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#rockbox log for 2004-04-25

00:03:48amiconnNew Voices:"> , then select from the menu :)
00:09:59amiconnWhile playing with all these voices I found that all voices from the same manufacturer for the same language do have the mispronounciations.
00:10:39amiconnE.g. all Microsoft voices say "ploogin", and all AT&T us english voices show that "resume" problem.
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00:12:34[IDC]Dragonsame dictionary / grammar rules, I presume.
00:13:53[IDC]Dragonthanks for the files, I will try them tomorrow.
00:13:53amiconnYup. This makes my script a little shorter (less number of tables). My script will receive a little more polishing, then I will post it.
00:14:26amiconnI guess I will have to do my website overhaul for that.
00:14:47[IDC]Dragonnot necessarily
00:15:44[IDC]Dragondownloading them now, from your dyndns
00:16:22amiconnUsing IE.
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00:16:37[IDC]Dragonno good?
00:16:50[IDC]Dragon(spying on your users?)
00:17:43[IDC]DragonOK, got it, need to sleep now.
00:17:54[IDC]Dragonthanks again!
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00:23:05mattzzamiconn: could you do me a favour?
00:24:53mattzzamiconn: I'd like my checkbox patches (widget and menu integration) comitted into CVS - what do I have to do?
00:25:28mattzzamiconn: are there any special procedures e.g. to ensure not to break compilation?
00:27:22amiconnUnfortunately I did not yet have another look at it and I'm short on time today.
00:27:47mattzzamiconn: no prob - I will practice patience than ;-)
00:28:39amiconnYou could try if it compiles without warnings at least with the 4 major "platforms": player/recorder - target/sim
00:30:34amiconnIf nobody else will do it meanwhile, I can try it (and commit if I don't find problems) within the next week.
00:30:56amiconn(I will be off the next 2 days)
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00:32:35mattzzall four compiles do look good. I will be offline tomorrow, too (gone divin' )
00:33:12mattzzamiconn: Linus wanted to commit the patch, guess he is busy, too
00:33:41mattzzthat was some days ago
00:34:29amiconnYou're right I think.
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00:34:57mattzzno prob - practicing patience will do me good ;-)
00:38:30mattzzg'nite all
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00:48:12amiconnNite every1
00:49:04 Part amiconn
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02:20:16CpuMan2001I just rockbox yesterday and updated it to the 4/24 cvs build, and it worked yesterday, but when I just turned it on it crashed at the title screen
02:20:19CpuMan2001is there anything I can do
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02:40:53CpuMan2001it doesn't respond to any button presses
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04:39:12CpuMan2001anyone here?
04:40:46CpuMan200102.20.16 # <CpuMan2001> I just rockbox yesterday and updated it to the 4/24 cvs build, and it worked yesterday, but when I just turned it on it crashed at the title screen
04:40:46CpuMan200102.20.19 # <CpuMan2001> is there anything I can do
04:40:50CpuMan200102.40.53 # <CpuMan2001> it doesn't respond to any button presses
04:44:38diddystar5is your unit flashed?
04:45:03CpuMan2001let me change the first sentence to "I just flashed rockbox yesterday"
04:45:22CpuMan2001it worked fine directly after the flash
04:45:24diddystar5can you boot by holding F1 while you press on?
04:45:30CpuMan2001then it worked fine again directly after the update
04:45:35CpuMan2001it's stuck on right now
04:45:41CpuMan2001not sure how I can turn it off
04:46:02diddystar5hold off until it does
04:46:43CpuMan2001alright, the f1 boot worked
04:47:22CpuMan2001should I try a normal boot again?
04:47:38diddystar5ok, what i would do is tell someone about your problems (the mailing-list would be best), and you can just do with the F1 boot until then
04:47:52diddystar5you can still use rockbox, just put the rockbox.ajz file onto the unit
04:48:05CpuMan2001alright, thanks
04:48:20diddystar5let me look and see what change was last made, and see what your problem may be
04:49:16diddystar5had you never updated your fash until then?
04:49:44CpuMan2001I just got the unit on thursday and installed rockbox normally then
04:50:04CpuMan2001then the day after I flashed and updated
04:51:01diddystar5it is a recorder you have right?
04:51:44CpuMan2001recorder v2
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04:52:38diddystar5well there are two changes that may cause that, but I am not sure, since i don't have my recorder working
04:52:54diddystar5scott666, do you have your rockbox flashed?
04:53:52diddystar5scott666, have you flashed the latest build
04:54:06diddystar5scott666, CpuMan2001 here is having booting problems with it
04:54:22scott666and my archos is dissassembled
04:54:41diddystar5mine too lol
04:55:45diddystar5(v)snprintf() wrote past buffer end if string length was equal to buffer size
04:55:52diddystar5that sounds like the culprit to me
04:56:54diddystar5[DNS] Canonical: Numerical:
04:57:16scott666stop that :-ț
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05:11:21diddystar5bye everyone
05:11:27diddystar5time for me to go home
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07:48:57midkhey thu
07:52:21 Quit midk ("yo yo yo cya later YO YO YO wasa wasa!")
