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#rockbox log for 2004-04-29

00:08:22LinusNportugal-sweden: 2-2
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00:31:43midkhye amiconn?
00:40:27amiconnHi (just coding in parallel)
00:40:50amiconnUnfortunately I deleted my voice generation VBScript by accident
00:40:58midkhey i was going to include a few of your grayscale functions
00:41:08midki had a question about lcd updates
00:41:24midkis it that you can't call LCD updates on any part of the lcd that has gray on it?
00:42:23amiconnYou cannot call lcd_update and friends for _any_ part of the screen while the grayscale display is running.
00:43:09amiconnThe grayscale display is updated continuously while running, so no need to update that explicitly.
00:43:10midkgray_deferred_update(); then can be called in place of it?
00:44:04amiconnIf you want to update the regions which are not covered by the grayscale display, just use gray_deferred_update(), that's why it is there, yes.
00:44:42midkso replacing any and all "rb->lcd_update();" 's with "gray_deferred_update();" would allow it to run as normal.
00:45:36amiconnThat depends on what you are trying to do.
00:46:20amiconnIf you want to update things that use b&w as before, yes.
00:46:33midkthat should work then
00:46:48amiconnIf you have converted something to use grayscale, simply throw the lcd_update out.
00:47:08amiconn(for that something)
00:47:14midkall right thank you
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00:59:38midkdoes anybody understand how block_data works in tetris.c
01:01:45LinusNi think i do
01:01:55midkcan you explain it please?
01:02:07LinusNplanning to add block types?
01:02:07midki'm working on a tetris update + can't understand how this works
01:02:27midknah they're all already there
01:02:39LinusNthere is a comment above that describes it
01:02:40midkbut actually
01:03:01midki don't get what he's saying
01:03:11midkby "array" does he mean each group
01:03:12LinusNmy point is: you don't need to understand it if you're not adding/modifying blocks
01:03:34midkprobably adding gray
01:03:43LinusNthought so
01:03:55midkin a 3d type mode
01:04:08midkbut i want to explain it better as well because it makes no sense at all to me
01:04:33midkoh wait
01:04:43midkso like here
01:04:47midkfirst array is 0
01:04:49midksecond is 1
01:04:53midkthird is 0
01:04:56midkand fourth is 1
01:04:58LinusNto understand it, take a piece of grid paper
01:05:34midki remember how to do bitmaps
01:05:36LinusNthe first group of 4 values are the X coordinates, the second group is the y coordinates
01:06:31midksounds a bit complicated
01:06:35LinusNlike the comment says
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01:07:01midkhere you mean?
01:07:01midk each block consists of four pixels whose relative coordinates are given
01:07:01midk with block_data
01:07:13LinusNso, you draw squares at (0,0), (1,0), (0,1) and (1,1)
01:07:22midkright i get it now
01:07:42LinusNwhich gives you this:
01:07:58LinusNthe square block
01:08:05midkOH WAIT
01:08:14midkso in this one
01:08:16midkthere's only one array
01:08:16midk {
01:08:17midk {{0,1,0,1},{0,0,1,1}}
01:08:17DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
01:08:17midk },
01:08:27midkbut in this one there's all four
01:08:27midk {
01:08:27midk {{0,1,1,1},{0,0,1,2}},
01:08:27midk {{0,1,2,2},{1,1,1,0}},
01:08:27***Alert Mode level 1
01:08:27midk {{1,1,1,2},{0,1,2,2}},
01:08:28***Alert Mode level 2
01:08:28***Alert Mode *RED* level 102
01:08:28midk {{0,0,1,2},{2,1,1,1}}
01:08:30midk },
01:08:32midkright now?
01:08:49LinusNit depends on how many ways you can rotate it
01:09:08LinusNlet's draw the second one
01:09:22midk **
01:09:38LinusN(0,0), (1,1), (1,0) and (2,0)
01:09:56midkthey should have just done it like that
01:09:56LinusNsorry, the first is (0,1)
01:10:03LinusNlike what?
01:10:19midkinstead of all x's and all y's
01:10:27LinusNsure, that's also a way
01:11:46kaboofaap java test tuesday :|
01:12:09kaboofai'm studying hard instead of working on calculator plugin. :(
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01:13:36midkcalculator plugin?
01:14:02kaboofayeah, for rockbox
01:14:32midkthought diddystar5 was working on one too
01:15:04kaboofaI was ripping my hair out trying to get the inverted pixels aligned right.
01:15:20kaboofaNow i'm trying to see if there is a way to get the width+height of the current font.
01:15:34midkgetstringsize("A", &w, &h);
01:15:39midkif you have int w, h;
01:15:57kaboofathanks much.
01:16:04midki think that's the right function
01:16:34midkrb->lcd_getstringsize("A", &w, &h);
01:16:38midkwith int w, h
01:16:44midkw being width and h being height
01:17:15scott666_kaboofa: diddy sent me some test code with inversion...i think i still have it
01:17:22 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
01:17:26midklinux or amiconn, is there a way to make sort of a gradient overlay in tetris in a way that only where the gradient + block overlaps it shows up?
01:17:30midklinus* sorry!
