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#rockbox log for 2004-03-24

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03:03:35FrihetYes, Frihet.
03:04:03FrihetJust dropped in to see what was happening.
03:05:14FrihetHello. I must say, I'm really enjoying my Rocbox FMR
03:05:23FrihetCan't type
03:06:35FrihetI just put the latest build on −− listening to Hayden Organ Concerto
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04:35:12NorrinA little help please. Just flashed the newest CVS. It says HINT: You're not using the latest bootloader. A full reflash is recommended, but not required.
04:35:15NorrinCan I fix this at this time?
04:35:46midkif you wish
04:36:00midkredownload the flash pack, rerun firmware_flash.rock.. etc
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04:39:43LlamanIf anyone's home, maybe you can give me some advice on Blind Boxin'.
04:40:09LlamanDue to severe financial constraints, I cannot afford to replace the broken LCD on my archos.
04:40:15NorrinThat worked. Thanks.
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04:40:22LlamanI remember seeing a discussion on the list about an audio-cued Archos.
04:40:45LlamanBut I never managed to get much out of it.
04:41:00LlamanIs that project still going? Is the a site for it?
04:42:48LlamanWoah, I was out of the loop for a while, and now I see notes about Voice-UI in the changelogs...
04:42:52LlamanIs there documentation for this?
04:44:52midkwell the menus speak
04:44:54midknot much else yet
04:45:50LlamanThat's a heck of a lot better than I have right now.
04:46:01LlamanSo now here's the _REAL_ puzzle.
04:46:22LlamanI am running a flashed recorder of the rare kind.
04:46:35LlamanCan I still get the .ajz to boot by simply putting it in the root?
04:46:48midkyou have to rolo it
04:47:11LlamanWhich is going to be rough without a screen.
04:47:26LlamanMy LCD broke.
04:47:35LlamanI can't afford to send it to Archos for a repair.
04:47:43Llaman<- student
04:47:47midkyou can get replacement LCDs, did you know?
04:48:06LlamanFrom Archos?
04:48:10midkjust a moment
04:52:33LlamanThere's a thread on the mailing list about (a german company) that might sell the LCD screen for an archos.
04:52:42LlamanI don't see the part number there though.
04:52:50midkyes there have been threads
04:52:59midki was looking for the site
04:56:40LlamanDid you find it?
04:57:00midkno sorry\
04:57:04midkhard to find these things
04:57:09midkthey disappear in the archives
04:57:14midki rarely find anything i look for :)
04:58:45LlamanMy screen has been broken for several months now.
05:01:49midkthis may work
05:02:06midkThe LCD is a SYT G112064-30, made by Shing Yih Technology Co Ltd.
05:02:34midkhmm not loading
05:03:02midktry this link
05:03:59Llamanthanks... i'm looking through
05:04:52midkshould be something there
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05:06:01GuestBarryhi, sells those lcd's
05:06:28midkTHAT'S IT
05:06:33midkthat was the site
05:06:54GuestBarryhehe, DOH!
05:07:21GuestBarrycheck out the new Archos forums on there too :-]
05:08:22GuestBarryeveryone's moving off of funmp3players forums now
05:09:16midkyes that's where i went
05:09:21midkaren't the two places related?
05:09:35midkcouldn't find a link, but i knew it was something like that....
05:11:39GuestBarryi doubt they r related
05:12:20midkyeah there it is
05:12:24midknot bad
05:13:00midkget 25 lcd's for only 400 bucks! :)
05:13:04GuestBarrya bargain
05:16:33LlamanTime to see if I can't order one right now.
05:16:49LlamanAnyone else here use winamp 5?
05:17:09midki have it
05:17:20LlamanThe media library really kicks it −− it lets you do some pretty good dynamic play lists.
05:17:26GuestBarrysame here
05:17:57LlamanSo I have a view called "Nothing Exciting" with a definition of "lastplayed < [1 week ago] or playcount > 5"
05:18:00*GuestBarry likes the modern skin
05:18:22LlamanAnd I have another one called "Mix it up" which only plays songs I haven't heard for a month or ever played.
05:18:27LlamanAnd so on.
