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#rockbox log for 2004-03-25

00:01:19amiconnReading is already _more_ optimized (also by me) than writing, but it can't be made as fast as the writing.
00:01:46diddystar5that sounds odd writing faster than reading...
00:01:59diddystar5but good job :)
00:02:30amiconnThis is because of how the CPU accesses differ for reading and writing the RAM and the ATA I/O
00:02:59diddystar5so what else can be optimsed>
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00:03:43amiconnThe HD is not the limiting factor here, could possibly do 10x faster than your poor box can.
00:04:04amiconns/your poor box/our poor boxes/
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00:04:28diddystar5my box is very poor, dosent even turn on anymore :(
00:05:36amiconnThis is a real pity, using the Archos is fun with rockbox..
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00:20:22stevenmHey guys. Something is broken in the talk UI- the top level menu, only "sound settings" is spoken, the rest of the options are silent
00:21:35diddystar5stevenm: i dont know about that, i haven't been able to use voice ui
00:22:06stevenmdiddystar5, did you get the voicefont?
00:22:22diddystar5stevenm: no, my archos is just dead...
00:22:31stevenmWhacha mean, "dead" ?
00:22:37stevenmdead as in what
00:22:42diddystar5uhh wont turn on
00:22:54diddystar5ive tried everything to et it back
00:23:04diddystar5batteries, loose solders etc
00:23:10stevenmtry charging with an external charger
00:23:12amiconnstevenm: There _was_ this bug, but it is fixed since a few days. Get the current daily build _and_ the current voice file, then it will work.
00:23:29stevenmamiconn, where are the voice files?
00:24:20stevenmdiddystar5, try just touching the terminals on the ON button with a piece of wire. Those buttons tend to die
00:24:50amiconnstevenm: This is 1.3 MB, though
00:25:15diddystar5stevenm: did do, but the box is supposed to automaticly turn on as soon as you put in batteries, but it doesnt't
00:25:21stevenmamiconn, thanks
00:25:32stevenmdiddystar5, tried it without the HD ?
00:26:15stevenmdiddystar5, how did it die? plugged into wrong charger, wrong polarity, what?
00:27:51diddystar5stevenm: well it shorted somehow (im not sure if it was itnside the archos, or if it even was a short inside a batterie), and it sorta melted the archos a litle and since it never worked
00:28:13stevenmdiddystar5, yeah...
00:28:19stevenmIs this a player, recorder, waht?
00:28:25diddystar5recorder 20
00:28:43stevenmall right.. how good are you at electronics ?
00:29:06diddystar5somewhat ok, i can solder fairly well
00:29:32stevenmsomething worth checking out: somewhere under the top cover, right above the USB port, there's a surface-mount voltage regulator
00:30:04stevenmabd there shoud be a diode near it. check those 2 components.. mine kinda started smoking once and these components were to blame
00:30:48stevenmalso, definitely check around the area where it melted. try giving it 5V on the battery terminals and measure the current it tries to draw.. maybe there's a short somewhere
00:31:16diddystar5humm i dont recall ever seeing a diode on my archos
00:31:45stevenma reddish-blackish tube like component, surface mount, near the regulator
00:31:58diddystar5im not sure where it melted at all, wheni found it everything was to hot to touch and the screen was all fogged up
00:32:23diddystar5i dont recall anything like that near the regulator, but ill look
00:32:25stevenmif it was THAT bad, I am unsure if its even worth trying to repair
00:32:32stevenmcheck for blown capacitors maybe?
00:32:40diddystar5how can you check those?
00:32:48stevenmmaybe it had been dropped in water, hence the fog
00:32:51stevenmcould that be?
00:33:15diddystar5no, i thyink it was just so hot that it made it fog
00:33:45stevenmstrange. fog is condensation, which means there must be a source of it
00:33:48diddystar5it was in my room, no water nearby and everything was dry when i took it apart as soon as it cooled down
00:34:20stevenmwere you using the charger that came with it>
00:35:14diddystar5yes it wasn't pluged in at the time though
00:35:31stevenmTHAT is strange.
