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#rockbox log for 2004-03-31

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04:39:57renfieldquestion: anyone done the flashing with OS X?
04:53:37scott666how is the OS going to make an impact on flashing?
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04:56:32renfieldthe OS runs on PPC, and whether or not the OS recognizes the USB connection
04:56:50midkum, well, if you can get the files to your archos you can do it just fine
04:57:09renfieldright, that would be half the quesiton.
04:57:30midkso you're asking, does the archos work on osx?
04:57:57renfieldI've got a friend with an archos in his drawer, he gave up on it and got an ipod. I'm asking if the archos works in OS X, and then if it's possible to flash it from OS X?
04:58:16midkwell you only need to know if you can use it under osx
04:58:18renfieldbasically, because I'm too lazy to install a linux distro on the PC collecting dust in the closet.
04:58:27midkbecause if it works under osx you only need to copy a file to it to flash.
04:58:43renfieldnice. so, do you know if it works in OS X?
04:58:57midkum, you could try just plugging it in
04:59:30renfieldit's still in my friends drawer. I'm deciding if it will work before I make an offer for it.
05:00:56midkjb recorder 20?
05:02:06renfieldappears that it requires a driver, but works- under the original firmware. would going to the new one change that at all?
05:02:21midkyou could just boot to original
05:02:38midkwell should work
05:02:48midksays it goes under Mac OS 8, 9.1.c
05:02:55renfielddoes everyone dual boot, or are there folks that wipe out the original one?
05:02:56midkso 10 most likely
05:03:01midkyou can't wipe it out
05:03:08renfieldno? ok.
05:03:16renfieldbut you can boot to rockbox by default, yes?
05:07:37renfieldhow does rockbox compare to ipod?
05:08:03midkum, way more feature packed
05:08:11midkquite a few plugins, games, demos etc
05:08:19renfieldhow about menu lag?
05:08:43renfieldthat's what I wanted to hear. thanks for all your help!
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18:34:48quelsaruktime to go
18:34:54quelsarukhave a nice easter :)
18:35:03quelsarukback to Spain!!!!
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20:48:31uskihi LinusN
20:48:38amiconnre LinusN
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22:20:37maedhros_i'm having problems creating rvf files... when i play them on my orckbox, the video is playing too fast...
22:20:54maedhros_the audio is okay, though
22:22:47maedhros_any idea on what i'm doing wrong?
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22:34:30amiconnHi Jörg
22:34:31[IDC]DragonHi Jens
22:34:33NJoinmaedhros_ [0] (~maedhros@
22:34:58maedhros_help! my rfv files are playing too fast!
22:36:25[IDC]Dragonstandard questions: did you use the correct framerate?
22:36:39maedhros_what is the correct frame rate?
22:36:53[IDC]Dragonthe fps of you .avi
22:37:02maedhros_yeah.. i did that
22:37:29maedhros_i used the GUI converter
22:38:07maedhros_it checked the avi framerate, and used I used the same framerate for the rvf file
22:39:04[IDC]Dragonwith the tool, you don't really need to set the .avi framerate
22:39:44[IDC]Dragonit should read it from the file, if you use a recent one.
22:40:14[IDC]Dragonone=version of Rock Video
22:41:03maedhros_using v1.4
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22:55:13maedhros_ok... just tried it one more time now...
22:55:14[IDC]DragonI'm getting junk video when using it. Have you scaled your video beforehand?
22:55:18maedhros_still going too fast!
22:55:34maedhros_i scaled it using virtualdub
22:55:39maedhros_and the scaled video is OK
22:56:13[IDC]DragonI don't understand the "resize" check button
22:57:28maedhros_just popped up a tooltip over the output fps...
22:57:52maedhros_"should be tailored to your jukebox, about 68-72 fps" ...
22:59:09[IDC]Dragonthis is to match visual impression. It it's off, your video won't look so good, but it doesn't affect A/V sync.
22:59:51[IDC]Dragonthe important one is the input fps
23:00:54maedhros_hey... now it works!
23:01:15[IDC]Dragonwhat did you change?
23:01:56maedhros_i increased the "output fps"
23:02:13 Join AciD [0] (
23:02:29maedhros_i changed it to 70 fps
23:03:49amiconnmaedhros_: Do you try to prepare a .rvf with or without audio?
23:04:19maedhros_first, i did one with sound and one without
23:04:36maedhros_then i did a third, with sound, that didn't work either...
23:05:01maedhros_then i increased the output fps of the third video, and it now works
23:06:11amiconnIf you make a .rvf without audio, it is always played at 67 fps because then it does not contain a hint of the value used to prepare it.
23:06:41amiconnSo you should use output_fps=67 in this case.
23:07:31[IDC]Dragonmaybe the tools you use have a different default fps, and by specifying it you forced them to match?
