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#rockbox log for 2004-05-09

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09:27:46[IDC]Dragon'morning Jens!
09:27:51amiconnmorning Jörg
09:28:18[IDC]DragonI just found the voice-crash problem!
09:28:34[IDC]Dragon(very tricky)
09:29:13[IDC]DragonIt started with me making a check to verify the clip address, if it's within the voice buffer
09:29:18amiconnAnd I guess your commit access does work now, as well as mine.
09:29:37[IDC]Dragondidn't you commit something yesterday?
09:29:53[IDC]Dragontoday it's broken?
09:30:48amiconnIs it? I don't know of a problem...
09:31:09[IDC]DragonI'm not for enough to commit, only found the problem, not the fix.
09:31:49amiconnHmm. Probably a bit of work left to do.
09:32:16[IDC]Dragonit turns out that the bitswapping is running a bit longer than the playback, so that was trashing the fist part of my voice file.
09:33:39[IDC]DragonI made test code to dump it to a file when I detect a bad address.
09:34:18[IDC]DragonThen I found that the first 0x14000 bytes are different to the original voice file.
09:34:23amiconnDo you mean the bitswapping of _previous_ music playback?
09:34:40[IDC]Dragonthe difference was always the same.
09:35:53[IDC]DragonI check with mpeg_status() if the box is not playing or recording,
09:36:17[IDC]Dragonwhen it's not, and the voice buffer is marked invalid, I reload it.
09:36:41[IDC]DragonBut it seems the bitswapping is active a little longer.
09:37:40[IDC]DragonDunno why it is bitswapping the very first part of the buffer again
09:38:26amiconnIt is always the beginning of the buffer?
09:38:48[IDC]Dragonyes, always the first 0x14000 bytes
09:40:33amiconnHmm, then there must be a bug in the playback routine; if it would simply swap a little longer than playing, it would swap some bytes at whatever position the playback pointer happens to point to.
09:41:54[IDC]Dragonwe need Linus...
09:42:11amiconnHow did the voice work in the first place?
09:42:24[IDC]DragonI have no idea
09:44:14[IDC]DragonI could toss in a couple of yield(), to hope for the mpeg thread to cease
09:44:24[IDC]Dragonbut that's bad code
09:45:04amiconnI think I get it now:
09:46:19amiconnIf the voice is not babbling when you start playing music, it will not immediately reload the voice file on playback stop, because it has nothing to do.
09:47:00amiconnSo it gets reloaded when you use the menu or such, which would be some seconds after stopping. The voice does work then.
09:47:59amiconnBut if the voice was talking when you start playback (i.e. you interrupt file name spelling), then voice file gets reloaded immediately after playback -> trash
09:48:29[IDC]Dragonno, if you have spelling on it immediately spells the filename again when you stop
09:48:59amiconnOk, different trigger, same result.
09:55:26*[IDC]Dragon tries do understand the mpeg thread
09:56:15midknite idc, amiconn
09:56:23amiconnnite midk
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09:58:18amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I do not yet understand the mpeg thread completely, but from what I see, I think some booleans get set too early.
09:58:50[IDC]Dragonyou mean is_playing
09:59:10amiconnYes, as well as playing.
10:00:12amiconnIf I use a boolean as an indicator for something to be switched on (I do this in my grayscale framework),
10:00:46amiconnthe boolean has to be set before actually switching on when switching on,
10:01:00amiconnbut to be reset _after switching off.
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10:01:28amiconnOtherwise this could create a race condition (as observed).
10:01:46[IDC]Dragonfor interrupts, yes
10:02:05[IDC]Dragonin threads it's not that critical, since we don't preempt.
10:03:53[IDC]DragonI fail to see what stops the bitswapping at all
10:04:12[IDC]Dragonthe mpeg thread always calls swap_one_chunk()
10:04:25amiconnThe mpeg_status function does yield() until it finds that the stop is done...
10:05:21[IDC]Dragonwhat? not in my code.
10:05:27amiconnmpeg_stoip() I mean.
10:05:36[IDC]Dragonah, yes.
10:07:03[IDC]Dragonmaybe stop_playing() should call reset_mp3_buffer()
10:07:56[IDC]Dragonreset_mp3_buffer() should disable the bitswapping
10:08:20[IDC]Dragonbecause then the pointers are identical, difference is zero.
