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#rockbox log for 2004-05-17

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01:41:07midkhey amiconn? any word on that drawgraymap converter?
01:41:09midkno rush just curious
01:41:50amiconnno, not yet. I'm currently implementing scroll up/down by n pixels
01:42:08midkok thanks
01:42:19midknice work on the fillrect update too
01:42:32amiconnNext will be font support
01:43:08midki just got done writing my own
01:43:14midkthat took a while. :D
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01:49:23amiconnScrolling up/down by n works now :)
01:49:53midkscrolling... the grayscale display?
01:51:06amiconnA replacement for gray_scroll_up1() / gray_scroll_down1(): scroll up/down by <n> pixels instead of only 1, with almost the same speed
01:51:39midkyes, that scrolls the overlay?
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02:23:33midkNOW he gets on IRC
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03:05:25midkin your face blueclip!!
03:05:30midki didnt even need a font mapper
03:05:40midki did it all in my put_c function
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03:22:13Guest2After racking my brain trying to install Roclbox I just realized I have the Multimedia. Any plans to support it?
03:22:46Guest2Is it that different from thE V2
03:23:20BlueClipno current (known) plans to support other platforms
03:23:35arspy87BlueClip == bluechip? :-P
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03:27:46arspy87BlueClip: my css dropdown menus work seamlessly now :-D
03:27:55arspy87with windows behavior calls for IE!!
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03:28:22Tempishey can anyone answer a question for me
03:28:56TempisI'm fairly certain I know the answer, but I'd like to be sure
03:31:17BlueClipsounded more like a statement to me
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03:31:43TempisWell, I mean it as a question.
03:31:49Tempissorry for any confusion
03:32:07BlueChipAh rhetoric which case, probably, yes
03:32:18Tempisoh good
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03:32:34TempisNow that that is cleared up, time for the whores?
03:32:53arspy87i used "rhetoric" instead of "writing" in an english essay, and the teacher wrote question marks above it.
03:32:56Tempisoh, and booze... can't forget the booze
03:33:13BlueChipindo for later
03:33:32Tempisanyhow, I am getting a Studio 10 and I want to be certain that rockbox is going to work on it
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03:34:41TempisIt didnt mention the 10 specifically so I wanted to be sure
03:35:22Tempisany of you using 2000 mAh batteries?
03:35:58Tempisor are the stock ones good enough for you
03:38:41BlueChipi use the 1500s that came with it, if i replace them i will likely get the biggest available - 2700's iirc
03:38:53Tempis2700's eh
03:39:09BlueChipmy local supermarket has only 2300's
03:39:29TempisI looked at Lowes today, but I didnt see any NiMH batteries
03:39:33TempisI'll check Walmart tomorrow
03:39:49Tempiswhat do 2700's go for?
03:40:18BlueChipnever checked
03:40:22Tempison average, how much time do you get out of the 1500's
03:40:43BlueChipused t get about 12hrs, now about 2-3
03:40:59Tempishow old are the batteries?
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03:41:17BlueChipmy own fault - I treated them badly - but a friend has a proper recharger - so im hoping to revive them
03:41:23TempisI'm buying a used unit so it might be wise for me to buy some new batteries
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03:41:48Tempisthe charger that comes with the jukebox isnt "proper"
03:41:59scott666nihm's are up to 2700mah?? wow
03:42:10BlueChipgod no - it's a standard lion charger
03:42:17BlueChiplion -> nimh
03:43:00Tempisis there a charger you can get that would be better?
03:43:28BlueChipyeah - how much do you want to spend?
03:43:41Tempisnothing at the moment
03:43:50midkhey bc how may i draw a string of chars?
03:43:53BlueChipthey go up to about £5-6K
03:44:27Tempisahh a brit
03:44:42TempisI'm leaving for england on thursday
03:44:55BlueChipweather is good - where are you going?
03:45:11Tempisin Kent
03:45:15BlueChipyes, know it well
03:45:21BlueChipbusiness or pleasure
03:45:40Tempismy mother owns an apt building there and my grandmother lives there as well
03:45:47BlueChipah - righty
03:45:54BlueChipwas about to ask why Ramsgate
03:46:17BlueChipgot any plans?
