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#rockbox log for 2004-04-02

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00:43:45Masskillerdoes anyone know how i can like......test my usb to see if it's working
00:44:13Masskillerbecause when i plug it into windows it says "usb device malfunctioned", now i have it apart and my dad (an electrician) is going to do whatever i tell him
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08:24:55LinusNamiconn: your pc clock seems to be set in the future
08:26:13LinusNyour emails are dated in the future
08:26:53LinusNi worked hard on the recording yesterday
08:27:54amiconnHmm, my two computer clocks (on the PC as well as the amiga) are perfectly in sync with the official time (via NTP).
08:28:34LinusNmaybe it's a DST thing?
08:28:51amiconnOops, I just foud the reason: my emailer didn't notice the dst change
08:30:52amiconnI've already tested your recording improvements and noticed no more partial first frame :)
08:32:23amiconnApparently the proper setting of the monitoring bit in mpeg_set_recording_options() fixed the need of the additional sleep() at the start of reacording.
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08:33:22amiconnAs the CRC setting is now fixed as well, the recordings can be checked with mp3utility without requiring patching.
08:34:16amiconnWith that I found that you try to fix this with first setting the mas to "pause" doesn't help here :(
08:34:40LinusNno, but i kept it anyway
08:34:49amiconnHmm, "this" should read "incomplete last frame".
08:35:01LinusNi can't find a way to make the mas "spit out" the last part of the frame
08:36:40amiconnPerhaps it doesn't do that whatever way you choose to stop the recording. It isn't only that the last <30 bytes are missing. It seems the mas stops at an arbitrary position.
08:37:32LinusNi think it stops when i write to 7f1
08:38:11amiconnSo, the only way to get always complete frames in the file would be to search for the last frame header in memory on every save and save only up to that (but not including it).
08:38:12LinusNi made some nice logic analyzer recordings yesterday
08:38:37amiconnDid you check how the Archos fw does the recording?
08:41:50amiconnBtw: Your pause_recording() comes in handy for the recent feature request on the ml to have a "pause recording" feature.
08:41:51LinusNas far as i can see, the timing is perfect
08:42:22LinusNmy next experiment is to pause and resume, and see if a frame is corrupted
08:42:43amiconnPerhaps we could remap the "new file" function to the "on" button and put "pause recording" where it would belong.
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08:44:01amiconnI would suggest to combine the pause_recording and resume_recording functions the same way the mp3_play_pause works since the only difference is the line that sets/resets the bit.
08:46:14amiconnAnother thing that I want to know is if the "5 cycles until the data is read" in the recording loop are really necessary. If I read the data sheet correctly, the mas already put the data on its outpur when it asserts rtw, so it should work to read immediately.
08:50:39LinusNi tried that once
08:51:20amiconnWhat happened then?
08:51:56LinusNsome frames were corrupted occasionally
08:55:01amiconnHmm. I think it shouldn't be necessary to wait 5 cycles, but if we do this, it may be necessary to wait until the mas deasserts rtw again (contrary to your comment) because we may be reading "too fast" if we don't.
08:55:53amiconnI will try this myself when I do the assembler loop, perhaps this evening.
08:57:49amiconnBtw: the C loop waits 14(!) clocks until it reads the data (according to the disassembly)
08:57:51LinusNit always takes 20ns for the mas to release prtw
08:58:31LinusNin my analyzer trace
08:58:34amiconnOk, shouldn't be necessary then and could also be left out from drain_dma_buffer()
08:58:40LinusNbut the data sheet says something else...
09:00:14LinusNso you may be right
09:00:26amiconnHmm, according to the data sheet it sould take 90..260 ns
09:00:51LinusNwe should probably wait for it, since it *may* take longer
09:01:05LinusNthat could be the occasional corrupt frame
09:01:58LinusNthe mas doesn't set EOD until the dma buffer is full (30 bytes)
09:02:37LinusNi have never seen a partial dma transfer
09:03:17LinusNand the silly mas sent EOD high when starting the recording, before the first frame has been encoded
09:04:11LinusNand if you set PR at that point, the mas never replies
09:04:57LinusNi have also tried to set PR when EOD is low, but the mas ignores it
09:05:54LinusNyou want to see the analyzer output?
