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#rockbox log for 2004-05-13

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00:04:06bluEchiPi'm confused (but then I *am blonde) ....someone (dont recall who) said the SH1 had only Shift Left/Right by ONE ...a quick flick through the manual leads me to deduce that this is inaccurate
00:05:23[IDC]Dragonit doesn't have shift by n, that's the problem
00:05:37[IDC]Dragon(making JPEG slow)
00:05:38bluEchiPwhat is SHLLn then?
00:05:57[IDC]Dragonto the right, then?
00:06:15[IDC]Dragonhang on
00:06:21bluEchiPpage 88
00:06:37amiconnFor SHLLn / SHLRn, n is a constant, and can only be 2, 8, or 16
00:06:45bluEchiPyou sure?
00:07:32bluEchiPhave you tried the other opcodes?
00:08:30amiconnSee pages 222 and 225 of the programming manual for a detailed description
00:09:00bluEchiPright there
00:09:18bluEchiPSHLL2 R Rn << 2 ® Rn 0100nnnn000010001
00:09:32bluEchiPwhat happens if you use a.n.other value?
00:10:00bluEchiPoh! dumb ass me
00:10:07bluEchiPnnnn is the bllomin register, not the shift!
00:10:51bluEchiPhas anyone checked for undocced instructions
00:12:39amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Why would "shift by n" help the jpeg?
00:14:28[IDC]Dragonbecause of shifting the bits out for huffman bit source, and scaling power-of-two
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00:15:48amiconnAh ok.
00:19:26 Part NukNuk
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00:20:50amiconnConversion of gray_drawbitmap() to use rockbox bitmap format done. Still have to write a description of that format that really makes sense.
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00:25:38lImbusmidk: I read information on your keyboard makeover patch. Is there a numeric-only keyboard planned ? Would be nice for applications like calculator and so on.
00:29:11midkhi midk
00:29:20lImbusäh ?
00:29:25midki mean
00:29:27midkhi lImbus
00:29:36lImbusgood evening midknight
00:29:47midkthere's a calculator patch... although a numeric keypad is a good idea
00:29:56Strathsample output from gmemu:
00:30:31lImbusyeah, I saw the calc, the solution is nice, but I thought about something like rb->kbd_numinput()
00:30:58midkyeah the only problem with that is we'd have a fixed layout really
00:31:27Strath(and the current bug...)
00:31:55lImbusthat's ok, I imagine a keyboard with a numpad, some stuff like .-/+*#%& that would suit to type in stuff with mainly numbers
00:32:18midkdid you try the shift key
00:32:27midkthere's different modes if you didn't see
00:32:32midki should revive that patch...
00:33:23lImbuserr, I didn't try shift on your patch as I had probs applying it on my cvs-version
00:34:02lImbusi fiddled around a bit, and now nothing is matching anymore
00:34:08midkok, tell you what
00:34:16midki think i'll revive that today possibly or friday
00:34:42lImbuswoha. will it stay a patch, or will it find a way to the cvs ?
00:35:12midka patch at least first off
00:35:18midkit may make it to cvs eventually
00:35:49 Join wake [0] (~wake@
00:36:35lImbusI don't really understand why some good stuff is not going to cvs. best example is that calc-plugin what just runs nice, can't break up something else, is not tampering around in other files, ...
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00:37:37midkjust waiting till the creator really says he's done with it
00:38:02 Join scott666 [0] (
00:38:59lImbusoh, of course, because heself would not be able to commit into cvs.
00:39:10lImbusnot nice either
00:39:23midkwell if anybody could commit then they could mess up rockbox
00:39:30midkthere's a reason that most can't
00:39:37midkthe devs decide if they like something
00:39:41top_blokeman this calulator is pimp
00:39:45lImbusof course.
00:40:02midkwow it works
00:40:12top_blokedamn even does sqrt
00:40:19top_blokeand decimals
00:40:31top_blokelol - says bye now when u quit
00:41:06top_blokeu notice
00:41:11midkyeah duh.
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00:51:45bluEchiPdid the calc acquire the codic trig functions?
00:52:15Strathyay... stack bug corrected
00:52:56top_blokei dont see any trig funcs
00:53:11bluEchiPis the guy who wrote it here?
00:53:36top_blokeSubmitted By:
00:53:36top_blokeIsaac - lefthands
00:53:44top_blokei dont think so
00:53:53bluEchiPAfter i gave him the sqrt() fn, he asked about trig - wondered if he had got codic trig to work
00:54:31top_blokeit says Add sin, cos function, delete "Del","CE" button
00:54:47bluEchiPaha, still to be done :)
00:55:01amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Do you know who "invented" the internal rockbox bitmap format in the first place?
00:55:41amiconnI now have some suspicions why lcd_bitmap doesn't work for heights > 8.
00:56:28bluEchiPdouble cordicTable[51][2]= {
00:56:30amiconnThis does really have to do with that weird format. Perhaps even the original inventor didn't get it 100%
00:56:34bluEchiPlooks like it is on the way :)
00:57:17[IDC]Dragonamiconn: probably it represents the LCD memory layout?
00:57:56[IDC]Dragonlcd_bitmap still doesn't work?
00:58:17[IDC]DragonI never cared, just heared rumours that it's fixed.
00:58:28amiconnYes it does (now), but it is described wrong. lcd_bitmap() uses the wrong description for reading the source, but the right layout to write to the destination.
00:58:31[IDC]DragonIs font rendering not done with that
00:59:45amiconn("It does" means representing the framebuffer layout)
01:01:21amiconnNext thing I will have to do is looking at the font code, especially how font heights > 8 are handled there.
01:01:53[IDC]Dragonyeah, maybe there's something fishy.
01:02:20amiconnMaybe that the odd behaviour of lcd_bitmap() is accounted for in the font code, adding some more odd-looking code.
