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#rockbox log for 2004-05-06

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00:07:10|fBm|M-SuckMyGlohey you guys..
00:13:05|fBm|M-SuckMyGloanybody home?
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00:19:56midkmm dwinho are you a rockbox guru? :)
00:20:31|fBm|M-SuckMyGloanyoen there?
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00:21:15midki'm not here!
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00:29:23|fBm|M-Omariohey is anyone there?
00:29:39midknot i.
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00:30:00IlovethisHey guys
00:30:07|fBm|M-Omariogah I need help.. I just got my rockbox and It never lights up. the screen flickers on and off while charging
00:30:26Ilovethiswhy does it say unregistered copy?
00:30:33midk|fBm|M-Omario: does the backlight flicker or is it the LCD?
00:30:42|fBm|M-Omariobackligh tI think
00:30:46|fBm|M-Omariogrren light come son and off
00:30:55|fBm|M-OmarioI've left it charign around 20 mins now
00:30:56midkbut not on rockbox?
00:31:06|fBm|M-OmarioI've not seen any text if that's what you mean
00:31:15|fBm|M-Omariooh yejh
00:31:17|fBm|M-Omarionot on rockbox yet
00:31:25|fBm|M-OmarioI still need to get it running before I flash it
00:31:30midkso, the LCD is blank and the backlight flickers?
00:31:31|fBm|M-Omariothing is, I want to know if this is normal
00:31:41|fBm|M-Omarioevery 3 seconds or so it comes on and switches off
00:31:45midki don't think so
00:31:48midkwell no
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00:31:50midkcan you boot it?
00:31:50|fBm|M-Omarioand the red light above it is just flashing
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00:32:10Guest1hi guys
00:32:11|fBm|M-OmarioI pressed th eon button, doesn't do anything. I'm nnot sure if the first time charge just does this though
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00:32:39midkno, it shouldn't
00:32:43midkunplug and press ON
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00:33:29|fBm|M-Omarioit tries to switch on the screen and then blackligh tocme son, switchs off and it powers itself off
00:33:52midkpossibly still low battery
00:34:02midkbut if when plugged it doesn't work, it must be defective
00:34:31|fBm|M-Omariomaybe... though I haven't left ti to charge for 6 hours.. think tjat might be it?
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00:36:10Zododkfis anyone here?
00:36:18|fBm|M-Omariome but I'm having problems lol
00:36:29Zododkfit keeps saying im unregisterd uhhh
00:36:37Zododkfanyways, i love ROCKBOX!
00:36:44midk|fBm|M-Omario: probably not it
00:37:01Zododkfdoes the rockbox firmware increase the battery life?
00:38:22|fBm|M-Omariok I;m callin gup archos
00:38:45midkZododkf: yes
00:39:14Zododkfokay i saw a lot of patches and alot of the things seemed interesting
00:39:16midkdepending on your listening habits, either a bit or a lot
00:39:26Zododkfwhat are the most popular patches people download/use?
00:40:21midknot sure..
00:40:44midkanything interesting :)
00:40:55Zododkfwhat patches u got?
00:41:48ZododkfBy the way: is there a sleep timer?
00:42:15midkZododkf: i created a few
00:42:30midkmenu -> general settings -> system -> sleep timer
00:44:04Zododkfomg dude , your god lol
00:44:33midkheh no
00:44:38ZododkfLol !
00:44:38midkmm do you have a recorder?
00:45:04ZododkfI think so
00:45:15ZododkfJBR v2 is the model #
00:45:43|fBm|M-Omario@midk: I called Archos spport
00:45:50|fBm|M-OmarioThey said it sometimes happens on the first charge
00:45:59midkhmm zododkf stick around sec if you can
00:45:59|fBm|M-Omarioand otld me to wait for 8 hours and then call up if it's still fucked
00:46:12midk|fBm|M-Omario: ok good luck, haven't heard of it very often
00:46:43|fBm|M-Omarioyeh I really hope it works. This thing look shell asweet
00:46:50|fBm|M-Omariothanks for your help man :)
00:46:54midkno problem
00:47:01midkhave fun if it works
00:47:04ZododkfI went to and flashed it because I got this thing today - how would I upgrade it to the new firmware version 2.2
00:47:11|fBm|M-Omariolol I will . Flash to rockbox will be my first sask :P
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00:48:01midkit is flashed now then Zododkf?
