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#rockbox log for 2004-04-23

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00:27:07top_bloke@find in flames
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00:46:01top_blokecrap i just realized i did that here
00:50:43amiconnre mattzz
00:51:41mattzzre jens
01:00:01amiconnJust had a quick look at your checkbox & settings patches, but did not yet try them.
01:01:06amiconnI wonder if the dreaded address error you mentioned was related to them.
01:01:44mattzzamiconn: just playing around with it... that is strange: Auto Volume is shown boolean?
01:01:56*mattzz is firing up emacs
01:02:42amiconnHmm, I think it shouldn't
01:03:20mattzzshow files also
01:03:38mattzzcant toggle show files
01:04:40mattzzamiconn: that address error was due to an old rockbox_flash.rock
01:05:55amiconnAh ok.
01:06:30mattzzwhat is shown in your sound / auto volume dialog?
01:09:21amiconnAV Decay time: Off / 2s / 4s / 8s
01:10:59amiconn(obviously not boolean)
01:11:41mattzzargh, bad bug
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01:28:33CpuMan2001is there any way to adjust contrast yet on the rfv videos?
01:34:05amiconnCpuMan2001: You can only choose the contrast of an .rvf while generating it, or adjust the display contrast before you start playing.
01:34:34scott666IIRC the plugin API needs to be updated to adjust contrast from within the plugin
01:37:41CpuMan2001out of interest, has anyone tried to run the cartoon Rejected on it and have it look pretty good
01:41:26amiconnNite all.
01:41:40mattzznite jens
01:42:01 Part amiconn
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01:57:47mattzzg'nite all
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02:41:08BCevenin all
02:42:24BCwow - haven't had a reaction like that since the last time I told a joke :)
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02:44:45BCwell ...i'm off to smoke the contents of my keyboard...
02:44:51yeftguess whose back
02:44:55yeftback agian
02:44:56BCback again?
02:45:04yeftwhats up
02:45:16BCpopped in for a distraction chat
02:45:31yeftso i come back to rockbox after like 2 months and they got 2.2 and VIDEO!?
02:45:35yeftwhat is up with that?
02:45:52BCheh - yes, Dragon has been up to his ld tricks again
02:46:10BCdoing the impossible
02:46:22BCthere is also a greyscale framework for plugins
02:46:22yefthow does that video work?
02:46:27yeftare there any screenshot
02:46:31BCflashes the bits really fast
02:47:03BCthere's a mandlebrot screen shot somewhere - url in the irc logs :(
02:47:21BCONLY problem with video is...
02:47:45BCwe have no refresh to synch aganst and the framerate of the unit changes according to temperature
02:48:03BCbut it's mighty awesome
02:48:25BCto be honest a demo video would be more useful than a screenshot
02:49:01yeftbut unless im gonna get an irc client
02:49:10yeftand your gonna ctcp me one
02:49:15BCgot aim or icq or whatever?
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03:29:02BCany techies know which is better? a=a*8 or a=a<<3
03:29:21BCspecifically for OUR processor that is, as we do not have <<3
03:41:23yeftwe will see if it still works
03:41:30yeftafter i xed out of avitoyu
03:45:44yeftok it didnt work
03:45:53yeftwhy doesnt my avitoyu work?
03:46:24BCagain, I'm with the guy who wrote it - bloody impressive, but not much real use
03:46:45yefthehe bloody
03:46:50yeftbritish people...heh
03:46:57BCmaybe if I commuted to work on a train
03:47:20*BC nips of to find a lime to cure his scurvey
03:47:30yeftit said like pp:0 then somethin 0,000000 ms (0)
03:47:36yeftand repeated
03:47:40yefti assume thats not good
03:47:47BCdid you try one of the new GUI things?
03:48:14yeftim using the GUI
03:48:21yeftim too dumb for command line
03:48:58yeftextract sound? does that put it in the rvf?
03:49:19BCwell, i have zero idea about the gui, but you can have sound in an rvf
03:52:09yefti lied though i said i cant do command line but im just too lazy
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05:23:11Greenlight63Can someone help me convert movies to play on my archos recorder 20?
05:23:41BCbest I can offer is the fact that it's all in the mailing list archive
05:24:37Greenlight63i got the rockvideo converter, but it says it performed an illegal opperation
05:24:54BCthe new gui thing?
05:25:16Greenlight63i got it from "jorg's " site
05:25:55scott666look in the mailing list archives. if it still doesnt work post a question to the list, because the creator is still hunting bugs
05:26:06BCcheers scott
05:26:11Greenlight63okay thanx
05:26:21Greenlight63what should i put in the search?
