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#rockbox log for 2004-05-11

00:00:10G-UNITwuts goin on
00:00:44bLuecHipbitch slappin my thick brother for being incapable of grasping the concept of "you installed it on C:"
00:02:55G-UNITu know of any good prices for a recorder v2 or an fm recorder
00:03:02bLuecHipnah :(
00:05:17bLuecHipwhy do you want a crappy v2?
00:05:40bLuecHipdislike digital, or prefer unchangable batteries?
00:05:54bLuecHip(sorry, just my cynical tone)
00:07:50G-UNITcuz there smaller then the studios
00:08:35bLuecHipfair call
00:10:41G-UNITwuts this bout digital n the battery
00:10:53bLuecHipno digital out
00:11:09bLuecHipbattery will not charge if it drains too far
00:11:22bLuecHipi've nothing but bad stuff about the radio
00:11:49G-UNITwut about the recorder v2
00:11:55bLuecHipsame unit
00:12:07bLuecHipearly v2s even had the fm chip on them
00:12:11G-UNITthe recorder v2 i know has digital out tho
00:13:41bLuecHipthere's a page on it on rockbox somewhere - but I can never find what I want on that page :(
00:15:31amiconnbLuecHip, G-UNIT: The recorder v2 as well as the fm units both have digital out, only that it is not wired to any socket.
00:15:45amiconnIf you want to use it, you would have to mod the box.
00:16:04bLuecHipahhaaaaaaaaaaa - well that's half good news :)
00:16:51G-UNITwhy the hell wouldnt they wire it up
00:21:56 Quit AciD ("Segmentation fault (core dumped)")
00:22:48scott666IIRC, you can only have 1 wired at a time
00:24:24G-UNITn wuts the prob wit the battery
00:24:45scott666its LiIon
00:24:50bLuecHipthey drain too far and wont even power the recharger - few gone that way
00:25:07scott666thats not accurate
00:25:18bLuecHipexpensive & back-off replacement from afaik only one company (other than RTB archos customer "dis"service)
00:25:22scott666that was a rockbox problem
00:25:42scott666because we tried to spin up the disk before we started the charging screen
00:26:15bLuecHip(expletive not denial)
00:26:17scott666its been fixed since the new bootloader though
00:26:37scott666i think it only effected flashed boxes to begin with
00:26:54bLuecHipif it affected NON-flashed boxes it CANNOT be a Rockbox problem
00:27:12scott666did it though/
00:27:24scott666i dunno, maybe im remembering wrong
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00:32:25G-UNITwhy bootload rockbox instead of flashing it
00:42:23 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
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00:44:57midkhey amiconn?
00:45:53midki was thinking about it.. instead of either dropping the whole score idea or moving my drawing up one, could there be a gray_puts/putsxy function written?
00:47:19amiconnAs wrote in the comment for my grayscale framework patch, writing a gray_puts(xy) function requires a change in the plugin api.
00:47:25amiconn* As I
00:47:38 Join LinusN [200] (
00:47:42midkoh sorry didn;t see that
00:47:44midkhey linus
00:47:50LinusNamiconn: the player lcd driver works
00:48:03amiconnmidk: The plugin would need to be able to get to the binary font data.
00:48:20amiconnLinusN: Fine, thanks for the test.
00:49:00amiconnmidk: Btw, I've finally committed the latest version of the grayscale framework.
00:50:16amiconnmidk: I just considered committing your latest clock update, but now I found a problem with it:
00:51:24amiconnWhen starting, it always tells me "old settings file". Then I adjust the options. When leaving and restarting -> "old settings file" and default settings again.
00:52:37 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
00:55:57midkLinusN: did you come to a decision on that function?
00:56:43LinusNhaven't thought about it yet, lots of other things on my mind
00:57:28midkone thing i wanted to point out
00:57:49midkthe keys would have the sticky effect problem in rockbox + most plugins
00:58:13midki think bluechip got a way around in othelo
01:01:10 Part LinusN
01:05:28BeSi|bblyou've scared him away now
01:05:40midki hope not
01:06:58Strathkinda hard to debug the execution of acsii strings as machine code ;/
01:07:17Strath(oops) :P
01:07:34BeSi|bblorb d0,d0
01:07:50 Nick BeSi|bbl is now known as BeeSi (
01:08:28 Nick BeeSi is now known as BeSi (
01:08:36BeSican't even spell my own name!