09:06:27amiconnYes, that would be interesting to compare with what the data sheet tells us.
09:06:33LinusNhang on
09:07:10amiconnI will try the two modifications (don't wait 5 cycles and wait for deassertion of prtw at the end) with my assembler loop.
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09:10:06GDE-DeadMeathey peeps
09:10:23GDE-DeadMeatdoes anyone here use an archos w/ their linux box?
09:12:42dwihnoAnalyser :O
09:12:42LinusNi do
09:12:45dwihnoEverybody? :)
09:13:30GDE-DeadMeatdo I need to do anything else, other than adding ISD200 and scsi disk support in the kernel?
09:14:34LinusNyou have a studio?
09:15:26GDE-DeadMeatI have the jukebox 5000
09:15:38GDE-DeadMeatpicked it up cheap on e-bay
09:17:26LinusNok, so it's not a recorder with isd300
09:17:40LinusNyou need scsi, isd200 and usb-storage
09:17:59LinusNpreferably as modules
09:19:16GDE-DeadMeatis there a problem w/ compiling them into the kernel, rather than running modules?
09:19:22GDE-DeadMeatI perfer to run monolithic kernels.
09:19:46LinusNsome people have reported problems
09:20:15LinusNlike having to have the jukebox attached at boot to be able to recognize it later
09:20:33LinusNwhich kernel version?
09:20:34GDE-DeadMeathrm... ok
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09:23:06dwihnoI wonder why they didn't make the ISD-200 adhere to the mass storage specification
09:23:19GDE-DeadMeatok... generic scsi support, usb HD usb-storage support, and isd200?
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09:29:09LinusNlooks good
09:29:33LinusNdwihno: maybe there was no mass-storage spec when they designed the chip?
09:33:06GDE-DeadMeatman... the kernel takes to damn long to compile in X
09:38:29monkey666i have a question about text to mp3... is there anyway faster than textaloud mp3 to convert text files into wavs or mp3s?
09:38:48monkey666say using lang2wav and the lame encoder?
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09:43:17LinusNi have no idea, never tried it
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09:51:25GDE-DeadMeatok... something is wrong. Please help
09:51:53GDE-DeadMeatI try to mount the Jukebox and I get a message saying that sda1 does not exist.
09:54:14GDE-DeadMeatjust sec
09:54:16GDE-DeadMeathuge log
09:56:16GDE-DeadMeatwhat kinda message should I be looking for?
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10:02:36LinusNyou should look for messages regarding USB
10:03:36LinusNlike "kernel: Initializing USB Mass Storage driver..."
10:05:59LinusNshould be last in the log
10:06:09LinusNor near the end at least
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10:09:24GDE-DeadMeatregistered new hid usb.c
10:14:03LinusNnothing else?
10:14:34LinusNdo you have anything else connected to the usb bus?
10:14:41GDE-DeadMeatno, not right now.
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10:19:28GDE-DeadMeatsomething other than generic scsi support perhaps?
10:21:54LinusNwhat scsi options did you select in the kernel config?
10:24:51GDE-DeadMeatSCSI disk support
10:25:03GDE-DeadMeatSCSI generic Support
10:25:16GDE-DeadMeatand that's it
10:25:19LinusNsounds ok
10:25:26LinusNand the usb options?
10:25:55GDE-DeadMeatUSB device filesystem
10:26:15GDE-DeadMeatEHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support
10:26:21GDE-DeadMeatOHCI HCD support
10:26:28GDE-DeadMeatUHCI HCD support
10:26:33GDE-DeadMeatUSB Printer Support
10:26:39GDE-DeadMeatUSB mass storage support
10:26:50GDE-DeadMeatISD-200 USB/ATA Bridge support
10:27:08GDE-DeadMeatUSB HID support
10:27:12GDE-DeadMeatand that's all for USB
10:28:18LinusNlooks ok to me
10:28:38LinusNbut you should see things in /var/log/messages when you insert the usb plug
10:28:57LinusNdo tail -f /var/log/messages when you insert it
10:29:15LinusNwhich kernel version is this?