01:03:09[IDC]Dragonanyway, JPEG committed, I'm off for bed.
01:03:17amiconnIt is definitely impossible to show the Rockbox logo (at boot / in info menu) in one chunk with the current lcd_bitmap()
01:03:39amiconnI've committed my grayscale update as well.
01:04:23[IDC]Dragonseen that, my code now has to stick with the old one.
01:05:04[IDC]Dragonat what time is the daily bild made?
01:06:01amiconnYou didn't take out a single function of my framework
01:06:06[IDC]DragonI hope it's in tomorrow
01:06:12[IDC]Dragonno, as I said
01:06:13amiconnDo you really use all the functions?
01:06:20[IDC]Dragonnot at all
01:07:00[IDC]DragonI can still thin it out later
01:07:53amiconnI'm asking because you said that you are tight on code space...
01:08:18 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:12:38amiconnI'm off now
01:12:46bluEchiPnite ami
01:12:57amiconnnite all
01:13:01 Part amiconn
01:15:41[IDC]Dragonnite world
01:15:48lImbusjust playing around with jpeg.rock, just awesome
01:15:51bluEchiPnite dude
01:15:52lImbusgoote nite then
01:15:55 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:16:24top_blokeJPEG.rock is out?
01:16:40lImbusyup, see cvs
01:16:54top_blokei see
01:17:01top_blokesweet gotta get it
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01:18:29*lImbus is currently reediting some nice pics of his car
01:21:43*bluEchiP is currently feeling mind-numbingly chuffed with his hyper-fast random number algorithm :)
01:21:55elinenbebluEchiP: what are you working on?
01:22:03 Quit AciD (Remote closed the connection)
01:22:23elinenbebluEchiP: can I get a copy of your solitaire game...
01:22:26bluEchiPaesthetically, my demo ...more to the point, it is a demo of a new set of high speed functions for games
01:24:06bluEchiPyes, it's all on my homepage :)
01:24:12elinenbebluEchiP: what is that?
01:25:42top_blokeu need Font9x9.h to make starfield?
01:26:10bluEchiPthe source will be updated in the next 20 mins
01:26:41top_blokewith what
01:26:50bluEchiPfaster better tighter code :)
01:30:39lImbuswho else is currently thinking a screensaver-plugin would be sweet ?
01:30:53lImbusI imagine a plugin that is activated 20 seconds after last keypress, showing the name of the current track in the biggest possible font
01:30:53bluEchiPgo4it :)
01:31:22lImbusI think I am able to write the plugin, but not the process spawning it.
01:31:32top_blokegood idea
01:31:46bluEchiPlook at how the backlight switches off ;)
01:32:19lImbusok, that's a good point, but still needs changes on core code
01:32:33bluEchiPi nkow what you mean
01:32:41top_blokebah i got tons of errors
01:32:43top_blokeStarfield.c: In function `bc_line':
01:32:43top_blokeStarfield.c:316: parse error before '||' token
01:33:05top_blokenm i'll get the rock
01:33:12bluEchiPthe rock is way out of date
01:33:27top_blokewell then whats with all the errors
01:33:40bluEchiPtoo busy chatting to fix them :(
01:34:05top_blokei'll get the out of date rock
01:36:44top_blokeits my fault since jpeg gives errors too
01:37:11bluEchiPi was surprised i put up untested code - but this is my current project
01:38:05top_blokei think my build is too old
01:38:17bluEchiPim using april 12 irrc
01:38:22elinenbebluEchiP: is the demo on your homepage too?
01:38:38bluEchiPit will be in a few minutes
01:38:42top_blokeyeah well im using march 12
01:38:58top_blokeand today is May 12
01:43:16elinenbebluEchiP: what is the audio 3587?
01:43:38lImbusisn't that another chip ?
01:43:54bluEchiPthats the audio chip in the recorders
01:45:30lImbuswhat DOES the patch you posted ?
01:45:57bluEchiPcontrols the audio features of the 3587
01:46:44lImbusahh, well, should've guessed.
01:47:11lImbusbluEchiP: err, something completely different: whut's that screensavers_menu.c i've got here in ~/apps/ ?
01:47:17lImbusit's empty ...
01:47:39 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
01:48:10bluEchiPno idea, sorry
01:49:06lImbusmhmm. seems to me somebody else (with cvs-permissions) thought some of my ideas before.
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01:51:32elinenbebluEchiP: nice klondike −− you should use the grayscale routines though!
01:51:50elinenbethey are part of the plugin interface now though...
01:52:04bluEchiPyeah - got promised help from three people with Klondike
01:52:15bluEchiPscott came through with three lines of code :)
01:56:12scott666but those three lines are AWESOME
01:56:28bluEchiPhey there dude - LOL - how's it hangin' :)
01:57:26bluEchiPI might even highlight them next time i'm in the code - just cos I think stuff like that is funny
01:58:06bluEchiPalready done it :)
01:58:27bluEchiPnot the specific lines of code, but the sections you helped wth
02:22:54lImbuscan somebody confirm that the numerical battery info is broken ? works only in graphical mode on my machine
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02:42:27 Quit lImbus (" HydraIRC -> <- Chicks dig it")
02:46:10bluEchiPhey top_bloke, you still there?
02:47:47scott666apparently not
02:47:59bluEchiPbeat me to it :P
02:49:31*scott666 wonders how this can be legal...
02:49:50bluEchiPwho's legal system governs it?
02:50:10scott666if you have a cd they want, you can rip it and upload it to them, and theyll add 2x teh file size worth of downloads to your account
02:50:24bluEchiPremember socialism is all about sharing amongst the people
02:50:25scott666in soviet russia mp3 downloads you
02:51:13scott666so im uploading 3 cds and getting like 750MB of free downloads
02:51:28bluEchiPyou ARE or you COULD?
