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#rockbox log for 2004-04-12

00:00:00amiconnThat Win32 sim is really a bizarre thing - now it compiled without error, but uisw32.exe still shows the same behaviour as in my first try.
00:00:20BCit's dying in either CreateThread() or app_main()
00:00:30diddystar5i am having problems also
00:00:36diddystar5on 2 machines i have tried it
00:00:54BCanyone know if this death has happened in the last few days?
00:01:02diddystar5BC, yes
00:01:09BCcan you be more precise?
00:01:17BCwe can check the builds :)
00:01:21diddystar5i used a older source tarball, and it worked fine ( iused the oldest on the list)
00:01:42BCso we have the offending code in tarballs - that's a damn good start
00:01:51amiconnDon't know, this is my first try to get the sim running.
00:02:13diddystar5rockbox-daily-20040406 is what worked fine for me
00:03:18BCokay - I'll take 0410 - diddy, you take 0409, and ami, you take 0408 - cool?
00:04:40amiconnWill give it a try.
00:04:41 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:04:42diddystar5ermm o ne sec
00:04:47diddystar5i have no cygwin
00:04:54diddystar5give me 5 minutes to get cygwin setup
00:05:02BCso how do you know todays source fails?
00:06:29diddystar5because i was at hme when i tried it
00:06:38diddystar5at in a library now
00:07:54BCnoticed "making an sim directory" when I typed make - wonder if the other fixes were implemented?
00:08:51amiconn20040408 gives the same behaviour (for me). I am wondering if I'm doing something wrong?
00:09:05 Join ILuvit [0] (
00:09:29amiconnTrying 20040406 (which worked for diddystar5)
00:09:30BCHmmm, problem is I am using a different dev kit from others :(
00:09:46deadite660406 worked for me also
00:09:55BCami, is your source code in the right dir?
00:09:56diddystar5my cygwin install done 1 sec
00:10:12BCyour local lib lets you install cygwin - coooooool
00:10:37BC0410 GPFs
00:11:11BCtrying 0407...
00:11:12diddystar5well i'm not supposed to, but i found a linux boot cd that lets you remove the admin password :)
00:11:18deadite660407 GPF's for me
00:11:21diddystar5ohh you are the one that told about that BC
00:11:49diddystar5arghh forgot to get the make package
00:11:51diddystar5one sec
00:12:02BCLOL - you bad bad bad boy - LOL
00:12:23BCsolution is disable "boot from floppy" and then password the BIOS
00:12:26amiconn20040406 works for me - so at least I'm not doing something wrong :)
00:12:50amiconnTrying 20040407..
00:13:06BCjust typed "make" for 0407
00:14:28diddystar509 is bad
00:14:43BCwe're down to three
00:15:10 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
00:16:17amiconn20040407 is bad for me - so some change from '06 to '07 apparently broke the Win32 sim.
00:16:32BCneed a faster machine - lol
00:17:00amiconnIt's merely a 1.5 GHz Centrino notebook...
00:17:05BCyep 0407 is dead for me too
00:17:08deadite66same for me 0406 works, 0407 GPF's
00:17:10BCi have a duron 600
00:17:14diddystar5this libray has nice machines :) 2.4 ghx and 19" monitors
00:17:34 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
00:18:32amiconnHmm, only 2 changes on 6 April: convbdf.c and lcd-player-charset.c
00:18:38hardeepall the sims (not just win32) are broken because of the convbdf.c change
00:19:07amiconnSince changing lcd-player-charset.c should influence a recorder sim at all, it's probably convbdf.c
00:19:30hardeepthe structures are now being declared const and then we're trying to memcpy to them
00:20:05amiconnhardeep: The strange thing is: Win32 sim is broken since 20040407, but X11 sim is working for me from current CVS!?
00:20:13diddystar5amiconn, it crashed before the convbdf thing i think
00:20:37hardeepamiconn: hmmm, X11 sim just crashed on me
00:20:39hardeeplatest cvs
00:20:53amiconnBtw: trying X11 under cygwin's X11
00:20:55hardeepdiddystar5: it's the convbdf thing, i just debugged it
00:20:58hardeepme too
00:22:36diddystar5i tried debugging in my msvc++, didnt show me anything
00:23:00BCI went the "printf" route - lol
00:23:12hardeepyou need to use gdb if you build using mingw
00:23:23hardeepor you can build the msvc project with which you can debug from msvc
00:23:29amiconnhardeep: Why does the sim mecpy() to the font structures while the target doesn't?
00:24:02hardeepamiconn: target does too
00:25:05hardeepamiconn: but, according to Linus' comment, the const flag just moves the data to .rodata from .data, where I guess you're still allowed to memcpy into
00:25:06amiconnIf the target also memcpy()'s to structures declared 'const', then 2 questions arise
00:26:02amiconn(1) Why does the target not crash on it (well, maybe because it has no memory protection)
00:26:30amiconn(2) Why are these structures declared const in the first place, since they are not really const?
00:26:56hardeepamiconn: 1 is just like you said, no memory protection
00:27:11hardeepand 2 is the reason described in Linus' comment: move to .rodata on the target
00:27:47amiconnDoest this have any advantages? I cannot imagine what it should be...
00:28:17amiconn..only that it adds confusion...
00:28:22hardeepI have no idea either... maybe to save .data space?
00:28:42BCplugins and sound settings is still broken :(
00:33:13amiconnDid compile the X11 sim again from current CVS - still works for me (no crash)
00:35:04amiconnIs it correct that the sim does not save settings?
00:35:25diddystar5the sim does save settings
00:35:33diddystar5on x11 and win32
00:35:57diddystar5i think the save files is sector32.bin or so
00:36:54hardeepamiconn: stramge, it's crashing on my system at the font location
00:37:11hardeepamiconn: did you rebuild the latest version of convbdf?
00:37:24amiconnOops .. maybe I deleted that sector3D.bin file after trying to compile the Win32 sim.
00:37:44amiconnhardeep: yes I did.
00:38:23hardeepmust be the position of the Sun or something then. :)
00:38:57diddystar5how do i debug using gdb? (i just got it now)
00:39:01amiconnIt's still running ... on Win XP pro
00:39:21hardeepyep, same for me
00:39:28hardeep(os that is)
00:40:01amiconnThe X11 sim is really ugly to use with cygwin, especially since I am using a laptop (which has no separate numeric keypad)
00:40:48diddystar5amiconn, to use x11 sim on cygwin, do you need the xfree86 stuff?
00:41:13hardeepamiconn: yeah, I only use it to make sure I didn't break anything on it. I much prefer the msvc project for debugging
00:42:27amiconnI don't have msvc, so I tried building the Win32 sim with cygwin (that works for 20040406, but not for newer source).
00:43:27BCami - careful, although it runs on 0406, you will still need to patch it up a bit to get the features on it going
00:44:16hardeeper, not really... which features don't work on the win32 sim?
00:44:19amiconndiddystar5: yes (xfree86)
00:44:37hardeepuhm, plugins work
00:44:41BCmaybe still some others also - I did not try them
00:45:06BCwhat do I have to do to make them work after I type "make"?
00:45:28hardeepthey don't compile for you?
00:45:44BCselect plugins on the menu and <nothing at all> (tm) happens
00:45:58BCI will check if they were compiled now...
00:46:13hardeepwell, that's different... the plugins are not in the expected location. however, if you browse to them and select PLAY they'll still work
00:46:35diddystar5BC goota move thoise to .rockbox/rockcks for that you know?
00:47:16BCwonder why MAKE can't do that?
00:47:37BConly about 50 keypresses to get to the plugins :)
00:47:53hardeepsure, make can be modified to copy them to the correct location
00:48:10hardeepbut you were saying they weren't working which is incorrect
00:48:15BCYes, but it is not allowed to be included in the CVS
00:48:19amiconnHow do I set the "virtual root" for the Win32 sim. It sees the root of my C drive as its root..
00:48:42BCyou can't - the mod was rejected
00:49:23amiconnBut the X11 sim uses that "archos" dir as its root...
00:49:57elinenbeamiconn: how is "minesweeper" coming?
00:50:14diddystar5i think the simulators need to be made the same (or close)
00:50:23diddystar5they are way to differnen't
00:50:48BCI think getting them both working would be a good start :D
00:51:14diddystar5i wonder if we can make 1 source tree for both the x11 and win sim's
00:51:19diddystar5that would be best
00:51:53BCcertain core routines need to be diffferent
00:52:22amiconnelinenbe: Did not even start to write it .. I have to find a way to squeeze as much "cells" on the display as possible.
00:52:52 Nick c0utta{breakfast is now known as c0utta (
00:53:41elinenbeamiconn: scrolling display :)
00:53:54amiconnelinenbe: With too few cells it would be too easy to solve, while scrolling would be very confusing.
00:55:14BCmagnify the cells around the one which is currently in view
00:55:55 Nick BC is now known as BC|NeedsFood (
00:56:17amiconnIf I use 7x7 pixel cells I can fit 8x16 cells (one status line), which is just between "easy" (8x8) and "intermediate" (16x16) level of the original.
00:56:57amiconnIf I play the original, I mostly use the "hard" level, which has 16x30 cells.
00:57:42c0uttaso you guys reckon it's convbdf.c that's caused the issues with the sim builds ?
00:58:01hardeepc0utta: yeah, just about to submit a fix
00:58:04midkhaha bc
00:58:33c0uttawierd - i have source as of 31-Mar abd have been "cvs update" every day
00:58:49c0uttano problems here
00:59:05hardeepc0utta: you're probably not rebuilding the tools (convbdf specifically)
00:59:09amiconnc0utta: the tools are not recompiled automatically.
00:59:24c0uttatrue - i'm not building the tools
00:59:30c0uttashould i ?
00:59:43hardeepif you want the sim to crash :)
01:00:01amiconntry "make clean" then "make" in the tools dir - then rebuild the sim -> crash.
01:00:02c0uttaa "feature"
01:00:02diddystar5if i leave, its because windows crashed brb
01:00:37diddystar5ok, windwos didnt crash :)
01:01:48midktook long enough
01:03:26amiconnelinenbe: Maybe I take the scrolling approach, then I have some use for the scrolling routines I built into the framwork...
