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
00:36:14 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
00:43:28[IDC]DragonLinusN: is there a lame oftion to force independent frames (no bit reservoir)?
00:44:02 Join scott666 [0] (
00:44:06[IDC]Dragon−−nores, found
00:50:21 Quit AciD` ("")
00:50:35midknight2k3idc: just an idea for "talkbox"
00:50:41midknight2k3just an idea
00:51:02midknight2k3actually, nm
00:51:18midknight2k3it was basically to put mp3s for each folder name in a folder and load from there
00:51:25midknight2k3but nm
00:54:19 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:56:59 Join track [0] (
00:57:06trackhi boys
00:57:17LinusNmidknight2k3: you just decribed talkbox
00:57:27tracki got my new keyboard 2day
00:57:29midknight2k3linuxn: i meant for hovering over a dirname
00:57:34midknight2k3track: cool :)
00:57:35trackvery pretty blue colour in the dark
00:58:20midknight2k3LinusN: i thought both that and the fact that you'd have to access the folder eveyr time you hovered over something new... so I say nm
00:58:24trackI saw the new "labels" for the Fx buttuns today
00:58:32tracklike in the archos firmware
00:58:37midknight2k3very nice work
00:58:37BoD[]hey question :
00:58:47midknight2k3hey bod! yay
00:58:48BoD[]how do I show file extensions ?
00:58:49midknight2k3it's bod
00:58:51BoD[]ahah :)
00:58:53BoD[]yeah it's me
00:58:54trackthere should be an option to turn the buttonbar off and on
00:58:57BoD[]not dead (yet)
00:58:58midknight2k3view: all files
00:59:02midknight2k3lol bod
00:59:57tracklinusN is there an option to turn the buttonbar of and on?
01:00:03LinusNtrack: menu->general settings->display->status/scrollbar->button bar
01:00:38midknight2k3Bod: btw that's general settings - file view - show files - all
01:00:41trackthanks linusN
01:00:45LinusNyou're welcome
01:00:48BoD[]mid : thankx :)
01:01:22BoD[]i just thought that ... changing the types of files to filter didn't change wether you hide the extensions or not
01:01:33BoD[](hint : this is confusing) ;))
01:01:42midknight2k3i had an idea for that
01:01:45midknight2k3to show extensions
01:01:48midknight2k3Zagor quashed it
01:02:02midknight2k3"if you choose a different filter it will hide or show them"
01:02:20tracknice orange drink
01:02:32midknight2k3zagor is nice and orange?
01:02:48trackno, mikeholden is
01:03:49trackLinusN Since the Atadore font is the most liked, why not make it the sysfont?
01:04:07LinusNdid a surve, did you?
01:04:18midknight2k3LinusN: talking to me?
01:04:21trackwell everyone i have spoken to seems to like it
01:04:23trackthe atadore font
01:04:34LinusNatadore is proportional, the sysfont isn't
01:04:37BoD[]it's a bit "big" :)
01:04:45trackits just a bold version of the sisfont
01:04:52LinusNno it's not
01:04:54midknight2k3i think he means that the sysfont is proportional, atadore not?
01:04:55trackI wonder who came up with the name Atadore
01:05:09midknight2k3hmm maybe whoever made it
01:05:12LinusNatadore is proportional for what i know
01:05:17midknight2k3i don't think so
01:05:19LinusNand the sysfont is not
01:05:39trackI asked I wonder who decided to call that font Atadore
01:05:40BoD[]atadore ?
01:05:47BoD[]ata is for Atari i guess
01:05:51BoD[]but dore ?
01:05:58LinusNit's an atari font iirc
01:06:19BoD[]it's a pun
01:06:27midknight2k3i get it
01:06:32midknight2k3i mean oooh*
01:06:36trackIs there a way to enable disk compression on the Archo's drive?
01:06:45tracklike Drivespace or something like that?
