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#rockbox log for 2004-04-22

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00:03:06amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Down to 5 mispronounced clips now. If I replace "Loudness" with "Klangkorrektur" this would circumvent another one.
00:04:03[IDC]Dragonthe german term is "gehörrichtige Lautstärkeeinstellung"
00:04:18[IDC]Dragonwhat a monster
00:04:38amiconnYes, that's why I suggested "Klangkorrektur"
00:04:59[IDC]Dragonwhich doen't mean too much...
00:05:32mattzzwhy not keep "Laudness"?
00:05:54mattzzisn't that common sense in german, too?
00:06:40amiconnmattzz: I think we agree to not introduce deliberate misspellings into the .lang files, at least not the official versions.
00:07:59amiconn(Of course I can (and will) do that locally, but as I'm lazy, I want to keep the number of local changes down)
00:08:15[IDC]Dragonpleylist, beit, hihi
00:09:05[IDC]DragonI'm surprised it doesn't know about gigabyte
00:09:14amiconnPerhaps I will rewrite the lang2wav in vbs and let it apply a "replacement list" along the go. This can be done in TextAloud in a similar way.
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00:13:30mattzz[IDC]Dragon: what do I have to do to register a function in the plugin api? only edit plugin.h and plugin.c, right? (I added a checkbox widget to recorder/widgets and want to test it in a plugin - no go)
00:14:25LinusNmattzz: adding it in plugin.[ch] should be enough
00:14:48LinusNwhat didn't work?
00:15:05midkmm this fade on next and prev sounds sort of cool
00:15:10[IDC]Dragonmattzz: also increment the API version number
00:15:23mattzzLinusN: checkbox doesnt show up....
00:15:36[IDC]Dragon(not strictly necessary for local tests)
00:16:03mattzzLinusN: seems to be a basic problem at this point of time ;-)
00:17:08midkactually a checkbox would be a good idea
00:17:19midkif you could pass it a bool
00:17:37mattzzmidk: checkbox(int x, int y, bool checked);
00:17:41amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The following words have to be misspelt to be voiced correctly in german: dezibell, laudness, numehrisch, firmwers, beit
00:17:52midkmattzz: maybe an x2 and y2?
00:18:05mattzzmidk: what for?
00:18:10midkto stretch it
00:18:13midkif you want it small or big
00:18:33mattzzmidk: dynamic bitmap generation?
00:18:45mattzzmidk: uh...
00:18:57midki suppose.. you can do it with the scrollbars and progressbars
00:19:10[IDC]Dragonamiconn: with misspellings, we could maybe rescue the "playlist" which I had to replace by "Absspielliste", the difficult-to-spell word.
00:19:32[IDC]Dragonsee, it's really too difficult for me ;-)
00:19:34amiconnYes, even now ;-)
00:19:45mattzzmidk: the idea is ok. currently this is a bitmap. but a box and two lines would do the same job. so scaling should be easy.
00:19:54amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Should I do so?
00:20:04midkmattzz: sounds good
00:20:11midki don't really need a sizer
00:20:16midkwould just be somewhat nifty?
00:20:25midkwhat is the default size?
00:20:28[IDC]Dragonyour decision, depends on how it sounds
00:20:32mattzzmidk: 8x8
00:20:44midkok thanks
00:20:48midkactually i want that
00:23:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The closest match to english is "pleh-list", but this still has some german accent...
00:29:56mattzzLinusN: do I have to add something to the simulator-code when I added a function in widgets.c?
00:30:29[IDC]Dragonamiconn: it reads definitely funny!
00:30:43LinusNmattzz: i don't think so, why?
00:31:44[IDC]Dragongoodnight folks!
00:31:49midknite idc
00:31:58mattzzLinusN: things dont show up as I want them
00:32:07 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
00:33:44LinusNmattzz: show me the code
00:35:01mattzzpaste it here?
00:36:09LinusNif it's short
00:37:03amiconnLinusN: Could you put my german.voice on the web page?