00:35:41stevenmbut one more thing you can try is checking for burnt traces on the boards
00:36:05diddystar5can do
00:36:07stevenmif it shorted out and the trace giving it power overheated and burned out, then taht would explain it
00:36:31stevenmcheck for blackened spots on the board, breakage in traces, that type of thing
00:36:54stevenmyou can use a continuity checker to be sure
00:37:42diddystar5ok, continuity, is that ohm's?
00:37:55stevenmno, that's as in, is there a connection or not
00:38:06stevenmthe resistance would be like, 0 or some low # of ohms
00:38:36stevenmbut some multimeters will have a feature that beeps when the wires are connected. jsut another useful hting if you arent sure if the trace is burned out or not
00:38:56stevenmit is pretty handy for troubleshooting circuits
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01:20:58amiconnLinusN, are you listening?
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01:50:33amiconnNite all
01:52:36 Join ze [20] (
01:53:17 Part amiconn
01:53:21zeso my zen's headphone jack got screwed up
01:53:25zeso it was like cutting out a lot and such
01:53:35zeso i just took it into bestbuy
01:53:40zeand got it replaced with a karma :p
01:53:51midki had ajb replaced with av320
01:54:05zei've still got like a year and a half on the service plan
01:54:17zeso if/when something goes wrong with this karma
01:54:27midkkarma reliable
01:54:30zethe video player type ones'll probably be in this price range by then
01:54:56zei dunno
01:55:02zeactually it's got a dead line on the LCD :/
01:55:22midkit does?
01:55:30zejust 1
01:55:34zeand it's not too bad
01:55:39midkshow me
01:55:39zekindof annoying for brand new though
01:56:00midkyou lie then
01:56:16zeno i just don't feel like busting out the camera
01:56:23midk"busting out"
01:56:50zei've still got all my songs to reorganize and transfer
01:56:57zeand find linux support for this thing and etc
01:56:58midkjust one picture
01:57:00midkno frills
01:57:06midkone snap
01:57:41zemaybe later
01:59:13zewtf my headphones just broke
01:59:20zemy $80 sennheisers
01:59:26zelittle plastic thing on the side just snapped off
01:59:31zeit's nothing important but geez
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02:05:08arspy87yo yo yo
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02:45:16diddystar5i love you logbot_
02:47:28midkstop stealing my lines
03:00:52 Quit diddystar5 ("Client exiting")
03:01:34 Part arspy87 ("Leaving")
03:06:51 Join Masskiller [0] (
03:08:55midkit's MASSKILLER
03:21:20Masskillerits me!
03:21:33Masskillerarchos says rockbox killed my recorder 20 :(
03:21:45midkwhat's the problem?
03:21:47Masskillerthey're like "they're engineered to do..."
03:21:54Masskillerand im like "whatever, the ROM is programmable."
03:22:13midkwhat happened?
03:22:14Masskillerso now they're sending it back to me :\
03:22:18Masskillerthe usb stopped working
03:22:21Masskillerbut it still played music
03:22:31midkyou sent it to them with rockbox on it?
03:22:33midkbig mistake
03:22:47Masskilleri cant take it off when usb doesnt work
03:23:08Masskillerand the guy i talked to via email said it was ok
03:23:09midkis it flashed or loaded from an ajz?