01:04:57amiconnI just will have to make sure that the cursor never reaches the display border unless it is also the playfield border.
01:21:48diddystar5hardeep, got that fix out yet?
01:24:40deadite66hah @ mini ipod sound problems, poorly enginered headphone jack may lead to static and crackling after 35-40 days
01:25:27diddystar5apple cant even make a headphone jack right...
01:25:30BC|NeedsFoodI did the same thing with my maze game
01:25:33 Nick BC|NeedsFood is now known as BC (
01:26:40amiconnBC: Should I know it? Didn't see that anywhere...
01:26:52midkapple didn't make the jack dipshit
01:27:36deadite66apple fanboy alert
01:27:37midkoff for a small bit
01:27:40midkheh no
01:27:42BCI am still waiting for the win32sim to work before I try to finish it
01:27:50BCstill wanna go first person too
01:27:52midkjust don't enjoy ppl hating apple for the wrong reasons
01:28:42amiconnBC: Will your maze game feature grayscale?
01:28:53BCLOL - It will now :)
01:29:19amiconnSo you cannot test it on the sim, even the sim would be working.
01:29:33amiconn*if the sim would be working.
01:30:04 Quit midk ()
01:30:08BCWhen the sim is working, maybe I will patch it up to support greyscale??
01:30:22BCnot like a PC cannot emulate greyscale :)
01:30:29 Quit hardeep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:31:14amiconnSure a PC should be able to show grayscale, it's just the way grayscale is working on the target: it uses a timer interrupt.
01:31:17BCeither way, the graphics need to be beta's on a real unit - but a real unit is a pain to dev on
01:32:07BCi dont think it would be worth bothering to emulate to interrupt level - so long as the result looks smilliar, that should be good enough
01:33:25diddystar5amiconn, there is thatrockbox video player for computers, so maybe code could be borrowed from that to make grayscae on the sim?
01:33:32amiconnThere are no api functions for grayscale that could be emulated (yet): my grayscale code is banging the hardware to set the timer interrupt.
01:34:05BCYOUR greyscale code - didn't realise - well done dude :)
01:34:22BCI will be running your demo just as soon as my jbr has a charge
01:34:51BCat some point it does a "plot" in some manner - that'll be the point to catch it
01:35:02amiconnWell, the idea (using a timer to flip between several bitmaps) is from [IDC]Dragon's video plugin, but the framework is written by me.
01:35:12BChowever, core changes are rarely accepted, so perhaps best I don't use it
01:35:33BCaha - how many z buffers?
01:36:06BCI was thinking about writing a games dev kit - z buffers would be handy
01:36:37amiconnz buffers?
01:36:43BCframe buffers?
01:36:54BC(showing my age)
01:37:35amiconnwell, you can have anything from 1 to 32 bitmaps (yielding 2 to 33 shades of gray). 1 bitmap isn't that useful though.
01:38:38amiconnIt does "graceful degradation": if the memory you supply to it isn't enough to store the requested number of bitmaps, it automatically uses fewer bitmaps.
01:40:40BCso if I give enuf memory for 20 bitplanes i may still have 30 shades?
01:40:56BChmm, suppose it's not a "bitplane" really
01:41:12BC(must look at code before settling on nomenclature)
01:42:29amiconnNo, but if you request 32 bitplanes but only 20 of them fit into the memory you give it, then it allocates 20 bitmaps - you get only 21 shades then, but it still works.
01:43:10BChmmm, does it tell me how many shades I have?
01:43:27BC(kettle) brb
01:43:38amiconnYes - this is the return value of gray_get_buffer()
01:45:31amiconnYou don't need to know this value for your code to work, since you set the brightness (of a pixel, line, whatever) with values from 0 to 255 regardless of the number of existing shades.
01:45:58BCooh, well done :)
01:46:11BCalthough maybe 0..255 is overkill?
01:47:05BCmakes "shade++" impossible
01:47:29amiconnI though this is the easiest solution since it allows to take arbitrary grayscale bitmaps (e.g. in a picture viewer) and hand it over.
01:47:43BCfair call
01:48:32BCmaybe a "scale mode" switch on it?
01:48:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:49:40amiconnHmm, should be possible, but would add quite some complexity.
01:50:00BChmm, maybe costly option in an interrupt
01:51:04amiconnAll these calculations are done outside the interrupt. The interrupt routine only copies the next bitplane to the LCD every time it is called.
01:52:41BCfirst thing should be to write a 64x64 id3 image viewer
01:53:01amiconnThe problem would be the speed: the core routines are heavily optimized (the pixel setting is now written completely in assembler), but it still takes ~1 s to set a full-screen grayscale overlay with 32 bitplanes to a specific shade when then interrupt is running.
01:53:52amiconnIt will be faster if (1) you use fewer shades, (2) if you use a partial overlay
01:54:28amiconnIt will also render faster while the interrupt is not running
01:54:43BCanyone say "FAST" mode - LOL
01:54:58BC(if you remember the ZX81 (US=TSR80))
01:55:17amiconnI know that, as well as the ZX Spectrum.
01:55:32BC"FAST" disabled the screen refresh
01:56:22BCSo if I do "clear_to_grey(20); clear_to_grey(10);" ...that would take about 2 seconds to complete?
01:56:45amiconnThe problem is that every "gray" pixel corresponds to one bit in each of the <n> bitplanes, so setting a pixel involves a lot of bit shifting and masking.
01:57:03BChow have you oriented the screen?
01:57:09BCon the X or Y axis?
01:58:04amiconnThe screen data is oriented the same way as the internal LCD layout, all other layouts would be impossible to handle within the interrupt (way too slow).
01:58:26BCso 1 byte does a single X and 8 Y's?
01:58:52BCscuse me, i've not dug too deep in that bit before
01:59:02amiconnYes, but there is one byte for a single X and 8 Y's _in each bitplane_.
01:59:31BCunderstood just trying to understand it all so I can think ahead
02:00:21amiconnEven this layout takes ~50% CPU power for full-screen solely for the interrupt..
02:01:33BCcan i have a greyscale window?
02:02:03BCdoes cpu useage go down with bitplane count?
02:02:10amiconnYes, the grayscale framework works like an overlay. See my comments within the source.
02:02:31BCyes, sorry, i glimpsed the source, but should read it properly
02:02:37amiconnCPU usage varies only with overlay size, not with bitplane count.
02:02:54BCseems weird
02:03:13BCsure if there were only 16 bitplanes then the interrupt could do_nothing() 50% of the time
02:04:16amiconnIt is in no way weird. I told you that the interrupt routine only copies the next bitplane over to the LCD every time it is called. If it reaches the last bitplane, it starts over in the next call.
02:04:43BChow often does the interrupt fire?
02:04:54 Join AciD [0] (
02:05:32amiconnThe repeat frequency is choses to approximate the internal scan rate of the LCD controller to minimize flicker. It is set to 67 Hz currently.
02:06:12BCI wonder if a less frequent update would help CPU overhead?
02:06:48amiconnYes it would, but then you wouldn't get smooth grayscale, only flickering grains.
02:07:29BCsurely 33.5 (if you get my drift) FPS would be beyond the human eye to detect?
02:08:07BC(hope you don't mind me chatting about this)
02:08:35amiconnNo, because the total repeat frequency is 67 Hz / <number_of_bitplanes>.
02:09:36BC<brain whirring>
02:09:57amiconnEven with the current parameters the gray areas look a bit "grainy" when using 32 bitplanes.
02:10:34BCyes, I think I am getting it - just installing the demo now
02:10:41BCdoes it work with 2.2 native?
02:10:50amiconnThis is more noticeable if the display is warm, because the LCD is faster then.
02:11:16amiconnShould work with 2.2 since it does not use esoteric new features.
02:11:57BC"esoteric" that word :)
02:14:29BCvery nice :)
02:14:43BCbut it IS slow...hmmm
02:15:06BCsome carful though will need to be given to screen updates
02:15:51amiconnTried using the "cursor" buttons?
02:16:00BCyes, they're VERY smooth :)
02:16:19BCloses data that goes off the screen tho - guess that's just implementation
02:16:52amiconnYes, it is scrolling, not rolling.
02:17:21BCneed to rethink my ideas tho
02:17:48amiconnscrolling l/r can be done by any pixel amount with the same speed, scrolling u/d by 1 pixel (slow) and by 8 pixels (significantly faster; not shown in the demo)
02:18:06BCfer sure
02:18:23amiconnIf you hold l/r in the demo, it scrolls by 3 pixels.
02:18:37BCright, yes I did
02:18:42BCthat makes sense
02:20:07amiconnThe usage differs from the b & w api functions in a way that there is no dedicated update() function.
02:20:48amiconnEvery graphics primitive you call writes to the various bitplanes, the interrupt does "automate" the update.
02:20:49BCI find update() quite annoying anyway, so that's no bad thing
02:21:11diddystar5i need to get busy on that poker game iwas goign to make...
02:21:45amiconnThe fastest graphics primitive (for larger screenn areas) is inverting a rectangle.
02:22:14diddystar5BC, you mean for the poker game?
02:22:26BCdiddy: yes
02:22:55diddystar5BC: yes maybe, but i will most likly start with a simple "get as many points as you can" version
02:23:42diddystar5i was thinking about making the cards in grayscale, but i haven't looked at the framework yet to see how hard that would be
02:25:26BCami: in first person the whole screen updates every time - so i guess that's out of the question?
02:25:27amiconndiddystar5: shouldn't be that hard if you read the comments in it - usage doesn't differ that much from the api functions for b & w.
02:25:54diddystar5amiconn, ok, i will look at it now, and get started on making the graphics
02:26:17amiconnBC: "first person" ?
02:26:30BC(for example)
02:26:49amiconnAh ok. Guess this would be too slow.
02:27:13BCcan I demand X bitplanes?
02:27:58amiconnYes, you can: int gray_init_buffer(unsigned char *gbuf, int gbuf_size, int width, int bheight, int depth);
02:28:08diddystar5i have a doom game written in assembly for my ti83+
02:28:31BCporting asm in an arse!
02:28:43diddystar5the graphics in it are awsome (for a calcultor)
02:28:59BCso the update will be quicker if I deman only 8 bitplanes ....hmmm
02:30:58diddystar5what should be the resolution for the spade (or any suite) bitmap? i'm bad at guessing maybe 8x8?