10:09:52amiconnHmm, it is very confusing: There are mpeg_stop(), mp3_stop_playback(), stop_playing() ...
10:11:24[IDC]Dragonyes, I don't feel like messing around in that code
10:16:25[IDC]Dragonanother observation:
10:16:45[IDC]Dragonthe voice file is not necessarily immediately destroyed
10:17:45[IDC]Dragonusually I can have a few entries spoken, but then it gets damaged.
10:18:29[IDC]Dragonas if the mpeg thread sometimes wakes up
10:18:35amiconnNow I do at least understand the hierarchy when stopping playback.
10:20:03amiconnmpeg_stop() is the top level function. It posts an MPEG_STOP event to the mp3 queue and then waits for mpeg_stop_done to come true.
10:21:14amiconnThe mpeg thread picks up that event, first resets the booleans (!), then calls stop_playing(), which in turn calls mp3_stop_playing() (in mp3_playback.c)
10:22:12amiconnis_playing is used by mpeg_status() to determine the playing status...
10:23:15[IDC]Dragonthe booleans are no problem as long as we're still in that call, don't yield.
10:24:24amiconnIf you suspect the mpeg thread doing spurious bitswapping, couldn't you put a splash() into swap_one_chunk()?
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10:24:29[IDC]DragonI think reset_mp3_buffer() should be called in the MPEG_STOP case.
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10:25:10[IDC]DragonI'll try that
10:28:01[IDC]DragonThat seems to fix it!
10:40:11amiconnImho that means that there is a race condition in the mpeg playback.
10:41:17[IDC]DragonI don't think so, it's just that the bitswap wasn't stopped
10:42:27[IDC]Dragonthese functions are not for use within interrupts
10:42:59[IDC]Dragon(sorry, forget the last line)
10:43:27amiconnIirc the bitswap is only called when then playback runs out of swapped data, so simply stopping the playback should stop bitswapping automatically?
10:44:14[IDC]Dragondunno what exactly happens, but resetting the buffer on stop sounds like a good idea to me.
10:45:56[IDC]DragonElse the bitswap will carry on until mp3buf_write and mp3buf_swapwrite are identical.
10:48:38amiconnWhere did you put reset_mp3_buffer()?
10:49:02amiconnIn other places I've seen that it is often used in combination with remove_all_tags(), so I guess it would be best to put it before that in stop_playing()
10:49:45[IDC]DragonI've placed it into line 1077
10:50:03[IDC]Dragonbehind the stop_playing() call
10:51:20amiconnThis would call it at almost the same time as if you put it into line 823 (before remove_all_tags(() in stop_playing())
10:51:51[IDC]DragonI don't dare to place it in stop_playing()
10:52:37[IDC]Dragonthat may have side effects
10:54:24amiconnI think that may be a good idea. stop_playing() is called from two other places, but only from inside mpeg.c
10:54:46amiconnOne of these is the case that usb is connected.
10:55:14[IDC]Dragonwhere no reset_mp3_buffer() is called...
10:55:30[IDC]Dragonbut init_recording() does both calls.
10:56:27amiconnYes. I think in the usb case reset_mp3_buffer should be called as well.
10:57:02amiconnThen the call to reset_mp3_buffer could be taken out of init_recording()
10:57:45[IDC]Dragonand also remove_all_tags()
10:58:07[IDC]Dragonthis is done already in stop_playing()
11:00 well as the whole if .... close(mpeg_file) construction
11:02:43[IDC]Dragonwhat? where?
11:03:07[IDC]Dragonah, I see.
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11:25:06amiconnGotta go.
11:25:13[IDC]Dragongotta commit
11:25:29[IDC]Dragonthanks fo your help!
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12:12:23Strathgrrr.... i hate typos in datasheets
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14:38:17Neurosupheroti have a big pb
14:38:30Neurosupheroti have a archos fm recorder
14:38:46Neurosupherotthere is a problem with his hard drive
14:38:53Neurosupheroti think clusters pbs
14:39:08Neurosupherothow must i do for repair this pb?
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20:25:58wakeanyone have an fm rec 20 around? i need to know the output of the power adapter that comes with the unit . . .
20:39:46webmindafaik 9v @ 600ma
20:43:04wakethx - that sounds like what i remembered
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21:44:37dwihnohowdy folks.
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