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#rockbox log for 2004-04-27

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00:25:54LinusNkaboofa: you can still compile with floating point support
00:26:07LinusNit's just that snprintf() doesn't support it
00:26:58kaboofado you know anything that would support it?
00:27:03kaboofai'll search for my self.
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03:35:12diddystar5thats +1
03:35:32diddystar5(thats what people addicted to DD say)
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03:46:31BioHazardgame 2: 131 lines, 6:03
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04:01:14BioHazardmidk: i fixed a bug in numbers.rock to make it playable
04:01:30BioHazardim also changing ON to custom game
04:01:42midkohh good idea
04:02:15BioHazardthen i can explore bitmaps! :D
04:03:55midkyes bc
04:03:56midkas in
04:04:25BlueChiphmm, not played with that - wrote my own routines - probably very inefficient
04:05:18diddystar5then make lcd_bitmap effeicent
04:05:39BlueChipim not touching core code
04:05:44midkreaD: he wrote his own
04:05:48midkTHEY are probably inefficient
04:06:23scott666_anyone know the internals of an archos very well?
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04:06:40BioHazardi already replaced the USB screen with a screen that says: UnivERsaL StOOPiD BuS
04:06:42scott666i need to fix my headphone jack
04:06:54midklol bio really?
04:07:03midkohh no bitmap
04:07:07midkjust text?
04:07:22BioHazardit says it in bizzare fonts
04:07:32midkso you know the bitmap function already
04:07:51BioHazardi never said it <i>worked</i> ;)
04:08:08BioHazardi replaced it though
04:08:34BioHazardbut its cut off cause lcd_bitmap cant use things > 16y
04:09:09BioHazardor at least thats what the comment says
04:09:33BioHazardi wanna add sounds to numbers.rock! :D
04:10:04BioHazardhow much memory is reserved for plugins?
04:10:36BioHazardheck, then we should kave no problem adding sounds to tetris.rock
04:11:53midkalready at 12kb
04:13:05BioHazardand the sounds package is 19K
04:13:16BioHazarda cool 31K B) lol
04:13:27BioHazardi hope you dont add too much :D
04:13:36BlueChip19k plugin overhaed to play sound?
04:14:05BioHazardwait a sec... couldnt it put it in the main buffer?
04:14:24midkim gonna add a lot
04:14:27BioHazardcause it couldnt play the sounds unless the player wasant playing right?
04:14:30midkmaybe we can compress them or something
04:14:35midknot sure
04:14:38BioHazardit is compressed
04:14:39midkdont think so
04:14:45midki mean like shorten it or something
04:14:46diddystar5sounds? yes
04:14:46scott666'genocide's the most exhausting activity known to man, except for soccer'
04:14:55diddystar5mp3 IS compressed you know
04:14:59midkno shit
04:15:08midkoh really i thought it was "un"compressed
04:15:17midkno WONDER it requires a codec!
04:15:26BioHazardi encodded at 32kbps 22khz mono
04:15:27diddystar5well? so yor going to compress a compressed file?
04:15:47BioHazardall of the files are clipped as close as i could get it
04:15:48midkbut there are different methods of compression
04:15:54midkONE way could MAYBE be to SHORTEH them
04:16:03midkthink of the possibilities
04:16:13BioHazardshorten them?
04:16:27midklike if we squeeze them they may actually get shorter + fit!
04:16:41BioHazardplay them faster?
04:17:20BioHazardcause im not sure how you squeeze a file
04:17:34*BioHazard puts on a floppy and squeezes it
04:19:40midknice try
04:20:25BioHazardit didnt work
04:21:26BioHazardcan the grayscale framework display grayscale bitmaps?
04:23:02BioHazardand how do you convert these?
04:23:25BioHazardis there a bmp2grayrb?
04:24:03BlueChipsorry misread - retracts lol
04:24:33midkheh no bio
04:24:55midkyou can set the foreground and bg only
04:25:01midkor use the pixel tools
04:32:44BlueChipbed time - nite all
04:33:18 Part BlueChip
04:33:36*BioHazard changes custom title to: "master of compiler errors"
04:35:28BioHazardwhats the difference between a part and a quit?
04:35:57midkpart = left channel
04:36:00midkquit = exited irc
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04:45:34BioHazard|Eggrolshould i let numbers.rock v1.0 out for a public evaluation for its worthyness of the patch tracker?