03:46:41Tempiswell the wife wants to take lots of photos... being a photographer and all
03:47:11BlueChiptake a drive out to constable country maybe
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03:47:26Tempiswhere is that exactly
03:47:42TempisI've been to england many times, but I usually have stayed in the southeast
03:47:51arspy87btw BlueChip, i got my license on thursday :-D
03:48:00BlueChiptop of essex ...dedham etc ...about 2hrs from Ramsgate up the A12
03:48:15TempisI wont be driving there
03:48:25TempisI thought New Orleans drivers were crazy
03:48:30BlueChipWOOOHOOOO - Arspy the free man - Well Done dude
03:48:33Tempisman yall are INSANE
03:48:53BlueChipwe laugh at american car chase scenes
03:49:12Tempisthe craziest thing I ever saw was 2 double deckers passing each other on a little country road
03:49:17BlueChip...he must be braking for something
03:50:03TempisOnly explanation I could come up with was that the laws of physics somehow don't apply on English country roads
03:50:23BlueChipLOL - I don't think ANY laws apply on English country roads :)
03:51:38Tempismy mode of transportation will be trains
03:51:45TempisI enjoy the train rides
03:51:46BlueChipyou are a psychopath
03:52:01Tempiswe dont have trains here so it's a nice change
03:52:15Tempisif you dont have a car, you aint going nowhere
03:52:52Tempisplus I hate driving
03:53:01BlueChipthat's fair
03:53:03Tempisat least on a train I can chill out and relax
03:53:19Tempisall I have to worry about is making sure I get off at the right stop
03:53:32TempisI can read... listen to my Jukebox...
03:53:34BlueChipand whether the train running late will make you miss your connection
03:53:46Tempiswell, there's that I guess
03:54:05Tempisbut since I'll be on vacation I will probably not be in any hurry to get anywhere
03:54:14BlueChipand the 20 football a'holes who might start a fight any second
03:54:31Tempiswe did all the touristy stuff last year, so this time I just want to take it easy
03:54:42BlueChipDO NOT travel in rush hour!
03:54:50TempisI did that in London
03:54:57BlueChipbaaaaaaad move
03:55:07Tempisit was morning rush hour
03:55:13Tempisand I was going to the airport
03:55:27BlueChipWales is very picturesque, and only a 4hr drive
03:55:37Tempisbut the tube went right to Victoria and from there straight on to Gatwick
03:55:45TempisI was almost born in Wales
03:56:00Tempisbut dad had to come back to the states
03:56:18BlueChipshame - dubble passport time
03:56:24Tempisoh I have that
03:56:40Tempismoms from Liverpool
03:56:52Tempisapplied for dual citizenship before I turned 18
03:57:15TempisI need to get my UK passport renewed though
03:57:22BlueChipLiverpool is getting better nowdays - still pretty rough though
03:57:33TempisI havent been back since I was 8 or 9
03:57:41TempisI barely remember it
03:58:02Tempisgetting back to the charger thing
03:58:10Tempiswas that in the thousands?
03:58:42BlueChipi'm sure you can find more expensive ones if you shop around
03:59:08TempisI dont need a battery charger more expensive than my car
03:59:17BlueChiphence why i asked my Q ;)
03:59:19TempisI was thinking in the $50 range
03:59:36BlueChipyou should get something reasonable in that range
03:59:48Tempisgot any suggestions?
03:59:55Tempisnot sure what to look for
04:00:05TempisI dont know much about battery technology
04:00:13Tempisooo Mail Call is on
04:00:43BlueChipanalogue pwm cycle - discharge cycle - individual charge - errrrr
04:05:07BlueChiparsepie, you got 10 mins I can steal from you?
04:05:28Tempisyeah, don't expect to have them returned
04:06:08BlueChiplol - sorry "arspy" is another user here - my sense of humour is running on dead cells atm
04:06:14Tempisso the archos people give you a Li Ion battery charger with NiMH batteries?
