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#rockbox log for 2004-05-10

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01:36:02midki love you
01:36:05midkwhat's up?
01:36:06Strathstupid farkin typos in this datasheet
01:36:22midkyou made
01:36:24midkor they did?
01:36:52Strathno.. distributed by samsung
01:37:00midkthey messed up?
01:37:14 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:37:33Strathlooks like the guy writing it got a little carried away with the copy& paste
01:37:48midkare you serious
01:37:54midkthey actually messed up?
01:38:04midkwell what's it on?
01:38:25Strathhell, one whole instructions details page is a verbatim copy of an unrelated instruction with different arguments
01:38:55midksry strathy
01:39:48midkdo you want me to give you a massagE?
01:40:16Strathone instruction just plain doesn't have a details page
01:40:28midkbut um yah ok
01:40:59Strathlists of which registers are affected... wrong!
01:41:15Strathok... i feel better
01:41:17midkcalm DOWN STRATH
01:41:22midki will help you
01:42:09Strathok... gonna write some hatemail to samsungs documentation dept. ?
01:42:18midkwant me to?
01:42:23midki may be able to do a few per minute
01:43:51diddystar5bye everyone i love you all :)
01:43:57midki love you dids
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03:22:44moomananyone here#?
03:25:41moomanu know anything about jukebox fm recorders corrupting with windows xp ?
03:26:08moomanevery time i use mine on windows xp after a couple of uses it starts giving a "parameter incorrect error"
03:26:13moomanin windows ME its fine
03:26:26midkis your cable ok? lol
03:26:31moomana simple format and it works for a short amount of time in windows XP
03:26:35moomanyea cable is fine
03:26:37moomanits the player
03:26:44moomani emailed the company i bought it from
03:26:56moomanand they said its incompatable with windows xp or some shit
03:26:58midkif it works on ME, no, it is not (Should not be at least) the player
03:27:02moomanbut it def aint
03:27:06midkno, it's compatible
03:27:15moomancos it says compatable in manual
03:27:22moomanmaybe older firmware corrupts when used with windows xp
03:27:35midkshouldn't be
03:28:33moomani wonder why it is happy with windows me though so weird O_o
03:28:53moomannot much use when i have windows xp installed on my comps i use mainly ...
03:29:14midkare your usb drivers up to date?
03:29:40moomanwell it wont allow you to install it with windows xp
03:29:45moomanbtw its happened with 4 dif comps
03:29:51midkoh wow
03:30:01midkdifferent models/makes?
03:30:01moomanso it aint the computer either ^_^
03:30:13midkand it works the first few times?
03:30:32moomanwell 2 p4's with asus p4p800 mobos , a p3 laptop , an a64 with a gigabyte board
03:30:45moomanit works as long as i format it with windows ME first
03:30:49midkare you Safely Removing it?
03:30:53moomanfor first few tries
03:31:09moomanno i dont usually do that .....
03:31:15midksame! lol
03:31:19moomanmaybe cause of it ?
03:31:22midki just rip the cord out
03:31:25midkit's a possibility
03:31:33midki'm just impatient :)
03:31:50midkwhen i code a new fancy gfx intro i want to try it NOW
03:35:45moomanive had nothing but problems with my fm recorder 20 :(
03:35:56midkhmm it's typically a good box
03:38:13moomanhmm im suprised , first time ive tried to stream videos through winamp , my connection cant normally handle anything properly ( 128k ISDN ) and its happy with one channel
03:38:15moomanwhich is cool
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03:39:30arspy87yo yo yo
03:39:40midkyay arry
03:39:56arspy87what's up midk and mooman
03:40:05midkmooman trouble with fm rec
03:42:31kaboofaanyone have a dns server I can use?
03:42:37kaboofaall I have to work with is my hosts file :|
03:42:42midkkaboofa do you have an archos
03:42:50kaboofajukebox recored 15
03:43:08moomando you ever have any problems with windows xp kaboofa?
03:44:55kaboofaright now
03:44:58kaboofajust DNS
03:45:06kaboofadns is REALLY broken right now
03:45:19kaboofai have tried like 20 different servers
03:45:22moomando you ever get the error "parameter incorrect"?
03:45:26moomanon ur jukebox
03:45:28kaboofagenuity, prodigy, blah blah
03:45:30kaboofamooman: yeah
03:45:46moomanwhen kaboofa?
03:46:20kaboofawhen i try to run some plugins on my archos
03:47:00moomanplugins like ?
04:10:39kaboofastuff that doesn't work
04:10:58kaboofagoing to flash RB for the first time soon
04:11:07midkkaboofa good idea
04:11:12midkit boots in like 3 seconds
04:11:25kaboofaany precautions I should take first?
04:13:46midkmm make sure your batteries are ok
04:13:49midkthat's about all
04:13:52midkDO IT DO IT DO IT
04:14:00kaboofalike, how filled should they bey
04:14:14kaboofaand can I have the charger in?
