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#rockbox log for 2004-03-21

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07:21:45midknight2k3any idea why i'm getting uclpack errors?
07:29:55midknight2k3ttyl all
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10:32:07Neurosupherotsomenoe here?
10:32:14Neurosupherotanyone here can help me?
10:36:00c0utta{afk}yes, i'm here
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10:48:34Neurosupherotive tried to transfomr a picture with gimp
10:48:42Neurosupherot1 bit, monochrome
10:48:57Neurosupherotbut bmp2rb.exe dont work again
10:49:05[1]c0uttai've never used gimp :(
10:49:11Neurosupheroti dont know how to convert pÓctures
10:49:23Neurosupherotdo u already used bmp2rb?
10:49:28[1]c0uttai know that bmp2rb.exe is very fussy
10:50:48Neurosupherotdo you have any documentation about it?
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10:58:58Neurosupherotdo u already uised bmp2rb?
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13:18:54c0uttal o
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18:50:05Doggerhi all
18:50:51Doggerhows it going?
18:52:16Doggeranyone know much on the mas here?
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18:52:40top_blokenot me
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19:32:56top_blokeyo mid
19:33:22top_blokei updated my rockbox!
19:33:33midknight2k3uh, yay
19:33:47top_blokeproudly running a daily-20040312 build
19:33:57midknight2k3uh that's way old
19:34:05midknight2k3oh wait
19:34:19top_blokethats brand NEW
19:34:25midknight2k3i know
19:34:28midknight2k3i said nm
19:34:38midknight2k3i thought it was like 4/20/04
19:35:03top_blokei put in all these changes
19:35:07top_blokeman it was hard
19:35:13midknight2k3like what
19:35:18top_blokea lot
19:35:31top_blokeand i finally put in shuffle in the playlist viewer
19:36:14top_blokeand a button to move a file after the one youre playing
19:37:32top_blokewhats the diff b/w quee and add
19:38:41top_blokeit takes the file youre pointing at in the playlist viewer and moves it to 1 spot after whats playing
19:39:12midknight2k3code it yourself
19:39:24top_blokeit was hardcore
19:39:34top_blokei stayed up coding it
19:40:31top_blokeand then i was so happy wheni did it
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21:15:56Doggerhi Zagor
21:16:15Doggeryou know about mas right?
21:16:59Zagorit's not dma??? that's odd, that's the only thing that *is* dma on the old models :-)
21:17:11Doggerits strange
21:17:20Dogger8 gio lines go direct to the mas
21:17:25Doggerdata lines I mean
21:17:35DoggerI havent found the code yet, and cant find the other control lines
21:17:48Doggerbut at the moment, looks like its done in software over that
21:17:58Zagorhow silly
21:18:04Doggeryeah seems odd to me
21:18:15Doggerperhaps they couldnt work out how to fix the mas to the chips dma
21:18:26Doggerata is all thats done via dma on av300 it seems
21:18:30Doggerapart from sdram of course
21:18:50DoggerI've got the mp3 decoder to run,
21:18:58Doggerbut still cant quite get to send it data
21:19:08Doggerhey! I found the wav decoding code the other day ;)
21:19:17Doggeryou have to upload dsp code to the mas chip
21:19:20DoggerI found the dsp code
21:19:32Doggershouldn't be too hard I dont think
21:19:44Doggeralthough legalities of using the dsp code might get in the way
21:20:12Doggeralthough if you just tell people where to get the dsp code,
21:20:15Zagorcan be worked around by making an extractor, thus using the code shipped by archos
21:20:16Doggerlike how to extract it,
21:20:21Doggerthen they can build it themself
21:20:40Doggerwould be cool to get wav playback working
21:20:49Doggerwma is done via the main dsp though
21:20:57Doggerthen I think its sent to the mas as a wav
21:21:12Doggeryeah not very nice
21:21:27Doggerdid you see I got tv out working
21:21:52Zagorcan you control the cpu clocking, or otherwise affect power use?