01:17:38kaboofaI think i have it going scott, thanks though
01:17:42kaboofaif it doesn't work i'll ask for ya
01:17:48midkwithout adding a few hundred lines of confusing code i mean
01:17:49kaboofamidk: probably with greyscale
01:17:50midk*me midk
01:17:57midkyeah kaboofa
01:18:15midkbut having it show up only where the block appears could be tricky
01:18:19kaboofai didn't even know rockbox supported greyscale until i updated and looked at the fractal program
01:18:29***Alert Mode OFF
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01:18:38kaboofawhen i saw it i was thinking "oooh... shiney..."
01:18:41LinusNmidk: you want a gradient effect inside the blocks?
01:19:36midklinuxn: i meant more for the whole lcd
01:19:44midktruly sorry
01:19:50midkso as it went down it would get darker
01:20:01midkmaybe as if light were shining from an upper corner
01:20:03LinusNmidk: btw, i suggest you page me using my nick, otherwise i may not notice
01:20:11midksure linus
01:20:14scott666midk: li-tab
01:20:22LinusNno nick completion in your irc client?
01:20:27midki have it
01:20:29midki use it often actually
01:20:46LinusNthen why do you say linus instead of linusn?
01:20:59midkhmm heh not sure
01:21:13midk*will do from now on
01:21:25LinusNmy client highlights LinusN lines
01:21:30scott666(/me looks cooler)
01:21:38midk(/me knows that)
01:21:53midk(/me prefers an asterisk)
01:22:09midkdoes a lowercase linusn work as well?
01:22:15LinusNbtw, i'm not too familiar with the grayscale framework
01:22:21LinusNyes, lowercase works
01:22:27midkok cool
01:22:36midkwell let's just say we have a black overlay then
01:23:12LinusNthere is no support for fancy effects in the framework afaik
01:23:18midki know
01:23:21LinusNyou'll have to diy
01:23:22midki could make the overlay easily
01:24:21midkthat comes later
01:25:50kaboofashe works general!
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01:25:58*kaboofa am happy
01:26:04midk*wants to do cool shadows
01:26:06midklike gradual ones
01:26:13midk*jumps in chair
01:26:32midkhow about when you start it a big gray blast goes boom + a logo zooms in and it fades to black
01:27:01LinusNmidk: i'd concentrate on the gameplay if i were you
01:27:08midklol i know :)
01:27:17LinusNsound effects would be awesome
01:27:20midki was going to add sounds
01:27:25kaboofaikaruga for rockbox :)
01:27:27midkbut is there a bitswap program
01:27:27kaboofahow about iut?
01:27:45midkor can one be made
01:27:53midkfor converting sounds to the char arrays you can playback sounds with
01:28:36kaboofathat sounds badass
01:29:18midkone major thing i want to do in this update is improve button scanning
01:29:29midksometimes you can't move the block in time because it sort of jerks
01:29:33kaboofamidk: what are you coding?
01:29:41midktetris update
01:29:57kaboofai love that plugin
01:30:08midk"i love tetris"
01:30:20midk"the plugin reeks"
01:30:20kaboofasame difference :|
01:30:20LinusNhighscore list
01:30:30kaboofathat would be nice
01:30:31midkwell i wanted to do a savegame
01:30:38midkbut i was thinking could i save it to rtc
01:30:48kaboofaso when i hit off when my teacher walks by, i don't lose the game :)
01:30:50LinusNrtc is a no-no
01:30:56kaboofadon't you have to wait for the disk to spin when you save?
01:30:57midkheh aww
01:31:00midkoh no
01:31:02midka whole 2 seconds
01:31:08kaboofano no
01:31:08kaboofai mean
01:31:13kaboofawhen you save a setting in rockbox
01:31:17kaboofayou have to make the disk spin
01:31:18midkoh no
01:31:26midkoh linus
01:31:29midki already did scoring
01:31:50midk+1 line = +40, 2 lines = +100, 3 lines = +300 and 4 lines = +1200
01:31:53kaboofacloser and closer to a release of the calculator plugin!
01:31:55midkit goes by lines * level
01:32:28scott666midk: are those the official tetris point values?
01:32:41midkscott: i'm pretty sure it's close if it's not exactly
01:32:47midkand +1 per block fallen
01:33:42*scott666 has the original tetris handy
01:34:06kaboofai do too.. somewhere
01:34:20kaboofai'ts a shame that no one knows what quadra is
01:34:22kaboofait's like tetris
01:34:27kaboofabut with 'gravity'
01:35:49scott666values of drops are either random or different by piece
01:36:10kaboofai believe the value is from how high you dropped the piece
01:36:15kaboofaie: when you started holding down
01:36:34scott666that could be
01:37:05scott6660 points if you just let it fall
01:37:19midkOH YEAH
01:37:22midki heard of that
01:37:31LinusNmidk, how about dividing the scores by 10?
01:37:41midkdividing? why?
01:37:51scott6661 line = 40
01:38:02kaboofammmm integer division
01:38:13midkmmmm type casting
01:38:17midkor mmmm FLOATS
01:38:21LinusNit's just that i'm allergic to score inflation
01:38:21kaboofa"screw rounding, i'm cutting that decimal off!"
01:38:30scott6662 lines = 100
01:38:35midkscore inflation? lol! noo
01:38:55LinusNwhy not 4, 10, 30, 120 instead?
01:39:02midkan option?
01:39:08LinusNcome on!
01:39:19midkheh its just my watch scores the large way
01:39:22scott666cause those numbers arent official
01:39:23midki'm used to it
01:39:39scott666plus you cant give points for drops if a line is worth 4
01:39:55LinusNi get it
01:40:12midkwait um
01:40:18midkok fine
01:40:23midk4 10 30 120
01:40:51scott666noo! the block dropping points!
