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#rockbox log for 2004-05-05

00:02:04Strathsept ya croped the voltage regulator off the right.... which is fine, cause in the previous pics, it looked fine
00:02:17vraagreat.. im an idiot
00:02:33vraai'm not sure what a voltage regulator is
00:02:39Strathdon't worry about it
00:02:49vraaoh ok
00:02:49Strathi got enough of that area
00:02:53vraayou sure?
00:03:12Straththe SO8 is the regulator btw
00:03:48vraasob is the regulator
00:03:50vraason of a?
00:03:56vraaand whats the regulator
00:04:04vraai'm a newbie at a lot of this stuff
00:04:33vraablack cylinder with tapeish substance around it?
00:05:05Straththe sufface mount 8 pin chip stamped "F7220" on it's lower right corner
00:05:17Straththats just fyi... it looks fine
00:05:54vraai see it
00:05:58vraayeah it doesn't look like its blown
00:06:54Strathhrm... get me the front, same area, checking for overheating artifacts
00:07:18vraak one second, gotta go scan it
00:07:42Strathinteresting... looks like it has two vr's
00:10:06vraavoltage regulators!
00:10:11vraais that what VR stands for?
00:13:06 Join midk [0] (
00:13:52midkhi quelsaruk
00:13:58midkand vraa
00:13:59Strathone sec
00:14:01midkand strathy">
00:14:17vraahi midk
00:15:06quelsarukhi midk
00:15:40Strathhey mid
00:16:21vraachecking, am i looking for disconnection? blow ups?
00:16:35midkwhat is 112/3?
00:16:46midk37 or 33?
00:17:00vraa37 and a third
00:17:19midkand what's 37+37
00:17:26midkk ty.
00:17:29vraaim checking for continuity ohms?
00:17:34vraano prob midk
00:17:47midk*designing rockbox logo
00:17:50midksort a.
00:18:07vraaoh, good luck
00:18:17midkfor a plugin
00:18:18 Part scott666
00:18:24midkno talky.
00:18:39Strathfor that you'll need a dmm, (or the ability and knoledge to build one from household items)
00:18:50quelsarukmidk, don't you know that windows has a calculator?? ;)
00:19:01midklol yes quel i don't feel like running it :D
00:19:02quelsarukeven your cellular phone has one :P
00:19:06vraabrb, im going to go get the multimeter
00:19:10vraaany specs i should look for?
00:19:35midk*has no cellphone
00:19:55vraai'll see yall in a bit then, i'll just get a generic multimeter
00:20:35midkout to buy one vraa?
00:20:41Strathvoltage: ac, dc; resistance: ohms; digital display
00:20:51Strathgot that?
00:21:04Strathshould still be quite cheap
00:21:19Strathi myself, bbi10
00:21:23quelsarukvraa, and you will find that really useful in a lot of situations :)
00:22:33Strathmine cost only $200.... but then it is a Fluke
00:23:28quelsaruk$200 is cheap?
00:23:42Strathheh... i didn't say *mine* was
00:24:04Strathfor how much i use it though, i guess you can say it is
00:24:27quelsaruklike my earphones
00:24:40quelsarukb&o ones
00:24:58Strathheh, hey, it's saved me many times what i payed for it by facilitating the repair of other devices
00:25:09quelsarukexpensive, but after 3 years listening to music nearly 3-4 hours daily... not so much, like the jukebox
00:25:30Strathok... *now* bbi10 :P
00:26:05quelsarukand good night
00:26:10midknite quel?
00:26:11quelsarukvraa, i hope you can repair that
00:26:18midknite quel.
00:26:27quelsaruknite midk :)
00:27:49quelsaruki hope it's easier than designing a industrial building made of steel... thanks god there's some nice software ;)
00:27:52 Quit quelsaruk ()
00:31:46 Join jakesir [0] (
00:44:22Strathoy oy oy
00:44:28Strathok, back to code
00:50:27 Join AciD [0] (
01:04:41jakesircan someone help me find solder points to interface with PC for flashing??
01:04:56midkyou flash from the archos itself
01:05:24jakesiri know that but mine is screwed
01:05:26midkunless you mean you flashed wrong
01:05:33jakesiri think so
01:05:37 Quit AciD ("Hiroshima 45, Tchernobyl 86, Windows 95")
01:05:52jakesirso i'm building me a rs232 using max3232
01:05:52midki guess you need the UART boot mod...
01:06:04midkwell i know nothing about that sorry
01:06:07jakesirbut i don't know the solder points
01:06:40jakesiri have rs232 on bread board, trying to see if it works
01:06:56Strathok, which hardware... *sigh*
01:07:34Strathi'm not completely familar with it
01:07:42jakesirlet me show you
01:08:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:09:18jakesirthat jpeg i'm sending, i have circled 3 for line in
01:09:20 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:10:23jakesirDCC Send of fmrec_top_hires.jpg to Strath timed out
01:10:46Strathi don't think my dcc works
01:10:57Strathcan you upload it, or email it?
01:11:02 Join Josh [0] (
01:11:03 Quit Josh (Remote closed the connection)
01:11:08jakesiri'll e-mail
01:11:36Strathmy email addess you need?
01:13:49jakesirwell, look at this
01:13:55jakesirmine is almost same
01:14:23Strathit's gonna take a couple minutes to load
01:14:58Strathabout the same as vraa's
01:15:51Strathanother person i've been trying to help
01:16:14Strathhe(she?) run off to buy a dmm
01:17:11Strathis there any info posted bout it's rs232 capabilities?
01:17:16jakesirwell, mine only works in rockbox
01:18:10jakesiri mean archos
01:18:16jakesiri wish it only works in rockbox
01:18:27jakesir i'm building that one
01:19:00jakesirmy problem which i posted earlier is ...
01:22:54Strathya.. i'l familar with the mod
01:22:59Strather, i'm
01:23:14Strathone sec... looking for something
01:26:35 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
01:28:08Strathhrm... can't find it
01:28:14vraaguess who's back!
01:28:28midkyay vraa?
01:28:34vraawith a multimeter too! :)
01:28:48Strathi supose ya missed the last message from me
01:28:57vraayeah lemme take shoes off and get the multimeter up
01:28:59vraawhat was it?
01:29:02Strathwhen ya headed out
01:29:04vraai just read everything from what i missed
01:29:17vraa<Strath> voltage: ac, dc; resistance: ohms; digital display
01:29:29Strathget that?
01:30:26vraafor 40$ it better have that
01:30:39Strathwell all should
01:30:43jakesiri got one here as well
01:30:52midkvraa it costed $40?
01:31:04Strathand the display thing isn't *absolutly* needed
01:31:13jakesirmine's digital and only ~20
01:31:24vraa42 range
01:31:28vraawell i probably got ripped off lol
01:31:42jakesirthey have one at home depot
01:31:47jakesiror radioshack
01:32:01vraai got mine from radio shack
01:32:04vraacrap i need a 9volt
01:32:12vraaoh man.. i think im gonna go to eckerds real quick
01:32:41Strathok... now where was it that i'd seen someone had put up full schematics of the archos JB?
01:32:56jakesirwhat's vraa's problem?
01:33:00Strathhehe vraa
01:33:16Strathdead JBR
01:33:22jakesirhmmm, i've seen that somewhere, let me check
01:33:26Strathnot charging or somethin
01:33:38jakesiroh, that should be simple enough, right
01:33:58Strathfound it
01:34:09Strathi may just be the "fuse"
01:35:05jakesiri'll trade my problem with his
01:35:20Strathand now that i found the file name, i found my locate copy
01:35:26vraanevermind, i took one from my brothers R/C car
01:36:15vraaso how do i use this mm
01:37:11Strathbtw, and not that it matters, just fmi, what is your gender
01:37:13 Join Iain [0] (
01:37:16 Part Iain
01:37:40Strathsorry, so hard to tell online
01:37:43vraalol yeah i saw that.. he(she?) part :)
01:37:45vraayeah i know what you mean
01:37:58midklol strathy wants to hook up with vraa now huh
01:38:22vraado i plug in the two MM wires into what?
