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#rockbox log for 2004-05-01

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01:00:30RockStudiojemand hier, der deutsch Sprechen kann?
01:03:00RockStudiocould anybody give me some information about the sound problems with a Archos Studio
01:03:32scott666have you tried searching on the rockbox website? thats probably your best bet
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01:06:18RockStudiook thanks scott, I only need a Service Manual
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01:10:46lImbusany1 else having mad problems with cvs (pserv) these days ?
01:12:37lImbusgettin timeouts constantly. cant co or update anything anymore.
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01:16:57scott666ive heard complaints about CVS increase almost linearly over the last few months
01:18:19lImbuswell, sf-cvs is not the stables I've ever seen, but there's never been an outage for more than a few hours. on my projects at least.
01:18:25lImbuscan you pserv it ?
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02:43:41midkyo bip
02:43:56BioHazardwell, havent been here in a fey days
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02:48:05diddystar5lol i just ran curl, and it started beeping, and everyone in the library started looking at me
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02:50:12BioHazardi just got my new-old laptop a few days ago so ive been sidetracked from my plugin development
02:50:39BioHazardanyone still interested in the pre-release copy?
02:50:49midkill tes tit
02:50:50top_blokeof what?
02:51:10BioHazard"Guess the Number!"
02:51:25top_blokehow high do they go?
02:51:33BioHazardas high as you want
02:51:44BioHazardits customizeable
02:51:47BioHazardto 1000
02:52:02midkmaybe turns should be customizeable
02:52:07midkhow high and how many turns you should get
02:52:08BioHazardthey are
02:52:11midkok great
02:52:27BioHazardum... maybe i should upload it first...
02:52:33midkgood idea
02:53:24top_blokeis anyone making a poker game?
02:53:35top_blokeor blackjack
02:53:43midksort of tops
02:53:50midktheres a cards framework in progress
02:57:59diddystar5i have the card code
02:58:09diddystar5i worked on some of it
02:58:15diddystar5but im not giving it out
02:59:25top_blokewhy not
02:59:38top_blokeits open source right
02:59:45top_blokei demand to see the source!
02:59:52diddystar5yes, but BC dosen't want it out
03:01:43diddystar5ther is a demo blackjack game in the patches BC put out
03:01:47diddystar5its rock only
03:03:46top_blokei see
03:04:19diddystar5i have yet to try that
03:05:46top_blokewell do it!
03:06:39diddystar5i have no archos
03:06:56diddystar5and the simulated code dosnet work because of timing
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03:17:15vraaI think I'm going to cry!
03:17:23midk*cries with vraa
03:17:40vraaRockbox 2.2 is out and I wanted to test out the talking feature but my Jukebox doesn't seem to work anymore!
03:17:48vraathanks midk! This is a sad moment
03:17:51midkget a daily build
03:17:58midkmm what's wrong exactly
03:17:59vraaWell I can't even get into my Archos
03:18:09diddystar5is it flashed?
03:18:11vraaLet me c/p the exact e-mail I sent to tech support @ archos
03:18:26vraaWhen I woke up this morning I decided to listen to my mp3 player as many humans like to do. When I turned it on it went straight into the USB mode even though my computer wasn't even in the room! I turned it off by holding the STOP button and yet it restarted automatically and went back into the USB mode. I tried it about three times to turn it off but nothing worked. I decided maybe if I ran the battery down all the way and did a full recharge it w
03:18:34vraawow, that's a lot! I just reazlied that
03:18:55diddystar5its ok
03:19:08midkwow that was fast
03:19:10diddystar5so no matter what you do, you archos stays on?
03:19:20vraaWell right now it's off and I can't even get it on
03:19:30midkdid you check the usb port
03:19:33vraabut yes, before it was ALWAYS on because it just looped whenever I turned it off
03:19:34midkmaybe a piece of metal wedged in
03:19:40midkmaking it think usb is plugged
03:19:42vraaYes, nothing is there, I thought of that
03:19:49diddystar5wither bad solder, bad button, or maybe the button is stuck
03:20:15vraaWell would that make it jump to USB mode right then and there?
