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#rockbox log for 2004-05-18

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00:13:12Christi-S_I hate dialup.
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01:30:29*BlueChip whistles the bod theme music
01:30:59*kaboofa sets things on fire
01:31:09kaboofathe more and more i have to use it, the more i hate java
01:31:26BoD[]i love Java
01:31:39BoD[]hey you know what
01:31:45kaboofai'm not liking the way i have to do graphics :(
01:31:51kaboofaI can't find any blt functions
01:31:59BoD[]my whole Archos / Rockbox era ... is over
01:32:05kaboofai'm trying to make an asteroids clone w/ a friend
01:32:10BoD[]I lost my ajbr20
01:32:44BoD[]i think i'll buy an iriver to replace that
01:33:21kaboofaI think i'm going to ignore graphics for now, and work on collision detection
01:33:48BlueChiplol - invisible death
01:34:21BlueChipcolliding with something you cannot see
01:34:30kaboofano no
01:34:34kaboofai mean, not drawing the graphics
01:34:50kaboofai know that all the ships are going to be 32x32
01:35:19BoD[]isn't your asteoid vectorial ?
01:35:48kaboofachunk of screen space 32x32
01:35:50kaboofain a png file
01:36:00kaboofagoing to use circles are the 'bounding boxes' for asteroids
01:36:01BoD[]too bad
01:36:16BoD[]well the original is vectorial :)
01:36:22kaboofaI know
01:36:25BoD[]that's cooler, you can zoom
01:36:30BlueChipsquare ships - "In this modern implementation of Asteroids you get to fly a Borg Cube" :)
01:36:35BoD[]you can play it on a lazer thing
01:36:50BoD[]you can play it on an osc :))
01:36:56kaboofaBlueChip: png has an alpha layer :P
01:37:14BlueChipkaboofa: Bluechip has a weird sense of humour :D
01:37:45kaboofaI know :)
01:37:54BlueChiphee hee
01:38:41BlueChipI decided a long time ago that if I could make everything that happens funny/funnier, I would be happy/happier more often far seems to be working
01:40:25BoD[]so anyway
01:40:27BoD[]i'm sad
01:40:31BoD[]i lost my archos :(
01:41:43BoD[]it was in my pocket
01:41:50BoD[]it fell somehow
01:41:59BoD[]and i was drunk so i forgot i had it
01:42:03BoD[]remembered the next day
01:42:10BlueChipbugger :(
01:42:11BoD[]but it was too late, somebody took it
01:42:29BoD[]yeah it sux
01:42:42BoD[]ok, it wasn't the best
01:42:52BlueChipAre you gonna get another, or get an iPod next?
01:42:58BoD[]but i planned to keep it at least one or two more years
01:43:13BoD[]well i'm sure I won't get an archos
01:43:19BoD[]but maybe iRiver
01:43:26BlueChipwhy not an archos?
01:43:26BoD[]or maybe the creative things
01:43:48BoD[]well i've had problems with my unit
01:43:56BoD[]bad soldering
01:44:08BoD[]and i decided i won't buy archos again
01:44:32BlueChipyou can port rockbox to your new unit :)
01:44:37BoD[]plus the bad attitude with the firmware thing
01:44:49BoD[]plus they're ugly ;)))
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01:49:24BlueChipGive me NiMHs & Hacked Firmware anyday
01:49:50BlueChipalthough, the iPod is a truly awesome bit of kit
01:51:59BoD[]plus you can install linux on it
01:52:12BoD[]and so, java
01:52:20kaboofawhich is retarded.
01:52:25BoD[]so you can play your asteroids game on it
01:52:39kaboofathe only reason i'm using java is because i'm FORCED to use java.
01:52:45kaboofaso i'm going to go all out and show the teacher up
01:52:56BlueChipgood man
01:53:44BoD[]what is your language of choice
01:53:51kaboofaor asm
01:53:58kaboofawith the win32 api
01:53:58BoD[]héhé wow
01:54:07BlueChipwin32 - ouch!
01:54:20BoD[]asm on win32 ?
01:54:22kaboofabc: largest end user base right now.
01:54:50BlueChipkab: agreed, but it's still horrible to use, especially in asm
01:54:52BoD[]but if you like win32 maybe you'll like .net ?