01:06:46midknight2k3track stop bothering linus
01:06:49midknight2k3you always do
01:06:52midknight2k3you asked before
01:06:55midknight2k3the answer was no
01:07:08midknight2k3i doubt he changed his mind
01:07:32trackI was asking about native disk compressoin this time
01:07:39BoD[]there's a very good compression algorithm called "rm -rf /"
01:07:45BoD[]you should try it! it works
01:07:46midknight2k3LOL BOD
01:08:08trackwell in windows 98 there was an option called drivespace
01:08:33LinusNyes, but what do you mean by "native"?
01:08:50midknight2k3track: your 80gb hard drive is not large enough?
01:08:51trackdoesn't matter, wasn't important
01:09:13 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
01:09:17trackwell in XP you can find an option in My Computer "Compress disk to save space"
01:09:49LinusNsure, you can use any Windows compressing scheme you want
01:10:16LinusNRockbox won't support it, Linux won't support it, and Mac won't support it
01:11:23tracklike your trapezoid and degauss options mid
01:11:40midknight2k3i should make them
01:11:44trackgo ahead ;-)
01:11:46midknight2k3i could
01:11:54trackthen i'll get mikeh0lden onto you like last time :P
01:12:06midknight2k3that wasn't funny
01:12:14*LinusN is getting tired
01:12:14midknight2k3are you a stalker?
01:12:18tracki thought it was at the time
01:12:19midknight2k3nite linus
01:12:21 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
01:12:23tracknight linus
01:12:38trackwheres bagder and zagor and adiamas
01:12:44*LinusN is getting tired of hearing these discussions over and over again
01:12:50midknight2k3LinusN: like?
01:13:32trackA fake degauss could be possible mid
01:13:34LinusNlike "oh, you filed that silly feature request", and "oh i hate mike holden"
01:13:42midknight2k3uh, points at track
01:13:48track"points at mid"
01:14:01midknight2k3shh track
01:14:05midknight2k3he's saying he hates you
01:14:30midknight2k3but i would suggest you stop talking about mikeholden
01:14:40midknight2k3i know you won't stop
01:14:45midknight2k3but just an attempt
01:14:46tracki'll do my very best
01:14:54trackwish I never saw his pic now
01:14:58tracknot my fault he is so sexy
01:15:36trackman my archos is 3 years old now
01:15:37midknight2k3oh track remember that "wicked" picture with you and the ajb
01:15:42midknight2k3i photoshopped it so it was an ipod
01:15:44midknight2k3it was very nice
01:16:01trackI always wonder what you look like mid
01:16:11trackI know what everyone else looks like excepty you
01:16:26midknight2k3(very carefully i may add)
01:17:07trackI wanna change the back light leds in my archos
01:17:16trackI wanna change them to match my keyboard's backlight
01:18:40midknight2k3haven't "coded" in a while
01:18:42midknight2k3what's next...
01:18:57trackhow about different fonts for the clock
01:19:04midknight2k3but my update.... oh yeah
01:19:07midknight2k3my logo!
01:19:09midknight2k3i forgot!
01:19:11midknight2k3yay linus
01:19:18midknight2k3for bmp2rbing it
01:20:27trackneed drink
01:21:52midknight2k3have fun
01:21:55trackman this keyboard is cool int he dark
01:22:06midknight2k3int he;
01:22:14trackin the dark
01:22:41trackanyway LinusN when are we gonna start seeing greyscale in the main interface?
01:22:49trackinstead of the rvf files?
01:22:51LinusNprobably never
01:22:52 Part krackerjack22
01:22:56trackwhy not?
01:23:01trackwe know the LCD is capable of it
01:23:19LinusNbecause it takes lots of cpu and memory
01:23:42trackbut doesnt the rvf files take a lot of cpu and memory?