01:41:04LinusNscott666 is right
01:41:16LinusNi think
01:41:27scott666dropping is worth up to like 20 points
01:41:31midki wasn't planning to add score increases for faster drops
01:41:35midkbut i could i guess
01:42:17scott666max drop points = 15
01:42:20LinusNis the current drop mechanism the original one, or the nintendo style?
01:42:58LinusNah, nintendo
01:43:09LinusNthat rules out the drop points
01:43:42midki really wanted them
01:43:57scott666dropped points = number of lines you hold 'down' for
01:44:06midkOH WAIT
01:44:07LinusNthat is a possible game option: original/nintendo style
01:44:12midki could do that
01:44:19scott666the orinal was 15 lines down, therfore max 15 points
01:44:28midki want to make smaller blocks too
01:44:41midkon my watch it uses the whole lcd, like 40x12
01:44:44midkthats sorta big
01:44:51LinusNmidk: it's hard to maintain the aspect ratio with smaller blocks
01:44:52midkbut still the archos is like 10*6
01:45:30LinusNthey are 4x3 pixels now, iirc
01:45:37midkteh blocks?
01:46:02LinusNthe block elements
01:46:18midkpieces. :)
01:46:30LinusNif you make them 3x2 they will look rectangular
01:46:36midkstroke of brilliance ahead
01:46:56midk*patents immediately
01:53:26kaboofaWe now have an adding machine for rockbox.
01:53:44kaboofaNow to make uh.. adding a negative number
01:53:48kaboofaand multiplication
01:53:57kaboofaand division.
01:54:11LinusNhow did you solve the number display?
01:54:34midkmerge it
01:55:23kaboofai used snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "%g", current);
01:55:32kaboofait's working on the sim...
01:55:36kaboofai hope it works on the actual thing
01:55:38midkill test ill tes
01:55:39kaboofaabout to test that.
01:55:40LinusNit won't work in the target
01:55:50midktry #s?
01:55:55LinusNthat's what i've been trying to say
01:56:03midkwell what are you doing?
01:56:07midka string or int or what
01:56:09kaboofai thought it wouldn't work with %d
01:56:13kaboofai'm trying to do...
01:56:15kaboofadouble -> string
01:56:20kaboofaand by string, i mean char
01:56:32kaboofaand by char, i mean char array
01:56:37LinusNyou'll have to cook your own code for that
01:56:53kaboofai have NO bloody idea how i'll get that to work.
01:57:07midkwhatyou should do is have a whole top line or bottom line for the equation
01:57:10midklike in the keyboard
01:57:17midkon + l/r to scroll it
01:57:18kaboofai'll take a screenshot; hold on
01:57:21midkfor longer ones
01:57:41*amiconn is happy again
01:57:51LinusNamiconn: script works again?
01:58:13amiconnYup. Got it restored mostly from memory.
01:59:19LinusNreminds me of when i have been sitting all night coding on my C64, and my father cut the power to the entire house the next morning
01:59:23amiconnNext thing I will do is adding sapi 4 support. This should help for languages where no sapi 5 voices exist."> (yes, it's
02:00:33midklol linus
02:00:33LinusNkaboofa: looks nice
02:00:41kaboofaThanks :D
02:01:01kaboofanow i'm going to start baking that display code so it will convert the double to a char..
02:01:21midkhey nice!
02:01:35kaboofai'll probably go tearing around in some posix files, see if that will help at all
02:01:53LinusNlook in the newlib sources
02:03:15kaboofa is that it?
02:04:09kaboofa::grumble:: this better be a tarball and not a rpm...
02:04:20kaboofawinrar will probably croak from one
02:04:45kaboofai grabbed it
02:07:48kaboofalooks like an opcode :X
02:10:59kaboofai'm getting a headache just looking at this..
02:11:48kaboofathis would be so much easier if it were perl :)
02:15:10amiconnTTS - time to sleep.
02:15:43LinusNnite amiconn
02:15:49midknite amiconn
02:16:04 Part amiconn
02:17:47midkLinusN: so do you know of any bitshifting programs available?
02:17:53midkbitswapping* sorry
02:17:59midkheh bitshift
02:18:46LinusNmaybe i should write one...
02:18:54LinusNor you
02:19:03 Join wake [0] (~wake@
02:19:10kaboofalinus: if snprintf doesn't work, then sprintf would not work either, correct?
02:19:20midkno idea how bitswapping is done
02:19:28LinusNkaboofa: correct
02:19:35kaboofadamn it.
02:19:43midkcalm down and review the alternatives.
02:19:43*kaboofa wonders if 'tom' is taken as a nick
02:20:22midkLinusN: would it be simple to do?
02:20:48LinusNkaboofa: the rockbox firmware has no floating point support whatsoever
02:21:16LinusNthat includes the printf style formatting functions
02:21:53LinusNbut you can always use your own sprintf function in the plugin
02:22:08LinusNmidk: the bitswapping is very easy
02:22:15kaboofabut i would have to write my own sprintf
02:22:24midkoh yah?
02:22:25kaboofawhich would be rather difficult
02:22:26LinusNkaboofa: or use someone elses
02:22:34kaboofawould it work on rockbox though?
