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#rockbox log for 2004-04-01

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03:46:05midkanybody know where the shuffle code is located?
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03:55:24RTPghello all
03:56:29RTPgcould anybody provide a little help on compiling rockbox?
03:56:56midki actually recommend the new beta sdk
03:56:59midkit has everything you need in it
03:57:07RTPgits the sh-elf-gcc that im having trouble finding
03:57:10midkto build for simulators, to build the tools etc
03:57:14RTPgwhere can i get that?
03:57:40midkjust a moment
03:58:05midknuke c:\cygwin first
03:58:16midkif you can
03:59:19RTPgactually im trying to compile off a bsd box
04:00:57midkhaven't got any experience there sorry
04:01:35RTPgthanks though, im gonna check out this sdk
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06:23:30RTPgum, is there any docs on this sdk?
06:23:39midknot really
06:23:58RTPgso how might one go about compiling with it?
06:24:23midkfollow the win32 sdk docs
06:24:41RTPgah, thanks
06:39:49midkanyone here with a rec/fmrec/v2?
06:40:02scott666what up?
06:40:12midkgots a fm right
06:40:18midki need someone to test my clock update
06:40:26midki think its got a bug
06:40:33midkmay i use you?
06:41:22midktotally revamped
06:41:38midkbut i need you to set the analog time readout mode to ON
06:41:41midkand tell me what you get
06:41:44midkand if it's right
06:41:51midkcos it says 43:43 and 40s for me
06:41:54midkand that's NOT right
06:41:57scott666i havnt seen your clock yet
06:42:03midknot at all?
06:42:11scott666i dont use my archos cause the headphone jacks broke
06:42:12*midk smacks scott
06:42:23midkwell whatever
06:42:27midki just need your time readout
06:42:51midkit's f3 for the options
06:43:11midk12h/24h are the same as well
06:45:09RTPgiv got the v2 rec
06:45:23RTPgwish i got the fm
06:45:52scott666ok, i played around with the first one and now i have the new one
06:45:58scott666nice upgrade
06:46:05midktime incorrect?
06:46:23scott666check marks!
06:47:04midkgah fuck
06:47:12midkty anyways
06:47:20midkworks ok on the sim tho
06:47:31midklet me triple check i'm doing everything right
06:47:48midkcheck out my digital Seconds: Inverse mode
06:47:48scott666i think i saw the seconds count up to ýý
06:47:54midkpretty cool
06:47:56midkoh yeah
06:48:02midki tossed that in as a test
06:48:05midkdidn't quite work :)
06:48:54scott666why no 12 hour clock mode for digita;?
06:49:06midknot yet
06:49:11midkhave to resolve my bug first
06:49:12midkOH WAIT
06:49:26midkTHANKS SKOTTY
06:50:02scott666inverse is interesting
06:50:22midkdoesn't hit the right edge tho
06:50:26scott666how hard is the 12-hour fix?
06:50:27midki'll fix that
06:50:33midkpretty easy
06:50:39midkonce i get the time issue fixed
06:50:42midki'll do that
06:50:57midkuse it as a nice bedside clock :)
06:50:59midkOH YOU COULD
06:51:02scott666wouldnt it just be something like if (hours > 12) {hours -= 12;}
06:51:04midksince it doesnt work for anything else
06:51:08midkno but
06:51:13midkwell yes for 24h
06:51:20midkbut i want to fix this other bug 1st
06:51:24midki think i know how
06:51:34scott666inverse is interesting
06:51:45scott666one of those stupid things with no real purpose but still cool
06:52:19midki want to make it smoother
06:52:20midkand longer
06:53:03midkuse it as a clock?
06:53:14scott666doesnt it move 1 pixel/second?
06:53:25midknot quite
06:53:28midksometimes 2 at a time
06:53:30midksometimes 4
06:53:32scott666no, 1, 2, 1
06:53:35scott666i see
06:53:42midkdoesn't hit the edge of the lcd
06:53:46midkit goes up to 100
06:53:48scott666yeah i just noticed that
06:53:50midkthat was for the bar
06:53:57midki'll make it to 112 for the invert
06:53:59midkwhich also
06:54:04midkwould be like just 2px every s
06:54:38scott666what the resolution again?
06:54:57scott666its been too long since ive made an rvf apparently
06:57:36scott666comment: the : shouldnt blink
06:57:45scott666lemme think
06:58:07midki'll have an option for it as well
06:58:14midkany other ideas?
