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#rockbox log for 2004-03-22

00:00:55hardeepwell, one reason would be if you modify the playlists every now and then... you would only have to modify one as opposed to several
00:01:09hardeepit's also easier to identify exactly what's in the playlist
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00:04:22Zagori'd like some more opinions from the mailing list. my current opinion is that the added functionality is not worth the added complexity
00:05:59hardeepsure, makes sense. I'll still go over the patch to make sure everything is good.
00:06:30hardeepbtw, there was a bit of discussion about this last year:
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00:08:26Zagorah, thanks
00:08:30ILuvithi guys
00:11:39ILuvithas anyone noticed a bug with the vu meter when you go from playing the radio to playing a mp3 on the FM rec ?
00:12:01Zagornot me, I have no radio :)
00:12:44ILuviteven when the mp3 is pasused the meter keep going
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03:06:46midkhey it's pokerjoker
03:08:01pokerjokerhey man howsit goin
03:08:10midknot bad
03:08:13pokerjokerrecording stuff on my recorder
03:08:25pokerjokeraudiobooks. Lolita by Nabokov
03:08:46pokerjokerever heard of it
03:09:01midklol no
03:09:13 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
03:09:58pokerjokerits about a grown man who takes after his 12 year old step daughter. really rancid stuff !
03:10:09midkah, never would have guessed
03:10:11midkthanks though
03:10:20midk*runs to download
03:10:23pokerjokerhe has sex with her
03:10:40pokerjokertheres a movie too, called Lolita. actually the first one was directed by Kubrick
03:11:06pokerjokerok heheh. sorry to bother you guys. whats new with rockbox?
03:12:11pokerjokerwhat do you think about teh archos multimedia jukebox?
03:12:29midki actually just got an av320
03:14:07pokerjokeryou like it
03:14:15midkit's very cute
03:14:33midkinstead of hearing your audiobook you can watch the movie
03:14:40pokerjokerhow much did you pay for it
03:14:53midkit cost $500 at bestbuy....
03:14:59midkthat was after a $50 rebate
03:15:36pokerjokerman i have a question for ya, dont call me stupid. but its about DVD-R
03:15:50pokerjokeri just bought a 4x DVD burner, what can i do with it? Copy movies?
03:16:21midkget this:
03:16:57midkthen you can burn copies. or if it is too big and compressed by too much you can re author it and toss out the junk like extra features and different audio tracks
03:21:28pokerjokerthank you sir
03:25:22pokerjokerso the quality will still be really good?
03:26:00midkshould be
03:26:16midkif the compression goes over 80%, i'd recommend tossing subtitles or even extra features
03:26:23midkbest part is that you can pick what you want to keep
03:26:23pokerjokeroh k
03:26:32pokerjokeri cant seem to download it...
03:26:56pokerjokeroh wait i think i got it
03:29:11pokerjokerhow old are you man
03:30:53midkuh, 13
03:30:59midkwell let's say 14
03:37:16pokerjokerso, you spend all your time with computers and shit
03:39:46midkhmm, yeah
03:50:15pokerjokerwhat about girls
03:52:57midkhmm what're those? :_
03:53:20pokerjokergirls, are this evil race of subhumans that make your life a living hell
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04:21:52pokerjokercomputer shut down
04:24:43pokerjokerwe were talking about girls
04:24:54pokerjokeryou like girls?
04:26:08midknight2k3very much
04:26:18pokerjokerdo girls like you
04:26:35midknight2k3they are very attracted
04:27:50pokerjokergirls like you? wow. maybe you could give me some pointers...
04:28:20midknight2k3act cool
04:28:23midknight2k3and erm
04:28:26midknight2k3be nice
04:28:42pokerjokercool. nice. ok
04:28:52pokerjokerbut if they get out of line, slap em, right?
04:28:54midknight2k3cool and nice
04:28:57midknight2k3of course
04:29:01midknight2k3twice, if you can
04:29:12pokerjokerjust hard enough to let them know i love em
04:30:07pokerjokeryeah. cool. nice. POW. got it.
04:30:59pokerjokeryou arent 13 are you
04:31:00midknight2k3that's about it
04:31:06midknight2k3and say "hi" every second
04:31:11pokerjokeryou just say that, because you think im an Archos goon
04:31:18midknight2k3ar4chos goon hahaha
04:31:22midknight2k3no i'm not
04:31:26midknight2k3more like 13.8
04:35:30pokerjokerand already good with the girls. lucky you.