00:49:23 Quit jakesir ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
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00:52:55midkyay it's hyl
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01:00:13ZododkfYes its flashed right now
01:00:27ZododkfBut i dont know if i flashed to the 2.2 version
01:00:29midkget a daily build pack and unzip it to your archos
01:00:37midkrun /ajbrec.ajz under rockbox
01:00:48midkthen play the ucl: /.rockbox/rockbox.ucl
01:01:53midkwhat was it you didn't get?
01:02:04Zododkfhow can i check my flash version?
01:02:11midkyou don't need ot
01:02:18midkdo what i said and you'll be updated
01:02:38Zododkfi checked −−-> 2.2
01:02:50midk*doesn't reply for good reason
01:03:25Zododkfwhere do i get the daily build pack?
01:04:14Zododkfwhich version do i download? the recorder or v2?
01:04:27midkdo you have a v2?
01:04:48Zododkfif i look back
01:04:52Zododkfon the mp3 player
01:04:59Zododkfit says MODEL JBR V2
01:05:05midkthen the v2 it is
01:05:32Zododkfis there a way where i can get a FM tuner?
01:05:44midkpossibly, if there is one integrated
01:05:46midkupdate first
01:06:12Zododkfok hold on
01:07:15Zododkfalright i just downloaded it. ..
01:07:24Zododkfdo i just drag all the files in the zip folder to the root?
01:07:39midkif there is a .rockbox folder, and an ajbrec.ajz, yes
01:08:00Zododkfi dont have a .rockbox folder - all the files are just scattered everywhere
01:08:18midkin Winzip?
01:08:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:08:58Zododkfam I soppose to make a folder in the root that has all the files in there?
01:09:09midkare you in winzip or no?
01:09:14ZododkfI am
01:09:17Zododkfin winzip
01:09:23midkclassic or wizard?
01:09:27midkclassic i assume
01:09:36midkpress the extract button at the top
01:09:37Zododkfyea probably
01:09:49midkset your location to your archos (E: or J: or whatever)
01:09:59midkcheck teh box that says "Use Folder Names"
01:10:06midkand also "Overwrite Files"
01:10:14midkand make sure selection is set to Extract: All Files
01:10:19midkand press extract
01:11:47ZododkfAhh man, I guess when I flashed it
01:11:49Zododkfi did it wrong
01:11:58Zododkfi just dragged all the files instead of extracted it
01:12:26midkhow would flashing affect it?
01:12:43Zododkfbecause all the files that i just now extracted went to the .rockbox file
01:13:44midkok, delete .rockbox from your archos and anything in the root that shouldn't be there and start over
01:17:08 Join ricflair [0] (
01:17:12ricflairyo all
01:17:21ricflairi thnk ill stick my jukebox recorder on ebay tomorrow
01:19:10Zododkfjust downloaded the flash
01:19:13Zododkfand extracted it
01:19:21Zododkfin my root , theres a folder called V2
01:19:34midkdidn't you already flash?
01:19:44Zododkfyou told me to delete verything
01:19:54midkjust the .rockbox stuff
01:20:00midkwhat's in the V2 file
01:20:19Zododkfbunch of stuff - i downloaded it from the FLASHING PROCEDURE
01:20:34Zododkfshould i just delete the folder and get the .rockbox again?
01:21:06midki said get the daily build packl
01:22:56Zododkfall there is in my F: are 2 mp3 songs
01:23:00Zododkfand .rockbox
01:23:15midkare you sure they're mp3 songs?
01:23:19midkone should be an AJZ
01:23:30Zododkfthat too
01:23:34midkand by the way did you have music on it? if you did you shouldn't have deleted that
01:24:00midkanyways load the ajbrec.ajz file
01:24:01Zododkfnope i didnt
01:24:08midkthen move into /.rockbox
01:24:10midkand run rockbox.ucl
01:25:15Zododkfhit f3?
01:25:26Zododkf[f2 program]
01:26:22midkf2 to program i think
01:26:51Zododkfdone that
01:26:53ZododkfNow what?
01:27:10midkreboot the archos
01:28:33Zododkfwhen i boot it : it says version cvs-040505
01:29:41Zododkfalright, great thanks!
01:29:50midkno problem
01:29:57Zododkfwhat does the 20:04 say on top of the jb?
01:30:07midkthe clock
01:30:17midkthere is also a 12 hour time mode
01:30:34midki suggest you go through the general settings to familiarize yourself with the settings + customization
01:30:38ricflairanyone want to buy my jukebox recorder before i put it on ebay?