02:23:00LinusNmidk: as long as the mp3 file is free from id3 tags, xing headers and stuff
02:23:07LinusNkaboofa: yes
02:23:21midkcould you just reuse the rockbox bitswapping code though?
02:23:31LinusNkaboofa: the plugin is standalone in that respect
02:23:38LinusNmidk: no need to
02:24:45midkis rockbox the only software that bitswaps? lol.... 1-11 of 18 on google are rockbox pages
02:25:32LinusNthe bitswapping is only necessary because the MAS serial interface isn't compatible with the SH1 serial interface
02:26:08midkyeh so it has to be reversed so as to play it forwards
02:26:16LinusNso it's a problem pretty unique to the SH1/MAS cimbination
02:26:36LinusNand the term "bitswap" is a rockbox invention
02:27:01LinusNit's not even a good term for it
02:27:09 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
02:27:53kaboofai type sprintf.c download
02:27:56kaboofafirst thing that pops up
02:27:57kaboofain good
02:28:08kaboofaCVS log for rockbox/firmware/common/sprintf.c
02:28:13midkhmm well i've no idea how you could do such a thing... would you read the end of the file and put it at the front, then the next to last and put it after the first etc?
02:29:05LinusNnah, the swapping reverses the bit order of each byte
02:29:16LinusNnot the entire mp3 stream
02:29:40midkmm what if instead you just reversed and mp3 and plugged it into rockbox? :)
02:30:18midkjoke i suppose haha
02:30:26midkwell it wants the mp3 in reverse order right
02:30:34midkwhat if you reverse the mp3 and don't bitswap
02:31:20kaboofalinus: is there any way to convert an int to a string?
02:31:23kaboofasprintf, right?
02:31:42LinusNin rockbox, yes
02:31:42midksnprintf works
02:32:21LinusNremember, the rockbox snprintf() function must be called via the plugin interface
02:33:14kaboofai'll typecast the double to int, store it in a string
02:33:23kaboofamultiply it by 100, store that in a string
02:33:37kaboofa(as an int)
02:33:49kaboofathen take the last 3 characters off of the string...
02:33:51kaboofaI GOT IT!
02:33:51kaboofai think!
02:33:53midkde de dedede de de de de
02:33:56midkDE DE DE
02:35:22kaboofastatic char ghetto_sprintf(double d)
02:37:30kaboofamaybe i should do static void ghetto_sprintf(double d, char *buffer)
02:37:57midkhave fun'
02:38:29kaboofai will, bish
02:39:35kaboofasorry :X
02:43:39midkhey LinusN? Does "draw_frame();" in tetris draw the "shadow" of the board, the outline of it or both
02:45:12kaboofatrying to code
02:45:18midkcoding fun
02:45:18kaboofafriend sends me a message on aim
02:45:27midkyay what's your sn
02:45:28kaboofa: Why do you blow me off in school?
02:45:31kaboofa:X weirdness
02:45:43kaboofamidk: unixcodes or kaboofer
02:45:45kaboofawhichever works
02:45:50LinusNmidk: read the code
02:46:01midklinus to me it looks like both
02:46:08midki should rewrite this game
02:46:21midkor at least go through and comment it all better + simplify when possible
02:46:53LinusNmidk: do so
02:47:05midk*lucky if he spots a comment
02:47:27kaboofaif you guys go through my code you're all going to be like ".... damn newbie..."
02:47:38midkdon't worry i still love you
02:47:48midki'll fix it for you
02:47:48*kaboofa has been working on java for sooo long
02:47:56kaboofaone of my comments
02:48:04kaboofa rb->sprintf(d2, "%i", (int)d*100); /* yeah, i know this is horridly inaccurate.. it will be fixed */
02:48:35midkheh on the todo list right after "die"?
02:49:00kaboofa * Tom's Todo:
02:49:01kaboofa * [ ] void init_calc()
02:49:01kaboofa * [ ] void draw_screen()
02:49:01DBUGEnqueued KICK kaboofa
02:49:01kaboofa * [ ] double do_math()
02:49:01kaboofa * [X] void get_key_press()
02:49:20kaboofashould read "int do_math()"
02:49:22midkwhy get key press
02:49:27midkintegrate that into the while loop
02:49:34kaboofano doulbe
02:49:38kaboofai did
02:49:50kaboofathe way i did it...
02:49:55kaboofayou'll see after i release it
02:50:01midkbeofre you do
02:50:07midkcos you dont wanna release your ugly code :)
02:50:08midkjk jk!
02:51:06midkjking of course
02:51:16kaboofawhen you do something like
02:51:22kaboofachar d1[255];
02:51:31kaboofad1 = "moo"
02:51:44kaboofathe rest of the array will be "null", yes?
02:51:59midkit's kept in case you change it
02:52:01midkwhich you don't
02:52:13kaboofaFOR LOOP TIEM!!@#$!%!%!$!!!!!one
03:02:07kaboofalarge is a funny word
03:09:59 Join diddystar5 [0] (
03:11:22scott666semi OT:
03:11:37scott666download music for $.01/MB
03:11:37midknext time put a space between the colon and the link dipfuck
03:12:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:15:35kaboofadamn you paypal!
03:15:41kaboofa Based on the details of your transaction, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account and add and verify a bank account to complete this payment. Once it is verified, you can return to the merchant's site to initiate this payment again. Please provide the information requested below and click 'Save Information' to sign up.
03:16:00kaboofai'm not giving them a bank account number because i want to order a few shirts from
03:16:52zeyou don't have a paypal account?
