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#rockbox log for 2004-03-27

00:00:20JensingOk I figured it out
00:01:06JensingBut keep in mind in your archives and in the manual there is not step by step that I could find that tells you where to set the MAX Files in Directory
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01:37:39midkyop scotty
01:37:45midkyo scotty*
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04:43:38midkhaaaaaa archos sucks
04:46:46Strathno.... they blow
04:49:04midkok sir
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05:50:45midkmonkey woohoo
05:51:13monkey666you like monkeys?
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07:22:22sagegokuwhats this whole voice UI thing?
07:22:47Strathdon't know
07:22:55midki do
07:23:00sagegokulol jk
07:23:07sagegokuwhat is it?
07:23:08midklet me calm down
07:23:16midkthat's good
07:23:19Strathdumb ass
07:23:26midkstfu strath
07:23:33Strathbyte me
07:23:37sagegokuif its what i think it is
07:23:38midkDIE and i wont have to
07:23:43midkdie your hair red that is
07:23:49sagegokuthe menu will talk now in an actual sound?
07:23:58sagegokuyes to me?
07:24:03midkyes to you.
07:24:15sagegokuhave they actually made it work in the latest DB yet?
07:24:25midkyup. moment
07:25:41midkput that (english.voice) in .rockbox/langs/
07:39:13sagegokui dont hear anything
07:39:43sagegokui turned it all on
07:39:52midknew db?
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07:55:13midkbrb all
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08:05:33Doggeranyone alive?
08:06:00Strathwhats up?
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08:23:37Doggeroh just hoping for someone who knows the mas inside out
08:24:01Strathsetting your hope high huh?
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10:59:24Guest243hello, how to compile a single plugin?
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17:23:51apemantttanyone here?
17:24:28apemantttstrath could you help me on installing the newest version of rockbox?
17:24:38apemanttti have the firmware so i have to go through the whole ucl thing
17:25:04Strathit's not really my area
17:25:13apemantttdo you have any idea? i am totally lost...
17:25:49Strathit can be done from reading the guides
17:26:00apemantttyeah but i went to the link and the ucl pack isnt there
17:26:25Strathstick around for a while and LinusN should be here
17:27:18Strathwhich one you looking for?
17:27:36apemanttti wanted to use the latest build but im fine using 2.2
17:27:41apemantttfor v2
17:28:04apemantttdo i just download and does that have the ucl tool?
17:28:09Strathi think the latest would be building it from CVS
17:28:49apemantttand thats more work, right?
17:29:22Strathi'm starting work on another platform, i havn't really messed around with rockbox yet
17:29:30Strathyes, it is :)
17:30:30apemantttoh ill just go with 2.2 then... i wonder if i can just simply run the given ucl for 2.2 and if that will work?
17:30:52Strathyou could try
17:31:20apemanttthope it doesnt mess it up
17:31:32Strathme too
17:32:06Strathyou are at least familar with the contents of the install guide?
17:32:16apemantttim sorta panicking because im leaving for a trip soon
17:32:51apemantttim not a total idiot
17:33:33Straththen i sugest you wiegh the posibility of not haveing your archos for the trip vs the benafit of haveing rockbox installed :)
17:33:55apemantttshit i have an error now
17:34:07apemantttit says: *PANIC* ata: -61
17:34:23Straththat doesn't sound good
17:34:42apemantttits stuck
17:35:02Strathcan you reset it?
17:35:56apemanttthow do you do that?
17:36:45Strathwhich device di you have?
17:36:53apemantttv2 recorder
17:37:37Strathone sec
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17:39:15Strathhey guys
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17:39:59Strathyou're up on installing rockbox?
17:40:12scott666installing it? yes
17:40:15apemantttwell i flashed the firmware before
17:40:29Strathapeman is having problems
17:40:38scott666marvel at my amazing powers of winzip!
17:40:52Strathit's a bit outta my area
17:41:37apemantttscott i have a big problem
17:41:43scott666you go here:
17:41:53apemanttti tried opening a ucl file and i got this error:
17:41:55scott666then download the version for your model
17:41:56apemantttit says: *PANIC* ata: -61
17:42:02Strathhe's got it locked up
17:42:34Strathi've gotta run, sorry i couldn't be more help
17:42:40scott666apemanttt: what happens when you reboot and try again?
17:43:01apemanttti cant reboot
17:43:06apemantttits locked and the red light is flashing
17:43:25scott666and you get the same error when you reboot?
17:43:52scott666what about with F1+on?
17:44:15apemantttdoesnt do anything
17:44:36scott666from when its off?
17:44:54scott666turn it off, hold f1, press on
17:45:57apemanttti cant turn it off
17:46:00apemantttits locked
17:46:29scott666hold the off button
17:46:38scott6663-5 seconds
17:46:53scott666its built into the hardware
17:47:02apemantttit wont do anything
17:47:12scott666try again
17:48:28scott666how long did you hold it?
17:48:35scott666what model do you have?
17:48:57apemanttti held it for like 15 seconds to seperate times
17:48:59apemantttv2 recorder
17:49:30scott666do you have a screwdriver small enough to take the screws on the top off with?