02:51:45scott666im on the third one
02:51:46bluEchiPtop class
02:51:58scott666the list of CDs they want is pretty small
02:52:27bluEchiPerrrrr, that link is all in russian
02:52:40scott666look at the top left corner
02:52:47scott666should be an 'english' link
02:53:03scott666apparently language settings are in the cookie
02:54:08 Join midk [0] (
02:54:21bluEchiPdont store any cookes on my machine :)
02:54:39top_blokehey im here now
02:54:51bluEchiPnew starfield stuff is up
02:55:06top_blokenow will it compile
02:55:18bluEchiPon my machine or yours?
02:55:34top_blokegood question
02:56:02top_blokemid u back?
02:56:13zemidk: it's pronounced like too-shay
02:56:13top_blokewell obviously
02:56:15midkno i'm a midbot
02:56:18bluEchiPno killin' some people
02:56:29zemidk: like in fencing or whatever
02:56:34midk*pokes ze
02:56:54zei need vision therapy
02:57:03top_blokei need all those bc_things?
02:57:05midk*pokes ze's face off
02:57:22bluEchiPooohhh, someone found the alt-gr key - lol
02:57:57zei don't even have support for viewing that charset properly in irc as it is
02:58:12zeso that accented e or whatever thing looks like an O with a horizonal line through it sorta
02:58:31midkcan i plug my ac adaptor into your surge protector?
02:58:46zemidk: sicko
02:58:58bluEchiPze: called "theta"
02:59:01scott666 /
02:59:01scott666 e
02:59:24zebluEchiP: yeah? in which language?
02:59:37bluEchiPgreek, makes the sound "thu"
02:59:56zeoh the symbol i was talking about, i see
03:00:07scott666yeah, that
03:00:20scott666stupid theta...
03:00:27zewellnow that looks, to me, like a vertical line with a double-horizontal line going through it
03:00:38bluEchiPthat's not a theta
03:00:45top_blokeyou need glasses
03:00:57bluEchiPtheta is O with a HORIZONTAL line through it
03:00:59zeno it's just as i was saying, my charset isn't set to match
03:01:10bluEchiPsorry, AN horizontal line
03:01:13scott666the lines diagonal to me
03:01:28bluEchiPthat's cos it's not a theta - lol
03:01:30zethe accented e shows up to me as a theta, while the theta shows up as the verticle line with a = through it
03:01:32top_blokei thought it was A horizontal ???
03:02:05bluEchiPno "HO..." is prefixed "an" and technically you should not pronounce the H
03:02:27top_blokebut u do say the H in horizontal right
03:02:35midki pronounce the H
03:02:41midkam i weird
03:02:41zewhat about wh?
03:02:50zedo brits confuse whores with ores?
03:02:54bluEchiPmk: yeah, but you use "infer" when you mean "imply" - lol
03:02:55top_blokeah that was a theta i think
03:03:03midkinfer is the same
03:03:09bluEchiPno in English
03:03:13top_blokecan anyone see it
03:03:15midkdid you get that definition?
03:03:19midksorry i don't talk bc's way
03:03:36zearen't like infer and imply the opposite ends of the same thing?
03:03:44zelike you can infer what somebody implied
03:03:47bluEchiPnot in American
03:03:50midkin the dictionary it also says infer is to imply
03:04:08top_blokei still get errors
03:04:11scott666but is to imply to infer?
03:04:13top_blokedifferent ones this time
03:04:16bluEchiPimply=suggest, infer=deduce
03:04:25zebluEchiP: yeah
03:04:27midkinfer ALSO = suggest
03:04:35bluEchiPonly in US
03:04:41scott666midk = wrong
03:04:42zei've never seen infer used in that sense
03:04:43zenot even in the US
03:04:52midkscott check out
03:04:54zeinferring is something done in interpretation
03:05:10bluEchiPmk will say" in a moment...
03:05:21bluEchiPoop - beaten to it
03:05:23midkhee hee i am so rotflmaoacs
03:05:32top_blokebest dictionary is at
03:05:37scott666 sucks
03:05:39midkin·fer ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-fûr)
03:05:40midkv. in·ferred, in·fer·ring, in·fers
03:05:40midkv. tr.
03:05:40DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
03:05:40midk 1. To conclude from evidence or premises.
03:05:40midk 2. To reason from circumstance; surmise: We can infer that his motive in publishing the diary was less than honorable.
03:05:41***Alert Mode level 1
03:05:41midk 3. To lead to as a consequence or conclusion: “Socrates argued that a statue inferred the existence of a sculptor” (Academy).
03:05:44midk 4. To hint; imply.
03:05:50zeyeah i like which is also accessable btw as (iirc)
03:05:53midktops its just that google links to
03:06:09top_blokeo i c
03:06:12midkcheck m-w too then
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03:06:21*scott666 has in his firefox search bar
03:06:32*ze has both
03:06:51zeand also them all in a right-click query to... menu
03:06:54midk4 : SUGGEST, HINT <are you inferring I'm incompetent?>
03:07:01bluEchiPanyone got a password for
03:08:03zealong with a handful of cambridge dictionaries, ebay, the various other googles, imdb, wikipedia, sourceforge, freshmeat, etymology dictionary, and amazon
03:09:15scott666oh no, midk was right about something
03:09:35scott666...shouldnt the world have exploded by now?
03:09:38midkscott: ?