03:17:19 Nick Strath_ is now known as Strath (
03:18:07kaboofaze: no
03:18:12kaboofai don't have a bank account
03:18:21kaboofai'm still considered underage
03:19:05Strathwhat tags does one use to jump to a location within the same html document?
03:20:32zekaboofa: oh
03:21:43zesomething like <a href="#blah">link</a> ... <a name="blah"></a>
03:22:15Strathok, thanks... it's for my TCC730 disasm output
03:25:51 Join BlueChip [0] (
03:29:18LinusNmidk: wanna try a bitswap program?
03:29:27midkooh yes
03:29:29midkhey bc
03:30:56LinusNmidk: no go?
03:31:09BlueChipevenin all
03:31:16BlueChipyou're up late Linus !
03:31:18LinusNmorning BlueChip
03:31:29LinusNi am about to go to bed
03:31:30midknot work linus
03:31:45LinusNmidk: i'll email it
03:34:19LinusNgotta sleep now
03:34:24BlueChipnite dude
03:34:30midknite linus
03:34:34LinusNgood luck using it, if it works i'll add it to the tools dir
03:34:35midkgot it!
03:34:41midki'll respond
03:34:43midksleep good
03:34:47 Part LinusN
03:41:04 Join zamph [0] (
03:51:27 Join marmoset [0] (
03:52:10marmosetis it possible to re-encode to rvf under linux?
03:56:39diddystar5marmoset, yes
03:57:13diddystar5marmoset, you should just be able to download the source, and compiel it
04:06:23marmosetdiddystar5: the source at ?
04:06:36diddystar5marmoset, yes
04:06:39marmosethmm, ok
04:06:47marmosetI'll mess with it, doesn't compile out of the box though
04:07:15 Quit marmoset ("BitchX: no this is NOT a cybersex client")
04:09:44 Quit wake ("leaving")
04:12:06 Quit Hadaka (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
04:12:06 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka (
04:15:18 Nick midk is now known as midk|brb (
04:15:18DBUGEnqueued KICK midk|brb
04:20:13 Quit zamph ("sudden death")
04:24:14BlueChipnitey nite
04:24:27 Quit BlueChip ("Trillian (")
04:46:13 Nick midk|brb is now known as midk (
04:46:13DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
04:48:34 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
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05:31:01 Quit louie-dog (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:09:58 Join Ventzislav [0] (Carboran@A056165.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu)
06:10:17VentzislavI have one quick question
06:10:41VentzislavI just installed rockbox ad since some of the band names I have are long
06:11:07VentzislavI can't see the whole thing, sometimes I just see the name of the band
06:11:34Ventzislavand that doesn't help if I have 20+ songs by that band
06:11:47Ventzislavcan I somehow scroll sideways or anything?
06:11:48midkdoes it scroll too slow or what
06:11:54midkof course...
06:12:01midkwell there is a scrolling feature...
06:12:08midkhover and it scrolls right to left
06:12:26Ventzislavreally, hover with just the cursor?
06:12:40midkwell you can customize it
06:12:49midkgo to menu -> general settings -> display -> scroll
06:13:12midkspeed, step size, delay etc
06:13:43 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
06:15:10Ventzislavwow, it did work! Thanks a lot. I was also wondering. I have read some negative reviews on Amazon. Has anyone actually had any problems after installing rockbox
06:17:08VentzislavI think it would be interesting if anyone did a comparison
06:17:08midkno probs
06:17:20midkwell there is a comparison chart
06:17:24midkno major issues really
06:17:30midkif you have trouble just delete it
06:17:52Ventzislavno, I love RockBox. I will probably make a samll donation within a month
06:18:07VentzislavJust a lot of people bash the produt at Amazon
06:18:16dwihnoI've been running rockbox since the mpeg stuff started working on the recorder model
06:18:29dwihnoAugust 2002, that is, I think.
06:18:34Ventzislavbut all of them seem to be running the Archos OS, those with RockBox are happy
06:18:37dwihnoI've had no major problems whatsoever.
06:18:59Ventzislavso I was wondering if RockBox is really that great
06:19:03dwihnoI've heard about people with hardware problems and solder issues, but you can't blame the software for that ;)
06:19:11dwihnoVentzislav: it's better than great ;)
06:19:40dwihnoI don't know of any firmware that has the same possibilities.
06:19:59dwihnoWPS and fonts being the real bang-wangs!
06:20:32Ventzislavthanks a lot guys! I will probably come back again for more help. I need to go study now
06:20:40midkbye Ventzislav
06:20:41midkgood luck
06:20:43dwihnoDon't be a fool - go to school! \o/
06:20:50Ventzislavhe he
06:20:57Ventzislavcollege in my case :)
06:21:04dwihnowell, it's still some kind of school ;)
06:21:11Ventzislavyep :)
06:21:34Ventzislavsee you guys. this is a really dedicated cpommunity. No wonder for such a price
06:21:51Ventzislav$120 from Amazon
06:22:35midknice price!