04:35:40midknight2k3they all love me
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04:38:42pokerjokerhow old are the girls you date
04:38:52midknight2k3like 4
04:38:56midknight2k3sometimes 6
04:39:39pokerjokergotta start somewhere, i guess
04:46:59midknight2k3don't be so sadistic.
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06:05:54scott666_what up
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06:05:59midknight2k3i got an idea
06:06:05midknight2k3do me a favor
06:06:26midknight2k3go into paint, make a file that's 42x11px and make a B&W pic on it
06:06:29midknight2k3then i can put it on my watch
06:06:45midknight2k3you can do it
06:08:39scott666thats way small
06:08:54midknight2k3it blows up big
06:08:57midknight2k3use zoom
06:09:01midknight2k3zoom to 800%
06:09:03midknight2k3and show grid
06:09:06midknight2k3a lot easier
06:10:39scott666ok im done
06:10:54midknight2k3save as monochrome bmp
06:10:56midknight2k3and send it to me
06:12:26midknight2k3stick around
06:15:57midknight2k3lol nice
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06:18:26midkgot it
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06:26:45midkis that that thing called sarcasm
06:33:16midkbye all
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10:11:22c0uttau there linus ?
10:14:32LinusNnow i am
10:15:37c0uttai have received a few requests for FN functionality - mainly playlist/bookmark related
10:16:26c0uttado cfg files store recording settings ?
10:18:59c0uttai also received: I would like to have quick recording in the F keys, including a separate one
10:19:00c0uttafor FM
10:19:21c0uttawhat is "quick recording" ?
10:19:29LinusNi have no idea
10:19:38LinusNmaybe start recording at once
10:19:53LinusNinstead of entering the recording screen and then plress play
10:20:01LinusNlike in the fm screen
10:20:12c0uttadon't have an fm, so wouldn't know
10:21:39c0uttai'd like your opinion...
10:22:08c0uttaoriginally i modified the functions in settings_menu.c to allow the passing of a setting
10:22:39c0uttai now believe it would be better to provide "wrapper" functions in action.c that parse the setting
10:23:22LinusNbecause you want different types of arguments?
10:23:43c0uttano, i would like to leave settings_menu intact
10:23:56c0uttabut different arguments is a good thought too
10:24:08LinusNtake recording for example
10:24:23LinusNwould be nice to set the source, bitrate etc in the cfg file
10:24:29LinusN"record from line-in"
10:25:24LinusNbut it would be a lot of work to have a separate argument parser for each action
10:25:39c0uttayou would need to modify recording_screen() to accept the parameters, correct ?
10:26:22LinusNfm radio has its own recording screen
10:26:23c0uttaof the parameter could just be the cfg file
10:26:38LinusNthe cfg file?
10:27:07c0uttathe cfg file with just the source, bitrate etc
10:27:36LinusNyou mean a separate cfg file in addition to the keyconfig file?
10:27:53LinusNwhen i said cfg file earlier i meant the keyconfig file
10:28:05c0uttai understand...
10:28:33c0uttabut those parameters could just be in a .cfg file too
10:29:04LinusNyes, but the you would need a lot of files...
10:29:56c0uttaonly if you recorded at many different bitrates from different sources :)
10:30:28LinusNyes, but i can imagine other actions that would want arguments
10:30:46LinusNlike "set volume" for example
10:31:11c0uttai've already done that one :)
10:31:24c0uttaload cfg
10:31:38c0uttathe list goes on and on
10:31:51LinusNmaybe recording is the only special case, but i doubt it
10:32:22c0uttado you think the wrapper idea is OK ?
10:33:10LinusNwell, it is probably the only way of solving the argument problem completely
10:33:40c0uttaincoming e-mail containing action.c
10:35:56LinusNgot it
10:36:27LinusNwhat TAB size do you use?
10:36:56LinusNsetting tab size to anything else than 8 is a crime, imho
10:37:03LinusNusing tab is a crime too :-)
10:37:29c0uttaspaces are preferred ?