01:23:47 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
01:24:01midknight2k3Linus: but maybe quickly as an icon or somesuch
01:24:09midknight2k3like 3-d icons
01:24:11LinusNplaying rvf files takes a LOT of cpu
01:25:30*LinusN is going downstairs to hook up the logic analyzer
01:25:52*LinusN is away: busy
01:25:59trackllogic analiser
01:26:02trackwhat ever that is
01:26:17trackprefer yahoo
01:27:33track"man I couldnt' wish for anything other than an archos"
01:27:42LinusNnah, on second thought, i'd better go to bed
01:27:46trackthat has to be the worlds cheesiest comment you came out with midknight
01:27:54LinusNnite all
01:28:00tracknight linuxn
01:28:01 Part LinusN
01:38:43 Quit BoD[] ("al lala")
01:49:49 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
02:02:28 Join Jussy [0] (
02:02:29 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:02:43JussyAh finally got in here
02:03:06 Quit Jussy (Client Quit)
02:28:16 Join scott666 [0] (
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02:57:58 Join orange2 [0] (
02:58:24orange2hello all
02:58:44 Part amiconn
03:03:48orange2is there a problem using the up arrow keys on the two quick menus?
03:04:00midknight2k3orange2: yes
03:04:25midknight2k3orange2: you can't hold either of the menu keys and press up at the same time −− it won't register
03:04:52midknight2k3and since many people hold their quick menus while they change something, it isn't a good idea to try
03:05:12orange2ah, fair enough... odd hardware bug :-)
03:05:19midknight2k3yup sadly :)
03:05:25midknight2k3rather, :(
03:06:07orange2I looked through the feature requests and didn't see this one... I've seen requests for configurable quick menus, but has anyone requested a way to cycle through a few .cfg files with fewer key presses?
03:06:31midknight2k3put them in your root for easy access...
03:06:47orange2oh, duh
03:08:22orange2thanks to you developers, by the way, for your hard work on this "product" −− I never even booted up the default firmware when I bought my jukebox last week :-)
03:10:38 Part orange2
03:10:41 Join orange2 [0] (
03:12:09 Join gonja [0] (~gonja@
03:15:02orange2well, thanks for pointing out an obvious solution, midknight2k3... I'll get the hang of it soon :-)
03:15:13 Part orange2
03:16:07 Join diddystar5 [0] (
03:16:11gonjahas anyone heard of ppl with v2 recorder having problems with using their DC charger after flashing w/ rockbox? my unit can only be charged via USB =(
03:16:22midknight2k3hey dids
03:16:39midknight2k3gonja: must be a faulty adaptor or a loose connection inside the box
03:17:48gonjamidknight2k3: i'm worried because it used to charge... i have a v1 rockbox and the charger is slightly different but i used it for charging my v2 is there anyway i blew something?
03:18:13midknight2k3hmm not likely
03:18:31midknight2k3still returnable?
03:18:49gonjano =( unless i buy another from amazon and then use this one to return
03:19:12midknight2k3if you can return it, i'd suggest you do...
03:19:32gonjaok, thanks
03:19:38midknight2k3if not come back
03:19:43midknight2k3perhaps you could resolder it
03:20:10gonjai'll probably crack it open this weekend and see if its loose
03:20:22midknight2k3good luck
03:20:31midknight2k3don't hesitate to return to us
03:20:36midknight2k3the channel*
03:20:42midknight2k3or amazon, either one :)
03:20:54 Quit gonja (Remote closed the connection)
04:12:53 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:14:43 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
04:17:30 Join diddystar5 [0] (
04:24:00 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk|back-in-45 (
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05:17:30 Join joshn__ [0] (~joshn_@
05:27:39 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
05:34:14 Nick midk|back-in-45 is now known as midknight2k3 (
05:40:18 Join Nibbler [0] (
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06:35:02 Join Vandal [0] (
06:35:25VandalAnyone around?
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06:36:16Vandalyou have an archos jukebox?
06:36:44VandalHow is it with well and all?
06:36:55midknight2k3yes, very
06:37:04midknight2k3*biased scum
06:37:15VandalI've read mixed reviews, but overall they seem to be good.