04:14:16midkat least, like 50%
04:14:19midkyes, good idea.
04:14:52midkgonna do it now?
04:14:58midkNOW? YAYYY
04:15:04kaboofaso i'm going to compile my rockbox
04:15:34midki like kaboofer
04:15:47midkits like
04:15:49kaboofaroses are red
04:15:52midk....... er.
04:15:55kaboofaviolets are blue
04:16:02midkkaboofer is cool
04:16:03kaboofai'll kill you with a frigging rake
04:16:06midkand yeah he is cool
04:16:28kaboofacp *.rock /juke/.rockbox/rocks/
04:16:32kaboofasup, wrong window?
04:16:49midk? lol
04:17:27midkroses can sometimes be yellow.
04:17:39kaboofaor black
04:20:12kaboofathere is a guy named Andy Anderson
04:20:16kaboofahe's a detective
04:20:18kaboofathat's great
04:20:19midklol what
04:20:28kaboofahow do i flash
04:20:31kaboofai'll rtfm
04:20:45midki can help
04:20:52kaboofai don't have firmware_rec.bin
04:20:53midkif you need it
04:20:56kaboofabut I have rovkbox.bin
04:21:18midkyou need the flash pack
04:21:40midkit is listed in the manual.
04:26:01kaboofawhat does the vanilla archos bootloader do that takes so long, anyway?
04:26:23midkit sits there quite a few minutes doing nothing
04:27:53moomanhow can i update the firmware on my jukebox fm recorder 20 last time i tried it didnt work
04:28:46kaboofathat was a thrill
04:28:59midklol kaboofa
04:29:19midkmooman, download a daily build
04:29:42kaboofahow do i update to latest?
04:29:47kaboofajust run the ajz file?
04:31:53kaboofai put my latest build on my jukebox via usb
04:32:39midkkaboofa fast boot?
04:32:50kaboofai freaked out
04:32:54kaboofai thought i fried my jb
04:34:55kaboofahow is that funny?
04:35:05midkits funny
04:35:08midka good word
04:35:11midkif you think about it
04:35:14midkfried LOL
04:35:19midk*imagines archos sizzling
04:35:44arspy87my headphones are frying.
04:35:48midkisn't that a good word ars
04:35:50midkLOL see
04:36:00midkpopping grease.
04:38:04kaboofai'll pop your face
04:38:18kaboofawith a bloody hammer
04:39:12kaboofaNOW WHAT?!
04:42:24kaboofait has polish!
04:43:03kaboofalanguage support
04:45:44kaboofaI was thinking
04:45:50kaboofaimagine someone that wasn't tech
04:46:00kaboofaand they heard "ok, yeah, so you want to flash your box? that's easy"
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06:53:19midk|brbhey bc
06:53:33midk|brbi had one suggestion for your othelo update
06:53:42bLuecHipoh yes
06:53:43midk|brbwhich would be making the animations and pauses optional
06:53:54bLuecHipyes, been requested by a few now
06:53:57midk|brbor seperate, ie pauses on/off and animations on/off
06:54:14bLuecHipconsiderations are afoot
06:54:14midk|brbi played a game of the original, and i actually enjoyed the fast-paced action
06:54:32bLuecHipdo you know how to use blit?
06:54:34midk|brbi was moving there and the ai moved there and yeah it was good
06:54:46midk|brbusing the gray framework
06:54:48midk|brbnot seperately
06:54:56midk|brbnot really sure the format it accepts
06:55:31bLuecHipwhat is the stride of a full screenshot
06:55:47bLuecHipnot 112/8?
06:55:58midk|brbshould be 112
06:55:59bLuecHipok cheers
06:56:12 Quit kaboofa (Remote closed the connection)
06:57:26bLuecHiprewriting the core routines for boundry clipping
06:57:42midk|brbon othelo or klondike?
06:58:29bLuecHipbut this don't work
06:58:29bLuecHip#define UPDATE rb->lcd_blit(rb->lcd_framebuffer[0], 0, 0, 112, 64, 112);
06:59:20midk|brbwhy don't you just make that a function?
06:59:46bLuecHipcos i want it as a macro for speed
07:00:03bLuecHipone line functions are slow and memory hungry
07:00:25midk|brbdoes it work IE like
07:00:32midk|brb#define UPDATE rb->lcd_update(); ??
07:00:40bLuecHipthat works
07:01:07midk|brbuh! hmm
07:01:28midk|brbmaybe framebuffer won't for for the pdata.
07:01:32midk|brbwork for*
07:02:02bLuecHipi thin I will stick with calling lcd_update for now and speak to Jorg when I see him next
07:02:32midk|brbamiconn would probably know as well
07:02:50bLuecHipyes, he might at that :)
07:07:50 Nick midk|brb is now known as midky (
07:08:58midkyi love saying that
07:09:00midkybee see bee see!