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08:53:04BioHazardi just have a quick question...
08:54:28BioHazardif i provided sounds for the tetris plugin, could they be added? 19.2KB MP3 or is that too big for the plugin buffer?
08:55:07midkprobably just fit
08:55:27midki'm working on a tetris update right now lol!
08:55:41BioHazardheh, perfect timeing then :)
08:56:12BioHazarddid you add pause yet?
08:57:31midkjust started
08:57:34midkadded scoring so far
08:57:43midkwhat's planned:
08:57:48midk-3d mode using grayscale
08:58:00midk-game over, play again? question
08:58:07midk-pause of course
08:58:14midk-sounds (good timing yeah!)
08:58:20midk-savegame *possible*
08:58:54BioHazardooooh, cant wait :)
08:59:08BioHazardive been wanting an update to that plugin for so long
08:59:19midkoh and levels
08:59:23midki mean
08:59:31midkhard, easy, medium, super tetris guru :)
09:01:44midkand also i want to do scoring by level.
09:01:58midkIE 1200 pts = level 2, 2500pts = level 3
09:02:01midkand so on
09:03:39BioHazardwould you like the sounds zip? or will you make some yourself?
09:05:02midki'll take em, sure!
09:05:11midki hope i can fit them in
09:06:40BioHazardshould i include the wavs too so you can compress them another way (these are 32kbps mono q=9)
09:07:03BioHazardit was as low as i could get
09:07:28BioHazardand i clipped them as close as possible
09:09:23midkwell what sounds are there?
09:09:28midkis there music or somesuch?
09:10:39BioHazard (no wavs)
09:11:38midkoooooh i like
09:11:39BioHazardits got: level up, make a line, move peice, pause, place peice, turn peice, gameover
09:11:59midkyup sounds good!
09:13:08BioHazardi could get the 1-minute sound if you plan on implementing 40-line mode
09:13:17 Join yeft [0] (
09:13:29yeftwhat up gangstas
09:13:38yeftmidk man..long time no see
09:13:40midkBioHazard: 40-line mode?
09:13:45midksame yeft
09:13:50midkwhat's up?
09:13:54yefti gots a question...and im mad bored
09:14:05yefthow does the kareoke mode on the player work
09:14:17midkhow does it work?
09:14:23BioHazardit plays the difference between channels
09:14:29yeftand video is f-in sick by the way...bad boys 2 is playing right now
09:14:35midkit does Stereo - Mono
09:14:46midkkaraoke = stereo - mono
09:15:01yeftso if i wanted to do it on my comp.......
09:15:03BioHazardi wonder if there could be an inverse kareoke
09:15:13midkheh bio, juse use mono
09:15:36BioHazarddosent mono mix down the channels into one though?
09:15:45midkwell yes
09:15:49midkwhat would inverse do?
09:16:05BioHazardit would play the same between channels
09:16:14BioHazardand throw out the difference
09:16:22midkthat could work yo yo yo
09:16:29yefti invented it
09:16:34yeftor whatever
09:16:37yeftdamn im tired
09:16:58yeftim just running spybot and virus scan before i sleep...and killin time with you fine fella
09:17:12BioHazardBTW midk: 40-line mode is where you play to get 40 lines as fast as possible
09:17:34midk*not a tetris guru
09:17:35BioHazardusually with a few peices scattered on the board at start
09:17:39midkoh but i am obsessed
09:17:46midki played tetris on my av320 till the joystick broke
09:18:05midki did that
09:18:07midkI DID THAT
09:18:09midkI SAY I DID
09:18:11midk*eyes pop out
09:18:12BioHazardim now very good at tetris, but i love playing it
09:18:13yeftyo got an av320?
09:18:26midkyeft: yes wooooo, bio: it's fun
09:18:31midki dream about the blocks
09:18:36midki installed BlockFall in Firefox
09:18:42midkso i can play it when i'm bored
09:18:42yefti cant wait for that sucker
09:19:31BioHazardthe tetris plugin would so rock with all that stuff your adding
09:19:49BioHazardif i could figure out how to code for rockbox, id write some stuff
09:20:05midkrockbox is somewhat simple
09:20:21BioHazardbut "rockbox C++" is so much different from "the normal C++"
09:20:40midkit's c yo
09:20:49BioHazardlike these "rb->" things in front of evrything
09:21:03BioHazardits just "c"?
09:21:17midkrb-> is for the api
09:21:22midkrockbox functions
09:21:26midkyeah just c
09:21:35midkin the normal code you use like lcd_update();
09:21:38 Join RobbieVox [0] (
09:21:39midkthat's a rockbox function
09:21:41yefti almost started to try to learn c so i could almost try and code for rockbox
09:21:42BioHazardbut ive seen "//" in the code
09:21:45midkin the plugins you use rb->
09:21:51midkthat's probably jorg's code
09:21:56midkhe likes that style
09:22:21BioHazardi thought // didnt work in c
09:22:41midkit works yes yo yo yo
09:22:45midksorry let me stop the yo yo yos
09:23:29BioHazardi can code a little, but id need somebody to help me with the rockbox "first steps"
09:23:42BioHazardive already got the compiler working
09:23:49midkME ME
09:23:51midkpick me!