03:09:40bluEchiPhad to happen eventually
03:09:51bluEchiPno, i have a paper bag over my head
03:09:57bluEchiP(and trust me, i need it)
03:10:11scott666damn slow-burning DVDs
03:10:13 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|home@
03:10:14zeyou know the old thing about the infinite monkeys at typewriters
03:10:15midk*bc deduces that bc is ugly
03:10:25bluEchiPze: yes
03:10:32top_blokeu mean u INFER he's ugly
03:10:39scott666damn, beat me to it
03:10:41zeactually you know if you consider an infinite chaos, our whole universe as we know it would be found in some section of it
03:11:06zealong with every other finite and infinite ordering
03:11:17zeand every other universe that can be concieved of
03:11:23bluEchiPthe monkey thing is a lot deeper than that, especially when misquoted along with evolutionary theory
03:11:30scott666i want to tell a 6yo to draw 'infinite chaos'
03:11:35scott666i think the results would be hilarious
03:11:46bluEchiPyeah - makes me think of earlier, when my random number generator was just not random enough - lol
03:12:01bluEchiPI want a very specific pattern in my random numbers
03:12:12midkbc is such a... a... brainwasher
03:12:47bluEchiPthik yourself lucky, it works better and easier on smart people
03:12:48scott666how could that be? he has such a dirty mind...
03:12:50zei dunno why people think there's something wrong with having evolved from apes
03:12:59zei mean i don't see anybody turning their nose up at rags-to-riches stories
03:13:14bluEchiPgo go mokey boy
03:13:24zeyou'd think we'd be proud of having advanced from humble origins like that
03:13:28scott666ze: buts its perfectly ok for us to all be inbred (adam&eve)
03:13:47 Part midk
03:13:55bluEchiPadam had two sons left the garden of eden to find a wife
03:14:10bluEchiPhepl me out here :)
03:14:27scott666did he find one? i thought adam and eve were the only 2
03:14:29zescott666: well actually i read something recently that said upon closer examination, inbreeding isn't necessarily a bad thing.. that the mutations that occur were traditionaly exagerated and generally contribute positively to genetic diversity (and may indeed be a mechanism specifically for that purpose)
03:15:10bluEchiPbut inbreeding ONLY would be fatal
03:15:39scott666well and didnt eve come from one of his ribs?
03:15:42***Alert Mode OFF
03:15:53scott666thats like cloning and only chagning a Y to an X
03:16:00zewell there wouldn't be inbreeding "ONLY" because the increased incidence of genetic mutations sorta disrelate the people don't they? heh
03:16:27bluEchiPwe need another Noah incident so we can test the theory
03:16:54zewell, we got 8 years to set it up so we can actually observe what happens and not just die with everyone else
03:16:55scott666yeah thats a good point, wed all have to come from noah and his wife, not adam and eve
03:17:31zenoah and his wife would have to have come from adam and eve
03:17:38zeso it's not one or the other
03:17:42bluEchiPNoah got to take his sons
03:17:42bluEchiP...anyone say Oedipus complex?
03:18:07*scott666 just read that in english
03:18:26bluEchiPdownload the tom lehrer track oedipus rex
03:18:35zedinner's ready, bbl
03:19:23top_blokeoedipus the king?
03:19:47top_blokei just read that too
03:20:07bluEchiPthe greek guy who bonked his mum
03:20:28scott666i have a test on that tomorrow...
03:20:40top_blokehe didnt know it was his mum
03:20:46bluEchiPlisten to the tom lehrer sng before tomorrow
03:20:50top_blokego to
03:20:56scott666yeah, neither did she
03:21:02scott666we read most of it in class
03:21:31bluEchiP"and when found out what he'd done, he plucked his eyes out one-by-one"
03:22:33scott666i thought it was most like stabbing himself in the face
03:22:49 Join damaja [0] (
03:22:58top_blokeit was his wife(moms) brooch i think
03:23:17scott666he grabbed it off her after they found out hse hung herself
03:23:25damajado any of you own a AV300?
03:23:46top_blokemid has an AVsomething
03:24:01bluEchiPmidk disappeared
03:24:08scott666dogger has one of the AVs
03:24:08bluEchiPtry the #avos group?
03:24:52scott666right, dogger started AVos
03:35:09 Join midk [0] (
03:35:12 Part midk
03:37:13bluEchiPoi scott, did you just pass wind?
03:47:11top_blokeanyone get the JPEG to wrok?
03:48:38scott666i havnt tried it yet, im just gonna wait for tomorrows daily build
03:48:50top_blokeits out on bleeding edge
03:48:59top_blokebut i just get a black screen
03:49:07scott666yeah. im waiting for the scabby edge
03:49:16scott666after the blood kinda heals over
03:49:25top_blokethats rich
03:57:20 Quit wake ("leaving")
04:00:56 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:42:51 Quit damaja ()
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05:37:41 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
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05:48:49 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
06:06:11 Join midk [0] (
06:06:50midkhey bc can i shove my toothpick into your receptacle?
06:08:01midkcan i release a load of my piranhas into your vast ocean of shit?
06:08:22midkcareful, they bite
06:08:52webmindpiranhas don't bite people.. they're teetgh arent big enough...
06:08:56webmindjust a myth
06:09:36zedo they have smaller teeth than spiders? spiders bite people... :p
06:09:46midkyes, much smaller
06:09:48midkbut there are thousands
06:11:15midkze i can't restrain much longer
06:11:22midkare you prepared to succeed to bc?
06:11:29midkassuming he doesn't make it in time
06:11:59midkwill you take bc's position
06:12:08midkif he doesn't return before i must release them?
06:12:22zei don't want your toothpick if thats what you mean
06:12:42midki think you want my load of piranhas
06:12:54midkcan i overload your cpu causing you to force eject all data contained within?
06:13:26zethere's not much data in a cpu
06:13:35midki didnt say from your cpu
06:13:37zeand whats this about ejection
06:13:39midki meant from inside you
06:13:46midkexiting its house
06:14:02zei don't tend to exit my house
06:14:06midkno no no
06:14:10midksomething exiting you
06:14:19midkdon't worry, you'll like it
06:14:49midkok well bc isnt around
06:14:56midki guess he and his paper bag mask miss out
06:15:06midki want to release another load onto that bag of his
06:15:10midkbut i shall do so later.
