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#rockbox log for 2004-05-15

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02:56:08midkhi BlueClip
02:56:37BlueCliphey ho
02:56:54midki'm going to finish my font today
02:56:57midki just got my 3ds book too
02:57:03midki'm already on page 45
02:57:07midkof 1246
02:57:19midki feel SO PROUD
02:57:29midki already learned the basics that i already knew
02:57:39BlueClipGive you the same advice I gave my brother yesterday if you like
02:57:42midk*content to the extremest of contentness
02:58:14BlueClipset yourself a task, and use the book to do that task, it will help what you read stay in your head more easily
02:58:29midkmy task is to learn 3ds
02:58:34midkthen i use the book to complete that
02:58:42midkand my head is like a vacuum
02:58:46midkit sucks very much.
02:59:03midkand sometimes it merely refuses to suck
02:59:21BlueClipi know a woman like that
02:59:25midkwas it UI32 or UL32?
02:59:38midkooh bc hook me up
03:01:38CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 23 hours and 18 minutes at the last flood
03:01:38*BlueClip goes off to find a meat hook
03:01:47midkno no
03:02:02midk*squints and after a few minutes gives up
03:03:44BlueClipnew version of 0thelo is up
03:04:05midkwhere at?
03:04:22BlueClipmy homepage
03:06:17BlueClipwith the accent on "ass" lol
03:06:26midkagh you noticed
03:06:38midk*tries something more "discreet"
03:07:18midkor even
03:08:48midkok sorry
03:09:29BlueClipanyone in who has the slightest clue about cvs?
03:09:53midki do
03:10:00midkit stands for concurrent versions system
03:10:12BlueClipyeah thanks
03:10:21midkand also!
03:10:30midksuch thing as CVSROOT *REALLY* EXISTS!
03:10:38midkits like where your shit is stored
03:10:45midkk well i'm tired of helping now
03:10:58BlueClipknow the feeling
03:10:59midkthat really put me out
03:11:06midktime to take a nap
03:11:15BlueClipnite dude
03:11:18midkor not
03:11:25midkbut a restroom run is in order
03:11:30midk*brings 3ds book
03:11:34midki bet i come back at page FIFTY
03:11:36midkoyah oyah.
03:17:20midkdoes anybody here own a studio/player?
03:24:43BlueClipmk, do you have a copy of uclpack.exe?
03:27:28midki believe so
03:33:14BlueClipnp - think I've found a copy
03:33:21midkgood luck
03:33:53BlueClipare they bums or hearts?
03:35:05midklook closer
03:35:54BlueClipnope - still look like one of my previous guesses
03:36:20BlueClipclue me in
03:36:57BlueClipsyntax error before 3, unrecognised operator
03:38:01midkperhaps if you dropped C for a bit and looked more at the ascii composition, clues would not be needed
03:38:47BlueClipdir *.ucl
03:39:15BlueClipwondered where that command went
03:47:40midkthis is a PAIN in the ASS
03:48:35BlueClipuse more vaseline
03:48:48midkall out
03:48:55midk*utilizes olive oil
03:48:59midk"extra virgin"
03:49:28midkbc can you give this a test run
03:50:07BlueClipafter the last comment I'm concerned what "this" may be !?
03:51:07midkdon't worry, i can nearly guarantee you'll enjoy it.
03:54:22midkhey bc can i shoot my basketballs through your hoop?
03:55:33BlueClipi don't have one
03:55:43midkthat's what you think
03:55:56BlueClipah! euphemisms
03:57:17midkcan i coat your spaghetti with a thin layer of warm vanilla frosting?
04:02:08BlueClipsorry, I'm straight
04:02:16midk? trust me it's good
04:02:17BlueClipbut flattered nonetheless
04:04:03midki wish to shove my ac adapter into your surge protector
04:04:05midkis this at all possible?
04:16:21BlueClipso hows the teapot coming along?
04:17:07midkdepends on whether you will let me dice your tomatoes and dump my clam chowder into your cupholder
04:18:18BlueCliplet's presume i wont
04:18:26midkhmm, it's going nowhere.
04:18:45BlueClipand if i will...