00:37:28mattzzI'll better put the files on my webserver - that will not bother the other folks... ompls
00:37:34amiconndeutsch.voice, that is">
00:39:51mattzzLinusN: you will find plugin.[ch] widgets.[ch] and checkbox.c on">
00:42:58LinusNmattzz: weird content type on those files (text/x-csrc)
00:43:59mattzzLinusN: should be plain text/unix files :-o
00:45:11LinusNyour web server says text/x-csrc, i suggest you use text/plain instead
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00:48:32amiconnLinusN: Just got an "ata error -71" on my recorder...
00:49:24mattzzLinusN: works on jbr20, but not on simulator
00:49:29LinusNmattzz: the checkbox works perfectly on the x11 sim
00:49:32amiconn..after trying to connect USB, it didn't work because of too low battery level, so I pulled USB out again -> ata error.
00:49:34 Join AciD` [0] (
00:50:10amiconnSwitched off, connected charger, switched on again -> works. Perhaps this could be added to the FAQ
00:50:52LinusNamiconn: or fix the bug... :-)
00:51:18LinusNmattzz: i guess you're using the win32 simulator?
00:51:19mattzzLinusN: argh. make clean in uisimulator/x11 was my friend. works now. thanks for your time
00:51:34LinusNmattzz: you're welcome
00:51:39mattzzLinusN: nope, running debian
00:52:22amiconnThere is not much that can be fixed, only that a different message could be displayed, since the hard disk stops working if does not get enough juice.
00:56:01LinusNamiconn: did you insert the usb when the device was off?
00:57:07amiconnNo, I switched it on and inserted usb while booting. Then I tried to access the drive from Win explorer, and -click- the explorer froze.
00:57:24amiconnThen I extracted the usb again -> ata error -71.
01:01:02mattzzLinusN: should I put my few lines in widgets.[ch] into the patchtracker?
01:01:45 Nick midk is now known as midk|bbl (
01:02:17LinusNmattzz: i'm wondering if we want a resizable widget after all
01:02:30LinusNi think we do
01:02:43mattzzok, then I will do that first
01:03:32LinusNso we can make it match the font size
01:03:33amiconnCould be nice for the icons as well, if using a large font.
01:03:48mattzzyup, absolutely
01:03:57LinusNamiconn: the icons are bitmaps...
01:04:51amiconnI know.. but has it to stay that way?
01:05:16LinusNnot necessarily
01:05:53amiconnThe icons might be vector graphics as well; another idea would be that they are just special characters in the font file (is that possible?)
01:06:47LinusN0-31 should be free
01:11:09amiconnDamn, gotta reboot. There is a locked file I have to delete.
01:11:27 Quit amiconn (" ("bb")")
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01:19:21amiconnGrr, I still cannot delete that file!
01:20:53 Part amiconn
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01:45:37midkamiconn: win32?
01:47:44mattzzLinusN: scaleable checkbox is ready
01:48:09midkoh yay
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01:56:50midkis it going to be merged soon or no?
02:00:38midki hope so
02:00:44midkthen i can integrate it into my clock
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02:07:32mattzzpatch is committed into patchtracker - gotta sleep now
02:07:35mattzznite folx
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02:13:13midkyo scotttttttty
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02:16:05amiconnLinusN: Which english.voice variant is on the web page? I'm asking 'cause I made one with AT&T Crystal that says "resume" correctly.
02:16:35 Join scott666 [0] (
02:16:42midkwoo scotty
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02:17:53NJoinze [20] (
02:18:15LinusNamiconn: i don't know which one it is
02:20:21amiconnWould it be possible (read: desirable) to have various voice files for the same language?
02:20:35LinusNon the download page?
02:20:56LinusNi guess it would be nice
02:21:26amiconnI will put my english.voice on my web server, so you can try it out if you want.
02:21:42scott666i had the thought of brittish/american english files, but it didnt really seem very useful">
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02:26:39amiconnWith natural voices, british english would be possible, as well as indian accent english, latin america spanish and french in addition to the already available us english and german.
02:27:05amiconnMost of them are available as female and male voice, but who should buy all those voices?
02:28:48 Part trilluser
02:29:56scott666someone, maybe rocker or glenn was offering to buy a liscense for rockbox a while ago...
02:33:02 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:38:55amiconngotta get some sleep now.
02:39:25LinusNnite amiconn
02:39:25midkyo linus woo
02:39:28 Part amiconn
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03:36:41LinusNc0utta: you there?