05:27:08BC"RockVideo GUI Release" seems like a good bet
05:27:40BC(spot the brit)
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05:36:14BCMr Knight I presume
05:36:30 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
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05:47:45BCmk, wanna playtest klondike?
05:48:12*scott666 wants to playtest solitaire...unless it isnt new
05:48:44BCget back to work you!
05:49:17*scott666 sniffles
05:49:28midksry what
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05:57:02BCaka "solitaire"
05:57:15midkdoes it work now?
05:57:28midkno really
05:57:30midkit does or no?
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05:58:55BCno really, nm, i'm not up for the third degree, my grandmother would disapprove
05:59:17midkok, be taht way
05:59:31BCif you insist
06:01:33midknite all
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07:07:30 Part scott666
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07:13:29 Part BC
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08:02:17*LinusN is away: I'm busy
08:02:20*LinusN is back (gone 00:00:03)
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10:21:14mattzzLinusN: are u there?
10:23:35mattzzI reworked my checkbox patch last night - looks good to me now for boolean settings
10:23:45mattzzcheckbox integration patch
10:24:32LinusNok, does the voice still work?
10:25:09mattzzI am talking about patch 940307
10:25:10LinusNi'll have a look
10:25:23 Join cheaf [0] (
10:25:38cheafi have a question
10:25:41mattzzcould you please check the player-only build? I dont have the possibility here at work
10:25:52mattzzcheaf: go ahead
10:25:56cheafI have a archos av380
10:26:33mattzzcheaf: meaning: ask your question ;-)
10:26:53cheafI want to instal the avos bootloader
10:27:18cheafbut, where I have to copy all the files?
10:27:54cheafwhere ist the root folder on the archos
10:28:10mattzzav380 is avos multimedia, right?
10:28:59mattzz −−> no. 7
10:29:13mattzzav380 is not supported by rockbox
10:29:43cheafyes, but wat has rockbox to do with avos?
10:30:22cheafI think I am in a wrong chat
10:30:33cheafok, bye and thanks
10:30:43mattzzhm, sorry
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12:01:28LinusNmattzz|away: i have looked at your checkbox, looks fine
12:02:06LinusNthe set_options() bool patch looks ok too
12:05:52Poneshello, I installed rockbox yesterday - its really good :D
12:09:10Ponesi have a quick question - after I installed rockbox - I noticed that a folder called AAAAA would not show uop in the browser list until I renamed it - any reason for that?
12:09:27 Quit Pones ("Leaving")
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14:42:39RV|WRK!seen [IDC]Dragon
14:42:58RV|WRKahh well will have to wait then
14:43:04LinusNwhy him?
14:45:37RV|WRKq about the plugin he did to act as a cd changer
14:46:15c0uttalinus: to our discussion last night. i can see we need a file types / valid actions logic
14:46:38LinusNmaybe, maybe nnot
14:46:49c0uttau have an idea ?
14:47:54LinusNwell, it can stay like it is today, with the "hard coded" ON+Play menu
14:48:34LinusNbut it would perhaps still be nice with a similar filter for the f2 actions...
14:48:47c0uttawithin my actions i'll be checking file types and see if they're applicable
14:50:29c0uttafrom wps.c, is the current file palyed the "current_track_path" static ?
14:50:37c0uttaor should i use the id3 struct ?
14:51:31LinusNit doesn't have to be static
14:52:04LinusNbut i'd prefer a current_playing_file() function
14:52:18c0uttabut that would just return current_track_path ?
14:52:34LinusNyes, but it's nicer for the plugin api
14:52:51LinusNi assume plugins would like that info too
14:52:55c0uttamy whole approach is to treat wps and tree like "objects"
14:53:14LinusNa bad move imho
14:53:21c0uttaand create "property" functions
14:53:26c0uttawhy a bad move ?
14:53:48LinusNwell, they aren't object to begin with :-)
14:54:52c0uttai am familiar with trying to get procedural languages to look more oo
14:54:57c0uttalokk at VB :)
14:55:03LinusNtheir data is only valid if the wps/tree is shown
14:55:50LinusNcurrent_track_path will not be updated while browsing dirs
14:56:10LinusNbetter use mpeg_current_track()
14:56:46c0uttathanks - i had just opened mpeg.c :)
15:07:09 Part LinusN
15:07:19 Join LinusN [200] (
15:24:49amiconn|workLinusN: Any news about the recording code?
