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#rockbox log for 2004-03-20

00:01:23Bluechipwhat do you think of it as an idea?
00:01:58Zagori like the basic flexibility idea, and having settings shown on the same line as the heading
00:02:07elinenbesome more nice patches coming through!
00:02:18Zagori don't like the icons though. too hard to understand.
00:02:41midknight2k3oh zagor i made icons
00:02:42midknight2k3it was cool
00:02:50midknight2k3i made the mdb screen
00:03:25Zagoryeah well they are cute, but it's hard to understand what they mean
00:03:38Bluechipthat's fair, I suppose they make sense to me because I designed them
00:03:58midknight2k3we could make better ones
00:04:01midknight2k3bc could*
00:04:19Bluechipyeah right
00:04:32Zagorhey, you're a designer now! ;)
00:04:53midknight2k3what are the icon dimensions bc?
00:05:24Bluechipvariable if we need to support different font sizes
00:05:50Bluechipanyways, the main thought was the scaling system I employed for volume mainly
00:05:55Zagorwe don't have to make variable icons for that. just as we don't in the file browser.
00:06:08Bluechipdidn't think abou that!
00:07:04elinenbeZagor: have you ever thought about supporting multiple fonts on one screen or is that not possible at all with the current setup?
00:07:10elinenbeI would love a bold large songname
00:07:24elinenbea small ID3 info and small playlist info...
00:08:00midknight2k3ok bc
00:10:27midknight2k3O YEA
00:11:53Bluechipmmm tea :)
00:15:37Bluechipwhat are your thoughts on the volume scaling algorithm ....given the current topic of conversation on the mailing list
00:20:25Zagorexplain it
00:21:59BluechipEither an "advanced" dB scale or a % scale
00:22:01BluechipNOTE: The percentage (%) scale is NOT a true linear scale. For values 1 ... 69 a linear scale is used to achieve a value in the range -114dB ... -19dB. Values above 69 represent 1dB steps from -18dB ... +12dB. This allows for more user-readable scale, while maintaining greater control and accuracy at higher volumes.
00:24:27Zagori can't say I find the current percent scaling a problem. i think we won't change the percent scale. we might introduce dB though.
00:26:01BluechipThat's cool too - Well if you want to nick any code from it feel free - if the interface and algorithms are both inappropriate there seems little point in developing it further ;)
00:26:48Zagori think the general interface is good in that each line contains the actual value. i just think we should use text labels instead of icons.
00:27:17BluechipI think it rocks, but then I would - I wrote it - LOL
00:27:45Bluechipneed to find an easy way to sew it into the main source easily
00:28:09BluechipI've tried maintaining patches, it's just not worth the time
00:28:47Zagorthe trick is making the patch non-intrusive, so you don't have to keep updating it :-)
00:29:10Bluechipyeah, not really possible with something as fundamental as volume setting
00:29:18Zagorseriously, this think could be a complete replacement for sound_menu.[ch]
00:30:48Bluechipif it would be worth my time, I would happily finish it when I am free, I just don't want to end up in the same boat I was in over the win32sim patch
00:31:41Bluechiphopefully I will have a 3d engine to play with soon :)
00:34:31Bluechipanyways, I have said my thing now, just given the mailing list chat, I wanted to offer my code up for grabs - catch you laters guys :)
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01:29:03BoD[]Hello !
01:29:14diddystar5hey BoD[]
01:31:20BC|afkdiddy mi ole chine - how r u
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02:11:40BCThe wino himself - how hangs life in GUI-ville?
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03:26:50NorrinNice job on 2.2. Do any of you own a Rio Cali by chance?
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12:47:27silencer_hi there
12:47:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:48:31silencer_i've got a serious problem with my JR10 : i can neither turn on it or plug in it... The charge 'jumps' within 2-3 seconds ... Anybody has an idea ?
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13:23:55silencer_even plugging without batteries makes the jukebox 'jumps' ! :(
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13:36:16c0uttau still there silencer ?
13:45:28silencer_i'm trying to charge batteries elsewhere than in the jukebox itself
13:46:07silencer_c0utta: ?