09:23:53midkhere here
09:23:57midk*waves hand in air
09:24:10yeftmidk did you see the thing at tightsystems?
09:24:21midkheh sorry yeft flash isn't working
09:24:24midkjust formatted today
09:24:26yeft(heh just realized your nick is currently out of date)
09:24:32BioHazardbut i cant now... its 1:00 here so i need to sleep here pretty quick
09:24:49yeft3:30 here which means its not 1 there
09:24:51midkBioHazard: see you later then :)
09:25:03BioHazard3:30 AM?
09:25:13midk12:30 here
09:25:47yeftjust got back from work
09:26:09BioHazardcorection, looking at the clock that <i>WORKS</i> its 12:26 AM
09:26:39midkbio lives near midky
09:26:46midkwhere in california or something right
09:27:41yeftare we in agreement video on a pixel screen of the recorder is ridiculously cool, and archos must be in awe?
09:28:05midkyes we are
09:28:11midkdid you try the madelbrot
09:28:13midkits gray too
09:28:14midkits ncie
09:28:16DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
09:28:20midklosing control.
09:28:28BioHazardwhat is the mandelbrot exactly?
09:28:30yefti saw a screenshot
09:28:41BioHazardis it a fractal?
09:28:45yeftdoes it just draw it?
09:28:50midkBioHazard: it's like an LCd test to see how fast your target can compute or something
09:29:41BioHazardmidk: ill be on tomorrow if you want to help me with coding...
09:29:58midksure me too bio
09:31:38midkyeft: draws it yes
09:31:42midkand you can zoom, pan, etc
09:32:53BioHazardsome code to show where im at coding-wise so you know where to start
09:33:35midkheh you'll do :)
09:33:56midkall you really have to know is how do to the behind the scenes stuff.. ints, chars, simple things like that
09:34:00midkthe rockbox api does the rest
09:34:20midkwhile, for, etc
09:34:27BioHazardi dont know how to do strings, arrays, or structs
09:34:41midki don't really either lol
09:34:46midkstrings are just chars
09:34:49BioHazardno book ive read can explain it right
09:34:56midkstructs, sort of get it
09:35:09midkok i can help you out with arrays and strings
09:35:17midkstructs i think so too
09:35:25BioHazardarrays are so simple! but i cant figure it out >.<
09:35:54midkchar array[3] = { "yo", "yo", "yo" };
09:38:17BioHazardid love to make a .rock out of this:
09:38:27BioHazardcause im always needing one of those
09:38:46midkcalculates tax?
09:39:02midklooks fairly simple
09:39:08midktomorrow we could port that to rockbox
09:39:25BioHazardthatd be cool
09:40:35 Join matsl [0] (
09:41:14BioHazardill be on when i can. you around here pretty much always? or do we need to coordinate?
09:42:31midkpretty mcuh always :)
09:42:50midkoften from maybe noon tomorrow to 8pm
09:43:41BioHazardoh well ill be there between there and then definetly
09:44:17midksounds good
09:45:21BioHazardif i can figure it out, ive got some ideas for some plugins :)
09:45:39BioHazardbut for now... im tired...
09:45:43midklet's get you ont eh road :)
09:45:59midkeh go to bed? :D
09:46:19BioHazardso im gonna DL the latest RB build and go to bed
09:46:21 Quit yeft (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:46:35midknite bio
09:46:57BioHazardone quick thing:
09:47:41BioHazardwhen developing plugins, can you just compile the rocks or do you need to compile the whole thing?
09:48:14midkwell you compile the whole thing, but it only compiles what's been modified after the first few builds
09:48:27midkso just the one plugin if thats' all you're working on
09:49:06BioHazardand i need to test it on the JB itself and not the sim?
09:49:21BioHazardwell yea, plugs dont work on the sim huh...
09:50:22midkthey do work on the sim
09:50:26midkbut i recommend the target
09:50:39midkthe sim can be a hassle sometimes
09:50:44midki never found it that reliable
09:51:01BioHazardand its cumbersome to use
09:51:15midkbut if you want sure
09:51:43BioHazardeven if they did work id still do it on the jb
09:52:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:52:01*midk claps
09:52:10BioHazardbut my PC stops recognizing the jb after ~5 unplugs
09:52:51BioHazardi think it confuses windows
09:53:05BioHazard(not like thats hard to do :) )
09:53:27 Part thu ("Client exiting")
09:54:00midkduring a good coding session i do usb plug about... 100 times
09:54:32BioHazardi can probably figure out a workaround
09:54:47BioHazardlike plugging it into one of my other computers
09:54:47midkwoo bio
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09:54:56midkworth a shot
09:55:29BioHazard"fine, youve had enough of THIS computer? how about this one >:D "
09:57:00BioHazardwasant i supposed to be going to bet about 33 lines ago?
09:57:33BioHazardyea... i think ill do that now...
