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#rockbox log for 2004-03-29

00:00:06amiconn_A first version of the assembly loop is also prepared, but not tested yet. This isn't much shorter, but should be significantly faster within the loop.
00:01:34amiconn_(The compiler produces rather slow code here). I'm looking at bugs 883139 and 888132 atm, perhaps a faster loop could fix them.
00:03:24LinusNa faster fat code too
00:04:28amiconn_Hmm, maybe. I also suspected the fat code to be a bit slow.
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00:07:09amiconn_LinusN: Today I had another close look at your analyze graphs for the reading and writing. As the unoptimized write loop runs from main RAM, you see all instruction fetches. You can also see the 4 page misses within.
00:08:51amiconn_(My new write loop do run from IRAM of course.) Did you find some time to analyze the recorder yet?
00:09:04amiconn_* does
00:10:57LinusNnot yet
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00:19:17amiconnHmm, I tried to verify the mentioned bugs with my own ~100 min test recording I did on friday.
00:20:21amiconnFor that I used mp3fixer, which found 6 "Bad frames". Then I fed the output of it again into mp3fixer and it found 13 "Bad frames"??
00:20:56amiconnApparently there must be something wrong with mp3fixer!
00:23:26amiconnThird round: 8 bad frames, fourth round: 6 bad frames...
00:29:14amiconnBtw: The _original_ recorded file plays fine both on rockbox and on my PC (tested ~40 min so far). I don't use Win media player or Winamp, though.
00:36:23LinusNmedia player seems picky
00:38:46amiconnI'm using Deliplayer. Very good multi-format player and freeware (though not open source).
00:40:09amiconnHmm, a new strange thing: I did find "MP3Utility" now, which can check mp3s for errors. This doesn't even find the second frame!
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00:42:16LinusNprobably unable to parse the id3 or xing heades
00:43:32amiconnIt does parse this info pefectly, gives full detail about the file and finds the first frame. Should I paste the info here?
00:44:26amiconnFile size: 131,257,066 bytes
00:44:26amiconnOffset to first frame header: 5,231 bytes
00:44:26amiconnMPEG version 1.0; Layer III
00:44:26DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
00:44:26amiconnBitrate: VBR (Xing); Sample rate: 44,100 Hz
00:44:26amiconnChannel mode: Joint stereo
00:44:26***Alert Mode level 1
00:44:26amiconnPrivate: No; CRCs: Yes; Copyrighted: No
00:44:28amiconnOriginal: Yes; Emphasis: None
00:44:30amiconnFrame size: 1,152 samples/frame
00:44:32amiconnFrame length: 365 bytes/frame (unpadded)
00:44:34amiconnPad size: 1 byte(s)
00:44:55amiconn** Leading ID3v2 Tag Info **
00:45:01amiconnTag version: 4.0; Length: 4,096 bytes; Track:
00:45:02***Alert Mode level 2
00:45:02***Alert Mode level 3
00:45:02amiconnYear: Genre:
00:45:02***Alert Mode level 4
00:45:19amiconn** No ID3v1 tag found **
00:46:07LinusNframe length will vary, which frame does it refer to?
00:46:31amiconnThis seems to be the first frame.
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00:47:32LinusNwell, if it can't even find the second...
00:48:10amiconnIf I click on "start" to start the scan, it displays the following result:
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00:49:13amiconnHmm, this isn't selectable for copy'n'paste... trying manually.
00:49:34amiconn- Processing <filename>
00:50:10amiconn- Error: Sync error reading frame header 2 expected at byte 5,597. Approx. time: 0:00 (0% through audio)
00:50:35amiconn- Resync failed (no matching frame header found within 2,000 bytes).
00:51:00LinusNi find it hard to believe
00:51:35amiconnIt may be unbelievable, but it is true!
00:52:01LinusNcan you dcc the first 32k of the file?
00:52:34amiconnHmm, trying to find a method to chop the file.
00:52:47LinusNah, windows?
