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#rockbox log for 2004-05-04

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00:40:04XpL0|Thello, I need some help
00:40:10XpL0|Tcould anybody help me ?
00:40:21kaboofawhat's up?
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00:40:59kaboofaXpL0|T: what do you need help with?
00:41:03XpL0|Tlook, I juste get a KeyGen for jIRC, and I cracked it, but, how can I remove the "Unregistered copy" messenge ?
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00:42:19XpL0|Thello ?
00:42:35XpL0|Tanybody knows something about it ?
00:43:08XpL0|Tgtfg ?
00:43:14kaboofaif you wrote a keygen, would you not need to patch it?
00:43:16XpL0|Twhat's that ?
00:43:21kaboofanever mind.
00:43:34kaboofathis isn't a cracking channel :X
00:43:45XpL0|Terr ...
00:44:07XpL0|Tis there a cracking channel on this network ?
00:46:33kaboofaNOOO!!!!! ORBITAL IS BREAKING UP :*(
00:47:46deadite66hmm, i never liked their music much
00:48:34kaboofaI did though :(
00:53:23deadite66you seen those new britney pictures ewww
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02:59:11diddystar5be back later :)
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13:25:46limbushey kaboofa, are you in ?
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14:45:15amiconnhi Jörg
14:45:25[IDC]DragonHi Jens!
14:45:37[IDC]DragonDo you have a greeting script?
14:47:27amiconnNo, but a notification for some people going online/ offline.
14:48:14[IDC]Dragonbad trick!
14:48:32[IDC]Dragongoves the false impression you're active
14:50:50[IDC]Dragonmy TSR plugin is working, I'm very happy
14:51:16dwihnoGreat, Jörg! :D
14:51:22[IDC]Dragonso my car radio controls Rockbox
14:51:24dwihnoI recall the good'ol DOS days.
14:51:30dwihnoCar radio?! :)
14:51:33dwihnoTell me more!
14:51:41dwihnoSerial TSR thingy?
14:51:48[IDC]Dragonyou know my Alpine threads?
14:52:06dwihnoalpine = car audio stuff, right?
14:52:30[IDC]DragonI have made a plugin which pretends to be an Alpine car CD changer
14:52:43dwihnoFucking awesome! :D
14:53:02dwihnoSo how did you connect the changer interface?
14:53:15[IDC]Dragonjust a simple cable
14:53:32dwihnoNot even a serial mod?
14:53:36[IDC]Dragonthe haedphone plug has all I need
14:53:49[IDC]Dragonaudio + remote pin
14:54:16dwihnoNow that's how it's supposed to be done! :)
14:54:18dwihnoGreat job!
14:55:04dwihnoHow did you develop it?
14:55:13dwihnoUsing some logic analyser ?
14:56:28[IDC]Dragonthe design is rather old, see
14:57:01[IDC]Dragonthe new thing is that the plugin can stay in the background, and can control the playback
14:58:17dwihnoReally neat!
15:01:27amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Would your new tsr plugin stuff allow for a localized number speech composition plugin?
15:02:11[IDC]Dragonpossible, a slight issue is how to communicate with it.
15:02:42[IDC]Dragonand how to organize the clips
15:04:17amiconnMy first idea was to not use a tsr plugin, but an "invisible plugin" (one that does not get the screen).
15:04:46amiconnThis would be loaded and called by talk_number() (if it exists, otherwise it would use the built-in default english routine).
15:04:55[IDC]Dragonposition independent code in the voice file is another option
15:05:28amiconnWhen called, it would hand over a parameter (then number to talk). The return value would then point to a list of clips to play.
15:05:46[IDC]Dragonclips or IDs?
15:06:32amiconnI did not think about if clips or IDs would be better.
15:07:03[IDC]Dragonevery language may introduce different local clips, like geman "ein" versus "eins", "-und-"
15:07:43amiconnI had another idea to avoid a separate file for the plugin and the need for position independent code at the same time:
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15:08:43amiconnIt would be possible to embed the plugin code as a special "clip" within the voice file. talk_number would then copy the code to the plugin space before calling it.
15:09:25[IDC]Dragonyes, that's neat
15:09:53[IDC]DragonI still see an issue with the "private" clips, how to organize that
15:10:27amiconnIf we want to account for the need of different clips for different languages, imo the number plugin should receive its own id set.