04:45:51scott666whats numbers.rock do?
04:46:02BioHazard|Eggrolits a "guess the number" game
04:46:35diddystar5peache out
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04:50:37midki hate him
04:51:15midk3 guesses
04:51:31BioHazard|Eggrolhavent heard of him ;)
04:51:43midklol you may have
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04:52:57BioHazardso should i give out numbers.rock?
04:53:40BioHazardyour the only one who can vouch for its signifigance besides me
04:54:42midkit's good!
04:55:02midkadd more complicated features + return it
04:55:14BioHazardreturn it?
04:55:15midkour target audience: ppl who are too afraid to complain
04:55:20midkrather release uit
04:55:52BioHazardcomplianing is what drives people to make things better >:D
04:56:08midkyes but it's Perfect the first time around if we do it right :)
04:56:24BioHazardso i should finish custom game?
04:56:39midkthen release it
04:56:50midkthen make a nice tetris update
04:57:05BioHazardmidk = smiley master
04:58:17midki try i try
05:04:32BioHazardnext i can make it compile for the player with no testing platform! :D
05:05:21midkmm use the sim or don't do it for the player
05:05:35BioHazardit was a joke
05:05:58midklol yay
05:06:03midkits only fun doing rec things
05:06:05midkplayer things suck
05:06:14midk2 lines psh
05:06:20midkwhadda load of bs
05:06:21BioHazardthe player in general sucks
05:06:35BioHazardi know a guy with one... i pity him so
05:06:50BioHazardand on top of it, he wont rockbox it
05:07:57BioHazardi guess if he dosent rockbox it, he dosent have to worry about anybody stealing it... nobody wants that thing... :D
05:08:24BioHazardonly thing its got over mine is its 20GB
05:08:31BioHazardmines the 15 :(
05:09:39midkaww boooooooo
05:10:25BioHazardi think when mine craps out im gonna get an AV320 if avos gets far enough...
05:10:32midki have one!
05:10:56BioHazardhow is it?
05:11:10BioHazard(besides expensive)
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05:11:13midkhope avos gets farther yeah lol
05:17:59BioHazardis there a more optimized way to write this?
05:18:00BioHazard if (gamelevel == 1){guessmax = 25;}
05:18:00BioHazard if (gamelevel == 2){guessmax = 50;}
05:18:00DBUGEnqueued KICK BioHazard
05:18:00BioHazard if (gamelevel == 3){guessmax = 100;}
05:25:45BioHazarddoes rb->rand()%RANDMAX rand from 0 to RANDMAX or 1 to RANDMAX?
05:27:13midkdo this
05:27:35midkswitch(gamelevel) { case 1: guessmax = 25; break; case 2: etc etc }
05:28:19midkswitch is like go in depth with it
05:28:20BioHazardi dont like inserting code i dont understand ;)
05:28:26midka simple way to do a lot of ifs
05:28:44midkswitch(variable) { case X: bla; break; }
05:28:50midkvariable is gamelevel right?
05:29:18midkswitch(gamelevel) { [in] case [gamelevel is] 1: [then] guessmax = 25; [and] break; }
05:30:00midkits like button_get
05:30:27BioHazardgot it
05:31:07BioHazardbut that would take just as much code
05:31:46midkhere's the best way in this case
05:31:53midkwe're comparing the same variable right?
05:32:12midkon those 3 if's
05:32:28BioHazardand its changing the same variable
05:32:32midkso there is no way that it could be more than one of those
05:33:20BioHazardi could put it in here:
05:33:46BioHazard case BUTTON_F2:
05:33:46BioHazard gamelevel = 2;
05:33:46BioHazard guessmax = 50;
05:33:46BioHazard break;
05:33:57midkoh sure
05:34:03BioHazardand then i could get rid of gamelevel
05:34:03midkbut a quick lesson anyways
05:34:13midkif you have anything like this where you can't put it there...
05:34:37midk"gamelevel" can't be anything other than 1 value at one given tick right?
05:34:51midkso you're wasting time by doing those ifs
05:35:04midkwe could do this
05:35:38midkif(gamelevel == 1) guessmax = 25; else if(gamelevel == 2) guessmax = 50; else guessmax = 100;
05:35:50midkbecause instead of checking each one every time like those ifs
05:35:53midkit goes down the list
05:36:01midkif the first isnt true it heads onto the second
05:36:06midkand if not then the third
05:36:11BioHazardelse if?