01:30:49Zododkfhow much
01:31:17Zododkfmy cousin is looking for one
01:31:44ricflairdont know, open to offers
01:31:50ricflairim hoping to buy a lyra
01:31:56Zododkfdo you have AIM
01:32:11midk*has aim
01:32:22ZododkfRic- do you have AIM
01:32:29midklol jk
01:32:38Zododkfmidk whats your aim
01:32:43Zododkfif i have problems, i can reach u there
01:33:02ricflairi have msn
01:33:43Zododkfur not on right now midk
01:33:55Zododkfi dont have msn
01:34:02Zododkfbut i am interested in your jukebox
01:34:08ricflairemail me then
01:34:17Zododkfis it the 20gig?
01:34:24ricflairyeah, flashed with rockbox
01:34:32ricflairand 20gb of songs on it
01:34:34ricflairits full.
01:34:35Zododkfyou live in UK?
01:34:41ricflaironly selling itbecause i want a lyra
01:34:43ricflairyeah, uk
01:34:53Zododkfi live in US
01:35:04midkyes i am Zododkf
01:35:04ricflairoh well
01:35:08midkare you sure you got it
01:35:13ricflairill stick it on ebay
01:35:22 Part hyl
01:36:00Zododkfhow much u want for it
01:40:17DBUGEnqueued KICK Zododkf
01:40:17Zododkfaye man
01:40:19Zododkfyou there
01:41:06 Quit vraa ("2.0 Build 3515")
01:42:11ZododkfNickFlair, how ab out $75 for the Jukebox ?
01:47:17 Join vraa [0] (
01:59:56 Join Guest1 [0] (
02:00:16Guest1I have a question about the new voice feature.
02:04:36ZododkfAnyonw want to sell their JukeBox?! Hehe
02:06:07louie-dogi'll sell you my almost new (week old) recorder v2 for $200 :)
02:07:51midkyou can get a new one on amazon for 130
02:08:14louie-dogor $104 if you get it in your goldbox like i did
02:14:17Zododkfif anyone wants to sewll theres, PM me thanks
02:16:11midkZododkf: better luck posting to the list i'd guess
02:17:05Zododkfwhat list
02:17:11midkmailing list
02:18:23Zododkfmidk- if u see one for sale, you know where to reach me on AIM :)
02:18:26 Join Strath [0] (
02:18:32midkok Zododkf
02:18:34midkyo strathy
02:19:01Strathyo yo yo
02:20:28 Quit Guest1 ("Leaving")
02:21:19 Quit Zododkf ("Leaving")
02:47:32midkthe stride
02:47:34midki just dont get it
02:51:25CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
02:51:25*kaboofa sets his magic coal on fire
02:51:46midk... yes.
02:52:40midkit should be 112!
02:52:42midkgod dammit
02:56:37Strathwhat did you want me to damn, midk?
02:56:56midkat all
02:56:58midkbut i love you
02:57:34midkda. da. da. dadadada!
03:05:42Strathhrm... whoda-thunk... hot melt glue is *hot* *damn hot* ;)
03:06:17midkif there were a stronger word to replace damn i would do so, but i cannot think of a fitting one so i will simply agree.
03:06:23midkesp if you get it on one of your fingernails
03:06:30midkit burns!
03:07:23Strathfingernails... not so bad... genitals though.... ouch
03:07:38midkumm you're hot melt gluing your genitals?
03:07:44Strathj/k ;)
03:07:49midkholy shit
03:07:57midkhmm you know c
03:08:02midkcan you gimme a quick answer here
03:08:12Strathwhat about him?
03:08:25Strathusually not :P
03:08:36midkin a switch "loop" you can do case's
03:08:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:08:42midkdefault would be anything else right?
03:08:55midkhere look.
03:08:56midk switch(rb->button_get_w_tmo(HZ/4))
03:08:57midk {
03:08:57DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
03:08:57midk case BUTTON_F1:
03:08:57midk set_preferences();
03:08:57***Alert Mode level 1
03:08:57midk break;
03:08:58Strathnow... if ya want a three hour answer... i may be able to oblige
03:08:58***Alert Mode level 2
03:08:58midk case BUTTON_F3:
03:09:00midk done = true;
03:09:02midk break;
03:09:06midk default:
03:09:08midk bla();
03:09:10midk break;
03:09:12midk }
03:09:14midkdefault means any other key than f3 or f1 right
03:09:57Straththat should be correct
03:10:40midkoh really.
03:12:15Strathas far as the switch statement syntax is conserned anyways
03:12:59midkWTF IS YOUR ISSUE
03:14:10midkdoesn't work
03:14:19midknm ill just do it manually
03:14:28midkits ok
03:14:36midki love you
03:15:11Strathno midi, no its not... i should really try to be there for you
03:15:34midki know
03:16:12Strathuh... ya... um.. sure ;)
03:16:45Strathno... it looks correct
03:16:55midkit's ok really
03:17:08Strathassuming your keypress code is correct
03:18:59***Alert Mode OFF
03:19:02Strathi gotta go do somethin, i'll be around though
03:19:12midkits ok strathy.