01:38:27vraathe black is -com ,the red is what?
01:38:32Straththe nick ending with 'a' seemed feminin(sp?)
01:38:43jakesirred is either positive
01:39:09vraaeither V.ohms.mA or 10A MAX plug?
01:39:11jakesirwhen you're checking for continuity, it doesn't matter
01:39:11vraaone of those two
01:39:18vraais that what i am checking for?
01:39:20Strathdoesn't really matter for that. btw, one sec, i found the schematic
01:39:47Strathbtw, does the dmm ya got check capacitance?
01:40:55Strathgreat! :)
01:41:03Strathwe may be needing that
01:41:08vraasee i have no idea what to do now
01:41:25vraaits one and its ready to measure voltage and its reading -160ish mV
01:41:34Strathlook at:
01:41:37vraai have the red tip and black tip in my lap, not touching anything however
01:41:52midkvraa if you get frustrated, i want you to know that (a) i still love you, and (b) it's fun to flip off your pc camera in case anybody's watching.
01:42:40vraahaha thanks midk
01:42:41vraai think
01:42:55vraasweet schematics!
01:42:55Strathya.. thats why i asked... was contemplating installing the java plugin to check out the webcam, but now... nevermind! :P
01:43:01vraaso how do i start
01:43:12midk*has ppl skills.
01:43:53vraaso uh, how do i get started with this multimeter?
01:44:17Strathwell, first, corelate the schematic to the actual board, find the area of interest and start checking values
01:44:33Strathsecond: fix it
01:44:43midkHAHAHAHAHAHA. no.
01:44:47midkremember my tips vraa
01:45:38midkhmm i feel like i should tack on a (c)
01:45:41midkok sure
01:45:43vraai thought i should check better first?
01:46:05midk(c) if it gets altoghether overwhelming go ahead and smash a bit of the fm lcd... you won't notice it later on as long as you're blind.
01:46:44Strathtoo bad there is so much jpeg artifacts in that JBR pic on the rockbox site
01:47:24vraai have no idea on how to corrolate that schematics to my board
01:47:46Straththats why i'm doing it
01:47:52jakesir(d) trade your problem with my bjr
01:48:07vraalol thanks strath
01:48:17vraawhat problems do you have jakesir?
01:48:30jakesiryou don't want to know
01:48:43jakesirbut, it's working great!!
01:49:04jakesir'except, only in archo's mode
01:49:23Strathyou only needed to build a hardware mod to reflash yours manualy, right?
01:50:22jakesiri have the level converter
01:50:42jakesirjust need to know where Rx, Tx goes
01:50:47jakesiri know the GND
01:50:56Strathya... i got the parts to build mine too, just havn't got it done
01:51:09Strathok!, i found the area of interest
01:51:35vraasweet, i've been practicing on the jukebox5000
01:51:52Strathjust below the main IC, (center, 1/3 up from botom)
01:51:55jakesirwell, i have two of level converter on my breadboard
01:52:34vraadid you rotate the pdf?
01:52:37jakesirone using two transistors, and one with max3232
01:52:44vraaok so did i
01:52:48Strathcheck R7 and R8
01:54:00vraaam i on the front or the back of the archos unit?
01:54:30Strathheh, determining that
01:54:34vraaoh lol
01:54:51vraaand i cant find R7 R8 on the pdf
01:54:57vraaoh wiat i lied
01:54:58vraai found it
01:55:07Strathremember, the schematic is not laid out geographicly
01:55:26vraai found R7 and R8 on the schematics
01:55:35vraanow i'm looking for N41ST84W
01:55:41limbustoo bad I can't access that webcam due to my companies firewall restrictions.
01:56:10vraawhy not?
01:56:13vraabecause its java?
01:56:21limbusnope :8080
01:56:38limbusonly 80, 443 and 21 permitted for me.
01:56:58vraai can change it to 443 fr ya
01:57:14limbusmhmm. actually, I should work
01:57:23vraalol yeah that's a better idea
01:57:51limbusand you should better head to fix your archos :-)
01:57:59vraaman i cant find that series of numbers ont he back nor front of the archos
01:58:02vraayeah that's what im doing
01:58:16vraai have irc on the top right hand of my screen and the pdf taking the rest :)
02:00:36Straththat is basicly the supply control chip
02:00:53vraapower supply control chip?
02:01:02vraathats why it says disp LED right?
02:01:51Strathok... lets lay some higher level ground work for review
02:02:17vraasure, but i have no idea what you mean by that
02:02:44Strathok, reexplain the problem
02:02:56Strathin detail
02:03:17vraamy archos does not show any activity niether by plugging the ac adapter in, nor by battery
02:03:29vraainitial thought was battery might be dead
02:03:42vraai suspect that my sister used the wrong ac adapter which might have fried something
02:03:59Strathhad it been working prior
02:04:38vraayes infact i used it a day before that
02:04:46Strathok, good
02:05:05Strathwhat happens if you do try charging it?
02:05:16vraaplugging the AC adapter in? nothing happens
02:05:18Strath(does it heat up?)
02:05:32Strathor rather did it
02:05:49vraadid it used to? nope
02:05:51Strath(ie, don't try now... :P )
02:06:02vraai mean it got warm, but nothing really, everything i charged got warm
02:06:21Straththe indicator light never come on now, correct
02:06:48Strathright, (indicating normal behavior, the reason i asked)
02:07:31Strathok ok... hrm, well now that you have a dmm :)
02:07:34vraabefore it totally went dead it started flashing rapidly because the archos went crazy to reboot itself randomly
02:07:43Strathcheck the voltage in the batteries :P
02:07:53vraabefore... THAT, whenever i turned it on it just went straight into USB mode without anything even plugged in
02:07:55vraaok how do i do that?
02:08:08Strathya, low power dropout will cause that
02:08:18vraajust put red end on one positive terminal and the black end on the other positive terminal
02:08:31vraaor one red on the positive and a black on the other side of that same battery which is negative
02:08:34Straththat one uses the similar, but now quite AA's correct?
02:08:43midkanybody here on linux?
02:08:47vraait quit AA's
02:08:51Strathyes mid
02:09:00midkstrathy does bmp2rb work for you
02:09:02vraai'm not sure what that question said
02:09:07vraai dont have AA batteries
02:09:20Strathso the yes, touch one lead to one end, and the other to the other end..
02:09:29Strather... not quite
02:09:39Strathbut first!
02:09:51midkstrath: no it doesn't?
02:09:56midkor talking to vraa?
02:10:36Strathmake sure the dmm is set in a range of ~1v dc
02:10:41Strathmid: vraa
02:11:01Strathi don't know the answer to your question at this time
02:11:02vraa .. similair to the battiers i have right now
02:11:22midkheh what
02:11:48Strathheh.. ok, one sec
02:11:57Strathmid: no idea
02:11:59DBUGEnqueued KICK vraa
02:11:59vraa•Strath• i tried one positive and one negative and it said around 2.9
02:12:36midkcan you try it strathy?
02:12:41Strathok, i gotta wait for the page to load
02:12:59midkvraa those work in your fm
02:13:14vraayes they do
02:13:21Strathok, so it's like a square thingy
02:14:18Strathyour reading is quite low
02:14:33Straththe jb will not function that low
02:14:45Strath(obviously :P )
02:15:01vraaso the ac adapter routes power thru the battery and THEN to the unit?
02:15:05Strathfeel lok experimenting?