05:36:26midkbut a switch is a better way to do a lot of else ifs
05:36:31 Join wake [0] (
05:36:37midkyo wakey
05:36:40midkheh sry
05:44:54BioHazardi dropped a bunch of those temp strings (str_*) cause none of them were bieng used later, so might as well reuse it
05:45:42midkdo what ya want
05:45:47midkyou're not under my control anymore :(
05:47:58BioHazardk, time to test the custom screen
05:50:10BioHazardthe compiled size jumped from 1.86KB to 2.85KB
05:50:49BioHazardguess what?
05:51:00BioHazardi forgot rb->lcd_update again...
05:51:23midklets do bitmaps yahh
05:51:30midkoh wait you can
05:51:31midkso do it yay
05:52:33BioHazardADDING lcd_update dropped it to 2.26KB o_O
06:02:50BioHazardit works now
06:02:56BioHazardits got custom mode
06:05:41BioHazardjust a little cleanup...
06:07:52 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
06:17:47BioHazardi might be able to get it to restart...
06:19:44midkback in a bit maybe
06:38:33BioHazardk, it has a "play again?" option now
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06:41:10midkdude put that on the patches page if you're done soubds pretty cool
06:41:32BioHazardand its got background music and grayscale and a microwave and dancing girls and...
06:43:06midki was like
06:43:09midkOHHHH at bg music
06:43:14midkOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH at grayscale
06:43:18midkthen awwww at microwave
06:43:27midkthe "dammit" sort of "awww"
06:43:45BioHazardhow could you implement grayscale into this?
06:44:16BioHazardits totally text based...
06:47:19BioHazardhow many y pixels are there between 2 lines? 8?
06:47:23BioHazardor 16?
06:54:41midklets do that tomorrow or weds :D
06:54:49BioHazardk, its 16, now how do i use bitmaps?
06:54:51midk8 pixels
06:54:56midk2 lines?
06:55:02midk2 * 8 = 16
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06:57:48midkbrb again
06:59:25 Quit wake ("leaving")
07:02:09 Quit midk ("yo yo yo cya later YO YO YO wasa wasa!")
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07:18:34BioHazardso, can anyone explain lcd_bitmap?
07:32:13BioHazardrb->lcd_bitmap(bmp_lose, 48, 72, 16, 16, true);
07:32:16BioHazarddosent work
07:36:48BioHazardor is there nobody there...
07:56:52 Quit BioHazard ("wait! come back! i want that muffin! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
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08:27:30 Join sleep21 [0] (
08:27:33sleep21hey everyone
08:37:39 Join edx [0] (
08:42:03sleep21what CPU does the Archos use?
08:42:19Strathwhich one? :)
08:43:15sleep21i dunno, i'm studying the Nomad Xtra for a similar project and i found that it uses a TMS320 which has a CPU built in
08:43:19sleep21the C55x
08:43:40 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:44:09sleep21the cpu is part of the DSP
08:45:49Straththe gmini series use the tcc730
08:46:22Strath(CalmRISC16 core)
08:46:45sleep21and all the archos' firmwares just stay on the HD
08:48:14Straththe jukebox series (which is what rockbox is for) has the factory firmware on chip and loaded updated firmware at each boot from HD
08:48:42sleep21so you never actually flash update the bios?
08:48:44Straththe gmini and av3xx series update the firmware in internal eerom
08:49:23Straththats beryond my experiances with JBxxxx and rockbox
08:50:14sleep21unfortunatly, the nomad uses a propriatary filesystem, so i cant tell what's on the HD and what's on the FW
08:50:24Straththe jukebox series have been EOL'ed for a while
08:50:46Strathwhat about released updates?
08:51:11Straththats where we (avos) started our efforts
08:51:24sleep21i suppose it flashes the bios because it cautions you not to un plug it
08:51:40Strathseems most likly
08:51:54Strathor, almost definatly
08:52:16sleep21but there's a rescue mode that can format the HD, and reload the OS if something happens, and no one can tell me where that's located on the unit
08:52:17Strathhave you examined the update file at all?
08:53:12sleep21well, the updates don't come as .bins or anything, it's an exe that includes the flashing software and the bios, i don't know how i could just get ahold of the bios
08:53:22Strathya... most flashable devices have a minimal boot stub which doesn't get modified (motherboards, ticalcs, mp3 players, etc....)