10:30:25LinusNpretty new stuff then
10:30:52dwihnoLinusN: Perhaps! :D
10:31:16GDE-DeadMeatit's times like this when I miss my moron box
10:31:22GDE-DeadMeat(read windows box)
10:31:50GDE-DeadMeatbrb... gonna just reboot my damn machine
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10:35:26GDE-DeadMeatsame message: mount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist.
10:40:02LinusNdo you know if the usb device is even recognized by the kernel?
10:41:19GDE-DeadMeatI thought that it should have been if I compiled in the isd-200 driver
10:41:32GDE-DeadMeatI don't really know much about USB in linux.
10:41:46GDE-DeadMeatnever had a need to use usb devices until I completely left windows 2 months ago.
10:46:20LinusNi don't know about 2.6, but my 2.4.21 kernel writes a lot in the /var/log/messages log
10:47:00LinusNbtw, are the device file structure the same in 2.6?
10:47:34LinusNi mean is it really /dev/sda1 or is it /dev/scsi/sda1 or something?
10:47:52GDE-DeadMeatdev/scsi/sda1 I believe
10:48:26LinusNfind out where it is and mount with the correct device
10:49:33GDE-DeadMeatI searched /dev/scsi and /dev/usb but have found nothing
10:50:59LinusNhow about /proc/usb?
10:53:26GDE-DeadMeathrm... no such file or directory
10:55:58GDE-DeadMeatthere's nothing there
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11:03:20LinusNthen the usb driver didn't find the jukebox
11:03:44LinusNthere must be something in the log
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11:55:46GDE-DeadMeatLinusN: I wanted to say thank you. I finally got the Archos connected.
11:56:02 Part LinusN
11:56:06GDE-DeadMeatI just compiled all scsi drivers and a lot of usb drivers.
11:56:18 Join LinusN [200] (
11:56:21LinusNyou did?
11:56:26LinusNwhat was wrong?
11:56:32GDE-DeadMeatI'm not sure
11:56:48GDE-DeadMeatI just added a bunch of USB support and scsi support
11:57:02GDE-DeadMeatI'll track down what the deal is later.
11:57:13LinusNnice that you got it working anyway
11:57:27GDE-DeadMeatyeah... taht's basically what I had to do w/ my nic card as well.
11:57:36GDE-DeadMeatI have all of the tulip drivers included.
11:58:40GDE-DeadMeatI don't supose you know which tulip driver a LNE100Tx uses?
11:59:19GDE-DeadMeatsomeone in #gentoo was saying something about compiling everything as a module... and then letting hotplug decided which modules to use.
12:06:28LinusNi thought there was only one tulip driver
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12:09:11GDE-DeadMeatomg... I just figured out what my issue was.
12:09:45GDE-DeadMeatfor USB support I had UHCI compiled; what I needed was OHCI, which is the controller that my XP333-R mobo uses.
12:11:04GDE-DeadMeatgonna check... brb
12:11:08 Quit GDE-DeadMeat ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
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12:13:36GDE-DeadMeatI was right
12:14:23GDE-DeadMeatLinus, I would like to apologize for pestering you when I had not fully diagnosed my own situation.
12:29:31GDE-DeadMeatI'm so happy
12:29:38GDE-DeadMeatbut I think it's time to pass out.
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14:26:14c0uttau there linus ?
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14:44:00LinusNc0utta: busy
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18:22:00dwihnoLinusN: Are you around? I got findings for you!
18:25:10uskiwhat does the word "findings" mean ?