07:09:32 Part c0utta
07:09:42midkybye c0utta
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07:10:55arspy87err... good morning, where i'm from
07:11:01arspy87hey bLuecHip :-P
07:11:12bLuecHiphows the ars py/
07:11:23arspy87but insomniac
07:11:24midkyars PIE
07:11:32bLuecHipyou too huh?
07:11:40arspy87since it's like... 1:15 here
07:11:47bLuecHip06:11 here
07:12:47midkythe camera cord is all chewed up
07:12:53midky*looks toward cat
07:13:11arspy87i'm just... revamping the css on my website
07:15:08 Nick midky is now known as midk (
07:15:31arspy87what's bLuecHip up to?
07:15:43bLuecHippointless mega demo
07:15:50midkits COOL ars
07:15:52arspy87ah, interesting
07:15:52midkvery very cool
07:15:54bLuecHiptesting new graphics routines
07:19:02arspy87hah, A Mighty Wind was sucha funny video
07:19:38bLuecHipkung pow ;)
07:21:12arspy87i saw that
07:21:17arspy87odd movie, but funny
07:27:03arspy87blindly trying to figure out hex values... ugh
07:27:12bLuecHipneed help?
07:27:14midkhex fun
07:27:17midk!!! OYES
07:27:28arspy87i have some light blue color, but i want to make it more... muted
07:28:08bLuecHiplower either the middle value or all of them (my guess)
07:28:16bLuecHipnot middle
07:28:24midktry like #117799
07:28:47arspy87or make it more transparent-looking
07:28:51arspy87thanks :-)
07:29:05midktry ee try ee
07:29:19bLuecHipor use PSP colour picker :)
07:29:29midktry it
07:29:32midkdose it work?
07:29:36arspy87if i had it lol
07:30:07midkars try try try tryyyyyyy
07:30:14arspy87try what?
07:30:35arspy87thats close
07:30:42midka bit more muted?
07:31:02arspy87got it
07:31:14midkbah i was going to say that lol
07:32:00midkhey i remember when ar said bah all teh time
07:32:11arspy87ive kinda stopped that
07:32:15midk"it doesn't work BAH BAH BAH"
07:32:16midkyeah you did
07:32:41arspy87that's because i was formerly an idiot :-P
07:33:11bLuecHipalms for an old ex leper
07:33:33DBUGEnqueued KICK bLuecHip
07:33:33bLuecHiparms for an old ex leper - LOL
07:33:34midkum sure
07:33:51midki still love you bc
07:34:16midkyou don't love me?
07:34:20midkthat's it; we're through
07:34:25midknice use of a semicolon btw.
07:34:29midkwow i like that
07:34:33midkthat's it; we're through.
07:34:35midkWOW GOOD
07:34:49arspy87i wonder if i can make an all-nighter
07:35:13bLuecHippro plus, jolt & coffee syrup?
07:35:25midkmotor oil
07:35:28arspy87good idea bc
07:35:33arspy87coffee so far
07:35:34midkthose guys in the ER won't let you sleep
07:35:45midkall teh babies screaming anyways
07:35:56bLuecHip(contains ephedrine)
07:36:41midkbc good work
07:36:53midkwould you like to try my tetris update?
07:38:08midkdoes anybody know about brown & haley's?
07:38:20midkalmond roca?
07:38:46midkyou suck
07:38:54midk... riosticks!
07:39:19midkbc btw i love your UI32 thing
07:39:24midkar don't i say UI32 all teh time
07:39:35arspy87yeah lol, he's obsessed
07:39:36midki'm always like
07:39:42arspy87UI32 OYAH!
07:39:53midkwow lol
07:49:11 Join AciD [0] (
07:57:25midksorry no mean to bug i love saying that
07:57:28midkbee see be see
08:08:36bLuecHipyou gone ars?
08:08:41midkhe's here
08:10:02arspy87yeah i'm here
08:10:03arspy87for another minute
08:10:12arspy87bed :-P
08:10:35bLuecHipgo 2 bed - sleep tite - dont scratch thought your pajamas
08:10:37 Join LinusN [200] (
08:10:45midkyay linus
08:11:00midkLOL bc
08:11:14bLuecHipMornin' Mr F
08:11:26midkhey linus i had a question about the button repeat rate, was talking to bc about it
08:11:34midkis there a way to make the repeat rate faster in plugins?
08:12:07LinusNnot at present
08:12:35midkcan it be implemented?
08:12:56midkworking on a breakout plugin, paddle moves too slow
08:13:14midkjumping by even 4 pixels is very jumpy and still isn't fast enough.
08:13:39midkconsidered changing the repeat rate to an int but bc figured it wouldn't be accepted
08:13:50LinusNbLuecHip: guten tag, Herr Blau
08:14:08bLuecHiplol :)
08:14:21arspy87well i'm out
08:14:24arspy87later guys
08:14:29bLuecHipnite ars
08:14:33midknite ar
08:14:47arspy87maybe i'll idle this time
08:14:53midk*good idea.