03:20:35midkmaybe a loose usb connection
03:20:38vraaNow it just doesn't want to start up
03:20:43midktry plugging and unplugging usb again
03:20:47midkdead batts?
03:20:57vraaUSB plugged in and nothing is happening
03:20:57diddystar5bad solder, it detects usb by looking for electricity coming of USB
03:21:08vraaI have it in charge right now, even when I unplug the charger still no activity
03:21:19vraaUSB is plugged in and also, no activity
03:21:24midknone at all? no LEDs?
03:22:29diddystar5are you ok with just opening up the front cover peice on your JB?
03:22:36diddystar5just 4 screws to get off
03:22:40vraaWill that kill my warrenty?
03:22:47vraaI'll do it as long as it won't kill my warrenty
03:22:52vraaI've taken apart my Jukebox 5000
03:23:03vraaThis is a Jukebox FM Recorder
03:23:18midki'd replace it if you can...
03:23:25diddystar5i dont know much about the hardwareon the FM
03:23:29vraaLooking on the sides of the Jukebox, I'm not sure if I have those torx wrenches
03:23:38diddystar5no, not the torx
03:23:40vraareplace the Archos? RMA it from Archos? I've had it for a while
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03:24:00diddystar5i would rma if you can
03:24:08diddystar5it would be a pain i the ass....
03:24:16vraaI've sent an e-mail to Archos and I await their reply.
03:24:27wakevraa: when did the prob start? my fm rec died when batts ran out, and is on the wat back to archos now . . .
03:24:36vraait happened today
03:25:45vraaI'm not sure even why... I just wanted to listen to some music before I got on the bus and it went into the USB mode so I was thinking maybe something is stuck in the USB port, nothing there, so I held down the stop button to turn off the unit
03:25:53wakek. just looked up at the email you posted. i was wondering if it happened to you the same way my prob started
03:25:57vraathe thing just rebooted and went straight back into usb mood
03:26:02vraahow did yours happen?
03:26:17 Part Frostbyte2
03:26:46wakebatt ran really low, and when i plugged in to recharge, nothing happened except the power light blinked on/off once
03:27:38vraaSo that means the batteries are dead and I'll have to RMA it?
03:27:57wakei'm not sure - your prob sound different from mine
03:28:11vraaMine was very low when I plugged it into charge overnight has some replacement batts
03:29:01midkif it's that
03:29:04vraalol I copied the entire line including the "has some replacement batts" and I was thinking, how come it's not working?
03:29:46mdm180Hello all - I am new to the scene - My bro just gave me his Studio 20 when he got his ipod. I am very impressed with Rockbox
03:29:50vraa34$, not bad, I'll ask my dad
03:30:04DBUGEnqueued KICK vraa
03:30:04vraa•mdm180• Oh yeah, I love the Rockbox!
03:30:48mdm180I have a question though - sorry if this is in the docs (couldn't find it) but is it possible to play songs in a directory in track order? Basically, to play an album in correct track order.
03:31:14vraaif you make a playlist they will do that fine
03:31:35vraathat's how I do it whenever I copy my music to my archos, I make a playlist and I play the playlist rather then the mp3's themselves
03:31:43vraathen I can set however order to play the music
03:32:30vraaI'm going to go start pestering my dad, thanks all for the help!
03:32:40vraaI really appreciate it!
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03:32:59*vraa is AFK, time to get some money heh
03:33:02mdm180Thanks. I use playlist often too but I was hoping it was a built-in. It seems to only do it in alpha order when you add a directory.
03:33:51midkwhen inserted each track, Menu -> playlist options -> save playlist
03:41:39diddystar5ipod... stinks
03:44:29diddystar5use your imageination for this one ;)
03:44:30diddystar5#include <stdlib.h>
03:44:30diddystar5for(int i=0;i<1000;i++) {
03:44:30DBUGEnqueued KICK diddystar5
03:44:30diddystar5 printf("ipod stinks");
03:45:00diddystar5i missed a bit of code
03:45:48diddystar5#include <stdlib.h>
03:45:48diddystar5int main() {
03:45:48diddystar5 for(int i=0;i<1000;i++) {
03:45:48***Alert Mode level 1
03:45:48diddystar5 printf("ipod stinks");
03:45:48***Alert Mode level 2
03:45:48diddystar5 }
03:45:48***Alert Mode level 3
03:45:48diddystar5 return 0;
03:47:32diddystar5anyone want to play a bit of trivia?