02:31:54amiconndiddystar5: You can use any size that looks good and fits in the display. There are no speed advantages in choosing powers of 2.
02:32:16diddystar5amiconn, ok, i will go with 12x12 to start
02:32:33BCsorry for shouting
02:32:44BC+1 pixel space all around it
02:33:01BCor maybe only one pixel above and to the left = 8x8
02:34:03BCyou ...that means not me
02:34:04BCneed in what is required
02:34:16diddystar5umm ok lol
02:34:20amiconnBC: The speed of the rendering depends linearly on the width, height and number of bitplanes. However, you will gain more speed from using a smaller screen area, since the the interrupt "steals" less CPU time.
02:34:21BCgimme a clue on where you got lost?
02:34:51diddystar5why 8x8?
02:34:56 Quit Ka_ ("* poof *")
02:35:08BCami: yes, thinking of how to get back time for the 3d calculations
02:35:25 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{afk} (
02:35:45BCdiddy: maybe just 7x7, but all your grphics will be butted right up to each other
02:35:57amiconnBC: You really want to give *3D* a try? WOW!
02:36:11BCit's not that hard really
02:36:27BCI'm just wondering if we have the power to do it in grey
02:36:56BCal the maze algorithms etc are already written
02:37:42amiconnA possible way to speed up the grayscale rendering significantly (already suggested by [IDC]Dragon) would be to place it into IRAM.
02:38:01BCi'm working on a variation on the bressenhams to produce a fast bitmapping algorithm
02:38:12amiconnThis would require it to be in the core, though.
02:38:19BCyes, read about that - didn't really understand it
02:38:44BCnot sure what the IRAM is -didn't look it up
02:39:15amiconnThe SH1 has an internal ram which it can access without RAS/CAS delays and with 32bit width - this is the IRAM.
02:39:33BCrighty - L1 RAM :)
02:39:44BCmakes sense
02:39:56amiconnUnfortunately it is rather small (only 4096 bytes) and only usable from within the main firmware.
02:40:30amiconnIt would give around 60% speedup (from my calculations - not tested that)
02:40:40diddystar5geeze its hard to put a spade in a 7x7 spot
02:40:50 Join Ka_ [0] (
02:41:01amiconndiddystar5: I suggest
02:41:37BC−−-x−−-, −−xxx−−, -x-x-x-, xxx-xxx, -x-x-x-, −−-x−−-, −−xxx−−
02:42:12amiconndiddystar5: Please bear in mind that the pixels on the LCD aren't square - they are taller than wide.
02:42:26BCwill look even better then :)
02:42:43diddystar5one sec...
02:43:20amiconnAnother suggestion: If you use a real grayscale bitmap, you can do anti-aliasing.
02:43:26BCfwiw - they were sent to me by a friend who write games for nokia ;)
02:45:03diddystar5BC, didnt turn out nice, but one sec, i think i cna make it nice
02:51:35BCsorry :( it all looked cool on the test screen he sent me :(
02:53:39 Quit AciD ("indent -kr -nbad -bap -nbbb -nsc -br -nce -cdw -ss -cli2 -npcs -ncs -i6 -ts6 -saf -sai -saw -di0 -nbc -npsl -brs -lp -ip6 -pp)
02:55:50diddystar5−−-x−−- −−xxx−− −−xxx−− xxxxxxx xxxxxxx −−-x−−-
02:55:53amiconnPerhaps I will try to put the grayscale pixel routine into IRAM to get real-world speedup figures. Then we'll have to convince the core developers that we need grayscale in the main core to get BC's super-duper 3D game running.
02:55:55diddystar5thats the best i could do
02:56:33BCdiddy: that's 7x6
02:56:44diddystar5actually, on line 4, -xxxxx- ooks better
02:57:01BCami: well, don't rest it on me, the game is unlikely to undergo any more dev until the sims are working again
02:57:14diddystar5whoops, make a copy of line 2 as 3
02:57:17diddystar5thats what it was
02:57:36BCdiddy: yes that makes sense
02:59:53diddystar5the diamond was easy :)
03:00:01BCami: still need to get around the frame redraw tho ...hmmm
03:01:39BCa heart is a diamond with bobbles on the top
03:01:55diddystar5haha yay, i just finished the heart now
03:02:12BCa spade is the top half of a diamond with the bottom half of a club
03:02:14diddystar5now for the hardest one....
03:02:53diddystar5i also found some source to the linux poker game, so i dont have to work out all the logic
03:03:38 Join midk [0] (
03:03:48BCthink I might have to nasty ways to cheat on the 3d maths
03:04:10midkyo all.
03:05:02diddystar5hey the club wasnt all that hard
03:05:24BCthat's what I sent you!?
03:05:45diddystar5it was? well it didnt look like one lol
03:05:58BCnow a set of numbers...
03:06:16BCi have drawsprite routines to help print all this stuff on the screen
03:06:26BCin fact I have a set of numbers done already
03:06:35BCfor the new audio screen
03:06:43BCuse them :)
03:06:46diddystar5could you send them?
03:06:47BCif you like
03:06:48amiconnBC: You will have to use integer maths to get it reasonably fast. If you want it even faster, you can use 16bit precision, but this requires assember (I do this in my pixel routines).
03:06:52BCthey're on sourceforge
03:07:07diddystar5BC: in your audio patch?
03:07:15BCami: yes, int's all the way
03:07:55BCif I limit the animation step sizes I can strip the tables down to virtually nothing
03:08:17amiconnThe bad thing when using C multiplication / division is that it uses subroutine calls.
03:08:30BCthinking maybe 15^ rotational steps
03:08:50midkd i miss
03:09:09BCbc rolling a fag
03:09:45midk<diddystar5> amiconn, there is thatrockbox video player for computers, so maybe code could be borrowed from that to make grayscae on the sim?
03:09:47diddystar5BC, in you audio3597 patch or not?
03:09:48midkwhere at?
03:10:13amiconnThe good thing is that the SH1 has a hardware multiplier that takes only 3 clocks, but it does 16 x 16 bits only, so C uses a subroutine with several 16 bit multiplies to allow for 32 x 32 bits.
03:10:30diddystar5midk, look at the documentation at rockbox, and i think there is a link to mp3/archos related stuff and its in there
03:10:49midkk ty
03:11:06midk"useful mp3 and jukebox related tools"?
03:11:15diddystar5BC: found them
03:11:21amiconnThat PC .rvf player is written in Java and does only play .rvfs without audio.
03:11:22midkgot it
03:11:35midkbooo :D
03:11:47BCreplace "plot_across_bitplanes" with "stuff value in buffer
03:11:50BCfor sim
03:12:00amiconnIt also causes 100% cpu load while playing.
03:13:11midkhey it works
03:13:43amiconnBC: If you really want to try 3d - try to avoid divisions whenever possible - these are really costly.
03:14:25BCthanks for the heads up - i will botch them all with shifts
03:15:42BCdiddy: do you have the source yet?
03:16:01BCmk: talking about cpu power for 3d AND grey together
03:16:21midkyeah sounds interesting
03:16:31midkthat maze would be cool :)
03:16:39BCneed to beg the "guy who can" to fix the sim
03:16:59midkyou mean to merge your patch?
03:17:02 Nick orange_away is now known as _orange_ (
03:17:06BCno, to make it work
03:17:25midkwhat's wrong with it?
03:17:36BCtake a look at what my sim patch fixes :)
03:17:45BCit doesn't apply any more :(
03:18:45midkoh the comments on the patch?
03:19:12BCit has a list of what I fixed
03:19:23BCthen a debate about how it should be done
03:19:28midki know
03:20:47midki read that yeah
03:20:49diddystar5BC, huh what source?
03:20:51midkso ..
03:21:07midkyou want your patch merged is what you mean when you say it needs to be fixed?
03:21:12BCdiddy: with the number font
03:21:26BCno my patch was broken jan 2nd
03:21:32diddystar5BC: ohh yeah, i'm hacking at itn ow
03:21:47BCall work was rejected, so the sim remains broken
03:23:37diddystar5you sim patch was regected?
03:23:41diddystar5i thought it was great
03:23:49midkpoker game interesting
03:24:06diddystar5midk, stay away!
03:24:12BCyeah - bummer hey - that's why I've stopped developing
03:24:19midk*wanted to design logos and graphics
03:24:27BCSuppose SOME good came of it then - LOL
03:24:35diddystar5midk, nah, you can mess with it, just dont go adding stuff like logogs etc :)
03:24:47midkheh don't worry i won't touch it
03:24:50midknot worth it
03:25:14midkwell this is based on the assumption that it gets farther than "case BUTTON_OFF:"
03:26:45diddystar5have you seen the patch mid made for the clock? its crazy 4 logos...
03:26:51midklol bc
03:26:57midk<BC> YOU NEED 7X7 FOR A SPADE
03:27:03midkdids: don't hate yo
03:27:49diddystar5now i need to maek graphics for ace, jack, queen, and king
03:27:55diddystar5want take very long
03:28:07BCgo with J Q K
03:28:12midki'm good at gfx yo
03:28:20midkwhat's the size?
03:28:24diddystar5BC, how big were those numbers you made?
03:28:34diddystar5midk: i can handle it :)
03:28:45BCerrr, 7x5?
03:28:51midkdids i know
03:28:57midkjust wanna play around with what's possible
03:29:02midkwhat's the size?
03:29:56diddystar5BC: is it 7x5 or 5x7?
03:30:06midkdids come on
03:30:08diddystar5| |
03:30:20BCtake a butchers at the source :)
03:30:31diddystar5| |)
03:30:39diddystar5my coffee mug :)
03:31:13midkdids not gonna tell me?
03:32:04diddystar5size of what?
03:32:15midkthe. icons. duh.
03:32:37diddystar5i have already made them
03:32:44midkum ow lol
03:34:08scott666whats all this about poker now?
03:34:20midkscott666: did's writing a poker game
03:34:39midki'm betting it won't get far
03:34:51diddystar5midk is just jealous
03:34:56scott666we need a standard 'cards' library
03:35:07scott666so we can easily do blackjack and solitaire and stuff
03:35:16scott666i have one written in python
03:35:26scott666least i used to...