08:15:34LinusNmidk: first of all, the repeat rate is accelerated
08:15:56midkright, i just need it accelerated more
08:16:01 Nick arspy87 is now known as arspy87|zzz (
08:16:20midki want it to go from like the left of the screen to the right of the screen in 1 second maximum
08:16:34midkyet it would take 5 at least as it is
08:16:40LinusNtry to changing REPEAT_INTERVAL_FINISH to 1 in button.c
08:16:53midkwould that be accepted in general though?
08:17:02LinusNas a test
08:19:10midkokay, testing
08:19:24midkwow fast!
08:19:56midkyeah that would probably work, although just a bit faster would be optimal
08:20:11midkand also the actually yes i'd need even faster
08:20:34midkunless that's not possible
08:20:45midkin which case i can jump by 2 pixels which is okay
08:23:06LinusNmidk: try changing POLL_FREQUENCY to HZ/10
08:23:55LinusNhi dwihno
08:24:00dwihnoHej hej!
08:24:02bLuecHipmornin dwihno
08:24:07dwihnoMonday, once again :D
08:25:41midklinusn: no, it's slower
08:25:48midkmaybe you meant a larger number like HZ/30?
08:27:22LinusNof course, silly me
08:27:38dwihnoIt's monday :D
08:27:47LinusNhaven't touched that code for ages
08:27:48midkwould going a *bit* faster take a lot more cpu?
08:27:54LinusNmidk: not really
08:28:07midkok, i think HZ/40 would be about perfect
08:28:09midklet me double check
08:28:16midkassuming it is, what from there?
08:28:41LinusNhow is that repeat rate working in the dir browser, ff/rew etc?
08:28:50midkvery fast
08:28:57midkprobably about 3x as fast
08:29:04LinusNok, so we need a way to set the repeat rate programmatically
08:29:09midkbut if it helps matters i like it
08:29:25midki think a function is a good idea
08:29:35midkset_button_repeat(int poll_freq, ...) etc
08:30:01LinusNlet me think about that for a while
08:30:17midksure thing
08:30:36midk yes, utilizing grayscale actually
08:30:38bLuecHiplinus - have you any idea why this fails:
08:30:46bLuecHip #define UPDATE rb->lcd_blit(rb->lcd_framebuffer[0], 0, 0, 112, 64, 112);
08:31:24bLuecHipdoes nothing (afaict)
08:31:25midkwow cool if you do develop a function for it you should have a global option
08:31:30midki love this high speed scrolling
08:31:43LinusNmidk: yeah, why not?
08:31:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:32:02midkhmm linus, it seems at HZ/40 the buttons seem to stick
08:32:03LinusNbLuecHip: how do you use the macro?
08:32:06midkif you let off it still goes for a bit
08:32:14LinusNmidk: in the dir browser?
08:32:18bLuecHipin place of rb->update()
08:32:21midkyeah, anywhere
08:32:53LinusNmidk: that's because the repeat rate is faster than the rate at which you read the keys, so they are buffered
08:33:05LinusNbLuecHip: you mean:
08:33:11midkwhat's the max we can go then without getting this? HZ/35 ish?
08:33:28bLuecHipmk: will depend on the app which is running
08:33:56bLuecHip...a fast app will suck up keys quicker
08:34:29bLuecHiplinus: yes
08:35:29 Join amiconn [0] (
08:35:33midkwell i'd like to go as fast as HZ/50 or even HZ/60 without having this problem... is there a way to clear the buffer after the key is released?
08:36:24LinusNbLuecHip: the "height" argument should be in 8-pixel units, i.e 8 instead of 64
08:37:15amiconnHi LinusN!
08:37:17bLuecHipstill nothing! :(
08:37:25LinusNmidk: no
08:37:40midkok, i'll live with HZ/30 and += 2
08:37:47LinusNbLuecHip: i don't think it has anything to do with the macro
08:37:50midkso you're going to consider that function, correct?
08:37:54LinusNmidk: yes
08:38:13midkalright. i'll probably be going fairly soon
08:38:24bLuecHipmk, linus: a great all-round oslution would be a fn which will return the current state of the kbd - is that possible?
08:38:38midkif you decide could you leave it in the logs so i can check back tomorrow?
08:38:57bLuecHiplinus: I fell it is more likely to be my (mis)reference to the lcd_framebuffer?
08:39:51LinusNdon't you get any warnings?
08:40:14bLuecHipno, but nor do i if I remove the [] or add a &
08:40:30LinusNit should be a * not a &
08:41:27bLuecHiprb->lcd_blit(*rb->lcd_framebuffer[0], 0,0, 112,64/8, 112); ??? surely not
08:41:59LinusNremove the [0]
08:42:15bLuecHipah yes, that looks better.....
08:43:33bLuecHipno luck :(
08:44:26LinusNso the lcd isn't updated?
08:45:16bLuecHipno, but I replace the line with rb->update() and everything is fine
08:45:24bLuecHipit doesn't even print garbage!?
08:45:41LinusNcare to fill me in why you want to use lcd_blit() instead of lcd_update()?