03:19:14midklove ya
03:30:20 Join ADG|Altair [0] (
03:38:16ADG| i am lucky with my flashed mp3-recorder....the short boottime is a great feature :)
03:39:04ADG| it possible to replace the harddisk? wich size and type is possible ?
03:39:24midkhas to be a laptop harddisk
03:39:26midkthat's pretty much it
03:39:28midk1.8" i believe
03:39:57ADG|Altairin the recorde is an 2,5" hitachi dk...
03:40:32ADG|Altair20 GB...but i would be happy with an 80 GB but i wont buy before i know it will work
03:41:47ADG|Altairoki....i'm tired now und must sleep...i will ask tomorow again...thx & good n8 :)
03:42:12midkn8 heh
03:43:58 Join Urgo [0] (
03:47:47Urgohmm.. I just got my archos v2 today, and about 20 mins ago it finished charging.. after booting archos and making sure it worked I imeditally put rockbox on it and that worked great. however now when I plug the usb cable back in it says the device is not reconized under winxp.....
03:49:00Urgomaybe rebooting will fix it.. haven't tried that yet
03:49:09midkyou should then
03:49:14Urgowill do
03:49:29midkgood luck
03:49:36Urgothanks =]
03:49:41UrgoI'll be back in a few mins
03:49:43Urgoeither way
03:51:18 Quit Urgo ("rebooting")
03:58:28 Join Urgo [0] (
03:59:12Urgomidk: it was actually the usb extention cable I'm using.. bad connection. I noticed before I rebooted but since I closed everything already I thought windows would be happier if I rebooted =]
03:59:25midklol excellent
03:59:38 Join RavenWorks [0] (
04:00:20UrgoI haven't flased the box yet but thats conidered stable by now with the v2 right?
04:00:26Urgoconsidered even..
04:07:47RavenWorksGot a question.
04:08:03RavenWorksI've got a friend who's still trying to talk me out of getting an Archos even with Rockbox..
04:08:16RavenWorkshe said the scrolling speed is terrible because you have to do it with a button..
04:08:52RavenWorksOn the DEFAULT OS, that is.
04:09:00RavenWorksJust wanted to know if Rockbox was any faster..
04:09:11midkok 2 things
04:09:18midka) you do not have to press a button on the original firmware
04:09:37midkb) rockbox does it automatically, as fast or slow, as soon or long, as far and as smooth as you want
04:09:58midkrecorder + rockbox > ipod
04:12:56RavenWorksI'm gonna stop beating around the bush, time to get me a Recorder. :3
04:13:03midklol yes!
04:13:05Urgohell yeah! =]
04:13:19midkfonts, games, totally custom
04:13:37Urgoor apple's propriatary crap
04:13:43Urgothe choice is simple =]
04:15:36RavenWorksQuick question while I'm here...
04:15:48RavenWorksHas anyone put in any thought into sequenced music support?
04:15:56RavenWorks.IT for example
04:16:23RavenWorksMOD, S3M, XM...
04:16:28RavenWorksSPC, PSF ^^
04:16:42midkno idea.
04:17:39kaboofaravenworks: read the NODO
04:17:51kaboofawe can't reprogram the decoder chip
04:18:07kaboofamidk: think of a midi, but with samples instead of instruments
04:18:29midkan entirely new format?
04:19:13RavenWorksan entirely old format :P
04:19:28midkwell i have no idea
04:19:41RavenWorksAnd, yeah, I was worried the general-purpose CPU thing wouldn't be enough to do it on its own.
04:19:53RavenWorksbut if it could play back (simple) video...
04:19:59RavenWorksI mean the MOD format was made for Amigas :P
04:20:08midkit can play video
04:20:22RavenWorksthe question is just if calculations the main processor makes can be sent to the sound output...?
04:20:35RavenWorkserr, main = non-decoding one
04:20:37midkyou'd need to talk to LinusN for that
04:20:41kaboofaI know modplug tracker can convert a lot of sequencer formats to mp3
04:20:49kaboofait's for win32
04:21:11RavenWorksI suppose that would be a lot easier, wouldn't it ^_^;;
04:21:24kaboofaBecause programmers are lazy ^.^
04:21:41kaboofaI started doing anime faces again!!! AAAH!!!