08:54:02Strathsee if winzip will open it? :)
08:54:09sleep21so do you think if i fuck up my eeprom working on this, recuemode can save me?
08:54:23sleep21i dount it, it's not a self extrating zip
08:54:34Strath97% positive :)
08:54:42sleep21that's good
08:54:51sleep21i don't think there's any serial interface
08:55:13Strathwell, just open it with a tracing x86 disasembler and find the data block
08:56:32Strathor is that beyond your current abilities?
08:57:21sleep21not necissarily, i have a working knowledge of ASM
08:57:58sleep21can you recommend a good disassembler, i've only used debug to date ;-)
08:58:51StrathIDA is the best IMNSHO
08:59:40Strathnot by a long shot!
08:59:46Strathya... i know
08:59:48sleep21damn it to hell
09:00:19sleep21any 2nd best :-)
09:01:19sleep21cool, IDA supports the DSP in the Nomad
09:01:45Strathi resently began evaluating OllyDebug
09:02:02Strathsee... told ya its good :)
09:02:17sleep21yeah, but it only supports it in the $799 build
09:02:23Strathhowever the price tag is quite high
09:02:31sleep21that's simply out of the question
09:02:42 Join mattzz [0] (
09:02:54StrathOllyDebug might suit your needs
09:03:28Straththough i haven't fully evaluated it as of yet
09:03:38Strathand it is free
09:03:56sleep21version 109d?
09:04:33Straththats what i've got
09:04:52sleep21i can't find their homepage but i found the file
09:06:37Strathit's basicly postcardware
09:07:12sleep21hehe awesome
09:07:15Strath(freeware, but if you use it alot, the author request that you let him know)
09:08:00sleep21an opensource firmware for the nomad is gonna be a massive undertaking
09:08:16sleep21probably bigger than the rockbox project
09:09:02Strathhavn't had time to look at the nomad yet
09:10:07sleep21it's really good hardware, relatively lousy software
09:10:40sleep21as i said it's a propriatary FS, so no drive letter acess
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09:11:44Strathya... most of the market seems to be that way
09:11:57Strathgood hardward, poor software
09:12:06sleep21it's a shame
09:12:43sleep21the Nomad OS itself isn't much to brag about either
09:14:10Straththe mian push is to just get mp3 playback and data transfers working, then ship it
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09:38:21mattzzamiconn: Hi Jens, what's cookin'?
09:43:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:43:48amiconnSorry, gotta go.
09:43:52mattzzc u
09:43:54 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
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10:04:27 Join LinusN [200] (
10:07:05 Quit Strath (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:10:41[IDC]DragonLinusN: Good morning, do you read?
10:12:13 Quit Ka__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:14:00 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
10:14:24[IDC]DragonYes Sir! (very formal today?)
10:15:32LinusNyeah, time to take control of this project
10:15:39[IDC]DragonI'm bouncing an idea around, for my car emulator I'd like to have a TSR feature in a plugin.
10:15:54[IDC]DragonCould be very simple, I think.
10:15:55LinusNno more silly plugins, only good, sensible, useful stuff!
10:16:13LinusNwe have discussed that before
10:16:31[IDC]Dragondid we?
10:16:41[IDC]DragonAlzheimer here
10:16:50LinusNa long time ago, when we designed the plugin interface
10:16:55[IDC]Dragonwhat was the outcome?
10:17:08dwihnoLinusN: DevCon! DevCon!
10:17:11dwihno\o/ DevCon \o/
10:17:14LinusNwe decided not to add it because it opens up a huge can of worms
10:17:47LinusNdwihno: i know i know
10:17:59LinusNpatience, grasshopper
10:18:04[IDC]DragonI think it can be very easy, worm-free:
10:18:13[IDC]DragonThe plugin could return with a special exit code, indicating it wants to stay.
10:18:16dwihnoLinusN: I've been patient for a year :D
10:18:57[IDC]DragonThe framework remembers it, before kicking it out for another plugin it calls the main function again, with a clean-up code.
10:19:22[IDC]DragonSo the resident plugin has to free its resources and exit.
10:19:39LinusNah, so it only stays until another plugin is loaded?
10:20:01[IDC]Dragonyes, that would be all I need.
10:20:27[IDC]DragonWell, and it should have a way to spawn and exit one thread.
10:21:49 Join c0utta [0] (
10:21:54[IDC]Dragoncan threads currently exit?