00:53:10LinusNthe dd command should work in cygwin
00:53:32amiconnYup, windows with cygwin.
00:55:03***Alert Mode OFF
00:56:58LinusNsilly firewall
00:57:10amiconnYours or mine?!?
00:57:15LinusNi dunno
00:57:36amiconnShould I email?
00:58:28LinusNdo so
01:00:13amiconnMail is out.
01:03:59LinusNthe file does not look good
01:04:08LinusNdid you use prerecording?
01:04:30amiconnNo, didn't use prerecording. What is wrong with it?
01:04:53amiconnRecording settings: Stereo, Quality 7.
01:05:15LinusNthere is garbage between the id3 tag and the xing header
01:06:43LinusNalso, there is garbage between the first and the second frame (possibly a partial frame)
01:10:41LinusNhowever, there is no problem to resync
01:11:07LinusNmakes mp3utility look lame
01:11:34amiconnHmm. The strange thing is: Deliplayer is still playing it (there are glitches occasionally, this may be corrupt frames). Now at 1h 22min.
01:12:23LinusNi guess deliplayer is quite forgiving
01:12:32LinusNand media player is not
01:13:44amiconnHmm, just tried media player. It tells me that "a file could not be initialized" and doesn't play anything.
01:16:29LinusNexaclt 120 bytes of garbage between frame 1 and 2
01:17:08LinusNdivisible by 30, interesting
01:17:51amiconn30 ?! Coincidentally the amount of data that is copied in the loop?
01:18:07LinusNyes, that's the size of the DMA buffer inside the MAS
01:18:41amiconnBtw: this was still the C loop.
01:22:56LinusNok, the space between the id3 tag and the xing header is by design
01:23:22LinusNwe cold make it look better by changing the id3 tag size
01:24:11amiconnIf I interpet the output of mp3utility correctly, it counts the Xing header as frame #1. Is that correct? (Don't know that much mpeg audio details yet)
01:24:50LinusNit should count the frame after the xing frame as #1
01:25:05LinusNthe xing frame is not an audio frame
01:25:52LinusNthe interesting part is the 120 bytes between #1 and #2
01:26:11amiconnIt says: "Offset to first frame header: 5,231 bytes", which is 0xFF FA ... "Xing" ...
01:26:13LinusNare they bogus data, generated by false interrupts?
01:26:37LinusNor have we missed some data?
01:27:36amiconnI'm also looking at the file in a hex editor atm. Does (real) frame #1 start at 0x15DC?
01:35:02LinusNbut mp3utility expects it at 0x15dd
01:36:40amiconnDeliplayer played the file successfully to the end.
01:37:46LinusNyou can see that mp3utility falsely thinks that the xing frame has a padding byte
01:38:17LinusNthat's probably why it expects the first frame 1 byte later in the stream
01:38:34LinusNthe xing frame doesn't have the padding bit set
01:39:06LinusNi'd say that mp3utility sux in this case
01:39:32amiconnIf I read correctly, it expects it at 15DC, where it is. Offset to first frame header: 5231 bytes, Frame length: 365 bytes (unpadded)
01:39:50LinusNError: Sync error reading frame header 2 expected at byte 5,597
01:39:55amiconnthis adds up to 5596 which is 0x15DC.
01:40:13LinusN5597 is 16dd
01:40:28LinusNPad size: 1 byte(s)
01:40:59amiconnOops, didn't see that.
01:41:35amiconnBut coincidentally media player also doesn't want to play that file..
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01:42:01LinusNmaybe because of the 120 bytes, or because it doesn't understand id3v2.4
01:43:45amiconnJust running rockbox' vbr fix on a copy of it.
01:44:10LinusNthat shouldn't help much
01:44:33LinusNit doesn't try to repair broken frames etc
01:44:45LinusNit only updates the xing header
01:47:00LinusNit may remove the space between the id3 and the xing header though
01:47:27LinusNbut i doubt it
01:49:48amiconnXing header starts at the very same position, but apparently something is updated within that header. Both media player and mp3utility still don't like the file.