15:25:30 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:26:31LinusNnope, give me a few moments
15:33:34*LinusN is away: analysing recording timing
15:49:18 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
15:49:48[IDC]DragonRV|WRK: you were looking for me?
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15:55:01 Join Bagder [241] (
15:56:24 Quit mattzz|away ("CGI:IRC (Session timeout)")
16:05:53LinusNamiconn|work: u there?
16:06:30LinusNi have some interesting findings about your new recording code
16:09:48 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:10:53LinusNlook at this:
16:11:12LinusNthat is the end of a burst
16:11:14Bagdertoshiba claims their new 100GB disk uses 20% less power
16:11:30Bagderthan their 80GB
16:11:43LinusNsee how EOD goes low at the end, making us serve another IRQ
16:12:09LinusNwe set PR low, but RTW doesn't come until the next frame has been compressed
16:12:50LinusNwait a sec
16:12:56Bagderme go
16:12:58Bagdersee ya
16:13:01 Part Bagder
16:13:21LinusNamiconn|work: the signal names are mixed uo
16:13:38LinusNPRTW is actually PR
16:14:01LinusN(some day i'll change PRTW to RTW in the LA settings :-)
16:15:56amiconn|workIs this behaviour different from the "old" recording code? Can't find this in your previous LA measurements...
16:17:43amiconn|workAnother point of interest would be to see one burst with the same time resolution as in your old graphs for comparison.
16:18:32LinusNdoh, they are not mixed up
16:18:52 Join mattzz [0] (
16:20:51LinusNa 30-byte burst takes 143.5us with your new code, compared to 192us with the old
16:22:34LinusNlook et the end of the "complete frame burst" at
16:22:47 Quit Teja ("Leaving")
16:22:48LinusNRTW doesn't go low there
16:25:37LinusNand RTW is high between the two complete bursts too
16:28:44*LinusN is away: I'm busy
16:28:58amiconn|workI wonder why it does so? RTW is driven by the mas, right?
16:30:02amiconn|workAnd _the_ thing is: I get not frame errors in recordings done with my code.
16:34:35 Join lImbus [0] (lImbus@
16:38:24[IDC]Dragonamiconn|work: what are you investigating?
16:39:06amiconn|workLinus did some LA measurements with my new recording code.
16:42:12[IDC]Dragonyes, what's the interesting part about it? (just curious)
16:53:08amiconn|workSee: and compare it with : "one complete frame burst" / "two complete frame bursts".
16:53:56 Join CGI263 [0] (
16:54:01amiconn|workWatch for EOD and PRTW at the end.
16:54:07 Quit CGI263 (Client Quit)
16:56:06[IDC]Dragongoing low, you mean?
16:56:48amiconn|workYup. I have no idea why, it is driven by the mas after all, and the burst is 30 bytes long as it should be.
16:56:57 Join quelsaruk [0] (~sdfasdf@
16:57:39quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, do you still have that spanish voice you told me??
16:57:58[IDC]DragonSAPI4, yes
16:58:24[IDC]Dragonif it's like my german one, it's horrible
16:59:29 Join BC [0] (
17:00:50amiconn|workquelsaruk: There is a (latin amercian) spanish voice available as at&t natural voice. If someone has some 30,- available...
17:02:36lImbuswell, a marcian ;-)
17:06:32quelsaruklatin american is not really spanish
17:06:44 Join solaris [0] (
17:07:01quelsarukbut thanks for the advice amiconn|work :)
17:08:05solarishello, any advise of what to do with my JBR20 w/flash problem?
17:09:20 Join uski [0] (
17:09:50uskianyone knows: how to know if a 2.5" disk is locked ? if so, how to unlock it ?
17:10:03[IDC]Dragonsolaris: how is the status on l
17:10:28[IDC]Dragonstatus on RS232 level converter an serial mod?
17:10:54quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, what must i do to make a spanish voice file, and add that to the espanol.lang and so on?? (if you don't mind, of course)
17:10:56uskiBC: yea, password protection embedded in the hard drive; some drives are known to be locked with a hex password of 00000...00000
17:11:40BCsorry uski, that's a totally new one on me :(
17:11:52uskiBC: ok ;) no problem
17:12:14 Nick amiconn|work is now known as amiconn|away (
17:13:29uskiperhaps LinusN knows ? :)
17:13:51[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: do you have the voice entries in your translation?
17:14:51BCuski: do you have any links on th subject?