15:11:22amiconnIf the number plugin is present, it uses these ids. Voice files without embedded plugin should then contain the ids for English as it is now.
15:13:21[IDC]Dragonsounds like hellish authoring ;-)
15:19:45 Join cjnr11 [0] (
15:19:56 Part cjnr11
15:27:26amiconn[IDC]Dragon: The voice number IDs separation could work just the same way as the separation of LANG_ and VOICE_ ids. The only "special case" would then be the number plugin itself.
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16:36:35 Part [IDC]Dragon
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18:08:49limbuswassup kaboofa ? are you in ?
18:23:47 Join edx [0] (
18:39:19BlooChipdoes anyone know (off hand) what the difference is between lcd_puts and lcd_putsxy
18:41:05limbusI bet the one writes a line (with \n)
18:42:00BlooChipinteresting thought - I'll have a dig - cheers
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19:38:03 Join z_man_barzel [0] (~z_man_bar@
19:40:40z_man_barzelAnyone having weird button quirks (RB2.2 Archos JB Rec v2)?
19:46:43limbusgot v1, no problem
19:49:28z_man_barzelhas anyone heard of this? I scroll up and sometimes the F1 or F2 key reacts. Doesn't happen with the Archos firmware tho
19:53:45 Join cjnr11 [0] (
19:53:48 Part cjnr11
19:55:27z_man_barzelI noticed this on a log for #rockbox but I don't know when it's from. Is this a bug? Will a bleeding edge firmware fix it?
19:56:47z_man_barzelA daily maybe?
20:02:20 Quit z_man_barzel ()
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20:22:17 Join moccino [0] (moccino@
20:23:32 Part amiconn
20:37:47 Join mattzz [0] (
20:38:05 Join amiconn [0] (
20:38:23mattzzHi amiconn
20:38:29amiconnHi mattzz
20:42:13 Join _aLF [0] (
20:44:19BlooChipnanu nanu
20:49:13 Quit moccino ()
20:59:25 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
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21:19:46 Join Rjc1286_ [0] (
21:20:03Rjc1286_hey, does anyone know why there aren't any more daily builds?
21:24:52 Join HenrikB [0] (
21:26:30 Part Rjc1286_
21:27:09 Quit HenrikB (Client Quit)
21:31:08 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
21:40:50 Join Joo [0] (
21:41:01Joowhy aren't there any daily builds?
21:43:53mattzzhm, good question. anybody?
21:44:34Jooi don't think there is an anybody
21:46:24mattzzwe'll have to wait for Linus, Daniel or Bjoern I guess
21:46:30 Join scott666 [0] (
21:46:35Joos'pose so
21:47:03mattzzwhat model you need a daily build for?
21:47:14 Join eneste [0] (
21:47:49mattzzI can provide one
21:48:17Joooh that's alright, i don't NEED it, it's just a nice thing... i can wait for it to start being posted again. thanks though
21:48:38mattzztoo late, compiled already ;-) no prob
21:48:49enestehey, can someone help with with a flashing question?
21:50:06mattzzeneste: maybe
21:51:09enestei have a v2 and i've followed the instructions on the website /docs/flash.html but when i run rockbox_flash.rock I get the message No image found!
21:51:22 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
21:52:40enestei have firmware_v2.bin and firmware_v2_norom.bin in my root directory
21:54:31mattzzdid you backup the original firmware?
21:54:44enesteyep, i have two backups in my root directory
21:55:38enesteinternal_rom_0000-FFFF.bin and internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin
21:56:17enestei'm running rockbox v2.2
21:57:21mattzzhm, the manual says something about running firmware_flash.rock plugin
21:57:35mattzz(page 11)
21:58:08enesteyeah, that's what i'm running and it gives me the "no image found"
21:58:38 Quit mecraw_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:58:39mattzzdo you want to flash a daily build?
21:58:59mattzzor is ist 2.2 you want to flash?
21:59:15 Quit edx ()
22:00:19enestethis is my first time flashing
22:00:42mattzzdid you check if your model _is_ flashable?
22:00:53enesteyeah, no question marks.
22:01:11enesteoh, those are two different program names...
22:01:22Joowhat's your Boot ROM?
22:01:32enesterockbox_flash.rock and firmware_flash.rock
22:01:40enesteoops, i was running rockbox_flash.rock
22:01:41mattzzyup, that's what I ment
22:02:03enestesorry about that. i'll give that a shot, thanks man.
