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#rockbox log for 2004-03-19

00:00:19[IDC]Dragonbitswap() committed
00:00:31[IDC]Dragonmemxxx() a while ago
00:01:02elinenbenice patches coming out of you amiconn... I like it!
00:01:57[IDC]DragonI may need a memchr() for my taliking stuff
00:02:15[IDC]Dragonto find the next MPEG audio header
00:02:43[IDC]Dragonand do a seamless switch to a new clip
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00:04:05amiconnmemchr()? Does this look for a specified char in an area?
00:04:29[IDC]Dragonyes, very simple.
00:04:46[IDC]Dragonsearches for just 1 char.
00:05:17[IDC]Dragonbut don't dig into it yet
00:05:29[IDC]Dragonhave to sleep now
00:05:36diddystar5hi [IDC]Dragon
00:05:37[IDC]Dragontired from CeBIT
00:05:52diddystar5i still cant get my box to turn on ):
00:06:14amiconnThis would be a real shortie, but I'm afraid that it wouldn't really be much faster than what the compiler would produce (comparing is costly).
00:06:16[IDC]Dragonremind me pleade
00:07:35diddystar5well it quit wokring on day and well hasnt turned on since i have tried soldering the main power connectors back but it dosent wok
00:08:22diddystar5the only thing i can think of to try is gettings a smaller soldering iron tip, and heat up a lot of points, incase there is a hairline fracture or something
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01:56:54Strathand how is everyone doing this fine evening?
01:58:18Strathactive as always I see :)
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02:15:49Strathis about half the web down right now? or is it just me?
02:16:52scott666google works = the world is safe
02:16:56Strathheh accessable by you?
02:17:26zeis for me
02:17:48scott666isp maybe?
02:17:52zeprobably just like your isp's routers or something
02:18:13Strathheh.... as soon as i asked, it started working again.... figures
02:18:20zeof course
02:19:16Strathok, lets try two out of two...
02:21:21zeso far it's not responding
02:21:39Strathwas worth a shot :)
02:25:33Strathlooks like the ufl site was just a partial mirror od anyways...
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02:33:58jfab199i need help with install of rockbox
02:34:41jfab199i have copied the files to the player and dumped the rom
02:35:44jfab199but when i run firmware_flash it says "/firmware_v2.bin" file not found
02:36:20Strathis the file there?
02:36:34jfab199where i cant find it anywhere
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02:37:14jfab199any ideas?
02:38:02Strathcan it not find it, or can you not find it?
02:38:50jfab199both i guess, i looked under all the dir and i dont see it and firmware_flash cant find it
02:40:44jfab199when i select rockbox_flash it says "flash size : 256 kb no image found" and displays a box with No image in it
02:41:07Strathjust a sec
02:41:27jfab199sure, thanx
02:41:29 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
02:42:37Strathbtw... i don't have first hand experiance installing rockbox, i just enjoy being helpful... others may know better
02:43:12jfab199is there any one here that can help me? please?
02:43:43Strathhave you read back over the documentation?
02:45:58Straththis isn't what you need it is?
02:47:40jfab199i think it is, I downloaded the version i have off the rockbox site and the zip file doesnt have the file needed
02:48:34Strathdoes this file? (my link is slow so i havn't been able to examine it yet
02:49:17Straththere it is
02:49:27Strathhope that helps
02:53:39jfab199yea that did it, thank you very much you have been more than helpful
02:54:55Strathya know... that was the first time i've examined the rockbox installation proceedure.... :)
02:55:03jfab199thank you very much and have a good evening
02:55:08Strathyou too
02:55:21jfab199well i guess we both learned something:)
02:55:33Strathtake care
02:55:49 Quit jfab199 ("Leaving")
02:56:31 Part amiconn
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03:00:16VandalAnyone around?
03:10:08VandalI have a little question about the rockbox recorder
03:11:06VandalFrom what I've read you should use deep charge if charging while using it, and trickle charge if you're just letting it charge over night. That makes sense to me. But what happens if you put trickle charge on while playing it? Does it just charge it very slowly, not fast enough to actually CHARGE it, or does it go into deep charge since the batteries will never be fully charged..?
03:14:01hardeepIf you have trickle charge on while playing, the batteries will continuously be charged
03:15:25hardeep(except in the case listed in
03:21:27 Quit hardeep ("User abortion with 5 coathooks")
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07:49:21midknight2k3linux yay
08:07:30midknight2k3what nowe
08:08:35dwihnoDo you?
08:09:20midknight2k3new iconned menus?
08:12:11dwihnono :D
08:12:24midknight2k3becos linus is here?
08:13:01dwihnoprobably because I'm out of spare time :)
08:13:55midknight2k3uh right
08:19:08LinusNi finally managed to reproduce a RLOD on my FM, using a massage pillow :-)
08:19:51midknight2k3rlod = ?