04:06:51BlueChipno, hence my "lion->nimh" comment - it was me thinking about eight things at once
04:12:36Tempishmm looks like walmart only have 2000 mAh ones for about $13 for a 4 pack
04:13:45BlueChipyeah, the big ones are from specialists only afaik
04:14:08Tempisabout the chargers... would it be one to plug into the archos or a standalone charger
04:14:32BlueChipstand alone
04:15:10Tempisis the archos designed to take the batteries out on a frequent basis?
04:16:02BlueChipdont know about the studio - later models dont like it
04:16:19BlueChipthe spring is held on with a blob of solder!
04:18:29Tempiswell, I'm off to play some Battlefield Vietnam... thanks for the info
04:18:38TempisI'll idle here if thats ok
04:19:42midkno you must leave!\
04:19:45midkheh jk
04:25:17BlueChipsorry, enjoy your visit - speak soon :)
04:25:41midkmy putc function works!
04:31:51 Join kaboofa [0] (
04:32:19kaboofaand kaboofa got back on a unix computer; and there wasn't much rejoycing, except by him, because he had irc back.
04:35:53kaboofaWhat's going on?
04:36:58midknot much
04:38:00BlueChipain't nothin' goin' on but the rent
04:38:14kaboofafirewall went off
04:38:17kaboofasomeone is messing with my ftp
04:38:44kaboofathink it was isp
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05:19:47midkhi blueclip
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05:48:54BlueChipnite all
05:48:58 Part BlueChip
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07:13:12c0uttahello linus
07:13:23midkhi linus
07:20:01midki was considering writing that button repeat function... is ok if i got it working to submit?
07:22:37midkok thanks
07:22:43midkbreakout is nearing completion
07:25:49midkglad you're interested :)
07:26:01LinusNi'd love to see it
07:26:08midkwant a preview?
07:29:30midkis your dcc still broken?
07:34:07 Join AciD [0] (
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07:47:43LinusNmidk: yeah. dcc doesn't like tunnels and firewalls
07:48:55midkok, email?
07:49:01midkit has to be run on target (Grayscale)
07:54:11LinusNemail is fine
07:55:13midkaight aight
07:58:18midkheh you can see how much i need to get that button repeat function going
08:04:44 Quit c0utta (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
08:14:36LinusNyeah, it feels really sluggish :-)
08:14:49midkthanks for the insight. :)
08:14:55LinusNno collision detection for the bricks yet?
08:15:04midkbluechip was supposed to help with that
08:15:10midkhe sort of gave up :)
08:15:12LinusNlooks really nice btw
08:15:17midkah thanks
08:15:22midki plan to have a shade adjuster
08:15:30midkwell and a brick size selector
08:15:32LinusNthe paddle leaves some traces
08:16:38midkyup, thats cos it jumps by 2
08:16:49midkhopefully when fast enough we won't have to
08:17:54midkit's actually quite bug ridden.
08:19:15LinusNit shouldn't leave traces even if it moves many pixels
08:19:37LinusNyou don't clear the paddle explicitly?
08:20:08midkno, as per bluechip's suggestion, just added a space of white (1px either side)
08:20:12midki should just clear that line
08:20:29midkbut you know bluechip −− if you don't do it his way he is done with you
08:20:31midkor at least to me
08:22:16LinusNi know
08:22:24LinusNit's not a bad idea
08:23:27midkyes.. the original problem was that clearing the lcd had the problem of erasing the blocks right away
08:23:35midkso of course just to move drawing blocks to the while loop
08:23:41midkbut that took forever to keep redrawing
08:24:00midkso we have to just put a blank space around the ball to keep it from leaving trails
08:24:49LinusNwhy clear the entire lcd?
08:25:01midkbut clearing that line is a good idea
08:25:09midkthat's just what i usually
08:25:15midkbut we can't do that here
08:25:48LinusNhave you given the collision detection any thought?