05:18:48LlamanI wish there was some way to get that information from my Archos into winamp as well.
05:18:57LlamanA play-log.
05:21:18LlamanCheck it out. It's my new absolute favorite thing.
05:22:01LlamanYou can make up definitions for bands you like to hear together and when you get new songs they just show up.
05:22:30LlamanIt would be nice if there were some kind of media library for the 'box. Hmmm. Maybe if the 'box could read winamp's media library...
05:22:41*Llaman is just thinking out loud.
05:22:44midkwhy a media librarty?
05:23:01LlamanDon't have to search the directory tree.
05:23:18LlamanMake up custom queries to use as dynamic playlists.
05:23:33LlamanLess renaming of files to make them fit on the archos screen...
05:23:40midkok ok :)
05:24:01LlamanI think the devs have said they aren't interested in implementing one though.
05:29:28LlamanOh happy, happy day.
05:29:33LlamanI have an LCD on the way.
05:30:41Llamannow it's time to catch up on what's changed since, oh, january.
05:32:42Llamanbig list? when i stopped updating development was really quiet. i thought maybe the project was finished.
05:35:13midki have to go
05:35:17midkgood luck with that lcd
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06:18:23thep0etanyone know where I can download some Pimsleur language files?
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07:46:46Dominmorning everyone
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11:14:55c0uttau there linus ?
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11:18:55LinusNc0utta: i'm here
11:19:44c0uttai do a "cvs update -dP" every day to sync
11:20:10c0uttai get a lot of ".#file name.c.1.113" files
11:20:24c0uttacan i ignore them ?
11:22:55c0uttai always do a "make clean" and then a "make" to ensure that i still have a valid source
11:23:05c0uttai thought i'd be ok
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13:00:58quelsarukre c0utta
13:01:04uskiLinusN: u there ?
13:04:39LinusNnow i am
13:04:48uskiok, can i speak to you privately ?
13:06:58c0uttahi quelsaruk
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16:39:42Godzukihow long are the lithium batteries in the v2 recorders supposed to last?
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19:17:13LinusNuski: you there?
19:18:02LinusNi suddenly remembered that i have already analyzed the player lcd init
19:18:10LinusNin the dawn of the Rockbox project
19:18:38LinusNwell, a long time ago anyway
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22:10:50Masskillerthis is some serious bullshit
22:11:02Masskilleri sent my recorder 20 back to archos
22:11:08Masskillerbecause the USB stopped working
22:11:14Masskillerand they told me that it was the firmware
22:11:18Masskillerand they want $65
22:11:26Masskilleri want to take them to court and get like $1000000000000
22:11:37Masskillerits sill under warrentee too
22:12:54diddystar5do it :)
22:13:16diddystar5did they find rockbox or something?
22:20:43Masskillerand the dude is like
22:20:48Masskiller"you cant just go changing the firmware"
22:20:55Masskiller"this is designed by engineers..."
22:20:56Masskillerso i said
22:21:11Masskiller"the ROM is made to be programmed. I progammed it. Your point?"
22:21:35Masskillerhe said it voided the warentee
22:21:40MasskillerArchos' limited warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the product, and do not apply to any:
22:21:40Masskillerimproper or inadequate maintenance or modification;
22:21:40Masskillersoftware, interfacing, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by Archos; or
22:21:40DBUGEnqueued KICK Masskiller
22:21:40Masskilleroperation outside the product's specifications.
22:21:49Masskillerwould that be classified as software?
22:22:04Masskillerbewcause they dont define improper or wahtever modification
22:22:13Masskillerso there's no way that i can tell what's proper or not
22:22:54 Join LinusN [200] (
22:23:18LinusNi am inclined to agree with archos here
22:24:45Masskilleri hate you
22:24:53diddystar5but i think rockbox is much less lily to screw up your box :)
22:24:56LinusNtheoretically, there *could* be something wrong with rockbox that killed the usb port
22:25:07Masskillerthat sucks a fat one
22:25:15LinusNand how could they be liable when you reprogrammed it?
22:25:39diddystar5but me also gotta go with archos...