01:50:19LinusNquite what i expected
01:51:08LinusNsilly utility not being able to read the file
01:51:34LinusNi mean, what is it supposed to do?
01:51:47LinusNfix files?
01:52:04amiconnCheck mp3's for errors.
01:52:23LinusNthen it should start with parsing the frame headers correctly
01:53:56LinusNstill, we suck too, since we have generated a stream wit corrupt data (after the point where mp3utility chokes)
01:54:39LinusNif it had parsed the xing header correctly, it might have found the garbage between the real audio frames :-)
01:54:49amiconnI only did one other recording with rockbox so far (last summer, this must have been v2.0). Mp3utility also doesn't like that, however, media player does play it.
01:55:16amiconn(This is much shorter, only 56 sec)
01:55:35LinusNgotta sleep now
01:55:45LinusNwork tomorrow
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02:02:01 Part amiconn
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06:12:09midkoff nite
06:12:13 Quit midk ("did i die?")
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06:19:14pokerjokeranyone home?
06:19:48 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
06:25:15pokerjokerif anyone gets here, im just curious - what exactly is a DVD+R's firmware
06:26:16pokerjokeri mean, i have a HP 300c DVD
06:26:48pokerjokerit a DVD burner, and the computer recognizes its name HP 300c DVD
06:27:29pokerjokerbut i cant get NERO to notice its a burner,
06:27:42pokerjokerthus i cant record with it, yet.
07:12:10pokerjokeri will return! hopefully.
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09:15:07Bagder_anyone with a v2/fm around?
09:15:13 Nick Bagder_ is now known as Bagder (
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09:29:14Bagdermorning LinusN
09:29:35BagderBagder: I added two lines to the decivechart in CVS, can you verify/update the data?
09:29:44BagderLinusN I meant
09:29:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:29:48*Bagder talks to himself
09:29:54Bagdera proof of too little coffee
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09:36:16LinusNBagder: i'll check
09:40:29Bagderis that mini B USB a female btw?
09:40:36Bagderon the v2/fm ?
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10:51:36 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn|work (
10:53:36amiconn|workHi LinusN, finally found a way to use IRC from work.
10:55:16Bagdertunneling is the way to coolness ;-)
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10:58:53 Quit Bagder (
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11:04:47amiconn|workBagder: no tunneling, but remoting my home PC via RDP.
11:05:13*Bagder tunnels from work over ssh
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12:18:45 Join LinusN [200] (
12:23:57 Join lini [0] (~lini@
12:24:29linihello. anyone alive?
12:25:16Bagdera little
12:25:37linii haven't received any mail from the list in a while
12:25:50Bagderits booming
12:25:57Bagderyou have a mail problem ;-)
12:26:00liniis there a problem or should i just complain to my mail admin?
12:26:17Bagderits been like 40-50 posts a day recently
12:26:33liniok i'm starting to think about possible insults for him.
12:27:03linibut still
12:27:18Bagdercheck that you're still subscribed
12:27:21liniis there any way to check whether I am subscribed or not
12:28:13Bagderenter yout email in the bottom field and click 'edit options'
12:30:12 Quit lini (Remote closed the connection)
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12:35:33 Part LinusN
12:35:44 Join LinusN [200] (
12:39:44LinusNi hooked up my logic analyser to the i2c bus to see how the original firmware sets up the MAS
12:40:02LinusNturns out that the "flat" settings aren't that flat after all
12:40:19LinusNthe MDB is still activated
12:40:19Bagdersurprise surprise ;-)
12:41:27LinusNand they never touch the stereo mixer settings, so they are left at the poweron defaults
12:41:43LinusNso i'll have to find out what they are :-)
12:41:57Bagderis that possible?