08:25:57midknot much
08:26:03LinusNyou should
08:26:11midkyes, i think i can do it
08:26:21midkjust divide the areas into "sections"
08:27:04midkbut it'll involve setting up block drawing differently
08:27:34LinusNyou should separate the drawing from the game logic
08:28:22LinusNlogic == game engine, i.e collision detection, ball moving, score keeping etc
08:28:31midkall in seperate functions
08:28:36LinusNthe game should be able to run without any gfx at all
08:28:50midkdraw ball, move ball, draw paddle, move paddle, draw status and draw blocks are all seperate
08:29:08midkit could if i just removed all the drawing functions
08:29:53LinusNi think your game looks really good, but don't concentrate too much on the gfx until you have the game running
08:30:39midkyes.. just have to do collision detection
08:30:44midki've been putting it off for a bit
08:30:47midkbut it's got to be done
08:31:55LinusNit can be made pretty simple
08:32:19LinusNhowever, if you have a space between the bricks, it becomes a little more complicated
08:32:27midkyeah that's what slitsniper said
08:33:08midkwe have a space between..
08:33:21midkbut we can just count the space as part of the block it's right of
08:33:43LinusNthat may not look very good
08:34:02LinusNit will bounce off too early
08:34:20LinusNnot even touching the brick
08:34:25midkoh yeah
08:34:28midkif it hit from the side
08:34:35midki'm so stupid
08:34:52LinusNyes, very ;-)
08:35:03midkhaha linusn here you go you can finish it on up there
08:37:44midkfeel free to leave yourself out of the credits :)
08:37:49midki insist
08:39:50midkso for this button repeat function it's ok to turn all of the #define's into ints?
08:40:38LinusNshould work
08:40:51midkbluechip said it definitely wouldn't be accepted
08:40:55LinusNi think we could increase the poll rate
08:41:13midkat HZ/35 it begins sticking
08:41:29midkhmm well
08:42:08midk/* Number of repeated keys before shutting off */
08:42:08midk#define POWEROFF_COUNT 8
08:42:17midkif i were to up this to say 20 it would take longer to poweroff?
08:42:36LinusNthe opposite
08:43:06 Join pfavr [0] (
08:43:46LinusNPOWEROFF_COUNT determines how long you must hold the OFF key on FM/V2 models
08:44:02midkok, in recorders it's hardware?
08:44:43midkhmm i know i'm gonna mess this up lol
08:44:54LinusNpoll frequency should match the A/D conversion frequency
08:45:21LinusNthe button A/D channels are updated every 8 ticks
08:45:46LinusNso poll frequency should be 8 imho
08:46:01midkwouldn't that slow it way down?
08:47:03LinusNit shouldn't
08:47:04midkok i am officially doing this wrong
08:47:11LinusNyes, but so are we
08:47:25midkoh i feel better now
08:47:45LinusNthe button driver doesn't take the slow A/D readings intoi account
08:48:18LinusNit's deliberate, but perhaps a bad design decision
08:48:50 Quit kaboofa (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:49:05CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 11 hours and 8 minutes at the last flood
08:49:05*LinusN writes it down so we can discuss it on the upcoming devcon
08:49:15midk*visits devcon
08:50:14midkit only compiles with REPEAT_INTERVAL_START as a const int
08:51:42midk"element not constant" is the error i get if i compile it as an int
08:51:46midkas a const int it compiles ok
08:52:44midkI DID IT
08:52:46midkLINUS I DID IT
08:53:03midkvoid set_button(int new_pollfreq, int new_repeatstart, int new_repeatfinish)
08:53:03midkPOLL_FREQUENCY = new_pollfreq;
08:53:03DBUGEnqueued KICK midk
08:53:03midkREPEAT_START = new_repeatstart;
08:53:03midkREPEAT_INTERVAL_FINISH = new_repeatfinish;
08:53:04***Alert Mode level 1
08:53:33 Join amiconn [0] (
08:53:37midkhi amiconn
08:53:55amiconnhi midk
08:54:09LinusNmidk: we should rename those variables, so they are lowercase
08:54:16LinusNhi amiconn
08:54:38amiconnhi LinusN
08:55:58midklinus, done
08:56:37LinusNit should be called set_button_repeat() imho
08:56:52midkdone as well :)
08:57:00midkok want button.c?
