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#rockbox log for 2004-05-02

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00:42:09jentulmanHi I'm looking for a bit of archos help
00:42:17diddystar5ok :)
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00:43:08jentulmanIve just put a box of bits that was an studio 20 back together and it works, but has a HD error. I've got no usb cable but have 2 male usb plugs on cable that i can join, but I'm wondering which pins to join to which
00:43:30jentulmancan anyone point me at a site or similar with a wiring diagram
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00:44:56DJBazwhats this about rockbox can talk?
00:45:24diddystar5jentulman, i have no diagram, but itn't the wires in the cable colored?
00:46:13jentulmanyep, but I'm wondering if any of the lines should cross or something. I'm not overly familiar with usb.
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00:49:34diddystar5no, will be fine
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00:49:48diddystar5just wire the same colored ones together
00:50:32jentulmanwicked cheers very much
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01:01:01DJBazwhere do i put the voice file?
01:01:55diddystar5DJBaz, not sure, i have yet to use the voice
01:02:10diddystar5DJBaz, from what i have heard you can out it anywhere
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01:02:24DJBazhow would i use the voice, i dont hear the voice :/
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01:06:05Strathhello all
01:06:18DJBazdoes anyone know about how to use the voice?
01:06:30Strathnot I
01:07:29diddystar5read that
01:07:54diddystar5make sure it is located in the /.rockbox/lang dir and that the file name is max 24 characters. Then simply click PLAY on it.
01:08:08DJBazill give it a go, brb
01:08:11diddystar5settings are somewhere in the general settings menu i think
01:08:20diddystar5like in talk or voice
01:10:01DJBazyay it works :)
01:10:08DJBazwell im off to bed, nnn
01:10:27diddystar5bye bye
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05:15:56DHSAnybody out here willing to help a newbie get set up to try developing?
05:16:42scott666i think i just read your post to the list
05:16:54DHSprobably, I just sent it up there.
05:17:47scott666my recomendation would be to completely skip rolands setup page and get bluechips installer
05:18:15scott666youre using windows, right?
05:18:38DHSYup. As I say, I've done much of Roland's setup.
05:18:55scott666where did you get stuck?
05:19:29DHSI couldn't get the CVS to communicate - I think I may have to open a port on my firewall.
05:19:56DHSI downloaded the source, but it is the wrong extension for the unzipper Roland mentions.
05:20:45DHSYup, I have the .tar.gz file
05:21:14scott666good replacement for winzip/winrar/etc.
05:21:45DHSI take it the .gz is yet another compression format?
05:22:45DHSSo I gotta download gzip.exe from
05:22:55Strathwinzip handles tar.gz just fine
05:23:11scott6667-zip is an all-in-one program for most forms of compression
05:23:25scott666winrar and winzip should work too, i just prefer 7zip
05:24:04DHSI'll have to check to see if I still have Winzip since my upgrade to XP
05:24:05Strathpick one focus and excell at it....
05:25:37DHSduh, I was so intent on the command line I didn't even bother to try an explorer window
05:26:11DHSIt seems that I do have winzip still, after all - linked to the .gz extension, no less :-)
05:26:49DHSSo I extract to C:\Cygwin\rockbox?
05:28:53DHSIt seems to have created a directory rockbox-2.2 under ...\rockbox
05:29:52DHSI now have a C:\Cygwin\rockbox\rockbox-2.2 directory with apps, docs,... in it.
05:34:36DHSI created a directory C:\Cygwin\rockbox\Tools and put the 5 .exe tools in it.
05:35:11DHSMy goal for the evening is to do a make.
05:38:14DHShmm... now I tried to do a make in /rockbox/rockbox-2.2/firmware and got a message
05:38:34DHSsaying "Don't run make here" Neat.
05:39:23DHSTo run the tools/configure script, I just type "../tools/configure in a new directory?
05:45:08DHSWell, I've made some progress. I ran the configure, and make, and got to a [scramble] Error 255
05:48:37DHSI'm wondering if I have a 'gcc' −−- I tried searching for gcc.* recursively from \cygwin, and didn't fine one
05:48:50midkget the
05:48:52midkunzip to your tools dir
05:49:13DHSI take it gcc.exe is in
05:50:18midkunzip to your tools dir
05:50:25midktypically "unzip" == "unzip all"
05:51:16DHSOk, I'm looking for I though I had tools, but it just has a few .exe's in it
05:51:35midkso um
05:51:36midkunzip them
05:51:41midkto the dir labeled tools
05:52:03midka better way is to use the beta sdk
06:02:59DHSWell, I'd like to postpone trying the sdk until I at least find gcc.
06:03:28DHSI think my problem is that I never did the "select packages" step.
06:03:38midkyou are not listening
06:03:44midki'm not saying any more.
06:04:47DHSwell, I listened to a direction to "get the", but haven't found it yet.
06:05:03midkare you following the sdk instructions?
