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#rockbox log for 2004-04-26

00:01:01BioHazardso now i write a calculation function?
00:01:38BioHazardnew function or inside while(!plugin_ok)?
00:01:45midknew function for simplicity
00:01:49diddystar5int calc_dskdjsk {int ans = this_number-thisrunber; return ans}
00:02:06midkwell you could have an input() function and a calculate() function
00:02:15midkin the while loop calling input()
00:02:26midkwhen done in input() call calculate()
00:03:28BioHazardwhile (!PLUGIN_OK){
00:04:10midkyou can do the calculation framework
00:04:19midkthen we can do the interface together
00:04:27BioHazardnow calculating things in rockbox is the same C as anything
00:04:53BioHazardor are there rb->add kinds of things?
00:05:02midkwe don't need rb-> at this point
00:05:38BioHazardq = (i * .0825); = tax calculation framework. ooooooh complicated
00:06:02midkwell q is an int right
00:06:12midkthus it would round to the next whole number
00:06:15midknot very accurate
00:06:21BioHazardi = input amount, q = output amount
00:06:35BioHazardit outputs in cents
00:06:42diddystar5BioHazard, you will not be able to do any sin tan functions etc, basicly no floating point stuff, trust me, i have tried it :)
00:06:53midkso like for 5.74 output it would say "574?
00:07:12BioHazardyou input in cents, it outputs in cents
00:07:31midkso $5.74" == "574"?
00:07:34BioHazarddiddystar: you dont need sin and cosin for tax calculations...
00:07:49midki told you about complications
00:08:27BioHazardwell, stuff like that is just BS, so its not confusing
00:08:35midkwas he serious?
00:08:58BioHazard<diddystar5> BioHazard, you will not be able to do any sin tan functions etc, basicly no floating point stuff, trust me, i have tried it :)
00:08:58diddystar5but, dont you want it to be a full calc also?
00:09:03scott666multiplying by fractions is a good way to get around int instead of (x * .75), ((x * 3) / 4)
00:09:15BioHazardits just a tax calculator
00:09:21BioHazardim just learning
00:09:26diddystar5but, add the tax calc in with a normal calc :)
00:09:28*scott666 wants a full calculator
00:09:35midkscott maybe later today
00:09:47midkscott actually i could do it
00:09:49midklater on ok
00:09:57midkok ok
00:10:00midkso now
00:10:00diddystar5i think you people are silly
00:10:04scott666by full all i mean is + - * / ^
00:10:05diddystar5im goign to make a real calc
00:10:27diddystar5scott666, join #calculator :)
00:10:33scott666nothing complicated
00:10:36midkbio: with me?
00:10:38BioHazarddiddystar: im sure you just <i>started</i> coding at carmack level huh... not all of us are like that...
00:10:39midkscott OKAY
00:10:57midkheh what am i missing here
00:11:00diddystar5well, a norm cacl isnt that much harder.. if harder at all
00:11:26midkbio: try "ctrl + i"
00:11:32midkhmm maybe not
00:11:34midkctrl b
00:11:39 Part diddystar5 ("Leaving")
00:11:41midkyo yo yo yo yo
00:11:46midk la la la la LAAAAAA
00:11:51 Join diddystar5 [0] (
00:11:53scott666how are you inputting the rate and stuff?
00:11:56scott666or are we not that far?
00:12:00midknto that far
00:12:03midkabout to do it now
00:12:08midkok so bio
00:12:18midkcalculate() is all ready?
00:12:41scott666diddystar5: im not coming
00:12:42diddystar5#calcualtor , for all talk about makeing calculators :)
00:12:59diddystar5scott666, comeon, you can get your name on the credits :)
00:13:42BioHazardcalculate is an awful small function
00:13:48scott666BC'll get mad if i start somethin else...he'll think i abondoned blackjack...which i should probably work on
00:13:54midkheh bio..