21:21:54Doggerhandy that archos included a memory peek in their serial interface ;)
21:22:08 Quit Lethal|Bert ("lat0rz")
21:22:12Doggeryes as far as I know you can do power save on the cpu, and on the dsp as well
21:22:30Doggerthen obviously you have backlight brightness (not worked out yet), and ata power down
21:23:09Doggergot a compact flash to pcmcia converter
21:23:25Doggertried using it on the av300, but am not sure its pumping out enough power for the ethernet card
21:23:37Doggerthe card doesnt seem to get power
21:23:47Doggerprolly a shot in the dark really at this stage ;)
21:23:57Doggerthat stuff is done in a CPLD though
21:24:00Doggerwhich is a right pain
21:24:05Doggerall proprietory
21:24:10Doggerand doesn't seem very good either
21:24:27Doggerif you read certain memory addresses used to control the cpld the unit just shuts down
21:25:06Doggeroh did you try 0.6e bootloader by the way?
21:25:32Doggerseems to work, havent had any bugs yet... apart from a lamer who said 'when I select a video from the bootloader it doesnt play!'
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21:40:18Zagori haven't tried it yet. only seen it on your page.
21:43:26Doggerk makes development easier with the usb mode and return from apps to bootloader
21:43:44 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
21:45:18Doggernon dma mas is a pain tho. gonna use up some cpu cycles :(
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21:55:25silencer_does the spoken menus function works (can work, even if not finished) in the latest daily build ?
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22:09:53[IDC]DragonZagor, u there?
22:16:06elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: nice work on the patches... however I do not get voices in the top menu.
22:16:24elinenbeI will pull the latest CVS and try that and then get back to you.
22:16:31elinenbewith the lastest english.voice
22:16:32[IDC]DragonI'd like to find out why
22:16:41elinenbeI think that file should be zipped on your server too...
22:17:03[IDC]Dragonno, it won't compress well
22:17:24 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:17:25[IDC]Dragonand a transmission error is very unlikely
22:17:44elinenbethen put a .par file there or a .sfv file... just so you can be sure.
22:17:59[IDC]Dragonthat's paranoid
22:18:08[IDC]Dragonnot done for any other
22:18:12elinenbeI guess but you never know.
22:18:24[IDC]Dragonabout the symptom:
22:18:38[IDC]Dragonis it just the top entries missing,
22:18:45[IDC]Dragonor also the tree below?
22:18:49elinenbelet me check again and get back to you...
22:18:51elinenbehold on.
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22:21:28mattzzHi Joerg
22:21:56CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 50 minutes at the last flood
22:21:56*mattzz just switched desktops
22:22:29diddystar5hi mattzz
22:22:47mattzzAny chance for my mandelbrot plugin to make it into CVS?
22:22:52mattzzhi diddystar5
22:22:58diddystar5humm i have no more creativity for rockbox ever since my jukebox died :(
22:23:04Zagor[IDC]Dragon: here now
22:24:11Zagormattzz: sure, your plugin can go in cvs. someone just needs to check it first :-)
22:24:39mattzzZagor: OK, I feel better now ;-)
22:25:43 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
22:26:44hardeepZagor: is stack size really all that important for the create_playlist() function? It's called from the main thread which has 8k of stack space. Debug menu shows that it uses about 25% leave ~6k.
22:27:06elinenbe1.200.225 should be the size of the english.voice file and that should be in the .rockbox dir −− right?
22:27:07hardeepthat's like 20 recursions assuming stack usage of 300 per call
22:27:08Zagorhardeep: how deep is your deepest level?
22:27:14hardeepis my math wrong somewhere?
22:27:41[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: in .rockbox/langs/
22:27:44elinenbehardeep: what are you working on?
22:27:56elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: okay −− let me try...
22:28:10hardeepwe can even cap the levels to 10... who really has a directory structure larger than that
22:28:16Zagorno you're right. i'm just being paranoid about it. we should rewrite it to work with a single buffer anyway. someone is bound to cause a stack overflow otherwise.
22:28:22hardeepelinenbe: absolutely nothing. :)
22:28:34[IDC]DragonZagor: you also get that no-voice bug at the top menu?
