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#rockbox log for 2004-05-14

00:04:31limbusanyone listening with knowledge of rockbox-internas ? got a small question
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00:19:18scott666limbus: its usually best to just ask and wait for an idler to notice
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00:26:19limbusok, well then: I am tampering around with some screensaver-stuff. on bluechip's advise, I had a look on how backlight is done. therefore I copied /firmware/backlight.c to /firmware/screensaver.c, which is going to plugin_load('/.rockbox/rocks/helloworld.rock')
00:26:54limbusbut getting IllInStr. So I suppose parts of /firmware do not have access to /apps, am I right ?
00:42:13bluEchiPtarget or sim?
00:42:34bluEchiPscrub that - afiak only target gives that error
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00:45:41limbustarget, of course. i prefer the real world. I just wanted to know if this is allowed or illegal.
00:46:30limbusthis would allow other people to write own screen saver-plugins that are called after timeout.
00:47:18limbusand in fact, at this time, there is no plugin_load() underneath /firmware
00:48:36BlueClipyou need to set up a timer, when the timer fires, disable the wps and run a plugin - when the plugin returns, re-enable the wps and reset the timer
00:57:01BlueCliplimbus: stil there
01:01:28limbusuach. yes, I'm there
01:01:58limbusok, the timer stuff is done, i'll grep for that wps-enabling
01:02:31BlueClipsuggest you do the disable first
01:02:48BlueClipi would personally guess at "ON" from the WPS screen
01:06:41limbusthe "exit to browser" is not complicated at all.
01:07:17BlueClipnone of it SHOULD be complicated, but you can never tell 100% in advance
01:08:00limbusok, I should be more precise: there is just nothing done, no disabling, no cleanup
01:08:42BlueClipwell, just put the timer trap in there then :)
01:09:23limbusthat's working. just getting those Panics (IllInStr) when calling plugin_load()
01:09:58limbusbut hey, don't go up with that, I'm going to bed in a jiffy, I hope
01:10:06BlueClipso the wps exits back to the browser, which then calls pluginload?
01:10:30BlueClipok m8, sleep good
01:11:25limbusno, I planned to have the screensaver-thread (like backlight-threat located in /firmware) to fire up the plugin.
01:12:18BlueClipgood luck
01:12:19limbuscan I unget keypresses to the queue ?
01:13:29limbusgood luck ? you mean it wasn't planned that way, right ?
01:14:40BlueClipif you're mucking around at thread level, you're in for some fun - but you'll know how to code in assembler and write an operating system by the time you've finished
01:16:11limbuswell, it's not sooo far away from the work i am paid for. im not afraid by doing this. but if it's illegal to call upper level from lower level (which is of course very GOOD!)...
01:16:57BlueClipcool - mind if i ask what you do for a living - I used to code BIOSes myself
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01:26:09limbusi am a simple software developer (messeging server software), but for our purposes, we've got our own development language. it's a flavour of c. it has gotten some c++-features, but still having our own compiler and virtual machine.
01:26:57limbusyup. gives you some nice view into what happens if your code does not compile ;-)
01:27:36BlueCliplol - yes, never actually written a compiler, although I did enjoy learning lambda calculus
01:30:22limbuserr. never heard about. and that stuff that wikipedia gives me is definately to high for 1h30 at night
01:31:40limbusnice glossary:
01:32:06limbusuhh, even my scheduled defragmenter has already started. time to go home
01:32:12BlueClipyep - that's the stuff
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01:32:26BlueClipok dude - nitey nite
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01:32:44limbusthanks for all that help.
01:36:53 Part limbus
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01:58:42_aLFI have just tested the jpeg viewer (1,1 not last)
01:59:05_aLFwith some jpeg I have a reboot
02:01:04_aLFIR04: Illegal instruction
02:01:48BlueClipmight wanna drop a note in the ml for jorg
02:02:13_aLFyes, I try to see the address
02:03:58_aLFfor the address
02:10:29_aLFmail sent
02:10:33_aLFgood night
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04:16:05BlueCliphey mk
04:17:10 Join covici [0] (covici@
04:17:48BlueClip(tea) brb
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04:19:32coviciHi folks −− I was wondering if the auto volume setting in the sound settings menu is for playback or record?