06:58:26scott666its supposed to blink every second
06:58:32midkit does?
06:58:34midkit should
06:58:45scott666it goes 1 on 1 off 1 on 1 off
06:59:18midkis that not good?
06:59:38scott666i think most clocks blink in time with the second change
07:00:01scott666brb, im gonna go look at the digital clock in my room
07:00:06midklooks right for me
07:00:10midki have to go though
07:00:13midktalk to ya later all
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08:29:14amiconnHi LinusN
08:34:54LinusNmy latest recording fix broke it a little, fixing as we speak
08:35:00LinusNthe delat was too short
08:35:19LinusNwe need to wait at least one frame
08:38:45amiconnLinusN: I did look at the recording code, do not yet understand it completely, but have some ideas that may fix the problem.
08:39:21LinusNthe problem?
08:39:28LinusNwhich one?
08:41:42amiconnSome things look a bit odd to me. (1) I suppose that mpeg_set_recording_options() is only called when being in monitorring mode. But it resets the monitoring bit (bit 10 in mas bank 0, 0x7f1).
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08:43:22amiconn(2) In mpeg_set_recording_options() is a comment that it should set CRC to on, but then the corresponding bit had to be set to 0 iiuc. (Has nothing to do with the problem, though)
08:44:10amiconn(3) I do not understand what the postpone_dma_tick() function is good for.
08:44:48LinusNthat is for playback
08:45:23LinusNthe CRC bit is an error in the manual
08:45:59LinusNyou saw for yourself that the frames had CRC but not the xing frame
08:46:51LinusNpostpone_dma_tick is a fix for mpeg layer 1 files, where the demand pin goes like a yoyo after each frame burst
08:48:21LinusNthe monitoring bit looks like a bug, though
08:48:43amiconnIf I understand the mpeg header docs and my test files correctly it is the other way round: The xing header is the only frame with CRC.
08:49:12amiconn(Cuase the CRC bit is 0 in the header if there is a CRC)
08:50:57LinusNhmmm. am i stupid?
08:51:20LinusNi guess i am :-)
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08:53:02amiconnConcerning "waiting for complete first" frame I have an idea that could help here (if I understand your comment in the source correctly)
08:53:54LinusNi'm fixing the code as we speak
08:54:56amiconnIf I got your comment, the mas would not set the EOD pin to _inactive_ state until it has recorded at least one complete frame.
08:55:12LinusNi hooked up the logic analyzer to the DEMAND, PRTW and PR pins yesterday
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08:56:42amiconnSo we could simply use the "reverse" of the wait loop that is in rec_tick() here.
08:57:45amiconn(1) drain dma buffer, (2) disable monitoring, (3) waiting for EOD to become inactive, (4) enable demand irq
08:58:51LinusNand 3) would be a busy poll?
08:59:10LinusNsounds ok
08:59:21dwihnoLinusN: have I told you about my rld findings?
08:59:27LinusNdwihno: no
08:59:37LinusNexcept that you got rld
09:00:45amiconnLinusN: I could also test this myself if you want, but it would have to wait until the evening
09:01:01LinusNi'm working on it right now
09:01:24LinusNdid you optimize the recording loop in assembler?
09:02:52amiconnNot yet, I would like to sort out the various other recording issues. However I did the shortening with using xor as I already told. Not yet posted as patch though
09:02:53dwihnoLinusN: Well, the RLD occurs, led is lit, everything runs (unless I do anything that causes a disk access, that hangs the software for sure)
09:02:58dwihnoAfter a while, the music resumes.
09:03:01dwihnoA couple of minutes
09:03:27LinusNdwihno: can you tell if it is harder to get than before?
09:03:50amiconndwihno: So it is not "read led death" but rather "red lead deep sleep" ;-)
09:05:34LinusNamiconn: it's nice to finally have another one looking at this, i have been rather alone until now
09:06:36LinusNi made a change when stopping the recording, now i pause for a while before entering the monitoring mode
09:06:57LinusNwill verify the results in a few moments
09:09:23amiconnGotta go, ttyl
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09:10:32dwihnoLinusN: Not that much of a change at all...
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10:01:31LinusNlife is so much easier when you have a logic analyzer and gdb side by side
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12:44:13LinusNdamn, i can't find a way to read the last <30 bytes from the MAS
12:44:38LinusNit doesn't let me read the dma buffer until it's full (30 bytes)
12:45:02LinusNso the last frame is always incomplete
12:53:24LinusNthe MAS sure is silly
12:55:11dwihno><))))8> ?