17:14:55quelsarukbc, i have somewhere a program to unlock a hard disk, you could try it. I also think that it's in rockbox website (read the faq, i read that there)
17:15:04quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, i have nothing done :)
17:15:27[IDC]Dragonthen maybe you should?
17:15:50BCquelsaruk: thanks - aways nice to be "in the know"
17:15:52[IDC]Dragoncompare english.lang and german.lang, you'll see
17:16:02uskior .htm i don't remember
17:16:11uskiunfortunately this does not help as i can't patch my linux kernel
17:17:04BCuski: thanks
17:18:08[IDC]Dragonsolaris: are you there?
17:25:42 Join AciD [0] (
17:26:22solarisi'm here now
17:26:42solarisummm, i haven't done much with serial mod
17:26:53solarisi thought you said i didn't need one
17:27:14solarisshould i be building one?
17:27:20quelsaruk[IDC]Dragon, and afterwards?
17:27:40quelsaruki mean, after adding the voice entries
17:30:22 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
17:33:16 Quit lImbus (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
17:33:54[IDC]Dragonquelsaruk: then you can run one of my batch files
17:34:15RV|WRKlo again
17:34:21[IDC]Dragonfor SAPI4, you currently need TextAloud or similar
17:34:36[IDC]DragonRV|WRK: yes?
17:35:08RV|WRKwhat functionality did you get with your alpine system ?
17:35:32 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC")
17:36:03[IDC]Dragonnot too much yet, just enabling the input
17:36:24[IDC]Dragonbut this is most of the work
17:36:41[IDC]Dragonsince the protocol and emulation is all there
17:37:09RV|WRKdoes it query the archos from time to time or just on power up ?
17:37:11[IDC]DragonI "just" need to wire the emulation with Rockbox control
17:37:38[IDC]Dragonqueries every second
17:38:06RV|WRKso you got a simple query and response going then
17:38:08[IDC]Dragonwhen I end the plugin, it's over
17:38:18RV|WRKhow u mean ?
17:38:42[IDC]Dragonthe radio gets times out
17:38:44quelsarukthanks [IDC]Dragon :)
17:38:51[IDC]Dragontimed out
17:39:08[IDC]Dragonand shows error, disables its input
17:40:07 Join uski [0] (
17:40:19RV|WRKsum1 is lending me a correct changer for my renault so im gonna have a probe on the bus hopefully when its happy
17:40:36RV|WRKyou just use a scope ?
17:40:49[IDC]Dragonat first, yes
17:40:57[IDC]Dragonthen a ligic analyzer
17:41:17RV|WRKyou got access to them ?
17:41:27[IDC]Dragonat work, yes
17:41:42RV|WRKbeen looking at souncard based scopes etc
17:41:59[IDC]Dragonthat's probably sufficient
17:42:20RV|WRK:) work too tight for a scope but i used them in a previous job
17:43:07RV|WRKjust a case of recording actions & responses to all available commands etc ?
17:43:23[IDC]Dragonif the bus is slow (like my alpine), the wiring it carefully to a soundcard is OK
17:43:38[IDC]Dragonno, you need to understand it
17:44:02[IDC]Dragonbut yes, you have to log all use cases
17:44:19RV|WRKyes, i mean seeing what is ent and received initially and then to the next track etc commands
17:44:50[IDC]Dragonsounds simple, but was like 2 weeks of work
17:45:03[IDC]Dragonthe hardest was the checksum
17:45:13RV|WRKhow u mean ?
17:45:29[IDC]Dragonhave u read my M-Bus article?
17:45:41RV|WRKu have a data packer or word followed by csum ?
17:46:09RV|WRKno as im not convinced the system is mbus
17:46:15RV|WRKwill do ta
17:46:20[IDC]DragonI mean, generally
17:49:32RV|WRKyes see what u mean now
17:50:59RV|WRKim hoping my system is a 1 wire mbus type and not a sony unilink variant as this could be much more difficult to monitor
17:51:16[IDC]Dragongood luck
17:51:21RV|WRK:) ta
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17:54:28quelsaruktime to go
17:54:38RV|WRKright thats my time to finish work thanks bbl
17:54:39quelsarukhave a nice weekend
17:54:40 Part quelsaruk
17:54:54 Quit RV|WRK (">> Insert Ghey quit message here <<")
17:55:04[IDC]Dragonsolaris: u there?
17:55:45[IDC]Dragonin general: don't worry, so far all misflashed boxes have been recovered.
17:56:26solariscool, that's good to know
17:58:59solarisso, can you please tell me what steps to take?