04:19:03midki can't work on it
04:19:09midkbecause 3ds crashes this shit computer
04:19:56midkso um can i still pop your capacitor?
04:24:36 Part BlueClip
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05:24:58BlueClipHi guys, Just to announce that my homepage ( has been update with new version of the Rockbox Win32 DevKit v2.1 which includes all previous updates, the new cvs resource, and new build tools including UCLPACK ...You will also find the latest version of Othelo there with addtional animation control ...enjoy, BC
05:25:37midki love you
05:25:39midkthank you
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13:26:46DBUGEnqueued KICK Stu
13:26:46Stuhello, anýone here?
13:27:15c0uttai am anyone
13:27:37Stuhi there anyone, how are you today?
13:27:58c0uttai'm fine stu
13:28:06Studo u have a archos recorder?
13:28:33c0uttai have one in front of me
13:28:57Stui have a problema
13:29:17c0uttaok - what is it ?
13:29:50Studo u know why its not possible to set the gain lower than 21dB WHEN USING THE internal mic?
13:30:37c0uttano, i'm not
13:31:03Stuok, i
13:31:07c0uttamost of these restrictions are caused by the hardware
13:31:36c0uttahave you checked the mail archive ?
13:31:58Stui c, ...its frustrating all the recordings are to strong in gain , signil become too strong
13:32:04Stuno i have not
13:32:37Stuwhere to find mail archive?
13:34:15c0uttayou can search the mail archive at
13:36:20Stuok, i found it , thanks
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14:20:28elinenbeanyone here?
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16:10:29elinenbeamiconn: you here
16:11:22elinenbewhat did the latest commit do?
16:11:29elinenbeI don't really understand...
16:12:07amiconnlcd_bitmap() didn't work for bitmaps with height > 8.
16:12:34elinenbeand what was the problem with that then?
16:12:54amiconnThis was because bmp2rb produced a format different from the description.
16:13:11elinenbewhere was that used in the code? did it affect anything?
16:13:49amiconnSince it has advantages to use that format over the old one, I have rewritten lcd_bitmap() rather than changed all bitmaps.
16:14:07amiconnI discussed this with Linus and Jörg on Friday.
16:14:33amiconnIt saves the necessity to "strripe" bitmaps with height > 8.
16:15:31amiconnThe font routines needed to be adapted to that, as well as the bounce plugin (the only one that correctly used the old format).
16:16:25amiconnAfter all this was a bug in either lcd_bitmap() or bmp2rb, depending on the point of view.
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21:13:54amiconnHi Jörg
21:13:59[IDC]DragonHi Jens
21:14:07[IDC]Dragonjakesir: are you there?
21:14:30amiconnYesterday my editor obviously didn't like me.
21:14:59amiconnDidn't you see my commit messages about TAB chars?
21:15:25[IDC]Dragonlot's of other stuf f to do
21:15:43amiconnAnyway, the modified lcd_bitmap() does now work correctly.
21:16:15amiconnIf have prepared a vast improvement of the grayscale framework.
21:16:43amiconnDrawing of larger fillrects and graymaps is 2 to 3 times as fast as before.
21:16:57[IDC]Dragonwoohoo, how that?
21:17:09[IDC]Dragonthe JPEG viewer needs that!
21:17:09amiconnDemo runtime down from 1.84s to 0.85s
21:17:40amiconnYep, I already tested it locally with your jpeg code; vertical scrolling is now blazingly fast.
21:18:21amiconnHowever, I found that horizonatl scrolling is still a bit slow, that means I have to rework the horizontal scrolling.
21:18:23[IDC]Dragonwhat did you do? processing the bytes in parallel?
21:18:50amiconnThe idea came from my rewrite of lcd_bitmap():
21:19:32amiconnIf i have to set all 8 pixels corresponding to the same byte in each bitplane, I can do this at once.
21:20:08[IDC]Dragonwhat about the random seed?
21:20:17amiconnAlthough this is still a lot of bit shifting, it is significantly faster.
21:20:22[IDC]Dragondinner timer, afk
21:21:00amiconnThe preparation overhead is somewhat higher, since the random shifting has to be done for each pattern individually.
