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#rockbox log for 2004-04-05

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00:38:09ILuvithi guys
00:38:51ILuvithow do you use the voice thing in rockbox?
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00:42:40midktake off the "crystal" at the end so it's called "english.voice"
00:42:45midkand put it in .rockbox/langs
00:43:42ILuvitok thanks
00:48:53ILuvitshould i remove the ".txt"?
00:48:58midkum yeah
00:49:03midkit's .voice
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00:51:45ILuvit<midk> whats the next setp ?
00:51:56midkthat's about it
00:53:01ILuvityou don't have to run it ?
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01:01:11ILuviti don't hear anything
01:03:09midkdaily build?
01:03:16midksettings correct?
01:03:24midkenglish.voice in .rockbox/langs?
01:03:37midkonly works at the menu though
01:03:43midkdoesn't speak your dirs
01:07:30ILuvitvoice menu = yes, voice dir = on enter, voice filename = numbers
01:08:21midkare you sure it's named english.voice
01:08:49midkand this is today's build?
01:09:47ILuvitno not today
01:09:55midkwhat build?
01:09:56ILuvita few days ago
01:11:09midkthe readme says:
01:13:33midkshould be fine..
01:13:59midktry this ok
01:14:07midkbut when it says Save As
01:14:16midkchoose Save as type: All Files (*.*)
01:14:20midknot TXT file
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01:28:25ILuvitok todays build work
01:31:02ILuvittoo bad i only gives me numbers for my dirs
01:31:21midki mean
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02:52:54GDE-DMg. evening all
03:04:26GDE-DMgo the new rockbox firmware on my archos
03:04:30GDE-DMI am in love.
03:11:05GDE-DMdoesn't read correctly though...
03:11:11GDE-DMstill says I have the old firmware on there...
03:11:23*GDE-DM shrugs
03:11:34GDE-DMwierd, I know
03:11:39midkwait start over
03:11:40midkit doesn't load?
03:11:45GDE-DMno... it does
03:11:55midkoh you mean the old startup screen?
03:11:56GDE-DMbut the boot screen displays the old HW version
03:12:03GDE-DMer... FW version
03:12:05midkyes that stays unless you flash
03:12:17GDE-DMcan't flash (I don't think)
03:12:23GDE-DMI'm on the Archos 5000
03:12:28midkoh yahhhh
03:13:56GDE-DMI'll be getting a new one soon enough...
03:14:05GDE-DMcause the old one will probably break soon.
03:14:13GDE-DMI'm going to attempt the ram upgrade from 2 to 8
03:15:55GDE-DMmaybe change the backlighting... cause that green sucks
03:16:46midksounds cool
03:20:24GDE-DMhey... what do you think of the idea of having a keyguard on the archos.
03:20:33midkheard of it
03:20:46GDE-DMI know that I, personally, like to put mine in my pocket. and sometimes it stops at bad times
03:20:57GDE-DMis it possible... or just a pipedream?
03:21:05midkpossible yes
03:21:17midktolock the keys
03:21:29midkat the WPS, press F1 + down
03:21:46GDE-DMwhat about for the older archos players
03:21:49GDE-DMI have the 5000
03:22:01midkmenu_down maybe
03:22:09GDE-DMhrm... I'll try that
03:23:03midkhere it is
03:23:04midk#ifdef HAVE_RECORDER_KEYPAD
03:23:04midk case BUTTON_F1 | BUTTON_DOWN:
03:23:04DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
03:23:04midk case BUTTON_MENU | BUTTON_STOP:
03:23:04***Alert Mode level 1
03:23:06midk keys_locked = !keys_locked;
03:23:08midk display_keylock_text(keys_locked);
03:23:10midk exit = true;
03:23:12midk while (button_get(false)); /* clear button queue */
03:23:14midk break;
03:23:16midkmenu + stop
03:24:14GDE-DMI take it you are one of the coders for rockbox?
03:24:29midki've done a few things
03:24:32midknot a main one
03:24:49GDE-DMah... well coders are coders and coders are evil.
03:25:11GDE-DMI'm a hardware guy...
03:25:38GDE-DMcoders are evil IMHO which isn't so humble most of the time.
03:26:23GDE-DMdo you know if it is possible to attach an external HD to the new archos?
03:26:33midk"new archos"?
03:26:49GDE-DMI know it probably isn't w/ the 5000/6000
03:26:50midkwith the large screens?
03:27:07GDE-DMany of the newer archos appliances.
03:27:11midkor the recorders
03:27:14midknot that i know of
03:27:20midkyou can replace them of course
03:27:48GDE-DMyeah... I did that the first day I got mine
03:27:56GDE-DMthere went the warranty, first day.
03:28:02midkhardware guy indeed
03:28:21GDE-DMI have everything on there though.
03:28:32GDE-DMMusic, my Thesis, and a few other things.
03:29:37midkyo yo yo
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04:01:13BLIinkyI have a question about the latest Rockbox. Can anyone field it?
04:03:02midkASK ME!
04:03:05midkPICK ME PICK ME
04:03:42BLIinkyFirst I have an Archos 6000
04:04:11BLIinkyPage 30 of the manual refers to being able to delete files from the file menu
04:04:29BLIinkyI cannot find the file menu anywhere, I have checked every menu and it isn't there.
