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#rockbox log for 2004-03-30

00:00:28amiconnI have no probs at all with it. I would like it very much if someone with a Hitach DK23CA hd dares to try it.
00:01:26[IDC]DragonI don't have such
00:01:26amiconnPerhaps I should prepare some test builds (fast read only, fast write only, fast read & write) and post them together with a warning on the ml.
00:01:51[IDC]Dragonyes, that would be helpful
00:02:04[IDC]Dragonif somebody with a slow disk dares...
00:02:28amiconnI should also prepare instructions to obtain additional information on the nature of the corruption, if it occurs.
00:03:37quelsaruki have my old box (recorder 6) with a nearly broken 30GB hd, i could test on that, if the data gets corrupted i don't mind
00:03:49amiconnLike: if the filesystem is corrupted, before fixing it, make a copy of the beginning (with dd, which exists also for windows).
00:03:51quelsarukor even mount a 6GB hd on it and test
00:13:20quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, should i commit the espanol.lang or wait until i add the voice strings to the file?
00:14:08[IDC]Dragoncommit with what?
00:14:18quelsarukwith the new strings
00:14:29quelsarukvoice directories and so on
00:14:48[IDC]Dragonthe very few?
00:15:33amiconnquelsaruk: Here is a fresh recorder v1 build with fast reading and writing:
00:15:57quelsarukyups, just the latest changes
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00:22:12quelsarukgot it amiconn,
00:23:05quelsarukwhat will i get if this corrupts the filesystem? I mean, any warnings in rockbox? have to check with windows?
00:23:53[IDC]DragonTTS = time to sleep
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00:25:42quelsarukme too
00:25:42amiconnMost likely (from the ml archive) you will get either scandisk errors (if you scan it at the PC after using my build) or a fat driver panic like: "Entry x in sector y is not free".
00:25:59quelsaruki'll check
00:26:07quelsaruk(maybe in easter)
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00:52:56EdrysarkHi all
00:53:12EdrysarkI have just a litte question
00:53:40EdrysarkHow can I extract a bin from the original firmware of an ARCHOS AV3XX
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00:55:35EdrysarkHello all ?
01:01:02EdrysarkOuh ouh ?
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08:44:23amiconnHi LinusN
08:52:08LinusNi wonder why the second frame is always bad
08:52:34LinusNmaybe we disable the interrupt for a while?
08:52:45LinusNor are plainly too slow in the interrupt handler?
08:55:49amiconnYesterday evening I did some more research concerning the corrupt recordings.
08:56:42amiconnFirst thing, that "mp3utility" was right and rockbox is at fault, although the position display of it is a bit misleading.
08:57:56amiconnThe things is: the xing header has the CRC bit set to 0, while the rest of the frames has it set to 1. No other encodcer does this.
08:58:42amiconnMp3utility apparently uses the first header as a template and can't find another one of this kind.
08:59:24amiconnIf I manually patch the xing header header ;), mp3utility is able to check the file.
09:00:08amiconnWith that I conducted some tests with varying sample rate, quality, channel setting etc.
09:01:01amiconn(1) _Sometimes_ the first frame is truncated. This depends mainly on the sample rate and quality settings.
09:01:42LinusNusing the first frame as a template is not good behaviour
09:01:51LinusNespecially when it isn't a true audio frame
09:02:12amiconnFor quality=0, the first frame was always intact. For quality=4, the first frame was truncated for sample frequencies >= 32 kHz
09:02:44amiconnFor quality=7, the first frame was truncated for sample frequency >= 22.05 kHz.
09:02:47LinusNso it looks like a performance problem after all
09:03:14amiconn(2) All intermediate frames were always intact, even for my long recording.
09:03:43amiconn(3) The last frame is _always_ truncated!
09:04:05amiconn(4) All these problems do not occur when recording with the archos fw
09:04:21LinusNok, so i have work to do :-)
09:05:58amiconnIt doesn't look like a performance problem within the interrupt, but rather like a too long start delay.
09:06:20LinusNi wonder what that delay might be
09:06:51amiconnThe first frame truncation seems to be independent of stereo/mono and "independent frames" settings.
09:08:30amiconnI may have to test if prerecording influences it.
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09:16:13LinusNprerecording shouldn't have the problems with the first frame
09:17:03LinusNunless the prerecording buffer isn't filled when you start recording for real
09:18:29LinusNmaybe we should enable the demand irq earlier?
09:19:44LinusNwe could try skipping the wait for the acceptance of the settings
09:21:39amiconnI did also have a look at the source, but couldn't figure out why there is a sleep(20) _after_ checking the acceptance of the settings
09:22:39LinusNme neither :-)
09:22:58LinusNi'll try that and see what happens
09:25:23amiconnI would also prefer not to have the last frame trunctaed. This should be not too hard, the final save could simply not save the last frame, since it may be incomplete.
09:28:16LinusNwe have two options
09:28:30LinusN1) find the last frame and remove it
09:28:47LinusN2) stop the mas and let it finish
09:30:38amiconnIf it is possible to tell the mas that it shoud stop but finish the last frame, I'd prefer that, otherwise (1) should be simpler
09:31:16amiconnGotta run (erm, drive).