02:15:15Strathnot exactly
02:15:32vraathen shouldn't the archos display activity when ac adapter is plugged in
02:15:51Straththat chip is also in handles charging
02:16:09vraabut we've verified the battery is bad
02:16:20Strathright, well thats where the experimenting comes in
02:17:48vraai am ready to experiment then
02:17:59Strathright, step two.... situate the main board where there isn't much danger of shorting something or it falling moving, sliping where you can examine both sides of the board without shorting something
02:18:27 Join Van [0] (
02:18:39Strathwhat we're going to be doing....
02:19:19Strathand lets me get this laid out before you do anything, cause this could potentaily fry something
02:19:46vraai understand
02:20:13Strathfamilarize yourself with the contacts componets and traces arond the adapter port and what they connect to
02:20:48Strath(on going activity throughout the proceedure)
02:21:06vraaso i should be looking at the back of the archos?
02:21:37Strathwe're going to be connecting the ac adapter and finding at what point the voltage stops
02:21:46Strathboth sides
02:21:50vraaoh ok
02:22:19vraai am ready
02:22:35Strathi believe it is a multi layer board so there are some traces not on the surfaces
02:22:54vraathat would make sense
02:22:57Strathok, you do now have the correct adapter?
02:23:12Strathok, then...
02:23:13vraai'm in my room now :)
02:23:16Strathget to it
02:23:21vraaplug it in?
02:23:29Strathwait a sec..
02:23:46Strathbesides the main board, what is there?
02:24:01Straththe hdd and battery?
02:24:05vraalike i have all the parts i took off
02:24:11vraayeah and the bottom housing
02:24:15Strathor is there a daughter board?
02:24:23vraano daughter board
02:24:34Strathgood good.... like the gmini
02:25:12Strathbtw, take a look (if you havn't) at
02:26:15Strathbasicly we're going to be doing what i had to do prior to actually replacing the component which i found bad
02:26:37Strathok, starting face down
02:27:21Straththe side of the board exposing the acplug, the diodes, etc
02:27:30vraaright i am on that side
02:27:31 Quit Van (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:27:38vraathe hdd would be on top and closer to me if it were on
02:27:55Strathdo you understand the function of resistors, diodes, and caps?
02:27:58 Join BlooChip [0] (
02:28:01vraaa little bit
02:28:15vraai know that they can explode
02:28:37vraai remember there being a big thing about melting resistors on motherboards i used to work on next to the power supply connecter (atx connecter)
02:28:39Strathcaps more dramaticly than the others... :)
02:29:09Strathplug it in
02:29:22vraaplugged in
02:29:38Strathfirst off, check that there is voltage across the plug contacts
02:30:04vraathe red stick on one contact and the black stick on another contact?
02:30:06vraaany order?
02:30:15vraaon the board itself i cannot see a + or - sign
02:30:29Strathnot as long as you meter can handle it
02:30:30midkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee POP
02:30:46Strathha ha, funny midk
02:30:53BlooChipanalogue or digital meter?
02:30:56midkwait what
02:31:05midki was re-enacting teh golden gate bridge sequence in the core
02:31:09midkwhat did i miss
02:31:27BlooChipyou'll be safe, if you get them the wrong way around the number will be prefixed with a minus sign ;)
02:31:42Strathaxactly bloo
02:31:53 Quit _aLF ("Leaving")
02:32:08Strathif so, swap em anyways
02:32:12vraasays 0 V
02:32:17vraai tried both way
02:32:30Strathok, unplug the adapter
02:32:37Strathfrom the board
02:33:06Strathverify that it's pluged into the wall, or other source of line voltage :P
02:33:11vraait is
02:33:40Strathmeasure the adapter's plug itself
02:33:42midkla ta la ta DA
02:34:02vraajust put both tips on the end of the ac adapter? like the part i actually stick in the archos?
02:34:19midkda da da da
02:34:21midkda dada da
02:34:28Strathone on the side
02:34:40Strathand the other *inside*
02:34:42BlooChipI missed the start of this - what is happening
02:34:50midkgo bc i love you
02:34:59Strathjbr not taking a charge
02:35:20BlooChippresume you are checking the pse?
02:35:27Strathoh, i'm sure everyone is on the edge of thier seats
02:35:43BlooChippower supply unit
02:36:03BlooChiplick it - lol
02:36:12Strathvisual examination of the board turn up nothing
02:36:31BlooChipis there power coming out of the the little psu plug?
02:36:36vraaone sec
02:36:39vraai gotta eat dinner
02:36:42vraaim upstairs with pizza
02:36:43Strathi know... just going the most "proper" way
02:36:47vraaim not gonna touch anything though
02:36:56vraai haven't eaten since i got hom
02:37:17Strathwhy not, grease is good for electronics :)
02:37:31Strathok... then i'm gonna take a break myself
02:37:53BlooChipyou pulled the JBR apart before checking the PSU was working?
02:38:08vraalates strath, and thanks
02:38:19vraawell i knew the adapter was working
02:38:41BlooChipv1 or v2?
02:38:53vraai havne't officially checked however but it does power up my old archos
02:39:16vraaim not touching the archos for about half an hour because my hands will be greasy
02:39:23BlooChipsorry, v1 or v2 JBR
02:39:32vraaits a fm recorder?
02:39:34vraaim' not sure
02:39:48vraaJukebox FM Recorder 20
02:40:33BlooChipthese things are known for bad battery fitting - you might wanna check that - but, as you say, NOT with greasy hands :)
02:40:38vraai wont be able to talk for a while
02:40:40vraaim starting to eat
02:40:46vraayeah i did check that
02:40:57BlooChipspk soon
02:41:06vraai will, one handed
02:41:10vraasuper slow
02:43:23midkhey bc?
02:43:36midkhow did you create your othelo main logo? the bmp code?
02:43:43midkthe hex values
02:43:56BlooChipby hand
02:44:09midkwait you converted it by hand?
02:44:18midklike the lsb and teh binary to hex?
02:44:20BlooChipif you squint enought you can read it off as binary and think in hex
02:45:06BlooChipwrite 0...15 in bin, and 0...F in hex next to it
02:45:14midki know
02:45:21midkhow to do it by hand
02:45:29midkbmp2rb is broken for windows though
02:45:40midkand i need it badly
02:45:43midkso i need a linux user
02:45:56BlooChipdo it by hand, it's not that hard
02:46:06midk112x64 is way too hard
02:47:47BlooChipwhats wrong with bmp2rb?
02:48:29midk17:44:56 | <midk> bmp2rb is broken for windows though
02:48:34midkbe right back
02:48:36DBUGEnqueued KICK BlooChip
02:48:36BlooChip[01:47] <BlooChip> whats wrong with bmp2rb?
02:48:52midk-> broken <-
02:49:00BlooChipthen my help is: fix it
02:49:01jakesiri'll return in the morn for more hlep
02:49:04jakesirgood nite
02:49:05 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:49:11 Quit jakesir ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
03:05:03vraapizza is done
03:05:03 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:05:12BlooChipnow the sex
03:05:32vraauh sure
03:05:35vraabut ...
03:05:38vraaarchos first
03:06:01BlooChipok, the psu works, the battery is in and secure
03:06:22vraai gotta check the PSU "officially"
03:06:39vraai just put the red AND black tips on the tip of the adapter part that goes inside the archos?
03:07:17BlooChipplug it into the mains
03:07:34BlooChipand put the two wires on the little plug on the other end of the wire
03:07:46BlooChipone IN the hole and the other on the outside bit
03:08:01vraaoh ok
03:08:02BlooChipmake sure both are connected securely
03:08:04vraawhich color outside?
03:08:13vraapositive outside?
03:08:14vraaoh ok
03:08:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:08:27BlooChipofficial Archos psu yes?