06:22:38midktalk to you later
06:22:52 Quit Ventzislav ("Leaving")
06:24:05 Join matsl [0] (
06:27:48 Quit infamouse (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:37:03midknite all
06:37:11 Quit midk ()
07:05:27 Join Nibbler [0] (
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07:19:53 Join AciD [0] (
07:21:05 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
07:35:34 Join jkerman [0] (
07:36:29 Join amiconn [0] (
07:50:21 Part amiconn
07:54:52 Join LinusN [200] (
07:56:26 Join amiconn [0] (
08:12:01 Nick amiconn is now known as amiconn|away (
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09:11:39 Join mattzz [0] (
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09:19:11 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn|work (
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09:54:33 Quit jkerman (
09:54:34 Quit mattzz (
09:56:46NJoinjkerman [0] (
09:56:46NJoinmattzz [0] (
10:37:37 Nick amiconn|work is now known as amiconn|away (
10:49:50 Join Mattwood [0] (WoooD@
10:49:58MattwoodWhat is rockbox?
10:51:26mattzzHi, did you read ?
10:53:22MattwoodAnybody work under windows? For help me to reverse a programme? :p
10:55:49 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
10:56:04Mattwoodlol [1]c0utta
11:04:29Mattwood@+ :)
11:04:50MattwoodYou know Linux/Nasgaia ? ?
11:08:30LinusNno i don't
11:09:15MattwoodIt's a frensh OS
11:09:24Mattwoodv 1.0.1 :)
11:11:06 Nick Mattwood is now known as Boulay (WoooD@
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11:12:52 Nick Boulay is now known as Mattwood (WoooD@
11:17:37 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:17:43 Join Unknown [0] (
11:19:17 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:22:18 Join c0utta [0] (
11:25:42 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:40:40 Quit [1]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:47:07 Part Mattwood (" Only for L33t")
11:47:40 Quit Unknown (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:04:05 Join Guest [0] (
12:04:57Guestcan somebody help me flash
12:05:24DBUGEnqueued KICK Guest
12:06:45 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
12:06:48 Join Guest [0] (
12:07:14 Quit Guest (Client Quit)
12:35:21 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:37:07c0uttau there linus ?
12:38:16c0uttado i need to do any more work for my patch ?
12:38:52LinusNnot for now
12:39:09c0uttaare you willing to commit it ?
12:39:21LinusNwell, not as it is today
12:39:57LinusNwe have to figure out what to do with f3 first
12:40:12c0uttaf3 will be hardcoded
12:40:21LinusNin your patch it isn't
12:41:00c0uttatrue. i haven't converted many functions yet because i was waiting for the core to be committed
12:42:16 Join pfavr [0] (
12:43:05LinusNso i can't commit the patch as it is
12:43:21c0uttabecause of f3 ?
12:44:47c0uttai hate hardcoding things :(
12:45:22LinusNi know
12:45:54c0uttai'll do a "short circuit" to check for F3
12:46:24c0uttacan you see what i'm trying to achieve with the patch ?
12:46:34LinusNyes, why?
12:46:43 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn|work (
12:48:02c0uttano reason - as you know my patch is bigger than just f2/f3
12:48:23c0uttaeventually, we should be able to remap anything
12:59:29[IDC]DragonLinusN, c0utta: We had a menu discussion yesterday, about separating the logic from the presentation.
12:59:49[IDC]DragonIs there common ground with what c0utta is doing?
13:01:25c0uttai saw some of the menu discussion but didn't follow it closely
13:01:50c0uttai just use the standard menu functions to prepare the the menus
13:02:11[IDC]DragonThe basic idea was to have a) an internal data structure representing the full menu tree.
13:02:29[IDC]Dragonand b) let some independent code do the UI part of it
13:02:57c0uttavery "model, view, controller" :)
13:05:21[IDC]DragonHwever you like to call it. But I only see 2 parts here.
13:05:22c0uttai started to change the whole menu structure so it could be loaded from file
13:05:51[IDC]Dragonyes, if we have such a structure, it could also be loaded
13:05:52c0uttabut, it still didn't seperate a) & b)
13:06:16c0uttazagor told me i was crazy, so i stopped working on it
13:06:43[IDC]Dragonthis would be useful for porting, and even for the Player/Recorder distinction
13:07:22[IDC]Dragonbecause the menu on the player has to be very limited, on the Recordes it could be graphical or whatever
13:09:36[IDC]DragonCurrently, the Recorder mostly inherits the Player limitations, too
13:12:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:33:38LinusNtime to go home
13:33:41 Part LinusN
13:39:21 Join BlueChip [0] (
13:40:03BlueChipHey guys - does anyone know who's responsible for the basic lcd api?
13:41:46dwihnoBlame Zagor(tm) ? :)
13:41:56BlueChipoh shit!
13:42:01dwihnoBtw, where is he? I haven't seen him in a dogs age.
13:42:46BlueChipyou don't want to talk to me about Zagor - there's a personal feud going on between us atm
13:43:16[IDC]DragonBlueChip: what fo you mean with "basic"?