13:48:07c0uttasorry mate - here now
13:48:46c0uttai have a jbr6 and have similar issues
13:48:49silencer_have you ever experiment such a problem ?
13:49:01silencer_and ?...
13:49:12c0uttahave you every taken your JB apart ?
13:49:25silencer_what do you mean ?
13:49:47c0uttahave you ever disassembled your JBR ?
13:50:06silencer_but i plan to
13:50:11silencer_(changing hard drive)
13:50:15c0uttahmm. there are issues with the electrical contacts
13:50:32silencer_just contacts ?
13:50:47c0uttawhat happens when you press on the top and bottom of the JBR >\
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13:51:32silencer_mmmm it seems that nothing happens
13:52:05silencer_is your problem was with charging only ?
13:52:23silencer_because i guerss my batteries are off, so that can be a charging only problem for me
13:52:26c0uttano, my problems are with charging and playing
13:52:37c0uttasometime it works - sometimes not
13:52:52silencer_not very funny!
13:53:20c0uttathe electrical contacts may need to be resoldered
13:53:20silencer_as i have not yet tested with charged batteries I can't say if it is the same problem
13:53:30silencer_is it old ?
13:53:37c0utta2.5 years
13:54:01silencer_mine should be almost the same
13:54:23c0uttai have disassembled previously and resoldered the "end" boards
13:54:23silencer_ageing is terrible!
13:54:35silencer_the boards at top and bottom ?
13:54:37c0uttait is these boards that make the electrical contact for the 4 batteries
13:55:15c0uttathe problem is that the battery springs force the top and bottom boards
13:55:22c0uttathis can cause the solder to break
13:55:41silencer_i used to have a JBS6 and i had contacts problems as weel (i had to press strongly sometimes)
13:56:06c0uttai do not solder very well :(
13:56:19c0uttai must do it again soon
13:56:58silencer_well anyway thanks for telling your case
13:57:38c0uttaif charged batteries do not sdolve your problem, the i would suggest that you need to resolder
13:57:56silencer_i see yes ...
13:58:49c0uttai hope not :)
13:59:17silencer_btw, do you know if upgrading from a hard drive 10Recorder to a 20Studio is possible (i guess it is, but is it designed for ?)
13:59:44silencer_(keeping the Recorder screen and environnement)
14:01:59c0uttathe 10 Recorder and 20Studio are completely differenmt AFAIK
14:02:37c0uttayou could upgrade the hard drive - any 9.5mm latop drive will suffice
14:02:55c0uttaRockbocx does not supprt the Studio
14:03:17silencer_yes, but upgrading the hard drive is possible ?
14:04:52c0uttayou want to upgrade the hard drive in a Studio ?
14:07:01silencer_no, upgrade my Recorder inside (from its original HD to a Studio 20 one)
14:07:52c0uttai understand - you want to remove the hard drive from a studio 20 and put it into a recorder 10
14:08:15c0uttathis should be OK - any 9.5mm laptop hard drive will be ok
14:09:49silencer_all right
14:17:42 Join x-snoopy [0] (
14:18:37x-snoopyHELP I need help . I have an error in my recorder 20.
14:20:53silencer_what kind of error ?
14:21:39x-snoopyI could read "panic ata -71"
14:21:59silencer_is your disk formatted in FAT32 ?
14:22:51silencer_i can't help you (i'm just a user like you) :(
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20:25:29elah11anyone here?
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20:58:16c0uttaelah, yes
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22:32:37Ouphedoes anyone know if there already is a modified OS for the gmini 220?
22:33:04Ouphecouldn' t find anything on google
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22:40:34elahhello again
22:41:18elahis there an easy way to low level format the archos player?
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22:58:16deadite66i don't think you can do a low level via usb
22:58:36deadite66at least i've never heard of anyone doing it
22:59:20elahit'd be interesting if someone makes a pluggin to do so
22:59:44elahi havent turned my player on in a while
22:59:55elahso i'm getting errors all over the place
23:01:46 Join LinusN [200] (
23:02:26LinusNelah: a low-level format is very rarely needed
23:02:42LinusNwhat kind of errors do you get?
23:08:01 Part LinusN
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