06:15:44DHSI think I am now. I've got cygwin setup installing the items from
06:16:20DHSI think I inadvertantly started with the "another way" and missed a few stepsw :-(
06:17:14midkget 0.2
06:17:18midkunzip to c:\cygwin
06:17:28midkrun c:\cygwin\setup\setup.bat
06:20:32DHSOK, downloading rockbox-sdk_v0.2.exe right now.
06:24:19DHSrockbox-sdk_v0.2.exe is now downloaded, but in the mean time, cygwin setup
06:24:26midkcancel that
06:24:31midkall you need is the sdk
06:24:33midknuke c:\cygwin
06:24:36DHSis about 70% done
06:24:36midkand unzip the sdk there
06:25:24DHSnuke and unzip. OhhhhKayyyy
06:25:35midkdelete c:\cygwin
06:25:38midkunzip sdk to c:\cygwin
06:26:08DHSwell, right now rockbox-sdk_v0.2.exe is IN c:\cygwin, so nuking it might
06:26:16DHSnot be too good an idea?
06:26:23midkmove it
06:26:30DHSyeah, got that.
06:30:50DHSRan rockbox-sdk_v0.2.exe, it created a directory c:\cygwin\rockbox-sdk with dirs in it
06:31:18midkstop here
06:31:25midkmove everything *in* rockbox-sdk to c:\cygwin
06:31:43midkso the dirs will be in c:\cygwin and a empty "rockbox-sdk" fodler
06:32:14midkdelete rockbox-sdk folder
06:32:22midkthen enter c:\cygwin\setup
06:32:25midkrun setup.bat
06:33:00DHSthere is an install.bat, but no setup.bat in cygwin\setup
06:33:08midkthat's ok use install
06:33:11midkwasn't sure of the name
06:33:23midkafter it completes you can configure and build and checkout etc like normal
06:33:31DHSif finished, apparently OK
06:33:36midkyou're done
06:33:58DHSI think I need to re-download the 2.2 firmware, it got lost in the great nuking :-)
06:34:06midkwhy no daily build?
06:34:22DHSI'll take your advice.
06:34:26midkdo this:
06:34:32midkrun Rockbox-SDK.bat in c:\cygwin
06:34:37midkyou should have the BASH prompt
06:35:30midkmkdir test
06:35:33midkjust for a test build
06:35:42midki alwasy recommend subdirs for projects
06:35:48midkcd test
06:35:51midkand tehn
06:36:52DHSIt says "i'm checking out apps"...
06:37:04midkthat will check out a bleeding edge source
06:37:13DHSNow I've got the dreaded checkout aborted.
06:37:17DHSconnection timed out
06:37:23midkif you were starting a project, say, ..... mm.... new menus
06:37:30midki'd do
06:37:31midkmkdir menus
06:37:38midkthen checkoou tthere
06:37:42midkok then get a daily build
06:37:44midkbut use subdirs
06:37:46midkit's easier
06:38:14DHSI think I've still got that firewall problem
06:38:54DHSI want the source tarball, I presume?
06:41:18DHSWhew! that sure made a lot of subdirs. I now have C:\Cygwin\home\rockbox\test\rockbox-daily-20040425.tar\rockbox-daily-20040425\firmware
06:41:24DHSwith a makefile in it.
06:41:45midkget out of /firmware
06:41:50midkthat's a part of the build
06:42:05DHSwhere should I be?
06:42:24DHSone dir up, perhaps?
06:44:23DHSOK, I've undone that mad directory creating.
06:44:27DHSI'm in C:\Cygwin\home\rockbox\test
06:44:47DHSunder it are 7 subdirs: apps, docs, firmware...uisimulator
06:45:17DHSI can't do a make here, 'cause no makefile in this directory.
06:45:39DHSperhaps make firmware?
06:45:42midkok move everything in that folder that has apps, firmware etc
06:45:50midkmove it all to cygwin\home\rockbox\test
06:45:58midkso in test is apps, firmware, tools etc
06:46:20DHSThat's what I did.
06:47:42midkin bash
06:47:50midkmake sure you're in /test
06:47:53midkmkdir build
06:47:54midkcd build
06:48:05midkset it up, and
06:49:37DHSit's updating dependencies now...
06:49:50midkok when it's done you're made
06:54:44DHSit's still grumbling along at 400 MHz
06:55:05DHSscratch that - I think it is done!
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06:55:42eval-so i got a 20gb jukebox studio on ebay for $100 for my friends in india
06:56:14eval-now im curious if anyone knows where i can get a 230V type-C (europe/india plug) to 9V DC 600mA transformer?
06:57:19DHSto midk: Thanks for the great support. I'm crashing for the night.