03:47:43diddystar5join #!nix and we will play :)
03:55:49***Alert Mode OFF
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03:57:31BioHazardim back now... i got called to switch around a bunch of monitors and forgot to bbl...
03:57:42BioHazardill upload that thing now...
04:00:05BioHazardonly up for an hour or so
04:00:07midkow my arm
04:00:16midktake it down in 5m
04:00:19midktake it down now.
04:01:20BioHazardwhy now?
04:01:30BioHazardhow will anybody test it then?
04:01:49midki will
04:02:49BioHazardthis is the release candidate, i want more than just you to say if its worthy for the patch tracker
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04:02:59midkone apparent problem
04:03:09midkdid you use my accel tip?
04:03:16BioHazardi couldnt
04:03:18midkapparently not
04:03:19midkwhy not?
04:03:20BioHazardi tried
04:03:35midkno work?
04:03:39BioHazardbut it would still step by 3 even when not held down
04:03:50midkwhat was the code you used
04:03:53BioHazardeven if i made held and pressed seperate cases
04:04:09midkcan you pm me the code
04:04:13midkor something
04:04:17midki can tell you how to make it work
04:04:29diddystar5BioHazard, lets play trivia in #!nix
04:04:44BioHazardi know very little about 'nix
04:04:55midk... lol
04:05:08diddystar5ther is a trivia bot its fun
04:05:17diddystar5i have a few vegan freinds playing right now :)
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04:22:45BioHazardk, file taken down
04:23:23BioHazardanyone try it?
04:23:28midki did
04:23:33midkexcept for accel it was great
04:23:55BioHazarddo you still want the accel code?
04:24:02midkif you have it yes
04:24:04midki can fix it
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04:26:26BioHazard|Tetrisi got kicked... but it pasted :)
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04:47:37diddystar5bye everyone
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05:20:10midkyo coutta
05:20:16midkc0utta rather
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05:32:24c0uttayo midk
05:43:06kaboofaIf you are what you eat, I could be you by morning.
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05:43:11*kaboofa goes to sleep.
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06:45:00midkare there any coders available?
06:50:00midkim not too dumb
06:50:03midkeasy to work with
06:50:09midkif i dont get it i dont ask what you did
06:50:10midkcmon cmon
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08:18:49Greenlight63hey guys, can i take out my hard drive and sell it
08:19:20Greenlight63out of my archos jukebox recorder 20 gig
08:21:14Greenlight63anybody out there?
08:21:37Greenlight63i heard you can take out the hard drive on these mp3 players and sell them on ebay?
08:26:48midk|back_in_30yes you can Greenlight63
08:26:53 Nick midk|back_in_30 is now known as midk (
08:28:10Greenlight63how much do they go for?
08:28:23midktry searching for one
08:28:24midkhard to say
08:28:30midkmaybe a hundred... maybe 150
08:30:11Greenlight63whats should i search for
08:30:29Greenlight63hard drives brinds up lots of stuff
08:30:31midk"20gb laptop hard drive"
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08:35:33lImbusFYI: :pserv:cvs co and update was working fine for me just now.
08:36:20 Quit lImbus (Client Quit)
08:37:19 Quit Greenlight63 ("Leaving")
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08:53:26eval-hi. i am hoping to bring a jukebox recorder 20 to my friends who have been travelling in india for many months.
08:54:05eval-rockbox looks awesome, but they will probably not have a chance to download a daily build should they encounter a bug
08:54:18midknot very many bugs. :)
08:54:24eval-what is the best version/build that i should put on it?
08:54:28midkmuch less than the archos f/w
08:54:34midkthe most recent daily build
08:54:37eval-really? oh well thats good
08:54:42eval-most recent is really best?
08:54:54eval-but no bug-testing ... ;)
08:55:03eval-also. how much is 'too much' to pay for this on ebay
08:55:16eval-on i see $150 for the recorder 20 (version 1, 4 AA batteries)
08:55:25midkthat's not bad
08:55:31eval-on e-bay it can go for $105-$130 i think
08:55:36midkthat's good!