09:57:56midkok nite bio
09:57:58BioHazardill be on tomorrow... then we can start work on that plugin
09:58:55BioHazardusually when i ask for help coding in here, i get reluctant responses. so im glad i found somebody who is willing
09:59:58BioHazardim lik so tird, im makin speling mistaks
10:00:18midkomfg i did that a few months ago
10:00:27 Quit BioHazard (""i got ye flask!!!" -=SysReset 2.51=-")
10:01:19 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
10:13:11 Quit midk ("yo yo yo cya later YO YO YO wasa wasa!")
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10:50:33 Join BC [0] (
11:13:34BChi guys - anyone know if structs are packed?
11:30:58uskiif they are, unpack them
11:31:01uski(blah ;)))
11:31:37BCmy new plugin has a couple of array-of-struct, and is just about to hit the 32K barrier :(
11:33:20 Join cjnr11 [0] (
11:33:22 Part cjnr11
11:35:51uskiwhat plugin is it ?
11:36:11BCit's the first card game built on the card-game framework
11:36:42BC"klondike solitaire"
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12:01:29 Join RobbieVox [0] (
12:20:23BCdoes anyone know if there is there any way to load a specific font "5x7" or "Hebrew-Bold"
12:21:04c0uttanope - only by using wps
12:21:36BCdamn! Thanks c0utta
12:28:56 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:29:29BCc0utta: do you know if I can hook back into the wps load_font routine from a plugin?
12:30:55 Join Nibbler [0] (
12:30:56c0uttathere is only an lcd_setfont available in the plugin
12:31:12c0uttaso i don't think so
12:31:50BCthere has to be SOME way to load a font - I'm just having zero luck on working out how!
12:32:17BCI need a way to evaluate what "int" was assigned to each font
12:36:56c0uttayes, you might have to write your own function for font.c to return the int you require. i know stuff all about fonts though
12:39:28BChmmm, think I'll leave the core code alone - if i hadn't just run out of ram I'd just use my own font routines :(
12:40:11BCmind you, if there's a way to work it out at run-time, I suppose there is nothing to stop me putting that code in my plugin :)
12:43:26c0uttalooking at the font code it's way beyond me
12:46:16BCThanks for looking dude :)
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14:01:33 Join RobbieVox [0] (
14:03:57BCWOW! a fellow brit :) Hello Robbie!
15:01:54 Join AciD [0] (
15:05:40 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:13:12 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:17:32 Quit Schee ("Bâille bâille")
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17:06:12 Join Shiber [0] (
17:06:40Shiberis there a way to play the files in a directory according to their track numbers in the IDv3 tags, other than generating a playlist that rockbox could follow?
17:07:06ShiberIn other words, if I have a directory that contains a specific album, and all the files in that album have their original track number recorded into their IDv3 data,
17:07:15Shiberis is possible to play that directory according to the album order,
17:07:27Shiberexcept by modifying file names to contain the track number and/or building a playlist?
17:08:27BCno :(
17:08:35Shiberbummer :(
17:08:46Shiberwhat playlist formats can rockbox read?
17:08:47 Join scott666 [0] (
17:09:09Shiberdo you know what playlist formats rockbox can read?
17:09:10BCthere have been a couple of requests for it, but until someone who can program wants it, it is likely to remain unwritten
17:09:22BCdidn't know there were multiple formats
17:09:28Shiberoh, that's great
17:09:38BChey scott ;)
17:09:54Shiberso if i put an .m3u file in a directory and set the 'Follow playlist' option on, i can browse that directory in the same order as in the playlist, right?
17:10:46scott666follow playlist just lets you leave teh WPS in the directory the song playing is in, instead of the rot
17:10:47Shiberarrgh, this is getting frustrating :(
17:11:12BCi've never quite worked out what follow playlist does - apart from the fact that if you quit during play it will drop you in the directory of the last file being played
17:11:23scott666it does that ^^^
17:11:31BCis that ir?
17:11:54scott666kinda confusing name
17:12:11Shiberwell, if i dump an album into a directory and create a playlist for it with the songs in the same order as in the album, is there any way i can play that album in the correct order just by entering the directory and pressing play?
17:12:27BCyes, higlight the playlist
17:12:35scott666if you play the playlist
17:12:43Shiberno other way than that, i suppose
17:12:48Shiberwell, thanks anyway
17:12:51Shiberoh, one more thing:
17:12:56BCsame with Winamp
17:13:09Shiberis is possible to play all of my files in random shuffle?
17:13:19BCyes, build a playlist of them all
17:13:20Shiberthat is, every file under root, not just the contents of a certain directory
17:13:42scott666what do you have against playlists?