04:21:58CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:21:58*RavenWorks is contagious
04:22:04UrgoRavenWorks: mod's rule =] I was planning on converting mine to mp3s though so they can be played but I'll see if they play first =]
04:22:14Urgobut I'm in the middle of flashing now..
04:22:42RavenWorksIs there any difference between the Recorder and the Recorder/Radio, other than, well, the radio?
04:23:47RavenWorksOne guy on said it only gets 4 hours battery life, I hope he just had a screwed-up battery.
04:24:30midkravenworks: the fm recorder is also a bit smaller and lighter
04:24:36midkbut the buttons are prone to breaking
04:24:40midkso i suggest the recorder
04:24:42RavenWorks.. or not..
04:25:02RavenWorksAmazon doesn't have them anymore, are they not on sale except places that still ahve them in stock..?
04:25:23Urgoamazon had them last friday/saturday when I bought mine :)
04:25:31Urgobut I did notice today they appear to be sold out
04:25:49Urgo$50 rebate too
04:29:04RavenWorksSo there's just the 20 GB Archos, +recorder, and +recorder +radio?
04:29:16midkget + recorder.
04:29:34RavenWorksAnd the radio one's prone to breaking, and the basic..
04:29:43RavenWorkswhat's the difference, other than Rockbox has a few gimmicks that'll only run on it?
04:29:52midkwell it just sometimes breaks (some of the buttons)
04:29:52RavenWorksIf you'll pardon my calling them that ^^;
04:30:15midkon teh recorder you have control over battery charge settings + disk spindown/sleep settings
04:30:34Urgoflash was successful
04:30:34midkthat's pretty much it
04:30:36 Join BlueChp [0] (
04:30:44RavenWorksbattery charge settings..?
04:31:09Urgocan you still control the batt stuff on the v2?
04:31:09Urgothe chart on the site says its in hardware again
04:31:09DBUGEnqueued KICK Urgo
04:31:09Urgothats what I thought
04:31:09midkRavenWorks: trickle charge, deep discharge
04:34:50BlueChpno control over LiIon charging
04:35:05midkyay its bc
04:35:12BlueChpevenin all
04:35:31midkdidn't notice you come in
04:35:46BlueChpim in stealth mode today
04:36:24kaboofamy head is going to implode because i'm trying to learn corewars
04:36:34BlueChpcorewars is awesome
04:36:49kaboofabut i'm too retarded to learn redcode
04:37:02BlueChpyou'll pick it up quick enough
04:37:28BlueChpI have a full blown AI engine designed on corewars
04:37:39BlueChpAI is cool
04:37:46kaboofai can't get the concept of the memory
04:37:53kaboofahow can you beat an imp
04:37:58kaboofaall it does is mov 0,1
04:38:02kaboofaand it just does that
04:38:11kaboofaso you have to overwrite where it is at
04:38:16kaboofabut it will just.. blah
04:38:48kaboofaif you make a imp that just clones itself, it would be unstoppable
04:39:10kaboofathen you would have 8000 imps running around
04:53:32RavenWorksI don't get yours, midk
04:53:50RavenWorksI just did pi * e XP
04:54:01midk3.14159267 or something
04:54:18kaboofae^(i*pi) - 1 = 0
04:54:21kaboofaor + 1
04:54:26RavenWorksWhere would you guys buy something like an Archos, anyway. ^^
04:54:27kaboofai don't farting remember
04:54:41kaboofaRavenWorks: i got mine at a retail chain in the states about a year and a half ago
04:54:42midkraven: retail if you can
04:54:50midkthey don't sell retail anymore afaik
04:54:55RavenWorksDoesn't seem to sell anywhere in Canada...
04:55:04BlueChpyeah but you bought an archos, not "something LIKE and archos!?"
04:55:21 Join sven_laken [0] (mircfr@
04:55:25kaboofaBlueChp: yeah, i have an archos :P
04:55:31kaboofanor something "like archos"
04:55:38midkkaboofa: BlueChp is very cool
04:55:39sven_lakencan someone help me plz
04:55:40BlueChpevenin sven
04:55:45RavenWorksI meant an archos specifically, sorry ;)
04:55:48sven_lakeni've got a big problem
04:55:51kaboofayou have the coolest name
04:55:52kaboofaso i will help
04:55:59sven_lakenthx ^^
04:56:00kaboofayour name is SVEN!
04:56:01midkpublic announcement: BLUECHIP IS COOL.
04:56:02kaboofaTHAT IS AWESOME!
04:56:10kaboofapublic announcement: sven is cooler
04:56:16kaboofaI mean... HIS NAME IS SVEN!