00:14:12midklike one line huh
00:14:38midkok let's do this a different way
00:14:50midkput the calculation line in the while loop
00:15:01 Join deadite66 [0] (
00:15:10BioHazardim changing i to input and q to output
00:15:44midkwasn't it already that way?
00:15:51BioHazardi = cash, q = tax
00:16:07BioHazardi changed the names
00:16:21BioHazardso thier easier to keep track of
00:16:39 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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00:17:29midki = cash, q = tax, i + q = total?
00:17:49BioHazardk, so as it sits now, the program will calculate the tax on 500 cents over and over forever
00:18:08BioHazardtax = (cash * .0825);
00:18:21midktotal = tax + cash; ?
00:18:26scott666that wont be very accurate though
00:18:31midkscott come on.
00:18:37diddystar5you make you stinky TAX calc, i make a real calc :)
00:18:41scott666i think .08 = 0 to the compiler
00:18:58midkshould we move to pm? lol
00:19:03BioHazardit works in TCPPLite
00:19:06scott666these are ints, floats
00:19:21midkhere's what we'll do
00:19:33midkint cash, tax, total;
00:19:38midkcash = input
00:19:41midktax = tax amount
00:19:45midktotal = cash + tax
00:19:51BioHazardyou can int more than one thing per line?
00:19:56scott666tax = cash * rate?
00:20:06midkyes bio
00:20:25midkthen after that do "cash = 500;"
00:20:30midkto default it to $5
00:20:32scott666you mean like int cash, tax, total = 0;?
00:20:49midkscott no.
00:21:04midkthis is getting sort of confusing now
00:21:39midkok got that bio
00:21:46midksorry this is getting hectic
00:22:12diddystar5then join #calculator for calc specific talk
00:22:12BioHazardk, just for clarification, this is a simple SIMPLE 51Mp13 program to messily calculate tax at a hard-coded rate
00:22:31midkcan you paste me what you've got
00:22:33midkso far
00:22:41midkso we can continue instead of argue about rates
00:22:42BioHazardi know you understand, but nobody else seems to
00:23:10midkthe reason i split it up into cash, tax, and total is so we can do it like a recepit
00:23:16midksubtotal: x
00:23:20midktax: x
00:23:21midktotal: x
00:23:25BioHazardgood idea
00:23:40midknow we'll do, right after those ints, "cash = 500;
00:23:43midkfor default
00:24:16BioHazardint price = 500, tax, total;
00:24:51BioHazardor do i need to set the value of price seperatly
00:25:04midkset it seperately
00:25:05midkyou could either to
00:25:17midkint price, tax, total; price = 500;
00:25:26midkor int tax, total; int price = 500;
00:25:31midkup to you
00:26:04BioHazardah, ok
00:26:11BioHazardso it needs to be seperate
00:26:19midki'd do the first one
00:26:36midkso you can comment on the "price = 500;" with /* default to $5 */
00:26:46BioHazardalready did
00:26:46 Join RobbieVox [0] (
00:27:07midkok, let's start on the input function
00:27:21midkvoid input(void) { to start
00:27:30BioHazardgot it already
00:27:39BioHazardhow do i do button handling
00:27:50midklet's do the interface first
00:28:00BioHazarddoes it need (void) or will () work?
00:28:02diddystar5do core code first
00:28:10midkeither works
00:29:11midkactually bio
00:29:20midkit would be simpler just do it all in the while loop
00:29:42midkheh sorry we're not moving anywhere
00:29:48BioHazardif input() only gets called once, id move it there at the end
00:29:54midkafter your ints you call rb->lcd_setfont(FONT_SYSFIXED);
00:30:06midkthat sets the font to a system font
00:30:21midkto ensure it all fits on the screen
00:30:22BioHazardnot inside a function?
00:30:23scott666ze: interesting
00:30:29midkbio: nope
00:30:41zeyeah i thought so
00:30:42midkafter the ints will do fine
00:30:57scott666does it say how the UI works?