03:41:11 Quit [1]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:41:48diddystar5hi LinusN
03:44:06LinusNjust going to bed...
03:44:14midknite then
03:44:28 Part LinusN
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05:23:04hiroshiwho manages the webpage?
05:30:40hiroshiI have a problem, I really need to talk to them
05:38:46 Join midk [0] (
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05:54:02scott666hiroshi: Bagder i believe
05:56:11hiroshiknow how I can contact him?
05:59:07scott666hang around here for a couple days or email the mailing list
05:59:28scott666whats your problem? IRC is logged so someone will find it eventually
06:00:41midkwhat's happening?
06:04:16 Join c0utta [0] (
06:05:53scott666midk: he apparenly has some problem with the website
06:06:13midkhmm well yeah the irc and mailing list would work
06:06:19midkyou don't have to contact bagder directly
06:07:31hiroshiI kinda need to
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07:14:35midknite all
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09:10:05mattzzamiconn: you don't need much sleep...
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09:17:39amiconnGotta go
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09:31:08LinusNhiroshi: what's the problem?
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10:28:25amiconn|workLinusN: This morning I (re-)discovered a bug that may be a general problem in Rockbox.
10:28:59dwihnoamiconn: let's hear.
10:30:22amiconn|workIn the peak meter settings, the german translation for the unit postfix of the "peak release" setting is rather long ("units per read" = "Einheiten pro gelesenem Wert").
10:30:53amiconn|workTogether with the vakue itself this gives 32 characters, the size of the buffer.
10:32:03amiconn|workWhile the use of snprintf() within set_int() guarantees that the buffer itself does not overflow, the trailing \0 is missing then.
10:32:47amiconn|workSo it displays the correct word for a fraction of a second, then it displays "˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙".
10:33:00amiconn|work*words even
10:33:53amiconn|workAlthough I could fix this for this one case by abbreviating that monster, this situation could occur in other places too.
10:34:37LinusNsuggestion? increase the buffer size?
10:36:22amiconn|workNo, I don't think we should increase the buffer (that german monster isn't shown completely even with my small font, so abbreviating it will be sufficient).
10:37:06amiconn|workI wanted to point out that this situation could occur in other places too and we should take care of it.
10:37:17dwihnoPerhaps the language generation software should produce a warning if the strings are too long?
10:37:22dwihnobinlang, or whatever is used
10:38:37LinusNdwihno: good idea, but it is not water proof, since the length may increase because of printf formatting
10:38:46amiconn|workI'm thinking about a way to guarantee that there is always \0 at the end of strings.
10:41:17amiconn|workPerhaps we could just use snprintf(str, sizeof(str) -1, ...). This would require that the string itself is initalized to all zero.
10:42:05dwihnoPerhaps a small buffer increase then?
10:42:29LinusNamiconn|work: do that
10:46:01amiconn|workLinusN: Are strings (static/ non-static) zero-initialized by default?
10:48:17LinusNstatic strings, yes
10:49:55amiconn|workHmm, settings.c uses a non-static string for that. I think I should define a global static print buffer.
10:54:25amiconn|workWhy not?
10:55:04LinusNit won't help you, since it's only initialized at boot
10:57:58amiconn|workThis would suffice if it is used with snprintf(str, sizeof(str) - 1, ...) every time, since the \0 at the very end end would stay there all the time.
11:02:18mattzzLinusN: have you been able to have a look at my checkbox-patch in the patchtracker?
11:03:13 Join monkey666 [0] (
11:11:37LinusNmattzz: looks ok
11:14:26dwihnomattzz: checkbox-patch?
11:14:35 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:14:57mattzzdwihno: I created a little checkbox widget
11:16:08dwihnomattzz: Neato! :D
11:16:30dwihnoLinusN: Has there been any further talk about devcon?
11:18:12[IDC]Dragonhow about modifying snprintf() in a way that it always writes a '\0' and the last position?
11:19:41amiconn|work[IDC]Dragon: Sure possible, but then it does not have the standard snprintf() behaviour any more.
11:20:41[IDC]DragonI never understood why the standard is like that
11:25:09amiconn|workOoops, I googled for snprintf() and found that there are different implementations. Some of them do what you suggested, so perhaps this would be the way to go.