18:27:06dwihnoI've found a couple of things, so I call them findings :)
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18:43:26LinusNdwihno: me busy, but tell me anyway
18:44:27dwihnoLinusN: Okay. So this is how it is. The RLD occurs when I'm bicycling and the unit is bouncing up and down
18:44:44dwihnoThe led stays lit, as if there is a disk read pending
18:44:46dwihnoit does not spin down the disk
18:44:57dwihnoI enter the debug menu and watch the mpeg thread
18:45:09dwihnoas long as the led is lit, nothing happens
18:45:33dwihnoafter some kind of timeout (a couple of minutes) the unit leaves RLD state
18:45:39uskiok ;)
18:46:05dwihnoWhen it does so, the mpeg thread start ticking again (with no sound)
18:46:20dwihnowhen the lower watermark is reached, the music starts playing again
18:46:30dwihnothe funny thing is, I was listening to track 3 when it happened
18:46:36dwihnowhen it left the rld state, it was at track 9
18:46:41dwihno(No, I did not use shuffle)
18:46:52dwihnoDo you need the disk to debug more throughly?
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19:44:22LinusNi don't think so, i have one myselkf
19:45:23dwihnowell, is my description detailed enough to tell you anything?
19:45:30dwihnoshould I run debug enabled builds?
19:45:35dwihnoI really want to squash this bug
19:45:41 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
19:45:47LinusNdwihno: the silent play?
19:45:54dwihnoRLD + silent play
19:46:04 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:46:04LinusNi don't think rld can be fixed
19:46:09dwihnoyou don't?
19:46:21dwihnoBut it returns from the rld state after a while.
19:46:31dwihnoThat is what has been confusing me...
19:47:12dwihnoIt is a disk thing?
19:49:35dwihnoYou're 100% certain?
19:49:53dwihnoDon't you dare say yes now :)
19:51:08LinusNwell, since you have to shake it, and rld happens on both firmwares...i really think so
19:51:36amiconndwihno, LinusN: I did some googling a couple of days ago if there were firmware issues with these dreaded Hitachi DK23CA and DK23DA series.
19:51:54LinusNdid you find anything?
19:53:10amiconnBoth series have the same issue with the original drive firmware. At first look these seem not to be too serious: The disks unload the disk heads very quick if they are not accessed.
19:53:50dwihnoI'll check my model. Wait.
19:55:14dwihnoModel: HITACHI_DK23EA-60
19:55:21dwihnoFirmware 00K2A0A2
19:55:36dwihno0, 1, 2, 3, 4 PIO modes
19:55:47dwihno240/120ns cycle times (what the heck is that btw?)
19:55:54dwihnoIORDY support: yes
19:56:23dwihnoamiconn: So my DK23EA is also affected. Damn :)
19:58:42amiconnJust googled for DK23EA and found that it may have the same problem. Head unload times for DK23CA and DK23DA with original firmware are said to be as low as only 3 secs.
19:59:11dwihnohead unload times?
19:59:48dwihnoPerhaps it's time to upgrade :D
20:00:16amiconnIt means that if the drive is not accessed for this time, it unloads the disk heads (moves them away from the data area on the platters to a special parking position).
20:01:15amiconnThis serves 2 purposes: (1) protect the heads and platters from incidentally touching each other (head crash) and (2) save power.
20:02:18dwihnoyum yum
20:03:26amiconnI would suggest that you try to find a firmware update for your drive that works on an ordinary PC (I was only able to find updates that work only on specific laptop models).
20:04:16dwihnoFirmware updates?
20:04:27dwihnoDo you think that might solve the problem?
20:04:33amiconnAdditionally you would need an adapter to connect the 2.5" hd to the 3.5" connector. And it would be wise to backup the data, just in case.
20:04:59amiconnIt might help with your problem, but I can't say for sure.
20:08:07amiconnFor your link to a new hd: This would also be my hd model of choice for an upgrade. It also belongs (now) to Hitachi but is actually developed by IBM.
20:08:43dwihnoDo you think it has the same problem?
20:09:15amiconnMy current hd is an IBM and I did not observe any of the hd problems (rld, fs corruption if using assembler optimized disk code).
20:09:58amiconnNo, since it is not a model of the series developed by Hitachi in the first place.