17:13:44Shiberwell, thanks a lot
17:13:51Shiberi was just hoping there's an easier solution
17:13:58Shiberi guess i should've bought an Apple iPod :D
17:13:59BCrockbox will build the list for you if you ask nicely enough
17:14:11BCor learn to code in C
17:14:16BC...whichever is cheaper
17:14:18Shiberi can code, i'm just lazy
17:14:49BCah, then you will be needing a LOT of money
17:14:56BCwhich kinda puts you in a paradox
17:15:02uskiBC: lol
17:15:17Shiberwell, it's a cruel world
17:15:59uskiwell, i see it this way: eat others or get eaten
17:16:04uskieat others = code yourself
17:16:15uskiget eaten = give the money to the ones who code and sell their work
17:16:26uskiget eaten = buy an iPod
17:16:30BCshit yeah, I'll code for cash :)
17:16:43Shiberwell, thanks for all your help
17:16:48BCwelcome dude
17:16:55 Quit Shiber ("gonna get off my lazy ass and start coding")
17:17:41BCI got a five-spot says he don't ;)
17:17:46 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:22:39 Join Dogger [0] (
17:24:15 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:42:51 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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18:04:05 Join RobbieVox [0] (
18:25:51 Join maedhros [0] (
18:26:05maedhrosWhat's up with the .voice files?
18:26:28BCgenerically or specifically?
18:26:46BCthey're in beta release
18:27:29maedhrosso I need to dl the daily build to use them?
18:28:28BChm. It's always certainly worth getting the latest build of beta functions - but I could not answer specifically for voice
18:29:32BCthe voice stuff is THE active thing atm -do you know of our mailing list?
18:34:49BCaha - you should discover it - it will keep you up to date with all the beta stuff :)
18:42:38 Part BC
18:42:45 Part maedhros
18:44:01 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:02:28 Join puccino [0] (
19:08:48 Part puccino
19:08:55 Join top_bloke [0] (
19:09:09 Join deadite66-2 [0] (
19:18:58 Join puccino2 [0] (
19:19:25puccino2anybody there?
19:20:37top_blokei am
19:20:49puccino2I'm a bit concerned because Archos has discontinued the model 500277 ie the
19:21:07puccino2traditionally designed Jukebox
19:21:37top_bloketheyre old and outdated
19:22:02puccino2does that just leave us with the version 2 jukebox with the
19:22:23puccino2earphone plug on the side?
19:22:34top_blokeyeah i guess
19:23:23top_blokedo u have a recorder?
19:23:47puccino2yes, one that i upgraded to 60 GB
19:24:10top_blokewell if you already have one why do you care
19:24:19puccino2I've bought another one on ebay just for a back up
19:24:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
19:24:41top_blokeu really like that archos huh
19:25:05puccino2I really like rockbox, is what I like!
19:25:21top_blokeyeah me too
19:25:48top_blokebut hardware wise the archos sucks
19:25:55puccino2It's not a big deal I just
19:26:34puccino2think the archos designer for version 2 didn't think it out very well
19:27:09puccino2with the earphone plug on the side it's difficult to slip the unit in a shirt pocket
19:27:48top_blokebut its got some better features than v1
19:27:59deadite66-2if my archos broke i would look at the iAUDIO M3 iAUDIO M3
19:28:16top_blokedoes it run rockbox?
19:28:28puccino2thanks I'll check that out
19:28:32top_blokethen its worthless
19:28:51deadite66-2it has bookmarking, mid file resume, wav, wma, mp3 ogg
19:29:07puccino2what features are better on the version 2?? you were saying...
19:29:13top_blokeM3 sounds like a BMW
19:29:18top_blokethe batteries last longer
19:29:30top_blokeand can charge off usb
19:29:49puccino2i see
19:30:11top_blokebut then again you cant replace the batteries
19:30:37puccino2don't like that.
19:31:12puccino2I just had to replace my batteries after about 9 months
19:31:30top_blokefrom stock?
19:31:45puccino2I'd hate to have to send my AJR back to the company to do that
19:32:24top_blokethats pretty good
19:32:30top_bloke9 months
19:32:40puccino2Yeah I was really pleased
19:33:18puccino2So, I just want to see rockbox continue and so
19:33:34puccino2I just hope the hardware platform doesn'
19:33:43puccino2doesn't go south
19:33:50top_blokewell maybe they fill find a new platform
19:35:01puccino2hope so. If these up and coming disk-based mp3 player manufactures were smart
19:35:20puccino2they'd just take a look a rockbox features and
19:35:39puccino2include them in their navigatiion software
19:36:05top_blokebut then they'd never update it
19:36:23top_blokeand you couldnt customize every part
19:36:44puccino2that's true, open source is the most ideal.
19:37:02top_blokeyeah they need to allow open source in more players
19:37:29puccino2I heard microsoft actually registered a project with Sourceforge
19:37:38puccino2just recently
19:37:48top_blokethats crazy
19:38:05puccino2yeah, go to the Sourceforge site. It's in the news
19:39:57puccino2opensource really works when you developing product that has never-tried-before interface and
19:40:11puccino2your not sure what people really want
19:40:31puccino2it just makes sense
19:41:36puccino2gotta go download 2.2, cheers!