00:31:13midkheh bio let's move to pm
00:31:15zei only looked at that one page and moved on to other things
00:31:18midkour productivity is decreasing
00:31:34BioHazardforget these "others"
00:31:46scott666seems like a good idea, but i dont see how you choose what to transfer
00:32:25zeyou mean for the indicated-folder transfer mode? i dunno heh
00:32:34zei wondered that too
00:32:45scott666you should send that to the list
00:33:12 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
00:33:19 Join scott666 [0] (
00:34:54zei'm not on the list anymore
00:34:54zenot for a long time now
00:35:19scott666i will then
00:35:44zeok hehe
00:36:36midkhey ze
00:37:33zehey mid
00:37:33zeyou got a karma?
00:37:33midkoyah oyah
00:37:41zewell i just found your post about the intro play feature on the karma...
00:38:03deadite66thanks ze posted that link on
00:38:20deadite66it must just copy everything over though
00:38:33zewell it says it has a mode to copy a specified folder
00:38:44zei didn't see anything about how to select what folder though
00:38:59scott666sent to the rockbox list
00:39:28 Join will513 [0] (
00:41:38 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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00:52:26 Join yeft [0] (
00:55:02yeftheh i gotta go
00:55:06yeftbut it was fun to stop in
00:55:07 Quit yeft (Client Quit)
00:55:10midkwtf is that about
00:55:14midkyou come in for like 2 seconds
00:56:26zeactually it was 2 minutes
00:56:39midkstfu ze
00:56:41midkheh jk
00:57:28scott666timestamps are a beautiful thing
00:57:59midkscott loves timestamps
00:57:59midkyou know you want them scott
00:58:00midkyou know you want those timestamps
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02:18:03BCanyone know how long is a "tick" in button_get_with_tmo
02:18:03midkhz = 1s
02:18:42DBUGEnqueued KICK BC
02:18:42BCHZ is 1S of sleep(), but I get the feeling that it is not 1S of button_get_with_tmo()
02:19:04midk10ms ?
02:19:21BCIs that a question?
02:19:27midki think it's 10ms
02:19:44BCdoes anybody know for sure?
02:19:49BC(cheers mk)
02:19:50midkBioHazard probably
02:19:54midkhe was talking to me about it
02:19:59midkhe said it must be 10ms
02:20:14BCproblem is that there a timing emulation issues with win32sim
02:21:35BioHazardfrom what i can figure out 1tic = 10ms
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03:11:03scott666they have 3 programs
03:11:34scott666winzip, winrar, winace
03:12:12scott666to kazaa i go
03:12:30BCwhen did this turn into a warez grup?
03:12:42scott666it didnt
03:16:31scott666only thing kazaa turned up was a startrk TNG episode
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05:30:05scott666anyone have suggestions for questions to put in the FMR/V2 battery FAQ?
05:31:44midkQ: "can scott become a non-dipshit?" A: "This is not possible due to hardware limitations"
05:32:48scott666right, cause im just covered in hardware
05:32:52scott666like a borg...
05:33:07midkhardware / personality limitations*
05:35:24midkjking btw
05:35:42scott666i know
05:35:55scott666otherwise youd already be dead :-)
05:36:06midkLOL no
05:40:44scott666any serious suggestions?
05:41:19midkgot replacement site included?
05:42:37midkreplacement instructions?
05:45:02scott666do now
05:46:01midkhow does the life compare to the rec batts?
05:47:33scott666good question
05:47:54scott666depends on the mAh of the batteries in the recorder
05:48:02scott666against the 1500s it should be longer
05:48:10scott666against, say, 2300s, it should be shorter
05:48:27midki meant put that q in the faq
05:48:56scott666do you think a lot of people will ask it/
05:49:05midkit's possible
05:49:28midkhow about "how long is the battery's life" and also "how long does it last under normal usage?"