06:24:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:36:40 Join Sonick [0] (
06:37:12SonickHi, quick question: I read on a site that w/ rockbox, you can hookup the Recorder v2 to the TV and watch videos, this true:
06:37:54Sonickokay, it can only play those rockbox formatted files in the little LCD right?
06:38:29Sonickokay thanks
06:38:32 Quit Sonick (Client Quit)
06:42:30webmindwell, you could hook it up to the tv...
06:42:41midknice try webmnd
06:42:44midkbut hes gone
06:42:46midkand no you cant
06:42:47midkso yah
06:42:48webmindi know
06:42:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
06:43:08webmindyes you can.. if you build a emulator for the screen and output it to the tv
06:43:37webmindyou'll probably end up with something more powerfull then the recorder.. but ey
06:44:13midkyou can't
06:44:19midkhow would you send it to the tv?
06:44:46webmindwell a random computer could do it with tv out
06:44:59webmindbut you need to emulate/fake the display
06:45:11webmindit's technically possible.. but kinda useles
06:45:12midkwe have no tv out just btw :)
06:45:39webmindi meant to replace the current lcd screen
06:46:09midkstill no tv out.
06:46:26webmindyou'll me making the tv out
06:46:51webmindin a very sick sick way
06:46:56scott666you could make an rvf player
06:47:09webmindrvf ?
06:47:13scott666and scale your tv to 112x64
06:47:42webminduhm yeah
06:47:49midkok scott
06:47:51midksince you WHINE
06:47:55webmindanyway.. it's possible
06:47:58scott666in soviet russia, mp3 downloads you
06:48:04 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
06:48:18 Part bluEchiP
07:16:04 Join AciD [0] (
07:16:04 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
07:17:52 Join LinusN [200] (
07:19:22dwihno\o/ Linus
07:19:34midkhi linusn
07:43:10 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Oral sex makes your day")
07:44:30midksorta off topic.
07:46:35midkbreakout timeline: -friday = finish font, few bugfixes | -sunday: finish prefs screen and gray shade selector | -tuesday: collision detection | -wednesday: testing & bugfixes if any / any last minute features | -wed night or thurs: RELEASE
08:06:42 Join lImbus [0] (
08:13:58midknite all
08:14:03 Quit midk ()
08:24:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:53:56 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:55:33 Join magrosseteub [0] (Phil@
08:55:50magrosseteubhi !
08:56:11 Nick magrosseteub is now known as Ph1l (Phil@
08:56:33Ph1lI discovered Rockbox 3 days ago
08:56:40Ph1land it rocks
08:56:54lImbusof course it does ;-)
08:57:10lImbuswhat kind of device do you use ?
08:57:27Ph1lAJB 20 Player
08:58:05Ph1lno Studio
08:58:27Ph1lwith initial firmware 5.03 and RB 2.2
08:58:36lImbusok, then you must stil be missing a lot of features. I've never seen a player, but many parts of code that do not work for "players" (player + studio are referred as "players")
08:58:46Ph1lI'm somewhat afraid of flashing the firmware with RB
08:59:12lImbuserr ? somebody told me yesterday it won't work with studios ?
08:59:27Ph1lso I'm happy i did not try :)
08:59:48Ph1lI have a problem though
09:00:24lImbusaha ? may I help ?
09:00:25Ph1lMy AJB USB link does not work with my A7N8X
09:00:34Ph1lit works on W98
09:00:40Ph1lon an old XP box
09:01:00Ph1lbut it just hangs my A7N8X w/ XP
09:01:08lImbusA7... that's the mainboard ?
09:01:12Ph1lI know it's a known problem
09:01:17Ph1lyep, it's the mobo
09:01:38Ph1lI have gotten in touch with the French support team
09:01:45Ph1lbut they did not help alot
09:01:55Ph1lthey told me to update my drivers...
09:02:02Ph1lto change OS to W2K
09:02:10Ph1lbut still, it hangs
09:02:28Ph1lat best, it will detect the USB disk (FUJITSU)
09:02:33lImbusok. I remember having broken my fingers on a mates computer (it was something AMD K6-500) then I read that it is impossible to get it running. even with an external (== pci) usb card. that was 2in2k
09:02:46Ph1lbut won't be able to read ANY partition (or file) on it
09:03:01lImbusI am afraid I can't help you here
09:04:11lImbusabout flashing, see here:
09:04:45lImbus4. Requirements "You need two things: The first is a Recorder, FM Recorder or Recorder V2 model."
09:05:23lImbuswhat a bummer you fail on the first "thing"
09:06:03Ph1li have read it quickly. Maybe i got confused by "The technology works for the Player models, too"
09:06:42lImbus"Players can also be flashed, but Rockbox does not run cold-started on those, yet."
09:06:52lImbusmhmm. gotta ask IDC whut that means
09:07:24lImbusI would say "hand#s off" as
09:08:02Ph1larl means ?
09:08:04lImbus* as long as there are no packages for players such studio. probably [IDC]Dragon is / was still working on that.
09:09:02lImbusabout arl: sorry, sometimes I am killing myself by sending msgs prematurely, such as the message BEFORE 'arl'
09:11:04Ph1li think I have read some guy has begun writing a home made USB driver (I hope for 2K/XP) but I can't find where I read that
09:11:18Ph1lsomething like snooby
09:12:00Ph1lIt's directory snoop
09:12:03Ph1lI got it
09:12:48lImbusah bon ? show me. so you think another TTP-Driver will fix that ?
