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#rockbox log for 2004-05-08

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00:37:38[IDC]DragonVery frustrating voice bug (easy to reproduce if normally started, but impossible with gdb), I give up for today.
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01:33:51top_blokehey yo
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02:57:50kaboofaMmmm, pie.
02:58:05kaboofaI ran around school shouting, "THEY ARE AFTER MY MAGICK COAL!!!"
02:58:14kaboofaIt made me feel better for some reason.
02:58:21midkm what
02:58:48kaboofa <−− watch, understand
03:01:20kaboofaHmm, I have a bad headache from passing out in my computer chair and slamming my head on the floor
03:01:24midki didnt get it
03:01:25kaboofaafter falling
03:01:38kaboofai probably shouldn't be listening to fear factory.
03:01:43kaboofayou don't get it?!
03:01:47midknot really
03:01:53kaboofaLet me ask you this, have you ever seen aqua teen hunger force?
03:01:55kaboofa(i'm guessing no)
03:02:19top_blokei have
03:02:23top_blokeits the best show
03:02:29kaboofaand I bet you like weebl and bob
03:02:31top_blokeits so messed up its funny
03:02:39kaboofasame thing with weebl and bob
03:02:42top_blokemy head hurt after watching this
03:02:48kaboofait makes NO sence (oh yeah, i know a butchered that word)
03:03:02*kaboofa extracts ports to /usr
03:03:20kaboofaI wish my Unix machines wouldn't explode after a while
03:03:24kaboofaand just refuse to work
03:03:25top_blokenah ATHF is better than this
03:03:31kaboofait is
03:03:36kaboofasee the 'meatzone' episode?
03:03:38kaboofa(season 3)
03:03:48top_blokewhat happened in it>?
03:03:48kaboofaWhere he can tell the future
03:04:03top_blokewho can
03:04:24top_blokeoh yaeh
03:04:38kaboofai don't remember what machine this is...
03:04:56top_blokemonanites is the best one ever
03:05:11kaboofaI don't think I've seen that once.
03:05:26kaboofa19:02 < kaboofa> I don't think I've seen that once.
03:05:30top_blokethe 2 dudes from the moon
03:05:36kaboofanope :(
03:05:39top_blokeits one of the 1st episodes
03:05:41top_blokeoh man
03:05:43kaboofaholy crap
03:05:44top_blokeits the greatest
03:05:45kaboofait's dark out
03:05:50kaboofai don't know what today is
03:06:10top_blokewatch the moonanites episode!
03:06:47top_blokethe small egg sounds totally like cartman
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03:15:08kaboofai don't know
03:15:13kaboofait's being extracted into /usr/src
03:15:19kaboofaon one of my unix machines
03:34:57midkbeedede dededede
04:05:40Strath'199089629' or '3037 56797' ?
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07:45:10Guest1anyboday could help me? I just bought a archos's jukebox recorder. The record funcion doesn't work. Basically the time of the recording doesn't move stay at 00:00:00. And I couldn't use F2 and F3 keys as well. Is this a software bug or hardware bug.
07:45:47c0uttawhat model of jukebox ?
07:45:59Guest1recorder v2
07:46:55c0uttai haven't used recording for a while
07:47:03c0uttayou pressed play to start the recording ?
07:47:32Guest1yes. It could start, but basically nothing will be recorded.
07:48:00Guest1I could see the voice bar moves with the loudness of voice.
07:50:49c0uttahave you tried the standard archos software ?
07:53:05Guest1oh, when I get it, I just loaded with the rockbox. Then it is like that. Don't even know whether it works with its original or not. I have no idea how to put it back.
07:53:58c0uttahave you flashed your jukebox ?
07:54:49Guest1flash? how to flash it? I have restarted it many times
07:57:27c0uttaok. to use the standard archos software, you rename ajbrec.ajz to something else
07:57:40c0uttaturn off the jukebox and then start it again
07:57:58Guest1okay,let me try it.
07:58:49c0uttait's more complicated if you'd flashed your jukebox
08:04:14Guest1aha, i don't know why, it works now. I rename the file, it refused to start, then I named it back, then restart, it is back.
08:04:22Guest1Thanks a lot!
08:05:18Guest1oh,no. it couldn't start again.
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13:05:42[IDC]DragonHi Jens
13:05:56amiconnHi Jörg
13:06:14[IDC]DragonI got a cold again :-(
13:06:30[IDC]Dragonnot well today
13:07:33amiconnHmm, that doesn't sound good.
13:08:21[IDC]Dragonme and talkbox are both loosing voice
13:08:22amiconnDid you get write access to the new cvs in the meantime?
13:08:37[IDC]Dragonguess you neither?
13:09:32[IDC]Dragonnot really optimal, to switch cvs and then run away
13:09:47amiconnI found a number of bugs in the calendar plugin related to the use of snprintf() and wanted to commit a fix...
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13:10:08[IDC]DragonI've never used that
13:10:47amiconnI guess there are not many (none?) users of this, otherwise we should have gotten a bug report meanwhile.
13:11:29amiconnIt broke when I fixed snprintf() to behave correctly. There is also a buffer overflow in it.
13:16:12amiconnBtw: What's this "talkbox loosing voice" bug? I never observed such.