03:37:04diddystar5i need to go home i like 8 minutes :(
03:37:16diddystar5nah i will stay longer i think
03:37:19BCbed time?
03:37:23 Part BC
03:37:38diddystar5no, i'm just "supposed" to be home by 7 today
03:37:38 Join BC [0] (
03:37:49midkdids why?
03:38:00diddystar5i don't know
03:38:02BChis jimmy jams are folded an waiting
03:38:09midknot good to ignore mom/dad
03:38:10diddystar5i might be doing drugs or something :P
03:38:17midkomfg lol
03:38:32midkoh god
03:38:33BCi found out what "indo" was the other week
03:38:42 Part amiconn
03:38:51BCholy sh!7 some people do some dumb things
03:38:53diddystar5tie to bmp3rb all my pics :)
03:38:58scott666rockbox = drugs
03:39:48diddystar5missed one lol
03:39:54midkoh noo
03:40:43BCso, are we gonna pool resources and write a card game engine?
03:41:13scott666i want in, its been too long since ive coded anything
03:41:46scott666and if i can use my archos for a solitaire gaming machine all through school it'll be worth it to me
03:42:15diddystar5just have a set of bitmaps, the suites and numbers which i have just made, and its fine
03:42:51diddystar5i can send you guys what i have right now if you want
03:43:11BCif you define them in the same way I did for my previous games, we can use all my gfx libs :)
03:44:20scott666BC: try again
03:45:15BCmaybe diddy can send it to you?
03:45:39diddystar5sure one sec
03:46:06scott666there we go
03:48:23midkcrazy is right yo
03:48:31midkdids dont leave me out
03:48:33midkdo i get to see too?
03:48:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:49:21diddystar5yeah i guess, but i dont have them all sorted out nice yet
03:49:42diddystar5i would rather wait untill i have them all bmp2rb'ed and have them all in one file
03:49:44midkyay ty
03:49:48scott666someone have a suggestion for a good win32 C compiler?
03:50:02BCwhat destination?
03:50:06BCwhat to write?
03:50:40BCwindoze appz is either vc++ or cygwin really
03:50:54diddystar5and cygwin isnt good for plain windows stuff
03:51:01midkno it sucks
03:51:07BCcommand line utils; you can add djgpp+rhide to that list
03:51:19BCpresuming you are targetting a pc
03:51:27diddystar5what is rhide?
03:51:37diddystar5i gave used djgpp before
03:51:41BCrob hoene's integrated development environment
03:51:53diddystar5but that would be dos apps only right?
03:53:02diddystar5im going home guys, i will try to get back on when i get home and have these bmp2rb'ed
03:53:20diddystar5if i can get on the puter, it would probably be about 20 mins
03:53:29diddystar5(from now)
03:53:30BCgood luck!
03:53:42diddystar5see you
03:54:32scott666midk: no results on kazaa for MSVC++
03:54:43midksearch for "visual c++
03:54:49diddystar5scott666, miscrosoft visual c++
03:54:52diddystar5try that
03:55:03 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
03:55:18scott666about how much should it be?
03:55:28midki think it was 77mb or so
03:55:34midkwhat sizes do you see?
03:55:39midk70mb maybe
03:56:19midk69mb yo!
03:56:21midkthat must be it
03:56:26scott666from 1.6gB to 1.6Kb
03:56:26midkor 73
03:56:33midkholy shit 1.6gb?
03:56:52midkheh try "microsoft visual c++"
03:56:56midkthat could narrow it down
03:57:41scott666read it wrong
03:57:57scott666300MB to 16k
03:57:58midkthe largest is 1.6mb?
03:58:03midkwhat are most of them
03:58:06midkwhat's the average yo
03:58:28scott666im getting onces that s about 70mb
03:58:37midkyup its about that afaik
03:58:43scott666the difference between standard edition and enterprise edition
03:59:00midki have standard
03:59:05midkenterprise is probably better
03:59:30scott666but bigger too
03:59:34scott666and probably all stuff i dont need
03:59:39midkyeh ok standard
03:59:59midkbc what text editor do you use
04:00:02scott666plus its already goin at 50kBps
04:00:06midkshit its 7pm!
04:00:11midk*gets hw
04:00:11BCbed time
04:00:20midkfror bc?
04:00:35midknot for me
04:00:36BCbored time for bc
04:01:04midk*gets out hw
04:01:15BCnever heard it called that before
04:01:27BCit'll make you go blind!
04:01:30midkheh "factor x^2-11x+30
04:01:44midkcant concentrate
04:02:11midki'll compromise by coding some useless rockbox feature such as an alternate logo and telling my teacher that he should grade my clock update instead
04:02:18midk*planned out yo
04:02:31BCyou just want a value for x yeah?
04:02:43midkno factor it
04:02:54midkits like (x+1)(x-3) or something
04:03:16BCnaughty scott!
04:03:25midkhow do you know scott
04:03:38*scott666 is in pre-calc, not pre-algebra
04:03:47midkits not pre algebra
04:03:51midkbc really omfg
04:04:13midkhey hes RIGHT
04:04:30midkwhat about x^2 - 13x - 30
04:04:53scott666-10 -3
04:04:57*midk brushes hands together
04:05:04scott666wait, no
04:05:08midkyes it is!
04:05:15scott666no it isnt
04:05:20BCno its not
04:05:23scott666thats -13 +30
04:05:25midkits on here
04:05:33scott666not -
04:05:39BC-10 * -3 = -30
04:05:52midknot on here
04:05:58scott666you typed the problem wrong?
04:06:26midk:D i was um testing you
04:06:27BC-15 +2
04:06:39midkoh wait
04:06:41midkno i didnt
04:06:44midki wasnt testing you
04:06:46midki did type it right
04:06:49scott666yeah. thats right
04:06:50BC-15 +2
04:06:53 Part deadite66
04:06:56midkhey bcs right
04:07:11midkx62 0 13x + 30\
04:07:19midkx^2 x 13x + 30
04:07:27midkx^2 + 13x + 30
04:07:39scott666+10 +3
04:07:45BC+3 +10
04:08:15midki have -10 -3 here
04:08:24BCalso good
04:08:31midkshit its
04:08:36midkx^2 - 13x + 30
04:08:40scott666there you go
04:08:40midktyping them in wrong
04:08:43BCno, what am i talkinng about
04:08:45midk-10 -3?
04:08:54midkOH YES! YES!!
04:08:57midkok how about this one
04:09:06BC+5 -7
04:09:13midkx^2 - 2/3x + 1
04:09:18BC(the tarrot told me - lol)
04:10:12midkx^2 - 2/3x + 1/9
04:10:27scott666-1/3 -1/3
04:10:49BCnot had this much fun in ages
04:11:00BCactually feel like i have a grasp on maths
04:11:02midkhes right
04:11:06midkbc you're fired
04:11:07BCcourse he is
04:11:09midkscott you're hired
04:11:13midkill scan in the page
04:11:15midkyou can do the work
04:11:28 Quit ILuvit ()
04:12:45BCwe gonna support multiple decks?
04:12:54midkhey bx
04:12:59scott666yes we are
04:13:06scott666im sure midk will want to
04:13:18midkhey i got an idea
04:13:24scott666like logos but smaller
04:13:26BCi think it will be easier to hold ONE stack of cards and track where they are
04:13:26midklets make a like math thing
04:13:29midkthat does it for you
04:13:42scott666oh wait
04:13:52scott666like the pattern on the cards or like poker with 3 decks?
04:14:12BCas in 3 decks
04:14:20BCfor casino blackjack etc
04:14:32BCbacks - whatever
04:14:32scott666id say no then, unless its really easy to implement
04:14:40BCeasy enough
04:14:53midkare we making poker without diddy?
04:15:08BCno, just continuing while he is on sabatacle
04:15:33midkhey lets finish it tonight
04:15:39BCyou would need to specify max-decks in your code cos we have no malloc
04:15:47scott66644MB of MSVC++ downloaded...
04:15:52scott666damn slow kazaa
04:16:03midkheh i'd take 50kb/s any day
04:16:07midkwell at mom's house
04:16:11midkat dad's no way
04:16:33scott666so youd take 50kB/s every other day?
04:20:27BCother than JOKER ...what special cards?
04:20:38midklets do some more math with mid!
04:20:51midk3x^2 + 5x - 2
04:21:03scott666old maid?
04:21:10DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
04:21:11***Alert Mode level 1
04:21:11***Alert Mode level 2
04:21:11***Alert Mode level 3
04:21:12***Alert Mode level 4
04:21:13***Alert Mode level 5
04:21:15***Alert Mode level 6
04:21:20midkand lets make the computer always pick the maid
04:21:22midkso you always win
04:21:37BCwe MIGHT have room for ONE more card
04:21:55scott666(3x - 1)(x + 2)
04:24:30scott666i cant think of any other cards
04:24:37scott666unless we want 2 different jokers?
04:24:45midkscott show me how to do it
04:24:52BCchange the suit
04:25:30scott666do you have foil there?
04:25:35scott666first outer inner last?
04:25:40midkfoil yo
04:25:45midki wrote it on the top of the paper
04:27:21scott666the only way you can get 3x^2 is 3x*x
04:27:28scott666only way you can get 2 is 1*2
04:27:33midkno shit
04:27:37midkooh really
04:27:37scott666then you just have to mix with placment and signs
04:27:47midknot stupid here scott
04:27:56scott66609:27 PM> <midk> scott show me how to do it
04:28:12midkhow does that affect any previous statements?
04:28:24scott666i was showing you
04:30:13midkok show me how to do
04:30:25midk24y^2 + 52y + 24
04:31:03scott666*grabs graphing calculator
04:31:16***Alert Mode OFF
04:31:34midkshow me please
04:32:12scott666(y - 1.5)(y - 2/3)
04:32:33midkuh? lol
04:32:39BCsurely not
04:32:53midk*mid has an unsigned short attentionspan[];
04:32:57scott666divide everything by 4
04:33:13scott666then its 4(6x^2 + 13 + 6)
04:33:32midkno thats too coommmmplicatedddddd
04:33:46scott666(6x + 6)(x + 1)
04:33:57scott666youre sure it isnt 28?
04:34:11midkwhat isn't?