09:20:20Ph1li just went on the side. It's not what I thought
09:20:48Ph1lIt's a low level disk explorer
09:21:29lImbusuhh. I found a driver for linux, if that suits you:
09:21:47Ph1ldoes not work any better
09:21:53Ph1li have already tried it
09:22:00Ph1lmy gf is not a linux fan though
09:22:29lImbuswhoa. then I might pretend you#ve got a hardware problem like I had on my mates machine
09:22:33Ph1lwhere are you located ?
09:23:06lImbusbelgium, east belgium, german speaking region, next to Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle)
09:23:07Ph1lthere is a known incompatibility/problem with A7N8X & AJB 20 Studio
09:23:22lImbusbut everyone speak french too ok course
09:23:23LinusNlImbus: rockbox doesn't work in a flashed player (yet)
09:23:34Ph1lhi LinusN
09:23:43LinusNthe lcd initialization is not complete
09:23:51lImbusthanks Linus, that's what I understood. including the 'yet' ;-)
09:24:04lImbusand good morning of course
09:24:53lImbusLinusN: Have you noticed there are concurrent comments in powermgmt.c concerning the charging_state ?
09:25:17lImbussome say charging_state = 2 /* top-off */ some say /* trickle */
09:25:52Ph1land it still compiles ?
09:26:22lImbusof course, gcc doesn't do semyntic checks on comments
09:26:48Ph1llImbus : about Directory Snoop :Directory Snoop is a cluster-level search tool that allows Windows ¦
09:26:48Ph1l ¦ users to snoop through their FAT and NTFS formatted disk drives to ¦
09:26:48Ph1l ¦ see what data may be hiding in the cracks. Use Directory Snoop to ¦
09:26:48DBUGEnqueued KICK Ph1l
09:26:48Ph1l ¦ recover deleted files you thought you would never see again or ¦
09:26:49Ph1l ¦ permanently erase sensitive files so that no one will know they ever ¦
09:26:49***Alert Mode level 1
09:26:49Ph1l ¦ existed. Supported media include local hard drives, floppy disks, ¦
09:26:51Ph1l ¦ Zip disks, MO disks, and flashcard devices.
09:27:07lImbusyeah, saw that, thanks. may be useful
09:27:12LinusNlImbus: yeah, the charge states are different on liion models by mistake
09:28:02Ph1lHow is the project documented ?
09:28:04lImbusaha.. btw: its charge_state, not "charging_state" as stated above, just or Ctrl-F
09:28:21LinusNi know
09:28:25Ph1lbecause I would like to contribute if i can
09:28:28CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:28:28*LinusN goes to a meeting
09:29:08Ph1lmaybe I need more time to get into the philosophy of the project
09:31:00lImbusPh1|: I'm doing same. I am currently digging through the to understand the stuff (thread concept, queues, ...) and doing small modifications for my own. then, once a day, when I am cool, a patch of mine will go to the cvs *dream*
09:31:41Ph1lI fact i dunno what is... needed
09:31:59Ph1lmaybe I should begin with games/ .rock files
09:32:12lImbuslike I did some weeks befor e;-)
09:33:03Ph1lthe review of my mobo (and the known incompatibility) is there :
09:33:12Ph1lgot to go for now
09:33:21lImbusget the SDK, or toolchain as some call it. (it's a small gcc within cygwin), cvs update every day, have a look at the changes people are doing, study .rocks and so on.
09:33:26lImbuswell then, have a nice day
09:33:36*Ph1l has to work sometimes :/
09:33:59Ph1lsee you later
09:36:50***Alert Mode OFF
10:09:58 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:15:55 Quit Ph1l (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
10:24:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:48:45lImbusoff for small travel
10:48:52 Quit lImbus (" Like's GUI? Then try HydraIRC -> <-")
11:05:15 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
11:35:07 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:35:17 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
11:37:05 Join amiconn [0] (
11:43:57 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:54:08 Join Ph1l [0] (
12:06:27 Join limbus [0] (
12:17:22 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:23:36 Join pfavr [0] (
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12:58:46amiconnLinusN, are you around?
13:03:56limbusphew, poor guy. he went to a meeting at 9h30
13:07:18 Quit Ph1l (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:19:16LinusNamiconn: i'm here
13:20:26 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
13:21:36amiconnHi Jörg
13:22:06[IDC]DragonHi Jens
13:22:21amiconnLinusN: While modifying grayscale to support the rockbox bitmap format, I finally found the reason why lcd_bitmap() doesn't work for height > 8
13:22:55LinusNit doesn't?
13:23:12LinusNi thought it was >16
13:23:22LinusNhow does large fonts work then?
13:23:32amiconnjust a moment.
13:23:48amiconn(1) see comment and loop in main_menu.c:
13:23:50amiconnso we "stripe" the logo output */
13:24:03amiconnOops, first part missing.
13:24:11amiconnthe bitmap function doesn't work with full-height bitmaps
13:24:12amiconnso we "stripe" the logo output
13:24:20amiconnthe bitmap function doesn't work with full-height bitmaps
13:24:20amiconnso we "stripe" the logo output
13:24:55amiconnThe problem is that lcd_bitmap() expects the format as described in lcd-recorder.c:
13:25:03LinusNyes, but it could just as well been 16 afaik
13:25:30amiconnNo, I checked that, it is 8
13:25:56amiconnBits in a byte arranged vertically, lsb at top; bytes in column-major order.
13:26:19amiconnThis is also what is generated by the font routines, so it works for large fonts.
13:27:11amiconn*but* the output of bmp2rb consists of bytes in row-major order, so it doesn't work with that if the number of rows is > 1
13:27:25amiconnWe now have two options:
13:43:33amiconn(1) Stick with the format as described in lcd-recorder.c
13:43:34amiconnThis would require a rewrite of bmp2rb.c to correctly generate that format.
