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#rockbox log for 2004-03-28

00:00:09amiconndiddystar5:"> There are 5 variants to select from...
00:01:12amiconnBtw: the web server is an Amiga.
00:04:23amiconnAhh, a firefox user!
00:04:36apemantttim using firefox right now... i love it!
00:05:09diddystar5arghh xchat always opens in IE
00:05:14diddystar5mozilla rocks :)
00:07:11amiconnThis game works on many browser, but not with all features. The most advanced feature (using the left and right mouse button like in the original) works in IE 5+, Mozilla and clones, Netscape 4.x and Konqueror.
00:08:28amiconnIn older browsers and some exotic ones you have to left-click the left and right halves of the cells. This also applies to Opera.
00:08:44diddystar5works good amiconn, and the graphics are great
00:10:06Hadakalet's see
00:10:25Hadakanot much fun with w3m :(
00:10:51amiconnAll 5 variants are built into a single 30KB javascript file. The HTML are only a few hundred bytes each, and call a single function within that script.
00:11:46amiconnHadaka: Of course you need a graphics capable web browser.
00:12:30Hadakaamiconn: w3m is graphics capable! though I'm afraid there's not much of a javascript support
00:12:45amiconnHadaka: If you are on linux, try Mozilla, Galeon or Konqueror.
00:13:23Hadakaamiconn: I'm afraid I have javascript disabled on every browser
00:13:40amiconnHmm, then of course it can't work :(
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00:20:34diddystar5arghh my puter has so much load from acting like a server for bit torrent
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00:21:23apemantttwhats your favorite torrent site?
00:21:28|Phil|has anyone ever experianced their jukebox to completely refuse to switch on? It flashes up the screen for a second then just shuts off.
00:22:01amiconn|Phil|: Flat batteries maybe?
00:22:10|Phil|batteries are full
00:22:33|Phil|if i plug in the charger it does the same... flashes up the screen and then shuts down, then flashes up the screen... etc
00:22:49|Phil|usb does the same so my pc connects/disconnects/connects etc.
00:22:56|Phil|driving me insane
00:23:07|Phil|so i can't even re-flash it.
00:24:40amiconn|Phil|: This sounds like broken battery contacts. Some users on the ml had this problem already.
00:25:42|Phil|ok... so i'll have to open it up?
00:26:52amiconnIf your box is still under warranty I would make use of it, but if not.. then you would have to open it up and resolder the contacts.
00:27:44amiconnWhat jb model do you have? The battery contact problem only applies to JB player/studio and recorder (v1).
00:28:11|Phil|it is a fm recorder 20 ... only about a month old
00:28:38|Phil|which is a v2 model is it not?
00:29:53amiconnThe fm uses use the same LiIon battery that the v2 does. The old recorder (v1) and player/studio use standard AA NiMH cells.
00:31:09|Phil|ok... so you would suggest just sending it back to archos?
00:32:26amiconnIf it is still under warranty, yes. Did you flash rockbox?
00:32:50|Phil|it's running rockbox 2.1
00:33:01|Phil|and there is no way to unflash it with it not booting
00:33:08|Phil|that's voided the warranty right?
00:34:55amiconnUnfortunately, that may be the case. There was a user in the chat some time ago (see, around 22:10) that reported such problems.
00:35:17|Phil|i'll check that log
00:35:31amiconnLook for "Masskiller".
00:35:35|Phil|thanks for your help, think i'll have to just contact archos and see what they say
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00:46:04|Phil|woah... just switched on
00:46:33|Phil|ok... going to upgrade to 2.2 and just pray it doesn't happen again ;)
00:48:20|Phil|thanks for your help though amiconn... was looking grim from what "masskiller" was saying about getting charged $65 to fix it.
00:48:43|Phil|ok i need to sleep... getting up at 8am and the clocks are about to go forward :|
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00:49:04amiconnSame here (for the clocks). Nite.
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01:38:16trackhi did
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03:54:27GaherisHi, how can I make a backup of my original firmware?
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04:06:11MThey dogger
04:06:31MTread avos news for first time in a month, looks like you're doing great work :)
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04:48:18Doggerello midk
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09:19:25DWghey all
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09:20:25DWgi just got the v2 recorder & installed rockbox & the firmware, is there anythig else any of you would reccomend?
09:20:43midknot really
09:20:49midkback in a half hour
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15:39:13pfavrAnybody tried making rvf files using linux? Couldn't find the source for avitoyuv.exe
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18:11:53Neurosupherotmy lcd is brocken!
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22:39:35pfavranyone done a rvf using linux?
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23:17:53amiconnHi [IDC]Dragon
23:18:05[IDC]DragonHi Jens!
23:18:18[IDC]Dragon(just a quick one, have to leave soon)
23:18:50amiconnWhile doing all that fine talking stuff, did you find the time to look at my new ata writing patch?
23:19:04[IDC]Dragonyou submitted one?
23:20:04amiconnYes, already on thursday. Writing is more than 4x as fast for aligned data. It is even faster than reading, although not as much unrolled!
23:20:28[IDC]DragonI've read it in the logs, yes
23:21:11[IDC]Dragonas anybody with a troublesome disk tried it?
23:21:32amiconnSee patch #922836. This also contains a slight improvement to the read loops (no speedup, only some saved instructions).
23:22:40amiconnI didn't think that anyone else than me tried it already. I have it flashed, and no probs so far. Even did a 100 min recording to test that.
23:24:30 Join AciD` [0] (
23:24:33[IDC]Dragonwe need somebody daring, with such a slow disk
23:26:03[IDC]Dragondo you see less disk uptime when recording?
23:26:22amiconnYes, definitely.
23:27:17amiconnBtw: your "delayed save" feature is great, one can actually use the internal mic now (for max ~1 min).
23:27:38[IDC]Dragonyes, that's what it's made for
23:28:21amiconnMy new ata write should increase the battery runtime if recording on battery.
23:28:27[IDC]DragonI've read you want to venture into halftoning?
23:29:08amiconnYes, based on your video plugin I think of a "framework" that one can reuse in different plugins.
23:29:32[IDC]DragonI have made an integer implementation of the algorithm.
23:29:43 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29:58[IDC]DragonSo halftoning within the box is feasible, but certainly not in real time.
23:30:48[IDC]DragonI want that for my JPEG viewer plugin.
23:30:59amiconnI didn't think to generate a "stream" in realtime, but to use a buffer of several consecutive b&w frames that are cycled.
23:31:21[IDC]Dragonthis you can already do.
23:31:30amiconnThis way, you can have as many grayscales as there are frames (+1).
23:32:24[IDC]Dragonall you need is the blit function and a timer.
23:32:51[IDC]DragonOne day, I'll make a plugin function for spawning a timer.
23:32:59[IDC]DragonRight now it's a hack.
23:33:11amiconnYes, and some functions to set gray pixels/lines/rectangles etc. in these frames.
23:33:29[IDC]Dragonuse the blit function
23:33:52[IDC]Dragonit can work on partial buffers
23:34:28[IDC]Dragon(afk for a minute)
23:35:22amiconnYes, I thought of using the blit function. But there has to be a function to e.g. set pixel (12,34) to 50% gray. This would set the pixel to black in one half of the frames and to white in the other half.
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23:43:21[IDC]Dragongotta go, sorry, goodnight!
23:43:35 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:56:32 Join amiconn_ [0] (~jens@
23:56:57 Join LinusN [200] (
23:57:17amiconn_Hi LinusN
23:58:08LinusNhave you worked on the recording optimization?

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