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#rockbox log for 2004-03-26

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03:25:49Strathdamn a photo flash capacitor smarts
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06:26:14zingchaany one here
06:26:25zingchaI have an off topic question.
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08:46:28Strathfinished uploading gmini fuse repair guide
08:47:15LinusNblurry photos
08:47:30LinusN is missing
08:47:30Strathya.... old digital camera
08:47:46LinusN too
08:47:56Strathwha... grr
08:48:45LinusNThe requested URL /michael/archos/images/assistant.jpg was not found on this server.
08:48:58Strathya... i was just sure i had
08:49:06Strathoops... uploading
08:49:20LinusNstill, nice work
08:50:09Strathjust the three?
08:51:25LinusNdo you have a flatbed scanner?
08:53:49Dominlol, nice helper ;-)
08:59:10Strathya, i have a flatbed scanner, however, the guide was more of an after thought
08:59:26Strathya... lots of help... :)
09:01:05Domindamn, wouldent mind having your skills ;-)
09:01:27Strathheh.... years of practise
09:01:51DominYe, thought so
09:02:16LinusNStrath: a flatbed scanner is perfect for PCB photos
09:02:22DominI always wanned to start learning to programme, but just never knew where to start
09:03:29LinusNDomin: getting started with programming is a bit overwhelming nowadays, i think it was easier in the old days, where you could start with BASIC on a C64
09:03:44LinusN(like i did)
09:03:48Strathya... i used the scanner for the original disection i did in january
09:04:55DominLinusN, used to do basic on the c64
09:05:00Strathbasic on the apple IIe myself
09:05:21Dominbut then i sort of dropped off from it when i switched to pc
09:05:46Domini guess playing with my 2400 boud modem was more fun
09:06:54Strathya.... dialing in to bbs's spending 3 hours trying to download wolf3D....
09:08:26Dominlol, yea
09:08:50Dominwell, was lots of fun, and expensive to the school and my parents
09:09:59Straththere is a lot more code out there to learn from now, it's just that most of the interesting stuff requires a good deal of understanding just to get started
09:11:17Dominye, and i need someone to learn from i guess
09:11:48Dominthink i will have a hard time if i have no one to talk about it
09:11:58LinusNthat's essential
09:12:07Strathusualy helps :)
09:12:12LinusNit's always nice to work in pairs
09:13:00DominOnly problem is that everyone that i know that is interrested in computers are interrested in html programming (asp, cgi, aso)
09:13:31StrathI would have been lost when i started learning linux if there haddn't been someone to hand-hold me through the first few weeks
09:14:28DominWhat type of linux du you run ??
09:14:31Strathi'll take assembly over cgi / php any day
09:14:43Domini would also
09:15:01Strathstarted with slackware, but switched to debian a couple years ago
09:15:49Dominokie, hard to figure out ???
09:17:20Strathslackware was more of a hobby than an OS ;)
09:18:07DominEveryone i talked to says i shouldt run freebsd
09:18:46StrathDebian.... still a few things i'm sorting out.... not too bad overall
09:20:46Strathhavn't tried freeBSD myself, i've heard good things, but it seems to me that *bsd developers want to stick with the server market, havn't seen tomuch reguarding desktop *bsd
09:21:21Dominwell, i kind of wanted to run it as a server så thats fine with me ;-)
09:23:01Strathi think linux's tcp/ip stack has caught up with freebsd's for the most part, i remember that being the core argument a while back
09:24:01Dominwell, perhaps i shouldt try debian, is it free ???
09:25:02Strathas in speach? or as in beer?
09:25:52Strathya, many options for obtaining it
09:26:05Dominhehe, i ment freeware
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09:26:40dwihnoFree beer(?)
09:27:01Dominhehe, then hes awake
09:27:16Dominthink he has notice on beer
09:27:50dwihnoof course :)
09:27:54dwihnonow hand me a pint, matey! :)
09:28:33DominWill do
09:28:43*Domin hands dwihno a pint
09:28:44Strathwas speeking metaphoricly..
09:29:20Strathi should lern how to speel
09:29:46Strathprobally too late now
09:30:33Dominme 2
09:43:54Strathjust curious
09:44:15Dominahh, haven seen anyone use that function before
09:44:21Strathseems most in here are eu
09:45:08Strathwonder why that is
09:45:35DominThe model is also sold in the us right ??