22:25:39Masskillerim telling you, they dont define anything in the terms of use
22:25:51Masskillerand they fixed it, then try to charge me
22:25:57Masskillerthey didnt tell me a price, then fix it
22:26:00LinusNbut still, i don't think for a minute that rockbox killed your player
22:26:06Masskilleris that even legal
22:26:24Masskilleri mean, im so pissed
22:26:30Masskillerthis is the second archos i had
22:26:36Masskillerand they want to charge me more money
22:26:36LinusNyou should be
22:26:48Masskillerim seriously about to just say screw mp3 players
22:26:52Masskilleri dont care anymore
22:27:02Masskillerill just make my own
22:27:03 Quit edx{code} ()
22:27:34Masskillerbut seriously, take a look at their warrantee info
22:27:40Masskillerit doesnt tell you what is allowed and what isn't
22:27:48Masskillerimproper or inadequate maintenance or modification;
22:27:52Masskillersoftware, interfacing, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by Archos; or
22:27:56Masskilleroperation outside the product's specifications.
22:28:02Masskillerthey don't tell you the specifications
22:28:06Masskillerthey don't tell you what's supported
22:28:15Masskillerthey don't tell you what's improper or inadequate
22:28:23Masskillerand yet they expect you to stay inside those terms
22:28:32diddystar5well, sue then :)
22:28:36LinusN"software not provided by archos"
22:28:54Masskilleror supported
22:29:01Masskillerfor all i know, rockkbox could be supported by them
22:29:07LinusNand rockbox is neither
22:29:10Masskillerbut there's no list
22:29:12Masskillerso how would i know?
22:29:28LinusNdid you get rockbox from them?
22:29:51Masskillerno, but the guy in the emails i talked to said that they didn't care, and it was ok
22:30:01Masskillerif you want me to, i could forward them
22:30:05LinusNstill have the email?
22:30:06Masskilleror put them in a .txt on the web
22:30:15Masskillerlemme load putty
22:30:17diddystar5i want to see the mail i have to seethat
22:30:19Masskillerhold o
22:30:27Masskillermy computer just half froze
22:30:31Masskillermirc is the only thing responding
22:30:41Masskillerand AIM died
22:31:47diddystar5im going to linux to wrk a bit
22:31:50diddystar5ill be back
22:31:57diddystar5in a sec
22:32:06 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
22:32:40 Nick amiconn|afk is now known as amiconn (
22:33:35amiconnHi Linus!
22:33:49Masskiller"the rock box doesn't hurt anything."
22:33:50LinusNhi amiconn
22:34:26amiconnLinusN: Did you already find some time to have a look at my ata test?
22:35:58 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:37:40 Join pappou [0] (
22:37:45diddystar5good evidence
22:37:47Masskiller"don't worry man, we've seen it all"
22:37:55Masskiller"the rock box doesn't hurt anything.
22:38:07Masskillerand this spic bastard (i hope i didnt offend anyone) is trying to make mepay $65
22:38:17 Quit pappou (Remote closed the connection)
22:38:24 Join pappou [0] (
22:38:27Masskillerthat's almost as much as i paid for the thing
22:38:33Masskilleri only paid like $150
22:38:43Masskilleror maybe less
22:38:45Masskilleri dont remember
22:38:59Masskillercause there was some weird rebates
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22:42:42 Join track [0] (
22:43:37amiconnhi track
22:43:57trackhi amiconn
22:44:29LinusNamiconn: i looked at it today, didn't run it though
22:44:33trackhi linus
22:44:54amiconnDid you find something I may have overlooked?
22:46:22LinusNnot really
22:46:42Masskillerthe guy said i fried the PCB board
22:46:45Masskillerwtf is this
22:46:53Masskillerand they couldn't even repair it
22:47:16 Quit track (Client Quit)
22:47:34 Join AciD` [0] (
22:47:59Masskillerwhich is total BS
22:48:00Masskillerbut wahtever
22:48:10Masskillernow they're sending it back to me
22:49:16amiconnLinusN: While testing the test ;) I even introduced a line that wrote a single byte somewhere into the buffer for one pass, to see if the CRC catches this. It did, always.
22:49:26 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
22:49:42Masskilleris it possible to "fry a pcb board" by installing rockbox?