08:20:00LinusNRed LED Of Death
08:20:07midknight2k3i thought it was RLD
08:20:19LinusNsame same
08:20:41midknight2k3why overcomplicate a simple acronym?
08:21:05LinusNyou know what PCMCIA stands for?
08:21:06dwihnoLinusN: Hi-tech testing equipment :D
08:21:08Dominmorning guys
08:21:25midknight2k3its like
08:21:40midknight2k3personal computer modulator .... something?
08:21:42LinusNPeople Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
08:21:55LinusNDomin: hi
08:22:01midknight2k3that's it
08:22:01Dominhehe LinusN, nice one
08:22:37LinusNEricsson has an internal database in the intranet for all acronyms
08:22:58Dominnice you work there LinusN
08:23:03LinusNi used to
08:23:08DominAhh, ok
08:23:15midknight2k3i cant speeel
08:23:17midknight2k3but yeah
08:23:19LinusNthat's nice too
08:23:47midknight2k3"nice"?! "NICE"?!?
08:24:09LinusNthe ericsson database was for ericsson acronyms only :-)
08:24:37midknight2k3like "Ericsson Sucks"?
08:25:17DominI have a ericsson :-P
08:26:04LinusNi have a Nokia
08:26:29midknight2k3go linus
08:26:36midknight2k3model? like 5592?
08:27:03LinusNwhen i worked at ericsson (10 years ago) they had a pool of cell phones to borrow for business trips
08:27:10midknight2k3get me one
08:27:16midknight2k3no let's get 5 for mk
08:28:07LinusNthe Ericsson phones were too expensive :-)
08:28:52midknight2k3like $50
08:28:56midknight2k3or $175
08:28:57DominMine is an old moddel
08:29:03midknight2k3or $239.45
08:29:06midknight2k3get the uh
08:30:52DominI wouldt like the t610
08:31:04DominWell, i better be off soon
08:31:48midknight2k3talk to you something
08:31:50midknight2k3its like
08:31:53midknight2k3s = soon
08:31:56midknight2k3l = later
08:31:58midknight2k3get it
08:32:13DominBtw, is there a compiled version where the search function is included ???
08:32:49 Join matsl [0] (
08:32:57LinusNDomin: no
08:33:15DominThen i have to look at it when i get home
08:33:28DominHave 20 ung kids that im going away for the weekend with
08:33:40DominAnd a search function wouldt be nice :-P
08:33:55midknight2k3who knows how to mess with the xchat autoreplace list?
08:34:00midknight2k3it's not working for me
08:34:08LinusNi'm afraid rockbox can't help you with finding runaway kids :-)
08:34:09midknight2k3it works
08:34:17Dominhehe LinusN
08:34:36DominWouldt be nice thoug
08:35:09Dominwell, im off
08:35:15DominHave fun
08:35:18LinusNcu around
08:35:40Dominye, i will just idle until sunday ;-)
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09:33:10 Join AciD` [0] (
10:06:11matslLinusN: u there?
10:06:12 Quit track (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:12:13matslLinusN: i tried to build the player simulator but i get errors. undefined reference to `talk_id'
10:13:31matsldaily build reports OK thought.
10:14:16matslgot any idea what might be the problem?
10:15:21matslhmm... I got a flash back.
10:15:46LinusNworks for me (win32 cygwin)
10:16:17midknight2k3linus + win32 = happy
10:17:09matsli suddenly remembered that the uisimulator folder isn't updated when I do cvs update. That is quite likely the reason.
10:17:39LinusNwhy isn't it updated?
10:17:50LinusNit updates for me
10:17:54matslyes. now it built ok. thanks for making me remember.
10:18:02LinusNah, you checked out uisimulator separately?
10:18:33matslyes, probably a mistake ageas ago and I constantly forget about it. I'll fix it now.
10:19:01matslLinusN: while your on the line.
10:19:27matslthe VOICE_* translations are supposed to be empty strings "" in all languages?
10:19:47LinusNi think not
10:20:04matslok what should I do? Just skip them?
10:20:39LinusNi think you use them when you want something else sent to the TTS engine than the original string
10:20:57LinusNleave them empty for now
10:21:12matslempty means ""?
10:21:44LinusNthink so
10:21:55LinusNnot sure
10:24:58 Quit Strath ("Application closed")
10:26:25matslLinusN: I thought a file.lang with no translation was illegal. Implies I need at least to set it to the empty string?
10:29:43LinusNa file.lang with no translation is not illegal, it will use the english translation instead
10:30:15LinusNhowever, if an entry exists, it should probably contain something, yes
10:32:44matslLinusN: OK. I'll plunge in and check in svenska.lang with empty strings.
10:33:00LinusNfor the voice?
10:35:49 Join KiNeL [0] (
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10:39:31 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
10:39:55KiNeLJust loaded v2.2 and having created \root playlist getting error message each time "Error accessing playlist control file". It plays OK though. Anyone know what it means and how to fix ?