05:49:34midkeither if they aren't there
05:50:03midk-i'm a true visionary
05:54:28scott666i just need somone to frequently ask me questions
05:55:10midkare you a lowlife
05:55:51midkfrequently asking you questions.
05:55:55midkdo you enjoy toe jam?
05:56:27scott666*relevant questions
05:56:46midkrelevant to?
05:56:56scott666the FMR/V2 battery FAQ
05:57:10midkhow about
05:58:04midk"would you say that '3===D' is a relatively good mockup of how the battery looks?"
05:59:42scott666A: no, but thats an almost perfectly to scale model of a certain appendage of midk's
06:00:34midkyeah i guess my pointer fingernail *is* a bit short
06:02:10scott666A (cont): fortuanately there are tweezers with sticky pads for aid in this area
06:02:35midkmake sure the sticky pads are a bit thick
06:02:41midkit helps if they cushion a bit
06:45:54 Join silas_a [0] (
06:46:36silas_awhat CPU does the archos use?
06:47:03silas_aoh, my bad
06:47:08midkSH031 or something lol
06:47:20midki think its on the faq
06:49:18silas_ash1 it seems
06:50:08midkyeah thats it
06:50:10midki think
07:00:52 Quit silas_a ("meh")
07:02:30 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
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08:14:07midkyoi coutte
08:14:11midklol start over
08:14:15midkyo c0utta
08:26:44 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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08:53:51mattzzhi ho
08:55:02 Quit BC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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08:56:13mattzzBC: are you available?
08:58:57 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC")
09:01:05midknite all
09:01:32 Quit midk ()
09:01:58BioHazardanyone here active?
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09:11:04BioHazardguess not...
09:11:23BioHazardanyway, i learned a lot today, expect some patches soon!
09:11:32 Quit BioHazard ("wait! come back! i want that muffin! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
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09:26:42*LinusN is away: I'm busy
09:26:43*LinusN is back (gone 00:00:01)
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14:29:53 Join Nibbler [0] (
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15:59:00 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
15:59:01 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:37 Join RobbieVox [0] (
16:17:49 Join limbus [0] (
16:20:56 Join TheDude2 [0] (
16:25:48 Quit jkerman (
16:29:43 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:31:12NJoinjkerman [0] (
16:51:27 Quit jkerman (Connection timed out)
16:56:49 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
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17:33:48 Join Crtpsn [0] (
17:34:05CrtpsnIs there anyone alive here? I have a question to ask.
17:34:53limbuslet's try it
17:35:04Crtpsnhow do I turn it off, the unit
17:35:13Crtpsni have studio
17:35:43limbusI only have a recorder. it turns of by holding down the off-button for a second or two
17:36:02CrtpsnI don't have that button
17:36:14limbusgive it a try with the stop-button
17:36:57limbusfurthermore, a recorder connected to the power supply (running rockbox, understood) cannot be switched off
17:42:01Crtpsnstop does stop play but won't turn the unit off, I hold it for a long time
17:44:08 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:48:47 Quit _MT (Client Quit)
17:55:00limbusCrtpsn: would the idle poweroff-function suit your needs ?
17:55:25CrtpsnSure but it would be nice to turn it off manually as well.
17:56:46limbusok, I just meant, at least it works. rockbox is still able to switch off itself
17:58:44limbushe rockbox-manual actualy says nothing about switching it off. ever had a look in the archos manual ?
17:58:49limbusTHE *
18:02:50-->"explain quelsaruk" received from quelsaruk (~zin-carla@
18:05:42CrtpsnThe original firm that came with the player had STOP button to turn it off, doesn't do such with Rockbox 2.2
18:06:02CrtpsnCouldn't find anything in PDF on-line
18:06:59CrtpsnI don't know if idle turns it off yet, just set it to 1min
18:07:02limbusmhmm. why would the developers have configured it to another button if there is no "better" function/action for holding "off" ?