22:49:50Masskilleror are they just feeding me a load of shit
22:49:57LinusNMasskiller: i doubt it
22:50:18Masskillerthey said they couldn't fix it
22:50:20Masskillerand they would have to uh
22:50:26Masskillerreplace it
22:50:43LinusNwhen did it die, and how?
22:50:50Masskillermusic still played
22:50:53Masskillerbut USB didn't work
22:51:05Masskillereven with the same usb cord on the same computer as my friend
22:51:12Masskillerwho has the same player as me
22:51:49Masskilleri think i should get better service for buying two of them myself, and having like 3 or 4 of my friends get them also
22:51:56Masskillerbut no, they give me a load of BS
22:54:13Masskillerand like
22:54:19Masskillerthe weirdest part was the fact that
22:54:27Masskilleri installed rockbox
22:54:28Masskillerand like 4 days later
22:54:36Masskillerit stopped working with USB
22:54:40Masskillerout of the middle of nowhere
22:54:55Masskillerwell, i updated it i think
22:58:05Masskilleri feel like i'm talking to myself here :\
23:01:09LinusNi'm listening
23:03:29 Join wake [0] (~wake@
23:12:08amiconnLinusN: Atm I'm preparing an optimized ata _write_ loop. Already did it in C (taking Jörg's C optimized reading as a template) - more than twice as fast as the old one.
23:12:40amiconnThis may helpful for recording as well as for VBR fix.
23:13:06amiconnAssembler version is also on the way, just did a "dry test" with pen and paper.
23:13:08diddystar5to bad my JB is dead :( i wanna see amiconn's optimizations
23:13:26diddystar5and since my box died, i have had no inspirtation
23:13:42 Join matsl [0] (
23:14:52amiconnLinusN: For another area, I would hear your opinion at first: I've seen that in the recording routines in mpeg.c, some code is doubled
23:16:00LinusNi'll be away for a little while, i'll be back
23:16:06amiconnwhich is also marked as "optimized, better to write this in assembler". I would like to tackle that.
23:17:43amiconnOkay, I'll wait then..
23:18:38diddystar5amiconn: id you work with SH1 before rockbox or something?
23:20:11diddystar5i need an opinion from someone, in the vu meter, shouold i leave the 2 differnt needle covers, or just leave one?
23:20:14 Join mattzz [0] (
23:20:20diddystar5hey mattzz
23:20:27mattzzhi diddystar5
23:20:34mattzzwhat's cookin?
23:21:11diddystar5working on code
23:22:22amiconndiddystar5: Didn't work with SH1 before, but (a long time ago) with both Z80 and 8086 assembler. I like to do such low level stuff, and I know how to read manuals.
23:22:56diddystar5amiconn: neat, i'm tring to learn Z80 assembly right now for my Ti-83+
23:24:01amiconndiddystar5: I did Z80 assembler back in the 80's both for my ZX Spectrum and a GDR home computer.
23:24:21 Quit Masskiller (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:30:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:30:35*diddystar5 has no idea what those are
23:32:56amiconndiddystar5: ZX Spectrum: A cheap home computer made by the British company Sinclair Ltd. CPU Z80 @3.5 MHz, 48 KB RAM, graphics 256x192 pixels, 8 colors, attached to a TV set via HF modulator. Programs were stored on an ordinary cassette recorder.
23:34:25diddystar5heh the first computer i used when i was 4 was a 40 mhz processor with a 500 mb HD thats about all i can remember about it
23:35:06Bagdermy c64 ran in 1mhz
23:35:09amiconnHome computer "KC85/3" made in the GDR (East Germany): Z80 CPU @1.75 MHz, base 16 KB RAM, expandable via modules, graphics 320x256 pixels, 8 colors, attached to a TV set via HF modulator or RGB connector. Programs were also stored on cassette recorder.
23:36:35diddystar5my ti 83+ is 8 mhz :)
23:46:41 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:49:45 Join scott666 [0] (
23:49:47 Part scott666
23:57:19 Quit ze (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:58:39amiconnWith my new assembler optimized ata write loop, the writing is _faster_ than the reading, even though it is not as much unrolled.

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