08:55:49eval-... (if it works ;) )
08:55:53eval-also, india is 230V right?
08:56:06eval-but all these are being sold from USA so they are 110V
08:56:19eval-my friend with a recorder 15 said it was 600mA, 9V DC in
08:56:34eval-so if i can get an AC/DC converter with those specs in india i'll be ok?
08:56:43eval-and it'll charge the NiMH batteries in the unit?
08:57:03midkit should, yes
08:57:15midki'm not positive −− i never deal with different voltages
08:57:21midkbut if it has the same specs it should be ok
08:58:57eval-i hope the recorder 20 and 15 have same specs
08:59:14midkyes, they do
08:59:18midkfor power input
08:59:24eval-except the recorder 20 can take usb 2.0 in
08:59:42eval-also, about how long will alkalines vs. NiMH work with rockbox softs?
08:59:49midkyou must use nimh
09:00:11midkbut i'd recommend upgrading them... it ships with 1500mah batteries and now you can get 2250mah or 2300mah batteries
09:00:12midkyes, must
09:01:02eval-I see. And 2300mah batteries will charge just as well in the player?
09:01:19eval-Why is it a must? The player can tell if you use alkalines?
09:01:51midkno but alkalines give off more power
09:01:56midkand if they are plugged in they can explode
09:02:04midkand yes larger batteries charge just fine
09:02:37eval-explode! well that's a concern. i see.
09:02:45midkheh yeah
09:02:49midkplus nimh's last longer
09:03:10eval-ok, so if i buy 2300mah NiMH batteries for them, how long can they go for?
09:03:33eval-im wondering if they sometimes go for some time w/o power
09:03:50midkprobably 12h min
09:04:00midkmaybe 14
09:04:00eval-ooh that's pretty good
09:04:36eval-so 2 sets of 4 2300mah NiMH and this beats out the dell DJ, plus runs opensource
09:04:44eval-are these 2300mah batteries mad expensive?
09:05:16midkprobably online you can get them for about $12-$15 a set... probably even less
09:06:01eval-hehe, $8 a set.
09:06:25midkwow great
09:06:36midk*out of date
09:07:07eval-that's nothing. so if i can get this in the next few days on e-bay for less than $120 im going for it. otherwise i'll bite the bullet and pay $150 on, buy two sets of NiMH, and work out a 600mA 9V charger when i get there
09:07:25eval-oooh so exciting. the poor kids
09:07:30eval-they've been travelling 9 months now
09:07:43eval-4 in thailand, 5 in india (they're living off $150 a month!)
09:07:58eval-and they thought, as they left 'oh we dont need our music, we'll soak up the local culture'
09:08:07eval-but i think if they hear another hindi song they'll go crazy
09:08:23eval-i got a rather pathetic-sounding email asking me kindly if it wouldn't be too much trouble... hehe
09:08:36eval-the archos look fairly sturdy, is that the case?
09:08:42eval-can they drop this on those silly rubber corners?
09:08:50midkmm lol
09:08:54midk*doesn't suggest dropping it
09:08:59midki once did
09:09:04midkfrom about 4 feel
09:09:12midkright on the corner
09:09:14midkit worked find
09:09:21midk*staying up too late
09:09:27eval-yeah? well my rio can hang if I run all the way to the bus
09:09:31midk*typing errors linearly increasing
09:09:31eval-it can't be that bad can it
09:09:43midkjust don't be too careless :)
09:09:54eval-its just they have backpacks
09:10:00eval-that get thrown around buses and trains and stuff
09:10:10eval-maybe i'll suggest they keep it on them?
09:10:16midkgood idea
09:10:23eval-im not even taking my rio travelling
09:10:29eval-if it can't make it to the bus stop
09:10:30midkwhich rio?
09:10:38eval-90day warranty :-(
09:10:38midkare you serious?
09:10:46eval-i love the thing, otherwise
09:10:52midkhow far is the bus stop
09:10:53eval-loooong battery life, plays ogg
09:11:06eval-well im not running more than 3-5 mins
09:11:14midkand it skips?