22:02:09mattzzno prob, good luck
22:05:41 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:08:47enestethat worked, next time i'll read the instructions a little more carefully. now that i've flashed v2.2 can i delete the ajbrec.ajz from root?
22:09:22mattzzat least on+F1 should bring you to the old archos firmware
22:09:26mattzztry that first
22:10:12enestewhen i do on+f1 it does the archos boot then goes to rockbox
22:10:28enestea regular boot does the super-quick rockbox boot to rockbox
22:10:46mattzzok, if super quick −−> delete .ajz ;-)
22:11:19enesteheh, cool thanks.
22:11:26mattzzyou can also check out some more recent builds
22:11:37enesteyeah, i think i'll do that.
22:11:40mattzzrockbox can talk now and has some supercool plugins
22:11:45mattzzhave fun
22:12:07enesteyeah, it's looks great. i bought this because it had open source firmware. really cool.
22:12:16mattzzme too.
22:12:33mattzzworks like a charm
22:14:28 Quit amiconn (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:14:29 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:16:41Jooso how does one create his own build?
22:17:51mattzzJoo: get the toolchain, check out the sources, make a build directory, ../tools/configure && make
22:18:17Joosounds complicated
22:18:28mattzzit is not!
22:18:29Joookay, thank
22:18:34Jooi must be going
22:18:42Joothanks a bunch
22:18:43 Part Joo
22:26:08 Quit eneste ("Leaving")
22:45:32 Join Bagder [0] (
22:45:57amiconnHi Bagder
22:46:13Bagdergood evening
22:46:53mattzzHi Bagder, people are wondering about missing daily builds
22:47:36BagderI'll check it out in a minute
22:50:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:51:03*Bagder runs the job manually to check what happens
22:51:15vraawow yall rockboxx guys are awesome at support
22:51:20vraajust wanted to point that out :)
22:52:18vraalol no seriously man
22:53:43 Join quelsaruk [0] (~Morkan@
22:53:54Bagdernow there's a new daily build
22:53:57vraai know it takes a lot of hard work to supervise and mantain projects like this
22:53:58quelsarukupps.. a badger
22:55:00mattzzBagder: thanks for the fast response
22:55:22BagderI'm not sure why it didn't work though so it might not work now either
22:55:44BagderI'll check again after this night's run
22:55:53 Join Strath [0] (
22:56:00Strathhow much is 3??
22:57:00BagderStrath: you're not making sense
22:57:06vraaare you drunk again?
22:57:24vraaoh webcam time
22:57:52Strathsomeone offered to sell some chips on the mailing list for 3?, i don't know how much that is
22:58:10Bagderhe was french so it might be Euros
22:58:22vraaabout three bucks give or take ten :)
22:58:36mattzza "?" probably means EUR
22:58:46Bagderoh, right
22:58:53mattzzvery common symbol nowadays
22:59:09quelsaruk3 goats... 3 beers..
22:59:14quelsarukcould be everything
22:59:19BagderI'd take the goats
22:59:25quelsaruki have no more
22:59:27Strathi was gonna post that i've got three (i got for free) i'll send to who'll pay shipping
22:59:29quelsarukfinished :P
22:59:46vraabadgers drunk again
22:59:51vraathere webcam up
22:59:56vraamy archos is broken
22:59:58vraaboth of them :(
23:00:06Strathheh, still pics?
23:00:09quelsarukboth?? what did you do?
23:00:19vraano still pics, i'll take some if you want
23:00:29vraaone was a Jukebox5000, i dunno what happened to that, i then got a FM Recorder
23:00:41vraai think the batteries died on this FM recorder, i disassembled it
23:00:48vraahow do i now what is dead?
23:01:09quelsarukmi recorder6 also died ( a lot of falls and things like that) but mi recorder20 is perfectly
23:01:39mattzzgotta go, c u
23:01:42 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
23:02:25Strathi could try to figure it out
23:02:58Straththe 5 isn't charging?
23:03:15Strathboth aren't?
23:03:20vraaforget the 5000, its dead and i've bent the backing plate so i cant fix it without looking ugly
23:03:27vraathe FM recorder however, isn't even powering up
23:03:39vraawhen i hold the "ON" button nothing happens, no activity whatsoever
23:03:50 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
23:03:57Strathpost some 400k pics of the board
23:04:18Strathbbiab, gotta get lunch for my kid
23:04:22vraafront and back?