08:45:58 Nick midk is now known as midk|shower (
08:46:01midk|showerback in a bit
08:46:05amiconnbLuecHip: What do you want to achieve? If I read correctly, rb->lcd_blit(rb->lcd_framebuffer, 0, 0, 112, 8, 112) does exactly the same as rb->lcd_update()
08:46:18bLuecHipI'm tampering directly with the frame buffer for new graphics alrogithms
08:46:30LinusNyes, but why lcd_blit()?
08:46:52bLuecHipJorg's advice - maybe i misunderstood
08:47:14bLuecHipami: yes, i thought so too, but it doesn't seem to work!?
08:47:25LinusNblitting the entire frame buffer is exactly the same thing as lcd_update()
08:47:37LinusNso it should work
08:47:49LinusNi mean lcd_blit() should work
08:49:26bLuecHipwell, i've just looked at the source, and full frame lcd_update is certainly faster - so I will go that way - I'm still unsure as to why i can't get blit to work
08:50:24LinusNi can't understand it either
08:53:28amiconnLinusN: As we are at lcd code, I have a question that bothers me quite a bit.
08:55:25 Nick midk|shower is now known as midk (
08:56:08LinusNamiconn: shoot
08:56:16amiconnSome time ago we talked about my aim to use the unrolled lcd writing loop in lcd.c for both command and data.
08:57:15midki'm off for bed
08:57:20LinusNnote midk
08:57:33midklinusn, if you come to a conclusion please post it here so i can check back in the morning :)
08:57:35midknite all
08:57:38 Quit midk ()
08:57:39amiconnYou said that I may do it, but stay with a .c file for cvs continuity.
08:58:33amiconnI've finally done that, but it definitely looks very strange in C (hard to read) and is definitely compiler dependent.
08:58:54LinusNcompiler dependent, as in gcc versions?
08:59:24amiconnIt is pure asembler after all, so I prepared it as asm source as well, which is definitely easier to read.
09:00:06amiconnThe pure asm version also saves an additional 20 bytes of iram.
09:00:07LinusNthen we should use asm
09:00:39amiconnIf you want to compare yourself, have a look at"> and
09:01:16amiconnThen think again _if_ I may switch to pure asm.
09:01:52LinusNi vote for lcd.S
09:02:02amiconnTo make the connection of the .S file to the (then re-moved to the attic) .c file a bit more obvious, I would use a clear comment.
09:02:07bLuecHipoptimised code always wins in my books
09:02:19LinusNzagor is coming any minute, hold your commit until then
09:02:39amiconnI can even set the initial revision of the .S to the last one of lcd.c + 1
09:02:51LinusNi don't think he'll mind, but he always has the last word
09:03:37amiconnOk, I will wait for him.
09:04:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:04:10*LinusN takes a walk to the coffee machine
09:04:45amiconn;) Coffee _is_ important, especially on Mondays
09:05:33 Quit arspy87|zzz (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:07:46amiconnBw: The further space saving of the asm version does only result from avoiding unnecessary constant doubling and bsr/rts. The algorithm itself is the same.
09:08:46bLuecHipwhile on asm ...which is better? x=x/8 or x=x>>3 ??
09:10:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:16:32amiconnbLuecHip: x = x>>3 ensures that it will be faster. While the compiler may detect tht it is possible to replace x = x/8 with the former, it does not necessarily do so.
09:19:43bLuecHipami: riight, i had to wonder because of the whole issue with our cpu not having a full complement of shift instructions
09:20:05bLuecHipi understad the code will be x>>=1; x>>=1; x>>1
09:22:51amiconnYup. This still takes only 3 clocks, while a division will take _at least_ 16+ clocks (16 bit) resp. 64+clocks (32 bit)
09:23:13bLuecHipcool - thanks - there's a lot of that going on in the lcd core code
09:23:44bLuecHip /8 that is
09:24:35bLuecHipthe bressenhams can be tightened a bit too
09:24:42amiconnYou can have a look at what the compiler produces, since there is a disassembler included with rockbox (in the tools dir)
09:24:53bLuecHipoh cool - never played with that :)
09:25:39bLuecHiphow many registers can i realistically request for my local variables?
09:25:49bLuecHipsorry to pound you with Q's ;)
09:26:01amiconnSimply do Sh2d -sh1 [module.o] >[module_disassembled.txt]
09:26:53amiconnThere will be some junk at the beginning and end which is not really code, but it works very well.
09:27:00LinusNamiconn: OK to commit the asm version
09:27:27amiconnLinusN: Thanks. Should I set the initial version to not being 1.1?
09:28:01LinusNamiconn: i think one should use a division instead of a shift and let the compiler decide
09:28:27LinusNunless you specifically know that the compiler will do a bad optimization job
09:28:44amiconnbLuecHip: The sh1 has 16 general registers, some of which are not really general. I would recommend to use max. ~7 local register variables.