11:25:56[IDC]Dragonthe one I know pads all (why?) unused positions with \0
11:27:09[IDC]Dragonin my code for other projects, I patched a \0 at the end, after each snprintf(), to safeguard this
11:27:34[IDC]Dragonfot for embedded, this is stupid code replication
11:28:11LinusNdwihno: yes, we are discussing when to have it
11:32:22dwihnoLinusN: Just le me know when it'll happen; it will be interesting.
11:52:03 Quit monkey666 ()
11:52:43amiconn|work[IDC]Dragon: Strange, I had a look at snprintf() used by rockbox - it looks like it does always put \0 at the end.
11:53:02amiconn|workI wonder what is going wrong then.
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12:16:54amiconn|workThe error does not occur in the recorder sim...
12:17:10LinusNyes it does, but it isn't visible
12:17:28LinusNthe problem is that the formatted string becomes exactly 32 bytes long
12:21:29LinusNso it puts the \0 *after* the buffer
12:23:06ricflaircan i scandisk my jukebox recorder?
12:23:11LinusNricflair: yes
12:24:28LinusNamiconn|work: one solution is to change the condition in sprfunc():
12:24:41LinusN if(pr->bytes < pr->max-1) {
12:29:16ricflairis it wise to leave it pluuged into mains whilst using usb?
12:30:08LinusNricflair: absolutely
12:31:26ricflairok, ive done that, just want to make sure it wont loose power and die on me
12:45:01ricflairim getting a cyclic redundancy check when copying
12:51:08ricflairjust disconnected and reconected usb cable and its ok now, strange
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13:08:39amiconn|work(back from lunch)
13:09:11amiconn|workLinusN: I don't think that it puts \0 after the buffer, because the line that places the \0 reads:
13:10:13amiconn|workSo if an overflow occurs, this is supposed to overwrite the last byte with \0
13:13:28LinusNsupposed to, yes
13:13:58LinusNbut ok == true even if the buffer is full
13:14:11amiconn|workAh oops
13:14:23LinusN<LinusN> the problem is that the formatted string becomes exactly 32 bytes long
13:15:14amiconn|workSo it would work if the string is 33 bytes long? Then the implementation really needs rework.
13:16:17LinusNif(pr->bytes < pr->max-1) { would work
13:22:00 Quit uiibaa (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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13:43:39quelsaruklunch time, cu later
13:43:41 Quit quelsaruk ()
13:50:46 Part LinusN
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14:20:11 Part Ralle[DK]
14:23:03[IDC]DragonLinusN, r u there?
14:24:30ricflairhi guys, is there an easy way to rename all the mp3s in the jkebox to better naming ?
14:26:54LinusNi'm here
14:27:03LinusN"better naming"?
14:42:04ricflairyeah, i mean like is there a tool that renames your mp3 according to the names on cddv
14:42:06ricflaircddb even
14:42:09ricflairther eused to be one
14:42:31c0uttaricflair: there are heaps
14:43:12c0uttaMP3bookhelper (
14:44:06c0uttayeah, what linus said
14:45:27c0uttahave you checked my code yet linus ?
14:45:33LinusNyes i have
14:45:46LinusNworks ok, have only run it in the simulator yet
14:45:48c0uttado i still have some work to do ?
14:46:10c0uttait won't do anything without the file either
14:47:06LinusNsaw that
14:47:37LinusNi have some thoughts regarding the on+play menu (the to-be f3 menu)
14:47:52c0uttaBTW, i did a build a few weeks ago and then had problems saving a CFG file
14:48:01c0uttait's ok now but it scared me
14:48:08c0uttaanyway, your thoughts are ..?
14:48:09ricflaircheers linus
14:48:14LinusNtoday, we only show options that are relevant to the object under the cursor
14:48:46LinusNlike, we don't show "Update VBR file" on non-mp3 files
14:49:19c0uttayou're going to ask how i would accomplish this, aren't you ?
14:49:38LinusNwell, i'm only brain-storming here
14:51:44c0uttai hadn't really thought about this very much. as you can see, i'm passing through the "context" that f2/f3 are pressed
14:52:53ricflairwhich util for renaming do you guys use?