10:40:21 Quit KiNeL ("Leaving")
10:40:27LinusNKiNeL: how did you install rockbox?
10:40:48LinusNwhy ask a question and then bolt?
10:41:42 Join KiNeL [0] (
10:41:52LinusNKiNeL: how did you install rockbox?
10:43:04KiNeLCopied .ajz file to root and rebooted, is there another way ?
10:43:40LinusNwhat instructions told you to do that?
10:45:16LinusNas far as i know, the instructions on the Download page tells you to unzip the entire archive to the jukebox
10:45:52KiNeLThe rockbox site but on re-reading should I have put it in the .rockbox folder instead ?
10:46:16LinusNwhere on the rockbox site?
10:48:10LinusNif there is an instruction on the rockbox site telling you to copy only the ajbrec.ajz to the jukebox, we need to change it
10:48:23LinusNthat is why i am asking where you read that
10:50:59KiNeLOn the download page under Installation "Unpack the zip archive in the root (top) directory of your Archos disk" and under Uninstallation "If you ever want to remove the Rockbox firmware, simply delete archos.mod (player) or ajbrec.ajz (recorder) from the root of your Archos disk" I have always put .ajz files in the root not in a sub folder. Rockbox is working OK except for this error message.
10:52:16LinusNand you interpreted "unpack the zip archive" as "copy the ajbrec.ajz file to the root"?
10:53:26LinusNdo you have a .rockbox directory on your jukebox?
10:54:31LinusNthe "error accessing playlist control file" suggests that you don't
10:58:38KiNeLBefore unzipping to the Archos I unzipped on my PC to see what was in there. Knowing that I the azj file normally resides in the root I simply copied it over. My mistake for not following instructions. I'm currently undoing and following instructions to the letter. Give me a moment please.
10:59:59KiNeLOK, unzipped as instructed, I do have .rockbox folder in root and still getting error message !
11:00:41KiNeLcould it be because I use @ character in folder names to keep them on the top of the list ?
11:01:03LinusNthat shouldn't be it
11:01:06matslLinusN: when i do a co rockbox i don't get the uisimulator folder. u know why?
11:01:57LinusNKiNeL: is there a file in .rockbox called .playlist_control?
11:02:28LinusNmatsl: because the "rockbox" module doesn't include the simulator
11:02:41LinusNmatsl: try "rockbox-dev" or "rockbox-all"
11:02:51matslLinusN: aha. RTFM?
11:03:00KiNeLLet me recreate the playlist again and see what happens
11:03:10LinusNrockbox-dev is it
11:03:32LinusNKiNeL: remove .rockbox/.playlist_control
11:04:00LinusNmatsl: "rockbox-devel"
11:04:48KiNeLStand by a mo please.
11:07:48KiNeLCan I say that I only discovered rockbox today and it's the answer to virtually all the shortcomings on the Archos, particularly the 999 track playlist limit. A big thank you to all involved in it's development.
11:08:02LinusNyou're welcome
11:08:15LinusNbtw, rockbox sorts directories first
11:09:28KiNeLAh ha, recreated playlist and no error message, super. Teach me to be a knowitall and to follow insructions in future. Thanks very much for the help LinusN.
11:09:54LinusNyou're welcome
11:10:04LinusNgood luck with your newly born toy
11:10:50KiNeLJust put the kettle on to settle down and read the 68 page manual ! Cheers
11:11:12matslLinusN: rockbox-devel did the trick. hopefully i'll get less uisimulator related bad builds now. Thanks!
11:11:42KiNeLPS. passed the word on to others I know with Archos boxes.
11:19:42CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 26 minutes at the last flood
11:19:42*LinusN can finally provoke a RLD on his FM
11:23:29dwihnoThanks to advanced super hi-tech hardware \o/ :)
11:24:17 Quit KiNeL ("Leaving")
11:30:27LinusNdwihno: but this time i'm banging it against the table :-)
11:31:01dwihnoLinusN: so have you any ideas what causes the rld?
11:31:12dwihnoLinusN: I bet it has something to do with the shakiness ;)
11:31:25LinusNoh? :-)
11:32:07dwihnoany theories?
11:32:12LinusNyes, i have a theory i'm testing now
11:32:18LinusNand so far it is promising
11:34:22LinusNgetting tired in my arms of all the shaking
11:35:13LinusNlooks good so far
11:35:22LinusNcan you provoke rld?
11:37:25dwihnoI guess.
11:37:41dwihnoI'll test rightaway
11:39:35dwihnoWhich direction is best to shake?