18:07:35limbus gives you a pdf and pure text manual
18:07:39CrtpsnI am not aware that there is any other button now
18:07:49CrtpsnI can text search PDF too
18:08:35limbusFAQ: 46. I keep shutting off my player in my pocket. Can the OFF (Recorder) or STOP (Player) key be locked?
18:08:35limbusNo. Unfortunately, the ON/OFF mechanisms are handled entirely in hardware. The firmware can read the keys, but can't prevent them from shutting off the player.
18:08:48Crtpsnnope, one min passed, didn't turn off. I might as well take batteries out. :(
18:09:43limbusso you seem to have a hardware-problem. switching off in handled in hardware, it may not work in archos proper firmware too
18:09:51Crtpsnnow it just froze
18:10:43limbusdid it before ? I mean 10 minutes before ?
18:11:49CrtpsnNope, I didn't have it enabled. I just upped the firm like 30 mins ago.
18:12:53 Join deadite66 [0] (
18:13:35CrtpsnI got to go for now, college. I'll chat more this evening. Thank you for trying.
18:13:41 Quit Crtpsn ("Bye-bye all !!!")
18:31:04 Join RobbieVox [0] (
18:31:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:35:22 Quit deadite66 ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
18:38:24 Join methangas [0] (
18:40:02 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40:02BCis there any way to turn the backlight OFF from a plugin?
18:40:08 Join ReaDOnlY [0] (ReaDOnlY@
18:43:47 Nick BC is now known as BlueChip (
18:45:24 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
18:45:41ReaDOnlYLookin for firmware for the av340 -~
18:46:38ReaDOnlYRockbox gonna come up with any?
18:46:52BlueChipthe avos guys are ex-rockboxers ;)
18:46:56ReaDOnlYah hehe
18:47:08ReaDOnlYI am retarded with code unfortunatly
18:47:19ReaDOnlYlooking at the avos website i have to compile the stuff myself?
18:47:32BlueChipsadly, not sure
18:52:38 Join edx [0] (
18:57:35BlueChipseems to work just fine :)
19:01:24 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:01:41 Quit limbus ()
19:10:19 Join RedBreva [0] (
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19:25:15 Quit ReaDOnlY ()
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19:51:40 Join deadite66 [0] (
20:04:37 Join Nibbler [0] (
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20:15:39 Join Nibbler [0] (
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20:28:31 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:28:32 Part cjnr11
20:36:46kaboofaBlueChip: You can turn the backlight off with the LCD API.
20:36:50kaboofavia a plugin
20:38:41kaboofaMmmm, going to find his ESN and rape his phone :D
20:39:22kaboofalcd_backlight(on) - set backlight on/off
20:39:35 Join AciD [0] (
20:41:12BlueChipcheers kaboofa
20:41:37kaboofacheers :)
20:41:44 Quit elinenbe (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
20:41:59kaboofalike forced quit messages? try HydraIRC
21:06:24 Join ElCapi [0] (
21:06:48ElCapihey anyone home
21:09:09kaboofawhat's up?
21:09:21ElCapiso i was lookin at the site hows this video plugin work on the archos'
21:09:32ElCapinot plugin but u know
21:10:02kaboofawhat you need to do is make/find rvf files made for rockbox
21:10:12kaboofahold on, i have a site with them somewhere
21:10:21ElCapinono i read how
21:10:22kaboofa(not my site, but i have link)
21:10:34kaboofayou just "play" the video like you would play a song
21:10:40ElCapibut like does it play on the lcd screen or is it to output to a tv
21:10:54ElCapithe quality must be awful tho?
21:11:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:11:46 Join RobbieVox [0] (
21:12:49kaboofait is
21:12:59kaboofabut it works for cartoons like southpark or futurama
21:13:16ElCapilol nice
21:13:40ElCapii think ill go buy one today
21:13:57kaboofayou'll probably want a recorder
21:14:03kaboofaand mine is in yellow+black :X
21:14:08kaboofa(screen color)
21:14:10ElCapidoes the recorder have fm?