09:11:17eval-and it responds well to a reset
09:11:19eval-no it hangs
09:11:20midkwhat format / bitrate are you using?
09:11:27midkoh well yeah
09:11:41eval-i have to like, undo a staple from a document
09:11:45eval-untwist it into a point
09:11:50eval-and shove it into the reset hole
09:11:51eval-so annoying
09:12:03eval-i have everything, ogg, mp3, wma
09:12:12eval-i don't think it's files that are doing it
09:12:16eval-i think it's the disk
09:12:18midkit has a large buffer
09:12:25midkit shouldn't be a problem
09:12:30midkare they very high bitrates
09:12:34midkie 256k mp3?
09:12:41eval-some of them. not many most are 192
09:12:43midk192k wma?
09:12:50midkwell it should last that long
09:12:55midkvery weird.
09:13:23eval-it's certainly strange.
09:13:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:13:31eval-i could firmware upgrade and see if it continues
09:13:37eval-it's only happened a few times, but it's all been recent
09:13:39midkoh yes
09:13:44midkget the latest
09:13:48midk1.68 i think
09:13:51eval-which is worrisome, when it takes on new 'features'
09:14:31eval-i just don't want this to happen with their archos
09:14:38eval-but it seems i have to buy it used
09:15:04midkif they'll be running a lot it won't last too long
09:15:14midkwell with rockbox it may be handled
09:16:48eval-they won't be running
09:16:51eval-it'll get jostled
09:16:57midkit should be fine then
09:17:07eval-but, unlike my rio they probably won't have it on during the worst shocks
09:17:44eval-theres no one with new recorder 20s in stock?
09:18:05eval-without NiMH batteries it'd be a costly/impossible proposition for them to last weeks away from power
09:18:09Strathtools for working with gmini firmware:
09:18:11eval-i don't know any other players with this option
09:19:47midkwhat option? swapping out batteries?
09:24:08eval-yeah, the batteries thing. ok, will check it out
09:25:30eval-whoa. the HD can be upgraded
09:25:37eval-so a 6gb archos would do fine
09:25:56midkyou also have to buy a larger hd
09:26:03midkso it's cheaper i think to get the larger one first
09:26:32eval-a 20gb HD is only $75
09:26:43eval-I guess if a 6b goes for $50 on ebay then its pretty close.
09:26:57eval-Not worth $0 to $25 to go through that hassle
09:27:11midka 20gb *laptop* hard drive?
09:27:15midkit can't be desktop
09:29:03midkwow good
09:29:10midkcheap replacements
09:29:40eval-good point
09:30:08eval-though, again, somewhere in kashmir it might be harder to do ;)
09:30:14eval-and you'd still lose your music :)
09:30:22eval-those new ones started at $270 =(
09:32:26eval-amazon pisses me off
09:33:02midk*curls up and dies
09:33:30eval-$130 after rebate for a new jukebox recorder 20gb
09:33:45eval-but its the v2, so internal Li-ion battery, right?
09:34:12Strathhey, could someone check to see if they can open and read the contents of the tar.gz files on
09:34:44Strathi'll be back in a couple minutes
09:35:10midkbye strathy
09:35:12midkif i dont see you
09:35:15midkthanks for everything
09:35:49eval-i should sleep too
09:35:57eval-thanks for all your help midk
09:36:19eval-i'll bid confidently now, and get 2300mah batteries :)
09:36:38eval-and rockbox, of course :)
09:37:21midknite eval
09:37:24midknice talking to you
09:37:27midkgood luck
09:37:36midk*MUST SLEEP
09:37:56midk*yawns for the seventh time this minute
09:38:01eval-nitenite :)
09:38:05eval-thanks again. peace
09:38:12 Quit eval- ("Leaving")
09:45:34Strathok... what hapens when you try to open the file?
09:45:56Strath(if you could help me verify the files are good....)
09:46:20midkjust a moment please
09:46:21Strath(work fine for me...)
09:46:52midkwhy dont you just post them in zips or just post the c file?