13:43:31BlueChipdrawline and the likes
13:43:56BlueChipi.e. not the video stuff
13:43:59[IDC]Dragondrawing primitives, I don't know
13:44:14[IDC]DragonI did only the interface speedup
13:44:26[IDC]Dragon(very low level, then)
13:44:48BlueChipMy dilemma is that if I draw off the edge of the screen, there is a "screen wrap"
13:45:17[IDC]Dragonwhy do you draw off-screen? This is illegal, we have no clipping
13:45:31BlueChipno clipping, yes, that's my problem
13:45:46[IDC]Dragonit would complicate the routines
13:45:56[IDC]Dragonand be no use normally
13:46:06[IDC]Dragontry to avoid it ;-)
13:46:13BlueChipyes, thanks
13:46:41[IDC]Dragona while ago, I had to fix some plugins because of such
13:46:49BlueChipI would rewrite all the primitives, but I doubt I hjave access to the lcd from the plugins
13:47:28BlueChipmy plugin requires clipping
13:47:48BlueChipbecause it is graphical in nature
13:48:02BlueChipif the core code cannot do it
13:48:08BlueChipI could do it in the plugin
13:48:20BlueChipbut then I just add another layer of code
13:48:28BlueChipso everything slows down once more
13:48:51[IDC]Dragonyou still haven't explained why you can't limit your output
13:49:04BlueChipI can
13:49:16BlueChipit just means an extra layer of code
13:49:31BlueChipso i might as well just give up calling the core primitives and write my own
13:49:42[IDC]Dragonso would it if the primitives do clip
13:49:56BlueChipyou're drawing a box
13:49:57[IDC]Dragonthen they'd need to check every time
13:50:01BlueChipit is moving around
13:50:17BlueChipthat is the nature of clipping algorithms
13:50:35BlueChipeven if I do it in the plugin, it would still need to be checked at each stage
13:50:55BlueChipwhat I don't want to do is rewrite drawline() and have to call putpixel()
13:51:35[IDC]Dragonagain, check before you draw, then you can use the builtin
13:51:47BlueChipthen i have to check every time round
13:52:19[IDC]Dragonsomebody has to check, if you insist.
13:52:28BlueChipif i insist what?
13:52:39BlueChipallowing a sprite to move
13:52:41[IDC]Dragonon drawing unlimited
13:53:02BlueChipi think i have my answer
13:53:08BlueChipso my second Q is....
13:53:15BlueChipdo I have access to the lcd from plugin?
13:53:22BlueChipdirect access
13:53:34[IDC]Dragonyes, to frame buffer and update.
13:53:51BlueChipgreat - I will write some more flexible primitives :)
13:53:53[IDC]Dragonthe most direct is lcd_blit()
13:54:03BlueChipcool - I will look at that :)
13:54:15[IDC]Dragonit bypasses the frame buffer
13:54:32[IDC]Dragondirectly moves your content to the LCD
13:54:39BlueChip:) :)
13:55:04[IDC]Dragonwhat are you working on?
13:55:18BlueChipa bunch of sprite animation routines for my game
13:55:39[IDC]Dragonhave you looked at amiconn's grayscale?
13:55:57BlueChipI chatted with him about it, yes - why?
13:56:10[IDC]Dragonwell, sounds similar
13:56:23[IDC]Dragonmaybe you do the first grayscale game
13:56:45[IDC]Dragonif it doesn't need to be fast
13:58:19BlueChipwe had quite a long chat about just that - but I'm working on a card engine atm -and it doesn't really lend itself to greyscale
13:59:09BlueChipmaybe as my next project
13:59:31BlueChipjust gotta make sure I can do everything without touching core code
13:59:45[IDC]Dragonyes, you can.
14:01:18[IDC]Dragonlook at chip8 (for writing to frame buffer) and video (for writing to LCD)
14:01:37BlueChipok, thanks :)
14:03:05BlueChipI think I'll just bodge what I'm working on now, and use the experience to do it properly next time :)
14:03:39BlueChipif I shoot off the bottom of the screen - please tell me I will not kill anything
14:04:12[IDC]Dragonsorry, you will.
14:04:49BlueChipseems I have been lucky - LOL
14:06:12[IDC]DragonYou will write into other parts of the RAM, overwriting whatever may be there. Can be very unpredictable.
14:06:24BlueChipgotta love stray pointers :)
14:08:18[IDC]Dragonwatch out for disrupting time and space!
14:10:01BlueChipCheers for the help dude, saved me loads of code hunting :)
14:10:09BlueChiplunch time...
14:20:35 Join TheDude2 [0] (
14:23:36 Quit [IDC]Dragon (
14:23:36 Quit mattzz (
14:23:36 Quit jkerman (
14:24:35NJoin[IDC]Dragon [0] (
14:24:35NJoinjkerman [0] (
14:24:35NJoinmattzz [0] (
14:34:06[IDC]DragonCan somebody explait to me what a network split is? (when many people seem to quit and join)
14:35:01 Join AciD [0] (
14:36:49Nibbler100 ppl are in this chan via server A, and another 100 on the same chan via server B
14:37:15Nibblerand now server A and B lose their connection - ppl on server A see server B ppl quit
14:37:30Nibblerand B ppl see A ppl quit, both remain in the channel on their server.....
14:40:53 Quit jkerman (Connection timed out)
14:46:50BlueChipnice one Nibbler
14:52:32CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 9 hours and 16 minutes at the last flood
14:52:32*mattzz is _definitively_ on server B!
14:52:53BlueChiphey mattzz, you tried to get hold of me the other day...
14:53:00BlueChipnot seen you online since
14:53:46mattzzBlueChip: Hm, I forgot why....