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13:11:39*Bagder looks at LinusN
13:11:41LinusNthe "voice builds" in open Neo is nearly identical to Talbox
13:11:51Bagderyeah, I noticed
13:12:12BagderI'd even guess that we do it better in the end
13:12:29LinusNand SSI wanted to keep it secret...haha
13:12:51LinusNwhat an innovative and technologically advanced feature :-)
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13:13:57Bagderhi q
13:14:09quelsarukhi Bagder
13:14:37quelsarukBagder, i have a stupid question about languages
13:14:49*Bagder buckles up
13:15:12quelsaruknow, when people update languages, the script only checks ids, desc, eng y new strings
13:15:20quelsaruknot voice strings
13:15:28quelsarukdoes it matter?
13:15:28Bagderah, right
13:15:50Bagderdo people provide voice strings yet?
13:16:06quelsarukjorg says he is the only one right now
13:16:44Bagderwe need to patch 'uplang' to take the voice strings into account as well
13:17:53quelsarukbut until then, updated langs go into the code, no?
13:18:04quelsarukat least, the strings are translated
13:18:20Bagdereverything still works as before
13:18:31Bagderjust that 'voice' is being ignored by the scripts
13:19:37Bagdernot quite ignored
13:20:01Bagdertexts with only voices still get a blank entry
13:20:18Bagderthat's pretty lame
13:20:39quelsarukwill uplang do all the work, or are we going to use another tool to add voices??
13:21:04Bagderuplang is used to synch language files so I think it should keep doing that
13:21:33Bagderthe way the lang files are now used for voice-only strings was not however intended
13:21:41Bagderwhich causes extra junk to go into the source
13:22:00BagderI'll figure out a fix
13:24:58BagderI'm not sure I like what I see
13:25:36quelsarukwhat do you see?
13:25:46Bagderthat the language ids are used this way
13:26:00Bagderfor voice-only stuff
13:26:19Bagderbut I don't have any better way to suggest right now
13:26:20quelsarukLinusN, where's the lcd_margins() function? i can't find it in the code
13:26:26LinusNquelsaruk: lcd_setmargins(), sorry
13:27:54quelsarukbut that woudl mean changing all places where we call this function (if i have to add a parameter to the function)
13:28:24quelsarukok, easter is gonna be interesting ;)
13:28:47BagderLinusN: you seen how the generated lang.c looks like with all the voice strings?
13:29:06Bagderit shows something bad
13:29:17Bagdernot very serious, but still
13:29:23quelsarukdid you think more about using a struct for settings (for the possible values of a setting) ??
13:29:47LinusNBagder: some empty strings
13:30:08Bagderfor all the voice-only strings
13:30:30BagderI don't like that we need an empty string for each new voice
13:30:33LinusNquelsaruk: not really
13:30:49LinusNBagder: me neither, but it was a quick and easy solution
13:31:00BagderI completely understand that
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13:38:16quelsarukhave to go
13:38:18 Part quelsaruk
13:40:33BagderLinusN: can you think of any drawback with me putting the VOICE_-ids in a separate .h file and not add any blanks in the .c file?
13:41:12BagderI just tried and it built fine for me
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13:45:18BagderI'll post my patch to the list and ask for comments
13:54:58 Join AciD [0] (
13:54:58Bagdermailman is stupid
13:55:05Bagder"The message's content type was not explicitly allowed"
13:55:12BagderI can post my patch
13:55:44LinusNthen update the mailman config
13:56:02Bagderpine uses MULTIPART/MIXED
13:56:06Bagderweirdly enough
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16:19:05Quelsarukhey.. i'm now learning a bit of japonese
16:19:14Quelsaruk(going there in summer)
16:20:18Quelsarukand osaka
16:20:21LinusNi've been to tokyo once, quite an experience
16:20:29Quelsarukhehe.. i suppose
16:20:54Quelsaruki have a guide there, so i hope i can enjoy everything there
16:28:58QuelsarukLinusN, can i make my own setting struct? i think that could make working with splash menus for selection a setting value a bit more easy. :)
16:29:28LinusNwhat do you mean with "settings struct"?
16:29:56LinusNyou mean the object approach?
16:30:04Quelsaruka struct which contains the posible values of a setting
16:30:43 Join cjnr11 [0] (
16:30:47 Part cjnr11
16:31:17QuelsarukLinusN, sorry.. i don't understand that.
16:33:13LinusNmy idea about the setting struct is a kind of setting object, which contains all information about it, including enumeration values and their strings, scaling factors etc
16:36:00Quelsarukhgave to go
16:36:17Quelsaruki want to talk about that with you another day, if possible
16:36:30 Quit Quelsaruk ("Leaving")
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18:19:25uskihi all
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21:19:07FlorianKhi, does anybody know whether a German version of the Rockbox manual exists, or is being translated?
21:19:41FlorianKI'd be willing to do some translating
21:19:53 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:19:59FlorianKnot all of it, though, because i'm not a hacker
21:21:31FlorianKnobody willing to talk, or nobody even there at all?
21:27:40methangaswell they don't seem to have any email addresses listed, so you'll have to stick with their nicks in here
21:27:45methangasand ask them
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