08:57:03LinusNand the poll frequency should be constant
08:57:22midki think faster speeds up button repeats
08:57:56LinusNyes, but increasing the poll frequency will not do what you want
08:58:09midkoh, it seemed to
08:58:12midkok, constant it is
08:58:27LinusNit won't detect the keys faster than the A/D driver
08:58:27midkoh well
08:58:35midkit seems to
08:58:42midka/d is set to 8 right?
08:58:54midkbumping repeat_rate from 20 to 30 makes a large difference
08:59:15dwihnoGood morning everyone! Is it possible to write a driver for "dumb" headphone remotes?
08:59:26dwihnoWithout any hardware mods, that is
08:59:41LinusNit will repeat faster, but it won't detect changes in the key status any faster
08:59:59LinusNdwihno: "dumb"?
09:00:08midkok, so the only thing we have that will speedup button repeat rates is changing "repeat finish" from 2 to 1?
09:00:18dwihnoLinusN: Well, it has three buttons and no kind of cool stuff at all.
09:01:01LinusNand possibly lowering repeat_start
09:01:15midkok. i have the modified button.c
09:01:21LinusNdwihno: it all depends on what the remote sends and how
09:01:22midki shall send it to you and you can review it
09:01:30midkif it is accepted could you also put the function into the plugin api?
09:01:31LinusNmidk: do so
09:02:20midkwe were also discussing setting a faster or slower repeat rate in the menus for scrolling... but that can be done later
09:02:51midki think a good idea would be "context sensitive" scrolling... longer lists is faster, shorter lists (only a few entries longer than the lcd) would be slower
09:03:05***Alert Mode OFF
09:04:31dwihnoLinusN: Well, I don't really know. It used to be for a CD player and is quite basic.
09:04:39dwihnoLinusN: Is there some kind of serial test plugin? :)
09:09:09amiconnLinusN: There was a request "show the last line of wps even it is partial" on the ml some days ago
09:10:34amiconnImo this could be done right away, cause unlike the comment on the ml says the font drawing could support clipping.
09:11:15amiconnThe font drawing uses lcd_bitmap(), which in turn does clipping (it even did before my changes)
09:12:26amiconnThe only thing I don't know (yet) is if the widget drawing (in case the last line is a level meter or progress bar) does also support clipping
09:17:56LinusNno they don't iirc
09:18:33LinusNi and daniel discussed this yesterday
09:18:54LinusNwe agreed upon supporting clipping
09:19:23LinusNfor all graphic primitives
09:21:06midklinus got that email?
09:21:54midkhow's it look?
09:22:03LinusNgood so far
09:23:13LinusNsince we will export the new function to the plugin api, we probably need some checks on the input
09:23:32midkyes, i'll leave that to you
09:23:43midkit was mostly your work anyways
09:23:58amiconnLinusN: As it comes to plugin api, would you mind if I add font_get() ?
09:24:23LinusNnot at all, why?
09:24:46amiconnI need that for font support in grayscale
09:24:56LinusNgo ahead
09:39:13 Quit adi|home (Client Quit)
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10:06:50 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
10:11:13midknothings happening
10:11:16midkthere's NEVER any new patches
10:11:28midki remember about a year ago there was a new patch every week or so
10:33:00midknite everybody
10:33:19midk*gets 4 hours of sleep
10:33:24midkassuming i get to bed NOW
10:33:27midkwhich is NOT happening
10:34:35 Quit midk ("nite. :DD:D::D")
10:34:46 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
10:40:47[IDC]DragonLinusN: I've seen some discussion about keyboard query for games. Why not just export the raw button_read(), so games can check what's really currently pressed?
10:44:21[IDC]Dragon(No repeat business whatsoever, just plain polling before the next update loop what's currently going on.) Such was very useful >20 years back when I was programming games for an 8 bit home computer.
10:47:59dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Have you committed your alpine stuff to the CVS?