06:57:29midkno probs
06:57:30midksleep good
06:57:33midkhey eval
06:57:47 Quit DHS ()
06:58:32eval-hey midk =)
06:58:36eval-so i bought in
06:58:50eval-i lost a bid for the 'recorder' by $2.50 when i was out of my house :(
06:59:05eval-and ended up paying only $5 less for a 'studio' version
06:59:11eval-so no usb 2.0 for them (eh)
07:06:29eval-anyone wanna go to: and tell me if that plug terminal looks like it'd fit in the archos?
07:09:03 Part scott666
07:11:38midktoo large
07:12:16eval-yeah? damn.
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07:14:32eval-this issue about the central-positive vs. central-negative plug
07:14:48eval-is this something where if i buy the wrong 220V AC/DC adapter and the polarity is off i can fry the archos?
07:15:50Straththe newer ones include diodes to protect it, however my jb6000 did get toasted by reversed voltage
07:16:27 Join CpuMan2001 [0] (
07:17:00eval-well its a good thing for me to know. thanks!
07:17:14CpuMan2001is there anything in the 4/30 build to cause the buttons to not work correctly
07:18:39CpuMan2001when I press off, the usb logo shows up, even though it's not plugged in
07:18:46CpuMan2001and I think the down button is what f1 should be
07:18:51CpuMan2001otherwise, nothing else works
07:34:17eval-oh great, i can buy it in italian:
07:34:17 Quit CpuMan2001 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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08:06:04midkhey bio
08:06:31 Nick BioHazard|Tetris is now known as BioHazard (
08:06:49BioHazardman... it cant just remember my name...
08:07:51BioHazardi need th get a usb card for my new-old laptop
08:08:12BioHazardanyone know of one that dosent stick out?
08:08:17midknot midi
08:08:25BioHazard(a PCMCIA usb card)
08:08:54midkoh no i thought you meant PCI
08:09:21BioHazardPCI in a laptop? i wish...
08:09:40midki was kidding.
08:09:42midkjoke bio.
08:10:02BioHazardwell i dont get it then :)
08:11:03BioHazardthe catch is... i need one that will work on a 150MHz pentium w/o MMX
08:11:17 Join methangas [0] (
08:12:02BioHazardim very happy with this old thing
08:13:37midkand i though i hated my 466 celeron
08:14:56BioHazardactually, i was suprised how quick it was really
08:15:09BioHazardi expected it to be afwull slow
08:15:58BioHazardand its better than the 486 i had before :p
08:17:00BioHazardit can compile rockbox in 20 minutes! :D
08:17:45midkLOL g'job g'job
08:17:48BioHazardactually, i havent tried yet...
08:18:37BioHazardi was gonna, but then it hit me: "why build rockbox on here if i cant test it on my archos"
08:18:58BioHazardi had cygwin all installed and evrything
08:20:36BioHazardso thats why im looking for a USB card
08:21:02BioHazardso i can work on rockbox <i>anywhere!</i>
08:21:13midkits ctrl+i
08:21:30BioHazardand so i can take advantage of the hard drive in the archos
08:21:50BioHazardit is?
08:22:02midkno tis not
08:22:05midktry ctrl b
08:22:10midkyo yo yo
08:22:20BioHazardthat works
08:22:26BioHazardbut not i
08:22:32midkthat's bold
08:22:35midkand ctrl u is underline
08:22:40midki is indent
08:22:44midkno italics on irc
08:23:14BioHazardhmmm, i thought i had seen some before
08:23:36midkyou thought wrong
08:24:28midkrebooting to install Mandrake
08:24:34midkback in a bit
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10:07:32CtcpIgnored 6 channel CTCP requests in 38 minutes and 44 seconds at the last flood
10:07:32*midk slaps ze around with a small 50lb Unix Manual
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10:16:02zingchaany one up ?
10:16:36zingchahello ....
10:20:56zingchahey dude
10:21:06Strathwhats up?
10:21:16zingchaany pointers to HOW TO make voice files in a different language ?
10:21:45Strathi don't know
10:22:11zingchawill leave this window open in case some one who knows drops by
10:22:23Strathsure, sure :)
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11:03:56midknite all
11:03:57 Quit midk ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
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13:05:59gon165hi everybody
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17:32:57McBillhi all
17:33:23McBillI have Jukebox multimedia
17:33:37McBillis there any version of rockbox for it?
17:34:06LaurentGI might be wrong since I always mix models, but I think there's none yet
17:34:55LaurentGbut I seem to recall that there's some work being done with them, although there's not much public data about it unfortunately
17:35:06McBillI have a problem with my JBM hard drive, could you please let me know if there is any tools to fix it?
17:35:24McBillit makes some noise from time to time
17:35:49LaurentGcould you describe that noise further ?
17:36:36McBillsomething like scratching
17:37:09McBillI tried to scand disk it but no success
17:37:21LaurentGdoesn't sound very enticing, do you have any problems reading data from the drive or does it just emit strange sounds ?
