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#rockbox log for 2004-04-08

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00:24:02pvhYAHOO! It works! Glorious day of glorious days!
00:26:30pvhOh fuck.
00:27:48pvhI'm pretty sure smoke and melted plastic are a bad thing.
00:28:11amiconnReversed polarity of charger?
00:28:42pvhDon't think so..
00:28:51pvhMelted at the end of a battery...
00:28:54pvhStill disassembling.
00:29:59amiconnHmm, I did not disassemble my box yet.
00:31:16pvhI'd advise against it, based on my own experience.
00:32:21amiconnPerhaps I will do it soon (I want a bigger HD). (No disassembly of the PCB's though).
00:33:11pvhAhhh, that's a good, and relatively undangerous proposition.
00:35:40pvhHunh. Fate smiles...
00:36:00pvhIt seems to have just been that a bit of plastic somehow got caught between the battery and the contact, causing it to melt.
00:42:28pvhAhhh... The tape that isolates the case from the battery came off while I was working.
00:42:35pvhA little bit of solder nicked the outside of the battery
00:42:55pvhAnd short circuited the system against the frame. Fortunately, the player seems to be okay.
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01:14:59pvhAhhh! She works (again.)
01:15:14pvhPerhaps this time it won't burst into flame.
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04:27:42pvhHas anyone looked into a media library kind of interface for the 'box?
04:27:56pvhOr, at least, has anyone hacked something together to keep track of what you listen to on the box?
04:33:15midknot midk
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05:52:01midkyo yo yoooooo
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07:29:03midkyo Nibbler
07:30:13midkdwihno yay
07:30:27dwihnoAnother day, another dollar .D
07:30:31midkwhere's your trademark \o/
07:30:32midkTHERE IT IS!
07:31:30midknice job dwihno
07:31:57dwihnoA long weekend is pending!
07:32:05midkuh oh
07:32:08midkwhat's going on?
07:33:00dwihnoIt's easter :D
07:33:17dwihnoAnd the bunnies have forced everyone to take a couple of days off \o/
07:33:21midkohh *takes back the "uh oh" and replaces it with a "oh yay"
07:33:33dwihnoDoesn't feel all too shabby, I might add :D
07:33:51midknice job
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07:34:36dwihnoI just hope for the higher powers to give me required endurance in order to make it to lunch!
07:35:01midkdwinho no ducking out early :D
07:37:23dwihnoSnafu? Not really.
07:37:23pvhDoes anyone know [IDC]Dragon's web site?
07:37:37dwihnoMost of the swedes will stop working at 12pm (is it PM or AM?)
07:37:41midksort of
07:37:56midkdwihno: :) pm right
07:38:00midkyes pm
07:38:14pvhmidk: ... ?
07:38:29midkwhat is it you need
07:38:45pvhWell, I have one of the recorders that was unflashable at first.
07:39:00pvhI'm trying to update to RB2.2, but I get error messages.
07:39:02midkno rom?
07:39:10*pvh thinks back.
07:39:17pvhDifferent boot loader.
07:39:20dwihnoI would guess you need to update the boot loader
07:39:45pvhWhat are the recorder 2.0 images for?
07:39:58pvhI'm out of date. :(
07:41:45pvhThe FAQ doesn't say what the differences are −− just that there are differences.
07:41:56midkbetween 2.0 and 2.2?
07:42:49pvhAHHH. Sorry, I'm a goon. I didn't look deep enough into the faq
07:42:59pvhI wasn't sure whether to use the recorder ajz or the recorder 2 ajz.
07:46:14pvhHm. Same problem. I still get "Incompatible Version" when I try to run the UCL.
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07:46:59dwihnoThat's because you need to update the "rocks" as well
07:47:10dwihnoThe easiest way to upgrade is:
07:47:16dwihno1) Get the package with ajz, ucl and rocks
07:47:23dwihno"install" the rocks
07:48:48pvhmy rb is way out of date. i have to do a full flash.
07:52:23dwihnoYou can do it!
07:53:05dwihnoYay \o/
07:56:53pvhRighto, so it works!
07:57:03pvhWhat a good day for my little boxie.
07:57:21pvhFrom a broken screen to a working screen and fresh Rockbox flash.
07:57:23pvhMm, mm, good.
07:57:37pvhSo how do I experiment with this new voice font business?
07:57:38dwihnoYou are the guy from yesterday with the broken re-soldered screen?
07:57:59dwihnoNeato! Glad you got stuff up'n'running
07:58:07pvhI wish I had a digital camera. I would have taken pictures so everyone could benefit from my experience.
07:58:28dwihnoAny kind of camera would suffice
07:58:29pvhIf you ever hear of anyone looking for help, tell them to email me at rockbox(at)
07:58:39dwihnoWeb cam, cell cam
07:58:51dwihnoEveryone has some kind of camera these days :D
07:58:54pvhAll I have is an SLR 'film' cam.
07:59:38midkaha ha ahaha
07:59:49dwihnoYou could write some detailed information and mail it to the list.
08:00:02dwihnoSome information is better than none.
08:00:23*pvh will go subscribe right now and type it up.