09:47:21 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
09:48:03Strathcause, though it should be cross platform code.. the tools i use are cygwin and linux
09:48:44Strathand i like the format better
09:50:14 Join edx [0] (
09:50:15amiconnStrath: I can open all .tar.gz files on that page just fine (using Filzip on Windows)
09:50:19Strathwhat extension did your browser save it with?
09:50:41Strathok... it's just midk :P
09:50:52Strathwinzip opens it fine
09:51:14Strathi suspect that midk's browser is mangling the file extention
09:51:42amiconnMaybe, I use Mozilla 1.6 almost all the time.
09:51:58midki'm having loads of trouble with your grayscale framework, no offense of course
09:52:05midki replaced all my lcd_updates etc
09:52:12midkswitched on the overlay
09:52:27midkyet it either freezes my plugin or gives an illinstr error
09:52:46Strathi'll assume the files are ok then, thanks amiconn
09:52:48midkcan you tell me exactly what i have to do to be able to use the grayscale framework?
09:52:54midkstrath i'm sure they are
09:53:00midkwinzip is mad at me tonight :)
09:54:24amiconnmidk: Hmm, strange. It should be not too hard to use the grayscale framework. You should basically do the following:
09:54:50amiconn(1) Decide which parts of your screen layout should use grayscale
09:55:38midkcan i use it in the while(!PLUGIN_OK) loop?
09:56:26amiconn(2) Include the grayscale framework (from "begin_grayscale_framework" to "end_grayscale_framework") into your plugin code
09:56:34midkdid that
09:58:29amiconn(3) Grab a buffer for the grayscale display, and then initialize it with gray_init_buffer(). Look into main() of grayscale.c how this is done.
09:58:51midkcan i use it in the while(!PLUGIN_OK) loop?
09:59:31amiconn(4) Replace all drawing functions which should use grayscale with their gray_ equivalents. Beware that the parameters are sometimes different.
10:00:59amiconn(5) Throw out _all_ lcd_update() and lcd_update_rect() calls that might be executed while the grayscale overlay is running.
10:01:34midkok i'm going to do this step by step correctly.
10:01:49midki can then use it in the while not plugin ok loop correct?
10:02:17amiconnIf you change something in grayscale, you need no update function at all. If you use b&w in some part of the screen and change something in that, use gray_deferred_update() to get your change displayed.
10:02:59midki replaced all of my lcd_updates with gray_deferred_updates
10:03:03midkis that ok to do
10:03:04 Join cjnr11 [0] (
10:03:05 Part cjnr11
10:03:31midk*confused now
10:03:56amiconn(6) You can now switch the grayscale overlay on and off at will.
10:04:42midkis there any way to simply tell it that when it runs into a gray function to switch it on + do the work so you don't have to?
10:05:08amiconn(7) Don't forget to call gray_release_buffer() before you exit from your plugin.
10:06:01amiconnmidk: No, this can't be done, since the gray_init_buffer needs a number of parameters it obviously cannot guess.
10:08:13midkheh sorry i meant are you finished explaining?
10:08:35amiconnYup, these were all steps.
10:09:13 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:09:14 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
10:09:14amiconnBtw: if you use grayscale full-screen, you don't need a single gray_deferred_update() call. It would only be a waste of cpu time.
10:10:14midki'd like to go through setting this up but it's pretty late...
10:10:34midki think i will quickly.
10:10:39midka question
10:10:48midkcan i use gray in while not plugin ok loop?
10:15:25amiconnYou can use gray wherever you want within your plugin, as long as you use the functions in the correct order.
10:16:58midk (4) Replace all drawing functions which should use grayscale with their gray_ equivalents. Beware that the parameters are sometimes different.
10:17:03midkyou mean ones that i want to change
10:17:09midkor have to change all of them?
10:19:12amiconnI mean that sometimes the parameters are used in a different way, e.g. lcd_drawrect(x, y, width, height) ==> gray_drawrect(x1, y1, x2, y2, brightness)
10:19:34midki *must* replace all LCD functions with GRAY functions?
10:19:39midkor only ones i want gray?
10:20:30amiconnYou have to replace the ones that should display within the grayscale overlay area.
10:22:14midkso if i have a drawline(0, 5, 112, 5); and a gray_fillrect(0, 4, 112, 2);
10:22:21midki have to replace drawline with gray_drawline?