17:37:21McBillI formatted it and I got the same result
17:37:56McBillsometimes Windows gives the message 'Cannot read from drive I:'
17:38:26LaurentGscandisk is not very good at detecting/fixing errors, but did you try a "surface test" ?
17:38:32LaurentG(in scandisk)
17:38:43McBillyes and it halts the machine
17:39:05McBillI tried Fix-It utilities too... same thing
17:39:15LaurentGthen the disk probably has surface errors. if you model is nice you should invoke the warranty
17:39:23LaurentGreplace "nice" by "new"
17:39:49LaurentGand "you model" by "your model"...
17:39:51McBillI beg your pardon?
17:40:08LaurentGis the archos still under warranty ?
17:41:08LaurentGok, then you have to choices : really fix the disk using a really efficient (but costly) program such as spinrite, or buy a new disk
17:41:13LaurentGtwo choices
17:42:19McBillhmmm... buying a new HDD is like buying a new archos
17:42:39LaurentGit's probably less expensive
17:43:28LaurentGmoreover, you may try to use a bigger HDD
17:43:33McBillis it standard hard drive, I mean it is like laptop drives?
17:44:11LaurentGFor the non multimedia model, they are indeed standard 2"5 laptop drives
17:44:51LaurentGfor the multimedia, I guess it's the case too, but I don't know for sure, you should check on the rockbox site, it's probably indicated somewhere (or in the mailing list archives)
17:47:38McBillthank you very much for your time
17:48:37 Join deadite66 [0] (
17:48:38LaurentGyou're welcome. you might come back later when there are more people. I'm not the most knowledgeable here :)
17:49:18McBillI will, thanks again
17:49:57LaurentGmy pleasure
17:53:26 Quit McBill ()
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21:07:29DHSHello, hello. Anybody want to help a newbie developer with a whine for help?
21:08:13DHSLast night I did my first build OK, with no changes anywhere. It seemed to go OK.
21:08:33DHSToday, I tried my first "let's see if I can make an inconsequential change" change.
21:08:45diddystar5go on...
21:08:56DHSI edited lang.c, and changed "Time:" to "Txme:"
21:09:19DHSI did the make, and it didn't seem to recompile lang.c
21:09:40DHSI made a routine touch to recording.c, and did a new make
21:09:52amiconnDHS: Afair, lang.c is generated dynamically during build.
21:09:55diddystar5that you will not want to do, the actual language strings are in /apps/lang/(blank).lang
21:10:39DHSOK, I think I see my problem. I presume that had I edited english.lang, the make would
21:10:48DHShave caught it and it would have worked OK.
21:11:05diddystar5DHS, try a make clean, and then a make
21:11:15DHSI'm going to keep this mIRC open, and try to make my dumb edit.
21:11:56DHSuh, excuse the dumb question, but what exactly does 'make clean' do: touch everyting first?
21:12:23diddystar5DHS, is removes are generated files dont by make
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21:18:16DHSI had a hunch that a well-written makefile shouldn't require a "make clean"
21:18:43DHSso I just edited english.lang and did another make.
21:19:06DHSaccording to my hex examination of rockbox.bin, it seems to have worked OK
21:19:39diddystar5goody :)
21:19:44DHSI'm about to download the .ajz file to my recorder and try it now.
21:20:09DHSmy first real goal is to add an auto-stop to recording, so that when I'm dubbing
21:20:27DHSlps or cassettes, I can leave the system untended, and the recording will stop
21:20:33LaurentGmake clean is there to remove object files and the likes, it has nothing to do with well-writtenness ;)
21:20:55DHSautomatically. I now that Linus intends to do a full-fleged recording timer, but
21:21:03diddystar5DHS, like have recording stop after a cetain amount of time?
21:21:08DHSI'm impatient for that one little piece of it.
21:21:25DHSdiddystar5, yes, like hav recording stop after a set amount of time.
21:21:59LaurentGdhs : for example, you must do a "make clean" before archiving your folder
21:22:04zingchaguys, any pointers on how to make a voice file for a different language ?
21:22:23LaurentGzingcha: the mailing list is a good one ;)
21:22:38zingchaso is there no HOW TO as of now ?
21:26:42LaurentGzingcha: I'm not sure there is one, I seem to recall that the only explanations about this process were given on the mailing list
21:26:58LaurentGthat's why i'm pointing you to it ;)
21:27:57zingchaThanks LaurentG
21:28:06LaurentGzingcha: moreover, if you can find the time to write one, you'll end up in the credits ;)
21:28:29zingchaLovely !
21:33:02DHSAm I mis-remembering where to put ajbrec.ajz?? I put it in the root of the drive, no?