09:29:00amiconn(away for a while)
09:29:06bLuecHipso our compiler is pretty good then? I've not examined the output before
09:29:17LinusNit is pretty good
09:29:41LinusNand the compiler often knows the penalty for div vs shift
09:30:05bLuecHipexcellent - thanks :)
09:30:16LinusNi mean there is a breaking point where shifts are worse than divs
09:30:30LinusNit all depends on the architecture
09:30:41bLuecHipyes, that was my debate, i had not anticipated such a good compiler for this chip
09:31:23LinusNthere may be room for optimization in the machine description for the sh target, yes
09:32:06bLuecHipthere's always room for improvement - but it the weigh off between speed/memory and readable quick to write code
09:32:34bLuecHipif the code needs to be maintained - asm is often no the best choice
09:34:35 Part bLuecHip
09:39:05 Join Fedor [0] (
09:49:19FedorMaster Linus... Respect. ;) I think will join your community soon ;) gonna make archos mod for building into the headunit of the car ;)
09:50:35Fedorlooking for cheap second hand device right now ;)
09:52:47 Join bLuecHip [0] (
10:26:38amiconnLinusN, sorry for asking this again: Should I set the initial revision of lcd.S to not being 1.1 when committing?
10:30:18FedorLinusN: btw, it there anough cpu power to add functionality for browsing files via serial???
10:33:02LinusNcpu power?
10:33:35LinusNi guess the limiting factor would be the serial port bit rate
10:35:45FedorLinusN: aha. ;) i think it should be ok, becouse i need to transfer things by one folder @ a time ;) wanna controll things from ipaq ;)
10:36:19FedorLinusN: i saw in the code, serial is now clocked 9600... is it possible to raise the bitrate lets say 4 times?
10:42:36LinusNthe remote control is 9600, that's why it is set to 9600
10:42:49LinusNthe Player can go up to 38400, the recorder 115200
10:44:18FedorLinusN: perfect!!!!!
10:44:39Fedorone more question... did u try to use 3.5' drive????
10:45:09Fedori dont really care about size of unit, it is not going to be portable anyway ;) but in my case, size is matters ;)
10:57:57LinusNno, i haven't tried connecting a 3.5" drive
10:58:11LinusNthe 3.5" drives need 12V
11:04:36amiconn..and drives above 128 MB are not supported with full capacity.
11:04:46amiconn*128 GB of course
11:04:56 Join c0utta [0] (
11:10:30FedorLinusN: 12v is not a problem, its powered by car anyway ;)
11:10:43Fedoramiconn: good. i have 80gb spare drive ;)
11:10:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:17:46Fedorone more question for hardware dudes. ;) can DAC chip do micing of aux in signal with music?
11:44:11 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:44:34Strathemu code is starting to actually do something :)
11:44:57Strath(TCC730 emu)
11:45:51Strathnow that some branch instructions are implemented, it can go into an infinite loop!! :P
11:46:28Strath(waiting on value change from unimplemented memory mapped IO)
11:47:44 Join limbus [0] (
11:49:37FedorLinusN: thats cool!!!! need to passthrough navigation sound ;)))))
12:09:11 Quit wake ("leaving")
12:57:16 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
13:00:17amiconnhi Jörg
13:00:33[IDC]DragonLinusN: are you there?
13:00:38[IDC]DragonHi Jens
13:03:18 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
13:07:46[IDC]Dragonamiconn: this morning, I started the target implementation of the JPEG viewer, works already.
13:08:04[IDC]Dragonbut definitely needs refinement
13:09:59amiconnSounds good.
13:10:10amiconnI've seen that you polished the video viewer. What about my (informal) backlight switch request?
13:11:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:32[IDC]DragonI found no spare key ;)
13:12:37[IDC]Dragonmaybe I can use "On"
13:13:10[IDC]Dragonif not used later as a kind of shift key for button combos
13:13:28amiconnThis would really make sense: You can switch the light "On" (and off) with it.
13:13:54[IDC]Dragonno, you can only switch it on, else it makes no sense ;)
13:14:36[IDC]DragonF1 is curently a debug key, shows buffer levels
13:15:32amiconnI know
13:18:32[IDC]Dragonwith the JPEG, I stumbled across something in your grayscale framework:
13:19:04[IDC]Dragonwhen I init the buffer, I have to pass it 32-bit aligned to you, else it crashes
13:21:26amiconnOops, this is correct. perhaps I should either introduce a check, or at least document that behaviour.
13:22:47[IDC]DragonI think you should either require an unsigned long pointer, or align for yourself.
13:26:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:35:25amiconnI think the former is the easier solution.
13:35:50amiconnLinusN, are you listening?
13:37:23[IDC]DragonI've tried that, too, didn't help (the Linus thing)
13:37:53c0uttai am waiting for him too :)
13:38:03[IDC]DragonMaybe he ran out of coffee, fell asleep?
13:39:38amiconnAssembler lcd driver committed :-)
13:39:58Fedorbtw, dont enyone know good place to buy machines?