20:11:21dwihnoThe previous disk was an IBM as well
20:11:24dwihnoWorked flawless.
20:11:35dwihnoIt was after the disk upgrade I started experiencing RLD's
20:14:01amiconnIf you want to upgrade, please consider that each hd series made by the now united "Hitachi Global Storage Technologies" has two names.
20:16:38amiconnWhat I would consider "good ones" have the family name "Travelstar 80GN" and model numbers like "IC25NxxxATMR04"
20:18:13amiconnOf course you could try devices from other manufacturers; I know that [IDC]Dragon uses a Fujitsu drive and it seems to work perfectly.
20:18:41dwihnoI have been using IBM disks for 4 years, and they have worked quite good!
20:18:52amiconnThere are problems reported with using Toshiba drives though
20:19:47dwihnoTell me about your personal disk experiences.
20:22:05amiconnFor laptop drives I only know about IBM and Hitachi myself (my laptop happens to have a Hitach HD) and had no problems so far.
20:22:35amiconn(Except that I learned from the Rockbox ml that Hitachi disks apparently have problems with the Archos)
20:22:38dwihnoI never noticed what disk my laptop has.
20:22:56dwihnoPerhaps fujitsu
20:23:30amiconnWIndows XP? Look in device manager under "Drives"
20:27:12amiconnLinusN: Thank you, I already found it in the irc log (sorry couldn't access my PC from outside today - DynDNS update problem).
20:29:20amiconnLooks interesting btw. Could you tell me the "PR high to PR low" time as well? Furthermore it would have been of interest to see the mas parallel output lines. (sure this would have been more complicated to get)
20:40:03amiconnAm I blind? the PR high to PR low is clearly written on that page... sorry.
20:42:02 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:42:06 Part cjnr11
20:43:44dwihnoamiconn: my laptop is at home - I'm not there :)
20:46:50dwihnoamiconn: is a lower-rpm drive to prefer when using it in the archos?
20:48:59amiconnYes, because it saves battery power and is more quiet. Faster drives would help nothing with read speed, the Archos CPU simply cant read as fast as every modern laptop hd could deliver the data.
20:49:26amiconn4200 rpm drives are the lowest you can get now.
20:52:19dwihnoSo let's get the disk I showed you earlier then :)
20:56:55amiconnI think that would be a good one, but I also think that it is a bit expensive. SEK 2,297 ~ EUR 249
20:57:47dwihnoThere's a swedish saying
20:57:51dwihno"Kronan är rund för att rulla"
20:58:01dwihnoBasically saying, money is for spending :)
20:58:44amiconnYes, but I could buy the same disk model for only EUR 173 here in Germany.
20:59:02dwihnoGermany rules! :D
20:59:27dwihnoExcluding taxes?
21:00:08amiconnThis is including 16% VAT for Germany.
21:00:45dwihnoSweden has 25% VAT
21:00:55dwihnoThere's a swedish saying
21:01:00dwihnoSverige är ett U-land ;)
21:02:44amiconnrecalculation to 25% VAT would yield EUR 186.68.
21:02:53dwihnoStill a great price
21:03:04dwihnoI should order from Germany then (since they are in the EU and all)
21:04:26amiconnHmm, couldn't figure out if this particular web shop delivers to Sweden...
21:04:50scott666pricewatch has em for as low as $190, but most if not all the companies are american
21:05:49 Quit adi|home (Remote closed the connection)
21:05:55dwihnoI'll check the swedish pricerunner
21:08:02dwihnoGot the URL for the german site?
21:10:39dwihnoSchottenland? :)
21:11:14amiconn(This is a redirector to Mix computer)
21:13:04amiconnYes, bcause that German price watch site I'm using is called "Hardwareschotte". Schotte = Scotsman, which are said to be stingy.
21:14:47dwihnoTime to do something useful
21:14:50dwihnoHave a nice evening.
21:14:52dwihnoThanks for the input.