23:07:45amiconnHowever, if you make a .rvf with audio, you should be able to use any value (if the gui tool operates correctly).
23:07:58 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
23:08:43amiconnNevertheless you should use values around 67 fps, because this (almost) matches the hardware refresh rate of the LCD, so it does look good.
23:09:09[IDC]Dragonwell, depends on your box...
23:09:23[IDC]Dragonthere's a high variation
23:09:40maedhros_any way to figure out what refresh rate i have?
23:09:52[IDC]DragonI once made a test tool
23:10:02[IDC]Dragonlook in the mailing list
23:10:07amiconnFrom what I read on the ml back then it depends more on the temperature than on the box.
23:10:17 Quit wake ("leaving")
23:10:31scott666amiconn: i remember that too
23:11:23amiconnIirc, I got values ranging from ~63 fps to over 70 fps depending on temperature
23:12:19amiconnSo I stay with the default 67 fps, imo this is best average match.
23:13:27maedhros_thanks for the help!
23:16:44*Bagder reads his "ata error: -1' over and over again... :-(
23:17:08[IDC]Dragonwhat's happening?
23:17:18Bagdermy normal crappy battery connectors
23:17:43Bagderso the HD doesn't spinup
23:18:15BagderI need to contact my service guy
23:18:22Bagderlinusn ;-)
23:18:39 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
23:19:15[IDC]Dragonnice to have one around
23:19:52[IDC]Dragonare we both happy with the voice IDs now?
23:20:34[IDC]Dragonhave to implement that some day...
23:21:06amiconnGrr. Linus' fix for the corrupt first frame in HQ recordings caused another bug.
23:21:53 Join track [0] (
23:22:01trackhiya everyone
23:22:51amiconnThe first recording started at the recording screen always contains only 30 bytes. Subsequent recordings work, unless you leave and re-enter the recording screen.
23:23:11amiconn(30 bytes excluding the headers, that is)
23:23:47trackdunno amiconn
23:24:08[IDC]Dragonneither me
23:25:33trackis there a way to "de-flash" your box if you no longer want the flashed version on it?
23:28:13maedhros_yeah, i guess...
23:30:10 Join _orange_ [0] (
23:30:28maedhros_holding F1 when booting should boot from bank #2 i think (containing the original archos firmware).
23:31:14trackmaedhros, im talking about removing the flashed version if you no longer want it
23:31:21tracki.e "de-flashing" your box
23:31:38Bagderyou need *something* flashed ;-)
23:32:15trackWhat do you mean, bagder?
23:32:27Bagderyou need software in your flash
23:32:32maedhros_track: did you backup you original firmware when you flashed the jukebox the first time?
23:32:52trackI still have the Archos firmware since holding F1 goes into it on boot-up
23:33:27[IDC]Dragontrack: what do you want to do?
23:33:44[IDC]Dragonyou can flash an Archos .ucl
23:33:50trackits because on the flashed boxes, if the batteries are completly dead, you cant charge them up, you have to remove the batteries and charge them somewhere else
23:34:11[IDC]Dragonor fully revert to your original backup.
23:34:19trackits not urgent, just wondered
23:34:29[IDC]DragonSounds like you're not using the latest bootloader
23:34:47trackIt would be cool if the large battery graphic on the chargescreen slowly filled up to indicate charge level, rather than having those dots move about
23:35:20[IDC]Dragongot more important things to do...
23:35:32maedhros_How big would an uncompressed avi (112x64 px, 25 fps, 1 hrs long) take?
23:36:10[IDC]Dragonyou can calculate for yourself:
23:36:29[IDC]Dragonif you assume 3 byte (=24 bit) per pixel
23:36:53maedhros_oh my
23:36:56maedhros_that big?
23:37:19maedhros_2 gigs?
23:37:46[IDC]Dragonit will shrink again once it is rvf
23:38:42maedhros_will a jukebox with 2MB ram even be able to playback the video before the batteries are empty?
23:39:33[IDC]DragonJens? You got 2.5 hours or so, iirc
23:39:53amiconnBattery runtime on recorder v1 with 2 MB ram and stock 1500 mAh cells is > 4 hrs
23:40:57amiconn[IDC]Dragon: If you remember, I did the runtime tests with/without spindown...
23:41:20[IDC]DragonI sure do.
23:41:37[IDC]DragonJust didn't remember the numbers.
23:42:36[IDC]Dragontime to sleep
23:42:41amiconnGot 4:27 h to 4:38 h with spindown. Measured with "Lord of the Rings" part 1.
23:42:56 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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23:43:41trackBadger does Adiamas still work here?
23:43:54Bagdernot a lot recently, no
23:44:04trackwonder why is that
23:44:26trackwho else uses those orange bic razors?
23:46:15 Part maedhros_
23:58:12 Quit Bagder ("")

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