10:37:57LinusNindeed, especially if tab-size != 8
10:38:14c0uttasetting tab size to anything else than 3 is a crime
10:38:17***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:38:33c0uttamake "if" and "do" line up nicely
10:38:51LinusNtab size is not the same as indentation
10:40:00c0uttajust read:
10:40:07c0uttatabs are now off
10:40:42c0uttai treat tab size the same as indentation
10:40:53c0uttawhat's the difference ?
10:41:08LinusNi used to do that too, when i was young and ignorant... :-)
10:41:30c0uttai'm older than you (i think)
10:41:48LinusNi'm 35
10:41:54c0uttame too
10:42:31c0uttasee the wrappers at the bottom of action.c ?
10:42:37LinusNusing TAB is a no-no, because many applications, especially printers, have a default tab size of 8
10:43:02LinusNand setting tab to something else that 8 screws up the formatting
10:43:21c0uttawho prints source code ?
10:43:27LinusNif you use space you are certain that it will look ok in all cases
10:43:37LinusNi rarely print source code
10:44:06LinusNlet's say that you want to view your code in a browser
10:44:35c0uttai understand your point
10:44:47c0uttai've seen the light!
10:44:49LinusNi see the wrapper
10:45:17pokerjokerhi guys
10:45:17LinusNi think you should accept "+XX" and -"XX" too
10:45:21LinusNpokerjoker: hi
10:45:33pokerjokeri agree with linus, i wouldnt accept anything less
10:45:57c0uttai agree - i've been thinking about that too
10:46:26 Join GuestBarry [0] (
10:46:28c0uttaespecially when i remap the UP key in WPS
10:46:42*c0utta hides from linus
10:48:00GuestBarryhowdy, quick recording would be cool, add to favorites too 8^]
10:48:00c0uttahi pokerjoker
10:48:24c0uttaanother "quick recording"
10:48:39c0uttalinus and i want to know what "quick recording" actually means ?!@
10:48:46LinusNGuestBarry: quick recording, as "record from line-in, quality 7, sampling rate 22500"?"
10:48:48GuestBarryu bet, just make ur life difficult ;-p
10:49:20GuestBarryprefer mic
10:49:29LinusNjust an example
10:49:43LinusNor would "record using the current settings" do?
10:49:57GuestBarryyeah, current
10:50:02c0uttaor use a .cfg file ?
10:50:18pokerjokerwhat is quick recording
10:50:19LinusNusing a cfg file would have disadvantages
10:50:37pokerjokerok oh i just now understand
10:50:39LinusNsince it would have to spin up the disk to read the cfg file
10:50:50LinusNthus delaying the recording
10:51:44GuestBarrycould quick record stop the current playing song and start recording then resume playing song when done ?
10:51:58LinusNGuestBarry: theoretically yes
10:52:43GuestBarryc0utta: does that help explain ?
10:52:57pokerjokeri saw a multimedia 20 sell on ebay today for 150 bucks
10:53:22GuestBarry'quick start recording' might be a better name for it
10:54:00GuestBarryMM20 with modules too?
10:54:47GuestBarrysee Gmini v1 is now only $200 at C.C.
10:56:15c0uttaGuestBarry, yes
10:56:32GuestBarry20G pods still r 400, must still be in high demand
10:56:34c0uttalinus, i keep forgetting about disk spin up
10:56:49c0uttabut, in the recording sense the disk will spin up anyway
10:57:15LinusNwe recently added a nice feature that delays the disk spinup until it actually wants to save to disk
10:57:37LinusNso short mic recordings won't pick up the disk noise
10:57:41c0uttaisn't that < 1 minute of recording on a 4mb
10:58:35LinusNquality 0 should be longer
10:59:08c0uttaso, you need to do some changes to recording_screen() linus
11:01:41GuestBarrythat was a sweet add, got like 1:20min record without disk noise using mic / Q5 / 44k
11:16:47pokerjokerhey when i record with a mic, it sounds weird
11:17:13pokerjokeryeah its just in the Left speaker
11:17:21pokerjokeror maybe thats the right speaker
11:18:00pokerjokerwhen i have it set for line in
11:18:33LinusNok, external mic
11:18:53LinusNmono mic?