21:33:21DHSit seems not to load when I power up my recorder
21:37:11 Quit Strath (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:37:25LaurentGzingcha: I had a look at it, and it seems the details of voice file creation are quite scattered amongst many mails of the mailing list
21:38:44LaurentGzingcha: there's some bit of searching/collecting to be done in order to have the whole thing clearly exposed, I guess [IDC]Dragon would answer questions about it if asked :)
21:39:23DHSoops - can that question. You have to "run" the ajbrec.ajz file. I foolishly thought it would autoload on bootup
21:39:42DHSI've loaded it and it works fine now. My first patch works! (dumb though it is).
21:39:56zingchaI will look at it LaurentG. Thanks a lot. Me gtg. Will be back later
21:40:06LaurentGzingcha: good luck ;)
21:42:42 Join amiconn [0] (
21:49:50 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
21:50:03amiconnHi Jörg
21:50:21[IDC]DragonHi Jens
21:50:42[IDC]Dragonyou already found "your" timer...
21:51:07amiconnYes, and I implemented my small tweak from grayscale.c
21:51:27[IDC]Dragonyou mean the and?
21:52:23[IDC]DragonI changed mandelbrot to use it, leaving your framework patch to you
21:53:07amiconnHowever, your timer registration function has a drawback: It allows to register a timer even if there is one registered already. Only the last registered one does work, and there is no error return.
21:53:42[IDC]DragonI wasn''t going for multiple timers
21:54:04[IDC]Dragonand like this, you can just overwrite the handler
21:54:25[IDC]Dragonuseful for my Alpine plugin, I think.
21:54:42amiconnNot that it would be necessary either, but imo if there is a registered timer and you try to register another one without unregistering the first, it should return an error instead.
21:55:23LaurentGhi Dragon
21:55:30 Join Strath [0] (
21:55:52DHSPlease confirm: in order for boot loader to load alternate image, it must be RENAMED
21:57:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you have a look at my MakeVoices.vbs script?
21:57:11[IDC]Dragonis it public?
21:57:21[IDC]Dragonno I didn't.
21:58:23amiconnLook at for the script, the latest voices and my modifications to your wavtrim.c
21:59:07[IDC]Dragonso this time you uploaded it before deleting you local copy?
22:00:32amiconnI did also announce it on the ml, but apart from Rocker nobody responded (yet).
22:01:07[IDC]Dragonsorry again :-|
22:02:14 Join McBill [0] (McBill@
22:02:23DHSdoes the rockbox sdk not include uclpack? I get a uclpack not found on my makes
22:02:25 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:02:43 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:02:43 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:02:58uskianyone knows if there is one UART transmit pin free on a vanilla archos recorder ?
22:03:05LaurentGI guess I'm going to be really happy to crack this <censured> compression scheme
22:03:31[IDC]DragonDHS: you can get uclpack from my flash pack
22:03:35Strathlong time no see?
22:04:05LaurentG'got 50% of it, and I guess the last 50% are going to be really joyful to get over ;)
22:04:17[IDC]Dragonuski: TX1 is free, not connected (unless you made the serial mod)
22:04:27LaurentGStrath: true, I didn't come for some time
22:04:30uskiok that's perfect :) thx
22:04:52Strathif you're talking about gmini, check
22:05:04[IDC]Dragonuski: you can use the remote pin as an output, too, see my latest posting
22:05:04DHSdragon: can you provide a pointer or url?
22:05:15Strathiv'e go an AOS tool and TCC730 disassembler posted
22:05:30LaurentGStrath: ???
22:05:42LaurentGwhere ?
22:05:52Strathmy website
22:06:07[IDC]Dragonin any of the zip's
22:06:20Straththat work for you? :)
22:06:47[IDC]Dragonwhat's the status on the Gmini?
22:07:07Strathstarting work on the emu
22:07:16*LaurentG gets crazy
22:07:32LaurentGStrath: may I kill you please ? ;)
22:07:37Straththe decrypter/decompresser is done, the CPU disassembler is done,
22:07:47[IDC]Dragoncan you execute own code on the box?
22:07:49LaurentGStrath: why didn't you post this on the list ?
22:08:10Strathi'm always in here
22:08:11LaurentGthat would have spared me quite some hours
22:08:12DHSDragon: I'll try your site. (can't seem to copy from mIRC, so I'll have to type the URL... :-(
22:08:30Strathonly took me three full days
22:08:47LaurentGthat's about the time I spent
22:08:47uski[IDC]Dragon: yes but i want to connect the archos to a serial device, which has both a TX and a RX pin
22:08:53McBillDHS: right click the url and click copy shortcut
22:09:04Strathone to rewrite the aos tool, two to write the disassembler from scratch
22:09:07uski[IDC]Dragon: so, no bidirectionnal wire, and i don't want to add external components
22:09:30LaurentGStrath: where did you get the assembly language specs ?
22:09:38Strathyou should stop in here more often laurent :P
22:10:07Strathcheck out the documentation section of my site
22:10:21LaurentGStrath: you should post on the mailing list more often too ;) I've received a bunch of emails of people interested about the gmini
22:10:33[IDC]DragonStrath: url?