18:01:07[IDC]Dragonserial mod and RS232 level converter
18:02:47[IDC]Dragonthen u can use my uart_boot program to read and write your flash
18:02:49BCHere's irony ...Anyone know Bjoerns "hacker alias"?
18:03:32 Join pfavr [0] (
18:07:13solarisdragon: i'll start on rs232, but how do u serial mod? using LINE-IN??
18:07:48[IDC]Dragoneither that, or just temporary attached wires.
18:08:04[IDC]Dragonyou have a V2, right?
18:08:15solarisjbr20 recorder v2
18:08:35solarisit'll work with LINE-IN w/ v2?
18:08:59[IDC]Dragonyou'd have tore-wire line in
18:09:08[IDC]Dragonto re-wire
18:09:50 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn (
18:09:53[IDC]Dragonon the FM/V2, the serial is nicely accessible on an empty header
18:10:16[IDC]DragonI can send you a picture, but later, don't have it here
18:10:16solarishmm, like this??
18:10:35[IDC]Dragonthis id for a Player
18:11:44[IDC]Dragondo you have a level converter?
18:13:39[IDC]Dragondo you know any hardware hacker who does?
18:13:56[IDC]Dragon(mobile phone cables often contain one)
18:14:15solarishmmm, i'll ask my bro-in law
18:14:58[IDC]Dragonhave a look at this:
18:16:07solarishow about this?
18:16:27[IDC]Dragonyou can see the 2*3 header (with holes) at the bottom, close to the headphone jack
18:17:17[IDC]Dragonyes, I use something similar
18:18:43solarisso, i can use either this or max232
18:19:25[IDC]Dragonbut keep in mind the Archos is 3.3V, not 5V
18:20:17solarisso, reduce the voltage?
18:23:07solarisyou can see the 2*3 header (with holes) at the bottom, close to the headphone jack <==== where??
18:23:19solarisi'm looking at the headphone jack
18:23:42[IDC]Dragonat your box or at the PCB picture?
18:24:29[IDC]Dragonopen this:
18:26:35[IDC]Dragonpixel coordinates 781,743
18:27:07[IDC]Dragonfound it?
18:28:21solarisso, which are tX, Rx.... ??
18:28:29[IDC]Dragonto 3 of these pads, you'll have to attach wires to have TX, RX, Gnd
18:28:59[IDC]DragonI don't know, have to tell you later
18:29:22solarisok, this will be fun
18:30:20solarisi'll start on level convert, and ask for help later, thx
18:30:32 Quit methangas (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31:05[IDC]DragonRX is the square one, iirc
18:31:26[IDC]DragonTX is probably opposite to that
18:31:38solarisok, i'll write this down
18:31:59[IDC]DragonGnd you can find easily with a continuity tester, is connected to the chassis
18:32:06 Join methangas [0] (
18:32:19[IDC]DragonI'm not 100% here, better confirm later
18:32:57solarisgot it
18:33:21[IDC]DragonGnd are the both in the middle
18:51:32 Join matsl [0] (
18:52:41 Join Acruix [0] (
18:53:00 Part Acruix
18:56:24 Join deadite66 [0] (
19:02:52 Join mattzz [0] (
19:10:06 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
19:11:33mattzzCheckbox widget integration patch is uploaded. I added a fix for the player model. Have fun with it ;-)
19:11:57mattzzAll plain boolean setting dialogs have a checkbox widget now.
19:15:22*mattzz thinks about a radio-button widget for a single selection out of more than one options and a spinbutton widget
19:15:52mattzzgotta go again - cu
19:15:55 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
19:18:39 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:27:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
19:29:41 Quit deadite66 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:48:36 Quit amiconn (" bbl")
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20:28:29 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
20:43:59 Part BC
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20:59:28 Join Guest [0] (
20:59:29 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
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21:18:05 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
21:26:00amiconnLinusN: Did you get my comments / questions to the recording analysis a while ago?
21:28:06pfavrIs there a how to make rvfs using linux somewhere?
21:28:39pfavror maybe a link to a working rvf I could try out?
21:54:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:02:08LinusNamiconn: yes, i am as puzzled as you are
22:02:42*LinusN is away: putting kids to bed
22:05:15uski"hey kids, go to bed now !" "no dad we wanna watch tv !" "i told you that there is nothing for you on the evenings" "our friend Tom said that there are movies ! why can't we watch movies ?" "because you're too young" "and when we will be able to see them ?" "in some years ?" "how many ?" "i don't know"
22:05:27amiconnLinusN: maybe you got (by chance) the very last burst of the recording, so the mas was put back into playback mode afterwards.