10:22:08[IDC]Dragonor do we only create them?
10:22:13[IDC]Dragonah, OK.
10:22:51[IDC]Dragonguess I have to dig into the kernel to find out if that's difficult to add.
10:27:46[IDC]Dragonlooks easy to add
10:28:17[IDC]Dragonwhat do you think?
10:28:47 Join Unknown [0] (
10:31:44 Quit Ka__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:32:17 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
10:34:46LinusNsounds ok to me
10:38:33[IDC]Dragonto me as well ;-)
10:39:46[IDC]DragonMy CD changer project has no progress without such, I'd like to get serious with it.
10:39:47LinusNwe may have to increase MAXTHREADS
10:40:12[IDC]DragonI know, have to count.
10:41:02LinusNhmm, the scheduler assumes that there are no "holes" in the thread table
10:41:28[IDC]Dragonthere won't, the plugin always comes last
10:41:41LinusNfor now, yes
10:42:44[IDC]Dragonor we have to add a flag to the thread descriptor
10:43:11LinusNperhaps a mire simple approach, like a permanent plugin_thread that can change context?
10:43:11 Join Strath [0] (
10:43:42[IDC]Dragonthen you need to place it's stack somewhere
10:43:44 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:43:49LinusNbut it adds a scheduling penalty even if no plugin is running
10:43:50 Nick Unknown is now known as c0utta (
10:44:41[IDC]DragonI'd rather place the stack within the plugin, leave it to its responsibility
10:54:04LinusN[IDC]Dragon: API suggestion: push_thread() and pop_thread()?
10:55:29 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn|work (
10:55:49[IDC]Dragonwhat should that do?
10:56:55LinusNsame as create_thread() and (the future) delete_thread(), just that the names suggest that you have to delete them in reverse order
10:59:33[IDC]Dragonhow should I signal the "exit now" condition to the plugin function? call it with -1, or add another parameter?
11:05:33[IDC]DragonIn a future delete_thread(), I could also condense the array again to avoid a hole, then decrement num_threads. This would be a clean way, I think.
11:07:34LinusNthe tricky part is to delete the current thread, but it's pretty trivial too if you know what you are doing
11:09:12[IDC]Dragonit's easy (I think) if delete_thread() is called from within the thead to be deleted, then current_thread is the index to be used.
11:09:54[IDC]Dragonif the thread function end thereafter, it should work.
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11:12:57[IDC]DragonNext thing such a plugin probably wants is a message queue, but this could also be implemented locally.
11:13:34LinusNi think so, it's better to keep it simple
11:13:54LinusNall other threads have to create their own, so the same should apply to the plugin
11:14:51LinusNi think it is best to simply export the thread functions, and add a TRX mechanism to the plugins
11:15:00LinusNTSR ...
11:15:08[IDC]DragonI meant using the queue core functions, thinking about exporting them.
11:15:55[IDC]Dragon[10:59] <[IDC]Dragon> how should I signal the "exit now" condition to the plugin function? call it with -1, or add another parameter?
11:16:30[IDC]Dragon(Lets add THX)
11:20:50LinusNwell, the current plugin interface defines a plugin_start() function
11:21:01LinusNlet's add plugin_end()
11:21:20[IDC]DragonOK, that's another way.
11:21:39LinusNbut it's not that simple...
11:21:40[IDC]Dragonwill probably break compatibility?
11:22:07LinusNwe'll probably need a plugin_stop() and plugin_end(), or something
11:22:27LinusNnot really
11:22:55[IDC]DragonWhy that? If it returns, it has to be gone. (synchronous call)
11:22:57 Join RobbieVox [0] (
11:23:01LinusNplugin_end() would be enough
11:23:25LinusNand it would be optional
11:24:04LinusNmaybe a simple return code from the plugin that says "STAY_IN_MEMORY"
11:24:09 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
11:24:49[IDC]Dragonfor plugin linking, it's not optional.
11:25:13[IDC]Dragonagree on the return code.
11:26:05LinusNi think the plugin could register an exit function, much like onexit()
11:29:11[IDC]Dragonah, a callback, yes.
11:29:38[IDC]Dragonthen we don't need a special exit code, if we apply for TSR this way.
11:31:38 Join limbus [0] (
11:35:21 Join AciD [0] (
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13:52:53 Join moccino [0] (moccino@
13:53:59moccinohello all
13:55:31moccinoya des francais??