21:14:12kaboofai dunno if they have colored screens
21:14:19kaboofai don't know.
21:14:31ElCapicuz i found a recorder for 130
21:14:33kaboofaI know they released a fm one
21:14:35ElCapigreat deal
21:20:46ElCapiit says special edition dunno wuts so special about it
21:25:57ElCapii wish they could get a multimedia firmware i want one of those so bad but it isnt worth it with the orignal firmware on it
21:28:30kaboofamy smtp server went down :|
21:28:56kaboofaand my lovely isp drops all connections to/from port 25 unless it's to *their* server
21:50:04 Join scott666 [0] (
21:50:05 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:58:36 Quit RobbieVox (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:59:08 Join MT [0] (~null@
22:15:07 Join matsl [0] (
22:38:21 Join amiconn [0] (
22:38:57 Join Bagder [0] (
22:55:04 Join CompBrain [0] (
22:55:12CompBrainhello everyone
22:56:17CompBrainIm poking around the site, and havent seen anything about FLAC, is there support?
22:56:38scott666just mp3
22:57:29CompBrainAnyone brought up the topic?
22:57:38BagderCompBrain: the playback is done by hw
22:57:42Bagderthe hw only speak mp3
22:57:56CompBrainDidnt know that ;)
22:58:07CompBrainlearn something every day ;)
22:58:37CompBrainJust saw amazon had the 20gb for 120$ and if it did flac, id buy it in 2 seconds
22:58:52CompBrainat this point all i see is that god forsaken karma thou
22:59:05scott666why did the nodo doc move to the advanced users section?
22:59:23BagderI don't know
23:00:00scott666i would think that doc would be targeted specifically to 'normal' users
23:00:07BagderI agree
23:00:28Bagderand that's why I left it there when I fiddled with that page the other day
23:02:28scott666you lost me
23:02:59scott666you agree its for normal users,but left it in the 'advanced' section anyway?
23:06:24scott666im confused
23:06:45 Join Erl_ [0] (
23:07:25Bagderme too
23:07:38Bagderok, I thought it was in the users and was moved to advanced users
23:07:58Bagderbut I now realize it always was in the advanced users since that header was made
23:08:28 Quit Erl_ (Client Quit)
23:10:35*kaboofa shakes his fist at his un-working gui
23:10:55*kaboofa takes a look at how the 'core' files did it
23:11:00 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:11:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:15:20 Join Snerf [0] (icechat5@
23:15:32 Join LinusN [200] (
23:16:59kaboofai need to figure this out :|
23:17:07 Part Snerf
23:17:27*kaboofa greps the rockbox site for anything about 'menu.h'
23:18:25LinusNkaboofa: what?
23:18:48kaboofaI'm working in a calculator plugin
23:19:11kaboofaand i'm trying to set up a menu so I don't have to display EVERY function on the screen
23:19:17LinusNyou want an inverted box as a cursor?
23:19:34kaboofaor the arrow cursor
23:19:47kaboofai was going to implement a for loop to get the inverted box
23:21:04kaboofathanks much.
23:22:42LinusNthe menu functions are not exported to the plugins
23:23:45amiconnLinusN: Anything new about the recording code? Did you get my suspicion from the logs and could confirm / disprove it?
23:24:05LinusNhmmm, what do you suspect?
23:24:40 Quit ElCapi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:26:18kaboofaLinusN: is it possible to use #include "menu.h" and get access to the menu functions?
23:27:04amiconnI suspect that the burst you recorded was by chance the very last burst of the recording. This is because EOD and RTW are both driven by the mas, so they shouldn't be influenced by the recording code.
23:27:30LinusNamiconn: i never stopped the recording
23:28:13amiconnIn addition, if this wasn't the last burst then EOD going low again should have generated another interrupt, so the interrupt routine should have drive PR to high to initiate a new burst, but it didn't
23:28:18LinusN(well i did, hours later, when the disk was full :-)
23:28:49 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:57scott666Bagder: did you say you wanted me to add my liion battery faq questions to the existing battery faq?