01:54:59BoD[]and/or c#
01:55:01kaboofaI like the ide
01:55:11kaboofai'm not a big fan of c# because it doesn't compile to native code
01:55:22kaboofaI love the ide actually
01:55:26kaboofaand the MSDN cds I get :)
01:55:46BoD[]yeah but then you can run it on different platforms
01:56:13kaboofayeah, so far c# runs on windows and uh... windows
01:56:19kaboofaand linux if you have gnu's patches
01:56:23kaboofaor whatever they did
01:57:11BoD[]c# rulez
01:57:21kaboofabecause you are a java fanboy
01:57:22kaboofaor girl
01:57:23kaboofai don't know
01:57:31BoD[]ahah :)
01:57:36BoD[]well i'm no girl
01:58:00BoD[]well i did C when I was young
01:58:17BoD[]but i hated these #define things
01:58:27kaboofa(this).setX = cos((this).getDir * speed);(this).setY = -sin((this).getDir * speed);
01:59:01BoD[]why the (this) ?
01:59:15BlueChipreference the current class?
01:59:20kaboofai forgot a bunch of crap there
01:59:22kaboofai'm getting tired ;\
01:59:30kaboofabc: yeah
01:59:48kaboofamy IDE isn't even bloody open
01:59:53kaboofaand i typed it into the wrong machine
01:59:56kaboofainto the wrong OS
01:59:58BoD[]well it's not need, unless you also defined locals with the same name, and also, why the parenthesis ?
02:00:03BlueChip#define is the greatest - get your compiler to write half your code for you
02:00:09kaboofayes :)
02:00:09 Join Strath [0] (
02:00:13BlueChipif you hate #define - you will loathe asm
02:00:31kaboofabod: eh, dunno.
02:00:36kaboofaagain, i'm not a java expert
02:00:52BoD[]well == foo
02:01:35BlueChipsurely = bar, no?
02:01:47BoD[]sorry no
02:02:01Strathis this foo that other foo
02:02:20Strathand if so, then you can go to the bar
02:03:03BoD[]there's a bar here called "the fubar"
02:03:18BoD[]too bad it's not "the foobar"
02:03:23Strathgeek themed?
02:03:34BoD[]just a regular irish pub
02:04:17BlueChipis that a US irish pub, or something that resembles an irish pub?
02:04:29Strathya... keep forgetting, usage of fubar, and it's derivatives, predate common techy usage
02:04:49BlueChipfastest game in the world: Pass-the-parcel in an irish pub
02:04:52BoD[]it's a french irish pub :)
02:05:06BoD[]i've never been in an authentic irish pub
02:06:02BlueChipwell, if you do, make sure you order a guiness
02:06:16BlueChipdon't worry, it actually tastes nice in ireland
02:06:29BoD[]ahhaha :)
02:06:32 Join unionpeak [0] (
02:06:36BoD[]are you irish ?
02:06:45BlueChipme? no
02:07:05unionpeakhey im wondering is there anyway to browse the files on the v2 recorder while ur listenin to a song
02:07:21BlueChipyes, press ON
02:07:41unionpeakhaha ok i just got the thing thanks
02:08:10BlueChipthere's a manual, its way out of date now, but it should still cover the basics
02:08:23 Quit unionpeak (Client Quit)
02:09:31BoD[]i will miss pressing ON to browse files
02:11:03BlueChipbut you wont miss your ugly, badly made unit with attitude problems :)
02:11:26BoD[]well :) i'll miss that too
02:11:37BoD[]plus it was becoming "obsoleet"
02:11:38BlueChipthen buy another!
02:12:11BlueChipthat's fair, wouldn't want something out-of-date, the advertisers would be most upset
02:12:21BoD[]that woulnd't be serious
02:12:50BoD[]i mean
02:12:54BoD[]ok i miss it
02:13:05BoD[]but not enough to buy another one ;)
02:14:20kaboofai need to make a new JPanel for every object I want to stick on the screen
02:14:44BoD[]you can have only one JPanel
02:15:10BoD[]but don't forget to make it have the null layout
02:15:20kaboofai have no idea how to use jpanels
02:15:36*kaboofa looks to his o'reilly book
02:47:41BoD[]it means
02:47:48BoD[]everything's allright?
02:48:30 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
02:48:32kaboofai'm not understanding it
02:48:46kaboofahow do you draw graphics?
02:48:55kaboofai can't find a BitBlt function
02:49:03kaboofalike, can youdo
02:49:28kaboofaImage penguin = new Image("/tux.jpg"); repaint();
02:49:31kaboofaand it should show tux
02:55:49BoD[]well yeah
02:56:27kaboofahow do you set WHERE you want it to repaint though?
02:57:17BoD[]repaint(int, int, int, int) ?