12:42:22LinusNsure, i'll just reset the mas and read the registers
12:46:27Bagderrunning windows with a usb mouse when developing usb-based stuff is not to be recommended
12:47:08 Part LinusN
12:47:19 Join LinusN [200] (
13:05:40 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
13:10:11LinusNlooks like the poweron default stereo mix is 100% stereo separation
13:18:53 Join c0utta [0] (
13:24:54 Join pfavr [0] (
13:35:46dwihno\o/ Linus the analyser \o/
13:41:19pfavrRockBox 2.2 works nicely on my JBR20 (from flash)
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15:05:10 Join D0gbert [0] (
15:05:56D0gbertif I may ask so bluntly, r there any ppl in here who took a closer look on the iriver ihp hardware?
15:06:11BagderI doubt that
15:06:25Bagderif I got one, I'd do it! ;-)
15:07:29Bagderare there any docs covering the hw?
15:07:32D0gbertI'm having troubles finding the fuqn UART port - there are solder pins labeled 'RXD' and 'TXD' but I believe them to be a network interface or smth
15:07:51D0gbertwell, the µcontroller is pretty well documented - it's a motorola coldfire 5249
15:08:12D0gbertand there seem to be all pins which one would need for a JTAG interface
15:08:39D0gbert /
15:10:17Bagderhow do you upgrade the software for it?
15:10:29Bagderdoes it flash it right away?
15:11:06D0gbertu put a file onto the HDD, unplug the hdd, tell the iriver to flash its firmware and it does it
15:11:38Bagderis the upgrade file scrambled?
15:11:40D0gbertthe firmware is poorly encoded (there is a tool for decryption already), but there seems to be a checksum somewhere
15:12:11Bagderbut you can disassemble it then?
15:12:22D0gbertand the entry point of the firmware is kinda unknown
15:12:29D0gbertwell, IDA spits out mostly crap
15:12:39 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:13:23D0gbertmy guess is that either the decryption tool is faulty or that IDA doesn't know some instructions of the 5249
15:14:35Bagderit sounds as if you are progressing anyway
15:15:23D0gbertwell, I put all my hopes into the BDM interface which should allow me to get direct r/w access to the flashrom/memory
15:16:08dwihnoRockbox for the iriver hardware would be coolish ;D
15:16:19Bagderit would
15:19:35D0gbertwell.. the big question is whether iriver has or has not killed some of the solder spots like M$ did with the LPC header
15:20:19dwihnoLPC header?
15:20:34D0gbertlow pin count bus on the XBox
15:20:52D0gbertmost mod chips use it
15:21:01dwihnoMagic wheebaaz, so to speak :D
15:23:13D0gbertit would be nice to have an UART port though... e.g. the apple used the phono jack to provide such an interface on their ipod
15:23:23dwihnoI see the avos project has gotten sound \o/ cool
15:23:46BagderD0gbert: yeah, a serial port is great to get gdb for it etc
15:24:09Bagdermagician linus made one for the Archos
15:26:46 Join track [0] (
15:26:58dwihnoHe is also an analyser!
15:27:57Bagdernah, I think he uses a crystal ball
15:28:36Bagderand a black hat that he pulls up rabbits through on his spare time
15:28:38 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:28:48D0gbertwell, it would be great to speak to some other ihp owners who have those skills
15:28:51dwihnoHe's powered by Leffes Pizza. That might have something to do with it! :)
15:29:22BagderD0gbert: you have any contact with the guys at
15:30:03Bagderwe got mailed be the admin the other day regarding rockbox on iRiver
15:30:10D0gbertwell, the postings about _real_ technical information on the iriver r rare on that forum
15:32:10D0gbertthe only board which is quite good in that matter is - unfortunately, it's german only for the time being, but the administrator told me that he would launch an english board soon
15:33:02Bagderseems like a good idea to gather the most eager and low-level skilled iriver people
15:33:52D0gbertindeed :)
15:37:56amiconn|workLinusN, are you listening?
15:42:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:43:52LinusNamiconn|work: have to go away, ttyl
15:45:26amiconn|workI'm on to the problem with the corrupt frames. Will you be around in the evening?