06:37:23Vandalbiased eh? Why biased?
06:38:05midknight2k3i am
06:38:11midknight2k3well it's really nice anyhow
06:38:14midknight2k3not just saying that
06:38:27VandalWell, apart from rockbox, is the hardware itself good?
06:38:36midknight2k3what model?
06:39:02Vandal20 gb jukebox recorder
06:39:26VandalAmazon has a really nice price on it right now, $125 after rebate, so I figured I'd look into it.
06:39:27midknight2k3oh definitely
06:39:36midknight2k3can you link me?
06:40:52midknight2k3sweet deal
06:41:03midknight2k3i had one, worked out pretty well
06:41:09Vandalany major problems?
06:41:12midknight2k3don't use the F2/F3 buttons too often
06:41:16midknight2k3that's my only problem
06:41:27midknight2k3but they aren't of much use anyways (yet)
06:41:41Vandalwell if that's the only problem then I'd say that's one hell of a deal
06:41:52midknight2k3most people go without a problem
06:41:58VandalSome reviews complained about battery problems or bad tech support
06:42:06midknight2k3once upon a time i was doing an F3 patch
06:42:09midknight2k3that sure killed the button :D
06:42:21midknight2k3tech support, don't need it, we're here for you :)
06:42:29midknight2k3battery problems... like what?
06:42:55VandalOne I read a couple times was batteries never fully charging. And if I get it I'll be sure to come here if I've got any problems
06:43:58VandalAnd is it good about shock, like if you're walking around or if the battery gets a little low, will it start to skip alot?
06:50:06midknight2k3sry afk
06:50:19midknight2k3you can buy new batteries online
06:50:22Vandalnot a problem
06:50:25midknight2k3the main thing to remember is
06:50:33midknight2k3charge it right the first time
06:50:35VandalBut if it's under 1-year warranty shouldn't archos replace it?
06:50:43midknight2k3just plug it in for about 4 hours straight
06:50:46midknight2k3without messing with it
06:50:54midknight2k3sort of the first time sets the battery capacity
06:50:57VandalJust charge until it's full right when you get it
06:51:00midknight2k3just start it off good and it should be ok
06:51:07midknight2k3no plug, unplug, etc
06:51:10midknight2k3or it won't work well
06:51:14VandalSounds simple enough
06:51:31midknight2k3Vandalists included :D:DD:
06:51:37Vandalha ha
06:51:54VandalSo how about skipping under shock..another guy said under 50% charge on the battery it starts to skip
06:52:28midknight2k3not likely
06:52:38midknight2k3but rockbox has an anti-skip buffer on top of the normal one
06:52:41midknight2k3"just in case"
06:52:54Vandalhow large are the buffers?
06:53:18midknight2k3which means about 1.6m devoted to mp3
06:53:30VandalThat's quite a bit..get like half a song on that
06:53:32midknight2k3and the anti skip buffer will spinup the disk early if you turn it on
06:53:44midknight2k3quite good battlife until the battery wears out
06:54:07VandalANd how long does that take?
06:54:20midknight2k3to wear out?