14:52:57c0uttawps, recording, tree. it should be relatively easy to do, but we almost need a "file types" static
14:53:09c0uttaricflair: i use mp3bookhelper
14:53:40c0uttamany rockbox people use godfather
14:53:46ricflairdoes it just tag them and not rename them(just worried incase it renames them wrong
14:54:06c0uttait does both if you want to
14:54:47c0uttamp3bookhelper does have an undo file file names
14:55:16LinusNgotta go away for a few mins
14:55:50c0uttawhen you get back you can answer a tree.c question
14:59:53ricflaircoutta, can you just rename them straight to the jukebox or do you have to do it on your pc drive first
15:00:24c0uttai have done it on the jukebox. takes longer because of usb, that's all
15:01:36ricflairif you tag an mp3, does it create a name file that the jukbox will read instead of the mp3 name?
15:02:48c0uttasorry, don't understand. any tagger will change the id3 tag and rename the file if you want. the jukebox will read the tag in the first instance
15:03:00c0uttaif the tag isn't there, it will use the file name
15:05:21 Join AciD [0] (
15:12:14ricflairdoes your jukebox recorder get hot if you use it as a usb drive?
15:12:38c0uttahotter than usual but nothing to worry about
15:13:11ricflairok, does it cool down pretty quick
15:13:45c0uttayes, it's just like any laptop drive
15:14:00ricflairok, thats cool
15:14:02c0uttai had a toshiba laptop with the same drive that's in my jukebox (60gb)
15:14:07ricflairi worry too much
15:14:15ricflairive only got the standard 20gb drive in min
15:14:27ricflairthinking about selling it though and getting the multimedia player
15:14:34c0uttamy toshiba used to get so hot that toshiba released a warning about "1st degree burns"
15:14:54c0uttau mean a jbmm ?
15:15:40ricflaircant decide if its actually worth it or not
15:15:53c0uttayou can't use rockbox on a jbmm
15:17:08ricflairi think ill leave it then
15:17:40ricflairi might just wait untill i can afford the new one with full screen video
15:36:48LinusNc0utta: tree.c question?
15:37:52c0uttaok. i would like to know the current selection in the tree at all times. we spoke about this previously
15:38:07c0uttasomething like tree_current
15:38:11LinusNah yes
15:38:55c0uttai have had trouble understanding tree.c. there are a lot of statics, but i still can't get it to work properly
15:40:00ricflairguys, ive just put my jukebox on charge, and it was turned on. A message in a box comes up saying battery charging but its filckering evry second or so.
15:40:56LinusNwhat is flickering?
15:41:57ricflairlike the light is very weak. an on off type of thing, looks asif it goes off for a milisecond once evr second
15:42:28c0uttaricflair: is it flashed ?
15:42:59ricflairno, its the archos 1.26 firmware
15:43:39LinusNricflair: still haven't fixed the battery connections?
15:43:41c0uttaremove the power. turn off the jukebox. plug in the power. you should get the standard archos charging screen
15:44:52ricflairi think i might be using too small an attatchment for my archos
15:46:13ricflairinfact, no thats definitly the right one
15:46:59 Join quelsaruk [0] (~2322@
15:47:17quelsarukhi again
15:47:47c0uttahi there quelsaruk
15:53:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:56:26mattzzLinusN: Is anybody going to commit the widget stuff? (Or should I ask Daniel for CVS access?)
15:56:38LinusNmattzz: i will, soon
15:57:11*mattzz is often called "the impatient one"
15:57:26mattzzLinusN: thanks
15:57:32quelsarukwhat's that widget stuff??
15:59:14LinusNmattzz: just curious, do you really want to return false if it has bad dimensions?
16:00:43 Join methangas [0] (
16:03:35mattzzLinusN: you found it ;-) No, definitely not - the function is void and should stay void imho
16:03:48LinusNgood, just wanted to check
16:05:54c0uttalinus, i've solved my tree.c problem
16:06:03c0uttathanks for your interest
16:06:04LinusNc0utta: nice
16:06:20c0uttatree_currentfile will be a reality
16:06:28quelsarukmattzz, could you explain me that widget stuff?? please
16:06:39LinusNquelsaruk: a checkbox widget
16:06:42c0uttaa german influence ?
16:07:17ricflairlinus, would the problem with the points that need soldering effect my battery time and also would it effect charging?