04:34:17scott666(24x + 24)(x + 1)
04:34:35scott666thats 24x^2 + 48x + 24
04:35:08BChow many card players max?
04:35:35midkscott please helpsors
04:35:55BC7+dealer or 3+dealer?
04:36:08midk7 is way too much
04:36:22midkscoot show me plese
04:36:23BCbut is 4+dealer too much?
04:36:35midknot really but 3+d seems more logical
04:36:40scott6664 is the standard number of players i think
04:36:50scott666in most computer games theres 3+d
04:36:51midk4 including dealr
04:37:01midkwoohoo and i was just guessing!
04:37:02BCI'm just considering jamming it at 4 and then someone say "we want 5"
04:37:13midkactually bc
04:37:20midkjust make it to like 7
04:37:23BCand 7 is the next logical step after 3
04:37:25midkthen an option to lower it duh
04:37:31BCMAX players
04:37:32midkso you dont have to expand it ever
04:37:41scott666max should be 7+d
04:37:43midk7+d max
04:37:53midkscott show me or no
04:38:00scott666show you what?
04:38:10midkhow to do it
04:38:28scott666trial and error
04:38:33midkasdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff yo
04:38:34scott666or the quadratic formula
04:38:38BCjust thinkning, in a game of solitaire there are effectively 11 or 18 card positions
04:38:49 Part _orange_
04:38:56BCtrial and error is easier
04:39:13midkbc can you show me how to do a problem begging to end?
04:39:17BCmaybe a different approach is necessary
04:39:17midkjust want to ensure i can do this
04:39:28scott6667 columns, 4 stacks, dealt cards, discard pile?
04:39:57midk5, 4, dealt, discard
04:39:58BCor 14 columns, some face up, some face down
04:40:00midknow help
04:40:13midkhhaha jk
04:40:23BCmade me laugh
04:41:17scott666and then the face down dealt cards
04:41:44BCyes, i think my first approach is faulty
04:43:22midkbc cool
04:43:32scott666VC++ finished
04:43:41midkyay omfg we'll live!
04:48:09 Join deadite66 [0] (
04:49:15deadite66great yarmouth, UK
04:49:48scott666it works
04:57:49midkyoi yo yo
04:57:51midkyo yo yo*
05:00:08midkits 8pm
05:00:10midkand i didnt do any
05:03:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:03:19*scott666 doesn't have school tomorrow
05:03:23BChey scott which bit of this card thingy do you fancy?
05:03:26midkand i have another assignment i forgot
05:03:34midkwhat i wanna help you all hate me or what
05:03:49scott666im not sure−−whats already done and what needs doing?
05:04:05BCI'm working on some way to store where all the cards are
05:04:19BCwe need artwork
05:04:24BCfront and back
05:04:35scott666how big?
05:04:43BCgood Q
05:04:58BCyou have 64x112 to play with :)
05:05:07midk112x64 you mean
05:05:16midki am the graphics guy
05:05:21midki am super graphix man
05:05:27midkdid you see my ggb
05:05:54BCgiven that the cards are held in a fixed array, we need a shuffling algorithm
05:06:12midkgot dayumit nm mid
05:06:24scott666what about the normal rockbox shuffling algorithm?
05:06:42BCyou could clone that if you wish
05:06:44midkmercenne twister
05:06:48midkyou could resume a game
05:06:50midkthat way
05:09:49BCyou still there scott?
05:11:14BCyou went quiet - i dont mind what you do - nothing is done, so all the jobs are open to anybody who wants in
05:11:50BCI have a strcut and a chunk of #defines
05:11:51scott666i think ill start with graphics
05:12:25BCif you code the gfx the same as my other games, we have libs ready built
05:12:51BCor we can recode them in a new and better way
05:13:02midkcode gfx
05:13:07midkhow do you code gfx
05:13:25scott666im not sure how to actually _code_ gfx with rockbox, i was just gonna mess with paint
05:13:27BCtake a look at my audio plugin for example
05:13:37midkpaint is good
05:13:39BCyeah, a bmp is no use to us
05:13:42midkset zoom 800%
05:13:43midkgrid on
05:13:48midkthumb on
05:13:59midkimage - attributes to set size
05:14:04midkthat thing is what i use
05:14:06midkbest ever
05:14:17BCset to 9 grey scales?
05:14:37midkum i just use b and w
05:14:47BCoh the old rockbax way eh?
05:14:47midkright click for w, click for b
05:15:01BCwhen it used to be black & white
05:15:04midkwell to do gray you have to have 2 frames at least
05:15:10midkstill only b and w
05:15:17midkits just alternating the two b and w images
05:15:26BCyou're just a tad out of date there
05:15:31midkuh oh
05:15:33midkam i?
05:17:31midkhow does it work now
05:17:48BCtake a look at the greyscale plugin or tonights irc log
05:18:15midkdie die die
05:18:41BClife will be good one day ;)
05:18:51midklol i was jking
05:19:55midkof all
05:20:07 Quit midk ()
05:30:52 Nick c0utta{afk} is now known as c0utta (
05:48:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:53:23BChows it going scott?
06:04:47scott666i got distracted by /.
06:05:18BCwell, if the spark comes back, count me in :)
06:05:49scott666got a suggestion for what to do?
06:06:41BCtell me if this makes sense (file incoming)
06:07:11scott666i think we need an intermediary again
06:07:30BCyou on icq or aim or anything?
06:07:41BCpick one
06:07:55BCand you are...
06:08:18BCno comment - lol
06:08:59BCthat's better :)
06:08:59scott666song title + number
06:10:32scott666whats group?
06:10:39BCyour hand
06:10:42BCthe stock pile
06:10:47BCthe discard pile
06:10:55BCthe 7's on the tabe in front of you
06:11:06BCthe 8's on the table in front of you
06:11:22scott666how about display?
06:11:27BCand you MAY own a card in the 9's on the table in front of me
06:11:38BCsee display settings
06:11:56BCwhich need numbering properly
06:13:51BCchange "group" for "pile"
06:14:18 Join diddystar5 [0] (
06:16:04diddystar5hey scotty
06:17:37scott666whats the purpose of newstock()?
06:18:23BCto create the stockpile at the start of the game
06:18:41scott666ahh, i see
06:18:54BCjust writing AddCard to add jokers an' stuff
06:18:54scott666just a brittish/american terminology difference sort of thing
06:19:17BCthe new cards are called the Stock Pile in Hoyles iirc
06:19:50scott666ill take your word for it, it just isnt the word used locally
06:19:57 Quit Ka_ (
06:19:57 Quit adi|home (
06:20:01scott666hence confusion
06:20:03NJoinKa_ [0] (
06:20:03NJoinadi|home [0] (~adi|
06:20:29BCthat's fair
06:20:37BCwhat is the local word?
06:20:51diddystar5BC: can you send you the code you made?
06:21:27 Quit diddystar5 (
06:21:27 Quit deadite66 (
06:21:27 Quit scott666 (
06:21:32BCgimme a mo, I will just finish this bit and fwd to you both
06:21:44NJoindiddystar5 [0] (
06:21:44NJoindeadite66 [0] (
06:21:44NJoinscott666 [0] (
06:21:57diddystar5net splits :P
06:22:04scott666lets try again
06:22:06scott666the funny think is i cant think of it off hand, i just know it isn't stock pile
06:22:33BCi hate it when that happens
06:22:41BClike when you forget the next lne of a song
06:23:21c0uttascott666, what about "pack"
06:23:31BCthat works too
06:23:45BCwe tend to keep those in boxes, not on the table
06:23:52scott666or just 'deck' maybe
06:23:59c0uttadeck is good
06:24:10BCyeah, deck kinda covers it all quite well :)
06:24:20scott666and its shorter
06:24:32BCpack, deck, pile
06:24:58BCwe're gonna get logbotted for too many four letter words in a mo
06:25:53c0uttascott666, were you downloading vc++ for rockbox coding ?
06:26:21c0uttahave you got it running ?
06:26:52c0uttai am not a fan of cygwin
06:26:55*c0utta ducks
06:27:12c0uttahardeep uses vc++ iirc
06:27:41scott666im a little to ignorant with everything *nix
06:27:53scott666i keep meaning to get around to learning more, but im lazy
06:27:55diddystar5how can i build rockbox sim with msvc++?
06:28:04c0uttame too
06:28:09diddystar5i have never learned to use vc++ that well
06:28:23scott666its what i used when i took C++ at school last year
06:28:34scott666but they wouldnt let me borrow the install CDs
06:28:59diddystar5i have to go
06:29:25BCnot even gonna comment :(
06:29:28diddystar5bye BC and scott666 an c0utta
06:29:32c0uttaciao diddy
06:29:38 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
06:30:00c0uttai'm also downloading vc++
06:30:50scott666mine was 73
06:31:27scott666explorer lies
06:31:39BCtry powerdesk or opus
06:31:40scott666i checked the proporties, its 71.3
06:32:14c0uttaemule says 71.38
06:35:19BCdo you fancy the shuffle routine then scott?
06:36:06scott666no, im clueless as to how to code a randomizer
06:36:21BCyou know there are CardCnt cards
06:36:33BCin an array numbered zero through CardCnt-1
06:37:16BCall you need to do is go through and put a unique number in that range against each card
06:37:36BCthe cards do not move in this system
06:37:52scott666where am i getting the unique number from though?
06:37:56BCthey will always be in manufacturers sequence in memory
06:38:10BCthere are lots of ways
06:38:18BCuse the rnd() function
06:38:45BC"rb->rand()" is it?
06:39:09BCor you can number them all sequentially and then jiggle the numbers around
06:39:20BC(that's how the play list does it)
06:39:39BCor you could write algorithms to simulate what a human would do
06:39:46scott666thats what i was thinkg about
06:40:06BCthat's gonna be difficult, but it would be cool
06:40:13scott666butting hte deck, then putting them in one after another
06:40:35BCa perfect riffle is a BAD shuffle
06:41:03scott666even if you do it 3 or 4 times?
06:41:15BCif you do it 7 times the deck returns to where you started
06:41:45scott666heh, right
06:42:03scott666so we'd have to vary how many cards get intermixed somehow
06:42:37BCdrop a random number from 1..3 perhaps?