10:53:13[IDC]Dragondwihno: no, should I? (It's of not much general use)
10:53:36[IDC]DragonLinusN: We'd better tell midk, or what's he doing?
10:55:20dwihno[IDC]Dragon: I think it would be a nice idea!
10:55:36dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Most of all - I got a dumb remote I intend to get working ;D
10:57:45 Join limbus [0] (
11:00:10dwihno[IDC]Dragon: Have you patched the firmware to automatically load your TSR plugin?
11:03:12[IDC]Dragondwihno: not yet, but I think I will
11:03:26[IDC]DragonIt's very annoying currently
11:04:15[IDC]Dragondwihno: my alpine stuff can be downloaded from my webspace
11:04:48amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Did you find my latest addition to the grayscale framework?
11:06:07dwihno[IDC]Dragon: I'm thinking what would be the easiest: 1) keep some kind of autoexec-script 2) start-these-plugins folder
11:06:28dwihno[IDC]Dragon: url?
11:11:38[IDC]DragonLinusN: any thoughts about autostart plugin loading?
11:14:28LinusNhaven't thought about it at all
11:20:16 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
11:22:52 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
11:24:14[IDC]Dragonoops, I foolishly dropped out
11:24:37[IDC]DragonLinusN: I rather ment opinion, not thought ;-)
11:31:14dwihnoSome kind of rockbox-generated autoexec file would be the best solution?
11:31:22dwihnoWhat is the best?
11:31:28dwihnoPerhaps keeping both options available?
11:31:48dwihnoAnd a third; we'll implement a system registry with several keys which will execute as well ;)
11:35:21[IDC]Dragona very simple first version would be to run autoexec.rock, if present
11:35:49[IDC]Dragondon't know how much this file seek would slow down the boot
11:46:59amiconn[IDC]Dragon: [11:05:06] <amiconn> [IDC]Dragon: Did you find my latest addition to the grayscale framework?
11:47:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:48:08[IDC]DragonHi Jens, yes, I've seen that yesterday
11:48:22[IDC]Dragonbut haven't had a deeper look
11:48:29 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:48:44amiconnMy latest addition is from last night...
11:48:46[IDC]Dragon(or was it today)
11:49:00[IDC]Dragonscroll by n pixel, yes
11:49:22[IDC]Dragonnow it's ready for arcade games, eh?
11:49:48amiconnYup. This helps the "final" scroll at the to/bottom of the image in your jpeg viewer.
11:49:58[IDC]DragonI know
11:50:36[IDC]Dragonbut this was a corner case only, the main amazement comes from your change a day ago
11:51:17amiconnAs you may remember, I thought of writing minesweeper some time ago, but didn't find a pleasant way of dealing with large playfields yet.
11:51:38[IDC]Dragonlarger than the screen?
11:52:44amiconnScrolling doesn't help for getting a quick overview, and without scrolling it is barely possible to fit 8x14 fields.
11:53:10amiconn8x14 is not really a challenge with minesweeper.
11:53:46amiconnBut last week I saw a digger style game on a colleague's cellphone.
11:54:05amiconn(Btw, not in grayscale, but b&w)
11:54:20amiconnNow I think this would be a much more interesting thing...
11:58:27[IDC]Dragonis that a platform game?
12:00:13amiconnNo. It is a game where you run around a "mine" consisting of blocks, which represent various materials.
12:00:37amiconnThere are sand, rocks, walls, diamonds etc.
12:02:40amiconnYou have to collect the diamonds by digging through the sand. You cannot go through walls, and beware of falling rocks if you take away something below them.
12:03:17amiconnThere are also some ghosts moving around.
12:03:45amiconnIf you have collected enough diamonds, you can go through a gate to the next level.
12:04:40amiconnThe ghost will hunt you as soon as they can escape their caves (because you've opened them)
12:04:57amiconnThey can be killed by letting a rock fall down on them.
12:06:59limbusahh. I played that on my c64 too often.