22:29:14[IDC]DragonI's like to find out why, can't reproduce
22:29:33Zagorany suggestions?
22:30:05[IDC]Dragondo you gdb?
22:31:13Zagornot the recorder, i'm afraid
22:31:35 Join cjnr11 [0] (
22:31:38[IDC]Dragondoes it appear on a Player, too?
22:31:39 Part cjnr11
22:32:10Zagori haven't tried it. my player's charger is busted, so it's always out of batteries :-)
22:32:22DoggerZagor: quick question about mas, sorry couldnt find it in the code..... Once I've told the mas to start the mp3 decoder app, and verified its started, do I then just need to send it data, or do I need to tell the mas anything else?
22:32:50Dogger(i've done the codec setup, config setup etc)
22:33:23elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I just tested it... Top menus work, but the FFwd/Rewind menu does not talk (just the top menu) −− the items in that menu speak
22:33:27ZagorDogger: i don't know, actually. linus wrote nearly all the mas code, and i haven't looked much at it.
22:33:34Doggerah ok np
22:34:08Zagorexcept that we of course don't send it any data...
22:34:27[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: are you running a bleeding edge buils or such?
22:34:42DoggerZagor: you just tell DMA to?
22:34:43elinenbebleeding edge −− just pulled the latest CVS
22:34:48ZagorDogger: yup
22:34:49elinenbe10 minutes ago.
22:34:58DoggerZagor: damn you! Wish av300 was that simple lol
22:35:34 Quit dwihno (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:35:50[IDC]Dragonelinenbe> [IDC]Dragon: I just tested it... Top menus work, but the FFwd/Rewind menu does not talk
22:36:04 Join z35 [0] (
22:36:05[IDC]DragonI get that, too, probably a missing ID
22:36:27 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:36:34diddystar5is it possible to compress an iso image?
22:36:41 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
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22:38:40[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: yep, voice entry was missing
22:39:38Zagordiddystar5: sure. an iso is uncompressed.
22:40:56diddystar5Zagor: ok thanks i will try with a rar
22:41:07elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: where are you getting the voices from?
22:41:20 Quit dwihno_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:41:29[IDC]Dragona TTS program called TextAloud
22:41:50elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: I was just wondering how hard it would be to auto-build the lang.voice as part of the build?
22:42:15[IDC]Dragonnot hard
22:43:06[IDC]Dragonwith some homebrewn tools, it's currently a matter of a few batch files and running TextAloud
22:43:39Zagor[IDC]Dragon: did you get a license for those at&t voices?
22:43:50Zagoror what was that all about?
22:51:15 Quit methangas (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
22:52:17[IDC]Dragonno debugging any more today, I'm afraid. Have to say goodnight!
22:52:44 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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23:31:13hardeephmmm, firmware size is inching it's way back to 200k
23:31:16 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:32:25Zagori guess we could move some of the recording code to a plugin
23:40:43hardeepwell, it's probably not urgent unless [IDC]Dragon decides to add that 3d graphics engine =)
23:41:15hardeepZagor: Do you have any problems with the nested playlist idea? I was going to go over the patch to make sure everything looks good
23:41:15Zagorthe new unicode/utf8 support could add some size though.
23:41:21 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:41:45Zagori don't quite remember the concept. you don't have a mail archive link?
23:46:58amiconnZagor, hardeep: I had an idea recently to get the recording code a bit smaller...
23:49:06Zagorhardeep: that's a rather complex design. remind me why we need nested playlists again...?
23:52:54hardeepZagor: it actually sounds more complicated then it really is. I wouldn't say we need nested playlists but it's convenient to have when trying to group multiple playlists together.
23:53:52hardeepit's also handy when inserting playlists into the dynamic playlists... we would no longer have to write out every track from the playlist
23:53:58Zagorhave you read the code yet? how is he loading playlists? it seems to me there'll be a lot of swapping back and forth, or some sort of memory alloction scheem
23:54:44hardeepit's actually pretty clean.... he just recursively loads the playlists as they arrive
23:54:48hardeepstoring the indices

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