11:41:53dwihnocan't cause rld
11:42:41LinusNi'm holding it with the left long side down, slightly banging/vibrating the upper left corner in the table
11:43:26dwihnoDon't you think the disk will get harmed? :)
11:44:19midknight2k3i'm out of here
11:44:24LinusNyes i do :-)
11:44:27midknight2k3nite dwihno, linus
11:44:31midknight2k3lol good luck
11:44:34 Quit midknight2k3 ("Going... BYE!")
11:44:34LinusNnite midknight2k3
11:44:42dwihnothe disk powers up and starts spinning again
11:45:57dwihnowhich probably is a good thing :)
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11:59:50 Join pokerjoker [0] (
11:59:59pokerjokerhi anyone home today
12:02:05pokerjokerthe rock boxers...
12:02:19pokerjokermethangas is sleepying?
12:06:00LinusNhello pokerjoker
12:09:07 Quit AciD` (Operation timed out)
12:32:44pokerjokerhey still here Linus?
12:35:57pokerjokeri have two questions about some stuff, and maybe you guys can help
12:36:22pokerjokerfirst is abotu the VBR and CBR that rockbox can record at
12:36:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:42:43LinusNpokerjoker: i'm back, are u listening?
12:43:07LinusNthe archos can only record VBR, not CBR
12:51:37 Quit adi|home (Connection timed out)
12:53:12pokerjokerok. also, its only supposed to get up to 160 right?
12:53:19pokerjokeri recorded a song and it was about 189
12:53:43pokerjokeralso, why is it that it doesnt oscillate much, when i play it in winamp?
12:53:48pokerjokersee, heres the situation:
12:54:04pokerjokeri have been recording Audiobooks from tape directly into my Archos Recorder v1
12:54:17LinusNthe MAS encoder generates 192kbps frames
12:54:43pokerjokerand when i do this, it makes a 11MB file (for example) that i cannot seem to edit well when i import it
12:54:53pokerjokerwhats MAS stand for
12:55:08LinusNi don't know
12:55:12LinusNmay short for Micronas
12:55:22LinusNthe company that makes the cip
12:55:38pokerjokerlets say i record a file at very low VBR, and its 30 minutes long. when i import it to windows and try to edit it,
12:55:50LinusNwith which editor?
12:56:11pokerjokerfor example with MP3 tag studio i will try to cut the file into parts,
12:56:28pokerjokerit will say "bad header!" or "corrupt file"
12:56:53LinusNthat's probably because it doesn't understand the ID3v2.4 header
12:57:24pokerjokerwell, it was v3.05 which is newish
12:57:55pokerjokeri just want to chop these files up but i cant seem to
12:58:11LinusNyou could try to remove the id3 header
12:58:26LinusNor trick rockbox into removing the header
12:58:34pokerjokerand lets say i recorded the file at 60kbits and then i use the DOS program Lame.exe to "down-code" the file to 30kbits, even when i do this it still is difficult to edit
12:59:07pokerjokersometimes i have to guess where to edit
12:59:24pokerjokerbecause it misrepresents the actual time of the file
12:59:27LinusNok, so your editor doesn't handle vbr that well?
13:00:00pokerjokerlike say the files 30 minutes, ... then winamp or tag studio will say its 27 minutes even when it will play thru all 30 minutes of the song
13:00:13LinusNa small tip: set the "editable files" recording option
13:00:24pokerjokerthe editor seems to be fine, but i tried another one, and it says "unrecognizable file "
13:00:47pokerjokertag studio has a few features,
13:01:04pokerjokeryou can choose to fix the files or edit them as CBR or VBR
13:01:05LinusNtry this: when you record, start recording as usual with Play, then press Play again to start recording for real
13:01:26LinusNthen there will be no id3v2 header (iirc)
13:01:38pokerjokerwait when i press play again wont it just start a new appended file to record?
13:01:50LinusNyes, without id3 header
13:02:05pokerjokerhmm thats weird
13:02:25LinusNand the "editable files" option disables the bit reservoir, making it easier to cut'n'paste frames
13:02:40pokerjokeryeah weird. hehe
13:02:50LinusNi'd call it intentional
13:02:52pokerjokerwhere is the editable files option
13:02:59LinusNrecording settings
13:03:18pokerjokerok i should always keep that turned to "on" ?
13:03:28pokerjokerjust curious, whats the benefit of having it turned off?
13:03:30LinusNif you intend to edit the files, yes
13:03:37LinusNbetter compression
13:03:56pokerjokeroh k. ive been using it as turned on
13:03:57LinusNand possibly slightly better quality
13:04:21LinusNyou should get an editor that can handle vbr well
13:04:29LinusNand iid3v2.4
13:04:36pokerjokeri dont know of one, do you?
13:04:51LinusNmp3directcut is supposed to be good, they say
13:05:09pokerjokerhave you ever monkied with these files
13:05:12LinusNi tried it and didn't find it very intuitive
13:05:22LinusNmp3directcut that is
13:05:29pokerjokerintuitive as in,...?