16:07:38LinusNit affects just about anything concerning the batteries
16:07:54quelsarukLinusN, for the menus??
16:07:54LinusNit may even kill your batteries over time
16:08:01mattzzquelsaruk: yup
16:08:04LinusNquelsaruk: yes, and for plugins
16:08:10quelsarukah :)
16:08:57ricflairis the unit easy to open even for a heavy handed fool like myself?
16:12:40LinusNfairly, yes
16:33:42quelsarukhave to go
16:34:27 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:34:38 Quit quelsaruk ()
16:47:58*LinusN is away: Real Life calls
16:54:40mattzzgotta go, too - cu l8er
16:54:46 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC")
17:47:29 Nick amiconn|work is now known as amiconn|away (
17:47:30 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn|work (
17:48:20 Nick amiconn|work is now known as amiconn|away (
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18:18:05 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:26:42 Join Teja [0] (jirc@
18:26:52Tejahello every1..
18:27:07Tejai need HELP..!!
18:27:34Tejaany1 there?
18:27:36dwihnoHej hej
18:27:45dwihnoWhat problem do you have?
18:28:06Tejamy archos FM doesn't work!
18:28:20Tejaas in the power comez on..
18:28:44Tejabut then after that while the loading screen comez.. the bar gets stuck at about 1/3rd..
18:29:18Tejan there is some intermitent noise...
18:29:27dwihnonever heard of that erro
18:29:31Tejai guess it the hard disk reading or something...!
18:29:49Tejait doezn't even work whn i try pluggin in the usb....
18:29:58Tejan cant even access it through the pc..
18:30:08dwihnoYou could ask LinusN - he's a certified hardware ninja
18:30:28Tejais he on right now..? any idea?
18:31:12dwihnoWell, I would guess he isn't by his computer.
18:31:41Tejahmmm.... ok... thanks.. i'll just leave him a msg...
18:32:33 Join User [0] (User@
18:33:12Userhey does anybody know if i can get the serial number for my archos jukebox 20 from my archos jukebox 20?
18:33:39 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
18:34:21DBUGEnqueued KICK User
18:34:21UserDoes anyone know if i can get my my serial number from my archos jukebox recorder 20?
18:34:25 Quit User (Client Quit)
18:34:29 Join Greenlight63 [0] (Greenlight@
18:34:51Greenlight63Can i view pictures on my archos jukebox recorder 20?
18:35:20dwihnoTheoretically yes. Nobody has written a plugin for any format yet, though.
18:35:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Greenlight63
18:35:26Greenlight63i c
18:35:38Greenlight63do you know if i can get my serial number from my machine?
18:35:46***Alert Mode level 1
18:35:46Greenlight63i need it so i can get it repaired from archos
18:35:53dwihnoLook at the sticker on the back of the unit.
18:35:57***Alert Mode level 2
18:35:57Greenlight63it has a faulty head phone jack
18:36:00***Alert Mode level 3
18:36:00Greenlight63its rubbed off
18:36:27***Alert Mode level 4
18:36:58***Alert Mode level 5
18:36:58Greenlight63any help for me?
18:37:14dwihnorubbed off?
18:37:33***Alert Mode level 6
18:37:33Greenlight63i cant see the serial number or the product number
18:37:35***Alert Mode level 7
18:37:41dwihnoyou ment the sticker.
18:37:46***Alert Mode level 8
18:37:47dwihnoI thought about the head phone jack :D
18:37:52***Alert Mode level 9
18:37:53***Alert Mode level 10
18:38:06***Alert Mode level 11
18:38:06Greenlight63the headphone jack is just screwd
18:38:21***Alert Mode level 12
18:38:21Greenlight63do you know how hard it is to get archos to fix your product, its a pain in the ass
18:38:22***Alert Mode level 13
18:38:23dwihnoTo be honest, I don't think they du put any serial on other places.
18:38:34dwihnoIf I was you, I would return it to the store where I bought it.
18:38:36***Alert Mode level 14
18:38:36Greenlight63not in the hardware on the inside?
18:38:43***Alert Mode level 15
18:38:43Greenlight63i bought it from
18:38:46***Alert Mode level 16
18:38:46Greenlight63what do i do?
18:38:52dwihnoDunno, really.