22:10:37Strathi don't care for email
22:10:41DHSDragon: after a type or two, I got there. is it in
22:10:42[IDC]Dragon(just curious)
22:11:44[IDC]DragonDHS: for example, yes.
22:12:05LaurentGStrath: it's not just about email, it's about informing the most people :)
22:12:27DHSMcBill: thanks, I was fooled by the way it de-selected before I could do a regular ctl-c
22:12:30Strathwell.... this channel is indexed by google :P
22:12:44McBillDHS: you welcome
22:12:49Strathand so is my webpage
22:12:59[IDC]DragonStrath: so, what's the magic xor key coming out?
22:13:11Strathi can't tell you :P
22:13:30McBilldoes anyone know if there are some tools/enhancement for my Jukebox Multimedia?
22:13:32LaurentGStrath: then, how do you explain, I got emails about the gmini and you didn't ? I'm not so sexy to naturally attract people ;)
22:13:36Strathbut the code determines it (thanks dogger, linusN)
22:14:20Strathi don't know...laurent, i guess i just keep a low profile
22:14:55Stratheven though my site has been mentioned in about 6 message boards, (3 in french)
22:15:13*McBill is looking hard for more info/sites about the JBM20
22:15:19DHSDragon: Do I use the cygwin copies of uclpack and descramble.exe, or the win32 copies, or does it matter?
22:15:32LaurentGStrath: do you mind if I post about your progresses on the ML ? ;)
22:15:40[IDC]DragonDHS: what do you use to compile?
22:15:46Strathyou do what you will :)
22:15:59Strathwhich mailing list btw?
22:16:01LaurentGStrath: but you should really do it, that would really launch the gmini
22:16:43DHSDragon: I use make under... whatsis name... ah yes... BASH
22:17:05LaurentGStrath: when I had looked for the assembly language specs, I had found nothing, when did you find those ?
22:17:09Strathi've been feeling quite alone and unmotivated in my gmini work, cause noone (around here) seems interested ;/
22:17:28Strathback in late january
22:17:56LaurentGStrath: well, I guess you can only blame yourself, there are at least 3 or 4 people who wrote me to know where I was
22:18:24LaurentGStrath: I was quite "scared" about the disassembly part, so the specs are really good news
22:18:40Strathwell, a week ago there wouldn't have been anything to post about..
22:18:51*Strath had a good week
22:19:54Strathyou could do the verification of the disassembly tool output if ya want
22:20:25LaurentGStrath: so, about the compression scheme, are we ok about this -> one coding byte, each 1 bit means "uncompressed bytes", each 0 bit means "2 bytes compression code", the 4 low order bits of it giving the number of uncompressed bytes minus 3 ?
22:21:04LaurentGStrath: be sure I will in a few seconds
22:21:13[IDC]Dragondhs: bash sounds like you use cygwin?
22:21:17DHSDragon: have I answered you question about what I use to compile OK?
22:21:36Strath2 bytes (offset, count)
22:21:59Strathoffset is + 18 (cause of the first window)
22:22:28LaurentGhow many bits for count ? 4 I guess no ?
22:22:32Strathlow order ya...
22:22:46Strathone sec.. that was four days ago...
22:22:54Strath(checking code )
22:22:55LaurentGgreat, I was on the right track at least ;) all is not lost ;)
22:23:40Strath u32 offset = (di & 0xfffff000) + 18 +
22:23:42Strath ((u32)src[si] | (((u32)src[si+1] & 0xf0) << 4));
22:23:43Strath u8 count = (src[si+1] & 0x0f) + 3;
22:24:00LaurentGok, so I was right toot
22:24:22LaurentGyou're lucky you're not right next to me or I'll make you eat your keyboard ;)
22:24:50LaurentGwith hot peppers
22:24:50Strathi've been here..
22:25:27Strathat least mines cordless :)
22:25:55LaurentGgood, all in all, this is really good news
22:26:30DHSWell, I put uclpack.exe in both C:\Cygwin\home\rockbox\test\tools and C:\Cygwin\bin, but I still get "uclpack: not found" errors
22:26:47LaurentGin a few minutes, the need to murder you violently will have passed and I'll be able to try your tools ;)
22:27:14LaurentGStrath: please, swear that you'll subscribe to the maling list ;)
22:27:36Strathjust hit the button
22:27:43Strath(i did)
22:29:10LaurentGgreat :)
22:29:33LaurentGaos.c does not compile (can't find io.h)
22:30:18Straththere is no aos.c
22:30:42Strathand io.h is a system include
22:31:55LaurentGwhy doesn't gcc find it ?
22:31:58LaurentGI wonder...
22:32:14LaurentGI meant aostool.C
22:32:24Strathi've compiled under cygwin, and borland builder
22:32:29McBillany plans for alternate firmware for jukebox multimedia 20?
