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#rockbox log for 2004-04-18

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00:17:19amiconnHi LinusN
00:19:17amiconnDid you lurk? ;-) Cause I just came in a minute ago...
00:19:40LinusNnope i didn't
00:20:17amiconnI have something for you to test - I completed my first attempt to consolidate the lcd code.
00:22:09amiconnIt is not yet on the patch tracker, cause if this first try works for the player (it does for the recorder) I'll try to
00:23:01amiconn..improve it further (get it faster and smaller at the same time)
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00:25:38amiconnMy question is: In what form would you prefer to get the test version? Should I build a binary, or do you prefer the source?
00:25:51amansingerHi, all
00:26:39LinusNamiconn: i'd prefer the src
00:26:43LinusNhi amansinger
00:28:00amiconnLinusN: In the form of a patch file or the individual source files? There are changes in 5 files (one of them only relevant for the neo).
00:28:12amansingerLinusN, do you have a second or two
00:29:10amansingerif so, I have a few questions. If you're up to your ears in something at the moment, I'll be happy to ask later, or send mail
00:29:55LinusNamansinger: shoot
00:30:09LinusNamiconn: i'd like a patch file
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00:32:55amansingerLinusN: Thanks. First, I don't know how much you know about the V2/FMR, but I'd like to know what the run-time really is on the battery, if you happen to know. Secondly, there is, on the front of the V2, just near the bottom edge, (that is, under the stop/off button and to its right), a small
00:33:39amansingerlinus-n: depression. On the botton side of the unit, there are two small flat screws, one, on my unit, covered with paper.
00:34:41amansingerLinusN: what is this for? Is it the HD, the battery, or what?
00:35:13LinusNthey reused the JBMM case
00:35:40LinusNon the JBMM it is used for expansions, on the V2/FM it isn't used
00:36:04amansingerLinusN: thirdly, what's the story on the battery pack? Can it be changed without serious disassembly of the unit? If not, is there a page with info on how to change it?
00:36:19LinusNabout the runtime, people say it is approx 8-10hrs, i think, maybe 12
00:36:38LinusNthe manual actually described the procedure
00:36:52LinusNthe PDF that's on the accompanying CD
00:38:46amiconnLinusN: Patch file generated and available at">
00:38:48amansingerLinusN: finally, in the flashing instructions, we are told to unzip the to the root of the unit. This puts an ajbrec.ajz file in the unit, as well as the whatever.bin file which is actually flashed. Will it work if one uses the ajbrec.ajz
00:40:15amansingerLinusN: from a later release? What I want is a reasonably good way to flash while having a speaking system. This will allow flashing without sighted assistance for the blind users, as they can find the firmwareflash.rock file
00:40:55LinusNit is definitely recommended to use the ajbrec.ajz in the zip file
00:42:33amiconnamansinger: Although not recommended, you can flash a firmware.bin while having a later ajbrec.ajz running, just make sure the firmware_flash.rock matches the ajbrec.ajz version.
00:42:35LinusNfor the first-time flashing
00:44:59LinusNamiconn: you don't use cvs?
00:45:22amansingerLinusN: and how does one check the version of the firmwareflash.rock and ajbrec.ajz? Is it just that they came out of the same zip file?
00:45:41amiconnLinusN: No, since I don't know much about it (yet).
00:45:44LinusNyou can't know for sure
00:45:55amansingerLinusN: and how does one check the version of the firmwareflash.rock and ajbrec.ajz? Is it just that they came out of the same zip file?
00:46:01LinusNif they came from the same zip, you're ok
00:46:19LinusNamiconn: you should learn, it's rewarding
00:46:35amansingerLinusN: what happens if things go wrong and you try using another version's ajz file? Will it doa bad flash or just display a message?
00:46:44LinusNdisplay a message
00:47:27amansingerLinusN: Thanks. Now, two more points on the battery. Any idea on how long it takes to charge via power as opposed to how long it takes to charge via USB?
00:49:15amiconnLinusN: Currently I have one directory (rb-current) which I synchroize with the script provided in the Windows SDK. My other directory (rb-patched) contains all my patches. Other files that change are copied over from rb-current. If a file is updated "officially" that I also patched myself, this causes some work to consolidate.
00:50:19amiconnIs there any good starting point to learn using cvs locally?
00:51:23LinusNif the script wasn't there, you would have already seen how easy it is to use
00:52:06LinusNyour patch looks fine, i'll test it soonish
00:59:36amansingerLinusN: Thanks. Now, two more points on the battery. Any idea on how long it takes to charge via power as opposed to how long it takes to charge via USB?
01:00:16LinusNnot really, but as far as i could see on the h/w, the charging current is lower when charging via USB
01:01:12amansingerAny idea how long it takes on standard power?
01:01:30LinusNi haven't measured
01:01:48amansingerExcuse me if this, too, is covered in the manual. I'm having a nasty time with the PDF manual they include.
01:02:02amansingerThanks much for all that Info.
01:02:16LinusNyou're welcome
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01:51:51trackhi boys
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02:04:59ILuvithi guys
02:05:35ILuvit i have a question
02:06:32ILuvithow come RockBox doesn't have a play by artist or genre ?
02:09:05LinusNbecause we don't use an id3 database
02:10:05LinusNcreate a playlist
02:10:13LinusNor submit a patch
02:22:08elinenbeILuvit: it can do whatever you want it to do −− as long as you program it!
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02:23:17elinenbeLinusN: for some reason I think this quote is funny "you should learn [cvs], it's rewarding"
02:31:17LinusNelinenbe: ?
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05:01:45CpuMan2001are there any videos or anything of the RVF files in action?
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11:50:33trackDid version 2.2 fix the battery charging issue?
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12:01:56trackcan someone help me please?
12:04:02methangasyou can state your problem
12:04:40methangasthen anyone present and people who will later be back might be able to solve whatever problem you have
12:06:06trackive flashed to 2.2 In Debug - Battery it still shows battery level as -1%
12:07:00trackok cool
12:09:34trackive looked there, there is no reference to the -1% issue
12:17:17methangasi have never experienced it myself, so you can either look through the rest of the docs, wait for someone else to wake up or do the classic full discharge- full recharge
12:18:33trackthe charging graph in Debug - Battery still works
12:19:23trackso if I fully discharge the box then recharge it, it should show the correct percentage?
12:20:49c0utta{afk}-1% means the battery level hasn't stabilised
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12:22:18c0uttait might take 5 minutes to stabilise
12:24:02trackeven if the charger is plugged in?
12:26:07c0uttayes - especially if the charger is plugged in i find
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19:09:58lImbusjesus, that looks scary. nething else that a few NSplits.
19:11:02lImbushas ever somybody thought about connecting a gps-receiver to the serial-by-remote ?
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23:53:05amiconnhi LinusN
23:53:45amiconnI just found out something very interesting about asm blocks in .c files.
23:54:09LinusNenlighten me
23:55:01amiconnYou did show me yesterday how it is done in sh-stubs.c - you put the asm subroutines into void functions that serve as a container.
23:55:29amiconnThis "wastes" 4 instructions for each of these containers as I learned from disassembly.
23:56:02amiconnThe thing is - you can put asm blocks outside of any function! This way you don't waste any space.
23:57:24LinusNah, i didn't know that
23:57:37amiconnIf you want the code to go into a special section, you simply put the pseudo-instruction ".section" in as the first line in the asm block, as you would do it in a regular .S file
23:58:23amiconn(Just discovered it by trial and error, looking at disassemblies and compiler errors.)

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