13:05:32LinusNif i have monkied with vbr files?
13:06:01LinusNas in understanding how to cut and paste sections of audio :-)
13:06:29pokerjokerok so you would recommend it? and have yes, have you ever monkied with vbr files made from an archos
13:06:55LinusNwell i have spent hours and hours analyzing them when i wrote the recording code
13:07:05LinusNand the vbrfix code
13:07:17LinusNand the id3 parser code
13:07:31LinusNand the file split code
13:07:58pokerjokerhey can i suggest something
13:08:16LinusNthere is a bug in rockbox (or in the MAS) that can produce corrupt files
13:08:24LinusNbut i haven't found it yet
13:08:53pokerjokeri suggest different times for the vbr split code
13:08:57LinusNnever happened to me though
13:09:06LinusNdifferent times?
13:09:14pokerjoker17 minutes and 23 minutes
13:09:39LinusNsounds odd, why?
13:09:46pokerjokerit is odd, but heres why:
13:09:57pokerjokerwhen you are recording from a.. oh wait
13:10:16pokerjokerwell, i was just thinking, when you record from a 45 minute tape and you want it split into two files,
13:10:32pokerjokerits better to use something like say 23 minutes then it would be to use 15
13:10:47pokerjokerbecause if the actual time on the tape is 45:13 seconds,
13:11:02pokerjokerthen you are going to have three 15 minute files and one 13 second file
13:11:16pokerjokerjust a thought, if you think its stupid then its ok
13:11:22pokerjokerbut what i really want to know is this...
13:11:35LinusNmaybe an option for a fully custom time?
13:12:20pokerjokeryes, because when you are recording from inputs like tape its better to ... be able to customize.
13:12:40pokerjokerhey what does VBR fix do exactly?
13:13:30LinusNvbrfix (or "update vbr file" as it is called in rockbox) creates a Xing VBR header
13:14:12LinusNthis header contains the number of mp3 frames plus a Table Of Contents
13:14:24LinusNthe TOC is used to index the file in the time domain
13:14:43LinusNquite low granularoty though
13:15:02LinusNresolution is 1%
13:15:47 Join c0utta [0] (
13:15:49pokerjokerdoes that mean that it ...
13:15:59pokerjokerwhat does that mean? i sort of think i know
13:16:40LinusNwell, you can use the toc to seek in the stream
13:16:55LinusNin percent of total time
13:17:13pokerjokerso it makes seek easier
13:19:02pokerjokerok ready for question #2 ?
13:19:27 Nick c0utta is now known as _c0utta (
13:20:03pokerjokerok i just bought a brand new (probably unformatted) 40 gig laptop hd
13:20:53pokerjokerwhat is the best way to go about installing - should i use a converter thing and try to format it on my PC, or is there a format option or something with the archos?
13:20:53 Nick _c0utta is now known as c0utta (
13:23:09pokerjokerim afraid of messing it up, screwing up the drive my mis-connecting it to my PC
13:25:03LinusNpokerjoker: you can put it in the recorder and use FDISK to format it
13:25:36LinusNhowever, if you are using a lame OS, such as Windows 2k or XP, you won't be able to format it in FAT32
13:25:47LinusNsorry, FDISK is only for partitioning
13:26:43pokerjokerim runnign win98
13:27:51pokerjokerso... i pop open the archos. put in new drive, then seal it up. start the 98SE up, and then hook my USB to the computer and format K:\ (or whatever the archos is)
13:30:24LinusNthat depends on how/if the disk is partitioned
13:30:51LinusNyou need to use fdisk to make sure that it's correctly partitioned
13:31:34c0uttalinus, did you change menu_items to menu_item in menu.h ?
13:33:38LinusNc0utta: yes
13:33:54c0uttanaughty boy
13:34:05pokerjokerok. so i put it in the archos recorder, and then run win98se and check the HD and FDISK it thru USB port, then format, etc. ? sorry about my lame questions - just want to make sure
13:34:06LinusNi didn't like the plural
13:34:15LinusNpokerjoker: yes
13:34:27pokerjokerthank linus
13:34:37LinusNpokerjoker: there should be one primary partition, FAT32 LBA
13:37:20 Join Bagder_ [241] (
13:37:29LinusNhola Bagder_
13:37:35 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
13:38:14pokerjokerok thank you
13:38:27LinusNpokerjoker: good luck
13:42:06pokerjokerlinus... lol
13:42:22pokerjokeri have one more question completely unrelated to archos just simple, but maybe you can help me out
13:42:59pokerjokeri just ordered a 4x dvd recorder, will it be possible to copy dvds like i watch on my tv
13:43:14pokerjokeror is there some protection
13:44:12Bagderthey're bigger than the one you can write at least
13:44:19pokerjokerand second, (after this i promise to leave you alone), do you recommend any other programs? because this mp3cutter program is pretty good and i spent forever looking for one
13:44:21LinusNi have no clue, but i guess you can't copy them right away
13:44:45pokerjokeroh ok. thats kinda not good
13:45:00LinusNlook here:
13:45:53pokerjokeri got lots of cool programs ... even some copyprotected stuff like advanced disk catalog
13:46:00LinusNBagder: i can provoke RLD on my FM
13:46:31LinusNusing a massage pillow, or by banging/vibrating it into the table
13:47:23LinusNbut i have yet to see RLD with my latest fix
13:48:10Bagderthat sounds promising indeed
13:48:23LinusNshit! i just got it :-( :-( :-(
13:52:34LinusNi think we can stop looking for a solution to that
13:53:08LinusNi just managed to create a RLD with the archos firmware as well
13:53:28Bagderwhat usually is claimed not to happen
13:53:37LinusNand people have always claimed that the original firmware didn't have that problem...