19:41:44 Part puccino2
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19:55:58 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
19:57:55 Quit deadite66-2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:04:10 Join RobbieVox [0] (
20:24:08 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:41:28 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:55:49 Join scott666 [0] (
20:57:29 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
20:57:35 Join scott666 [0] (
21:02:07 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
21:02:16 Join scott666 [0] (
21:04:14 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
21:04:21 Join scott666 [0] (
21:10:53 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
21:16:20 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
21:16:33 Join scott666 [0] (
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22:03:35 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:04:21 Join RobbieVox [0] (
22:06:44 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
22:07:04 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
22:08:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:13:47 Join diddystar5 [0] (
22:14:03 Join midk [0] (
22:23:27 Join lImbus [0] (
22:26:17 Join diddystar5_ [0] (
22:26:17 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26:43 Nick diddystar5_ is now known as diddystar5 (
22:41:10uskihi diddystar5
22:41:22diddystar5yo usk
22:49:03 Join BioHazard [0] (
22:49:31midkhey bio
22:50:31BioHazardman... i just bought a video card and it wasant as advertised... so now i need to return it :(
22:50:50midkwhat kind?
22:51:03BioHazardgeforce fx 5200 128MB
22:51:24midkhey i've got one of those
22:51:25BioHazardi need one with 2 outputs and s-video
22:51:54BioHazardthis one only came with 1 (when the little sign thing said it had 2)
22:52:43BioHazardi dont know why i bought it... i dont really play many games...
22:53:00BioHazardexcept ZDoom but that dosen use the video card for anything
22:53:03midkwhere'd you get it from?
22:53:13diddystar5ZDoom is old
22:53:16BioHazardcircut city
22:53:17diddystar5get doom legacy :)
22:53:26BioHazardZDoom is way leeter than legacy
22:53:31BioHazardediting-wise anyway
22:53:36midkmajor burn
22:53:47diddystar5i dont think so
22:53:59diddystar5legacy isnt the best looking, but i thiunk it is the best
22:54:04BioHazardonce legacy has custom actors and ACS ill switch
22:54:10diddystar5that doomsday version, looks reallllyy nice
22:54:28diddystar5the dynamic lighting is awsome
22:54:52BioHazardif i wanted that id play ZDoomGL
22:55:04diddystar5you dont use rendering?
22:55:22diddystar5with rendering it looks 5000x better
22:55:23BioHazardi like it nice and pixelated
22:55:31midklol bio
22:55:45BioHazardalthough with the hires tex pack it looks nicer
22:56:09 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:56:27BioHazardby "zdoom is old" do you mean the last update? or the last stable release?
22:56:34 Join top_bloke [0] (
22:56:42diddystar5its just old
22:56:48BioHazardso is legacy
22:56:51diddystar5legacy 1.42 was just released
22:57:32BioHazardzdoom 2.0.64 will be out soon (adds abillity to add custom weapons like EDGE can)
22:58:22BioHazard2.0.63 was released last month and added custom definable monsters to DECORATE (not with dehacked)
22:59:07BioHazardno wait... 2.0.64 was released 2/10/04
22:59:36 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:59:46BioHazard2.0.64 will have strife support (in addition to heretic and hexen)
23:00:42diddystar5it.. didn't have that before...
23:00:47diddystar5legacy does
23:02:40BioHazardlegacy does what? strife?
23:03:28BioHazardaccording to my research, the _ONLY_ things that legacy can do that ZDoom cant are:
23:03:35BioHazard1. OpenGL
23:03:42BioHazard2. 3D floors
23:03:46BioHazard3. crash
23:04:26 Join theBishop [0] (
23:04:58theBishophow is rockbox compiled?
23:05:02diddystar5i have to go for a minute
23:05:03diddystar5see you
23:05:33midkbishop: using an sdk
23:05:41lImbushi bishop, rockbox is compiled by gcc in a proper environment
23:06:02 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:06:30BioHazardanyway... enough arguing about doom... midk: you ready to start teaching?
23:06:39midksure bio
23:06:56BioHazardshould we do it here in the room, or go to PM?
23:07:12BioHazardif we did it here it could be good for the logs...
23:07:25BioHazardor somebody else could help if we get stuck
23:07:32top_blokemid is teaching?
23:07:32theBishoplimbus: how do you create the .rock file?
23:07:33midkif we do it here diddystar could pop in and say i should make you use linux
23:07:34 Join scott666 [0] (
23:07:47BioHazardi dont mind linux :)
23:07:57midkor tell you to get a full cygwin using your setup.log
23:08:00BioHazardi use it regularly
23:08:11midki mean
23:08:18midkif we do it here diddystar could pop in and overcomplicate it
23:08:20BioHazardive compiled rockbox under both of them
23:08:39BioHazard"/mute diddystar5"
23:08:54midkMUTE Unknown command
23:09:21midk* Ignore is on
23:09:25midkuh oh
23:09:33midkDEIGNORE Unknown command
23:09:39midkoh there
23:09:42midkit was /ignore off
23:10:33BioHazardso, what files do i need open? just the .c?
23:10:50midkwhat are we doing now?