04:04:42BLIinkySection 1.2 of the manual.
04:05:45BLIinkyWhat is menu path to get to the delete file command?
04:06:44midkjust a minute
04:11:24midkon + play
04:11:49BLIinkyOn takes you to the file browser but there is no discussion on how to get the options.
04:12:05midkhold on, press play
04:12:09midkat the file
04:12:12BLIinkyThere are only 6 options. Play, +, -, Stop, On and Menu
04:12:14midkyou want to delete or rename
04:12:21midki see play and on in that list
04:12:22BLIinkyYes I want to delete
04:12:32midkhold on. press play.
04:12:43BLIinkyI have a file playing right now., If I press ON Then it brings me to the file browser
04:12:54BLIinkyWhat do I press at the file browser to get the options?
04:12:54midkhighlite the file you want to delete
04:12:59midkthen press on and play
04:13:29BLIinkyIf I do that, then it starts playing the new MP3 I just selected.
04:13:42midkwhile you're holding on, press play
04:13:51BLIinkyOh, let me try that.
04:14:13BLIinkyThat is it. Thanks a lot. I have been trying to figure that out for some time!
04:14:18midkno problem
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04:14:24*midk is always out to help
04:14:27BLIinkyKinda obscure in the docs though.
04:14:41BLIinkyYou da man!
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06:18:05midknite all
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13:50:25BobaFettHey All
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20:02:09stevenmHi, any coders on?
20:02:28stevenmSomething is SERIOUSLY broken with the 04-05-2004 daily build
20:02:55stevenmcredits screen is just a counter from 1 to 77, in which, at some point, the whole speech menu starts to scroll
20:03:01stevenmThe speech menu itself is GONE
20:03:29stevenmreplaced with a blank menu entry which leads to another blank menu entry with the choices Yes/No
20:09:58stevenmand the debug menu is shofted down by like, 5 lines
20:10:05stevenmyes this one got clobbered good.
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20:30:38Gangaleeon a related note... how do I mount a usb dvdrw device? it shows up but I don't know how to identify/link it to a mount point
20:33:51stevenmGangalee, I would guess, mount /dev/whatever /mnt/whatever
20:34:07stevenmthe same way you'd mount anything else
20:34:42Gangalee"but I don't know how to identify/link it to a mount point"
20:34:55stevenmWHY do you want to link it to a mount point
20:34:59stevenmif you do taht, check fstab
20:35:03stevenmbut you can just up and MOUNT it
20:35:08stevenmas in
20:35:15stevenmnow, I assume we're talking about linux here?
20:35:17Gangaleemeaning, after seeing the device showing up in dmesg, how do I pick out the correct USB device to link?
20:35:29stevenmwell, which one actually aSHOWS UP?
20:35:33stevenmyou should have like
20:35:42Gangaleeyes, linux
20:35:42stevenmwhere X is a letter and Y is a number
20:35:49stevenmdo, make a mount point
20:35:54stevenmmkdir .mnt/cdrom
20:36:01stevenmer, mkdir/mnt/cdrom
20:36:07stevenmmkdir /mnt/cdrom
20:36:24stevenmthen figure out which mass storage devce it is.
20:36:30stevenm/dev/sd Something Something
20:36:58stevenmif you JUST plugged the drive in, the device with the highest letter should ne the latest.
20:37:03stevenmthen just go
20:37:18Gangaleeoh, that's right, but I'm going to need a /proc/bus/usb/devices entry first, right?
20:37:25stevenmWhy ?
20:37:27stevenmNo no
20:37:37stevenmDO you see it as a /dev/sdXX device?
20:38:16stevenmYou should have like, USB storage loaded, as well as other USB stuff. If your archos mounts, then this should already be working
20:38:28stevenmthen say, if your DVD drive is /dev/sda1, thenm you'd type
20:38:37stevenmmount /dev/sda1 /mnt/cdrom
20:38:44stevenmand it should mount.
20:39:05stevenmjust make sure nothing is already mounted at /mnt/cdrom, and if it is, jsut make another directory and mount it htere instead
20:48:44Gangaleetried it doesn't show up as a valid block device(s)
20:50:09stevenmGangalee, make sure you have all your USb drivers loadeed
20:50:15stevenmas in, usb-storage
20:50:20stevenmusb-ehci or something like that
20:50:33stevenmdont have any USB 2.0 devices; don't know exact names of modules
20:50:45stevenmload all taht ehci or uhco ir whatever its called
20:50:49Gangaleecheck #flood
20:50:51Gangaleeit's the Backpack device
20:50:54stevenmask on #linux
20:50:55Gangaleegot it
20:51:02stevenmor #linuxhelp
20:51:09stevenmbut after taht stuff's loaded, load usb-storage
20:51:19stevenmand if your device is supported, it should show up in /dev/sd??
20:51:48GangaleeI checked linuxhelp already
20:52:19Gangaleemany devices show up in /dev/sd*
20:52:34stevenmsda1 is a good place to start
20:52:39stevenmor sdb1
20:52:57stevenmbut I must go do math; i only came here to report some serious rockbox breakage
20:53:02stevenm#linhx should help you more
20:53:07stevenmor # [wahtever your distro is]
20:53:26stevenmie, #gentoo, #mandrake, etc
20:53:28stevenmgood luck
20:53:37Gangaleethanks anyway
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