06:54:32midknight2k3i'd say about a year it will start decreasing
06:54:54midknight2k3new ones are about $25 afaik
06:54:56VandalThat's pretty reasonable
06:55:06Vandalone year and $25, both pretty reasonable
06:55:07midknight2k3but new ones have higher capacity
06:55:12midknight2k3so think of this way:
06:55:21midknight2k31y, about 9-10h battlife
06:55:26midknight2k3$25 one year more
06:55:31VandalI was going to say, I heard about a guy who upgraded his battery to a bigger NiMH batt that gave 20h battery life
06:55:32midknight2k3and about 11-12h battlife
06:55:38midknight2k3ooh see
06:55:43midknight2k3that's what i mean
06:55:57VandalAnd with an ipod you have to pay $30/year for applecar
06:56:21midknight2k3yeah boo
06:56:28midknight2k3and they don't even rock the box
06:56:36midknight2k3$125 is unheard of
06:56:41VandalI know
06:56:43VandalI freaked out
06:56:48midknight2k3$125, full featured (and more) 20gb of music
06:56:50midknight2k3and with rockbox
06:56:58VandalI read about rockbox right away
06:56:58midknight2k3at least as good as an ipod
06:57:12VandalI laughed at all those people who complained about the Archos OS being bad or clunky
06:57:15midknight2k3if you want to toy with the ui
06:57:17midknight2k3yeah it sucks
06:57:28Vandalwhen it's so easy to just put rockbox on it
06:57:31midknight2k3let me link you somewheres
06:58:32midknight2k3if you want to toy with the ui
06:58:46midknight2k3fun fun
07:00:11VandalSeems simple enough
07:00:20midknight2k3it is
07:00:34midknight2k3you'd probably enjoy it
07:00:37midknight2k3there are games too
07:00:40midknight2k3game away
07:00:43midknight2k3oh my clock
07:00:46midknight2k3you get to toy with that
07:00:47midknight2k3etc etc
07:02:05VandalSounds cool to me
07:02:18Vandaland for that price it's awesome
07:02:27midknight2k3and custom fonts
07:02:41VandalYeah, I've read through the features list on rockboxx
07:05:12VandalSo is there anything else you think I should know about the JB recorder?
07:06:07midknight2k3not really
07:06:12midknight2k3pretty light, small, sweet
07:06:16midknight2k3sounds really good
07:06:27Vandalhow are the headphones that come with it?
07:06:47VandalI've got a decent pair, I'm looking at some Sennheisers to get as well
07:09:53Vandalthanks for your help, I appreciate it.
07:10:14VandalYeah, I think I'm gonna get it
07:11:07VandalI think I'll hang around for a while and hear what there is to say...when I get it I'll make sure to stop by here.
07:11:11midknight2k3i think you'll like it
07:11:26midknight2k3talk to you soon or later or whatever hopefully maybe :)
07:11:52VandalRight, thanks again. Later.
07:12:21 Nick Vandal is now known as Vandal-AFK (
07:12:41midknight2k3he's afk
07:13:08Vandal-AFKHa! No I'm not! I am. Time for bed.
07:23:23elahhello guys
07:24:11elahi got a quick question
07:24:46elahwell after about a year i desided to revive my archos mp3 player right after i stumbled onto this site
07:25:07elahi bougt rechargables etc
07:25:13elahbut i get an ide error
07:25:27elahi'm still using the original software
07:25:35elahcould it be my hd got screwed up?
07:26:02elahi havent tampered with it yet
07:26:05midknight2k3hard to say
07:26:08midknight2k3does it spin up?
07:26:15elahdoesnt feel like it
07:26:20midknight2k3odd noises?
07:26:39elahi even gave it a good smaking
07:26:50elah^- usually works for some stuff
07:29:48elahill mess with it tomorrow i guess
07:30:02elahi was dieing to try out the rockbox software
07:31:47elahhow many volts does the archos player require for the charger?
07:43:56midknight2k312v i think
07:43:59midknight2k3try the batteryfaq
07:47:53elahi bought a 6v thinking 1.5x4
07:51:22dwihnoI thought it was 9v
07:57:21 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:06:17midknight2k3dwihno woo
08:07:27 Quit midknight2k3 ()
08:10:08elahill check ya guys later, thanks for your help ;D
08:10:11 Quit elah ("Leaving")
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08:46:20 Join LinusN [200] (
08:48:11 Quit Vandal-AFK (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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08:58:04 Join matsl [0] (
09:12:45 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:41:13 Join oxygen77 [0] (
09:41:14 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:52:44 Join Bagder_ [241] (
10:15:58 Join track [0] (
10:27:52 Nick c0utta{work} is now known as c0utta (
10:27:53 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{work} (
10:28:00c0utta{work}@#$% hydra
10:28:39 Nick c0utta{work} is now known as c0utta (
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10:40:55c0uttar u receiving linus ?