04:19:52 Join monkey [0] (
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04:21:00covicitoo badk it would be jnice to have something for recording −− is that possible?
04:21:08monkeyi installed the latest daily build on my jbr v.1 and i get a incompatible version error when playing the .ucl file... anyone get this?
04:22:30BlueClipuse the ucl which matches the firmware you are running
04:23:08coviciNow this may seem strange, but what Earthly reason is there to flash the rockbox into the firmware?
04:23:46BlueClipfaster boot
04:24:04coviciI see.
04:24:18monkeymuch faster imo
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04:25:03BlueClipthe guy who wrote it got it down to 3S at one point, but to do this he had to bypass a load of safety checks and that caused lots of problems in the really early beta stage
04:25:39coviciit takes about 7-8 seconds to boot without flashing.
04:25:55BlueClipwow - mine takes that before the hdd spins up!
04:26:23coviciI have an fmr does that make any differendce.
04:26:30BlueClipah, possibly
04:27:57coviciI tried ordering one from amazon but it was broke, they are saying they will get more but I don't believe them too much.
04:28:27monkeyhmm maybe the problem is with downloading the daily build seem to download in 1 sec on a 28.8k modem
04:28:52covicithat would do it, I bet the build is about 200k.
04:29:11coviciI do it from cvs.
04:29:31BlueClipyou are aware that cvs moved recently
04:29:40covicino, where to?
04:29:50monkeyyah i saw the note on the homepage
04:29:53BlueClipsorry, have to check the mailing list :(
04:30:10covicihmmm must have been pretty recent last two weeks?
04:30:57covicinow do I have to start a new tree or anyway to update the current one?
04:31:15BlueClipsorry, never used it myself
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04:35:56covicican't find where cvs has moved −− the link takes you to the cvs page.
04:38:49coviciisn't that the same?
04:39:04BlueClipsame as?
04:39:58covicisame as before?
04:40:22BlueClipno, it used to be on sourceforge
04:40:34coviciI see.
04:41:19coviciWell must go now- −− see you guys later.
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05:05:55BlueClipwhoops: Fast Aminations on/off
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05:07:22BlueClipi missed it first time too
05:11:55BlueClipim off real soon - did you call me for a reason?
05:13:21 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
05:16:19BlueCliptake that as a no
05:19:17 Part BlueClip
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06:39:07gon165i need some help pliz
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08:30:08Philhi !
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08:50:16dwihnoHola senors
08:50:56dwihnoOlÚ olÚ!
08:51:10webmindey dwihno
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13:26:21Strathif anyone wants to see, i've uploaded an image of gmemu's usage of the CalmRISC16's memory space
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14:22:07Strathi reuploaded that image with the colours remapped for better contrast
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15:24:49limbusStrath: different colors mean other purpose, or is this 1 and 0 ?
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16:07:50limbushi back
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18:11:37Ph1lnot mush activity there :/
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18:43:34limbusPh1|: well ...
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19:40:22DBUGEnqueued KICK gon165
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20:19:53gon165is nybody here?
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20:47:04Neurosupheroti neeed help
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21:19:03Ph1lI could not get my AJB 20 to work for the last 2 weeks with my A7N8X
21:19:28Ph1lI had read that this mobo (nForce2) was just incompatible with AJB 20
21:20:17Ph1lI used to get BSOD 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL'
21:20:31Ph1lI downloaded 5.04 drivers on (french review site)
21:20:47Ph1land bought a VIA USB controller and now, it works like a charm :)))
21:21:21 Join _aLF [0] (
21:21:24Ph1lMaybe some nice op of the chan will add this to the FAQ
21:21:47Ph1lI hope i'll help people with my own experience
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22:40:49trackis it possible to read BMPs and TIFs as well as JPGs?
22:41:16uskiit must be, but "we" have to implement a decoder for these formats
22:41:33uskifirst, wait for the jpeg plugin to work flawlessly ith jpegs ;)
22:42:38 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
22:43:51trackRAW suppurt would be good as well
22:44:52 Quit G-UNIT (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:45:22uskiraw ?