03:08:58BlooChipthen np - the polarity will be correct
03:09:25BlooChipyeah - that's good
03:09:38BlooChip(btw, you got the colours the wrong way round ;))
03:10:06vraathen that means positive should be inside
03:10:18BlooChipall it will do is remove the "-" from the number
03:11:10BlooChipnow - holding all that together with one hand :) .... wiggle the wire where it goes (a) into the little plug and (b) into the big black mains plug and see if the number changes
03:12:47vraaok i didn't understand that
03:13:06BlooChipwhile monitoring that number - wiggle the wire and see if it's broken
03:13:59BlooChipthe wire commonly breaks where it goes into the plug
03:14:00vraait did change a little bit but that might have been because the tips were moving
03:14:05vraabut it doesn seem like its broken
03:14:55BlooChipwhat happened between the last time t worked and when it broke?
03:15:29BlooChip(honesty here is beneficial - it is a techie question, not an RMA question)
03:15:38vraai think either (a) my sister used a different ac adapter or (b) the battery was drained too low
03:15:47vraalol same thing
03:16:00vraarma answer - i dunno i just bought it :) yeah right
03:16:28BlooChipif (a) you've probably killed the charging circuit
03:17:00vraathat would explain why the voltage on my batteries isn't 4.2 but around 2.8-2.9?
03:17:43vraaare you familair with the FM Recorders battery system?
03:17:55vraaits one pack, but it says 2 Lithium Ion recheargeable batteries
03:18:00vraayes.. recheargeable
03:18:12BlooChiprighty - no I have a V1
03:18:12vraai can take a picture if you want
03:18:22BlooChipnah, that makes sense
03:18:27vraaoh ok
03:19:03BlooChipI would have thought that 3V would be enought to get it to do something - ie. probably not (b)
03:19:26vraai just plugged in the ac into the archos and checked the spots which touch the positive ends of the batter and i got 0.0 v
03:19:32vraaso something along the way is fried
03:20:07BlooChipyou need one wire on _ and the other on +, both on one contact will not help
03:20:33vraawell there are no negative terminals i know of on the archos
03:21:05BlooChiphmmm - are there any photos of the guts on the net?
03:21:13vraai can take some if you want
03:21:20vraaand there are the ones from rockboxx themselves
03:21:40vraaall the jpg's there are my archos
03:21:58vraa is from rockboxx themselves
03:23:15BlooChipwhere are the two battery contact?
03:23:39vraawhich picture are you looking at?">
03:23:45BlooChipany of em
03:23:49vraathat is a good one for me to show you where the battery contacts are
03:24:02vraathere is one right about the blue wire thing... it is kinda yellow but you can see it
03:24:29vraaand then on the other side of the board near the usb and ac in.. you can see another clip that looks similair to the one on the right hand side (the one above the blue wire)
03:24:36BlooChipyou must touch one wire to each of those contacts
03:24:37vraathose both touch the + side of the battery pack
03:24:51vraai did red to the left and black to the right and i got no reading
03:25:21BlooChiphmmmmm, i wonder where - is then - i would have thought one of those to be - and the other to be +
03:26:55BlooChipgot photos of the battery?
03:27:09vraai'll take some now
03:27:18BlooChiptry to get em in focus :)
03:27:22vraano need for high res right?
03:27:55BlooChipso long as it's readable
03:28:37BlooChipare either of those contact loose - even a little
03:29:54BlooChipwhat you really need to do is identify the charger chip and make sure current is going both in and out of it (two tests)
03:29:56vraaoh wow i found a LOT of pics
03:30:07vraaand i took one of mine">
03:30:13BlooChipbut I'm kinda out of my depth about there
03:30:14vraai need to be more stable
03:33:19BlooChipcan logic help you work out what DOES touch the (-) contact(s) on the battery?
03:33:41vraamy best guess is the rear plate itself
03:34:25 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
03:34:26BlooChipbwtween tge + contact and the usb post is a diode
03:34:40BlooChipbetween the + contact and the usb port is a diode
03:35:21BlooChipthe end with a stripe (think of as a long minus sign) is the - end
03:35:56BlooChipput the black probe on that, and the red probe on the contact - that should suffice
03:36:05vraai see the diode
03:36:09vraabut i do not see the stripe
03:36:33vraaoh ok
03:36:41vraalike a duracell battery, i was looking for some ink strip
03:36:58vraawhich contact should i use?
03:37:11BlooChiptry one then the other
03:37:34vraalol i feel stupid
03:37:39vraathe ac SHOULD be plugged in right?
03:37:43vraaotherwise there is nothing passing thru the board
03:38:03BlooChipyes, the DC should be plugged - or, as you say, there will be no volts to measure
03:38:30vraa-7.6 ish
03:38:35vraaso they are getting power
03:39:03BlooChipyou put the black probe on the diode yes?
03:39:10vraablack probe on the diode
03:39:43vraanegative 7.6 is solid
03:39:57vraai just tried it again and that's what i got
03:40:16vraashould it be positive?
03:40:20BlooChipare the wires fixed permanently to the MM
03:40:41vraabut they are colorcoded
03:41:07BlooChipthat is quite imho - but I am no expert on LiIon charging systems
03:41:15BlooChipquite *weird
03:42:05vraawhy what *should* i be getting?
03:42:08BlooChipvraa, i'm afraid that's about it for me - the final result is not what I expected, but there is SOMEthing going to the battery
03:42:20BlooChipwhich is possible good news
03:42:32vraafirst off, i wanna thank you for taking your time lol
03:42:39BlooChipyou are most welcome
03:42:55vraayes i guess it is good news, strath said something about testing capitence, or something like that, do you know how to do that and what it does?
03:43:32BlooChipno idea why - capacitance is tricky to measure with a DMM
03:44:27BlooChipI would post your results to the mailing list and see if one of the gurus has any further advice
03:44:53BlooChipincluding your reasons for why it MAY have died
03:45:24vraawrong adapter used, drained to battery level of 12 out of 100?
03:45:57BlooChipgive them as much info as poss - but try to keep it technical - you could always mention that you worked on the problem on IRC, so if someone gets keen they can check the log for more info
03:46:11BlooChipis your sister likely to be honest with you?
03:46:19vraawell we're not on speaking terms anymore
03:46:26vraai'm not sure why she took my mp3 player in the first place
03:46:29limbushavn't you an opportunity to charge the battery packs somewhere else ?
03:46:40vraai dont have another archos fm recorder
03:46:53vraaotherwise i would try charging it somewhere else
03:47:15limbuswell, as long as it is a charger for Li-Ion in that power-range, I would give it a try
03:47:19BlooChipsadly LiIon systems are something I know VERY little about
03:47:25limbuscellular phone ?
03:47:34BlooChiptheory is good
03:47:40vraai dont have a cell phone, dad has a motorola v60 and mom has some sort of sprint
03:48:00vraaone sec, my intercom just went off i think my dads calling me
03:48:48 Nick BlooChip is now known as BlueChp (
03:48:48DBUGEnqueued KICK BlueChp
03:49:02limbusBlloChop ?
03:49:14limbusBlooChop <- was meant
03:49:17kaboofai'm going to set my cell phone on fire.
03:49:27BlueChpgood move
03:49:31vraasend me ur charger
03:49:44limbushö ?
03:49:54kaboofaback to uh..
03:49:57kaboofawhatever i was doing
03:50:00BlueChpnothing like sharing your portable microwave generator between your groin and your brain
03:50:01limbusvraa, maybe you (or somebody around you) has a real expensive battery charger where you can specify the type of cells and the number / capacity ?
03:50:17vraai can ask around but i doubt it
03:50:22vraai'll ask my friends
03:50:31vraabut we usually have different baseball bats
03:51:32limbusin your specified case (a) you wrecked up something very bad. in the case (b) it's just an unhappy conincidence that would be fixed by charging the batt-pack
03:52:47vraaso it *is* the battery's fault?