12:19:15[IDC]DragonI had no C64 but a very exotic machine
12:20:58LinusNBoulder Dash
12:41:52amiconnLinusN: yes
12:42:22LinusNone of my favourite games back in the old days
13:08:00 Join c0utta [0] (~c0utta@
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14:10:20 Quit [IDC]Dragon ("no fate but what we make")
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15:09:56 Part LinusN
15:10:32 Join LinusN [200] (
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15:35:09 Quit Strath ("Client closed")
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18:28:46 Join Christi-S [0] (
18:29:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:29:11*Christi-S wonders if anyone here understands voicefont creation.
18:33:16 Join AciD [0] (
18:46:28limbusChristi-S: it has to do with SAPI, of course
18:46:37limbusI suppose you have to head for [IDC]-Dragon
18:47:02Christi-SOh - I have samples. In fact, I was mad enough to generate them by mouth.
18:47:23Christi-SIt's getting them into a voicefont file in a sensible manner that the difficult bit.
18:48:10Christi-SSpecifically the voicefont generation program seems to want mp3s for the voice samples that are supposed to be empty.
18:48:23Christi-SAnd I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I should use.
18:56:34amiconnChristi-S: VoiceFont.exe does not require mp3s for empty voice entries.
18:57:51Christi-SI wonder if the compiled version I downloaded is out of date then, because it's definitely complaining at me.
18:58:16Christi-SWhich is kind of annoying, as I'd like to see if I've misnamed any of the real ones.
18:59:46amiconnLatest version on Jörg's homepage is dated 03-Apr-2004; that version definitely works for me.
19:01:17Christi-SHmm - Weird. I'm using that one too.
19:01:46Christi-SWonder if storing it on a UNIX box has frigged things about or something. I'll try grabbing a new .lang file.
19:03:35amiconnI had a look at the source - it definitely *requires* mp3s for every non-empty voice entry, but not for empty ones.
19:06:16amiconnIt shouldn't stop if it doesn't find a required mp3 - only print an error message and continue
19:08:01*Christi-S goes to poke around in the source.
19:08:18amiconnWhat message do you get?
19:09:41Christi-Sprocessing christi\LANG_BUTTON_BAR.mp3
19:09:41Christi-S335 LANG_BUTTON_BAR 3744
19:09:41Christi-Smp3 file christi\LANG_DIRBROWSE_F1.mp3 not found!
19:09:41DBUGEnqueued KICK Christi-S
19:09:41Christi-Smp3 file christi\LANG_DIRBROWSE_F2.mp3 not found!
19:09:41Christi-Smp3 file christi\LANG_DIRBROWSE_F3.mp3 not found!
19:09:41***Alert Mode level 1
19:09:41Christi-Sprocessing christi\VOICE_ZERO.mp3
19:09:43Christi-S339 VOICE_ZERO 2520
19:09:56Christi-SThat sort of thing.
19:12:54amiconnAhh, I never really had a look at the output - obviously it does look for an mp3 for _any_ entry, even those with an empty "voice:" string.
19:13:15amiconnBut it should continue to build a correct voice file anyway.
19:14:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:14:38*Christi-S nods. Yes, I think so. Just makes it hard to check that I've got all the files I actually need.
19:15:24amiconnI didn't care, since I build the mp3s automatically, with a script that controls tts.
19:16:21*Christi-S nods. It'd only be for manual generation that it would matter, I suppose.
19:16:59amiconnYou'll either have to compare the "xyz not found" messages with a list of empty "voice:" entries, or change the program to silently skip empty entries.
19:18:15*Christi-S nods. Shouldn't be too hard to change the program, assuming it compiles under UNIX (I have no Windows dev. environment.)
19:19:24amiconnIt should, since I tried to compile some of Jörg's tools with gcc/cygwin and it mostly worked.
19:19:42***Alert Mode OFF
19:21:47Christi-SHmm the #include sapi.h does not look promising for cross-platform compatibility.
19:22:47amiconn? I don't find an #include sapi.h in voicefont.cpp ?
19:23:37Christi-SAh - I am a muppet and downloaded the wrong file. Doh!