13:16:46[IDC]Dragonit happens when you start playback while the voice babbles
13:17:07[IDC]Dragonbest way to reproduce it is having files spelled
13:17:50amiconnHmm, have to try that. I never really used spelling mode, only to test if my modified wavtrim yields faster spelling for at&t voices.
13:18:57[IDC]DragonI'm close to rewrite my voice queue, making it more proof against race conditions
13:18:59amiconnThe only quirk that I observe is that the beginning of a new clip is _sometimes_ still swallowed when switching clips.
13:19:33[IDC]DragonI now have it back to mostly, dunno why
13:19:51amiconnThis occurs far less since your fix, and it seems to depend on the bitrate of the voice file.
13:19:53[IDC]Dragoncurrently, I'm splash()-debugging
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13:21:03amiconn[IDC]Dragon: My offer to write a fast memchr() routine is still valid
13:21:40[IDC]Dragonbut I don't think this is the problem I have now
13:22:51amiconnOf course not, but if you want to rewrite the voice queue anyway, maybe that it helps to improve clip switching
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13:23:41[IDC]Dragonwe'll see, yes.
13:25:54amiconnI tried now to reproduce the bug - I can confirm it.
13:26:18amiconnI observed another effect when the voice disappears due to the bug:
13:26:44[IDC]Dragonyou may have random playback
13:27:20amiconnIf "voice menus" is set to "yes" and the voice is gone due to the bug, when using the menu moving up/down gets very slow.
13:28:01[IDC]Dragonirtt has all kinds of problems
13:28:30[IDC]Dragonthis is probably because the header search loop is running somewhere wild
13:28:39amiconnIt seems that it tries to voice the entry, but doesn't succeed.
13:29:23[IDC]Dragonmy local code is already a lot different, with many checks
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13:34:51amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you try if it helps to call shutup() from talk_buffer_steal()?
13:35:31[IDC]DragonI'm doing a stop now meanwhile
13:35:46[IDC]Dragonthat was indeed missing
13:36:10[IDC]DragonI've found something else meanwhile
13:37:01[IDC]Dragonthe shutup() code needs info about the current clip, but in most cases the read position is already updated to the next
13:37:22[IDC]Dragonfor clips <64k
13:38:07[IDC]Dragonso I need to change the way the queue works
13:38:32[IDC]Dragonbut some rest first...
13:38:46amiconnHmm. sounds like quite a bit of work.
13:39:37[IDC]Dragonyes, and I'm no good at it today
13:39:42[IDC]Dragonmaybe later
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17:30:30Neurosupheroti need help
17:31:08Neurosupherotmy archos have a hdd problem
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19:40:56Joshhello, I've got a question about rockbox
19:42:13Joshwhy is it that whenever I convert an uncompressed avi file into rvs, it turns it into mindless static?
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20:00:47McBillhi all
20:01:28McBillWindows XP gives me this "USB Device is not recognized" when I connect my JBM20
20:01:34McBillanyone can help?
20:16:15McBillok bye
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21:29:53DHSAnybody want to give me some advice on my "recording time" project?
21:30:43top_blokewhats your project?
21:31:22DHSI've modified my version to stop recording after "split" time.
21:31:33DHSIt makes it easier to dub cassettes and LPs
21:32:09DHSIt works OK for me, because I don't need the "split" feature, but needs UI fixes if I'm going to release
21:32:12DHSit for others.
21:33:14DHSI've been greping around the source, and found how split time is set
21:33:46DHSIt is a little inflexible, just selecting from a menu of split times.
21:34:09DHSI'd rather set a time digit-by-digit, and set a boolean for "split" or "stop" after recording time.
21:34:44DHSI haven't found a UI routine for setting an int on a digit-by-digit basis yet - is there one?
21:35:00top_blokelike how u set the time?
21:35:12top_blokethe clock time that is
21:35:18DHSAh yes, Linus recommended looking at that code.
21:35:37top_blokeso take a look
21:36:01DHSIt is a little more powerful than I had in mind, but I suppose I could hack out a relevant part.
21:36:32DHSBut tell me this: is there anywhere in option setting that an arbitrary int is set, rather than
21:36:39DHSselection from a menu of values?
21:37:08top_blokehow do mean arbitrary
21:37:52DHSwell, for split-time, the UI is just to select one of a predefined list of possible split times.
21:38:10DHSBy arbitrary I mean as in the clock setting - set each digit one by one
21:38:29DHSuse the left and right arrows to select characters, and up and down to change their values.
21:39:39DHSI can write the code, but my main concerns are: 1 wheel re-invention, and 2: impact on the rest of the system
21:39:43DHSespecially voice menu stuff.
21:40:45DHSIf you don't know of any similar functions, that's cool, I'll just post a question to the listserv.
21:41:00top_blokelooks like the clock set is the only one
21:41:04top_blokenot sure
21:41:42top_blokejust steal the clock code
21:42:33top_blokei think its in settings.c
21:43:28DHSYeah, I've found it. It'll take a bit of reading and absorbing. The whole option system
21:43:46DHSseems aimed at selecting from a small list of alternatives, rather than setting an arbitrary value.
21:44:19DHSDoes anybody about me care about this? For my purposes, my little personal hack are working OK, but
21:44:31DHSif other people want it, I'll have to do a bit of UI work.
21:44:44top_blokeask on mailing list maybe
21:46:17DHSWell, if nobody on the IRC has any suggestions, I'll sign off and work there.
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