23:11:13BioHazardwere converting tax.cpp to a .rock
23:11:35midki think we should just start from scratch
23:11:49BioHazardthat would work
23:12:00lImbusbishop: *.rock's are compiled by make in the big process of compiling the rockbox-software. I am myself experimenting with plugins, but did not try to found out how to do it separately
23:12:07midkstart a new C file in /rockbox/apps/plugins
23:12:15midktax.c or taxcalc.c or whatever :)
23:12:15*BioHazard opens oh holy notepad
23:12:26midknah use what you want :)
23:12:58BioHazardshould i update the source files in the build dir?
23:13:09midkrerun make?
23:13:11BioHazardits like 2 months old now
23:13:21midkjust do "make clean"
23:13:24BioHazardi mean cvs checkout
23:13:41midkor you could just make a new subdir
23:13:47midk"tax-plugin" or something
23:13:55midki usually do that to keep /home clean
23:14:31BioHazardim cvs checkouting
23:15:00midkas soon as apps/plugins exists you can start your c file
23:16:24BioHazardk, checked out
23:16:55BioHazardtax.c created
23:17:12midkso always in plugins
23:17:19midkyou have to have a few things
23:17:28BioHazardshould i copy the init stuff out of helloworld.c?
23:17:37midkopen helloworld.c in apps/plugins to use the example
23:17:37BioHazardlike the unit check and stuff?
23:17:53midk#include "plugin.h"
23:18:00midk#ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
23:18:04midkat least for now...
23:18:08midkyou've got a rec right?
23:18:13BioHazardwell... this will be difficult... notepad dosent like unix linebreaks
23:18:27midktextpad is pretty useful, it can
23:18:42midkit can also auto-indent, colorcode etc
23:18:49midk*wouldn't code with anything else
23:19:07BioHazardill check it out here real quick
23:20:05midkand you can debug errors easier cos it has line numbers
23:20:49 Quit lImbus (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
23:21:20BioHazardhey... thats a nice app
23:21:33midkdoes everything i want it
23:21:39midknever found anything that worked as well :)
23:21:54midktabs are good to
23:21:56BioHazardwow, already its better than notepad
23:22:03midkmultiple docs inside of one window
23:22:13midkmakes it easier to rip off code :)
23:22:17midkahem i mean reuse
23:23:15 Quit Dogger ("Client Exiting")
23:25:37BioHazardk, got textpad working
23:25:44BioHazardhelloworld.c is open
23:26:14 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:26:22 Join scott666 [0] (
23:26:27midkok now
23:26:51midkdid oyu get all the init stuff over?
23:27:12BioHazardk, where does it start and where does it end?
23:27:27midklet me open textpad too
23:28:33midkall right
23:28:50midkcopy over the #include at the beginning
23:29:16midkthat and this:
23:29:17midkstatic struct plugin_api* rb;
23:29:23midkenum plugin_status plugin_start(struct plugin_api* api, void* parameter)
23:29:27midk TEST_PLUGIN_API(api);
23:29:31midk (void)parameter;
23:29:36midk rb = api;
23:29:44midkthat's all
23:30:06BioHazardk, so thats one function?
23:30:15midkno don't close it yet
23:30:18 Quit scott666 (Client Quit)
23:30:28midkafter all that we start a while loop:
23:30:28 Join scott666 [0] (
23:30:50midkthis loop runs while the plugin is active
23:30:53BioHazardinside plugin_status?
23:31:43BioHazardk, now what is it comparing PLUGIN_OK to?
23:32:07 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:32:14midkplugin_ok means the plugin is done & finished ok
23:32:27midkto exit the plugin you "return PLUGIN_OK"
23:32:41midkthis is saying that while the plugin is *not* ok, <blah>
23:32:42diddystar5or you can return 0
23:32:45diddystar5works just as fine
23:32:48midkgod dammit
23:32:51midkwhat did i say about dids bio
23:33:08BioHazardso its "while PLUGIN_OK is not..."
23:33:18midkthen do whatever's in the brackets
23:33:24diddystar5you can do while 1 {}
23:33:29BioHazardif its not what?
23:33:36midk*stays calm
23:33:44midkif it's not "ok"
23:33:51midkplugin_ok means the plugin finished okay
23:34:00midkif it hasn't finished, do this
23:34:09midk"while PLUGIN_OK is not done"
23:34:15midknot true
23:34:29BioHazardBAM! "/ignore diddystar5" *ignore your legacy-using @$$! :D (just till were done with this lesson)
23:35:20BioHazardno hard feelings, i just dont want him confusing me
23:35:37midkok let's move on
23:35:40midkmake sense so far?
23:35:50BioHazardim stuck on this "not" thing
23:36:04BioHazardif its not <i>what</i>
23:36:10midkif it's not true
23:36:19midkif plugin_ok becomes true the plugin exits
23:36:31diddystar50=flase 1=true
23:36:37midkso !PLUGIN_OK means basically while we're not finished with the plugin
23:36:39BioHazardso its "while (plugin_ok != 1)" ?