15:56:14 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
15:58:19 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
16:33:21 Part Bagder
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16:46:18 Part cjnr11
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18:02:35LinusNamiconn|work: sure, i'll be around
18:21:03 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
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19:12:33 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
19:29:00amiconnLinusN: I did some recording tests with rockbox and archos fw. The bad thing is, when recording with rockbox the first audio frame is _always_ incomplete, though its actual size varies.
19:29:46amiconnThis doesn't occur with the archos fw, so it is not the MAS' fault.
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20:15:35 Quit MT (
20:15:35knivesouthey guys
20:15:37NJoinTheDude2 [0] (
20:16:04NJoinAciD [0] (
20:16:04NJoinMT [0] (
20:16:58knivesouti'm still running a build from 2/15... what's been added lately?
20:17:00knivesoutor what's being worked on?
20:18:13 Quit knivesout (Client Quit)
20:26:57 Join amiconn__ [0] (
20:28:53amiconn__Grr, t-dsl
20:29:47 Join mg92 [0] (
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20:30:53mg92is anyone out there ?
20:31:15mg92does anyone have schematic for recorder ?
20:32:36amiconnmg92: See
20:32:59 Quit TheDude3 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:37:34mg92perfect thanks ...
20:43:14 Quit mg92 ("Leaving")
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20:46:50 Join uski [0] (~moo@2001:7a8:3bb9:0:0:0:0:babe)
20:47:07uskiis there anyone familiar with the MP3 format here ?
20:47:09uskii have some questions
20:47:19uskioh, hi LinusN ! :)
20:47:19LinusNdid you see my lcd recordings?
20:47:43uskinext step: find a lcd, so i can try this sequence
20:47:51LinusNi have very little time
20:47:59uskiok, so i want to make something that will play mp3 shoutcast radios
20:47:59LinusNyou want to ask about mp3?
20:48:15uskiand i do not know if there is a header sent when i connect to the adio and start receiving data
20:48:27uskiso, is a header necessary or not ?
20:48:46uski(great :])
20:48:57uskiand, can rockbox play "headerless" mp3s ?
20:48:59LinusNhowever, the radio station name and song title may be sent in the ancillary data
20:49:08LinusNthere are no headerless mp3
20:49:19uskiassume i want to play a shoutcast radio on the archos
20:49:25LinusNi do it all the time
20:49:36LinusNmp3 is just a strem
20:49:48uskiyou mean: no headers ?
20:50:26uskiok, thanks :)
20:50:27LinusNeach frame has its own headee
20:50:44amiconnre LinusN
20:50:50LinusNhowever, there is no id3 info on shoutcast streams
20:51:01LinusNso the tune name might be sent with the ancillary data
20:51:07LinusNhi amiconn
20:51:10uskionly metadata sent using HTTP format
20:51:17LinusNgotta go and read a fairy tale to my son
20:51:22uskiheh :)
20:51:23LinusNcu l8r
20:51:30amiconnOk then.
20:51:38 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|eat (
20:56:00 Quit Schnueff ("...")
21:18:47 Join yozac [0] (
21:19:23yozacI have encountered a serious usability problem with rockbox when building playlists, and I'm wondering if its because I'm missing something obvious.
21:19:41uskiwhat's this problem ?
21:20:20yozacFrequently while I'm building a playlist, at some point I end up accidentally pressing play, erasing my entire playlist
21:21:10yozacThis is compounded by the fact that the down arrow sometimes triggers play on my particular unit, making it VERY frustrating to try to build playlists of more than one song as I so frequently needs to start from the beggining
21:22:08yozacIs there a way to make the behavoir of the play button not erase your current play list? On other mp3 players I've used, this was the default behavoir
21:22:45uskii think that you should ask on the mailling list if nobody can help here
21:23:27 Nick amiconn|eat is now known as amiconn (
21:24:43yozacok. also I find that I can't jog with the archos because it will hang (or maybe have a very prolonged skip . . . ) Is this a common problem?
21:26:25amiconnDoes the red LED stay on solid in this case?
21:27:13yozacamiconn: not sure, but I haven't noticed that
21:28:15amiconnYou should check this, if it is, this would be another case of "red LED death" for which several bug reports exist.