22:33:29LaurentGgot it -> find /usr/include/ -name io.h
22:33:30diddystar5McBill, doubt it
22:33:39LaurentGyou bad boy ;)
22:34:23LaurentGMcBill: oops sorry, I was talking to Strath
22:34:43McBillLaurentG : np
22:35:18LaurentGStrath: ok, you're under windows I see, no O_BINARY under linux :)
22:36:20 Join mdm180 [0] (
22:37:34Strathbitch bitch bitch, it's a wonder why I release anything :P
22:38:08Strathit's gpl, send me a patch :)
22:38:20Strathbtw, i posted
22:38:27Strath(i think)
22:38:35LaurentGsure :)
22:40:13[IDC]DragonDHS: it needs to be in the path. I e.g. placed it next to the SH compiler.
22:40:24[IDC]Dragon(sorry for being afk)
22:40:54Strathso, do *you* think i should write write the emu in C or C++?
22:41:21LaurentGStrath: you should also rename your file to .cpp, since gcc compiles in c mode by default, which causes error when encountering variables declarations in the middle of a function
22:41:48Strathgcc under cygwin doesn't mind
22:41:50LaurentGStrath: I'd use c++
22:42:18Strathand is intended to be C, however it'd been a while
22:43:17LaurentGStrath: I guess gcc/cygwin compiles to c++ by default, do you use a makefile or just gcc -o aostool aostool.c ?
22:43:39Strathgcc -o aostool aostool.c
22:43:51 Join scott666 [0] (
22:43:58 Part scott666
22:44:11Strathlemme doubt check
22:44:20Strather, double
22:44:32Strath(heh.. same thing)
22:44:41LaurentGI was going to say the same ;)
22:45:02*McBill wonders if he can port his game to Archos MM?
22:46:39LaurentGStrath: your code definitely is c++ : you are using consts
22:46:56Strathroot@foxturd:/cygdrive/d/AOSAnalyzer/code/working/aostool$ gcc -Wall -o aostool aostool.c
22:47:57Strathgcc (GCC) 3.3.1 (cygming special)
22:48:23Strathgcc −−version
22:49:08LaurentGah ok, 3.3.1
22:49:36Strathok, i got my message back from the mailing list
22:50:43uskican GCC compile code for the gmini processor ?
22:50:46Straththere is also the todo comment at the top of the file...
22:50:53uskii.e. was GCC ported for this µC ?
22:51:16Strathnot yet... how ever it is planned
22:51:21uskido you have an high level compiler for thisµC ? or will you have to program everything in assembler ?
22:51:27LaurentGuski: but it's possible since the specs are available
22:51:38*Strath bows :P
22:51:59uskiinteresting ;)
22:52:51LaurentGStrath: do you mind if I change most of your char * into u8 * ?
22:53:13LaurentGcause this triggers c++ errors with gcc 2.95
22:53:29Strathfor c strings i left it as char *, everything else should be u8*
22:53:32McBillcatch you l8r guys
22:53:35DHSDragon, OK got it. I've UCL'd now and flashed OK. I'm still unsure of when the Rockbox boot grabs a file on bootup, if at all.
22:53:46 Quit McBill ()
22:53:57[IDC]DragonDHS: not if flashed
22:54:02LaurentGStrath: in a few cases, you have functions which deal with char* but treat them as u8* : see lu32
22:54:25LaurentGno major problems but it's seen as errors by gcc 2.95.4
22:54:26Strathsend me a patch :P
22:54:36LaurentGI'm working on it ;)
22:54:51[IDC]DragonDHS: or more precisely: Archos s/w loads .ajz, Rockbox doesn't
22:54:54DHSDragon, AH HA! Now I see. Once flashed, you have to ROLO the .ajz or .ucl to get a different version.
22:55:04Strathi wouldn't apply one sent by you anyways :)
22:55:18[IDC]Dragonthe way to update is to "play" a ucl
22:55:50DHSDragon, that wasn't clear to me from the documentation. Apparently, it only the Archos boot that automaticly grabs a file on bootup.
22:55:56Strathi felt it better to get the code out there as soon as it worked
22:56:31Strathrather than ensuring portability to *every* architecture
22:56:42[IDC]Dragonif you can flash, such behaviour from Rockbox would be retarded
22:56:59Strathlike that fad OS, linux...
22:59:19Strathbtw, i'm just giving ya shit... of course I welcome input from other developers, I've been using linux for 7 years, it ain't going away :)
22:59:27Strathbe back in 10
23:00:11DHSDragon, AND, now my make is making a new .ucl file automatically. Looks like I got uclpack into an OK directory!
23:00:42LaurentGStrath: you were right !
23:01:09LaurentGok, I just added a few consts and made some casts
23:01:14LaurentGeverything compiles just fine now
23:04:06 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
23:04:33 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
23:06:30 Join AciD [0] (
23:06:51 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:08:00LaurentGStrath: this works as a charm !