13:40:09[IDC]DragonGood, the JPEG viewer benefits from it
13:40:23[IDC]DragonFedor: a machine shop?
13:49:10[IDC]Dragonamiconn: the comment about the interrupt disable/reenable is a bit odd now
13:49:36[IDC]Dragonthe original idea was to enable again between bytes
13:49:54[IDC]Dragonnow, it has to be locked during the whole loop
13:50:26Fedor[IDC]Dragon: for archos player ;) or just parts of it ;) actually i need only board ;)
13:50:29[IDC]Dragonbut as we're not using that port within interrupts, it doesn't matter.
13:51:20amiconnAlthough the comment may sound a bit odd, this was indeed the way it was before.
13:51:21[IDC]DragonFedor: Amazon, the mailing list, ebay
13:51:36[IDC]Dragonwas it?
13:52:22amiconnI had a look at a disassebly of the original lcd.c compilation- gcc did optimize the precalculation block to be outside the loop.
13:53:20[IDC]Dragondisabling during the full loop would give us horrible interrupt latencies
13:53:27amiconnSo if I would not had replicated this, it would have been quite a bit slower.
13:53:50amiconnYes I know, this is also stated within the comment.
13:54:02[IDC]Dragonso better state that this would have to be written different if we want lo lock during bytes
13:54:32[IDC]DragonAh, sorry, I can't read.
13:54:48[IDC]Dragonforget the topic
13:56:14[IDC]DragonHow many fps do we get now, from a free running LCD update?
13:57:52Fedorc0utta: 10x man
13:58:14c0uttanp Fedor
14:03:15amiconn[IDC]Dragon: I didn't measure how many fps I get when free-running, but how many percent of cpu power it draws when running at 67 fps (within the grayscale framework).
14:04:00amiconnI would expect ~140 fps
14:07:36 Join Ka_ [0] (
14:09:10[IDC]Dragonnot bad
14:09:34[IDC]Dragonlast time I checked it was something in the 120s
14:17:22 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
14:57:03 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:07:35*LinusN is back from a loooooong meeting
15:10:06FedorLinusN: monday never good day ;)
15:11:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:11:31FedorLinusN: btw, what about quality ov the sound on archos??? comparing with irever and ipod for example?
15:12:26LinusNi have no idea myself, but other people have said that the audio quality on the recorder models is very good
15:13:24FedorLinusN: ;) i think i'll go for recorder also ;))))
15:13:48LinusNthe recorder is superior to the player/studio
15:14:04LinusNmuch better sound
15:14:21Fedori'll keep it in mind
15:15:13amiconnLinusN: Could you please test the new lcd code on a "real" player? Although I'm quite sure it works.
15:18:39LinusNthat'l have to wait until tonight though
15:21:23[IDC]DragonHi LinusN !
15:21:50[IDC]Dragonis my change to mpeg.c politically correct?
15:55:09 Quit Fedor ()
15:55:12 Join Fedor [0] (
16:00:46FedorLinusN: btw, did anyone tryed to merge your firmware with sony unilink project???
16:02:55LinusNi haven't heard of anything like that
16:02:59LinusNgotta go
16:03:02 Part LinusN
16:03:24[IDC]Dragonhmm, I got no audience.
16:03:41Fedor[IDC]Dragon: i am still here ;)
16:04:00 Join Guest1 [0] (~jirc@
16:04:26 Quit silencer (Remote closed the connection)
16:04:38 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
16:05:00[IDC]DragonFedor: I don't know about Sony Unilink, but I use Alpine M-Bus to control the box.
16:07:54Fedor[IDC]Dragon: cool. what kind of commands it sends???? can i have your serial.c?
16:09:28 Quit Strath ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040316]")
16:10:15[IDC]DragonI'm using the remote pin as M-Bus directly.
16:10:28[IDC]DragonSo there is no plain serial.
16:10:53[IDC]DragonBut we have a patch in the tracker with a software TX for the pin.
16:12:14Fedori have uniling sd changer emulator ready on pic processor. just build rs232 on maxim chip ;) but. there is ttl levels. ;) what kinda levels do we have on sh1 chip? ttl or less?
16:12:37[IDC]Dragonshould work with TTL
16:13:12[IDC]Dragonbut be aware it's only one pin, so only half duplex is possible
16:13:26[IDC]Dragon(at least without mod)
16:13:46Fedor[IDC]Dragon: i thought so. with something like a resistor on pic to lover logical 1 level
16:14:27Fedor[IDC]Dragon: thats not good. but i guess enough for comntrolling it from headunit ;)
16:15:00Fedor[IDC]Dragon: can i take a look on your serial.c ??? did u change the button handler?
16:15:23[IDC]Dragonno, I didn't
16:15:36[IDC]Dragonand I also didn't touch serial.c
16:15:39Fedorwhat is m-bus?