19:45:50 Join Nibbler [0] (
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20:03:59 Join Eris [0] (
20:04:13 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:04:16 Nick Eris is now known as Christi-S (
20:16:57Christi-SRight - that's a rough and unpleasant hackup done.
20:18:25 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:38:14Christi-SOK - so anyone fancy having a go with this voicefont file then? I haven't even got a jukebox to test it on.
20:38:39limbusmy one is an home :-/
20:39:49*Christi-S nods. Mine is 6000 miles away. But soon, soon.
20:58:34 Join kaboofa [0] (
21:16:47 Join matsl [0] (
21:35:17 Join unionpeak [0] (
21:35:53unionpeakhey i have a recorder v2 i just updated the software and when i try to run the jpeg viewer it says incompatible version any suggestions?
21:40:13elinenbeunionpeak: you need the latest rocks and the latest firmware.
21:41:35unionpeakyeah i have it
21:42:09unionpeakthats what i dont get
21:42:46unionpeakv2.2 rite
21:43:07unionpeakand i flashed
21:43:44Christi-SI think you need the daily build for jpeg support, although there appears to be a problem with the USB code at the moment.
21:44:45unionpeakyeah i just tried the daily build 2004-05-17 for recorderv2 and it still aint workin
21:45:05unionpeaksame w/ grayscale
21:45:37Christi-SWell people have been working on that code recently - they might've hosed it, I suppose.
21:46:19unionpeakyeah you know if its workin for anyone else?
21:46:42Christi-SNo idea. My JB is 6000 miles away, sadly.
21:46:55 Join scott666 [0] (
21:47:06 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:47:42unionpeakhmm o well thanks anyway
21:47:45 Quit unionpeak ("(i was using polaris irc) webpage:[]")
21:56:01 Join Cadoc [0] (~cadoc@
21:57:02Cadocanyone can specify what could all be broken if rockbox promts *PANIC* ata: -52
21:58:57 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59:19 Join c0utta [0] (~c0utta@
22:00:06 Join Christi-S [0] (~christi@
22:16:31 Quit Cadoc ("( :: NoNameScript 3.81 :: )")
22:18:36 Join AciD [0] (
22:22:40limbusCadoc: I had that once when I unplugged USB prematurely
22:35:55 Quit Christi-S ("If I were actually witty, this quitline would be funny.")
23:09:35 Join Bagder [0] (
23:12:37 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
23:18:40 Join BlueChip [0] (
23:21:04 Join LinusN [200] (
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23:24:39 Part LinusN
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23:26:24 Nick Unknown is now known as c0utta (
23:28:43 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
23:31:17 Join Christi-S [0] (
23:33:16 Join scott666 [0] (
23:35:21BlueChipevenin' scotty, thanks for all your help yesterday - hopefully that'll be the last change to the DevKit for some time
23:37:55 Join cjnr11 [0] (
23:37:59 Part cjnr11
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23:47:49*Christi-S pokes Bluechip. I can send you the original Audacity project file, or a sample of the noise, but I suspect it's not consistant across the entire recording.
23:48:30kaboofadoing a XPilot clone for my AP Java final.
23:52:57Christi-SOn second thoughts, no I can't. It's 188 MB zipped. I suspect the raw wavs aren't going to be much better either.
23:53:10BlueChipas you prefer
23:53:44scott666kaboofa: how was the AP test?
23:54:04Christi-SThanks for the offer though. But with a dialup connection, that's so not happening.
23:54:22BlueChipwel, if you change your mind, the offer stands
23:54:23kaboofascott666: rather easy :)
23:54:41scott666i took the C++ one last year
23:54:45scott666taking java next year
23:55:45Christi-SI could probably pop it in the post on a CD, if you're willing to email me your mailing address.
23:57:44BlueChipA kind offer, but unfortunately after a couple or rather unpleasant experiences with giving my details out, I have a "simply don't do it" policy now :(
23:58:34BlueChipperhaps you could do a high-bitrate mp3 of the wavs and send me a short snippet to see whether it would be worth the effort to search further
23:58:42Christi-S*nod* Understood. Thanks for the offer.

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