21:35:55 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|code (
21:44:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:45:27 Join AciD` [0] (
21:47:57 Join track [0] (
21:48:03trackhi boys
21:51:13 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:51:22amiconn|codeHi Jörg
21:51:38[IDC]DragonHi everybody
21:55:20uskihi [IDC]Dragon
21:55:50[IDC]Dragonhi there
21:56:40[IDC]DragonI've just released my latest "baby", see the group
22:00:39 Quit apemanttt (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:05:06uskiblah ?
22:05:06uskiANOTHER thingy for rockbox ?
22:05:41[IDC]Dragonwhy not? are youfed up with it?
22:13:48 Join cjnr112 [0] (
22:13:52 Part cjnr112
22:17:59uskiif rockbox was sold hey gotta pay you a percentage on sales lol
22:52:59amiconn|codeLinusN, [IDC]Dragon: I just completed my new recording loop in assembler; first tests show that it works.
22:52:59 Quit track (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:53:27amiconn|codeAtm I started a longer test recording to see if I get any corrupted frames (this has no 5-clock waiting)
22:54:15 Nick amiconn|code is now known as amiconn (
22:54:19[IDC]Dragonare you doing this xor thing?
22:55:01amiconnYes, already did it in C and it works perfectly, saves ~180 bytes of code (more than half of which are in IRAM)
22:55:10[IDC]Dragonbefore entering the loop, you should set the port to the idle state depending on mask, to be sure.
22:55:36[IDC]DragonElse once wrong, always wrong.
22:55:59amiconnYes, I do this already in mpeg_int() where the variable inverted_pr would have been set before.
22:56:28[IDC]Dragonbut that's executed only once?
22:57:20amiconnYep, but it's sufficient. I don't really expect a port to change its value by accident the same way that I don't expect this from any DRAM cell.
22:57:44[IDC]Dragonit's because ports are shared.
22:58:03[IDC]Dragonone mistake somewhere else could drive you crazy.
22:59:00[IDC]DragonJust set it at the start of rec_tick(), depending on inverted_pr
22:59:56amiconnHmm, but then I would have to re-introduce that variable...
23:01:32[IDC]Dragonso what?
23:02:04amiconnHmm, I think I will do that, just to add some security.
23:08:25LinusNif you do that, we won't find the bug that would cause the port to change
23:09:02amiconnLinusN: What "that" do you mean?
23:09:07[IDC]Dragongoing for high risk?
23:09:37LinusNif you set it at the start of rec_tick instead of mpeg_init
23:09:53LinusNif there is a bug that changes the port, we want to find it
23:10:02[IDC]Dragonother idea: do a "panic" if you find the wrong level (our kind of assertion)
23:10:17amiconnThis woud vote for _not_ setting it at the start of rec_tick.
23:10:44LinusNi can go for either way
23:11:35amiconnHmm, the thing is if I put the initial setting at the beginning of the it wouldn't help to secure it.
23:12:14amiconnIn the current implementation, if PR has the wrong value this is "magically fixed" by setting it active, since then it would not change value (1st time).
23:12:27 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:13:00[IDC]Dragonsorry, I didn't mean to start a lengthy discussion.
23:13:08amiconnIf i set it to inactive initially and then activate/deactivate with xor, we could miss the first byte if PR was accidentally active before.
23:13:59LinusNstill i don't like defensive coding to defend me from my own mistakes
23:14:08LinusNin runtime
23:14:59 Join scott666 [0] (
23:15:29 Join apemanttt [0] (apemanttt@
23:19:35 Quit AciD` (Connection timed out)
23:28:14amiconnLinusN: What do you think about check PR for inactive state at the end of init_recording() and panicing if it's active?
23:37:13 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:40:54LinusNif you feel that it's necessary...
23:41:34[IDC]DragonOK, don't, sorry to have started this.
23:44:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:46:21LinusNgotta sleep, cu around
23:46:59 Part LinusN
23:57:26amiconn1 hr test recording is now complete: no corrupt frames (except that the last frame is truncated, as usual). Even Wmplayer likes the file.

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