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#rockbox log for 2004-04-11

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00:19:21Tigrenwhere can i read about the plugins? i noticed they were on my player, but i have it recharging right now...
00:20:09diddystar5read the manual
00:20:27diddystar5you should just lay with them, go to .rockbox/rocks/(the plugin)
00:20:36diddystar5just play it like you would a song
00:20:45diddystar5only a few of them work on players though
00:20:48Tigrenya, i am just waiting for the player to recharge, so i can play with them
00:20:53diddystar5jackpot i know works
00:20:59Tigrenya, thats the one i tried :)
00:21:01Tigrenand hello world
00:21:02diddystar5Tigren, just got the player?
00:21:23diddystar5bah, no one ever does the "first charge"
00:21:49diddystar5you dont really have to do the charge, unless your batteries are really low
00:22:28Tigrenwell, the batteries are low and i would like them to be full because i am going on a trip
00:22:37Tigrenit isnt going to be the first charge
00:23:06diddystar5ohh i see
00:23:15Tigreni've had this thing for too long
00:23:19Tigrencant wait to get something better
00:23:28Tigrensomething with...
00:23:37diddystar5If you want really good battery life, you may want to go to a store and get better batteries, the ones that come with the archos are bad
00:23:59diddystar5archos comes with 1500 mah
00:24:07diddystar5and you can get up to 2100 normally
00:24:08Tigrenya, i know, i dont use them
00:24:16diddystar5good :)
00:25:03diddystar5btw: i will be working on a peakmeter for you player people soon :)
00:26:04Tigrenwoo hoo
00:26:23Tigrenwhat is nim?
00:26:27diddystar5should e rather easy
00:26:29Tigrena game?
00:26:54diddystar5yeah, nim is a game, i dont know how to play it, since it has been 1 1/2 years since i had a player
00:27:21Tigrenmr. bigshot
00:28:59Tigrenthanks for the help
00:29:00Tigrengotta go
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00:55:52c0utta{zz}u there diddy ?
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01:10:30LinusNdiddystar5: how will your peak meter work?
01:11:10diddystar5like what part?
01:11:14diddystar5getting the mas peaks?
01:11:20diddystar5making the lines?
01:11:40diddystar5the mas in the players dont have the reak read or something?
01:12:30diddystar5wow really?
01:12:35diddystar5i thought they would have one
01:12:51diddystar5can it be done?
01:13:49diddystar5i thought the two mas's were almost the same
01:14:05LinusNnot at all, they are very different
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01:15:35diddystar5humm isn't there any kind of output?
01:18:32LinusNnot weird imho
01:18:34diddystar5is there anyway to pick up the peak somewhere else?
01:19:15LinusNthat's why the players don't have peak meters
01:20:40diddystar5btw, before you add midk's clock update, i have a version of it i made, just to see which one would be better to add
01:20:56diddystar5(its almost done, should be done tomorrow)
01:22:48LinusNsend your changes to midk and let him merge it into the pending patch
01:25:42c0uttadiddy, i use the sim all the time
01:25:57c0uttathe only problem i have is with some plugins
01:27:12diddystar5c0utta, i just tried the latest, it crashed
01:27:33diddystar5c0utta, you may need to doa make clean first so you get full changes
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01:56:59c0uttahmm. just did "make clean"
01:57:05c0uttastill works for me ?
02:06:33c0uttagotta go
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17:02:51thekilleris there anyone? ;)
17:04:25thekillershit.. my question is about the voice file, that makes my jukebox "speaking" :) - Does it only work with Recorder? Or also with Player 6000?
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23:05:53midkamiconn woo
23:06:02amiconnhi midk
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23:08:02midkscotty woo
23:20:39amiconnSomeone here who is experienced with building the simulator (on Windows)?
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23:45:31c0uttaamiconn: i build the sim on windows
23:45:41c0uttaand bc has arrived - he's the expert
23:45:54BCjust noticed that comment - LOL
23:45:57midkBC YAY
23:46:00BCshould i read the log?
23:46:08BChey mk, noticed you've updated the clock
23:46:20c0uttano bc, just started
23:46:23midkhey bc hope you don't mind that i credited you? :)
23:46:42BCMIND?? I'm flattered mate :)
23:46:53midki wanted to make sure everyone was ok with it
23:46:54amiconnI tried to build the win32 sim, got no error while building.
23:47:00midkbut i also wanted to be done with it
23:47:18amiconnHowever, if I try to start it, it immediately quits without giving me any hint...
23:47:26BCmk, that;s cool dude - haven't tried it yet, my player is out of batteries right now
23:47:43BCami, I'm literally compiling todays source now
23:47:55BCit used to run, but loads of features were kaput
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23:48:37amiconnTried to compile the X11 sim as well (have cygwin installed along with X11) - this one works, but using X11 with cygwin is not very comfortable.
23:48:49BCyou are right the winsim gpfs
23:49:00BC..on startup
23:49:17c0uttahmm, bc set up my winsim about 6 months ago and it works perfectly
23:49:18amiconnHmm, I get no gpf, it just quits silently.
23:49:39BCcoutta, today's source?
23:49:45BCami, what OS?
23:49:50amiconnWinXP pro
23:49:54c0uttayep - i cvs update every day
23:49:55BCI have 98se
23:50:10c0uttaon winxp pro too
23:50:14BCcoutta, can you try todays tarball please?
23:50:43c0uttaok, give me some time
23:50:48BCcheers dude
23:51:14BCnow to try and find the entry point into the win32sim... hmmmm
23:52:09BCooohhhh, win32debug ...never tried a debug build ...wonder if that'll help?
23:52:41BChm, no, its debug OR win32wim
23:52:51 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{breakfast (
23:54:19amiconnI'm even more confused now - tried to build it again, now I get an error ?!?
23:56:18BCthat's not good
23:56:28 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:56:35amiconnSeveral tries - the error occurs at different points each time??
23:56:42BCmy default at this point is to unzip the source again
23:56:56BCshut the window and re-open it
23:57:22amiconnI'm using current cvs source.
23:57:48BCwtf does the msg pump carry on running after the app gpfs?
23:58:07BCwindows programming blows my brain up!! LOL

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