03:23:33Masskillerthe dude said "rockbox fried the pcb board"
03:23:49Masskilleri bet the guy doesnt even know what he's talking about
03:23:52Masskillerhe was just making shit up
03:23:55Masskillerbecause i know that's impossible
03:24:17Masskillerwhen i said that music still played, he got all sketchy
03:24:31Masskillerand when he said he fixed it and now he wants $65, i wasnt about to pay
03:24:39Masskillerthen he called back and said that it wasn't fixed after all
03:24:44Masskillerand they actually couldn't fix it
03:24:49Masskillerso now they're sending it back to me
03:25:02Masskilleris that a load of BS or what
03:25:54midki'm taking a stab and guessing the BS one
03:26:08Masskillerso i emailed the guy i originally talked to
03:26:19Masskillerbecause heres the original email
03:26:27midkLinusN may have some idea
03:26:44Masskillerhe just kinda said he agreed with archos
03:26:48Masskillerdidn't really help me much
03:27:09Masskillerand i do0nt want to take it back to circuit city and use my 3 year warrentee
03:27:15Masskillerbecause i get a gift card back to buy something
03:27:17Masskillerbut that sucks
03:27:22Masskillerbecause they dont sell the recorders anymore
03:27:28Masskillerjust those shitty geminis
03:27:35Masskilleror w/e
03:29:04midklinus has no idea?
03:29:31Masskilleri dont know, really
03:29:36Masskillerbecause like, my sound stopped working
03:29:39Masskillerand so did all kinds of crap
03:29:41Masskillerso i had to reboot
03:29:47Masskillerthen reinstall windows, then some other garbage
03:29:59midkdoes the usb screen on the archos come up
03:30:01Masskillerand now my AGP 8x is at like 0x (wtF?) and fast write is off
03:30:11Masskillerbut windows tells me it malfunctioned
03:30:17Masskilleri tried it on my friend's comp
03:30:22Masskillerwho has the same recorder
03:30:27Masskilleri unplugged his and plugged in mine
03:30:31Masskillerhis worked, mind didn't
03:30:33midktried F1+on?
03:30:39Masskilleri think so
03:30:41Masskilleri dont remember
03:30:43Masskillerit was weeks ago
03:32:27Masskillerwell, they said they were sending it back in the same exact state it was in when i sent it to them
03:32:31Masskillerso if they're lying
03:32:34Masskilleri will kill them all
03:32:42midk:) lol
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03:57:41 Quit wake ("leaving")
04:12:41midkis it ok if dogger posts the link to that email?
04:12:51midkhe's the owner of that "hacked" av300 firmware
04:20:33 Join Dogger [0] (
04:28:02Masskillersure, i dont care
04:28:12Masskilleri just dont want anyone spamming my email
04:28:15Masskillerso uhhhhlol
04:28:20midkhe just quoted part
04:28:56DoggerI changed my mind lol
04:29:48Masskillerif i had to get a new player
04:29:55Masskilleri guess if i could get linux on it, that would own
04:33:49Doggershame the av500 looks like archos firmware
04:34:02DoggerI'll just have to port avos to it :)
04:38:02Masskilleri wanna put heatsinks on my archos
04:38:06Masskillerthat would be badass
04:38:13Masskillerwater cool it :D
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05:13:01 Quit Masskiller ()
05:14:08 Part Dogger ("Client Exiting")
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06:23:28midknite all
06:23:34 Quit midk ("SPARE THE RAT, PLEASE!")
06:23:59LinusNoops, fell asleep
06:24:06LinusNit's morning already :-)
06:24:10LinusNgotta go to work.
06:24:16 Part LinusN
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07:28:23 Join Zxcvb [0] (
07:28:44Zxcvbanyone know where to get an archos recorder?
07:29:27 Quit wake ("leaving")
07:32:19 Join LinusN [200] (
07:34:44 Join amiconn [0] (~jens@
07:36:44LinusNhey amiconn
07:36:48LinusNi fell asleep :-)
07:36:57Dominmorning everyone ;-)
07:37:07LinusNDomin: morn
07:37:09amiconnHi LinusN
07:37:18LinusNup early?
07:37:41amiconnNot really.
07:37:53DominI just came home from work :-)
07:38:17amiconnLinusN: Did you have a look at the patch tracker today?