12:55:21dwihnoI bought herrgårdssill yesterday.
12:55:24LinusNthe EOD pin is low even if the DMA buffer is empty
12:55:37LinusNherrgårdsill? was it good?
12:56:14dwihnoIt tastes a bit different than the regular, but it's still tasty!
12:56:20dwihnoThe sauce is DA shiznat! :D
12:56:36LinusNsounds delicious :-)
12:57:02dwihnoWell, it's typical vardagsmat, but it's still nice for those lazy evenings when you don't have the energy to do something too serious.
12:57:28*LinusN is hungry
12:58:11dwihnoOh. I'm sorry :/
12:58:21dwihnoI ate peasoup for lunch \o/
12:58:28LinusNand pancakes?
12:58:52dwihnojust peasoup
12:59:15LinusNare you a health freak or what?
12:59:35dwihnoSince I used to be a regular at Kronans pizza, I guess I'm not :)
13:00:14dwihnoOn the other hand, you only have ONE health. One should take care of it :)
13:05:04*dwihno sounds so old and wise - not a single one right
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16:08:26nevsi need some help
16:08:39nevsi got the archos remote for my studio 20
16:08:44nevsbut i doest work
16:08:57nevsi unscrewed it and looked at it but i have no clue
16:09:26nevsany ideas?
16:09:34LinusNnevs: it could be the batteries or the remote control input may be broken
16:09:42LinusNthe remote control abtteries that is
16:10:02nevswell ive seen it working before
16:10:13nevsbut that was like 1 year ago
16:10:26nevsdoes rockbox support remote?
16:10:47nevswhat other batteries can i use to test it
16:10:48LinusNhave you tried to replace the remote control batteries?
16:11:11LinusNyou should, i hear they don't last long
16:11:19nevsill get some more when im next out
16:12:13nevscan u change rockbox setting so immeadiatly when u turn it on u see the battery bar
16:12:28nevscuase mine always appears like a min later
16:12:38LinusNyes i can, but the battery bar will not show anything even close to the truth
16:12:52nevswhy not?
16:13:29LinusNbecause the measurements aren't reliable when the disk is spinning, and we need several samples to calculate the remaining battery time
16:13:49nevsand what does spin down time in system setting mean?
16:14:06LinusNit means how long the drive will spin until it spins down
16:14:45LinusNunless when spins up to read more mp3 data, then it will spin down immediately
16:15:01nevsis there any other remotes u can buy that work?
16:15:09LinusNi guess not
16:15:14nevsi could build my own using a pic
16:16:00nevsis there anyway like u could get one so it diplays like the tracktitle on the remote?
16:16:09nevswith a backlight
16:16:13LinusNyes and no
16:16:36nevsi really want a better remote like the sony ones for md's
16:16:48LinusNyou have to patch rockbox to do it, and you will probably need a pic-based adapter in between
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16:17:34nevshey what was the point of having line in on a studio jukebox
16:18:33Bagderkaraoke! ;-)
16:20:05LinusNnevs: you can mix the mp3 with any audio source
16:20:31nevson the archos studio ?
16:21:16LinusNenable Line In in the system settings
16:22:01nevsdoes that mean if i connect mic to line in ill hear it?
16:24:56nevswhen playing a song can i hear stuff in the mic?
16:25:29Bagderhear in the mic?
16:25:40nevshow do i hear my voice
16:25:43Bagderit is a line in, remember?
16:26:00Bagderwell how do you listen to your archos?
16:26:31nevspaly a song
16:26:52nevsthis what i want to do, plug in the mic and hear myself through headphones
16:27:05Bagdergo ahead
16:27:14nevsi tried
16:28:30nevsim confused
16:28:57 Part Bagder
16:29:08nevshello anyone
16:31:49nevsanyone here
16:32:54 Quit nevs ()
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16:39:46LinusNthe Line In is not a Mic In
16:39:59LinusNyou need a microphone amplifier
16:41:36nevsso what else can i do with line in
16:43:16 Quit nevs ()
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16:44:27LinusNyou can connect the computer Line Out to it
16:45:48nevsand then listen through my headphones
16:46:16nevsbut whats the point of that i might as well connect my headphones directly to line out on my pc
16:46:46LinusNof course
16:47:17LinusNi didn't say there was a point, just that it was possible :-)
16:47:51nevsso its useless then
16:47:57LinusNsort of
16:49:06nevsi should of got the recorder
16:49:36nevsare there other mp3 players with on the fly recording
16:54:28 Quit nevs ()
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18:51:05Ka___hey all, anyone know of an OS replacement project for archos' other products? Such as the the AV3xx series? I use rockbox on my jukebox/recorder v2 and it kicks all kinds of ass :) I want the same for the av320 :)
19:03:43 Join Masskiller [0] (
19:04:12Masskillerhorray my recorder is back, and still broken! damn you, archos!