16:16:12[IDC]DragonAlpine flavour of CD changer control
16:17:03Fedoraha.... ic..... sweet. i stuck with dam sony ;))))) which actually dont mind. archos will go INSIDE a headunit ;)))
16:40:36 Join Nibbler [0] (
16:45:29 Join matsl [0] (
16:51:55 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
16:52:24 Quit adi|home (
17:07:33 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|home@
17:11:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:13:18 Join silencer [0] (
17:20:43Fedorgoing home.... bb dudes
17:22:43 Quit Fedor ()
17:31:08bLuecHipg'day all
17:40:10 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
17:40:44 Join deadite66 [0] (
17:47:12 Join jakesir [0] (
17:49:22 Quit jakesir (Client Quit)
17:53:24 Join jakesir [0] (
17:54:26 Part jakesir
17:54:32 Join jakesir [0] (
18:00:14 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:02:08 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:51 Join matsl [0] (
18:19:23 Quit deadite66 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:22:03 Quit mooman ("( :: NoNameScript 3.73 :: )")
18:25:38 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
18:47:38 Join cjnr11 [0] (
18:47:41 Part cjnr11
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20:15:12 Join Fedor [0] (
20:15:24Fedorevening. anybody home?
20:17:00 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:24:13 Join iralemming [0] (
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20:55:45 Quit jakesir ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
21:04:17 Quit Fedor (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:24:38 Join BioHazard|150Mhz [0] (~a@
21:29:23BioHazard|150Mhzman, ive been having a problem with RLD lately...
21:30:34BioHazard|150Mhzi scandisked the drive last night, it found 147 bad sectors and "fixed" them and i havent seen RLD since
21:32:48BioHazard|150Mhzi guess i shouldnt shake my jukebox so much...
21:33:08amiconnBioHazard|150Mhz: What's your hard disk type/model? I guess Hitachi DK23DA-xx...
21:34:30BioHazard|150Mhzits a travelstar
21:34:52BioHazard|150Mhz(checking the debug screen now)
21:36:32BioHazard|150Mhzthe 15GB JBR HD
21:36:51amiconnHmm, so my guess was wrong. I didn't hear of rld with IBM hds before.
21:37:16BioHazard|150Mhzneither have I, thats why i thought it was strange
21:37:39BioHazard|150Mhzmaybe it read data out of those bad sectors and crashed?
21:38:47amiconnMaybe. Anyway, if scandisk starts to see bad sectors it is really a bad sign.
21:39:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:39:42amiconnAll modern hds do map out bad sectors as long as they can (=until the internal defects list is full).
21:39:42BioHazard|150Mhznow this is RLD right?: playing a song\doing anything and all of a sudden it stops and no keypresses are registered and the red LED is on. it stays that way untill i pop out the batteries
21:41:16amiconnAlthough you should be able to switch off with a long press of "off" (really long if it is a fm/v2). Of course this only works without the charger connected.
21:41:37BioHazard|150Mhznot even that works in this case
21:42:07BioHazard|150Mhzsometimes it works, sometimes not
21:47:35 Join scott666 [0] (
21:48:57BioHazard|150Mhzgotta go...
21:49:00 Quit BioHazard|150Mhz ("wait! come back! i want that muffin! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
21:56:03 Join matsl [0] (
21:57:34 Join Fedor [0] (
22:07:58limbusamiconn: can you tell me whut's a RLD ?
22:09:26amiconnRLD = red led death (similar to a windows bsod). The jukebox hangs while the red led is continuously on.
22:11:11 Join amiconn_ [0] (
22:11:31 Quit amiconn (Nick collision from services.)
22:11:31 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:11:40amiconnOops, got disconnected
22:16:05limbusamiconn: tnx. I was wondering google didn't know that one
22:16:28 Join AciD [0] (
22:16:38amiconnlimbus: Search the rockbox ml.
22:19:03limbustnx, gotta go
22:19:45 Part limbus
22:23:31 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
22:27:35 Quit Fedor (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:28:40 Join jakesir [0] (
22:28:58 Quit jakesir (Client Quit)
22:34:13 Quit edx ()
22:48:54 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
23:13:31 Join edouble [0] (
23:15:59edoublehey all. Anyone kindly have any info on HD diagnostics for the Recorder 20?
23:19:48bLuecHipeasiest is to slap it in a PC
23:21:35 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:22:05bLuecHipwho ate all the py's?
23:22:09edoubleThank bluechip. That's what I thought, the progress bar on load up stops at the 3rd bar with the hd scanning... You got any good tools you recommend on the win 2k pc? And where do I get a torc screwdriver to open this thang up?
23:22:51arspy87hey bLuecHip :-P
23:26:09bLuecHipedouble: pends on the problem really - I'd start with Sandra, then maybe SpinRite and get more specifics on the detail of the trouble - you may find it's just a loose connector once you get the back off
23:28:25edoublegotcha, thank bluechip.Gotta run out and get a tool to open it up with.
23:28:45bLuecHipthey're not rare, just not in your standard toolbox (yet) :) yw ;)
23:39:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:50:40 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

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