06:43:36BC1,2 27,28, 3, 29,30,31, 4, 32,33, 5,6,7 ...
06:43:53BCwhere 27 = CardCnt/2 +1
06:44:43BCI think I will also write GetPile(Player)
06:45:11BCthen you can "shuffle" just the cards in your hand
06:45:20BClike when playing scrabble and your mind goes blank
06:46:14scott666why would you want to shuffle your hand though?
06:46:49BCthere are games where when the stock pile exhausts you shuffle the discard pile and turn it over
06:47:15scott666oh, i see. you just want to be able to shuffle _any_ pile?
06:47:38BCbut the cards in your hand a just "another pile" as far as the engine is concerned
06:47:39scott666and hte initial pile could be hhe whole stack
06:49:50scott666so how do we send the shuffle function a pile? have we defined that yet?
06:50:02BCnew source incoming...
06:55:45scott666my C is de-rusting...
06:56:36scott666why would we add a card to the _top_ of the stock pile? are we dealing from the bottom?
06:57:04deadite66nite all, bed time
06:57:11BCnite dude
06:57:17 Quit deadite66 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
06:57:52BCi just though that as you draw (graphics) the cards you will draw card 1 first
06:58:36BCwhen you pick up a new card it will be given the next "position" in your hand
06:59:01scott666so if you have 5 card the one is is 6?
06:59:12scott666and not 1 and the rest shift up
06:59:15BCAddCard will probably only be used when creating a "special" deck
06:59:22BCthat is correct
06:59:37BCalso you remove card 52 from the stock pile
06:59:52BCleaving card 51 on the top - and there are 51 cards left :)
07:00:46BCMoveCard(from-pile, from-position, to-pile, to-position)
07:01:01BCif to-position is 0, it will be added to the stop of the existing pile
07:01:28BCif to-pile is 0, a new pile will be made?
07:01:39BCjust thinking out loud here - feel free to shout no at any point
07:01:53scott666that sounds pretty good
07:02:04scott666except how do we name the new pile?
07:02:23scott666does anyone own it?
07:02:24BCThere will be a PileCnt
07:02:31BChmm, yes owner
07:03:09scott666can you think of a situation where we would need to create a new pile?
07:03:25scott666every player has a hand, stock and discard piles will already exist
07:03:40BCin rummy when I declare I have three fours and put them on the table
07:04:31scott666what happens after that? im unfarmiliar with rummy
07:04:42BCwhat games do you play?
07:04:55scott666never played canasta
07:05:08BCIt'll be a pleasure taking your money
07:05:22BCerrrr shithead?
07:05:40scott666that the game thats all about bluffing?
07:05:55BCno, that's "cheat"
07:06:12scott666cause ive played bullshit
07:06:15BCshithead is follow suit or number and three blind cards
07:06:24BCbullshit is prbably cheat
07:06:24scott666but im not sure if thats anything similar
07:06:48scott666that sounds like uno kindof
07:06:49BCI put down three Q's face down and say "two sevens"
07:07:17BCwhen you split
07:08:53scott666so in blackjack the new owner will always be the same as the old owner
07:09:14scott666will that be the same for every game?
07:09:36BCthe first discard would create a discard pile i guess
07:09:47BCowned by the dealer
07:10:45scott666can we have piles with 0 cards?
07:11:04BCthat's another option, yes
07:13:08scott666do we have discard() and deal() fuctions yet?
07:13:25BCdiscard will be movecard I think
07:13:40BCmaybe add a friendly macro for it :)
07:14:06scott666and have it automatically move it to the discard pile
07:14:48BC#define discard(pile, position) MoveCard(pile, position, DISCARD, 0)
07:16:19BCwe may need to add new-owner to MoveCard
07:16:36DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
07:16:36BC#define discard(pile, position) MoveCard(pile, position, DISCARD, 0, DEALER)
07:16:56scott666wont it always be the owner of the new pile?
07:17:34scott666discard will always be owned by the dealer
07:17:47scott666your hand will always be yours
07:17:49BChence hard coding it for #define discard
07:18:05BCsome games you can put cards on those in front of other players
07:18:21BCyou should read up on the rules of basic rummy :)
07:18:41scott666wouldnt to to-pile still be owned by the same person?
07:19:35scott666it isnt your card in someone elses hand, is it?
07:19:57BCyes, i think you're right - the new-owner is the person who owns the pile to which you are adding
07:20:22BCI cant think of any games where I can get the card back just because it USED to be mine
07:21:05BCI think given the current construct we cannot have piles of 0 cards
07:21:42BCbecause we do not have malloc, i used a weird systen
07:21:47scott666so do we create DISCARD when it's first used?
07:22:00BCi think we have to, yes
07:22:12BCwe also create a hand when the first card is deat
07:23:07scott666is CardCnt just for the stock? for all the cards in the game?
07:23:17BCCardCnt is for all cards
07:24:42 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{afk} (
07:25:30scott666damn, i forgot my next question
07:26:22scott666oh yeah
07:26:53scott666wait, no
07:27:37BCless drugs dude ;)
07:28:31scott666im trying to figure out addcard
07:29:23BCif no more room in memory, return(false)
07:29:49BCthe loop goes throught each card in the game
07:30:23BCif the card is on the stock pile and it has a higher position in the pile than what we have seen before, put the new card after it
07:31:08scott666why card[CardCnt] though?
07:31:29BCwhich line?
07:31:50BCline 140?
07:31:55scott666most of them in addcard()
07:32:06BCWe have CardCnt cards already
07:32:29BCnumbered 0...CardCnt-1
07:32:55BCC arrays!
07:33:00scott666thats why i was confused
07:33:00BCnumber from ZERO
07:33:19scott666i was wondering what this card 53 was
07:33:46BCwell if we were adding a Joker, it WOULD be card 53
07:34:06scott666so the loop figures out what the _real_ position
07:34:25scott666got it
07:35:20BCwe could keep the array BSORTed, but I think it is un-necessary for this application
07:35:45scott666when will setvalue() be used?
07:35:58BCset ACE to 11
07:36:05BCJoker = 50
07:36:18BCIn Canasta Red 3's are worth 100 and black ones are worth 5
07:36:43scott666and the queen of spades is worth 13 in hearts
07:36:58BCWHAT!? LOL
07:37:05BCoh right
07:37:10BCmisread that LOL
07:48:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:51:30scott666did position change to posn in the struct but not in the functions?
07:51:39BCoh yeah - whoops
07:52:47BCposn eveyrwhere
07:53:10BCare you trying to compile it?
07:53:25BCcos it wont - lol
07:53:37scott666and even if it did it wouldnt do much of anything
07:53:39BCscott666 the human debugger :D
07:55:13scott666i decided to start trying to write the shuffle and got confused by the inconsistencies
07:55:34BCnow I'm all ashamed :(
07:55:41scott666i didnt get very far
07:55:53scott666 for (i = 0; i<CardCnt; i++)
07:55:53scott666 {
07:55:53scott666 card[i].posn =
07:56:11BCwell it's a DAMN good start :)
07:56:42scott666what the useage of rb->rand()?
07:56:52BCerrr, check the othelo source
07:57:25BCjust grep in othelo.c for rand() ?
07:57:39BCeasier than hunting thru libs
07:57:42scott666but then i have to go get othelo.c
07:57:52BCyou have no rockbox source on your machine?
07:58:07scott666i probably do
07:58:12scott666i just dont know where it is
07:59:03BCrb->rand() returns an int in the range
07:59:39scott666ok, i have source now
08:00:33BC0...2^32 -1
08:00:40BCyes, it is a 31bit int
08:01:51scott666ahh, so ill have to figure out what to do with this random number too
08:02:08scott666python spoiled me
08:02:49scott666so rb->rand() %CardCnt?
08:02:58BCthat'll work
08:03:09BCgive you 0...CardCnt-1
08:03:24BC(like you couldnt work that out on your own - lol)
08:04:13scott666now i gotta figure out how to make sure theres no repeats
08:04:17BCbefore you go too far, did you want to shuffle a Pile - I've just added Piles
08:04:34scott666yeah, i did
08:04:42BCi thought you were simulating a riffle
08:05:35scott666im not doing much of anything yet
08:07:02BCWe can have a bunch of sort options for the Piles
08:07:28BCi suppose shuffle is a special kind of sort
08:07:48scott666i like my hands sorted by number and suit personally, so yes, thatd be good
08:10:43scott666pile[i] will refer to a card, right?
08:11:00BCyes, there will only ever be ONE "Pile"
08:11:29 Join methangas [0] (
08:12:20scott666is PileCnt the total number of piles?
08:12:34BCno, the number of cards in the currently selected pile
08:12:47BCactually you are right
08:12:55BCPileCnt SHOULD be the number of piles
08:13:19scott666and PileNum is which pile it is?
08:13:25BCthe currently non-existing PileCardCnt should be the count of cards in the pile
08:15:32scott666does this make any sense at all?
08:15:32scott666bool Shuffle(Pile* pile)
08:15:32DBUGEnqueued KICK scott666
08:15:32scott666 for (i = 0; i<PileCardCnt; i++)
08:15:32scott666 {
08:15:33***Alert Mode level 1
08:15:33scott666 pile[i].posn = rb->rand() %PileCardCnt;
08:15:35scott666 }
08:16:28BCPile will be global, so dont worry about passing it
08:16:42scott666but wont there be many piles?
08:16:50BConly working on ONE pile at a time
08:16:59scott666i thought i wanted to shuffle A pile
08:17:01BCto have many piles we would need malloc
08:17:12scott666i see
08:17:32BCso we grab the pile we want, tweak it, and put it back in the big all-knowing array
08:17:41scott666so... what happens the the piles when they arent being used?
08:17:55BCs'okay :)
08:18:02BCmy telepathy is playing up again
08:18:34BCof course, your loop may put two or more cards in a single position
08:19:01scott666any ideas on that?
08:19:10BCwell the one I though of earlier
08:19:23BCor clone the playlist algorithm -thats quite cute
08:19:37scott666theres an idea
08:19:40scott666where would that be?
08:20:01BCthought you were going to clone a human riffle
08:20:34scott666i havnt figure out how im gonna do that yet though
08:21:04BCwe worked it out earlier did we not?