13:43:34amiconnIt would also require to replace *all* logos in the source (both core and plugins) to be re-generated
13:43:34LinusNnot a problem imho
13:43:34DBUGEnqueued KICK amiconn
13:43:34amiconn(2) Switch the format to use the bytes in row-major order, as generated by bmp2rb
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonwe should do whatever is more "naturally" to the display code
13:43:34amiconnThis would require a rewrite of lcd_bitmap() to support that format, and adapt rotate_font_bits() to generate the new format as well.
13:43:34[IDC]DragonI think 1) is better
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 1
13:43:34amiconnNo correction of any logo is required for that. Striping will still work, but could be thrown out one by one.
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonif you shift the bits to a new y position, you can continue with the next byte
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 2
13:43:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: This is also possible with option (2), only the pointer arithmetics are different.
13:43:34DBUGEnqueued KICK [IDC]Dragon
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonwith 1) you can complete a column more naturally, I think
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 3
13:43:34amiconnImo option (2) is better, since that format is the same as now used by the framebuffer (after the flip some time ago)
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonif you display on y mod 8 boundaries, yes
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 4
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonbut if not, the access is more difficult
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 5
13:43:34amiconnImo the difference is neglectible: You only have to use src += LCD_WIDTH instead of src++
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 6
13:43:34amiconnLinusN: I would vote for option (2) but would know your opinion before changing the core behaviour
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 7
13:43:34amiconn*like to know
13:43:34LinusNi trust your judgement, do whichever you feel is best
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 8
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonfor 2) the increment would depend on the source width, not the LCD
13:43:34LinusNin fact, option 2) may be easier, because we won't have to hunt down the original bitmaps for the logos :-)
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 9
13:43:34[IDC]Dragondestination is LCD
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 10
13:43:34amiconn[IDC]Dragon: oops, of course
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 11
13:43:34amiconnLinusN: If you would still prefer option (1), I could try to transpose the arrays without using the original bitmap
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 12
13:43:34amiconnBut option (2) means less work, yes.
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 13
13:43:34[IDC]DragonAgain, I prefer 1), I think the addressing would be better
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 14
13:43:34[IDC]Dragonyou definitely want to walk the colums first, to recycle the shift residue
13:43:34***Alert Mode level 15
13:43:34amiconnYes, but as I already said, this is also possible with the new format.
13:43:35***Alert Mode level 16
13:43:35[IDC]Dragonso it would be netural to have the culumn bytes subsequent in the source as well
13:45:09[IDC]DragonI'ts been like your 2) before the buffer transpose, you can compare, the code looks better now
13:45:12amiconnWith option (2), the shortcut for drawing at (y mod 8) == 0 positions with clearing of background could be extended to multi-line bitmaps.
13:47:23[IDC]Dragonhmm, that's an argument
13:48:28amiconn..and you wouldn't have to hunt down all the bitmap arrays. There are quite a number of them, especially in some plugins.
13:49:12amiconnThe difference in execution time of the loop should be neglectible, although I have to admit that it would look a bit weird.
13:49:45[IDC]Dragonwhat's the format of the fonts?
13:50:12amiconnThe fonts are in completely different format on disk, and are transposed while loading.
13:50:33amiconnThis transposition would have to be changed as well, see above.
13:50:45[IDC]Dragonso that transpose needs adjustment?
13:51:59[IDC]DragonI'm moving towards 2) then
13:53:36***Alert Mode OFF
13:54:30 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
13:54:38amiconnSo I'm facing a rewrite of lcd_bitmap() and rotate_font_bits() this evening...
13:55:26[IDC]Dragonlcd_bitmap() has already been that way before, you can peek
13:55:45[IDC]Dragon(but without the short cut)
13:56:51amiconnI will have a look, but probably it was the other way round before the lcd buffer reordering - it did both input and output in column-major format.
13:57:47amiconnCurrently it does input in column-major format and output in row-major format.
13:58:09amiconnAfter the rewrite it will do both input and output in row-major format.
14:02:39Strathhrm.. quick question: how large of an area does the jukebox series have for code execution?
14:04:53[IDC]DragonStrath: the whole address space
14:05:28Strathhrm? which is?
14:05:29[IDC]Dragonor what do you mean?
14:05:40Strathand all physivaly mapped?
14:06:12[IDC]Dragonaddresses are 28 bit, afaik
14:06:42Straththe jukebox series stores firmware pdates on the harddrive.. correct?
14:06:46[IDC]Dragonof course there are many gaps
14:07:31Strathbasically, what is the size of the firmware area on the jukebox series
14:07:55[IDC]Dragonthe archos loader limits it artificially to 200 KB
14:08:02Strathi my be making a wrong assumption
14:08:29[IDC]Dragoncan you as the question behind these questions?
14:08:46Strathhas that limit been negated by rockbox?
14:09:25Strathjust curiosity
14:09:27[IDC]Dragononly if you run from flash, or rolo (=execute a software manually from disk)
14:09:48[IDC]DragonIf you star the "classic" way, the limit is there
14:10:07[IDC]Dragonthe loader also has a minimum size, I think 50 KB
14:10:26Straththanks, thats what i was wondering
14:10:34Strath(all of it)
14:13:30[IDC]Dragonyes, this minimum is a nut to crack when you want to run your first hello-world-LED-blink program as a firmware
14:16:54 Join AciD [0] (
14:24:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:27:12Strathwow... i cleaned up some code and gmemu runs much much faster
14:30:03[IDC]Dragonemulators are nice, I was also using one when analyzing the boot code
14:31:27[IDC]Dragonbut it had a bug, so I had to rewrite (patch) a piece of code with equivalent code to make it pass the emulation
14:31:38Strathtoo bad the tcc has > 283 mnemonics
14:32:13Strathwhy not patch the emulator?
14:43:48 Join Ph1l [0] (
14:51:08[IDC]DragonStrath: because it's a commercial, closed-source software
14:52:02[IDC]Dragonbut a GUI also helps, coloring modified registers/memory, etc.