07:38:29LinusNyup, saw your write optimization
07:39:30LinusNnow we can corrupt disks for real! :_)
07:41:02amiconnHmm, Jörg had the same concern. I didn't manage to corrupt my disk with it, didn't make a typo. :)
07:41:25LinusNwe'll see what Pedro and the rest thinks about it :-)
07:41:34amiconnI even already flashed my build with the assembler writing in it.
07:41:56LinusNit would be really nice to have his recorder for analysis
07:42:06amiconnI wanted to ask you for your opinion about another optimization I thought of.
07:42:15LinusNthe recording?
07:42:24LinusNi'm all for it
07:42:39LinusNit is very timing sensitive
07:42:48LinusNbut you know that stuff
07:43:12dwihnoLinusN: I experienced RLD today. After ~2 minutes. However, after two minutes, the music restarted.
07:43:31LinusNdwihno: i didn't hear that :-)
07:43:44amiconnYes, I wanted to do the transfer loops in assembler also. My idea to save space here was what I wanted you to ask for.
07:43:49LinusNdwihno: was the led really on?
07:44:52LinusNamiconn: you mean rec_tick()?
07:45:18 Join matsl [0] (
07:46:09ze - Incorporated a "Silence filter", which detects an abrupt drop in level within the last
07:46:12ze fraction of a second of a track, and trims off anything after that. This enables
07:46:16ze continuous mix albums to play back more smoothly even if they have not been created by
07:46:18ze an encoder with a "nogap" option.
07:46:19dwihnoLinusN: Well, next time it crashes, I'll check.
07:46:20zesounds interesting heh
07:46:23zeon an upgraded firmware for my new karma
07:48:04amiconnLinusN: Yes, there are some code fragments doubled for the different pr polarities. My idea was to use xor here, set the pin to the correct "inactive" polarity in mpeg_init() and drop that variable.
07:48:37amiconninverted_pr, that is. What do you think?
07:51:17LinusNthat's a way to do it
07:53:26amiconnAnother possibility would be to use self-modifying code here. I know that this is dirty, but it would avoid the uncertainty resulting from using xor.
07:53:49LinusNin this case i'd go for clarity
07:54:18amiconnMeaning no self-modify, I think?
07:54:35LinusNyup, possibly even two loops
07:54:47LinusNbut i think a comment or two would explain the xor
08:17:27 Join billybaly [0] (
08:17:36billybalyanyone here?
08:21:38 Quit billybaly (Client Quit)
08:36:18 Quit Zxcvb ("ircII EPIC4-1.0.1 -- Are we there yet?")
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08:40:12amiconnHave to go to work now.
08:40:20LinusNcu l8r
08:40:36 Part amiconn
08:40:40LinusNno irc at work?
08:46:18 Join billybaly [0] (
08:46:31billybalyanyone here?
08:49:44 Join Strath [0] (
08:50:31Strathwhats up?
08:50:45billybalyhey could you help me out? i can't figure out how to use the patches
08:51:11Strathwhich patches?
08:51:28billybaly"F3 is the playlist viewer in the WPS and the Browser" and "Improved F2 Screen"
08:51:33billybalyfor rockbox
08:51:43Dominbillybaly, you need to compile them you selvf
08:52:23Strathah good... someone else is awake... :) that one is a bit outta my area
08:52:26billybalyooo i see make the changes in the code then recompile?
08:52:52billybalyis there a compiler out there i can download or do i need vb?
08:53:01Domindo you use win ??
08:54:01billybalythanks, i will read that over
08:54:05Strathheh... where do ya supose i could find a 5 volt 1 amp surface mount fuse?
08:54:23StrathI think Archos whet a little overboard with the dc protection in the gmini
08:54:32DominNo problem
08:54:45Straththe JB6000 didn't even have a single diode...