03:52:57BlueChpi would remain hopeful
03:53:06vraame too
03:53:25limbusif somebody has a regulated power-supply, you could try that. (without connecting the ac power-supply of course, as it would try to charge the other power sipp)
03:53:44kaboofayou can always set the battery on fire
03:53:47kaboofaand see what happens
03:54:00BlueChp....from a distance
03:54:03limbuswhut ? (mach' ich nicht verrückt)
03:54:09vraaregulated power supple?
03:54:14vraaim not listening to kaboofa anymore
03:54:14kaboofano, fire!
03:54:20kaboofavraa: good choice.
03:54:26kaboofai bitch about uh.. yep
03:54:35kaboofaoops :X curse word
03:54:53BlueChpdon't worry - Hardeep swears every time he logs off
03:55:22kaboofai code and burn things.
03:55:24kaboofait's what i do.
03:55:26vraaso until i find a regulated power supply i can't really do anything?
03:55:36vraai code a little bit too, learning c__
03:55:41BlueChpan alternate power supply (such as a regualted psu) would not test the battery or the charger ciruit
03:55:44vraatwo time typos means something bad
03:55:50vraawhat is a regulated psu?
03:55:55kaboofai'm learning java, but only becausethey forced me to at school
03:55:56BlueChpnot relevant
03:56:12BlueChpreg psu: not relevant
03:56:18vraaoh ok
03:56:20 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:56:22 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
03:56:31BlueChpnite boofy
03:56:50vraanite man
03:56:52limbusa regulated power supply would let you 'configure' it to 4.2V (what should be equal to your batt-pack)
03:57:06BlueChphow would it help though?
03:57:06limbusg n8, kabuff
03:57:34limbusit would show that the archos is still able to work, to function.
03:57:57BlueChpI think that the problem is either the battery or the charger circuit
03:58:07limbuswould be possible to boot archos, then switch to the original battery pack once all is up.
03:58:25BlueChpthat would be impressive to watch
03:58:52vraaa battery wouldn't be considered a capacitator right?
03:58:57BlueChpI reckon you would have about 20mS tops to make the switch
03:59:08vraa20mS.. i can do that i'm pretty sure
03:59:22limbusheh ? why
03:59:29BlueChpi suppose you could call a battery a glorified cap
03:59:35vraabaseball.. lol
03:59:43BlueChpotherwise the unit would power off and you're back to square one
04:00:24vraawell it says that if i wanna measure capitanence i put the black on the negative and red on positive and switch the unit to the ohms thing, and press select a few times and then see what the dmm says
04:00:32limbushaving both connected for a few seconds should not waste anything
04:00:42 Nick kaboofa is now known as kaboofa|detached (
04:01:06BlueChpyou're planning to pump 9v into a 4v regulated cicuit - jmmmmm
04:01:22limbusnot the archos power supply.
04:01:23vraathats bad?
04:01:29vraano not the archos powersupply
04:01:31vraainto the battery
04:02:01BlueChpi'm going back to my code - vraa, I suggest an expert is your next stop - l8rz
04:02:09limbusI mean a professional power supply where you can say "hey dude, give me some clean 4.2 Volt, no hassle"
04:02:21vraalates bluechip, thanks man
04:02:27vraaradio shack?
04:02:47limbuswait, I'll try to find something trhough google to be sure using the right terms and all
04:07:45limbuswell, found one, but the website is toooo bad, so unable to pass you on link. i'll have to GUIDE you there.
04:08:07limbusthen order code PSS2010
04:08:10vraalol done
04:08:19 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:09:03limbusthis is a VERY professional one. (click on the img to get a clear view)
04:09:22vraanot in usa
04:09:39limbuswell, that was meant as example
04:09:52limbuswho writes such web pages does not deserve to sell stuff
04:10:07 Quit wake ("leaving")
04:10:26limbusare you in the states ? aren't there those nifty "frys" electronic stores ?
04:10:54vraayes but the closest one to me is an hour away
04:10:56vraaand i am 16
04:12:02limbusargl. so it's not just an hour away. it's one hour plus some chocolate bars for mum to bring you to the train station plus the travel....
04:12:56vraawell we dont really have trains here.. :)
04:13:16limbusahh. the states. I recall
04:13:22limbusok, just kidding
04:14:46 Join z_man_barzel [0] (
04:15:05limbuswell, I'm afraid we reached the point where it is more valuable for me to go to bed - it's about 4:14 AM here around and I still have half an hour of german motorway to do.
04:16:27vraagood night sir~!
04:16:33vraaand thank you very much for your time and help
04:16:35Strathok, im back
04:16:42vraahey hey strath
04:16:54vraano worries man
04:17:01vraawe found out that i am getting juice to my connectors
04:17:06Strathany progress?
04:17:10vraathe battery however isn't powerful enough
04:17:24limbusahh, the replacement cavalry, so I can go home
04:17:33limbusvraa, you're welcome
04:17:38vraathanks once again
04:17:45Strathi think you were the replacement :)
04:18:07z_man_barzelsorry to bother the folks, but does anyone know anything about the "up button" bug?
04:18:42Strath(reading the backlog)
04:20:01vraai wish i could help but i have no idea aobut the up button bug
04:20:50z_man_barzelThe only thing I could find was some mention of it on the mailing list back in July. I sometimes get the F2 or F1 menu when I press the Up button
04:21:18limbusany bug report about that ?
04:21:50z_man_barzelnot that I can tell
04:23:08limbusthen I would recommend you to write one, and try to get the mailinglist posters complaining about the same problem to add their comment
04:23:46limbusok, gotta go now, off for tonight.
04:23:52vraabye imbus
04:24:20limbusgood n8/quit
04:24:26limbuswell, then
04:24:28 Quit limbus ()
04:25:19Strathok, gotta get some juice for the kid
04:28:32 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
04:28:42Strathok ok...
04:28:55z_man_barzelthanks for the help, i'll see how it goes with the list
04:28:57Strathhows it going
04:29:28vraajust ticked that i can't get this fixed
04:29:37BlueChp7.6 volts between battery contact and the neg side of a nearby diode when powered with no battery in place
04:29:53BlueChpMINUS 7.6V
04:31:05Strathhow about across the two battery contacts themselfes?
04:31:14vraaboth are positive
04:31:39vraasorry i dunno why i said that
04:31:49vraaoh the archos itself, both contacts are positive terminals
04:32:02Strathso there is a third?
04:32:22 Quit Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:32:23BlueChpbest guess: chassis ground
04:32:48 Join Strath [0] (
04:33:02BlueChpbest guess: chassis ground
04:33:24Strathsorry moz crashed
04:33:29vraalol no worries
04:33:53Strathi didn't catch anything after my question
04:34:30 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:34:33BlueChp[03:32] <Strath> so there is a third?
04:34:33BlueChp[03:32] *** Signoff: Strath (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:34:33***Alert Mode level 1
04:34:33BlueChp[03:32] <BlueChp> best guess: chassis ground
04:34:33***Alert Mode level 2
04:34:33***Alert Mode level 3
04:34:33BlueChp[03:32] *** Strath ( has joined channel #rockbox
04:34:33***Alert Mode level 4
04:34:33***Alert Mode level 5
04:34:33BlueChp[03:33] <BlueChp> best guess: chassis ground
04:34:33 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
04:34:36vraaStrath «» has Quit iRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:34:36vraa<BlueChp> best guess: chassis ground
04:34:36vraaStrath ( has joined. «19 people»
04:34:36vraa<BlueChp> best guess: chassis ground
04:34:36vraa<Strath> sorry moz crashed
04:34:37***Alert Mode level 6
04:34:37vraa[9:33pm] <vraa> lol no worries
04:34:39vraa<Strath> i didn't catch anything after my question
04:34:41vraac0utta «» has Quit iRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
04:34:43vraaand we both flood the channel
04:35:20Straththx, though looks like i only missed "<BlueChp> best guess: chassis ground "
04:36:00Strathfyi, the metal taby things are ground
04:36:47BlueChpthat explains the negative reading
04:38:52vraai checked that
04:38:54Strathhow does the battery go in? soldered or pressr contacts?