08:00:34pvhWhere is the Voice UI menu?
08:01:00dwihnoI know zero about the voice stuff.
08:01:37pvhAh, I still had a slightly out of date image. All better now.
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08:19:57midkgo dwihno
08:31:07DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
08:32:23pvhNow to figure out how the voice deal works.
08:32:31pvhI hate having to dig the thing out of my bag all the time.
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08:36:06pvhAhh, you need IDC's voice fonts.
08:39:30pvhHave you got it to work, mid?
08:39:51pvhI put the english.voice in .rockbox/langs
08:39:56pvhWith no effect.
08:40:12midkmake sure it's a .voice file
08:40:13pvhAh, just had to reboot, I guess.
08:40:16midkwhen you double click it what happens
08:40:20midki mean
08:40:21midkgood luck
08:40:26pvhit worked.
08:40:42midknice job.
08:41:53pvhSo why does it spell instead of speak?
08:42:07midkoption i believe
08:45:20pvhOkay, it seems like my new project might be to get my rockbox logging what I play.
08:45:39pvhI like to keep track of it for automatically generated playlisting.
08:57:31pvhDoes the voice font include pre-defined speech for menu items, or is it figuring that out on the fly?
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09:14:24pvhWell, I'm off to bed. Thanks for your help, everyone!
09:15:01 Quit pvh ()
09:15:03midkme too
09:15:16 Quit midk ()
09:15:18Strathhey... midk begged for it so here:
09:15:46Strathjust added the ubber kewl animated gmini charging battery
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16:45:57Marin_Mcan someone help me with locked HDD?
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16:46:51Marin_Mcan someone help me with locked HDD?
16:51:40Marin_Mguess not?
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17:32:34MTlots happened to the f2/f3 screens
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18:58:01diddystar5join #oss
18:58:16diddystar5forgot the / :)
19:00:54diddystar5amiconn, got a volt meter to test on my rockbox, i found a few places where electricity wasnt flowing, i will have to make a few wires and solder them in, and it should work fine :)
19:02:09amiconnGood :)
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19:03:06*diddystar5 gets ready with a fresh build, and those cool voice files
19:14:31diddystar5uhh ohh
19:14:41diddystar5the windwos simulator crashes
19:16:23diddystar5can i run the msvc++ debugger on the windows simulator?
19:18:33diddystar5wow, just tried debugging it, and it even froze up msvc++
19:24:09diddystar577C43028 ???
19:24:19diddystar5it looks like whatever that s is where it crashed
19:27:18diddystar5well any help?
19:28:29diddystar5ahh here is a warning in the build log
19:28:30diddystar5gcc -g -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DGETTIMEOFDAY_TWO_ARGS -DSIMULATOR -DHAVE_RECORDER_KEYPAD -DHAVE_LCD_BITMAP -DHAVE_RTC -DHAVE_OSS -DAPPSVERSION=\"040408-0901\" -I. -I../../firmware/drivers -I../../firmware/export -I../../apps -I../../apps/recorder -I../common -Ibuild-recordersim -I/usr/X11R6/include -W -Wall -c build-recordersim/sysfont.c -o build-recordersim/sysfont.o
19:28:30diddystar5build-recordersim/sysfont.c:4248: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer target type
19:28:30DBUGEnqueued KICK diddystar5
19:28:30diddystar5build-recordersim/sysfont.c:4249: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer target type
19:28:46diddystar5need to get someone to fix that...
19:29:38diddystar5infact the normal rec builds have that..
19:40:16 Join AciD [0] (
19:42:17amiconndiddystar5: You have to recompile convbdf.c (in the tools directory) to correct that.
19:43:09diddystar5yes, it has been recompiled, it's brand new source off of CVS
19:43:45diddystar56 Apr 23:21Linustools/convbdf.c
19:43:45diddystar5Moved the system font from .data to .rodata
19:43:51diddystar5thats is the change that broke the build
19:45:40amiconnOoops, just did "make clean", "make". Now I also get these warnings...
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19:47:56diddystar5 _font_bits,
19:47:56diddystar5 _sysfont_offset,
19:48:21amiconnsysfont.c is generated dynamically... convbdf...
19:51:22diddystar5ahh, yes i see
19:54:58diddystar5could the changes const be causing htem
19:56:34amiconnYes, I think so. But I wouldn't take back these changes, because they mean added security for development.
19:57:41amiconnBut I don't understand (yet) why referencing const's in a "const struct" causes warnings...
20:03:54amiconnThese warnings appear even in the official CVS compile status.
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20:31:51 Join pvh [0] (PvH@
20:32:30pvhIs anyone else interested in a tool which would log what you listen to?
20:32:53pvhThere are a number of programs out there which help generate playlists based on that kind of information.
20:33:02pvhWinamp5, SynapseAI, MoodLogic...
20:33:55diddystar5not really, why?
20:38:56pvhIt's cool information to have once you have it.
20:39:08pvhI think I might start work on a little patch to accomplish just that.
20:47:30diddystar5ok :)
20:47:37diddystar5ill be back in a min
20:47:48 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
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22:39:31BoD[]Hellloww :)
22:39:45BoD[]wow 2.2 ?
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