13:53:58Bagderperhaps your fix makes it equally hard to make it on both?
13:54:17LinusNhowever, my fix seems to make things better
13:56:57 Join AciD` [0] (
13:59:28pokerjokersee you guys later, thanks again guys
13:59:43*Bagder waves to pokerjoker
13:59:54pokerjokeri will come back to molest you more later today !
14:00:04pokerjokermaybe even teach you some poker, so you can make some easy cash
14:00:07*Bagder stops waiving ;-)
14:01:30 Quit pokerjoker ()
14:26:46c0uttalinus, based on our discussion yesterday there are no changes to the menu_item structure
14:34:19c0uttait's so complicated i can't explain it
14:35:11 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
14:35:15c0uttai keep a static array of the last 10 context/keycode combinations
14:36:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:44:57LinusNi don't get it
14:45:33LinusNkind of a cache?
14:45:35c0uttadifferent menus apply for different contexts
14:45:40c0uttayes, a cache
14:45:52c0uttayou know english better than me!
14:46:20c0uttai don't want to load every context/keycode menu at once
14:46:24c0uttaor should i ?
14:46:38LinusNit depends on the mem footprint
14:50:53c0uttahow will i know ? a simple calc says 10 * ( int + int + 16 * ( int + char[20] + char[64] ) + 1 ) = 13780
14:55:04LinusNhow many context/keycode combos can you think of?
14:56:56c0uttafor f2/f3 there are only 2 contexts each. wps & tree which means 4 combinations = 5512
14:59:06LinusNdoesn't sound too big
14:59:28c0uttachar[20] is the menu description
14:59:38c0uttachar[64] is the setting value
15:00:23c0uttait's a pain not having malloc
15:01:08LinusNi'd say that mostly it's a relief
15:01:20c0uttaa blessing and a curse
15:01:22LinusNno mem leaks to hunt
15:01:31LinusNno out-of-memory situations to handle
15:01:41LinusNno sloppy use of memory
15:01:54c0uttathat's ok if there's unlimited memory
15:02:55c0uttai have it working now, so i need to do some thorough testing
15:05:09dwihnoLinusN: so how is your rld fix testing going?
15:05:28LinusNcommitted a fix, and sent an email to the list about it
15:06:00LinusNwell, the fix isn't 100%, but it did improve my situation
15:06:01dwihnoI keep my fingers crossed.
15:08:17 Join edx{off} [0] (
15:08:55LinusNwell, time to go home
15:09:09 Nick edx{off} is now known as edx{code} (
15:09:16LinusNcu around
15:09:31 Part LinusN
15:10:15 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:14:28 Part Bagder
15:16:18 Join joshn [0] (~joshn@
15:51:49 Join matsl [0] (
16:16:44 Join Lethal|Bert [0] (
16:35:22 Join dwihno_ [0] (~dw@
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16:52:16 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:07:54 Join joshn_ [0] (~joshn@
17:07:54 Quit joshn (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:17:01 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihno (~dw@
17:40:12 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:03:15 Join Quelsaruk [0] (~Swordmast@
18:05:02 Nick edx{code} is now known as edx (
18:07:25Lethal|Berthey :)
18:07:54Lethal|Berti am writing a detailed tutorial on how to convert video files to rvf right now (because i think i finally figured everything out yesterday)
18:08:01QuelsarukLethal|Bert, did you?
18:08:10Quelsaruki tried avisynth
18:08:27Quelsarukand i think is quite powerful
18:09:24Quelsaruki have to *study* the functions, but i think you can make a automatized output avi, so the script controls if you need to change framerate, size.. everything :)
18:09:55Quelsarukyou only need to say the input file, and virtualdub does everything
18:11:00Lethal|Bertthat's cool
18:12:15Quelsarukas you suspected. does the framerate has anything to do with video/audio desyncronization?