21:35:03 Quit yozac ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
21:42:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:42:14 Join Reader38 [0] (
21:42:54 Nick Reader38 is now known as Freddie_Mercury (
21:43:14Freddie_Mercuryanyone home
21:43:16 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:43:37*Freddie_Mercury just killed a man
21:43:49 Quit Freddie_Mercury (Client Quit)
21:59:02 Join quelsaruk [0] (~hfdjsfg@
21:59:02 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09:39 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:09:47quelsarukhi [IDC]Dragon
22:09:55amiconnHi Jörg
22:10:04quelsaruki have a bug/question about rvf format
22:10:06[IDC]DragonHi guys, thanks for the warm welcome
22:10:20*quelsaruk hides the club
22:10:21[IDC]DragonI'm deaf
22:10:53[IDC]Dragonnot so warm welcome, then
22:11:21[IDC]Dragonc'mon, what's the matter?
22:11:27quelsaruki tried to make a rvf with audio&video, but always get the audio delayed
22:11:58quelsarukit works perfectly *before* using the tools
22:12:07[IDC]Dragondalayed as a constant time, or drifting apart?
22:12:32 Join AciD [0] (
22:12:40[IDC]Dragonwhat's "before" which tools?
22:12:48quelsaruki think a constant time, but not sure.. i just tested if it was delayed, deleted it, re-tried with another framerate... etc..
22:13:04quelsarukwel.. after decompresing and resizing the avi file :)
22:13:13quelsarukbut before avitoyuv
22:14:24[IDC]Dragonis your Rockbox playback pitched to anything different than 100%?
22:14:42[IDC]DragonThis pitch feature is no good for video.
22:15:10quelsaruki don't use pitch
22:15:27quelsaruki mean, it's 100%. I like music as it was created
22:15:44quelsarukspeeding up heavy metal is not quite interesting ;)
22:16:35quelsaruksomeone said he had problems with ntfs files
22:16:43quelsarukbut changing them to 20fps worked
22:16:52quelsarukdoes that make any sense to you?
22:17:17[IDC]Dragonnot really. Where is 20fps used?
22:17:52quelsarukdon't know
22:18:00quelsarukeurope is 25fps, no?
22:18:32[IDC]DragonNTSC is 29.97 fps
22:18:47[IDC]Dragonwhich is so odd that I made it the default
22:19:16[IDC]Dragonto prevent people having it wrong
22:20:53quelsarukyou made ntfs default, or pal?
22:21:12[IDC]DragonI mean, who can type that in accurately?
22:21:14quelsarukmy brain doesn't work quite well :P
22:21:28[IDC]DragonNTSC is the default
22:21:35quelsarukah :)
22:21:47[IDC]Dragonbecause PAL is easy to set, 25 straight.
22:23:08quelsarukthat's in rvf_mux, no?
22:23:27quelsaruki mean, we can set that in the rvf_mux tool
22:23:28[IDC]Dragonboth halftone and rvf_mux
22:23:49quelsaruki missed something
22:24:10quelsarukwould you mind explaining me that? so i can add that info in the web manual :)
22:24:14[IDC]Dragonhave you tried the GUI tool?
22:24:29amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Has the source fps not only to be set in halftone, while rvf_mux uses the rvf's fps (default=67)?
22:24:31quelsarukno, just tools
22:26:24[IDC]Dragonamiconn: ahem, yes. the mux tool needs to know the rfv framerate at which this was halftoned.
22:26:58[IDC]DragonIt doesn't care about the source, that's history.
22:27:22amiconnSo I did remember this correctly.
22:27:54[IDC]DragonYes, in contradiction to me.
22:29:25amiconnWell, I did convert quite a number of DVD videos to .rvf back some time (and found the MPEG2/2.5 bug in rvf_mux then).
22:32:40 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
22:34:11quelsarukso, using the halftone tool, what parameter should i add?
22:34:20quelsaruk−−fps 25 or something like that?