23:08:21LaurentGStrath: replied to your mail on the list too ;)
23:09:24 Join mattzz [0] (
23:09:53Strathseems about a six minute delay on the list
23:10:32LaurentGStrath: it varies a lot, sometimes it's 20
23:10:47Strathsee... thats why i use IRC
23:12:06Strathi have no patience
23:12:39LaurentGthe biggest interest of the mailing list is the persistence, on irc, when the guy's not here you're fucked
23:12:46Strathbtw, have ya looked at the disasmTCC730 code yet?
23:12:51LaurentGboth are complementary
23:13:17 Quit mattzz (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:13:24Strathi use my page for persistance
23:13:26LaurentGnot yet, i'm still looking at aostool's output
23:13:52LaurentGStrath: sure, it's a repository, but people need to check it, whereas mail comes to them by itself
23:13:55 Quit edx ()
23:13:56Strathhrm.. with that name do you see aos tool, or ao stool?
23:14:13LaurentGhuh ?
23:14:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:14:42 Join mattzz [0] (
23:15:22Strath"aos tool" or "ao stool" at a glance, even though I wrote it, i still see "ao stool"
23:15:48LaurentGi see "aos tool"
23:15:51amiconnLaurentG: On irc, if both you and the person you want have registered nicks, you can leave messages
23:16:02Strathhrm... :)
23:16:29LaurentGwhat's a stool ? ;)
23:16:46Strathya... i always get sad when nickserv tells me i have no messages :)
23:17:30Strathstool: crap, turd, shit, etc... (sometimes, a backless chair)
23:18:36Strathso... being an archos file format.... ;)
23:19:06Strathmaybe it's just me ....
23:19:49LaurentGgeez, diff -helps spans two thousand pages
23:20:11Strathlist: awh.... such a gushing review, thanks Laurent :)
23:20:37Strathjust send mee a diff -u old new
23:21:23Strathheh... thanks amiconn :)
23:22:44LaurentGit's not going to be that simple because of end of lines :)
23:22:51LaurentGneed to check diff's help
23:23:05Strathuse d2u and u2d
23:25:50 Join top_bloke [0] (
23:26:28LaurentG-u2d ?
23:26:43LaurentGno way, it considers files as completely different
23:26:50Strathtype 'which d2u'
23:27:06*LaurentG slams his head against the wall
23:27:41 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:27:41 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
23:28:34LaurentGhaven't them
23:28:52Strathok, use tr, or dd
23:31:25LaurentGfound the perl script
23:32:09Strathyou been using linux a while?
23:32:59Strathi though i had unix style line terminators in the tar.gz, is that not so?
23:34:02Strathya, it's unix style
23:34:10Strathso whats the prob?
23:34:18 Join Nibbler [0] (
23:34:32LaurentGI'm wondering
23:36:06Strathlaurent making asumptions? :)
23:36:23LaurentGi'm messed everything ;)
23:37:21Strathsee.. and thats why *I* realesd code, and you were still figuring out the formats
23:37:30Strathpbth :P
23:38:20Strathbtw... a simple CR count of the disasmTCC730 code yields ~2300 lines ;)
23:38:44LaurentGahhhhh much better
23:39:01LaurentGStrath: you're probably right ;)
23:39:27LaurentG2300 lines ???
23:39:29LaurentGonly ?
23:40:16Strathwell... i only spent two days on it
23:40:46LaurentGah wait, you mean 2300 lines for the disassembler ? not the disassembled firmware ?
23:41:07*LaurentG breathes again
23:41:20Stratha blind disasm of the firmware is an 8 MB text file
23:41:41 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
23:41:52Strath(which includes disasming the data as well )
23:43:13LaurentGyou should check your mail, in case I managed by chance to send you the file ;)
23:43:15Strathhow much traffic does the list get per day?
23:43:20LaurentGStrath: quite a lot
23:43:26LaurentGStrath: about 100 messages
23:43:47LaurentGcan be as low as 10 and as as high as 100
23:43:51Strathok... good thing i've got a 1GB quota
23:44:19Strath(not my server, hosting company)
23:45:50amiconnStrath: ml traffic is 30..50 msgs/day on average, and the mails are ~4..5 KB each (max I've seens was ~30 KB)
23:46:46Strathya, i'm just still whining to laurent about being forced to join the mailing list :P
23:48:01LaurentGany chance you write a makefile for the disassembler ? ;)
23:48:14LaurentG(yes i'm lazy) ;)
23:48:23Strathsame here :)
23:48:37Strathwhich is why a hadn't
23:54:58LaurentGwant one ? wrote one ;)
23:55:14LaurentGdid you receive the diff file ?
23:56:31 Join BlueChip [0] (
23:57:07Strathi got it...
23:57:15LaurentGlooks like it's valid ?
23:57:28Strathlooks like it
23:57:41LaurentGand still compiles on your machine ?
23:58:53Strathhavn't tried yet

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