22:45:27uskiraw doesn't mean anything ;)
22:45:32uskithere are 545456464 raw formats
22:45:47uskii.e. my digital camera can output a "raw" format
22:46:00uskibut it won't be the same as of the one output by another digital camera
22:47:20trackok fair enough
22:47:46trackall we need for the JPEG plugin is red-eye reduction, gaussian blur, colour adjustment, unsharp mask :)
22:48:19trackbilinear image resampling :D
22:48:23amiconn*red* eye reduction on a greenish display ?!?
22:48:28tracki was joking
22:48:50tracksupport for Adobe Photoshop plugins :D
22:49:22 Quit mecraw__ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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22:51:56amiconnHi J÷rg
22:52:24[IDC]Dragonthat was quick, is that really you, Jens?
22:52:48amiconnRemember my "beep on special people"?
22:52:51[IDC]Dragonnot the Jens greet bot? ;-)
22:53:39[IDC]Dragonand it probably also writes "Hi J÷rg" and you only need to press enter?
22:53:50amiconnI have finished rewriting lcd_bitmap() and rotleft(). The height <= 8 limit is *gone* *now*.
22:54:04 Quit Ph1l (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:10amiconn(not yet committed, have to test a bit more)
22:54:19 Quit telliott (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:54:22[IDC]Dragontake your time
22:54:50amiconnHowever, as this gets rid of the limit, there may be plugins using lcd_bitmap() with height >8 from now on.
22:55:14amiconnHence it breaks compatibility of the plugin api!
22:55:37amiconnThat means, I have to take the task of sorting it...
22:56:32[IDC]Dragonwhy is the API different?
22:57:38amiconnThe api itself isn't different, only that heights > 8 are now allowed. So if a new plugin uses that and is run with a rockbox version without the fix, the output gets garbled.
22:58:44[IDC]Dragonthen you only need to bump the regular version
22:58:50[IDC]Dragon(if at all)
22:59:52[IDC]Dragonthe incompatible version is only needed when you want to prevent older plugins running on current Rockbox
23:01:05amiconnHmm, this is a bit confusing.
23:02:33amiconnThere are PLUGIN_MIN_API_VERSION and PLUGIN_API_VERSION. Are these constants compiled into the plugin or into the firmware?
23:03:41[IDC]Dragonwhen you extend the API in a compatible way (e.g. adding fuctions at the bottom), you increase PLUGIN_API_VERSION.
23:04:31[IDC]Dragonexisting plugins not using these fucntions (compiled earlier) would then still work.
23:04:46 Part track
23:04:48amiconnThat means, plugins compiled from now on don't run on older firmwares, but older plugins still run, right?
23:05:37[IDC]DragonIf you have to break the API compatibility (e.g. be removing a function), you increase PLUGIN_MIN_API_VERSION to match PLUGIN_API_VERSION.
23:06:05[IDC]Dragon(making them the same)
23:06:30[IDC]Dragonyes, you're right.
23:06:42amiconnOk, so like my change is like adding a new function (=extending the functionality of an existing function), I only have to increase PLUGIN_API_VERSION.
23:06:55[IDC]Dragonthat's what I meant.
23:07:08amiconnOk, much less work :)
23:08:56 Join Ph1l [0] (
23:10:32_aLF[IDC]Dragon> did you see my message about illegal instruction with the jpeg viewer ?
23:11:14[IDC]Dragonhave you tried again withthe latest?
23:11:48_aLFI try with the lastest daily build
23:13:53_aLFsame bug
23:17:14[IDC]Dragonthe bleeding edge is more bulletproof
23:17:29[IDC]Dragontry that, if you can compile
23:17:52[IDC]Dragonor wait til tomorrow for the next build
23:18:02[IDC]Dragonor email me a file
23:18:19_aLFthat's I was trying
23:18:26_aLFit's work
23:20:09_aLFthank's for help
23:20:21 Join BlueClip [0] (
23:32:49 Join Strath_ [0] (
23:35:24[IDC]Dragongotta leave
23:35:29 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
23:39:00 Quit Strath (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:42:51 Join Guest1 [0] (
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