22:05:59uski"why don't you want to tell us ?" "because it's late and you have to sleep now" "we don't want to sleep ! can you read us a story ?" "no i don't have time, i have to help other rockboxers"
22:06:47amiconnIf EOD had caused an interrupt, PR would have been put high by the interrupt routine, or do I get something wrong here?
22:07:35*amiconn is busy writing VBScript, so replying may take a while
22:13:09 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
22:13:47[IDC]Dragonsolaris: still there?
22:14:39pfavruski, you don't happen to know how I make an rvf-file on linux?
22:15:04uskiooo :)
22:15:13uskihow did you ? using wine ? :)
22:15:55pfavruski, heh, sorry, I meant how I could make one...
22:16:04uskiaah ;)
22:16:07uskiyou can't i think
22:16:32uskiunless you pay a linux advanced programming training to [IDC]Dragon ;))))
22:17:15pfavrI did build some of the utilities on linux a while back, but I missed one of them.
22:17:29pfavr(can't remember which)
22:18:07pfavranyone have a rvf-file I could try out (still haven't experienced video on my recorder)
22:18:32pfavrit shouldn't be too large - I'm on dialup
22:18:55uskii only have large rvf files
22:19:40[IDC]Dragon(the smallest with sound is the doom one)
22:20:49[IDC]Dragonyou can do a partial download, if you like
22:21:01pfavrok thanks
22:22:01[IDC]Dragonhave you tried the mandelbrot plugin? It also uses grayscale.
22:22:16pfavrI think the daily build lacks the .ajz file
22:22:26pfavrSo I'm getting the bleeding edge build instead
22:22:30[IDC]Dragonyou only need the plufin
22:22:57pfavrwill it work with 2.2?
22:23:10[IDC]Dragonshould do
22:23:22pfavrI want to try the voice anyway - so I will try the bleeding
22:23:23amiconnSomeone in here with good knowledge of regular expressions?
22:23:35pfavra little
22:24:17pfavramiconn, how can I help?
22:24:22amiconnHow do I match a whole word?
22:24:39pfavris it perl regular expressions?
22:24:54 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:24:58amiconni.e. blank before and after, or start at beginning of string and/or end ant end of string
22:25:30amiconnI wast precise enough, how do I match a _specific word?
22:25:57pfavrjust write the string itself
22:26:25pfavrare you using grep?
22:26:30pfavror what program is it?
22:26:33amiconnJust string itself does also match if it is a part of a compound word, waht I don't want
22:26:49amiconnNo, this is actually VBScript
22:27:09uskiwhat is the pathname of the directory which has the .rocks files ? /.rockbox/rocks ?
22:27:30 Quit Ka__ ("Leaving")
22:27:31amiconnSo I need to know how to match (wordseparator)blahblah(wordseparator)
22:27:47amiconnuski: yes
22:27:58uskiok :)
22:28:47pfavr(if it understands perl regex)
22:30:58amiconnYes, this does indeed work in VBScript, but not correct, since it does match the whitespace also, so if I do a replace against the match, my blanks are gone.
22:31:48pfavrah ok
22:32:17pfavr\s+(blabla)\s+ and then refer to the matched word as $
22:32:35pfavrwell still not sure what you try to do
22:32:57uskibtw anyone knows what is this "auto volume" option?
22:35:15amiconnpfavr: I try to write two script to deal with the voice features of rockbox. Since some words are pronounced wrong and we do not want to introduce deliberate spelling errors into the .lang files because this depends on the voice engine used, I want to have a "string replacement list" in the script.
22:36:37pfavrcould you show me the vbscribt function you use?
22:38:11amiconnThe script is actually rather complex, because I want to use it with different sapi voices, so I define a Dictionary object of Dictionary objects. Each of the sub-objects holds a list of match/replace pairs for one voice.
22:38:52amiconnThe replacement is done with the RegExp object, and now I want to define the match strings.
22:39:27pfavrmandelbrot: cool!
22:39:59pfavrok think I get it now
22:40:25pfavrthe tricky part is that you want to be sure that this is a whole word and not just part of a word
22:40:43pfavrbut you just want to replace the word itself
22:40:49amiconnSadly, the () .. $1 method is not possible with the RegExp object.
22:41:09amiconnYes, for _some_ strings I want to make sure that it is a whole word.
22:41:19pfavrpart of a word would be easy - you figured that out already
22:41:35amiconnYup. Just the string itself.