08:56:25Straththe gmini has, a fuse, and then a diode to the voltage regulator, and another from the v-reg to everything else
08:57:05Strathoh well.... i guess thats why we have soldering irons
08:58:10DominGuess you need help from one of the other, i cant help on that
09:00:05Strathnope.... was more of a hypothetical question :)
09:00:42StrathIf there was anyone I'd ask.... it'd be me
09:01:53Strathas far as i've seen i'm one of only two people to analyze the gmini's hardware
09:03:09DominAhh, fresh coffe
09:05:20LinusNbillybaly: those two patches will not apply cleanly to the current CVS source
09:07:12Strathlinus, do you know when dogger is usually around?
09:10:45billybalydo you have to use the most current CVS?
09:10:59billybalyi think im using the downloaded 2.2 source
09:11:58billybalyits not like it matters, i just compiled the downloaded source as a test and its fine, but i dont know how to apply a patch anyway lol
09:13:43 Join ddaddy [0] (
09:14:13ddaddyanyone here to answer probably a simple question?
09:14:40billybalyjust ask it, thats what i did -)
09:14:46ddaddylol, k
09:15:12 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
09:15:22ddaddyi want to queue songs without making a playlist. In the manual it shows a file menu, but it doesnt say how to get to the file menu
09:16:05ddaddyi know pressing 'OK' takes you to file browse while a song is playing
09:16:13ddaddybut i cant queue another song
09:19:18 Quit Strath (
09:19:19 Quit matsl (
09:19:19 Quit LinusN (
09:19:19 Quit ze (
09:19:19 Quit elinenbe (
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09:20:32NJoinLinusN [200] (
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09:20:32NJoinze [20] (
09:21:20billybalydomin: do i just type patch < file.patch in the dir with patch.exe, and the file.patch and the two files being patched?
09:25:10LinusNddaddy: hold ON and press Play
09:25:37Dominbillybaly, LinusN, can help you i newer tryed it ;-)
09:25:38LinusNbillybaly: yes, if god is good
09:25:46Dominthink hes much better at it
09:26:10ddaddythanks :)
09:26:34LinusNddaddy: the manual tells you that too, doesn't it?
09:26:56Dominhehe, took me af few tryes before i figured it too
09:27:09Dominbut then again i couldt just have read the manual
09:27:24DominBut hey where wouldt alle the fun bee then
09:27:58ddaddyi couldnt find it linusn, mighta been looking in wrong place, it doesnt say near the file menu section
09:28:57LinusNpage 29
09:29:51ddaddyoh shit, so it does
09:29:53ddaddydamn, sorry, lol
09:30:13LinusNbillybaly: just remember that those patches are not in any way supported by Rockbox
09:30:18ddaddythanks :) keep up the good work
09:30:37LinusNthey are submitted by fellow hackers for possible inclusion in rockbox
09:31:05LinusNso if they don't apply cleanly, it's up to you to resolve it
09:32:51billybalyokay im just not gonna mess with them then
09:33:18billybalydo you recommend the newest version of rockbox, besides the v2.2 that is on the downloads page?
09:35:13 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:35:54 Part ddaddy
09:36:48LinusNbillybaly: we want people to run the latest daily build
09:37:07billybalyokay i just rebooted with it
09:37:13DominLinusN, to check for bugs ??
09:37:30Dominokie, then i will update to
09:37:49billybalyi really liked the idea of haveing the playlist on one of the f keys
09:38:18Dominjust had it with me on weekend, played from 8 til 02 i the night every day
09:38:29Dominworked like a charme
09:43:37LinusNbillybaly: we are changing the user interface a lot in the near future
09:46:29LinusNcontext sensitive F3, user configurable F2
09:52:02 Quit billybaly ()
10:15:27 Join Bagder_ [241] (
10:23:36 Join AciD [0] (
10:27:37LinusNhi Bagder_
10:28:57LinusNthe id3 parsing is a never ending story...