19:10:40Masskilleroh well
19:10:48Masskilleri dont want to get a gmini
19:10:50Ka___Masskiller: what was wrong with it?
19:10:54Masskillerthe usb broke
19:11:02Masskilleri sent it back to archos and they said rockbox killed it
19:11:06Ka___was it a solder connection?
19:11:18Masskillerit doesnt work
19:11:29Masskilleri plug it in and windows is like "usb device malfunctioned"
19:11:47Masskilleri've tried it on probably 3 different computers
19:11:53Ka___hmmm well the connector didn't brake then
19:12:12Ka___you let them know you installed rockbox on it?
19:12:22Masskilleri had no choice
19:12:26Masskilleri couldn't take it off
19:12:30Masskillerremember, the usb was broken
19:12:36Masskillerand i had it flashed
19:12:43Ka___you couldn't delete the files right from the device? what model do you have?
19:13:01Masskilleri could have, but like i said, it was flashed, and i couldn't put the old firmware on
19:13:11Ka___ohhhh you flashed it.. got it
19:13:45Ka___you could have taken the HD out of it and ran a magnet over it a few times and then put the drive back in :)
19:14:06Masskillerstill flashed :\
19:14:08Ka___then maybe they would reflash it themselves
19:14:15Masskilleri doubt it
19:14:29Masskillerbecause when i got it back the hd was formatted
19:14:33Ka___yeah.. seems like there support is a bit tight to work with
19:14:40Ka___oh ick
19:14:48Masskilleri talked to a guy over email that said it was fine that rockbox was on it
19:15:00Masskillerand then when they got it, they wanted to charge me $65 to repair it
19:15:11Masskillerand they already had fixed it
19:15:30Masskillerwhen i said i wouldn't pay, they said they got the wrong information, and they actually couldn't repair it
19:15:35Masskillerthat's pretty lame
19:15:53Ka___dude.. that sucks nuts
19:15:55Masskilleryeah i know
19:16:05Masskilleri got it like 6 months ago
19:16:07Masskillerand still
19:16:29Masskillerthey're like "they are can't just go changing that stufF"
19:16:39Masskillerand im like "dude, the rom is programmable"
19:16:43Masskillerhes like "still..."
19:16:45Ka___just BS
19:17:26Ka___well tell him.. is the freaking USB worked you could flash it back to the archos OS :)
19:17:51 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
19:18:19Masskilleri did on+f1 and it still didnt work
19:18:24Masskillersomething is seriously wrong with it
19:19:30Ka___yeah.. that's pretty broke at that point
19:24:27 Join AciD [0] (
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20:11:19xizhangnick xl
20:11:29 Nick xizhang is now known as xl (
20:11:51 Nick xl is now known as xxll (
20:28:37xxllhi all
20:29:27xxllrockbox is so cooooooool
20:30:14xxllIt made me keep my archos recorder
20:31:40xxllAnybody know whey they wrote this in the first place?
20:32:26uskiwhat do u want to know ? who wrote it initially ? why they did so ? ... ?
20:33:18Masskillerit broke my recorder :(
20:33:49uskirockbox broke something ? i'm afraid it is impossible
20:33:58Masskilleryeah, dont ask me
20:34:06Masskillermaybe my recorder broke itself
20:34:12Masskillerdamn archos :(
20:34:16Masskilleri dont want to get a gmini
20:34:22Masskilleror anything but another recorder
20:34:25Masskillerbut i think i have to :(
20:34:27uskia software cannot hurt harware if the hardware is well made
20:34:36Masskillerbut its archos, the hardware isn't well made
20:34:43 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:34:46uskiexactly :) but then, you can't blame on rockbox
20:34:53Masskillerwell archos did
20:35:00Masskillerhey're like "it burned out the pcb board"
20:35:06Masskillerand im like fcku kthx?