11:20:23pokerjokeroh maybe i didnt change it to mono
11:20:26pokerjokeri was using external
11:20:38pokerjokeri will retry that sometime and get back to you
11:21:44LinusNpokerjoker: remember, "record with a mic" means the internal mic for us developers
11:24:25LinusNalso remember that when you set he recording settings to "mono", only the left channel is recorded
11:24:35 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{code} (
11:24:53LinusNor the right, it seems some recorders are incorrectly wired
11:31:56 Quit hardeep ("[BX] I theenk I need a beeger box!")
11:37:32pokerjokerbrb. reboot
11:37:35 Quit pokerjoker ()
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11:47:03pokerjokerok im back
11:49:16pokerjokeryou miss me
11:51:36 Join AciD` [0] (
11:55:15GuestBarryabout what is the least expensive mic i can find to work with JBR ?
11:55:39pokerjokerdo you want one you can just pin on your collar
11:55:52pokerjokercause those are really cheap, the small ones
11:56:07GuestBarrycheap is all i care ;-)
11:56:34GuestBarrythey don't need to be amp'd ?
11:58:09pokerjokernot the little ones. what are you going to record?
11:58:28pokerjokerlike if you record speech, like a class at school, then thats all you need
12:00:32pokerjokeryeah you can find those anywhere.
12:00:53pokerjokerhell, u might even be able to get some of those crappy ones people hook up to their cellphones and hook it up to the archos
12:01:51GuestBarrycrappy might be ok
12:04:17pokerjokeryeah, if i had one, i would want it to be invisible !
12:04:20pokerjokeror small
12:05:50pokerjokerhow much money you spending on this?
12:07:05 Nick c0utta{code} is now known as c0utta{zzZZ} (
12:17:45GuestBarry$0 if I go dumpster diving
12:17:54GuestBarrybut maybe $20 ?
12:17:56pokerjokermaybe go to dollar tree
12:18:01pokerjokerlike only a dollar
12:18:13pokerjokerand see if those cellphone mic's will work..
12:18:21pokerjokercause i was thinking about doing that myself, see...
12:18:45pokerjokerjust to get the mic away from the JB so you dont get that scratching HD noise at the beginning
12:20:30pokerjokersome earphones even double as mics
12:20:39GuestBarryyeah, it is a bit annoying to wait that 10sec. for noise to go away b4 pressing Rec.
12:21:01GuestBarry*more like 5sec.
12:27:37LinusNyou won't get that spinup if you have the recording dir set to "current"
12:28:17GuestBarryooh, good tip!
12:28:23 Quit pokerjoker (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:29:03GuestBarryhope that's in the manual (if it ever arrives ;-p)
12:29:15GuestBarry*new manual
12:29:42 Join pokerjoker [0] (
12:30:01pokerjokerhow do u set the recording dir?
12:30:07LinusNGuestBarry: we'll get rid of that spinup too
12:31:08LinusNpokerjoker: recording settings
12:31:13GuestBarrypj: Recording/Recording Settings/Directory
12:32:10GuestBarrykinda hid at the bottom
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12:50:26pokerjokerhmm mine dont have it ! what version do i need
12:50:40pokerjokeri got a build from a couple weeks ago
12:52:02LinusNu sure?
12:52:18LinusNit's last in the list of recording settings
12:52:27LinusNyou have to scroll of course
12:52:49LinusNso if you have the croll bar turned off it's not entirely obvious
13:04:02pokerjokerthe last thing i have is time split
13:04:33pokerjokerquality, freq., source, channels, ind.frames and time split
13:06:03GuestBarrytime to install a new daily
13:06:20pokerjokerthe things i do for you guys !
13:12:45pokerjokerok brb
13:16:17 Part pokerjoker
13:16:44GuestBarryi think i'd like a quick function for 'remove from playlist'
13:21:58 Join pokerjoker [0] (
13:22:10pokerjokerok it works now. say, whats your fav font?
13:26:22LinusNi mostly use the default
13:26:40 Quit pokerjoker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:35:43GuestBarryhmm...this new daily stops playing when i enter into volume menu
13:39:31LinusNyes, the talking menu code broke it
13:39:38LinusNwill fix
13:44:24LinusNfixed, thanks for reporting
13:45:38GuestBarrynp, but didn't u already know
13:47:35LinusNi checked when you wrote about it
13:48:12GuestBarryooh, that's service !