23:04:24vraai'll do both then">
23:08:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"">
23:10:28Strathi'll let ya know when they finish dl'ing
23:11:24vraalol sure
23:13:09Strathone done
23:13:17vraaits not that slow
23:13:21vraacough.. :)
23:15:45Strathsecond done
23:16:28vraaso whats the report doctor?
23:16:32Strathok, get me a shot of the lower left 1/4 of the back
23:17:06Strathi try not to shake the camera this time :P
23:17:31*Bagder giggles
23:18:50Strathchanged mid though what i was typing... k?
23:19:01vraayeah i have a bad probem of shaking the cam
23:19:26vraaman i shoookit
23:19:28vraai gotta retake it
23:19:46Strathno prob, take yer time... i just got up for the day
23:20:31Strathsis still sleeping?
23:21:52Strathya gotta love that archos soldering... skimp till it fails
23:22:02vraashe has a friends over for a proect
23:22:33Strath"use sparingly"
23:22:43Strath"hold back"
23:23:34vraa32 and 34
23:23:42vraacheck both those pics out
23:27:01vraalooks fine?
23:27:09Strathwhats that misshappen thing
23:27:18vraawhich picture and what location?
23:27:26Strathbetween the ac port and the EM shield?
23:27:48Strathlooks like a raisin on a stick
23:27:58vraawant a side pic of the AC port?
23:28:30vraacuz im not sure what you are talking about
23:29:05Strathhow bout a 45deg from left, between ac port and em shield
23:29:23Strath45deg off vertical
23:29:27Strathfrom left
23:29:35Strathof board
23:30:20Strathif it was what i think it was, i looks toast
23:30:39vraaoh man
23:31:00Straththough easy to replace
23:31:23Strathit might just be the light and angle though">
23:31:46vraai raised the brightness a lot cuz it was kinda dark
23:31:59 Join track [0] (
23:32:01vraai wish i had steadier hands, usually when i take pics they are of cars and not detail :(
23:32:34 Join wake [0] (~wake@
23:32:44Strathya... thats what scanners are for
23:32:53vraawant me to go scan it?
23:34:29Strathhrm... have you taken a voltage reading from the batteries?
23:34:56 Quit track (Client Quit)
23:35:05Strath32 came out nice and clear
23:35:07vraano sir, i have no idea how to
23:35:18vraayeah i like that shot
23:35:22vraai dunno what i did :)
23:35:54vraaif i plug it into the A/C thing something should happen right?
23:36:13quelsarukvraa, can't you get a multimeter?
23:36:33vraai dont know what it is, but i might be able to get one at radio shack if its not too much $$
23:36:37quelsarukthat could check if the batt are flat or not
23:37:23vraabut what about plugging the AC into the unit, shouldn't something happen?
23:37:31quelsaruka multimeter (i suppose in english is said so) is like a *box* that can read the voltage, amperage and so on
23:38:00quelsaruki don't know, i don't have a fm recorder, so i don't know what happens..
23:38:29Strathratshack has some cheepies
23:38:37vraai have a jukebox 5000 and when the ac is plugged in a LED comes on at least
23:39:58vraaradio shack?
23:41:21vraayou want me to get a better picture of that area?
23:42:46vraai'm going to go get a better picture of that area
23:42:49vraabrb scanner
23:42:51vraasuper high res! ;)
23:43:00vraadont touch me there, im underage
23:43:50Bagdernow now, don't scan those kinds of pictures ;-)
23:51:29 Part amiconn
23:52:34vraait's scanning right now, im in my sisters room using vnc
23:52:48vraais that ok?
23:54:05Strathya, just crop the darn thing to the area of interest only please :)
23:54:10vraayeah lol
23:54:37Straththough, your mouse pad looks nice 'n 'ol :P
23:55:58vraain full glory
23:56:07vraaaround 400kb and its about 2300*2000
23:56:16vraashould i crop some more?
23:56:33 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
23:56:35vraai think i will
23:56:36Strathone min
23:56:44vraadont look at it
23:56:47vraaits got a lot of extra stuff
23:56:55Strathyou will prob still need a dmm
23:58:15Strathhrm, your scanner glass is dusty :P
23:58:35vraayeah it is, i just noticed tht
23:58:53vraaand i think that's cropped better

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