22:35:23amiconn-movie_fps 25 (or short -m 25)
22:38:37quelsarukupdating the manual :)
22:39:11[IDC]Dragonhow about using the GUI tool?
22:39:45[IDC]DragonI never really tried, but it should be a lot easier.
22:42:52quelsarukwell, i wanted to explain quite well the *command line's tools* manual
22:43:04quelsarukbut i will also try the GUI tool
22:43:57 Join scott666 [0] (
22:44:08[IDC]Dragonone day I'll have my all-in-one, sigle-pass converter ready.
22:44:24[IDC]DragonIt's making slow but steady progress.
22:44:52quelsarukwill that convert the avi into decompresed 112x80 video file?
22:45:20[IDC]Dragonavi or mpeg directly into rvf
22:45:26quelsarukgreat :)
22:47:23quelsarukso one day i'll be able to control the jukebox with the car's radio, view video files... maybe even it'll do my job :D
22:56:21 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
23:02:30 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
23:11:09 Join pappou [0] (
23:11:37quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, do you know if there's any program to create id3 tags from filenames??
23:12:05[IDC]Dragonvery likely, see the tool section
23:12:19quelsarukany recomendation/advice?
23:12:27quelsarukesque hay muchos
23:12:33quelsarukthere are many
23:12:39[IDC]DragonI've never done that.
23:12:48quelsaruksorry for the spanish :D
23:13:13[IDC]Dragonwould you like a spanish voice file?
23:13:41[IDC]DragonI've got a bunch of L+H voices, including spanish.
23:14:00quelsaruki'd like that
23:14:34quelsarukso i can test the quality :)
23:14:44amiconnLinus, are you around?
23:14:44[IDC]Dragonquality is no good
23:15:23[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: you'd need out to fill the voice: part of the .lang file
23:15:43[IDC]Dragonsee english.lang
23:15:52quelsaruki synced that.. afaik
23:16:00amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Is there also a german.voice in the works?
23:16:20[IDC]DragonL+H has german, too, yes.
23:16:30quelsarukadding those " " to the LANG_TALK_XX strings??
23:16:46[IDC]DragonSomebody would need to update the .lang file
23:17:34quelsarukif it's just the " " strings, i can do that right now
23:18:11quelsaruk(if cvs speeds up)
23:18:21[IDC]Dragonit's an extra line for the pronounciation of the item
23:18:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: While you are at the .lang files, how do I tell the makefile to build the .lng files as well?
23:19:02[IDC]DragonDunno, I never cared
23:19:03quelsarukbinlang english.lang other.lang other.lng
23:19:07quelsarukthat is...
23:19:44quelsarukbinlang ../apps/lang/english.lang ../apps/lang/your.lang ../apps/lang/your.lng
23:19:53quelsarukin the tools folder
23:20:03amiconnquelsaruk: thanks. I thought that the "make" handles this as well, the automated builds at the web page look like that.
23:20:18quelsarukbut never cared about that
23:20:54quelsaruki just use that to check language's updates
23:21:10amiconnI'm also wondering why make (after make clean) writes out a number of error lines.
23:21:38amiconn"xxxxx.c:nn:mm: lang.h: No such file or directory.
23:21:55amiconnIt still builds fine, though.
23:23:08amiconnThere are about 30 such lines, from different source files.
23:23:37quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, i think you forgot some lines in the english.lang :)
23:24:01 Part pappou
23:24:05[IDC]DragonNo, those are not spoken.
23:24:36[IDC]Dragonthey have an empty voice: "" entry
23:24:48quelsarukthe VOICE_FILE and VOICE_DIR i mean
23:25:11[IDC]Dragonthose are only spoken
23:25:20quelsarukthey have voice:"blablabla" but not eng:"blablabla", is that ok?
23:25:49quelsaruki suppose you know what you do
23:26:01[IDC]Dragonthe eng: "" is empty because they are only for speech, not for display.