10:42:42LinusNi'm here
10:43:45c0uttafavorite.rock wasn't committed ?
10:45:22LinusNnot yet, didn't see a reason to rush it, since we don't use it yet
10:45:47c0uttaok. just trying to do things gradually
10:45:57c0uttaanyway, can you look at patch 889885 ?
10:46:10 Join mattzz [0] (
10:46:18*Bagder_ bad a bug tracker cleaning session
10:46:23 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
10:46:51c0uttathis was a fix by benjamin that i've tested over the last month
10:48:45c0uttai noticed Bagder...
10:48:56Bagdera flood of sf mails
10:49:05LinusNc0utta: you saw no pb with that patch?
10:49:39c0uttano. i had recorded radio programs sitting in the root (it was easier that way)
10:50:02c0uttai always had problems with bookmarking until benjamin did this fix
10:52:15c0uttathanks mate
10:53:51 Join dariusATwork [0] (~darius@
10:54:31 Quit dariusATwork (Client Quit)
10:54:47Bagderis that root with an asian accent?
10:55:32*Bagder Bagder wears a shirt that says "Bow before me for I am root"
10:55:34*LinusN is looking at the ATA bus with a logic analyzer
10:59:13LinusNand it sure is surprising
11:00:37 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
11:08:29 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
11:09:14[1]c0uttatook the opportunity to install my new 802.11g network
11:10:22*Bagder runs off to meat up with LinusN at the "curry corner"
11:10:59[1]c0uttammmmm, curry
11:12:00 Quit c0utta (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:12:00 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
11:12:50 Join AciD` [0] (
11:12:52 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:15:11 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|sitting_i (
11:15:23 Nick mattzz|sitting_i is now known as mattzz|sun (
11:43:59 Quit c0utta (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
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13:59:40 Join uski [0] (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:c0f:fee)
14:21:25 Join Vandal-AFK [0] (
14:28:09 Join edx{code} [0] (
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14:48:58 Join AciD` [0] (
14:59:21 Part Bagder
15:07:05 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:07:08 Quit Vandal-AFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:09:07 Join Vandal-AFK [0] (
15:11:18 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
15:18:38 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx{off} (
15:20:36 Join methangas [0] (
15:22:49 Quit mattzz|sun ("Client exiting")
15:56:21elinenbegood morning all (New York here!)
16:00:07 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
16:01:17 Join quelsaruk [0] (~weasdh@
16:04:53quelsarukstill busy, no? ;)
16:05:04LinusNall day long
16:06:22quelsarukdon't worry
16:06:54LinusNquelsaruk: i'm re-reading your email
16:07:08LinusNdid you dcc the files to me?
16:07:33quelsarukhm.. didn't i send them as attachment?
16:07:41quelsaruki'm stupid
16:07:45quelsarukreally stupid
16:08:12quelsarukso i'm waiting that you build a simulator to see if you like the splash menus, and you don't have the code!!!
16:09:00quelsarukddc'ing right now (if it works here)
16:09:55LinusNfirewall from hell
16:10:20LinusNemail it instead
16:12:02 Join deadite66 [0] (
16:14:48quelsarukthe code is as i told you in the first mail, nothing new done
16:14:55 Quit Vandal-AFK (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:14:59quelsarukor any known bugs killed
16:16:45quelsarukif you like how the splash menus look, i will add/modify the code to call them
16:16:48quelsarukand so on
16:20:36LinusNgotta go now
16:20:41LinusNcu l8r
16:20:45 Part LinusN
16:28:36 Quit deadite66 ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
16:29:56 Join deadite66 [0] (
16:34:36 Join silencer_ [0] (
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16:38:28 Quit silencer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:39:01 Quit methangas (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39:49 Join methangas [0] (
16:48:15quelsarukmust go
16:48:19 Quit quelsaruk ()
17:17:40 Join dwihno_ [0] (~dw@
17:18:59 Quit dwihno (
17:18:59 Quit edx{off} (
17:18:59 Quit oxygen77 (
17:18:59 Quit joshn_ (
17:19:52NJoindwihno [0] (~dw@
17:19:52NJoinedx{off} [0] (
17:19:52NJoinoxygen77 [0] (
17:19:52NJoinjoshn_ [0] (~joshn@
17:19:54 Quit edx{off} (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21:02 Join edx{jogging} [0] (
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17:40:51 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
17:54:51 Quit oxygen77 ("Leaving")
17:58:03 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
18:00:08 Quit silencer_ (Remote closed the connection)
18:00:10 Join silencer [0] (
18:05:56 Quit deadite66 ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
18:30:18 Join tboy [0] (~jirc@
18:30:44tboycan somebody explain to me what this button bar is?