10:30:23 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:46:15dwihnoID3 is bad for you! :)
10:46:33Bagder_id3 is bad for your mental health
10:47:47LinusNBagder_: the rockbox zip file generation should exclude non-compatible rocks
10:48:11Bagder_it excludes zero-byte ones
10:48:17LinusNit does?
10:48:30Bagder_it used to at least
10:48:51 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
10:49:09LinusNi'm blind
10:50:06LinusNah, my mistake
10:50:53 Join Catbert [0] (
10:51:10 Part Catbert
10:52:17LinusNwas that catbert or dogbert?
11:09:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:55:59dwihnoLinusN: Are you around for some questions?
12:01:08Strathoy, oy , oy.... now i just have to wait 7 - 10 business days for my max3232 samples so i can finish my serial cable....
12:03:13Strathok, 5am, time for bed
12:04:15 Quit Strath ("Application closed")
12:29:31 Join AciD [0] (
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12:43:40LinusNdwihno: yes?
12:46:16Bagderdamned glibc
12:46:25LinusNwhat now?
12:46:54Bagderis _almost_ posix compliant
12:47:14dwihnoLinusN: I was wondering about the disk limiting of the recorder, and why... :)
12:47:17dwihnoATA standards
12:47:18Bagderenough different to require a special configure check
12:47:47LinusNdwihno: you mean disk size?
12:48:26dwihnoLinusN: Yes.
12:48:41dwihnoI thought the ATA100 standard had some kind of limit around ~120 gbyte
12:49:44Bagdersince they count GB as a thousand million bytes
12:49:57Bagderbut I'm not sure it was in ata100
12:50:29dwihnoHow come there are ATA100 disks with 160 gbyte size?
12:50:46BagderI don't think the limit exists in ata100
12:51:21Bagderit was a bitlimit they extended in a new revision of the ata standard
12:52:22dwihnoso they just updated the standard using an unused bit?
12:52:40Bagderno, I think they extended a field to use several more bits
12:52:57Bagderbut this is a bit outside what I actually know
12:53:36dwihnoSo we are able to use bigger disks in rockbox?
12:54:08Bagderif our ata code would support it, I guess we could
12:54:30BagderI know the open neo guys patched it to work with their larger disks
12:54:42Bagdersince they usually use 3.5" ones
12:56:35LinusNit's a software matter, yes
12:56:54LinusNhowever, the ISD chip doesn't handle 48-bit addressing
12:57:02LinusNso USB access will fail
12:57:40dwihnoDamn, this channel is so packed with knowledge, I wish I could keep it offline as well ;D
12:58:21dwihnoWithout the ATA100 extension, regular addressing is 32 bit?
13:00:37LinusN28 actually
13:01:00LinusNand don't confuse ATA100 with the ATA/ATAPI-6 spec
13:01:14*Bagder confuses most things
13:01:43LinusNATA100 basically means the bus transfer speed, while ATA/ATAPI-6 is the full specification regarding command set etc
13:02:01LinusNthat's at least how i understand it
13:04:48*Bagder writes configure tests
13:06:12LinusNata-100 means Ultra DMA mode 5
13:06:38LinusNany device can support 48-bit addressing without supporting udma 5
13:22:23 Join Test [0] (
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13:40:45LinusNlots of testing :-)
13:41:11c0uttatesting 123
13:41:59dwihnoLinusN: so it's up to the software to support the disks?
13:44:59LinusNin our case, yes
13:45:26LinusNstill, the ISD chip is the limiting factor here
13:45:26LinusNrockbox can handle 48-bit addressing, but the ISD chip can't
13:45:43LinusNso you won't be able to transfer files via usb
13:47:42 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zzZZ} (
13:48:52dwihnomy wps went blank :D
13:49:05dwihnorace condition?
13:49:27Bagdercraze condition!
13:49:49dwihnoLet's go loco!
13:49:49LinusNdwihno: can you do it again?
13:49:57dwihnoLinusN: Well, this is the first time it happened :)
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15:46:12LinusNhi, gotta go :-)
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