04:56:21kaboofanow, how can I help you?
04:56:22BlueChpswan lake ...what is your Qeustion
04:56:31midklol bc
04:56:37Urgowhat happens if ajbrec.ajz gets delted from the hdd now that I flashed it? F1 and the archos rom will still work?
04:56:51kaboofajust replace the ajz file :P
04:56:54sven_lakenmy archos jukebox 20 Gb say "Jukebox Waiting #" and after that it says "File sys. error"
04:56:54kaboofabut if it 's flashed
04:56:57kaboofai don't know, because i don't flash it
04:57:06Urgowell I don't wanna try ;)
04:57:10sven_lakenwhat can i do in order to resolve my problem
04:57:19Urgobut I assume starting archos rom will do the trick
04:57:34BlueChpdoes it mount under windoze
04:57:43kaboofaor leenux
04:57:51sven_lakenon windows xp
04:57:58BlueChpurgo: if the s/w you are running is in rom - it maters not if it finds an update on disk
04:58:08Urgooh cool
04:58:12Urgoso I can delete it
04:58:18Urgoand it'll still run rockbox
04:58:37BlueChprom boots - checks disk for update - runs update if found
04:58:53sven_laken( sorry if my english is really bad but i'm french )
04:59:28BlueChpsven: we forgive you - does the unit mount under windoze
04:59:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:59:32*Urgo tries
04:59:51BlueChpwhat do you see?
05:00:31RavenWorksI speak french... but I don't know anything about Rockbox.. ^^;
05:00:43sven_lakenon windows they ars no probs but when i lauch it in order to listen musik , it says File sys. error >_<
05:00:51kaboofaestoy aqui
05:01:13BlueChparchos or rockbox? flashed?
05:01:38BlueChphm, stumped me - i've never used the archos f/w - sorry
05:01:51sven_laken( i've discovered rockbox 30 min ago sorry )
05:03:42sven_lakenbut can i flash my jukebox with rockbox, if this is the solution at my problem
05:04:24BlueChpi would try a soft update first - I know zilch about the archos f/w (other than it sucks)
05:05:21BlueChpdid scandisk show any errors?
05:05:47sven_lakenhum i haven't try a scandisk
05:05:56sven_lakeni'll try it now
05:07:04 Quit kaboofa ("got suicide?")
05:07:12RavenWorksI gotta get going...
05:07:15RavenWorksThanks for your help everyone.
05:07:28sven_lakenhum i've to reboot for doing the scandisk brb
05:07:28RavenWorksWith any luck, I'll be back here in a week or so, begging for help. XD
05:07:29RavenWorksOr not!
05:07:34 Quit sven_laken ("Faites un tour sur")
05:07:43midkgood luck
05:07:44BlueChpnite raven
05:08:06 Quit RavenWorks ()
05:08:08midkbc i love you
05:08:30BlueChpI thought that was our little secret :(
05:08:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:08:45midkoh i must be drunk?
05:08:50midkhmm whats drunk again
05:16:34BlueChpsleepy time- nite all
05:16:44midki love you
05:16:46midksleep good
05:16:54 Part BlueChp
05:16:55midkkissy kissy
05:34:14 Nick midk is now known as midk|brb (
05:34:14DBUGEnqueued KICK midk|brb
06:00:50 Join DocSmith2 [0] (
06:00:50 Quit vraa (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
06:30:05 Nick midk|brb is now known as midk (
06:30:05DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
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07:11:42 Join Urgo_ [0] (
07:12:56 Join AciD` [0] (
07:14:46 Quit Urgo (Connection timed out)
07:15:16Urgo_if you are using a play list is there an easy way to view it rather then f1, playlist options, view playlist?
07:15:41Urgo_hmm what about a page up/page down?
07:16:25Urgo_ah thanks
07:16:29 Nick Urgo_ is now known as Urgo (
07:19:15Urgotoo bad theres not a shortcut to the playlist, but pageup/down makes up for it =]
07:20:39midkheh well i suppose it could be simplified
07:20:48midklike f1+play = playlist viewer
07:20:52midkactually that's a great idea
07:20:58midki think i'll patch that
07:21:00midkRIGHT NOW!
07:21:03midkoh YAH
07:22:01midkyeha f1+play
07:22:30Urgonice =]
07:25:42midkwhill it whork?
07:27:08Urgoyes of course
07:37:38midkmm nite
07:37:40 Quit midk ()
07:38:07 Join amiconn [0] (
08:01:44amiconnOoops, wrong window
08:26:50 Quit Strath ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040316]")
08:38:57 Join lImbus [0] (
08:39:13lImbushi rickflair, are you in ?