23:26:22[IDC]Dragonsee all the numbers and units
23:26:36quelsaruki just saw the diff with last english.lang version :)
23:26:53quelsarukto see how many strings may i update in spanish.lang
23:27:31quelsarukwhat does *hovering* mean?
23:29:25[IDC]Dragonhaving the cursor "over" a directory name
23:29:37[IDC]Dragonin contrast to entering it
23:29:58amiconnHmm, I would describe this with "moving the cursor on it". Think of a hovercraft. Babelfish says it's "libración" in Spanish.
23:30:09[IDC]DragonMost of the strings I just copied, using an editor macro
23:30:42[IDC]Dragonbut some needed to be edited.
23:30:42quelsaruklibracion... that's the first time i heard that word
23:31:01[IDC]DragonLike, using no abbreviations
23:31:14amiconnquelsaruk: :)
23:31:48quelsarukamiconn, i don't really think that's spanish.. maybe mexican or who knows...
23:32:26quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, with "voice directories" you mean like speaking the directory??
23:32:36amiconnMaybe, the systran translation used by babelfsih isn't that good after all (for european languages).
23:32:59amiconn* babelfish
23:33:42quelsarukhehe.. i made once a spanish/english and english/portuguese translation, and the result was amazing...
23:34:08quelsarukbut was easier to repair that than translating the whole text
23:34:23amiconnI tried translating my own (german) homepage into english and was rotfl afterwards.
23:36:01[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: yes, speaking the directory name.
23:36:32quelsarukthanks, that's what i supposed (i haven't tested the latest changes so i'm not sure)
23:36:48[IDC]Dragonyou need to prepare "thumbnail" clips with the spoken name.
23:38:47quelsarukI suppose there's a tool for that, no?
23:39:13quelsarukif i have to "speak" all my folders and/or songs..
23:39:43quelsarukbtw, i think i'm blind
23:39:44[IDC]DragonA .vbs script, yes.
23:40:30quelsaruki went to cvs web page, to check latest changes in english.lang
23:40:59quelsarukso i saw that latest strings had a *voice:"xxxxxx"*
23:41:23[IDC]Dragonyes, my saying
23:41:43quelsarukbut when i used uplang to update espanol.lang, i can't see that voice:"xxxx" missing
23:42:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:42:19quelsarukyeah.. i know we were speaking about that :(
23:42:35[IDC]DragonIt's not in there yet, I guess.
23:43:03quelsarukyou updated that file 2 days ago
23:43:20[IDC]Dragonnot the spanish one
23:43:26quelsarukenglish one
23:43:58 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:43:59quelsaruklang files are updated using english.lang
23:44:36quelsaruki think that's a bug in uplang script
23:46:58quelsarukok, i don't know perl, but afaik uplang script only checks the id, desc, eng and new lines, doesn't even check what happens to voice
23:48:45[IDC]Dragonthat is on purpose
23:49:11[IDC]Dragonthe voice entry is procesed by a different program
23:49:32quelsarukwhich one?
23:50:06[IDC]Dragonmy lang2textaloud
23:50:09quelsarukanother thing to be updated in the documentation (how to make lang files manual)
23:50:21quelsarukand how does it work?
23:51:05[IDC]Dragonit makes an input file for a program called TextAloud
23:51:09quelsarukis taht in the mail list??
23:51:22[IDC]Dragonit's on my webspace
23:51:38[IDC]Dragonbut so far nobody else made voice files
23:51:44[IDC]Dragon(I think)
23:52:46quelsarukmaybe because they didn't know how to make them
23:54:20[IDC]Dragonthere w no dneed s fr
23:55:20*quelsaruk gets the [IDC]Dragon/english translator powered by systran
23:56:16[IDC]Dragoni can't type while the .vbs script runs
23:56:50quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, so you have spanish voices, isn't it?
23:57:07quelsarukand i have an uptodate espanol.lang file
23:57:23quelsarukhow do i merge all that and make my box speak spanish?
23:58:23amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Already tried my fast writing patch?
23:58:49[IDC]DragonI downloaded it, but haven't applied it yet

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