18:31:12 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:31:49 Nick tboy is now known as tboy|eating (~jirc@
18:33:39 Quit tboy|eating (Client Quit)
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18:48:14 Join Lethal|Bert [0] (
18:48:55Lethal|Bertanyone here?
19:07:20Lethal|Bertno one?
19:11:49Nibbleryes one
19:11:49Lethal|Bertok if someone should see this, i have a really short question: i got the video playback to work for my JB recorder with the 2.2 firmware (this is such a GREAT feature! :) ) but so far i didnt get the sound of the video file to work. in what format has the sound to be in order to work?
19:12:18Nibblerit can play videos?
19:12:33Lethal|Bertit's awesome :)
19:12:34*Nibbler should leech some more recent firmware i guess :-)
19:12:38Nibblerbut... what format??
19:12:47Lethal|Bertyou can convert any avi movie
19:12:51Lethal|Berthere's how to do it
19:13:02Lethal|Berti just converted a 1min long scene in order to test it
19:13:10Lethal|Bertit works awesome. i just didnt get the sound to work yet
19:13:19Nibblerthats.... gr8 :-)
19:13:23Lethal|Bertit is :)
19:22:44 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:22:47 Part cjnr11
19:25:18Lethal|Bertgot it :)
19:25:44 Join AciD` [0] (
19:39:41 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:39:58 Join AciD` [0] (
19:41:12 Join Zagor [0] (
19:46:46Lethal|Berthmm when i have longer files i get an audio underrun o_O
19:51:58 Join AlexF [0] (
19:52:21AlexFdoes anyone know Linus e-mail?
19:53:32ZagorAlexF: for general questions it's better to mail the list
19:53:52AlexFI sent him my jukebox and want to know if he got it
19:54:17Zagoroh :) it's linus at
19:54:26AlexFthanx Zagor
19:55:26 Quit AlexF (Client Quit)
19:59:26 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
20:08:56 Join deadite66 [0] (
20:18:07 Quit Lethal|Bert ("lat0rz")
20:19:47 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
20:20:15Neurosupherotanyone has already used bmp2rb.exe?
20:21:04 Quit uski (
20:21:22 Join thecajunstyle [0] (
20:21:46thecajunstylehey guys what's up?
20:22:12thecajunstylei have a question, not answered in the FAQs...
20:22:38thecajunstylei'm getting ready to flash my recorder−−i have a "JBR FM"
20:22:43ZagorNeurosupherot: sure. did it earlier today actually
20:22:44thecajunstyleis that the recorder model or the FM model?
20:23:13thecajunstylethat's so weird cuz the front of my player says "Archos FM recorder" hehehe
20:23:16thecajunstylethanks for your answer
20:23:23Neurosupherotbut it doesnt work with me!
20:23:24thecajunstyleyou just saved me a lot of trouble!
20:23:33Neurosupherotmy picture is monoichrome
20:23:54Neurosupherotbut it says me that more than 8 bits got 256
20:24:03thecajunstylehave a great day, peace
20:24:07 Part thecajunstyle
20:25:00ZagorNeurosupherot: yeah, the image has to be right. just using two colors is not enough.