01:09:49Strath LDW A14, @[A14 + 14]
01:10:04BeSigod that takes me back
01:10:27BeSito last week when I was 21
01:10:33 Join mecraw__ [0] (
01:11:11BeSimk: if you have your own font, I have routines that could be adapted for greyscale puts
01:11:21Strathya... but this is TCC730 code, and i'll be 27 in 15 days
01:11:35BeSiahh, but a kid still ;)
01:12:09Strathheh... yes, yes... always a kid at heart
01:12:12midkBeSi, no thanks atm
01:12:16midkno custom font yet D:
01:12:32BeSiI'm quite chuffed with my latest font :)
01:13:07Straththough i think my four year old would rather that i'd be a kid at play as well
01:14:04midkcan i see, bee see?
01:14:18BeSijust finishing a new line alg
01:15:38Straththis is such a brain fuck.... debugging an emulator running what i think is a correctly unencrypted and decompressed firmware image
01:16:07BeSii had to read that three times!!
01:16:35Strathya... and poor me... actually having to do it!
01:16:57BeSiwrite a test program
01:17:07Strathstill fun though
01:18:22 Quit edouble (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:18:26Strathnah.... i just have to debug my implementation of the opcodes, it runs for several thousand steps
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04:46:16Strathheh... realized why i kept trying to execute data.... the load address was wrong *smack*
04:46:34midkyour fault?
04:46:48 Quit arspy87 ("Leaving")
04:48:29midk*takes stone silence as "yes"
04:48:40Strathwell.... just when there are absolute addresses in the code... ya kinda have to use the right load address
04:48:58Strathyes... hence the "*smack*"
04:49:56Strathi had been getting the mnemonics written, and hadn't worried so much about the memory mapping.
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05:59:14BeSiI've just put a load of new goodies, including the new(er) Win32 Dev Kit & the source for my Starfield Mini Demo on my homepage ... ...enjoy
06:00:43midkwow nice!
06:01:53midkanimation concept for othelo
06:02:03midktwo flashes, then all pieces changed flip at once.
06:03:29midkand next turn
06:03:53BeSiyes, that's right
06:04:10BeSii dont understand the question, sorry
06:04:25midkjust an idea i mean
06:04:53BeSishould I be guessing that you just copied that from the othelo version history?
06:05:05midkno you said 2 flashes
06:05:08midki built upon it
06:05:11midkwith all flip at once
06:05:13midkdidn't i?
06:05:28midki thought i
06:05:29BeSithat is what is says in the version history
06:05:34midkit wasnt there a second ago
06:05:36midki swear
06:05:54midkdid you just add it
06:05:54BeSiwhich version of the source are yuo reading?
06:06:05midkwell its there
06:06:06midkbut it wasnt
06:06:08midkor i didnt see it
06:06:09BeSino dude - check the timestamp if you are in doubt
06:06:22BeSiit's 05:06 right now
06:06:24midkw t ffing f
06:06:56BeSiMy words are inside your head and you didn't even know - HOW good am I??
06:07:02midkyou're such a cheat bc
06:07:04midkMY IDEA
06:07:07midkidea stealer
06:07:20BeSiit was actually suggest some few days ago by D.Lichman
06:07:29midkI SUGGESTED IT
06:07:31midkjust a few minutes ago
06:07:36midkit was my brilliance not his
06:07:43BeSiindeed - that makes three of us ;)
06:07:49midkno no
06:07:53midkyou cant just steal ideas like that
06:07:56midkit doesn't work that way
06:08:45midkwhat's new in the starfield?
06:09:16midkif you had a flying through space mode the devs would jump ond it
06:09:18midkon it*
06:09:46BeSibeats the hell out them stamping on me - LOL
06:10:04midkdid i mention
06:10:11midki meant i THINK they would jump on it.