13:56:17LinusNnon :-)
13:56:47LinusNon parle anglais ici
13:56:58moccinolol, mais tu peux m'aider en pv??
13:57:23moccinosur l'archos av140
13:57:49LinusNi don't have one
13:57:59moccinook of course
13:58:02 Quit moccino ()
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15:53:59 Part LinusN
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21:14:26moccinoya des francais??
21:15:06moccinoya surtt personne ouai
21:15:09 Quit moccino (Client Quit)
21:15:21 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
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21:34:50kaboofaI'm getting VERY close to a release of the calculator plugin
21:35:11kaboofaI found out how to print floating points out to the screen
21:37:56 Join amiconn [0] (
21:43:38 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:45:11 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
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21:47:48 Join scott666 [0] (
21:49:59 Join BioHazard|486 [0] (~a@
21:54:46BioHazard|486can someone help me with this plugin coding problem ive been having?
21:55:04scott666that depends on what iti s
22:00:44kaboofawhat about it?
22:01:10BioHazard|486i cant get it to work
22:01:42kaboofalcd_bitmap(src,x,y,width,height,clear) put a bitmap at given position
22:01:52kaboofahow are you loading the bitmap?
22:02:37BioHazard|486i converted a .bmp to funky numbers with bmp2rb.exe and copied the mess it output to my source files
22:03:16mattzzand watch out for the last comma ;-)
22:03:29BioHazard|486as in...?
22:04:04mattzzif the number of bytes is %16 there will be a comma too much in the output
22:04:19BioHazard|486its 16x16
22:08:20kaboofaputty != rockbox sdk
22:08:45BioHazard|486ive got the uisim somewhere, i need to run it in that?
22:09:04kaboofano; I was trying to test my code
22:09:12kaboofabut i was typing in the wrong window
22:13:33BioHazard|486so what does the clear arg do?
22:14:47kaboofaprobably if you want to make a clean lcd for whatever you want your bitmap on
22:16:41BioHazard|486can you bitmap on a screen with text?
22:19:14 Nick BioHazard|486 is now known as BioHazard|486|bb (~a@
22:19:19 Nick BioHazard|486|bb is now known as BioHazard|bbl (~a@
22:23:37 Part rcyeske ("later")
22:41:57 Part schoki_
23:05:18 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07:15Strathhrm.... think this free subscription offer to CIO Magazine is worth it? (offer says $95 value) ;)
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23:22:42 Nick BioHazard|bbl is now known as BioHazard|486 (~a@
23:30:30 Join AciD [0] (
23:30:53BioHazard|486k, my bitmap is defiend like this:
23:30:54BioHazard|486const unsigned char bmp_win[] = { *BIG STRING OF NUMBERS SEPERATED BY COMMAS* };
23:31:04BioHazard|486and i call it with
23:31:37BioHazard|486but it wont draw
23:32:52BioHazard|486what am i doing wrong?
23:34:24amiconndo you issue a rb->lcd_update() afterwards? (looks correct otherwise)
23:36:43amiconnAh: (24, 72) is off-screen. Allowed range: 0 <= x <= 112, 0 <= y <= 63. I supposed what you want would be rb->lcd_bitmap(bmp_win,72,24,16,16,1);
23:37:55amiconnErr: 0 <= x <= 111
23:38:40BioHazard|486yep, that fixed it...
23:38:47BioHazard|486im stoopid :)
23:38:58BioHazard|486i thought it was y,x,
23:39:13BioHazard|486but now... the image is all garbled
23:41:07BioHazard|486it displays properly when using bmp2rb.exe -a
23:43:43amiconnHmm, thats the hard part ('cause I never used bmp2rb before)
23:51:58 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:52:20 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
23:52:28 Join scott666 [0] (
23:54:27BioHazard|486another question: cant the grayscale plugin framework be moved to an #include-able file like plugin.h?
23:54:45BioHazard|486or can you do that with it already?
23:56:58amiconnUnfortunately, it couldn't be done (yet), otherwise I would have done that already.
23:57:01amiconnCurrently, the rule is "one .c file per plugin", but there was a discussion recently to allow for more files. No solution yet, though
23:57:55BioHazard|486but if its a file thats usable for more than 1 plugin...
23:58:35BioHazard|486maybe add it to plugin.h?
23:58:45amiconnYes, this would be solved along the way then, but currently the makefile tries to build one plugin per .c file.

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