18:13:31Lethal|Berti tried a lot of different files and everything
18:13:45Lethal|Bertand i got best results with a framerate of 20,00 without any decimal places
18:13:57Lethal|Berti think this should also work for rates like 25,00
18:14:17Quelsaruki think so
18:14:25Quelsaruki just made one with 25
18:14:44Quelsarukand worked
18:15:34Quelsarukand, it's strange, i can't make virtualdub files work on avitoyuv later on, but, if virtualdub opens a avisynth file (a script) then it works perfectly
18:16:20Quelsarukmaybe a script is the easiest way of reducing the file, for a newbie. well.. if they can read some instructions and just add the file name :)
18:19:21Quelsarukyour experience is needed, to add support to the rvf howto :)
18:19:23 Quit edx ()
18:21:29Lethal|Berti am uploading this at the moment and correcting some english mistakes
18:24:09Lethal|Berton my own webspace first. i want to correct it and have an overview of it
18:24:20Quelsaruksounds good
18:36:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:41:46 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:46:18Lethal|BertQuelsaruk: it's finished so far..
18:46:34Lethal|Bertmaybe i could add some more stuff to the troubleshooting section
18:46:48Lethal|Bertbut i can't think of anything more right now
18:47:52Quelsarukwhich resize do you use?
18:48:06Quelsaruki recomend bilinear resize or even bicubic
18:48:14Quelsarukbut not nearest neighbor
18:48:15Lethal|Bertoooh yeah
18:48:22Lethal|Berti forgot to add that
18:48:29Lethal|Bertill do that really quick
18:52:47Lethal|Bertdamn... have to redo the screenshot as well.. lol
18:53:29Quelsarukbetter to do that
18:54:06Quelsaruki really think about avisynth scripts :)
18:54:31Quelsarukbut that should wait until next week
18:55:42Lethal|Bertokay i have to go for a few. dinner time..
18:56:49Lethal|Berti redid the screenshot and added a line for the filter mode
18:57:13Lethal|Bertif you or anyone should have any use of this tutorial feel free to use it
18:57:16Lethal|Berti'll be back later
18:57:29 Nick Lethal|Bert is now known as Bert^afk (
19:07:02 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:07:04 Part cjnr11
19:20:00 Join Guest [0] (~jirc@
19:20:42 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
19:25:27Quelsarukc0utta, how's your work :)
19:37:19 Quit Bert^afk ("lat0rz")
20:12:49 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:13:05 Part cjnr11
20:14:22Quelsaruktime to go
20:14:26Quelsarukhave a nice weekend!
20:14:32 Quit Quelsaruk ("Leaving")
20:22:16 Join zakk_ [0] (
20:22:47 Join zakk__ [0] (
20:26:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:26:29 Nick zakk_ is now known as midk (
20:28:26 Quit zakk__ ("Leaving")
20:29:32 Quit midk (Remote closed the connection)
20:31:00 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
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20:52:36 Join amiconn [0] (
20:56:12 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:56:16 Part cjnr11
21:02:17 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
21:02:33Neurosupherotsomeone here?
21:04:51midknight2k3i am
21:08:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:11:38 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:22:45 Join Bluechip [0] (
21:23:22Bluechipevnin all
21:23:53Bluechiphye mk, did you ever have a copy of my audio plugin?
21:26:07midknight2k3a while ago, but it was for fm and now only haverecorder
21:26:37Bluechipthe plugin should have worked on both - I was only wondering if it still worked
21:27:14Bluechiplooking for the quick solution ...I shall find time to compile it up again
21:27:46Bluechipbiggest issue is that it does not save it's settings inline with the rest of the firmware
21:28:44Bluechipok -cheers dude
21:32:48Bluechiptoo quiet in here
21:36:16 Join amiconn_ [0] (~jens@
21:43:19*c0utta shouts
21:45:09*midknight2k3 whispers
21:46:27 Quit Neurosupherot ()
21:46:41 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:48:09c0uttaBluechip said it was quiet
21:48:40 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
21:50:51 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{afk} (
21:54:06 Quit amiconn (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:54:06 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (~jens@
21:58:17 Join cjnr112 [0] (
21:58:19 Part cjnr112
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22:56:29 Quit maikeul ("Lost terminal")
23:04:18 Join track [0] (
23:04:48 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
23:10:03 Join Zagor [0] (
23:10:43 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
23:12:06trackhi Zagor
23:12:08trackhi Hardeep
23:13:53Bluechipoohh, the big boys are in ...evenin' gentlemen
23:14:50Bluechipmay i venture to ask if either of you know how to generate a new font using windows freebie software?
23:15:10Bluechipcome to that, as it's a one off, I'd be prepared to keygen something
23:15:45Zagorthe only font editor I know of is pfaedit
23:15:50tracki just like an italic version of Atadore Bluechip
23:16:06Zagorthe cygwin (win32) version is apparently problematic
23:16:23Bluechipyes, I had heard that, although to be honest I have not tried it myself
23:16:30Bluechip"Atadore" huh?