18:39:02***Alert Mode level 17
18:39:07dwihnoYou could try fixing it yourself, if you're handy when it comes to hardware
18:39:33***Alert Mode level 18
18:39:33Greenlight63i would need to sotter somthing probly and i dont have experiecne with that, and its under warrenty
18:39:55dwihnoI've never bought stuff from Amazon.
18:40:03dwihnoThey tell you to contact Archos directly?
18:40:17***Alert Mode level 19
18:40:17Greenlight63do you make the rockbox software (or help) ?
18:40:31***Alert Mode level 20
18:40:31Greenlight63ive never talk to amazon yet
18:40:45***Alert Mode level 21
18:40:45Greenlight63i just went to archos because thats where the warrenty is from
18:41:02dwihnoThere's a lot of people involved in the project. I've done some stuff, but I'm not a core developer.
18:41:21***Alert Mode level 22
18:41:21Greenlight63i c
18:41:22dwihnoWell, if it isn't too much of a hassle, try contacting amazon
18:41:31***Alert Mode level 23
18:41:31Greenlight63sounds like a good idea
18:42:00***Alert Mode level 24
18:42:00Greenlight63can you use the jukebox recorder to view entire movies?
18:42:27dwihnoyou need to convert the movies first, of course.
18:42:48***Alert Mode level 25
18:42:48Greenlight63do you have a good way to
18:42:53***Alert Mode level 26
18:42:53Greenlight63do that?
18:43:04dwihnoI've never done it myself; I would check the mailing list.
18:43:21***Alert Mode level 27
18:43:21Greenlight63cause that would be prette
18:43:33***Alert Mode level 28
18:43:37dwihnoCool - yes
18:43:43dwihnoUseful - well.. not really :)
18:44:11***Alert Mode level 29
18:44:11Greenlight63when ever i have tryed to vonvert somthing lt always skips the audio and video track :(
18:44:28dwihnoThe mailing list might be helpful.
18:44:38***Alert Mode level 30
18:44:38Greenlight63i ride the bus alot i would be useful for me, i am on the buss 4 hours a day
18:44:45***Alert Mode level 31
18:44:45Greenlight63and i dont want to buy a protable dvd player
18:44:46***Alert Mode level 32
18:45:18dwihnoWell, there is a lot of excellent literature ;)
18:45:36[IDC]Dragon(for video conversion)
18:45:40***Alert Mode level 33
18:45:51[IDC]Dragonthe readme is a bit outdated
18:45:58 Quit Greenlight63 ("Leaving")
18:46:02 Join Greenlight63 [0] (Greenlight@
18:46:12dwihnoGo Jörg :D
18:46:18Greenlight63could you send the link again, i lost it
18:46:23[IDC]Dragonyou can use the RockVideo application now, instead of GraphEdit.
18:47:02 Quit Greenlight63 (Client Quit)
18:47:08 Join Greenlight63 [0] (Greenlight@
18:47:35[IDC]Dragonbut you still need to "install" the Lame and RvfMux filter, as described.
18:47:38Greenlight63do you have any idea why my audio and video tracks were skipping?
18:47:47Greenlight63sry can you send it one more tim
18:48:01[IDC]Dragonyou can look in the log ;-)
18:49:01[IDC]Dragon(for the log)
18:49:30Greenlight63the link didnt werk
18:49:57Greenlight63the joerg one
18:50:12[IDC]Dragonworks well here
18:50:42Greenlight63 doesnt werk for me
18:51:01Greenlight63oh, no www
18:51:58Greenlight63thanx again
18:54:01 Quit Greenlight63 ("Leaving")
18:55:41***Alert Mode OFF
19:02:56 Quit Robb1eVox (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:09:28 Part [IDC]Dragon
19:41:34 Join mattzz [0] (
19:41:35 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43:51CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 5 seconds at the last flood
19:43:51*LinusN is away: reading fairy tale
19:53:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:59:29 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:33 Join Bagder [0] (
20:28:56dwihno\o/ badger \o/
20:29:17Bagderhey ho
20:29:17 Part ruumis
20:41:25 Quit uiibaa (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:45:02 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn (
21:01:58 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
21:02:07 Join Bagder [0] (
21:08:46mattzzIf we put a checkbox befor each boolean setting string, do we need the "yes"/"no" text that is normally shown beneath that string?