22:41:52pfavrIt is not something I know _like that_
22:42:33pfavrthe problem is: the part you match you also replace
22:42:37pfavrhow about
22:43:02pfavrmatching <space>word<space> and replacing with <space>word2<space>?
22:43:29pfavrbut that will not work at the end or beginning of a sentence
22:45:07pfavryou could of course do a workaround where you pad a space at the beginning and end before you replace
22:46:05amiconnYeah, I found the solution: searching for (\s+)blahblah(\s+) and replacing with $1blubblubb$2 works!
22:46:51pfavrthe + means one or many
22:47:00amiconn(So $ referencing is possible)
22:47:02pfavr? is zero or one
22:47:40amiconnSo maybe it is enough to search for (\s)blablah(\s) ?
22:48:16pfavrthat will only take one space yes
22:48:26pfavractually \s is any whitespace
22:48:39amiconnBummer - this does not work at the beginning or end of string
22:48:54pfavrjust use ?
22:48:59pfavrzero or one
22:49:13pfavror you could use * which means zero or many
22:49:40amiconnBut if I use "zero or one" this would also match inside a word!?
22:50:10pfavryes, then wee need to see if you can match "beginning of sentence" or "whitespace"
22:50:50pfavrIf I remember correctly, the ^ means "beginning of string"
22:52:17amiconnHmm, doesn't work at the beginning, still works in the middle.
22:53:19amiconnJust found something on the net: \< means "match beginning of a word" \> means "match end of a word". Yay!
22:53:49pfavrcool, now I learned something
22:53:54pfavrdo you have a link?
22:54:14amiconnGrr, doesn't work with VBScript.
22:55:29amiconn\b works, finally (match beginning or end of word). The link:
22:56:39[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I've added the stride parameter to your framework, should I commit that?
22:57:25pfavrJust watched part of futurama on my rockbox - this is unbelievable cool!
22:57:50amiconn[IDC]Dragon: ?? The Framework is not yet committed at all.
22:57:53[IDC]Dragondidn't you say dialup?
22:58:06[IDC]Dragonamiconn: oops, sorry then.
22:58:41[IDC]DragonI can email it to you.
22:59:08 Quit jkerman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:59:09[IDC]Dragonor update patch tracker. It's in there, right?
22:59:51amiconnYes, it is in the tracker. Is it possible to update someone else's patches in there?
23:00:26[IDC]DragonAs an admin, I think so.
23:00:28amiconn[IDC]Dragon: s/\bFirmwares\b/Firmwers/ :))
23:00:30pfavrdialup - yes, I also said "part of futurama";-)
23:02:22amiconn[IDC]Dragon: So maybe we should revert all spelling adjustments from the voice entries (since these are engine dependent, as you said) including the hyphenation as soon as my script is ready.
23:02:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Please do update the framework in the tracker tehn.
23:03:04amiconn*then even
23:03:24[IDC]Dragongrr, just found you updated it meanwhile, need to merge.
23:04:00amiconn? My last update was a number of days ago...
23:04:33amiconn9 days to be precise.
23:10:57amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you check out my "Crystal" voice? It does pronounce "resume" correctly.
23:15:04[IDC]Dragonhow dis you convince it?
23:15:34amiconnThis is weird - I used a german spelling: "Resuhm"
23:15:53[IDC]Dragonlooks funny
23:16:08amiconnbut it works
23:16:24[IDC]Dragonthanks for the hint
23:16:37[IDC]Dragongrayscale patch updated
23:17:01amiconnAt this moment I got the idea for that vbscript I'm writing now.
23:17:47pfavrhow many words are there in the language file?
23:19:02[IDC]Dragonamiconn: a simple word substitution may be too drastic
23:19:24[IDC]Dragone.g.resume is pronounced correct if it's in a context
23:21:11pfavrwhere do I put the english voice file - I tried in .rockbox but it doesn't work
23:21:51[IDC]Dragonin .rockbox/langs
23:22:17amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Argh! But this is not difficult to solve, as I don't do simple word replacement but regexp matching. I will match "resume" as full string for "Crystal"
23:22:39pfavrok thanks
23:25:51 Join dsg [0] (
23:25:54 Join RobbieVox [0] (
23:27:05dsgHas anyone made RVFs on linux yet?
23:27:19uskidsg: nah
23:27:31uskinot possible yet
23:27:41uskiunless you find a very very clever solution
23:28:08dsgI was making some attempts... halftone.c compiles cleanly, and I was hoping to get the YUV output from mplayer. I got it, and halftone did it's thing, but it came out very garbled when played back on rockbox.