14:53:58BlueChiplol - well, if it comes back, i'm here :)
14:54:38mattzzmy two brain sides lost their connection
14:55:42BlueChipNow if only I could master that skill
14:56:07mattzzI guess it was something about the documentation. I started editing the manual the other day
14:56:49BlueChiphmm, the only docs I wrote were for Othelo - I think my original draft is still in the source distro, and it was edited well by whoever did the last manual
14:57:13BlueChip(he removed the @programmers comments)
14:58:19 Quit Ka__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:58:33 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|away (
14:58:34 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
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16:01:16 Join LinusN [200] (
16:17:04 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
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16:18:46 Join methangas [0] (
16:41:34 Join Ka___ [0] (~tkirk@
16:46:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
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17:04:57 Join quelsaruk [0] (~asdf@
17:08:36 Quit mattzz (
17:08:36 Quit [IDC]Dragon (
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17:09:44NJoinmattzz [0] (
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17:20:41 Nick amiconn|work is now known as amiconn|away (
17:28:23LinusNBlueChip: you must have forgotten to attach the klondike plugin to your mail
17:28:50BlueChiphmm, I thought it had been stripped
17:33:17BlueChipLinusN: before I retry, are you able to confirm that the mailing list supports attachments?
17:35:34[IDC]Dragonyes, it does.
17:36:05BlueChipcheers - must have been at my end then! :)
17:36:25[IDC]Dragonjust be modest, don't abuse it with pictures, rvf's, etc. ;-)
17:36:41BlueChipoh god no - 20K rock file :)
17:37:01[IDC]Dragonrock? not source?
17:40:13 Join Nibbler [0] (
17:53:23LinusNBlueChip: i'd prefer an url of course, but yes, the mailing list supports attachments <40Kb
17:54:53 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:13:30 Quit mattzz ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
18:14:20 Part LinusN
18:14:31 Part [IDC]Dragon
18:28:59 Nick amiconn|away is now known as amiconn (
18:35:25 Join edx [0] (
18:48:44 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
18:53:30 Join Guest [0] (
18:53:50Guesthow do u get voice files working on player?
18:54:30BlueChipbest i can do is suggest you search the mailing list :(
18:54:54BlueChipyou need to give people enough time to stop what they are in the middle of and type a response ;)
18:55:21Guesti was just wondering becuae on my archos i see the voice function but it dont do anything
18:55:31BlueChipyou need a voice file
18:55:43Guestyeah i dl it
18:55:55BlueChiplatest build AND recent voice?
18:56:26Guestwhere do u put the voice file?
18:57:20BlueChipmine is in /.rockbox/langs but I am running an old version
18:57:45amiconnBlueChip: This hasn't changed recently -> still valid
18:57:58BlueChipcool - cheers ami
18:59:52Guestbut when i go to find the and play the voice file rockbox doesnt open it
19:00:58Guestany ideas?
19:01:00BlueChiplol - it MIGHT play it from the browser if you rename it to .mp3 - but it will not work during operation if you do that
19:01:16BlueChip(i really must learn to type faster)
19:01:22Guestso what does this voice function actually do
19:01:30amiconnGuest: You cannot "play" the voice file. Just select the voice file that matches the .lng file you use and put it in /.rockbox/langs. Then select "Voice menus" = "Yes" in the menu and it should work
19:02:07Guestthen what does this voice function do?
19:02:28BlueChipspeaking menus etc
19:02:37amiconnBlueChip: It cannot be played as an .mp3, since it is not a raw mpeg audio file
19:02:49Guesti ll try
19:02:52 Quit Guest ("Leaving")
19:05:53 Quit Ka__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07:02 Join Ka__ [0] (~tkirk@
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19:42:06 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- *I* use it, so it must be good!")
19:44:19 Join AciD [0] (
19:58:51 Join deadite66-2 [0] (
20:14:11 Join pfavr [0] (
20:22:43 Quit deadite66-2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:26:12 Part BlueChip
20:28:32 Join infamouse [0] (
20:28:38infamouseanyone know the official website for Archos?
20:31:17infamouseah, nevermind, google made me think that was something other than what I had though
20:35:21 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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21:45:02 Join amiconn_ [0] (
21:45:22 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
21:45:22 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
21:47:00 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:50:34 Join scott666 [0] (
21:52:22 Join wake [0] (~wake@
21:54:34 Nick Ka___ is now known as Ka__ (~tkirk@
21:56:45 Quit wake ("leaving")
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22:45:19 Join Strath_ [0] (
22:45:35 Nick Strath_ is now known as Strath (
22:48:16 Quit edx ()
22:54:33 Join Max1 [0] (jirc@
22:55:33Max1Hey, I just got a Archos v2 mp3 jukebox, and installed the rockbox stuff for it. I can;t go forward a song when I press the right key. Any suggestions?
22:56:29mattzzdaily build or 2.2?
22:57:16mattzzhm, I own a recorder 20 - works fine here. Does the right key work otherwise?
22:57:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
22:57:37Max1I don't know, the first thing I did was put rockbox on it.
22:58:16Max1Is there a way to take rockbox off and try fucking with it?
22:58:56Max1Can I take off rockbox, see if the right button works, and then reinstall rockbox?
22:59:22mattzzdid you flash it? than press on + F1 when switching on.
22:59:40mattzzotherwise just rename/delete the .ajz file
22:59:57Max1Allright, lemme try that.
23:02:47Max1Ah fuck, it doesn't work. I'll have to send it back. Thansk for your time.
23:02:56mattzzgood luck!
23:03:04 Quit infamouse (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:03:27 Join wake [0] (~wake@
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23:17:05 Quit c0utta (" HydraIRC -> <- Nine out of ten l33t h4x0rz prefer it")
23:17:07 Quit Max1 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:34:52 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:44:54 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
23:45:24 Quit Ka_ ("* poof *")
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