09:45:48Strathi believe so
09:46:03Strathi own a gmini... bought localy
09:46:31Dominmine is a jukebox player studio 20
09:47:02Straththough bestbuys (large retailer) stopped selling Archos products because of thier defect rate
09:48:13Strathheck... that first gmini i got wouldn't even take it's initial charge fresh outta the shrink-wrap
09:49:08Dominmine came with new batteries
09:49:24Dominbut i never installed em, still runnign the one mounted
09:49:42Domineven thoug the paper said they were defect
09:50:36Strathya... at least those arn't soldered on the board ;(
09:51:05Dominye, thats so stupid when they do that
09:51:47Strathbut it's just so compact and slim that way... bah
09:52:42Strathi've already had the battery outta mine about four times already
09:55:18DominThat must be a pain in the ass when they are soldered in
09:56:14Strathit gets easier...
09:56:54Straththose damn rubber bumpers are what give me the most trouble
09:57:19Straththough i do like the overall design of the gmini better than the JB6000
10:00:32Strathreassembling the JB6000 is like putting a puzzle together
10:01:42Dominnewer tryed that
10:01:54Dominwell, guess im off now, need som sleep
10:06:36Dominhehe, its morning here, but i work in the nights
10:07:46monkey666excuse me but i was just reading up on the gmini and someones review says that you buy upgrade software? is this right?
10:10:14Strathit used to cost money
10:10:25Strathuntil enough people complained
10:10:45monkey666is there a "rockbox" for gmini too?
10:11:20Straththe recorder and photo wallet "plugins" can be requested from
10:11:26Strathnot yet....
10:11:41Strathi think i'm the only one working on it...
10:12:32monkey666it looks cool but i think i'll stay with my recorder
10:12:54Strathnot too many people have gminis
10:13:25Straththe av300 series is getting some support
10:13:32monkey666wow your gmini pic looks different than the one on amazon
10:13:41Straththough a bit pricier
10:14:02Strathgmini 120 vs. gmini 220?
10:14:15monkey666i dont know?
10:14:31monkey666black looks kinda like the gameboy advance SP
10:15:11Strathi think that'd be the gmini220.... basicly it has an upgraded screen
10:15:59monkey666doent play video though?
10:16:18Strathsame internals basicly
10:16:44monkey666maybe oneday you can play .rvfs
10:17:25Strathi thought it kinda odd that my gmini 120 included an AV cable
10:18:45Strathnowhere does anything mention video support, but the included cable still has video out
10:19:16monkey666well my archos says digital in/out so i wouldn't be too hopeful
10:19:59Strathnope, the 220 doesn't have video support, it can however display the pictures from photo wallet
10:20:29Strath(120 just give some information about the image)
10:20:33monkey666i'm clumsy i think i would've bashed a screen that big in already
10:21:53Strathat least the devices with smaller screens have a piece of plexy to protect them
10:22:18monkey666i still have the little sticky plastic on my screen
10:23:32monkey666was thinking of making a screen protector/magnifyer from a gameboy advance light lens
10:24:14Strathmight work...
10:24:46Strathi think i'm gonna have to head to bed.. almost 3:30 am
10:25:00monkey666cool.. nice chatting with ya
10:25:08Strathyup :)
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13:42:41*Bagder sighs loudly
13:46:53Bagderits just one of those days
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14:07:39dwihnoreally good, or really really bad? :)
14:08:15Bagderjust... eh, a lot of resistance :-)
14:09:29dwihnoI thought resistance was futile :)
14:09:49Bagderwell it is
14:09:56Bagderit just takes more work at times!
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15:35:58SunGunhi all
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15:37:23SunGunoops kicked myself off by accident :)
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15:59:31HuwSyhas anyone got a working firmware flash, with no compression, ie running from the flash rom chip
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16:19:44godzukihow much runtime does a v2 typically get?
16:29:40HuwSyi dont think anyone here seams to be talking
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19:59:45clemenzI have a problem. Property my Jukebox already for a long time flash and functioned so far also perfectly. For the moment I operate a version 2.1 the CVS-040123. Now if updating wanted on 2.2, however stupid-proved only draw-eats rocks had replaced and wanted "rockbox_flash.rock" to then implement. Now however constantly get the error message "Incompatible version". think I need "rockbox_fash.rock" the version CVS-040123 over to update, those
19:59:56clemenzPlease sorry from my bad english, I'm german
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20:14:37clemenzsorry i must go :-(
20:15:05clemenzplease help me. My Mail
20:15:08clemenzbig thx
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21:34:26RedFusioni just installed rockboxx but only one side of my headphones work
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23:29:24JensingI am getting "Dir Buffer Is Full" I have tried deleting the playlist file but still says it, Is there something I missed while I was trying to search in the archives?
23:29:45JensingI cant seem to find a setting to change this
23:30:18JensingI have a JukeBox Studio 10
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