20:35:26uskithey are telling lies
20:35:31uskiso they don't refund you
20:35:35Masskilleri know
20:35:39uskiit is not possible that rockbox hurt anything
20:35:40Masskillerbecuase they told me that they could fix it
20:35:47Masskillerand they wanted to charge me $65
20:35:47xxllwhy they wrote rockbox? just for fun?
20:35:52Masskillerbut im like fckthat and they're like
20:35:57uskixxll: probably sth like this :)
20:36:04Masskillerand then they called back and said they couldnt repair it
20:36:10Masskillerim like "god i hate you guys."
20:36:21uskiMasskiller: if u have some electronic knowledge, get back your archos and try to repair it yourself
20:36:29Masskillermy dad is an electrician
20:36:31uskiit's probably not a big problem
20:36:38Masskillerand i already got it back: |
20:36:40uskithen ask him to take a look at it :)
20:36:45uskii'm sure it's nothing
20:37:17Masskilleryeah and they got all sketchy when i told them that music still played but usb only worked
20:37:34uskihmmm ?
20:37:36uskiwhat do u mean ?
20:37:49Masskillerusb doesnt work
20:37:50Masskillerbut music does
20:38:08uskitwo possibilities
20:38:16uskiwhich recover version is it ?
20:38:29uskiV1 (then also give me the harddrive capacity), or V2 ?
20:38:42uskisee this
20:38:43Masskillerrecorder 20
20:39:12uskiso it's either your ATA<=>USB chip (ISD300) that is dead, or it's a PCB connection problem
20:39:39Masskillerwell, they told me the pcb board was "fried"
20:39:42Masskillerso probably that
20:39:44uskiimpossible :)
20:39:52uskiif it was fried, it wouldn't play music anymore
20:39:57Masskilleri knew that
20:40:02Masskilleri was like "wtf? thats impossible"
20:40:03uskii think that they simply did not look at all at the cause of the problem
20:40:08Masskillerprobably not :\
20:40:13uskithey want 65 dollars to change your cpu board
20:40:19uskiand they won't do anything else
20:40:26uskieven if 99% of the current cpu board is working :)
20:40:41Masskillerhow do i go about like
20:40:41uskiit is cheaper for them to change the entire cpu board than to change the failing component
20:40:45Masskillertaking it apart :|
20:40:48uskiyea :\
20:40:59Masskilleri have it on my lap :D
20:41:13uskiwith a torx screwdriver
20:41:32uskitip: ask your dad :)
20:41:34Masskilleri guess ill wait for my dad to get home and ill be like
20:41:38Masskillerfix the shiz
20:41:43Masskillerand he'll be like "WTF?
20:44:45uskidamn, i'll do the 8MB mod soon
20:44:57uskiim very afraid of the work it represents, im afraid of messing up sth
20:45:09uski(even if im used to do electronic thingies like that)
20:45:56xxllWhat, are you going to replace the 2MB memory with a 8MB one?
20:46:34 Part LinusN
20:47:25 Join LinusN [200] (
20:48:03Masskillersounds like a sweet mod
20:48:20Masskillermake it 16MB, because overkill is awesome
20:48:48uskilol i can't
21:03:08xxllGot to go now. Talk later.
21:03:12 Part xxll
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21:08:09 Part LinusN
21:08:19 Part cjnr11
21:08:19 Join LinusN [200] (
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21:24:55 Part cjnr11
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22:30:17 Join GDE-DeadMeat [0] (
22:30:23GDE-DeadMeathey peeps
22:30:43GDE-DeadMeatI have a quick question for a linux user, if there is one in the room (which I don't doubt at all).
22:31:10GDE-DeadMeathow do I setup for the Archos in fstab?
22:37:06zemine was something like
22:37:08ze/dev/sda1 /mnt/jb vfat defaults,noauto 0 0
22:37:30zenothing unusual
22:39:06GDE-DeadMeathrm... I was just reading an article that said I had to have ISD200 support compiled into the kernel... along w/ scsi support and usb storage support
22:39:25GDE-DeadMeatI figured i needed the last one... but what about scsi support and isd200 driver?
22:42:06 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
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22:48:22 Quit GDE-DeadMeat ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
22:58:46amiconnLinusN, are you around?
23:13:58 Quit Hadaka ("leaving")
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