14:52:57Strathanother one spoiled by GUIs, CLI all the way!!
14:53:05[IDC]Dragoncan you hook your emulator into something existing, maybe gdb?
14:53:53[IDC]DragonI'm no expert, but maybe there are "standards" in the open source world for doing such
14:55:03Strathwell, so far i'm writing it in borland builder, using cross platform code and methods
14:57:26Strath(and using the integrated debugger)
14:58:11[IDC]Dragonnot debugging your emulator, I mean debugging (stepping, etc) the emulated code
14:58:42Strathoh.... i have internal methods
14:59:14Strathstep, walk, walkto, jog, jogto, run, and runto
15:00:35Strathit'd say right now, the output looks more like a debugger than an actual emulator
15:01:47Straththat is a rather old output dump, but it's still basicly the same
15:06:49[IDC]DragonI was just suggesting, if you plug yourself to e.g. gdb, you can use all the existing infrasructure
15:07:01[IDC]Dragondoesn't that sound good?
15:07:33LinusNi added some archos extensions to the gdb SH simulator
15:07:35Strathwell, since the current limiting factor is opcode implementayion
15:08:04LinusNit's wonderful to have the entire gdb support for the simulated target
15:08:12[IDC]DragonLinusN: there's one?
15:08:34LinusNin Strath's case, though, he would have to write the disassembler stuff too
15:08:43Strathwell the plan is to port the gnu toolchain... gdb is just a piece of that
15:08:50[IDC]Dragondidn't know that. I was using Lauterbach
15:08:58LinusN[IDC]Dragon: yes, there's an sh simulator target in gdb
15:09:21LinusNi have lcd and partial i2c emulation working
15:09:28Straththere isn't any CalmRISC support
15:11:30Stratha couple outdated references from redhat regarding samsung, but no mention of it since the initial press release a few years ago
15:11:40[IDC]DragonRedhat is doing something with eCos on CalmRISC, including gdb
15:12:13Strathgood frigen luck trying that route....
15:17:37Strathnotice the files in refered to cvs are almost two years old, and only relate to comunicating with the specific chip on a "core evaluation board" (ie, not a real CalmRISC uC)
15:28:24 Join hardeep [0] (1098@
15:29:16Strathyup... just as i remembered... no gnu toolchain for calmrisc from eCos, only using gdb to load the binary to the board
15:29:26 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make (EOF)")
15:34:33 Part LinusN
15:39:22 Join Christi-S [0] (
15:40:15Christi-SGood afternoon. The mailing list seems to be ignoring my attempts to join it. Is there anyone here who can help with that?
15:41:14limbusdunno. it's certainly a technical problem if you can't join
15:42:43CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:42:43*Christi-S nods. It's not currently urgent as my Jukebox is away being replaced by a shiny new(ish) FM recorder, but I type my email address into the form, and it apparently vanishes into cyberspace. :(
15:52:18limbusyou know that fm-recorders have some disadventages ?
15:52:50Christi-SBit late now unfortunately - do you mean the LiIon battery?
15:53:32limbuswith others.
15:54:10*Christi-S liked the idea of having a radio too, and since I needed to upgrade the HD anyway ...
15:54:32limbussome said the sound-quality has become worse, the radio must be dissapointing, no digi-io
15:55:15*Christi-S had heard the sound quality was better. Must be one of those personal things.
15:55:20Christi-SWhat is digi-io?
15:56:21limbusdigital sound- input and output.
15:56:38Christi-SOh, right.
15:56:59Christi-SI can like without that, and my JB player 20 didn't have that anyway.
15:58:21Christi-SHaving spare NiMHs was a mixed blessing anyway. You still had to carry them round with you.
15:59:03Christi-SI won't really be able to compare until it arrives, since I don't actually know anyone else who had one.
15:59:54Christi-SWeirdly it was rockbox that persuaded me to upgrade, since it pretty much fixed all the flaws in the player and made a lot more use of the v2/FMR display.
16:04:08 Quit c0utta (" HydraIRC -> <- \o/")
16:06:30limbusjup, that's right. rockbox is a pleasure
16:19:16Christi-SOh - weird. It just worked and I'm now subscribed.
16:24:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:32:17 Quit Strath ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7b/20040316]")
16:53:20 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:26 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:53:36 Quit limbus (Remote closed the connection)
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19:17:48 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Who ate my nuggets?!")
19:25:19elinenbebug: when I boot with the USB plugged in, it does not get recognized by the computer reliably...
19:26:09limbusbooting rockbox or the computer ?
19:29:15 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:58elinenbebooting rockbox.
20:02:16 Join cjnr11 [0] (
20:02:20 Part cjnr11
20:02:27limbusmight have been my fault yesterday evening.
20:03:38 Join edx [0] (
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20:21:40 Part limbus
20:22:06DBUGEnqueued KICK Hacman
20:22:06HacmanDoes anyone know where i will be able to get pictures of the inside of my jukebox recoreer 20 V2?
20:22:32 Join limbus [0] (
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20:25:59HacmanDoes anyone know where i can but a replacement charger circuit (internal)?
20:32:46 Quit Hacman ("Leaving")
20:37:49 Join mecraw__ [0] (~mecraw@
20:39:07limbusHacman: If not here, I dunno either:
20:40:55limbusIs anyone here capably to kick obsolete (cause it's done in the meantime) feature requests ? I could give you a list to kick
20:52:59 Join Nibbler [0] (
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21:51:24limbushey, I just posted my first patch to the tracker: 953535
21:56:56NukNukhey anyone knows bout nomads :P
22:08:16limbusnomad ? isn't that again a creative device ? i mean a device with the brand of creative ?
22:12:43 Join amiconn_ [0] (
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