04:38:57BlueChptabs are +
04:39:17vraamy battery has a small foam thing on one side so it doesn't lean
04:39:32 Quit z_man_barzel (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:40:41Strathok, now i see the third
04:41:14Straththe two tabs, closer to the EM shielding are the positive battery terminals">
04:41:40BlueChp...and the fourth?
04:41:41Straththe one in the center up an inch or so, is the third
04:41:55Strathonly three, comman ground
04:42:12BlueChpnot as the battery is labelled!?
04:42:30vraathird one i think just shields the battery from the base, not allowing contact
04:44:38***Alert Mode OFF
04:46:33vraathe third thing u were talking about?
04:49:18 Join Nibbler [0] (
04:49:43Strathof course.. the one pic that didn't load
04:50:51Straththat should be the ground
04:51:47vraaso whats the synopsis (i think thats the word)
04:52:24vraawell that would fix it
04:52:32Strathor persciption?
04:52:34vraathe word im looking for is like.. current result
04:53:00Strathuh.. anyways :)
04:53:13BlueChpPREscribe ;) (sorry pet hate)
04:53:59Strathok, take a reading between each of the two + terminals and the third (two readings)
04:54:22vraawith the thing plugged in?
04:54:25Strathi know, i just am apethetic
04:55:11vraaok weir
04:55:17vraai stopped because i felt real real weird
04:55:28vraamy thumb was like. going zooomzooom zooom
04:55:46vraatry again
04:56:19vraathe thing goes crazy
04:56:26vraalike 350mV
04:56:45Strathya measureing dc voltage?
04:57:21Strathhow about the between the other contact and the third
04:57:45vraait just jumps around erradicly
04:58:00Strathand between the two?
04:58:31Strathok, common +
04:59:03Strathit could be that the charging circuit is trying to guage the battery
04:59:35Strathwhats about the highest you catch
04:59:43vraalet me do it again
04:59:57BlueChpdoes you DMM have "peak hold"?
05:00:39vraai think so
05:00:42vraait has a button called HOLD
05:01:28vraano it doesn't
05:01:34vraahold just keeps whatever was on the screen there
05:01:54Strathi'm inclined to agree about the board board itself being ok, but the battery fubar... not saying for certain though
05:02:32vraa.7 V is the max i got
05:02:38vraa700~ mV
05:02:47Strathwhat would happens if you installed the battery now?
05:03:00vraaand try turningit on?
05:03:44Strathjust set it in place, see that it is making good contact
05:03:47vraacheck a connecter and the thing that gave me -7.6V ?
05:03:54vraayeah its makes very good contact
05:03:57Straththen measure between + and ground
05:04:12Strath(with the battery still in place
05:05:10Strathdoes that model have the metal pieces that solder around the edges?
05:05:11vraai get like -.1mV
05:05:15vraaand .4mV
05:06:44Strathwith the battery in place, i would expect higher
05:06:47vraaits almost within the margin of error
05:06:49vraayeah me too
05:06:57vraai tried again holding the battery tighter
05:07:03vraathe ground is that duracell looking thing right?
05:07:07vraanext to the USB?
05:07:31Strathwell, the shielding around the usb is a ground too
05:07:58Strathyou measured the battery earlier, right?
05:08:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:08:20vraavoltage yes, negative being the back of the batter and positive being the front
05:08:22Strathwhat was the reading, and which contact across did you measure
05:08:54vraaim confused!!
05:08:59Strathit has two little contacts at the + side?
05:09:12vraaand the negatives it says are just the other ends of the battiers
05:09:15Strathand the other end?
05:09:53vraatwo ends to the batteries
05:09:58vraaone is + other is =
05:09:59vraaer +
05:10:02vraaerrr!! -
05:10:03Strathis the casing on the sides differ from the back?
05:10:13vraalemme get a pic
05:11:02Straththats ok...
05:11:10Strathi've just examined one
05:11:20Stratha pic
05:11:23vraaoh ok
05:11:34Strathremove the battery
05:11:45Strathleave it plugged in
05:11:58vraaok plugged in now
05:12:23Strathand measure between on of the + terms, and the shielding on the usb?
05:12:32Strather.. no '?' on that
05:13:06vraa.7 V on both contacts
05:13:32Strathand with the battery in place?
05:13:44vraaunplug adapter?
05:13:53Strathleave it on
05:14:17vraasame with like a .06 V increase
05:15:03Strathwell, we need to get the - end of the battery involved
05:15:20Strathgot a small piece of wire handy?
05:15:35Strathhook it to the usb casing
05:15:35BlueChpfreezer bag tie
05:15:59vraaand then that to the back of the batter?
05:16:07Strathtouch the other end to the back (-) of the battery, while measure ing the voltage
05:16:24Strathbetween the usb casing and one of the + terminals
05:17:48vraaadapter still plugged in?
05:18:16Strathheh, how many hands do you have? :)
05:19:47vraa2.9ish V
05:19:52vraajumped to 3.1ish V
05:19:54vraai have two
05:20:01vraathat was tricky
05:20:43Strathok, so the battery was at 2.7 ish correct?
05:21:10Strath(by itself, removed)
05:21:28vraathe other contact was 2.9
05:21:30vraalemme check
05:21:51vraa2.8 - 2.9V
05:22:05Strathwhen did you get 3.1?
05:22:18Strathok nm
05:22:57Strathit's within margin
05:23:07vraato start?
05:23:21vraaoh haha
05:23:27Strathmargin of wrror within measurements
05:23:49Strathoy oy oy
05:24:26Strathwell, we still havn't verified the poser getting in from the adapter plug
05:24:49vraai thought we did?
05:24:51Strathwire the black dmm lead to the usb casing
05:24:59vraaoh ok
05:25:07vraaand the other end to?
05:25:40Strathyou could still read 700mv from something fried, i've seen that much just in open air
05:25:54Strathother end to all around
05:26:00vraaall around?
05:26:19Strathwell, 700mv is kinda high for open air... but still
05:26:37vraayeah i know what you mean
05:26:40Strathya, start around by where the adapter plugs into it
05:26:56Strath(adapter on of course)
05:26:58vraabattery still in?
05:27:08Strathforget the battery
05:27:14Strathnot important
05:27:41Strathi think it's ok... just low
05:28:01vraa8.72 acceptable V?
05:28:19vraai get that from right on the end of the spot where the adapter plugs into
05:28:23Strathjust poke around, following the voltage until it disapeers
05:28:55Strathya, before it gets to the regulator, you could see that high
05:29:03Strathmake sure you only
05:29:29Strathtouch one pad/trace/component at a time
05:30:07Strath(disregaurding the black dmm lead, as it remains wired to the usb casing the whole time)
05:31:06BlueChpnite all
05:31:10Strathgood luck, i'll still be here, let me know what you find and we'll go from there (i have some code to write
05:31:14Strathnite bloo
05:31:34 Part BlueChp
05:31:37Strather, blue
05:31:37vraanit eman
05:31:44vraaim not gettin any signal whatso ever
05:32:21Strathfollow where the adapter socket connects to the pcb
05:33:11vraai think i foundsomething
05:33:26vraayou said i chopped off the voltage reg thing
05:33:32vraait was a socet with 8 legs?