21:12:14mattzzhm, maybe"> shows what I mean
21:13:08mattzzping .*
21:13:21 Join CpuMan2001 [0] (~oic@
21:17:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:19:28Bagdermattzz: I don't think we need the yes/no then
21:19:46Bagder... but it would be nice to have multiple options on the same screen... :-)
21:21:11mattzzBagder: that means to rewrite the settings_menu.c and settings.c monsters as far as I can see
21:21:36mattzzBagder: and will kill us when it comes to players only
21:21:38Bagderyeah - I know it is quite a daunting task. still would be nice ui-wise
21:22:59mattzzBagder: ok, lets start with one option per screen </wimp mode>
21:23:16Bagderchicken! :-P
21:23:23*Bagder grins
21:24:13*mattzz flutters around
21:33:02mattzzOne more question...
21:37:07mattzz... is char_width initialized somewhere in the normal app code?
21:37:51mattzzargh - ignore me!
21:38:04mattzzwrong file, wrong time, wrong place
21:50:25 Join scott666 [0] (
21:53:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:55:38mattzzwhere do I find all the different fonts?
21:55:44mattzz(for jbr20)
21:55:57mattzzthat was a quick one. thanks!
21:56:36amiconn..which leads me to the question where to _put_ new fonts (I posted two fonts to the patch tracker recently)
21:56:58mattzzand: is there a link somewhere on the webpages to /fonts?
21:59:29mattzzHow about a tarball/zip of all fonts?
21:59:35 Join AciD [0] (
21:59:53Bagderall good ideas! ;-)
22:01:39amiconnI'm asking because the fonts are not in CVS, even in .bdf format.
22:02:03Bagderamiconn: no, they're merely copied to the web space
22:11:48mattzzBagder:"> - pleeeeze put them on your web space (maybe with a link? ;-)
22:12:03mattzzpretty, pretty please
22:16:24Bagdershould I mention the fonts and the langs on that docs page?
22:16:48Bagderor on the download page?
22:18:38mattzztwo links will do no harm
22:19:13mattzzthough - download page might be more intuitive
22:20:41amiconnmattzz: What is different with these fonts?
22:21:24mattzzamiconn: nothing, I just created a zipfile of all .fnt files of the webserver, did I make a mistake?
22:22:45amiconnNo, just asking because these fonts sounded all familiar to me.
22:23:15amiconnBagder: What about my two new fonts?
22:23:27Bagderany urls for them?
22:27:14Bagderrebuilt the zip package too
22:27:46amiconnHmm, I wonder why the glyphs in the rockfont-8 image are much taller than they really are?
22:28:29Bagderamiconn: the "bdf2bmp" program we have might not be perfect
22:30:36amiconnObviously this is the only font it could not convert correctly, so there might be something wrong with the .bdf. It was created with pfaedit, like the xtal-14 font which shows up correctly.
22:33:00 Part LinusN
22:33:43mattzzpatch to replace "YES"/"NO" by checkbox widget is submitted to patchtracker
22:34:47mattzzargh - forgot to add #include "recorder/widgets.h"
22:36:51mattzzpatchtracker update done.
22:46:30 Quit methangas (" Try HydraIRC -> <-")
22:47:33mattzzat 0901C0Fa
22:47:47*mattzz cant play his own .ucl any more
22:50:04mattzzah, rockbox_flash.rock was too old
22:51:37 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
22:52:05*amiconn tries to understand that weird sprintf source
22:52:32 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:01:30 Join AciD [0] (
23:25:56Bagderamiconn: nice catch on the sprintf
23:26:54amiconnBagder: Discussed this with Linus that morning, discovered it by a german settings string that happened to be *exactly* 32 chars long
23:27:59amiconnBtw, the link on the download page to the language files is wrong: it links to /langs/ but should link to /lang/
23:28:40BagderI noticed
23:28:45Bagdernew one already committed
23:32:56amiconnAs it comes to languages: is it planned to translate the manual to other languages for the next Release as well?
23:33:27BagderI think focus should be to have the english one updated first ;-)
23:33:45Bagder... but apart from that, I don't think anyone would mind translated versions
23:37:41 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
23:53:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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