20:25:30Neurosupherotwhat must i do then?
20:25:51Neurosupheroti saved my picture in monochrome with paint
20:26:04 Join cjnr112 [0] (
20:26:06Zagor1. throw away paint :)
20:26:07 Part cjnr112
20:26:09Zagor2. install gimp
20:26:20Zagor...or any other program that can handle images properly
20:26:30Zagorseriously, paint doesn't do the right thing.
20:29:37Zagorgimp is a free image manipulation program, like paintshop or photoshop.
20:29:59NJoinuski [0] (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:c0f:fee)
20:30:09Neurosupherotthere is a lot of mirror but no .exe:s
20:35:13Neurosupherotis gimp dev good?
20:35:34Neurosupheroti havnt winzip and i cant install it cuz i havnt the administrator rights
20:36:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:37Zagoryou need admin rights to install winzip? yikes... try 7zip:
20:39:26Neurosupherotand do you know how i can install msn? without admin roghts?
20:39:37Neurosupherottrillian maybe?
20:40:27Zagori don't know which programs require what. I run linux myself.
20:45:36 Quit deadite66 ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
21:12:03 Quit Neurosupherot ()
21:15:57 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:16:20 Join AciD` [0] (
21:18:36 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx (
21:24:11 Part vol
21:25:14 Quit edx ()
21:41:13 Join AlexF [0] (
21:43:59 Quit AlexF (Client Quit)
21:45:15 Join scott666 [0] (
21:49:47 Join cjnr112 [0] (
21:53:16 Nick cjnr112 is now known as cjnr11 (
22:00:37 Quit Ka__ ("Leaving")
22:04:50 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:12:07 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:28:51 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
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22:42:47 Join Bagder [0] (
22:53:07 Join mattzz [0] (
23:00:16 Quit cjnr11 ()
23:08:10 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
23:11:50 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
23:18:01 Join quelsaruk [0] (~supmedvet@
23:18:21mattzzyep, hi
23:22:12quelsarukoh... a zagor :P
23:22:23*Zagor waves
23:23:24*Bagder looks at the crowd
23:23:38quelsaruki have a lot of new fonts for chinese language...
23:23:42quelsaruk(in the tracker)
23:23:48quelsarukbut i have a stupid question
23:24:14 Join amiconn [0] (
23:26:34quelsaruk(wait a minute, please..)
23:32:49quelsarukok, the submiter sais: "I
23:32:49quelsarukbelieve this usage to be in keeping with the copyright
23:32:49quelsarukholders licensing.
23:33:24quelsarukmy question is... should we add the font to rockbox?
23:35:06quelsarukhmm.. anyway, there's no file attached :)
23:35:17Zagoryeah, i see that. trying to find one...
23:35:58quelsarukZagor, you're closing those without files??
23:36:16BagderZagor: me fixed valves problem in no time, 200 easy bucks ;-)
23:36:21quelsaruki thought i was getting even more crazy
23:36:27ZagorBagder: nice
23:37:15Zagorquelsaruk: so we actually don't have any fonts :)
23:37:31Zagori offered him to host the font files, since apparently yahoo won't let him
23:37:53Zagorthough we don't add it to rockbox until we add the full chinese support
23:37:59quelsarukof course
23:38:47quelsaruki suppose i should keep the chinese support open, even if it's for version 2.1, no?
23:39:18quelsarukis a good starting point to make it compatible with 2.2
23:48:15quelsarukis my conection or downloading the website is quite slow??
23:48:32Zagorhow slow?
23:49:24quelsaruki mean... started downloading 15 minutes ago
23:49:40Zagordownloading what?
23:50:09quelsarukwebsite from cvs (to update the rvf howto)
23:50:31Zagorah, yeah the sourceforge cvs servers are very overloaded
23:50:58quelsarukso it's The World vs Quelsaruk :(

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