06:10:38BeSiI doubt it - to be honest, I'm surprised Othelo was not removed
06:10:54midkppl would protest
06:10:57midki should protest
06:11:11midkhmm good idea
06:11:27BeSianyway - no permanent harm done
06:12:06midkwtf was that noise
06:12:21BeSimouse farting
06:12:22midk*a few times
06:12:37midkah. yes.
06:23:53BeSitime up - byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
06:23:55 Part BeSi
06:28:58 Quit midk ("Going... BYE!")
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07:27:42[IDC]Dragonyo LinusN, already at work?
07:32:42[IDC]DragonI'd like to ask you if my change to mpeg.c is OK
07:32:54LinusNoh, yes
07:33:07[IDC]Dragon(somehow I don't feel comfortable making changes there)
07:33:10LinusNi haven't looked into it that deeply
07:33:39[IDC]DragonI now alway reset the buffers on stop, that's it
07:34:08[IDC]Dragon(and let you carry on your work, must be urgent)
07:35:30LinusNyou removed some stuff in init_recording(), any particular reason?
07:35:52 Quit Fedor (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:35:54[IDC]Dragonbecause that's already done in the stop function
07:35:58LinusNah, i see now
07:36:23LinusNlooks ok to me
07:37:07[IDC]DragonI had a lengthy IRC discussion with Jens, we trying to understand it
07:37:27[IDC]Dragon(sunday morning)
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07:40:17[IDC]Dragonthis spurious bitswap really drove me crazy, I was debugging this for like 2 days
07:40:36[IDC]Dragon(from what you can see what bad programmer I am)
07:41:19 Join silencer [0] (
07:41:23LinusNor how lousy i am, since i wrote the bitswapping code :-)
07:41:41[IDC]DragonI was always suspecting my code, and it behaved sooo erratic that I was disbelieving in causality
07:42:36LinusNso basically, the mp3 playback was stopped, but the bitswapping went on?
07:42:37[IDC]DragonLinusN: not your fault, you didn't say we can use th mp3 buffer
07:43:16[IDC]Dragonyes, when it happened it always trashed my first 0x14000 bytes
07:43:28[IDC]Dragon(dunno why)
07:52:06[IDC]Dragonthanks for your precious time, bye!
07:52:10 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
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09:22:36 Part amiconn
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09:37:06FedorLinusN: respect man!
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09:51:00FedorLinusN: i thought u r swedish ;) not spanish ;)
09:57:44LinusNok, "hejsan" then
09:58:17FedorLinusN: ;) i know only flicka ;)
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13:08:55c0uttahave you got your ears on linus ?
13:08:55 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:15:53LinusNc0utta: sort of
13:16:19c0uttai've done the f3 "hardcoded" work
13:16:33LinusNah, nice
13:16:58c0uttai also need some advice about some of the on+play code
13:18:18c0uttathere are many options with playlist, especially with queue (yes/no) and insert
13:19:25c0uttado you think that i should write individual functions for each option ? or allow them to be configured from the file ?
13:19:51LinusNthe file?
13:20:12c0uttasorry, the kayepad mapping file that i read
13:20:32LinusNbut i thought f3 was to be hardcoded?
13:20:55*LinusN tries to remember earlier conversations
13:21:00c0uttaok, assume it's hardcoded
13:22:13c0uttalook in onplay.c, function playlist_options
13:24:29LinusNi see it, now what is your question?
13:25:04c0uttathe position and queue parameters mean that there are 6 combinations, correct ?
13:29:40c0uttado you suggest create 6 different actions, or creating one action (called action_playlist_insert) and using parameters ?
13:30:04c0uttadon't forget that this may be pulled from the file (although it's hardcoded at the moment)
13:33:12LinusNhmmm, i think you should whichever is simplest
13:33:21LinusN"should do"
13:34:00c0utta6 actions mean more modularity, so i'd like to do that
13:36:37c0uttaalso, how do i do a "cvs update -dP" now that we're not using sourceforge ?