23:16:52Zagorit's a mix between the old atari and commodore fonts
23:17:11 Join cjnr11 [0] (
23:17:15 Part cjnr11
23:17:16Bluechipoh! atadore is a font, not an editor?
23:18:02Bluechipit's ashame, it's pretty much all that's between me and getting the new audio stuff finished - 3000 lines of code waiting for a font - lol
23:18:45Zagorwhat's the new audio stuff?
23:19:17BluechipI did a full blown plugin with % *AND* db scales, LINE OUT mode, full stereo seperation, etc etc
23:19:51Bluechipeach option can be switched to ADVANCED mode for full access to the MAS registers
23:19:56Zagor...and it requires a custom font?
23:20:25BluechipI did it to fit on one screen, which required a new font, Linus suggested that it could not be included unless it had full font support
23:20:42midknight2k3yo bc
23:20:45midknight2k3hey zagor
23:20:46Bluechipwhich means turning my hard-coded font into a "normal" font
23:20:52Bluechiphey mk
23:21:22midknight2k3Zagor, it's really nice :)
23:21:25ZagorBluechip: that still means it won't work until the user loads your special font, doesn't it?
23:21:43Bluechipno, it would not fit on "one screen" without my new font
23:22:15Bluechipeven skeleton Scroll code is in place
23:23:24midknight2k3it's good it's good
23:23:26midknight2k3ok shuts up
23:23:31Bluechipcheers mk ;)
23:23:46midknight2k3saay btw could you help me code this one thing
23:23:48midknight2k3jk :D
23:24:00midknight2k3*butters up bc
23:24:13Zagori bet it's good, but it sounds like it doesn't really fit into the rockbox plugin concept :-)
23:24:53midknight2k3let's link "sound settings" to it
23:25:01midknight2k3and if the plugin is absent we can just use a crappy menu
23:25:31midknight2k3oh i'm gonna try to make a calculator plugin woohoo
23:25:33Bluechipno not really, I think the destination was to use it as the new Sound Settings screen eventually, the code has a bunch of #ifdefs so it will compile as either
23:25:33midknight2k3it will rock
23:26:01midknight2k3just have to think of an interface
23:26:16Zagori don't see us adding a specific "sound settings font" though...
23:26:32Zagoranyway, i'll stop ranting until i see it :-)
23:26:53Bluechipno, that was just because *I* wanted it to fit all on one screen - other like scrolling
23:27:01Zagorah, ok
23:27:37BluechipI'll send the code over if u like?
23:32:08 Join scott666 [0] (
23:38:28ZagorBluechip: i guess i need your modified plugin.[ch] too?
23:38:38midknight2k3i mean
23:38:42midknight2k3i bet so
23:39:56Bluechipahhhhh, it'll be of little use to you as it stands because I haven't compiled it since the major changes that happened over the new year
23:40:29BluechipI'll pull out the few lines you need...
23:41:53Bluechipthink these are them...
23:41:53Bluechip int (*mas_codec_writereg)(int reg, unsigned int val);
23:41:53Bluechip int (*mas_readmem)(int bank, int addr, unsigned long* dest, int len);
23:41:53DBUGEnqueued KICK Bluechip
23:41:53Bluechip int (*mas_writemem)(int bank, int addr, unsigned long* src, int len);
23:42:25Bluechipreadreg is already defined
23:44:34hardeepbtw, here is a pretty good list of font editors/creators:
23:45:10Zagorwhoa. BIG!
23:45:17Bluechipcool - thanks
23:45:32Bluechipthe thanks was aimed at Hardeep :D
23:45:55Bluechip(gotta love asynch comms)
23:46:18trackcan you use any generic font editor to make Rockbox fonts?
23:49:42midknight2k3who died?
23:49:49trackhi midk
23:49:53midknight2k3hi track
23:50:31Zagorrather cryptic icons :)
23:51:02trackMid can you use any generic font editor to make rockbox fonts?
23:51:34BluechipSimple enough to change to your favourite icons ...I must confess, I am now artist - LOL
23:53:00Zagorbut... why the new font? this is no smaller than the system font!?
23:53:28Bluechip!? You sure - I can't believe I missed that! :O
23:53:39midknight2k3it is smaller
23:54:15Zagorsystem font is 8 pixels high = 8 lines of text on screen. same as yours.
23:54:28trackwhat new font?
23:54:40Zagortry "debug->view hw info" for example
23:54:53trackis that where the new font is zag?
23:55:27Bluechipmy font is 6 high
23:55:30 Quit methangas (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
23:55:41Bluechip+1 between lines
23:55:56Zagorwell you still only use 8 lines of text
23:56:13Bluechip+1 for the status bar
23:56:22Bluechipactually, ignore that
23:58:25Bluechipwell if it will fit with an existing font then we have a solution!

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