08:43:01lImbussorry for not coming back after lunch. I bought a new mouse, installed the drivers (logitech) and the reboot wrecked up my http-tunnel.
08:44:42amiconnTunnel disaster ;)
08:45:40lImbusat least no victims. unfortunately, I was not only tunneling irc, but some ssh, pserver etc.
08:45:56lImbusand that will hurt now if I can't get it back running. will see at the office
09:06:50 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:25:21 Quit lImbus (" HydraIRC -> <- irc client ownage!")
10:27:03ricflairlimbus, im here yeah
10:27:13ricflairoh, hes gone
10:34:52Urgohaha this is so cool.. watching south park on a screen smaller then my thumb :)
10:46:02 Join Nibbler [0] (
10:48:14ricflairu watching it on a multimdia?
10:48:18ricflairim getting a lyra tomorrow
10:52:55Urgov2 :)
10:54:50 Join jazooo [0] (
10:56:15jazooois it possible to replace the original hd from my archos recorder ( 2,5" hitachi dk23dn20) with an 2,5" 60 or 80 GB??
11:01:50dwihnoyou bet
11:03:22jazooomagnus what means: you bet? english isnt so good
11:03:37 Quit ADG|Altair (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:03:52jazooocya altair (thats me..)
11:05:16Urgojazooo: it means yes :)
11:05:17dwihnoIf you have an old style recorder, it's quite easy
11:05:25dwihnoBut you have to be careful.
11:05:43jazooo2 years old recorder 20...
11:06:03jazooowith the new flashed firmware i am really happy with this player :)
11:07:31jazooothe greatest thing is the fast boot...
11:08:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:10:58dwihnoYeah, it's blazingly fast indeed
11:11:08dwihnoAll thanks to Jörg \o/
11:11:27dwihnoHmm... My rec20 also turns 2 soon.
11:12:08jazooojo....yesterday i looked up to ebay for selling my recorder and found someone who said in his description he has the much better firmware from rockbox....
11:12:49jazoooso i looked up , read the half night and then at 3:00 i flashed the firmware an never sell my recorder :)
11:13:45ricflairhow can you watch southpark on a v2?
11:14:05jazooo...and i found out that the new player's dont have digital out...
11:28:05ricflairist here anyway to play the rvf formats in windows?
11:28:51Urgothe link for the java thing
11:28:52Urgoplays them
11:29:05Urgono sound but it plays the video, slowly
11:29:20Urgoanyway, bed time for me. I stayed up way to late playing with my new v2 :)
11:30:08ricflairhow do you open the java thing
11:30:16Urgodouble click it
11:30:25Urgoyou need java installed
11:30:35ricflairi havent got it installed
11:32:24Urgowell you gotta get that installed first..
11:51:50 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:12:29 Join silencer [0] (
13:06:12 Quit jazooo ()
13:06:13 Quit DocSmith2 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:07:11 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:32:33 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:56:16 Join sven_laken [0] (mircfr@
13:56:24sven_lakenhi all
13:58:46sven_lakeni've resolved my problem with my archos jukebox thanks to Rockbox
13:59:55sven_lakenthanks a lot ^.^
14:00:00dwihnorockbox is da shiznat
14:00:16dwihnoJust wait until you've flashed it in, instead of using the bootloader.
14:02:51sven_lakencya guys , and thanks coz my jukebox works better than it never works ^^
14:02:59 Quit sven_laken ("Faites un tour sur")
14:03:53 Join Reva [0] (~kishorkr0@
14:06:57 Join c0utta [0] (
14:10:30 Part Reva
14:11:34ricflairrockbox is the bollox isnt it
14:29:09 Join Ka___ [0] (~tkirk@
14:37:41 Quit Ka__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:39:14 Join pfavr [0] (
14:45:56 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
15:06:49 Join AciD [0] (
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15:20:49 Join pfavr [0] (
16:07:23 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
16:14:34 Join methangas [0] (
16:22:10amiconnHi Jörg
16:36:18[IDC]DragonHi Jens, is it you or your bot?
16:38:24amiconnIt's me indeed.
16:47:02amiconnI don't use a bot after all.
16:48:18amiconnI wonder if there is something wrong with
16:49:24amiconnIf somebody does a commit (e.g. like me this morning), it does sometimes take a very long time until it shows up at the home page and the cvs compile status is updated.
16:50:25[IDC]Dragonthat's "normal".
16:53:07amiconnI only wonder because it was almost 9 hour ago when I committed something. My first commits did show up after approx. 1 to 2 hours.