10:24:16amiconnYes, but gray_fillrect(0, 4, 112, 2) would not work, since the x range is from 0 to 111. If it was lcd_fillrect(0, 4, 112, 2) before, you will have to use gray_fillrect(0, 4, 111, 5, <brightness>)
10:25:05midkso anything covered by gray has to be modified to use a gray function, got it.
10:25:45amiconnBeware that there are no functions to display text in grayscale yet.
10:25:51midkthat's ok
10:25:57midki got it to work somehow lol
10:26:04midkvery pixelated
10:26:20midkwell maybe tomorrow i'll go through and try to set it all up
10:26:27midkthanks amiconn for all your help
10:26:31midkgood night everyobdy
10:26:39amiconnnite midk
10:26:40Strathnite midk
10:26:47midkty for teh code strath
10:26:53 Quit midk ()
10:26:53Strathn p
10:31:13 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
10:41:34 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:41:37 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
10:59:37 Part amiconn
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11:11:57ZhanShihi guys, What do I do about a file length mismatch?
11:12:12ZhanShiROLO Error..
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21:14:57diddystar5is there someone working on a calculator here?
21:18:43 Join top_bloke [0] (
21:21:09top_blokehey dog
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23:17:54 Join Ventzislav [0] (Carboran@A056165.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu)
23:18:04VentzislavHELP! Urgently needed
23:18:33VentzislavI am trying to flash rockbox
23:18:53Ventzislavhowever, I cannot find the .bin file it requires
23:19:10Ventzislavto copy before I start the process
23:19:15VentzislavI didn't realize it
23:19:25diddystar5is it not in the .zip file?
23:19:55VentzislavI don't see it
23:19:56diddystar5are you talking about the backup .bin files?
23:20:08Ventzislavthe files from step 1
23:22:06Ventzislavany help?
23:22:28diddystar5i see it in the zip file
23:23:07Ventzislavis that the Archos Jukebox Recorder V2
23:24:20Ventzislavit is about 180 Kbytes bigger than the one available from the rockbox site
23:24:37Ventzislavthe rockbox one is 444
23:24:43Ventzislavthis one is 580
23:25:06diddystar5that is because it is uncompressed
23:25:28diddystar5it will work the same
23:25:28Ventzislavok, I am just really worried
23:25:58Ventzislavcause I started the process without it and then got a message file not found any key to exit
23:26:02diddystar5everthing should go fine :) dont sweat it, VERY few people have ever had any problem with flashing
23:26:16Ventzislavshould I restart the whole process now?
23:26:28VentzislavI have already dump the rom
23:26:57diddystar5no, just run the firmware_flash.rock, and it will be fine
23:27:03Ventzislavok hold
23:27:09Ventzislavwill be back in 5 mins
23:27:12diddystar5ok :)
23:32:18VentzislavYES! It worked
23:32:24Ventzislavjust ne last q
23:33:02VentzislavI don't understand the purpose of the last step (holding f1)
23:33:27midkto make sure archos fw boots.
23:33:54diddystar5its a emergency if all else fails solution
23:34:00Ventzislavin addition, should I submit a bug report that the two .bin files are not in the pack
23:34:15diddystar5what two . bin files?
23:35:13 Quit deadite66 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:35:21Ventzislavthe one I couldn't find initially
23:35:28Ventzislavthe one you showed me in the zip
23:35:36Ventzislavthey are not n the rockbox zip
23:36:12diddystar5they are not meant to be
23:36:31diddystar5that one bin is for the first flash only
23:36:42diddystar5after that you use the .ucl file in the rockbox zip
23:36:50diddystar5(to update your flash)
23:37:42Ventzislavok, then
23:37:44Ventzislavthanks a lot
23:38:03Ventzislavthis device is great, and Rockbox is the best
23:38:14diddystar5your welcome
23:39:25Ventzislavhave a nice day
23:40:14diddystar5you too
23:54:22DBUGEnqueued KICK top_bloke
23:54:22top_bloke(leaving) reason:[store] «~(polaris v2.05c)~»
23:56:58 Part Ventzislav ("Leaving")

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