23:36:51midk!PLUGIN_OK works the same what
23:36:57midk*ignores diddystar too
23:37:01diddystar5plugin_ok is just like saying 1
23:37:15BioHazardoh, poor guy
23:37:29midkdids, pm is still open
23:37:38midkstill usable*
23:37:57midkplugin_ok is a bool
23:38:01midkeither true or false
23:38:12midkwhile(PLUGIN_OK) would mean while plugin_ok is true
23:38:18midkwhile(!PLUGIN_OK) would mean while plugin_ok is false
23:38:25BioHazardi got it
23:38:28diddystar5its not bool
23:38:41BioHazardthattl help a lot with deciphering ZDoom ACS stuff
23:39:05midk!= 0 would work for an int :)
23:39:27midkok so now we've got the plugin setup right
23:39:31BioHazardbut making an int when it only needs to be a bool wastes memory
23:39:41midkso it happens to be a bool in this case
23:39:44diddystar5while (midk=asshole) { let_me_talk }
23:40:45diddystar5have to go
23:40:46diddystar5one sec
23:40:50midkare you somewhat familiar with the rockbox api?
23:40:50 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:41:07BioHazardi almost feel bad for him
23:41:33midkheh he's prolly just rebooting into linux to hack the pc
23:42:05BioHazardk, so while (!pulgin_ok) do {}
23:42:21BioHazardor does it do something in there
23:42:22midkyou've got a recorder right?
23:42:29midkyou don't need the do
23:42:38midklet's make this recorder only for now then
23:42:41BioHazardi know there is no do
23:42:53midkwe could also make it dual function.. maybe like a tip calculator or something
23:42:59BioHazarddont we need #ifdef s?
23:43:13BioHazardit was originally a tip calculator
23:43:16midkto make it compile for the recorder only, do "#ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP" right after the #include
23:43:29midkand #endif at the very end after the last closing curly bracket
23:44:22midkhope i'm doing ok :)
23:45:06BioHazardif the #ifdef went after the #include, wouldnt it still pull in the plugin.h even for a non-supported platform, thus creating wasting space?
23:45:13scott666ooh, calculator plugin?
23:45:18midkheh no scott
23:45:31BioHazardnot yet anyway ;)
23:45:51midkbio, yes, but if we do it after the #include then it is anyways compiled for the player
23:45:55scott666didnt someone on the list say they were working on one? or was that you BioHazard?
23:45:56midkbut the plugin loader will reject it
23:45:59midkscott: it was i
23:46:44midkscott never got far
23:46:50midki'll try it later again
23:47:16midkso bio, the reason it's after the #include is because the plugin loader will then compile it for the player so that it can error out: "Wrong model"
23:47:40 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:47:51BioHazardyea, now that i look at it, your right
23:48:35midkok let's move on
23:49:07BioHazard while (!PLUGIN_OK){}
23:49:37midknow we can start with the calculating portion
23:49:53midkwe'll do the interface last
23:49:58midkthat should make it easier
23:50:27BioHazarddo i put stuff between the {} or create a new function
23:50:48midkwhatever you want to run while your plugin is going you put in the { }
23:50:55diddystar5you put anything legal in c betwene the {}'s
23:50:57midkbut to make it more readable let's seperate it into functions
23:51:16midkso let's see
23:51:23 Quit theBishop (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:51:26midkwhere's your original source?
23:51:34midkwe can use it as a guide
23:51:46BioHazardhe hasnt done anythin confusing yet, once he does something i dont understand, /ignore again
23:52:10BioHazardyou need a link?
23:52:25diddystar5let me do it, i have actually worked on code for things other than rockbox
23:52:35midkyeah pls
23:52:52scott666wouldnt designing a calculator be all interface though?
23:52:53BioHazardi know how to code for stuff, just not rockbox
23:52:58midkscott yes
23:53:03midkif you want to help with a ui go ahead
23:53:08midkyeah bio
23:53:12midkcan i see your source?
23:53:41scott666but you said you were doing the interface last, so what does that mean youre doing now?
23:53:45BioHazardthere i hope thats right
23:53:53scott666or are we not doing a calculator and im just confused
23:53:56BioHazardwere working on something else
23:54:02midkscott not right now
23:54:09scott666ok then
23:54:10midki was gonna do a calc seperately
23:54:20BioHazardi once made a calculator in zdoom
23:54:23midkyeah that's it bio
23:54:24scott666so what are you doing then?
23:54:27diddystar5what is that?
23:54:39midktax calculator
23:55:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:56:06BioHazardk, in tax.cpp we can strip out the instructions
23:56:30midklet's start at the beginning
23:56:32midkwe can put
23:56:36midkint i = 500;
23:56:36midkint q;
23:56:50midkafter the "static struct plugin_ap *rb;"
23:57:03BioHazardso, "while (!PLUGIN_OK){ I PUT STUFF HERE }"?
23:57:24midkwell yeah
23:57:35BioHazardok, just needed to clarify
23:57:49scott666wait....while plugin NOT ok?
23:57:56midkyes scott
23:58:04midkplugin_ok exits
23:58:18scott666that seems backwards
23:58:23midki know
23:58:24scott666i think ill just be quiet now
23:58:29midkgood idea
23:58:36midk*shoves off the stage

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