16:54:09[IDC]Dragonfor me it took a day or so last time
16:54:30[IDC]Dragonbut ~1 hour is more usual
16:58:36 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
17:01:55hiroshiis anyone here that runs the website?
17:06:31amiconnNot atm as it seems.
17:08:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:27:29[IDC]Dragonamiconn: I saw you managed to get the LCD a bit faster again (>3% ;-)
17:27:49[IDC]Dragonstore alignment?
17:30:21 Quit silencer ("leaving")
17:30:24 Join silencer [0] (
17:30:25Ka_hey all.. anyone know of a quick mp3->wav converter for linux?
17:31:25Ka_i could just go to freahmeat or sourceforge and find one but i'm being lazy :)
17:33:29 Quit silencer (Client Quit)
17:35:22 Join silencer [0] (
17:38:26 Quit AciD ("Reconnecting...")
17:38:38 Join AciD [0] (
17:40:45 Nick AciD is now known as AciD` (
17:41:27 Quit AciD` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:37 Join AciD [0] (
17:42:24 Nick AciD is now known as AciD` (
17:49:51 Quit AciD` (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:50:18 Join AciD [0] (
18:15:04amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yes, instruction alignment according to the SH1 programming manual. This is the only thing I could do for the recorder.
18:16:25amiconnFor the player, there is a new routine that works similar to your recorder version. Although it has more instructions, it is significantly faster than the old routine.
18:17:10amiconnThere is another reason for this: the new player routine needs almost the same precalculated values as the recorder version.
18:18:05amiconnSo I can finally change the command writing to use the unrolled, much faster loops instead.
18:22:12[IDC]DragonI haven't spent effort on the Player routine
18:22:31[IDC]Dragonthe player has so little display memory anyway
18:23:34[IDC]Dragonbut 8% more CPU time for your grayscale is nice
18:24:52amiconnI guess using the unrolled loop for command writing also will yield another 5% or so, because the current command writing loop is _very_ unefficient (not only because it is not unrolled)
18:25:32amiconnThere are 3 command bytes written for each 112 byte line.
18:33:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Btw, what's the status of your jpeg viewer?
18:37:48[IDC]DragonI want to tidy up the JPEG code before releasing it, but in principle the (ANSI) code is there. Not merged together in a plugin yet.
18:38:49amiconnDoes the jpeg viewer use the mpeg buffer? I thought of writing a picture viewer that does not use it, so it would be possible to show pictures while playing music.
18:39:18[IDC]Dragonit uses it.
18:39:31[IDC]Dragonuncompressed can be quite large
18:39:35amiconnOf course, this will be likely impossible with such a complex format like jpeg, but bmp should work.
18:40:10[IDC]Dragonand partial decompression on the fly is not very practical for JPEG
18:40:18amiconnMy idea was to rescale the picture immediately while reading
18:40:39[IDC]Dragonbmp isubly, the payload can have so many different formats.
18:40:49[IDC]Dragonbmp is ugly
18:41:26[IDC]Dragon(the format can even include jpeg)
18:42:24amiconn? Didn't know that. Until now, I thought of tiff being the most complex format, and bmp being relatively simple.
18:42:44[IDC]Dragonnot to mention various color depths, palette or continuous, bitfields, run length coded
18:43:15[IDC]Dragonif you want to support it all, it's a zoo
18:43:38amiconnSo what's the simplest gfx format, perhaps targa?
18:44:16[IDC]Dragonmaybe one of our Atari or Amiga formats? ;-)
18:45:49amiconnIirc, targa (.tga) does only know 24 bits uncompressed, with a very small header containing image information.
18:46:48amiconnI don't know about Atari formats; the Amiga's default format IFF-ILBM is not that simple. At least it is well structured (much like the RIFF variants).
18:47:55 Part [IDC]Dragon
18:53:46 Join mecraw__ [0] (trilluser@
18:54:33 Quit mecraw__ (Client Quit)
18:57:46 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:05:03 Join c0utta [0] (
19:07:45 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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19:16:23 Part cjnr11
19:36:57 Join Strath [0] (
20:46:55 Join edx [0] (
21:06:42 Join AciD [0] (
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21:09:25 Join Neurosupherot [0] (
21:09:35Neurosupherothow does the voice files works?
21:22:09 Quit Neurosupherot ()
21:30:25 Join matsl [0] (
22:06:47 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:07:46 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:07:46 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:39:22 Join pfavr [0] (
22:50:44 Quit methangas (" HydraIRC rocks! -> <-")
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