23:28:59 Join RobbieVox [0] (
23:29:17Bagderscott666: yes, I think that would be nice
23:29:17LinusNamiconn: i'm puzzled too
23:29:45LinusNi will need some more analyzing to find out what is going on
23:29:49amiconnDid you record other bursts, and do they all look the same? Did you do recordings with a different time resolution to see several bursts in one?
23:29:55scott666Bagder: i think the faqs are cluttered as is. it would be nice to get them sorted some how
23:30:03LinusNamiconn: yes, and yes
23:30:14Bagderscott666: I agree
23:30:46scott666Bagder: plus starting users might be confused on what type of battery they have if theyre all in the same page
23:31:37amiconnLinusN: How do EOD and RTW behave between several bursts? Any pic available other than ?
23:31:37Bagderscott666: I just think it is even more confusing to have several different FAQs regarding batteries and charging
23:32:35scott666i disagree
23:32:58Bagderso collect the Qs and we'll argue more later on ;-)
23:33:10scott666im up to 8
23:33:14Bagderpossibly rearrange all the FAQ entries
23:33:21Bagderif someone has a good idea on how
23:33:36LinusNamiconn: no, sorry
23:33:54 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:34:54LinusNamiconn: what i saw is that RTW stayed low for 26.12ms and then a new burst began
23:39:47 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
23:40:25 Quit methangas (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
23:41:31 Join JonasH [0] (~no@
23:41:39 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
23:42:18JonasHhi there. i was thinking about buying the archos gmini 220. does anybody have that one?
23:42:45amiconnLinusN: What puzzles me most is how EOD can go from high to low without causing an interrupt.
23:42:47scott666not me
23:43:23scott666i believe Laurent was working on porting rockbox to it, not sure how far he got though
23:43:26LinusNamiconn: exactly
23:44:08amiconnAnd then, later it must cause an interrupt because the recording really works and does not stop.
23:44:30JonasHI heard rockbox is really cool, so that would be nice. :-) right now i was wondering about the audio quality...
23:47:32BagderI like it
23:48:37JonasHbadger: do you have the gmini 220?
23:49:02Bagderah, no I like the rockbox quality ;-)
23:49:15Bagdergmini has no rockbox, so I have no gmini
23:50:36scott666or is it the other way around?
23:52:29JonasHrockbox coming out for the muvo2 ? the screen is a bit small, but it could really use better file browsing.
23:52:53Bagderwe don't turn new platforms
23:53:03LinusNwe have no plans for any other platform
23:53:05Bagderwe just don't get anyone willing to do the ports
23:53:40LinusNanyone willing to port rockbox is free to do so, and we will help in any way we can
23:53:49JonasHi see.. hmm unfortunately my skills are way to limited.
23:54:14JonasHbut rockbox is a cool idea
23:55:21kaboofaDoes lcd_puts act like printf, in order to print a integer you have to use printf("%i",int); or cen you use lcd_puts(x,y,"string" & int); ?
23:56:05LinusNsnprintf(buf, "%i", int);
23:56:14kaboofaThank you.
23:56:15LinusNlcd_puts(x, y, buf);
23:56:23Bagdersnprintf(buf, bufsize, "%i", int);
23:56:57kaboofacalc.rock is coming closer and closer to release
23:57:20kaboofayou can use %d for double, right?
23:57:27LinusNoh no
23:57:31*kaboofa hasn't coded in C for a verrry long time :|
23:57:34 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:57:41LinusNwe have no floating point support
23:57:42kaboofaJava made me retarded...
23:57:49kaboofai'll code my own then!
23:58:11kaboofathis is going to take up waaay too much memory
23:58:11LinusNgood luck
23:58:13 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:58:22kaboofathanks.... i'll need it.. ;x

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