21:46:36***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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22:54:33[IDC]Dragonhi again
22:55:33[IDC]Dragonjakesir, are you there? (2nd try)
22:56:13I3roknI3ottleanyone here
22:56:45 Quit track ("leafChat IRC client:")
22:57:02[IDC]Dragon(afk again)
23:04:20I3roknI3ottlei need ROCKbox and the site isnt working
23:04:55 Quit I3roknI3ottle ("Leaving")
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23:23:51 Join midk [0] (
23:29:48midklol tops
23:34:51top_blokeu got that?
23:37:12 Join Guest1 [0] (
23:37:23 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
23:40:07amiconn[IDC]Dragon: r u listening?
23:40:09[IDC]Dragonamiconn: feel free to commit your changes to the JPEG viewer.
23:40:18[IDC]Dragon(was just typing, yes)
23:40:24amiconnDid you change something meanwhile?
23:40:26midkidc: i always get unsupported format -9
23:40:31midkis this going to be fixed?
23:40:37[IDC]Dragonyes, but I can merge it.
23:41:05top_blokeor is just me or does the rockbox site not work?
23:41:06amiconnI've just optimized left/right scrolling (and up/down by 8 a bit)
23:41:07[IDC]Dragonmidk: that means, you have JPEGs with restart markers
23:41:24midkidc: cannot be viewed then?
23:41:46top_blokewhat about ones that show up all black
23:41:53[IDC]Dragonnot yet, I'm stil thinking about the best way to suppurt this.
23:42:09[IDC]Dragontop_bloke: does that still happen?
23:42:21top_blokeoh i dont have the latest
23:42:23amiconnScrolling within a jpeg is real fun now :)
23:42:25top_blokecant get on the site
23:42:38[IDC]Dragonamiconn: commit!
23:42:48amiconnWill do so in a few
23:42:49[IDC]Dragontop_bloke: works for me
23:43:03top_blokemine wont load up all day
23:43:14 Quit uski (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:43:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: btw, I've incorporated your 16 bit multiplication trick in many places.
23:44:24[IDC]Dragonthe cast to short?
23:44:49[IDC]Dragonor what trick?
23:44:57amiconnYup, only that I cast to (unsigned short)
23:46:12[IDC]Dragonactually, I havent checked if this worked, just found that a hand-made MULTIPLY16 inline assembler fuction was slower
23:46:33[IDC]Dragonso I guessed the compile has put in 16*16 mul
23:46:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:37amiconnIt definitely works (checked the disassembly). It puts a single muls rX,rY, followed by sts macl, rZ in your case.
23:48:01amiconnIn my case, I get mulu/sts
23:48:20[IDC]DragonSo far I haven't disassemled the JPEG, so speed opts yet.
23:48:41[IDC]Dragonfirst I want it working properly.
23:49:07[IDC]Dragonso no speed opt, I meant
23:49:11amiconn...with all (or at least most) format variations, I guess?
23:49:27[IDC]Dragonnot really.
23:49:33[IDC]DragonJust baseline DCT
23:50:05amiconnHmm. What about progressive jpegs? These are fairly common today
23:50:14[IDC]Dragonand I want to "cache" the previous zoom levels, if memory permits
23:50:35[IDC]Dragonno progressive, that's a different decoder
23:51:11amiconnThe caching is probably a good idea.
23:51:21[IDC]Dragonit's not so popular any more, since modem dialups are getting less common
23:52:00[IDC]Dragonind the image center point should be kept while zooming
23:52:20amiconnI've seen your "fixme" comment on that
23:52:48[IDC]Dragonyes, that's only half-done
23:53:19[IDC]Dragonnot taking into account the special case of white border, maybe other bugs, too
23:54:35[IDC]Dragonjakesir: still not listening? I'm about to go to bed.
23:56:30[IDC]Dragonamiconn: for the core, we should place that shift-by-n subroutine of the CRT in IRAM.
23:57:38amiconnMaybe this is a good idea; i use these (ashlsi3/lshrsi3) for my 8-pixel-block-drawing also.
23:58:07[IDC]Dragonbut plugins get a new runtime
23:58:18[IDC]Dragonit would only affect the core

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