17:50:41apemantttyeah i do
17:50:59scott666take the top cover off, loosen the battery and put it back
17:51:06scott666if youre *sure* holding off doesnt work
17:55:44apemantttit turned off this time
17:55:54apemantttshould i hold F1 and push on or just try pushing on?
17:57:02apemantttokay it works now
17:57:03apemantttthanks so much
17:57:09apemantttcould you help me upgrade to 2.2?
17:57:23scott666download the 2.2 ucl and play it
17:57:30apemantttlol oh
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20:06:08GaherisJust to be sure, can I always go back to the Archos firmware 1.28?
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22:12:27apemantttanyone here?
22:16:14 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:20:00scott666apemanttt i am
22:27:44 Quit qwert2 ("Leaving")
22:30:20scott666im going back into war3, but if you leave a question ill answer when i come back
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23:11:25apemanttthey scott... do you know if its possible to read text files while listening to music?
23:11:31apemantttis there a plugin or anything?
23:11:32apemantttanyone else here?
23:13:22diddystar5yeah, you can read text while playing songs
23:13:42diddystar5while playing, press on, go to the text file and press play
23:13:54apemantttdoesnt work
23:14:10diddystar5what happens?
23:14:24apemantttthe song stops
23:14:45diddystar5does it show the text?
23:18:49diddystar5i dont know, it shouldn't
23:18:59diddystar5i dont have source code to lookat atm
23:19:08diddystar5and my archos is dead atm
23:19:08apemanttthmmm have you tried?
23:19:10 Join amiconn [0] (
23:19:19diddystar5amiconn may know
23:19:34amiconnWhat should I know?
23:19:50diddystar5<from apemanttt> do you know if its possible to read text files while listening to music?
23:21:03amiconnYes, you can do that. All plugins can run in parallel to listening music, as long as they don't use the mp3 buffer. The text viewer doesn't do that.
23:21:35diddystar5well i did say that, but he says it dosent work.... <diddystar5> while playing, press on, go to the text file and press play
23:22:15apemantttthanks ill try again as soon as im done working on my archos.... strange i must be retarded or something
23:23:07amiconnHmm, just tried it on my box - it works perfectly.
23:26:54apemantttis there anyway a .doc viewer could ever be coded?
23:28:10amiconnDo you mean M$ Word .doc?
23:28:26diddystar5it could be coded, if it would, i dont know
23:28:49apemantttyeah word docs
23:29:36scott666i dont think theres enough demand
23:30:06scott666and itd have to refill the buffer quite a lot
23:30:36amiconnI think this will not be possible (with the current software architecture). Afaik the .doc Format is an MS OLE format. There is source to process that, but it compiles to such large binaries, that this is not even possible under MS-DOS.
23:30:54apemantttoh i see
23:31:02apemantttso are you a coder for rockbox?
23:31:17diddystar5i really think it can be done
23:31:38amiconnWhile MS-DOS usually has around 600kB of free RAM for both programs and data, rockbox currently allows only 32kB for plugins.
23:32:06scott666maybe a super-plugin that took over the mp3 buffer
23:32:41amiconnapemanttt: I did some speed optimizations at the low level so far. Not all of them are incorporated in the official builds yet.
23:33:02apemantttsweet... thanks for contributing
23:33:29amiconnscott666: This could be possible, but I think there won't be enough demand for that.
23:34:17scott666 neither do i
23:34:47amiconnAlthough I use Windows, I don't use MS Office personally.
23:35:37amiconnYou could always save the word document as pure text for viewing on the archos.
23:37:38scott666what about OO files?
23:37:59diddystar5i have never looked at OO files
23:38:05diddystar5are they like XML based?
23:38:40amiconnYes, they are XML (separated into content, styles etc.) within a ZIP container.
23:39:37amiconnImho any office format doesn't make sense on such a tiny and s/w only display.
23:39:40apemanttti would like to see more games or maybe even emulators for old systems
23:40:08amiconnapemanttt: I' planning to do minesweeper.
23:40:16apemantttsweet i cant wait
23:40:33diddystar5i have never coded a game
23:40:37diddystar5humm i want to try one
23:40:46diddystar5what should i make?
23:41:00amiconnBut before that, I will do some more assembler optimization and maybe a grayscale display "framework" for plugins.
23:41:23diddystar5goody :)
23:41:42apemantttwhat would that grayscale display be fore?
23:41:50amiconndiddystar5: I did minesweeper already as a javascript-only version that runs on as much browsers as possible.
23:42:35diddystar5i think icould make a card game
23:42:44diddystar5poker would be good and easy :)
23:43:01diddystar5just need to makea bunch of bitmaps....
23:43:10amiconnapemanttt: The archos display usually does b&w only. It _is_ possible to do grayscale (with fast flipping) as Jörg's video plugin shows.
23:43:41amiconnWhat I want to do would be a "framework" to use that in plugins e.g. games.
23:43:56apemantttdamn that would be awesome!
23:44:01apemantttdo yo think you can do it
23:44:40amiconnYes, I think so.
23:46:13amiconndiddystar5: My javascript minesweeper is not yet online "officially". But you could try it, if you want (have to fire up my apache and DynDNS for that).
23:46:46diddystar5sure, ill try it
23:47:55 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
23:52:54amiconndiddystar5: Just a moment, have to prepare a simple HTML menu to select the variants from.
23:53:03diddystar5amiconn, ok

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