05:33:39vraaright next to the usb part
05:33:43Strathme thinks
05:34:19vraawell on the opposite side of the board there is a big black socket with one big leg and three smaller on the other side of the socket
05:34:34vraathe two outer smal legs have 8.X V while the middle has only .700V
05:35:13Strathwhere at?">
05:37:53Straththats not the prob, but let me check somthin
05:39:50vraaimm gonna call it a night in five minutes
05:39:56vraai have to get some alg II hw done
05:40:38Strathok... heh.. i still have a microcontroler final project due tomorrow that i need to start :)
05:40:56vraago work on that
05:41:01vraathis isn't all that importatn
05:41:20Strathhey, man... ya gots ta have tunes
05:41:52Strathi dug out my four extra voltage regs
05:42:19Strathpn: 34063
05:42:40Strath( i had to replace the one in my JB6000
05:43:23vraado i need to do the same?
05:45:08Strathi found the pics from my jb6000
05:45:16Strathdon't show crap
05:45:34Strath(october 2002)
05:46:53Strathdamn... thought i'd found another batch.. but its just a playstaion i modded for someone
05:48:02Strathya... only set i got... junk
05:48:23Strathi could scan one of the new ones
05:49:12Strathyou know what to do... i'll be around when you find the flawed part
05:49:57vraaactually im going to hit the sack
05:50:04vraaim shaking too much, i think its the coke
05:50:10vraaim going to try again tomorrow
05:50:25Strathwell ya, tomorrow is my referance
05:50:25vraaonce again i thank you for your help
05:50:32vraathen day after that
05:50:54vraaday after day after that?
05:50:59vraano matter
05:51:08Strathi was refering to the days to come until you get a good idea where the falt is
05:51:12vraai'll still be in contact with you
05:51:30vraathank you
05:51:50CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 36 minutes at the last flood
05:51:50*vraa is AFK, six hours of rockbox and i still have algII hw... such is life
05:57:26 Join midk [0] (
05:57:51midkhi all
05:59:12midkvraa did you ever get your problem fixed?
05:59:12*vraa is AFK, six hours of rockbox and i still have algII hw... such is life. Gone now for:«mins» (Pager is On, /ctcp vraa Page <message>)
05:59:38midkstrathy's so cute
05:59:40Strathleft it for another day...
05:59:56Strathwhy? find a pic of me?
06:00:11midkheh i can just imagine it
06:00:21midk*googls for "please gimme a pic of strathy"
06:00:58Strathmight actuly find one under my correct name if ya dig around enough
06:01:54midk*digs around at least enough
06:02:23midk*forgets Strath's name and gives up
06:02:51midk*brute force attacks
06:03:00midkWHOIS strathy boy
06:03:09midkah yes i remember now
06:03:23Strathyou don't even remember my archos page?
06:03:36midknow i do
06:03:43midkbut it has such a complicated link
06:03:48midkit has like 2 whole slashes in it
06:04:00midkat that point all i remember is its purpose, and forget the link
06:04:14Straththe domain? or .net...
06:05:02midkyes thats it
06:05:28midk*demands more pix of Battery Guy
06:05:33midkhey he's gone!
06:06:21Strathhe's there
06:06:28midkonly the first page of google results is relevant
06:07:00midki don't see him!
06:07:16midkwhere is battery guy
06:07:32Strathon my page i think
06:07:45midkit's not there.
06:08:11Strathmaybe i uploaded an older page
06:08:20Strathok... i'll go fix it
06:08:41midkhe's so funny
06:08:45midkhe's like >:|
06:09:13midki need a high res pic of the lcd to replicate him
06:11:49midknot here...
06:11:58midkyes fixed
06:12:21midkhmm while it's charging he's constantly like >:| right
06:12:28midkand when completed he's like >:)
06:12:54Strathya... updated an outdated copy, then uploaded it replacing the previous updated version
06:13:24Straththats what he does
06:14:01midkk ty
06:14:07Strathand i thought there was an even grumpier one, but i ran the battery all the way down and it was the same
06:14:08midkisn't he so cute
06:14:19midkLOL that would be HILARIOUS
06:14:32midkwhen it's really low he's like >:(
06:14:49midkand if it's 0% let's just have a middle finger icon
06:15:56Strathso, i hope you apriciate that I reduced the life expectance of the battery in my gmini, just to see if there was more of the battery guy's expressions, just for your enjoyment...
06:15:56midkstrathy can you check if bmp2rb works on your pc
06:16:23midkreduced the life expectancy, how?
06:16:40Strathmaybe another time.... i've got so much to get done before tomorrow
06:16:48midkok no probs
06:16:59Strathgotta run....afk
06:17:08midkbye then
06:17:12midkand yes thanks
06:17:12midkjust for me
06:17:13midki love you
06:36:48 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:36:48 Quit elinenbe (Remote closed the connection)
06:36:49 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:37:18 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:40:31 Join Sebulba02 [0] (
06:43:11midkdo you remember me
06:43:20midkor was it not you that i used to talk to
06:43:23midkmaybe it was strathy
06:43:25Sebulba02Should I not?
06:44:11Sebulba02Assuming you cropped your name.
06:44:30midki cropped my name yes
06:44:35 Nick midk is now known as midknight2k3 (
06:44:37midknight2k3oyah oyah
06:44:39 Nick midknight2k3 is now known as midk (
06:44:41midkoyah oyah
06:45:04midki'll make sure i record this as one of the downsides of changing your nick
06:45:41midki missed you seb
06:46:02Sebulba02Been horribly busy.
06:46:40midki still love you seb
06:47:43midkyes seb
06:48:07Sebulba02That would suggest you think I'm someone else.
06:48:16midkno no
06:48:19midki love you for what you are
06:48:22midkeven if you *are* ugly.
06:48:37midk(if you are it's a complete coincidence, and i'm horribly sorry)
06:50:13midkooh jpeg artifacts!
06:50:51Sebulba02Stuff happens, use png.
06:51:05midk*unearths artifacts and gives to museum.
06:54:43 Part Sebulba02
07:06:29midkany rockbox gurus here?
07:08:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:20:27 Join amiconn [0] (
07:25:35 Join RavenWorks [0] (
07:27:04RavenWorksThinking of buying an Archos... seeing Rockbox sold me on it, but I've just got one question
07:27:07RavenWorksdoes it do gapless playback?
07:27:15midknot itself...
07:27:26midkactually i think somebody got it to but it's not integrated (yet at least)
07:27:51RavenWorksso does that mean it'll do it with rockbox installed?
07:28:42midkno, not yet.
07:28:51midkyou could bring it up on the mailing list
07:29:04RavenWorksI might... How big of a gap are we looking at, right now?
07:29:04midksomebody would probably tell you more and possibly code it
07:29:13midka gap?
07:29:17midkwell it plays the tracks seamlessly
07:29:31midkbut it won't "skip" any silence
07:29:33RavenWorkss what I meant...
07:29:42midkIE if you left a few seconds at the end it won't skip it
07:29:49midkbut the track change is pretty much instant
07:29:49RavenWorksI meant like on an album where the tracks fade one into another.
07:29:56midkoh, should be fine
07:30:36RavenWorksMan, I can't believe something this cool exists.. (rockbox)
07:30:54midkwhich model?
07:30:58RavenWorksI've got half a mind to ask if anyone's considered support for Playstation PSF files..
07:31:10RavenWorksanyway, I should get going now, but this pretty much sealed the deal for me, thank you!
07:31:23midkno problem
07:31:28midk*breakout plugin on the way
07:31:48RavenWorksHehe ^^
07:31:55RavenWorksTake care everyone! THanks a zillion!!
07:31:56midkit features grayscale oyah
07:31:58midkif you have a recorder
07:32:04midkok see you
07:32:09 Quit RavenWorks ()
07:36:22vraastrath are you there?
07:37:44*vraa is AFK, six hours of rockbox and i still have algII hw... such is life. Gone now for:«hr 45mins» (Pager is On, /ctcp vraa Page <message>)
07:37:45midki love you!