13:38:22LinusNyou need to check out again
13:38:32LinusNor change each CVS/Root file
13:39:07c0uttachange each CVS/Root file ? manually ?
13:39:23LinusNchange the host name in the Root file from to
13:39:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:39:46LinusNthat, or check out again
13:40:11c0uttachecking out will overwrite my work tho
13:40:21c0uttawon't it ?
13:40:56c0uttai'll change each CVS/Root file then
13:40:58LinusNyou can create a patch file and apply it to the newly checked out repository
13:41:32c0uttabut i need to create a patch against ?
13:41:42LinusNnot necessarily
13:41:57LinusNthere haven't been that many changes since we moved
13:42:20 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
13:42:23LinusNstill, changing the root files is probably the simplest approach
13:43:14c0uttathx linus - you busy at work huh ?
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14:11:09amiconnhi Jörg
14:11:15[IDC]DragonHi again
14:11:42[IDC]Dragongcc does not inline functions like instructed, Is there a way to force it?
14:12:23Strathmachine code by hand? :)
14:16:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: What do you want to do? Did you have a look at how this is done for set_irq_level()?
14:17:33[IDC]Dragonit's static inline there, let's see if that helps...
14:18:15[IDC]Dragonahh, yes!
14:25:47amiconnBtw: My latest grayscale framework (finally committed) contains an alignment fix now, thanks for your bug report.
14:26:31[IDC]DragonI've seen that, thanks.
14:26:50[IDC]Dragonhave to merge with my JPEG decoder
14:28:38[IDC]Dragonis there a way to find out how much memory gray_init_buffer() took?
14:30:53amiconnNo, (not yet). The return value of gray_init_buffer() is the number of bitplanes it could fit into the buffer, the maximum being the requested number (<=32).
14:31:42amiconnPerhaps I could return that in the buffer size variable. That would require to hand it over as a pointer, though.
14:32:12[IDC]Dragongood idea
14:32:37[IDC]Dragonupdate it with the remaining buffer size
14:33:29amiconnHmm. Updating it with the remaining size would imo also require to advance the buffer pointer to the start of the remaining area.
14:34:17amiconnThat would require it to be a pointer to a pointer, not very straightforward to use.
14:34:19[IDC]Dragonhmm, that's another way
14:34:50amiconnMy first thought was to return the size that was actually taken by the grayscale buffer.
14:35:13[IDC]Dragonok, however
14:35:33[IDC]DragonI just like to place my variable size stuff behind it
14:35:42[IDC]Dragonso I need to know where it ends
14:37:45amiconnYou wil be always on the safe side if you place your stuff at (gbuf + gbuf_size) since it is guaranteed that grayscale never takes more space than gbuf_size.
14:41:35[IDC]Dragonsure, but that's a value I supply
14:45:36amiconnYes, and you can supply a value that is barely enough to fit the desired grayscale buffer. The formula for calculating this is given in the framework.
14:46:46[IDC]Dragonjust copying that already...
14:46:55 Quit AciD (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:47:20 Join NibbIer [0] (
14:49:46amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Perhaps I will modify this to return the number of bytes occupied.
14:50:16amiconnI will change gray_drawbitmap() as well to use the same bitmap format as lcd_bitmap(), so one can use bmp2rb for it as well.
14:51:27amiconnNext thing is to integrate font support. This will require an api change though.
14:51:36amiconnLinusN, are you listening?
14:54:43[IDC]DragontGraymap is tGraybuf now, I guess?
14:56:33LinusNamiconn: i'm here now
14:57:09amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Yes, for quite a while, since it is not really a map, but a buffer.
14:58:08amiconnLinusN: A question - who is responsible for sorting plugin api functions?
14:58:47amiconnThere is a comment stating that this should be done when breaking compatibility next time.
14:59:10LinusNnobody is responsible
14:59:15amiconnThe api version number was incremented recently, but no sorting took place...
14:59:43amiconnAm I correct that incrementing the version number breaks compatibility?