23:28:49 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:28:50dsgI'm not sure if it's because it's a different YUV format then it expects, or if it's something else though.
23:29:15[IDC]Dragondsg: how does the yuv format look like?
23:29:42uskii think a very very clean and cool way to make rvf on linux would be to make a "transcode" ouput plugin
23:29:50[IDC]DragonI'm expecting 112*64 YUV4:2:0 planar
23:29:55uskitranscode = a program to convert video files
23:29:56dsg[IDC]Dragon: Well, I don't really recognise the different ones... can you be more specific? :)
23:30:24dsg[IDC]Dragon: Well, I downscaled it to 112*64, but I'm not entirely sure if it's YUV 4:2:0.
23:30:33[IDC]Dragonplanar means the components are in separate frames
23:30:37amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I've had a look at your addition to the framework, looks nice. But obvoiusly your editor writes tab characters.
23:31:24[IDC]Dragon4:2:0 means U and V are half resolution in x and y direction, so these planes are 1/4 in size.
23:31:54[IDC]Dragonfor each frame, the Y plane comes fist, followed by U and V planes.
23:32:24[IDC]DragonI don't use U and V since we have no color, you can put anything you want in there.
23:33:21dsgHm. I see.
23:33:51[IDC]DragonSo, each frame is 112*64 = 7168 bytes of Y data, followed by 3584 bytes don't care.
23:34:16uskidamn, why having this "i don't care" bytes then ?
23:34:21dsgAgh. mplayer is putting the file in an AVI container.
23:34:27uskican't you cut them while encoding ?
23:34:35uskiit would reduce the size of the files :)
23:34:42uskidsg :))
23:34:44[IDC]Dragonuski: because else it woudn't be YUV
23:34:53uski[IDC]Dragon: and why does it has to be YUV ?
23:34:55[IDC]Dragonand there's a tool for YUV
23:35:05[IDC]Dragon(from Microsoft)
23:35:14pfavrwhat is the final rvf format like?
23:35:45pfavrmaybe transcode could produce the right grayscale zoomed stream directly
23:35:47[IDC]Dragonit's a series of "screenshots" for the Archos
23:36:08[IDC]Dragoninterleaved with audio frames
23:36:21[IDC]Dragonwhich form a linked list
23:36:29[IDC]Dragonnot so trivial
23:36:42pfavrso the program producing rvf has sourcecode available?
23:36:49dsg[IDC]Dragon: But yeah, file should have no headers, just raw YUV data, right?
23:37:05[IDC]Dragonyes, halftone and rvf_mux
23:37:16[IDC]Dragonraw YUV, yes
23:37:37pfavrmaybe we could make a version taking an output from transcode directly - then transcode could do the grayscale, zoom, and we could skip the YUV format on linux
23:37:57uskiyou only have to write an output plugin
23:37:58[IDC]Dragonlike my DirectShow filter
23:38:05pfavrthat would be faster I think
23:38:20[IDC]Dragongo ahead
23:38:20uskiand very cool because you could convert almost every format to a rvf file
23:39:56[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I don't know about the tabs, it's not in the areas I touched
23:40:39pfavruski, yes, and using dvd::rip directly to put a DVD on the rockbox in one go with point and click
23:40:47uskirofl yea
23:40:55uskiright button / Convert to RVF...
23:41:24uskii was thinking of replacing the LCD of my archos by a color one ;)))
23:41:51pfavrthen you just need to make it usb-master also and connect a usb-dvd-drive
23:42:15uskiwhy not connecting an IDE drive instead of the hard drive ? ;)
23:42:23amiconn[IDC]Dragon: You are right - then tabs do also exist in my local version. I wonder how they went in there then...
23:42:29 Join jkerman [0] (
23:43:35pfavruski, can you connect a slave drive?
23:44:54uskiit is not possible to connect anything else than a computer on the usb port
23:45:12uskihowever u shoulod be able to connect every IDE "thing" to the hard drive connector inside the archos
23:45:19pfavrI meant on the IDE - having both the harddrive and an external DVD?
23:45:40pfavrthen a port of transcode as a rock...
23:45:49uskishould be possible
23:46:01uskibut triocky to handle i think
23:46:07pfavrshould probably overclock the SH1 first
23:46:14uskiah yea
23:46:30uskii think that you don't want to decompress the mpeg2 movies in the archos, right ?
23:46:41uskithe only thing that it can play is uncompressed movies = rvf ;)
23:46:46pfavrAnd a couple of lead akkus as well
23:54:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"

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