07:37:59vraai love you too midk
07:38:04vraabut i must go to sleep
07:38:13vraanight man
07:38:15midki looooove you
07:38:16midkdont GO
07:38:22midkok fine bye
07:38:27midk*cheats on vraa with qwm
08:17:22 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:42:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:14:08 Quit midk ()
09:33:23 Join AciD [0] (
09:42:19 Join cjnr11 [0] (
09:54:42 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:20:35 Join Nibbler [0] (
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11:54:57 Join AciD [0] (
12:20:42 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:22:46 Join ricflair [0] (
12:22:58 Join limbus [0] (
12:23:15ricflairhi all
12:23:17ricflairanyone had any experience of the tca lyra audio video jukebox?
12:26:38limbusoh. didn't even know rockbox runs on any lyra device
12:26:56 Part cjnr11
12:29:28limbusvraa, are you still fighting ?
12:29:28*vraa is AFK, six hours of rockbox and i still have algII hw... such is life. Gone now for:«hrs 37mins» (Pager is On, /ctcp vraa Page <message>)
12:30:05Strathnice one lim
12:30:19Strath(lyra comment)
12:31:31ricflairlol, im just wondering wether to get a lyra aswell so i can watch videos
12:31:40ricflairmay sell my recorder 20 if anyones interested
12:31:53Strathget an av3xx
12:32:42ricflairmore money though, is it that much better than the lyra
12:32:53limbusricflair: selling an rec v1 or v2 ?
12:33:21ricflairrec v1 i think.
12:33:24Strathwell, there is open source software already for the av300 series
12:33:33ricflairjukebox recorder 20 on the front and its blue
12:33:40ricflairis there strath?
12:34:19limbushas it the connectors on the left side or on the upper and lower bound ?
12:34:29ricflairupper and lower
12:34:54limbusthat's a v1. can it be flashed ?
12:35:13ricflairyes, its allready flashed
12:35:16ricflairwith latest rockbox
12:37:08limbusmhmm. sounds good. shipping from where ?
12:37:11ricflairwhat should i expect to get for it? would you guys reccomend ebay?
12:37:27limbusebay would give you about 150 ¤uro
12:37:39limbuscan't convert to punds
12:37:56ricflairthats about 110 pounds i think
12:38:20ricflairoh, its got a car kit with it aswell if that makes any differnece
12:38:43limbusmhmm. car kits are selling for 20 euro. bought one last week :-/
12:39:05ricflairi can get a lyra for 220 pounds, would it be worth it?
12:39:25limbusno idea at all
12:40:05ricflairoh well , if you guys know anyone who is after one, let me know
12:40:31ricflairill let yous know what i think of the lyra if i get one
12:43:35limbusok, I gotta go for lunch, but I'll think about the buy-option. stay tuned.
12:43:56ricflairok, cya
12:44:02ricflairim off too actually
12:54:20 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
13:04:31 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:07:33 Join c0utta [0] (
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13:25:09 Quit [1]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:47:31 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:58:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
14:35:23 Part limbus
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15:35:45 Join pfavr [0] (
15:40:32 Quit Strath ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040316]")
16:18:06 Join cjnr112 [0] (
16:19:20 Part cjnr112
16:31:55 Join jakesir [0] (
16:35:43 Nick kaboofa|detached is now known as Kaboofa (
16:36:38 Quit Kaboofa ("leaving")
16:38:28 Join kaboofa [0] (
16:39:46 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:43:14 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
16:44:38 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
16:54:52 Join methangas [0] (
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17:41:41 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
18:01:58 Quit ricflair (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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18:28:29 Part [IDC]Dragon
18:39:57 Join AciD` [0] (
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19:27:02 Join Hacman [0] (
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19:27:54 Join Guest1 [0] (
19:28:07 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
19:28:55 Join Hacman [0] (
19:29:03HacmanHi all -
19:29:41Hacmanis anyone alive in here>
19:32:16 Quit Hacman (Client Quit)
19:58:13 Join hiroshi [0] (
19:58:34hiroshican I talk with someone who runs the homepage of rockbox?
20:01:11kaboofathey are probably idle
20:01:14kaboofabut you can talk to me
20:01:56hiroshiwho are you?
20:02:04 Join Nibbler [0] (
20:02:44hiroshiI think Badger is the one that runs the site
20:09:59kaboofai'm just some random guy :P
20:11:30kaboofathe cd is messed up
21:04:22 Join edx [0] (
21:08:15 Join McBill [0] (McBill@
21:08:20McBillhi all
21:08:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:10:05McBillanyone can help me with JBM20 hard disk problem?
21:12:08McBillHello!!! anybody home?!!
21:16:31 Join Strath [0] (
21:17:29Strathi tried to connect a few minutes ago and got a message saying i was D-lined
21:17:35Strathno reason given
21:19:50McBillat last someone's talking :)
21:20:24McBillStrath : any idea about a good hard disk fixing utility for my JBM20?
21:21:42McBillget it fixed... sorry
21:25:40Strathi guess i meant... whats wrong with it?
21:26:25McBillto make some noisy click and clack
21:26:38McBillsometimes windows can not copy to it
21:27:25Strathhead actuator shot, ya think?
21:27:53McBillI tried to format it but there is some blocks/clusters are bad and scandisk can not pass it
21:28:27McBillI need a tool which mark bad block fast without the need to test it million times
21:29:27Strathtrack 0 bad, disk toast?
21:30:09McBillno Track 0 is OK
21:30:31Strathmight you conect it to an adapter to a pc ide controler and attempt repairs under linux?
21:31:14McBilldo you know any tool in linux which can get the job done?
21:31:23McBillI have Knoppix and Mandrake
21:31:36Strathdd, cat, ...
21:32:38Strathit's a data shuffleing command
21:32:50Strathi don't know the exact words
21:33:23Strathkinda like an advanced featured 'cat'
21:33:45Strathblock size options, etc
21:33:55McBillI will see what I can do
21:34:04Strathoh.. i suppose you could try 'badblocks'
21:34:15Strathforgot about that one
21:34:43Strathhas multipass pattern read/write options
21:36:17Strathand much easier to use than 'dd'
21:38:53 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
21:39:02Neurosupherothii all
21:39:23McBillhi Neurosupherot
21:39:45Neurosupherotanyone has already used bmp2rb?
21:40:38McBillwhat is that? image converter?
21:40:51Neurosupheroti have tried but i dont know how to
21:41:51Neurosupheroti dont know how to use it
21:42:23McBillwhat file types it support beside bmp?
21:43:26Neurosupherotjust bmp monochnrome i think
21:45:15Neurosupherotand i have formatted my hdd
21:45:49Neurosupheroti dont remember where i downloaded the pack with cygwin, bash...
21:46:09McBillwhat did you use to format ur hdd? windows?
21:47:42Neurosupherotmy computer's hdd
21:47:51Neurosupherotthen i want to re download this pack
21:48:03Neurosupherotwith cygwin
21:48:16Neurosupherotand in this folder, home, rockbox, bin, ...
21:50:04Neurosupheroti do not formatted the archos hdd but my computers
21:53:24 Join scott666 [0] (
21:54:50 Quit Strath ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040316]")
21:55:35 Join cjnr11 [0] (
21:55:40 Part cjnr11
22:06:09 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:06:10 Quit McBill (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:31 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:07:31 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:09:39 Join cjnr11 [0] (
22:15:50 Quit cjnr11 ()
22:16:25 Join cjnr11 [0] (
22:18:02 Quit cjnr11 (Client Quit)
22:26:03 Quit Neurosupherot ()
22:27:14 Quit methangas (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
23:01:06 Join track [0] (
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23:13:50 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
23:51:20 Part amiconn

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