08:21:20scott666the idea, not the implementation
08:21:33scott666*rusty C*
08:21:49BCwrite it in pseudo-code and convert it :)
08:25:34***Alert Mode OFF
08:31:21scott666 pile[0:PileCardCnt/2] = cut1;
08:31:21scott666 pile[(PileCardCnt/2)+1:PileCardCnt-1] = cut2;
08:31:21scott666 for (i = 0; i<PileCardCnt; i++)
08:31:22***Alert Mode level 1
08:31:22scott666 {
08:31:24scott666 if (i % 2 == 0)
08:31:26scott666 {
08:31:28scott666 x = rand(1-3);
08:31:30scott666 pile[i:i+x] = cut1[i/2:i+x];
08:31:32scott666 }
08:31:34scott666 else
08:31:36scott666 {
08:31:38scott666 x = rand(1-3);
08:31:40scott666 pile[i:i+x] = cut2[i/2:i+x];
08:31:42scott666 }
08:31:44scott666 }
08:34:13BCwell first hit is x = (rb->rand()%3)+1
08:35:13scott666does C have ranges like the way i used them?
08:35:28BCahhhhh right - that's what you're doing
08:35:31scott666those were from my experience with python
08:35:44BCokay - presume the "pile" is in "position" order
08:36:01BCso the first time you will get the cards in manufacturers order
08:37:00BCso if you think of it as "card 0, you will move to positon 23"
08:37:45scott666lemme work with that
08:37:45BCstart1 = 0; start2=27
08:37:59BCfor i=0 to 52
08:38:44BCcard[i].newposition = start1
08:38:54scott666start2 is really (pileCardCnt/2)+1. right?
08:39:20BCwe do not need to add 1 because we start counting from 0
08:39:53BCand the .5 will round down
08:40:18BCyou could always miss the cut by rand()
08:40:19scott666that was my next question...rounding
08:40:35BCint(1.9) = 1
08:41:23***Alert Mode OFF
08:44:53BC3.9 / 2 = 1
08:45:21scott666how about this
09:21:05 Join amiconn [0] (
09:48:47***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:17:44 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
10:18:19 Join chimaza [0] (chimaza@
10:19:01chimazacan RockBox 2.2 be used on the MMJB20???
10:19:35chimazaAny help would be greatly appericated...
10:19:49BCsorry, no
10:20:45 Join AjM|OggY [0] (
10:21:17 Nick AjM|OggY is now known as Andreas^ (
10:23:37 Quit Andreas^ (Client Quit)
10:23:58chimazaany ideas where I can get a Open Source OS for this paticular unit
10:24:34BCmaybe avos is for the mm units?
10:26:55BCwelcome dude
10:31:48 Quit chimaza ()
10:45:31 Part BC
10:46:03amiconnBC: I've got an idea to get the grayscale rendering significantly faster (estimation: by 50%) and wonder if I should try to implement that (code size would be larger).
11:22:17 Join [IDC]Dragon|lunc [0] (
11:23:25 Nick [IDC]Dragon|lunc is now known as [IDC]Dragon (
11:26:29[IDC]DragonHi amiconn, active?
11:32:23amiconnJust thinking about how I can make grayscale even faster (did you notice my latest improvement?).
11:32:49[IDC]Dragonfrankly, I haven't downloaded it
11:33:24[IDC]Dragonwhat's the link?
11:33:29amiconnThe latest one no longer uses rand(), but a simple but very fast random number generator.
11:33:46amiconnYou can find it in the patch tracker as usual.
11:33:52[IDC]DragonI've read that, nice!
11:34:07[IDC]Dragonis patch tracker working again?
11:34:45amiconnYes it is.
11:35:37amiconnThe new rng only takes 8 cpu instructions including bit munging
11:37:13[IDC]DragonI'd like to use your framework for my JPEG viewer
11:37:27amiconnYou are encouraged to do so.
11:38:18amiconnFor use in a picture viewer you can throw out most graphics primitives.
11:39:26[IDC]Dragoncould your rand() utilize the coords maybe?
11:40:07amiconnWhy should it do that?
11:40:30[IDC]DragonI thought it may contribute to some seeding
11:41:21[IDC]DragonI'm still thinking that some mangling of the coords might also work
11:41:47amiconnImo the visual result shows no "quality compromise" for using that simple generator.
11:42:19[IDC]Dragonwhat's your new plan?
11:42:21amiconnMangling the coordinates wouldn't get faster, I think. You will see if you have a look at it.
11:42:26amiconnI've got an idea to speed up the rendering even further. Unfortunately this would increase code size by a few hundred bytes.
11:42:42[IDC]Dragonhow and why that?
11:43:09amiconnLoop unrolling & a calculated jump into it.
11:46:09amiconnSorry, gotta leave.
11:46:39 Part amiconn
11:48:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:00:21 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
13:19:45 Join DJBaz [0] (~baz@
13:19:56DJBazhi, i have debian, which package contains 'sh-elf-gcc'
13:20:01DJBazhave have gcc etc compiled
13:24:42webminddoes anyone know -why- 2.6.5 keeps incremening my scsi host id everytime i reconnect my archos ?
13:27:54 Quit DJBaz ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
13:35:56 Join Galik [0] (~galik@
13:48:18 Join AciD [0] (
13:48:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:17:12 Join thekiller [0] (
14:17:44thekillerhi... anyone there? (wave)
14:18:19c0utta{afk}hello there
14:18:27 Nick c0utta{afk} is now known as c0utta (
14:19:09thekillerI asked I question yesterday... it was about the *.voice File - How does it work?
14:20:04c0uttayou really need to read the mailing list - i don't have much interest in voice so haven't really taken notice
14:20:28thekillerI didn't find anything about this issue
14:21:20c0uttai'm not much help to you then
14:21:33thekillerok.. where can I find the Mailing list?
14:22:56thekillerok, thx
14:23:04c0uttathat is for the month of april
14:23:17c0uttathere's a lot of activity related to voice
14:23:29thekillerok... :)
14:37:46 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:39:10thekillerI really don't see anything about using the voice files with Archos Jukebox 6000... does anyone know, whether it works?
14:39:54 Join AciD [0] (
14:40:17thekillerfor AciD again ;) : I really don't see anything about using the voice files with Archos Jukebox 6000... does anyone know, whether it works?
14:40:26c0uttathe Archos Jukebox 6000 is a recorder ?
14:40:32AciDand hi
14:40:44thekillernop = doesn't work?
14:40:54thekillerno, 6000 is player
14:41:07 Join gon [0] (
14:41:36goncan i ask u some questions?
14:41:50thekillerme? I don't know much... ;)
14:42:11thekillerI'm here for one question 2... :D
14:42:33gonis anybody else here?
14:42:52thekillerbut simply ask, maybe anyone isn't away. :)
14:43:20goni wanna flash my archos
14:43:33gonand i wanna know if it work on 6go
14:44:04thekillerwhat is it?
14:44:12gonarchos recorder 6go
14:44:35thekillerah, don't know it...
14:44:46gonoh 6gb
14:44:59c0uttagon, do you have an original recorder 6gb ?
14:45:21thekillerIt works with all recorders I think
14:45:34gonenve older?
14:45:35c0uttagon: just checking
14:45:57c0uttai have a 6gb and i've been flashed since the beginning
14:46:09goni hope it gonna work
14:46:24c0uttahave you read and reread the instructions ?
14:46:28thekillerme 2, but not an Recorder. I've a Jukebox 6000 (player)
14:46:42goni have already read it
14:46:54c0uttathekiller: i can't see anything that says that voice is recorder only
14:47:01c0uttagon: you have a compatible flash ?
14:47:36gonthe one which is on the rockboxx site
14:47:51thekiller@c0utta: But my Player does not know the *.voice files.
14:48:00c0uttathekiller: i have even read the code and can't see anything that says "recorder only"
14:48:18c0uttathekiller: you have a daily build ?
14:48:29thekillerno, version 2.2
14:48:34goni read somewhere that its only for recorder
14:49:06c0uttathekiller: all voice functionality is only available with the daily build
14:49:19thekillerthen I must flash...
14:49:23c0utta2.2 doesn't support voice
14:49:33c0uttathekiller: no need to flash
14:49:47c0uttajust download the build and run the ajz
14:49:55c0uttasee if it works first
14:49:59CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 58 minutes and 56 seconds at the last flood
14:49:59*thekiller takes his archos and connects it with pc
14:50:24c0uttagon: you must have a compatible flash. if you don't know then read the docs again
14:50:48c0uttafollow the instructions - if you have a compatible flash then it's simple
14:51:20thekillerI love this sound when connecting an usb device :D
14:51:30 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:51:33c0uttabing bong
14:51:43 Join AciD [0] (
14:53:26gonhow can i know if i have a compatible flash?
14:54:06c0uttaseriously, if you've read the documentation then you would know the answer to that question
14:54:45gonoh sorry
14:54:57goni'm french so i dont understand all
14:55:33thekillerJe peux parler un peut francais
14:55:41gonpour de vrai?
14:57:51c0uttagon: do you have rockbox installed
14:58:15c0utta2.2 ?
14:58:50gondayli build
14:59:05c0uttaok. start your jukebox
14:59:16c0uttapress f1 to get to the menu
14:59:24c0utta(i am doing the same on my jukebox)
14:59:33gonhw info?
14:59:57goni tell u what i see?
14:59:59c0uttaactually, "Info"
15:00:07thekillerthis daily build is a little bit strange.. :D
15:00:17c0uttano, i'll guide you
15:00:28c0uttado you see "Info" afte pressing F1 ?
15:01:08c0uttarestart your jukebox
15:01:12gonim in the hw info
15:01:12c0uttapress F1
15:01:42c0uttawhat does it say next to "Flash:" ?
15:01:52thekillerI can't see the "rockbox" folder with the daily build... :(
15:02:05c0uttamine says M=BF D=D6
15:02:08gonthekiller: press f2
15:02:12thekillerand I cant find an option to change the view...
15:02:13gonme too
15:02:22thekillerI don't have "F2"
15:02:35gonoh yes u have a player only
15:02:39thekillerI only have ON, MENU, play etc.
15:03:27gonthere is a .pdf on rhe site
15:04:26c0uttaso gon: you have Flash: M=BF D=D6 ?