14:59:44LinusNthe next person who makes an incompatible change to the API gets to sort the functions
15:00:29LinusNwell, you increment the version number when you make an incompatible change
15:00:29[IDC]Dragonyes, that's overdue.
15:00:42[IDC]Dragon(I didn't dare to break it)
15:01:26[IDC]Dragonbut made a big fat comment that this has to be done if bumping PLUGIN_MIN_API_VERSION
15:01:32amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Didn't you inrement the api version number?
15:01:45[IDC]Dragonyes, PLUGIN_API_VERSION
15:01:54amiconnAh ok
15:01:56[IDC]Dragonyou have to doso if adding stuff
15:02:48[IDC]Dragonbut when breaking I'd like to remave a few
15:10:16 Join Ralle[DK] [0] (~Ralle@
15:10:36Ralle[DK]hey cowboys
15:13:32 Quit Ralle[DK] (Client Quit)
15:26:12 Quit mecraw__ ("Trillian (")
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15:48:36 Part LinusN
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19:24:46 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
19:39:06 Quit limbus ()
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19:40:43 Part cjnr11
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20:34:21 Join BeSi [0] (~bluechip@
20:38:08 Join Kevin_S [0] (Kevin_S@
20:38:34Kevin_Shello ppl
20:40:19Kevin_Sanybody here />
20:48:55 Join AciD [0] (
21:09:13 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
21:13:47webmindKevin_S, ?
21:15:40 Join Hacman [0] (
21:15:50 Join Rjc1286_ [0] (
21:15:53Hacmanis there anyone here?
21:16:19Rjc1286_hey, can someone help me with cygwin
21:16:55HacmanHello all - i own a jukebox recorder 20 V2 (modified FM version) and need a copy of the pinouts for the USB port - any ideas?
21:17:43BeSistandard usb port
21:18:24Hacmanyea, but i need to know which ones are used to charge the battery from the usb port, and what voltage they use, as my charger is bust
21:19:01 Quit Hacman (Client Quit)
21:19:11 Join Hacman [0] (
21:19:15 Part Rjc1286_
21:19:23Hacmanso anyone got any ideas?
21:20:25Hacmanhas anyone got any ideas regarding the pinouts of the jukebox recorder v2?
21:20:45DBUGEnqueued KICK Hacman
21:21:33Hacmanany ideas?
21:22:15 Quit Hacman (Client Quit)
21:38:16 Join Rjc1286_ [0] (
21:38:24 Part Rjc1286_
21:39:01 Join george_4_man [0] (
21:39:25george_4_manis there anyone who can assist me with cygwin?
21:41:20BeSiim busy, but maybe
21:42:02george_4_mani'm trying to compile, but it says i don't have sh-elf-gcc
21:42:05george_4_manwhere can i get that?
21:47:41 Join jakesir [0] (
21:49:30 Part george_4_man
21:51:57 Join mattzz [0] (
22:11:29 Join amiconn_ [0] (
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22:17:33 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
22:18:20 Join mike18 [0] (
22:19:55mike18ok im making playlists
22:19:59mike18and when i load them in rockbox
22:20:05mike18it just says "end of song file"
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22:36:15 Join Bagder [0] (
22:45:15 Quit Kevin_S ()
23:15:52 Quit mattzz ("Client exiting")
23:16:43jakesiranyone know where i can get uart_boot program to read and write the flash??
23:21:23Bagderask Jörg ;-)
23:22:52jakesirhe ain't here
23:24:14Bagderright, but he's the main flashing magician
23:26:49jakesirthat i know, he told me to build me level converter and do serial modification on my v2, I'm all done with my homework and ready to rock, again
23:27:33jakesiri'm gonna leave message for him
23:28:32jakesirthis link doesn't work
23:44:57 Join friday101 [0] (
23:45:55friday101anybody here an actual programmer for rockbox?
23:47:22BeSiHey Mr B the typo deliberate?? ....LOL
23:47:55 Nick BeSi is now known as bluEchiP (~bluechip@
23:51:33 Join arspy87 [0] (
23:54:12 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")

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