13:51:31GuestBarrycool, AVS seems to be working sooner/quicker
13:51:31 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:09:31GuestBarry*AV decay
14:10:40GuestBarrybut could be just an effect of using phones right now instead of usual car-input
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23:18:57amiconnHi [IDC]Dragon! I'm not very alert today...
23:19:22 Quit joshn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:19:23[IDC]Dragonhi Jens, me neither
23:19:32*doughecka waves
23:19:59Bagderseen that I guess
23:20:06Bagder"Archos reveals the AV500 at CeBIT 2004"
23:20:28[IDC]DragonAhh, they made it official now?
23:20:44[IDC]DragonI was asked not to talk about it.
23:21:13amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I've just prepared a first optimized ata write loop (in C still). Not tested yet, but for writing, the compiler produces better code than for reading.
23:22:25[IDC]Dragonamiconn: throughput before/after?
23:22:50amiconn[23:21] <amiconn> [IDC]Dragon: ... Not tested yet...
23:23:07[IDC]DragonBagder: I've "played" with that box
23:23:20 Join Zxcvb [0] (
23:23:26Bagderany nice in real life?
23:23:39 Part doughecka
23:23:46[IDC]Dragonit's really nice, runs Qt
23:23:50Zxcvbhow does rockbox compare to the archos video (av300 series) units?
23:24:03Bagder[IDC]Dragon: cool indeed
23:24:09[IDC]Dragonhas 2 USB ports, device and a real host
23:25:06[IDC]DragonI think the info about screen resolution is wrong
23:25:07BagderZxcvb: the av300 plays proper video in colour, rockbox plays almost-video in faked greyscale with no resolution ;-)
23:25:22[IDC]DragonI thought it's the same as the AV3x0
23:25:39Zxcvbalmost video?
23:25:47Bagderwell, it _is_ video
23:26:01Bagderjust not comparable to what the av300 series can do
23:26:15Bagderrockbox runs on much more inferior hardware
23:26:41Zxcvbmore like the hasbro videonow?
23:27:28BagderI don't know what that is
23:28:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I'm going to prepare a speed test plugin which will copy a file and time the reading & writing separately (will rip your test_mp3 for that)
23:28:05Zxcvba little black and white video player for kids, uses it'
23:28:11Zxcvbuses it's own discs though
23:28:25[IDC]Dragonamiconn: you're more than welcome ;)
23:28:56BagderZxcvb: the archos models Rockbox run on are great for playing mp3 on, not for video
23:29:32Zxcvbyeah, I figured
23:29:52 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:31:08Zxcvbalso curious how long it would take the built in CPU to convert a 3 minute ogg to mp3
23:32:29BagderZxcvb: a long time
23:32:59diddystar5like 5 hours? :)
23:33:16diddystar5(im not saying its 5 hours just my guess)
23:33:41Zxcvb12MHz, right?
23:33:56Bagder11 on recorders
23:34:45Zxcvbah, so I assume video on a recorder would be palm like
23:34:54diddystar5Bagder, i dont understand why players have 12 mhx and recorders have 11.09... why?
23:34:57Zxcvbold palm that is
23:35:22Bagderdiddystar5: I don't know either, Archos decided to make them this way
23:36:00 Join LinusN [200] (
23:36:11LinusNi think i have an explanation for the clock frequencies
23:36:25Bagdera lurker!
23:36:29Zxcvbrvf uses mp3 for audio so it can use the hardware decoder, right?
23:36:44LinusNZxcvb: yes
23:38:07LinusNthe 11.0592 MHz frequency is perfect for dividing to 115200bps rs232
23:38:45diddystar5but like who would use rc232?
23:38:48LinusNso i think they chose it to be able to download code faster when developing with a serial debugger
23:38:49Bagderindeed a probable cause
23:39:12diddystar5i see
23:39:26[IDC]DragonHi Linus!
23:39:27LinusNstill, they could have used 12mhz for the production models
23:39:33LinusN[IDC]Dragon: hi
23:39:50diddystar533 mhz would be better :)
23:40:04MTconsume more power
23:40:07LinusNgotta leave the keyboard for a moment
23:40:13*[IDC]Dragon still wonders why the framesync is not working
23:41:23Zxcvbrockbox sounds better than 16 grayscale at 80x80 resolution
23:50:17 Quit Bagder ("")
23:52:09 Join track [0] (
23:54:40 Join c0utta [0] (

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