15:04:48c0uttaok - you can flash
15:05:02c0uttayou have a daily build ?
15:05:59goni download a daly build every week
15:06:04thekillerme yes
15:06:55c0uttagon: in your .rockbox folder you will have a file called rockbox.ucl
15:07:57goni see it
15:08:30c0uttaif you want to take the risk, then run it
15:08:40 Quit AciD ("")
15:08:46gonwhat does it make?
15:09:01c0uttait flashes your jukebox
15:09:52gonfirmware_flash.rock <= it's not this?
15:11:47c0uttaok. running firmware_flash.rock is the best way in the beginning
15:12:12c0uttayou have downloaded ?
15:12:44gonyes and i put it in arecorder
15:13:17 Quit thekiller (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13:41c0uttaand you have "firmware_rec.bin" in the root ?
15:14:59c0uttaok, if you run firmware_flash.rock the process will start
15:15:07c0uttaremember, this is at your own risk
15:15:59gonflie chek:ok
15:16:02gonits good?
15:16:20c0uttaso far ok
15:16:27gonso f2?
15:16:52gonso f3?
15:17:23c0uttaremember, if you proceed don't power off your jukebox
15:17:28c0uttaf3 is the final step
15:17:45gonverify ok
15:17:51 Join thekiller [0] (
15:17:58c0uttayou've flashed
15:18:09thekillershit... now nothing works.. i hate it... :(
15:18:42thekillerwhen connecting the jukebox to my pc, there is a blue screen with an error (irq not less or equal)
15:19:08gonooh its too fast
15:19:14 Join AciD [0] (
15:19:42thekillerany idea what i could do now?
15:19:53c0uttagon: sorry to be very "official" but we like to play it safe with flashing
15:20:28goni dont understand what do u mean?
15:20:48c0uttagon: i didn't say "flash it and it will always work"
15:21:24c0uttayou can't be given any guarantees about flashing
15:21:43gonmy archos have 4years
15:22:10c0utta4 years! mine only 3
15:22:37c0uttathekiller: i don't know, sorry :(
15:23:13gonoh sh***
15:23:18gononly 3years
15:23:25thekillersuper... can I delete the daily build from my archos without an access from pc?
15:23:26c0uttagon: now all you have to do is run rockbox.ucl on the daily build when you want to update
15:23:54c0uttathekiller: you've flashed the daily build ?
15:24:24gonthere is no risk with rockbox.ucl?
15:24:54c0uttagon: not as much as firmware_flash.rock!
15:25:05c0uttai have flashed 50 times - no problems
15:25:20c0uttathekiller: do you still have your original bin files ?
15:25:34goni make a back up
15:25:39gonoops not me
15:26:14gonbut i still can DL the daily buils and just put it in root?
15:26:23thekillerif I had, I couldnt see them because the new firmware does only show the folders with mp3s
15:27:14c0uttagon: i think so. i only flash, but having ajbrec.ajz in the root should be OK
15:27:43c0uttathekiller: you need bjorn - he is the only one i know with a player
15:28:08thekiller:( And where is he?
15:28:21c0uttahaven't seen him since before easter
15:28:56c0uttaunlikely your blue screen is related to rockbox tho
15:29:49c0utta<thekiller> when connecting the jukebox to my pc, there is a blue screen with an error (irq not less or equal)
15:30:07thekillerdont understand what you mean
15:30:15c0uttaunlikely your blue screen is related to rockbox, but to xp
15:34:02 Join AciD` [0] (
15:34:02 Quit AciD (Client Quit)
15:34:16gonsomebody knwo where i can found .rvf?
15:35:55c0uttagon: Jörg has some on his site
15:36:38goni have made some too
15:36:56goncan u give me his adress?
15:37:52gonif u have it
15:38:54c0uttahe has removed them - he only had demos
15:39:35goni have HEY MAMA from Black eyed peas
15:40:57goni see it there on ly he prog for rvf
15:41:13c0uttaHaven't had much time to work on the configurable menus in the last few weeks, but I have got the core of the functionality working quite well. I have used it on my Jukebox with no issues.
15:41:13c0uttaI have only converted volume change, plugin load and shuffle so far. I have also done CFG loading, but I have struck a problem. If the CFG contains a change in font size AND the user is in tree view then the screen won't update correctly. The tree browser wasn't written with this type of functionality in mind so I might review tree view at some stage.
15:41:13c0uttaThere are lots of requests for playlist functionality so I'm trying to unravel that code at the moment. I personally don't use the playlist functionality so am trying to get more familiar with the code before I decide how to approach it. Once again, the tree browser wasn't written with this type of functionality in mind which makes it difficult at this stage.
15:41:17c0uttaIn any case, do you want me to start submitting my patch ?
15:42:06c0uttajust sending a mail to linus
15:42:47c0uttagon: you're correct - Jörg has written the functionality
15:43:26c0uttahe doesn't have any files available, probably because of copyright
15:43:51gonit become perfect if somebody make a GUI
15:44:01c0uttathere is talk of a gui
15:44:22gonits a little bit boring to convert
15:44:45c0uttayes, people want new functionality and plugins
15:44:57c0uttagui on a small screen is difficult anyway
15:45:09goni think
15:45:49gonare u in the rockboxx crew?
15:46:08c0uttaonly recently
15:47:12gon"<c0utta> I have only converted volume change" it will like archos firmware?
15:47:45c0uttacorrect. i'm working on f2/f3 functionality
15:48:00gontres tres bien
15:48:10c0uttaenabling users to have their own favourites
15:48:20c0uttatres tres bien in english ?
15:48:34gonreally really good
15:48:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:48:55c0utta25 years since i studied french :)
15:49:34gonwhere do u study? :)
15:49:54c0uttai studied at primary school at age 10
15:50:06c0uttano more french since then
15:50:59gonat 10?woooa we learn english at high school a11
15:51:03gonat 11
15:51:48c0uttawhen i went to school (here in australia) there was only french and german foreign languages
15:51:50 Quit thekiller (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:52:17c0uttaso we started very young
15:52:23gonok i thnk u come from england
15:53:28c0uttait is 23:23 here in aust so i must go to bed
15:53:40c0uttai must work tomorrow
15:53:53gonhave a good night here its 15:53
15:54:20 Nick c0utta is now known as c0utta{zz} (
15:56:20gonnow u must re-flash at all update
15:56:21 Part gon
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20:03:10 Join Nando [0] (
20:03:19NandoHi folks
20:04:32NandoIs there somebody who'd like to help me to go and install Rockbox on my JB FM recorder ?
20:05:05NandoPlease, I spent a few hours there, and it really rocks
20:05:20Nandobut I still have some troubles with the voice
20:07:09NandoIs there anybody here ??????????
20:30:34 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
20:33:18 Quit mecraw__ (Client Quit)
20:35:00 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
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20:39:07 Quit deadite66 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:42:47 Quit pfavr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:47:51NandoSo, Can somebody help me ????
20:48:56 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:14:20Nandowith the installation of the rockbox's voice function on my jb fm recorder
21:16:03NandoI 've successfully installed the language, but I do not succeed in obtaining any sound, in the menu from my JB
21:16:45NandoHave you any idea about the cause of it ?
21:20:46methangassorry no i haven't tried the voice pack myself and i don't own a fm version
21:23:45NandoIt doesn't matter : I may find the answer later !!!!
21:36:56 Join pfavr [0] (
21:39:09NandoHi pfavr !
21:39:50NandoI have a small problem with the rockbox
21:40:26NandoHave you managed to install the voice function with the rockbox
21:41:24pfavrWell, haven't tried (what _is_ the voice function anyway?)
21:42:22NandoNormally, your JB would speak as soon as you press a key
21:44:13pfavrok, cool. Is it real speech synthesis or pre-recorded samples?
21:45:11NandoThink it should be speech synthesis ...
21:46:29pfavrso it can e.g. read the title of the songs?
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22:30:13 Join amiconn [0] (
22:31:03 Quit Nando (" Dernier cri !! mirc traduit entièrement en français ! Disponible sur ! n'hésitez pas !")
22:33:48 Join Bagder [0] (~daniel@
22:36:35 Join BC [0] (
22:38:45 Quit pfavr (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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23:20:12 Nick BC|eating is now known as BC (
23:28:37 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
23:31:17BCHey Badger, thanks for the reply :)
23:31:17BCMaybe we could work on fixing the win32sim one bit at a time rather than all in one go?
23:31:53BagderI think that's a good idea and approach
23:32:27BCproblem is, i think that some of it is BASH and MAKEFILEs, which I am no good at :(
23:33:40BagderI can volounteer to do those parts
23:34:59BCThe first thing I see is that we need to copy the ROCKs to the ARCHOS-ROOT-SIM directory
23:35:09 Nick c0utta{zz} is now known as c0utta{work} (
23:39:27 Join cjnr11 [0] (
23:39:29 Part cjnr11
23:48:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:44BCthen I think number 2 is make the SIM-DIR the default for the browser
23:50:44BCthis would make it appear more like a rockbox IN a pc rather than ON a pc :)
23:51:30Bagderthe local dir named archos should be default already
23:52:07BCnot unless it has been done in the last few days ....ooohhh, the winsim GPF should be fixed in todays tarball :)
23:52:21BCthanks to Hardeep :)
23:52:50Bagderif it doesn't work like that, it should be fixed
23:52:56Bagderit works like that on *nix
23:53:00BClet me check now...
23:53:19amiconnBagder: It is default for the X11 sim, but not for the Win32 sim.
23:53:34Bagderwe should fix that
23:53:59amiconnOn the Win32 sim the root for the browser is the root of the drive the sim is installed on.
23:54:24Bagderthat's lame
23:55:22amiconnOf course this should be fixed, I would appreciate it. Unfortunately I did net (yet) deal with the simulator code, yesterday I just tried to build the sim for the first time.
23:55:53BCdid you get Hardeeps patch yet?
23:57:37amiconnI did have a look at it, unfortunately it does not really fix the issue with the not-runnable Win32 sim _if_ you build for the sim and for the target from the same source tree.
23:58:30amiconnIn order for his patch to work, you would have to build 2 different versions of convbdf.
23:58:33BCyou mean, it will now do SIM but *not* AJZ???
23:58:58BCthat could be a pain

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