02:58:17kaboofai'm just confused about the whole thing
03:04:53BoD[]don't give up :)
03:14:12 Quit sunpower ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
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03:14:33kaboofaheadache from code :\
03:18:55 Quit BlueChip ("Trillian (")
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03:52:36kaboofaBoD[]: can you add an action listener to a JFrame?
04:38:32 Join midk [0] (
04:51:34 Join edouble [0] (
04:53:52edoublehey can anyone tell me what this Archos Recorder 20 is talking about when says: HD register error
04:53:52edoubleSC1 (85) 128
04:53:52edoubleSN1 (170) 128
04:53:52DBUGEnqueued KICK edouble
04:53:52edoubleSC2 (170) 128
04:53:52edoubleSN2 (85) 128
04:54:40 Join [IDC]Dragon [0] (
04:56:01BlueChipedouble: you're best shot is to repeat your question for the man who just logged on
04:56:22edoubleThanks BC!
04:56:32edoublehey can anyone tell me what this Archos Recorder 20 is talking about when says: HD register error
04:56:54edoubleSC1 (85) 128
04:56:54edoubleSN1 (170) 128
04:56:54edoubleSC2 (170) 128
04:56:54***Alert Mode level 1
04:56:54edoubleSN2 (85) 128
04:56:54***Alert Mode level 2
04:56:54edoubleprogress bar hangs with 3 bars
04:56:54***Alert Mode level 3
04:56:54edoubleOS Version 1.28
04:57:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:57:09*[IDC]Dragon wonders if he's the one who just logged on
04:57:22edoubletried popping it into a thinkpad and ran scandisk. Only found one bad sector in the middle of the disk.
04:57:39[IDC]Dragonlokks like not flashed?
04:57:42edoubleDragon, it appears so! If you kindly have any info. that would be great.
04:58:07[IDC]DragonI don't have much of an idea
04:58:26edoubleNot flashed? strange, it was workin!
04:58:35[IDC]Dragonir is? OK
04:58:51[IDC]DragonI'm not awake to type straight
04:59:05BlueChipthought you were up late ;)
04:59:21edoubleHaha,! The jukebox 20 recorder is not working no more. Hangs on 3 bars with the Register Error.
04:59:25[IDC]Dragon5 am here
04:59:50[IDC]Dragonis it's flashed, whay do you have bars?
05:00:10edoubleFlashed with rockbox that is? yep.
05:00:36edoubleor actually whatever the latest version is in case thats not it
05:00:48BlueChipedouble: there was never a rockbox v1.28 for flashing
05:00:49[IDC]Dragonflashed or just loaded?
05:00:59[IDC]Dragon1.28 is Archos
05:01:04edoubleactually, just loaded.
05:01:13edoubleit WAS runnign the latest rockbox just find
05:01:24edoublejust before this problem happened.
05:01:33[IDC]Dragonwhat happened ?
05:02:07edoubleRockbox was doin fine. Just stopped workin.
05:02:52edoubleyou got the error codes I posted here?
05:03:17[IDC]Dragonbut this is no error issued by Rockbox
05:03:30[IDC]Dragonthis is still the Archos software
05:03:40edoubleah hrm...
05:03:44[IDC]DragonI don't know what these codes mean
05:03:54edoubledoes archos make those public?
05:03:58[IDC]Dragonnot our code
05:04:15[IDC]DragonI doubt it
05:04:30edoublewonder wtf is up. Works in a laptop. Perhaps some internal circuitry got broke?
05:04:36[IDC]Dragonthey never published anything technical
05:05:08[IDC]Dragonmaybe you should try to reformat it
05:05:46edoubleok what's the purpose of flashing? vs. loading the rockbox.
05:06:02[IDC]Dragonit's just a lot faster
05:06:31[IDC]Dragonyou instantaneously have Rockbox, no Archos loader
05:06:55***Alert Mode OFF
05:06:55edoubleoh, didn't realize that. How cool!
05:06:58[IDC]Dragon~4 sec from off to resume music playback
05:07:48edoubleso will archos corp be totally usefull/less in helping me here?
05:08:09[IDC]Dragonyou can try
05:08:32[IDC]Dragonhaven't heared too much praise
05:08:47edoublethey refurbed this unit for me once
05:08:52[IDC]Dragoncan you try another disk?
05:09:20edoublei can... RTFM for the details on initalizing a new disk?
05:09:42[IDC]Dragonjust format it with FAT32
05:11:31edoublewill it come up with thye Archos software then?
05:17:35edoublewill popping in a win2000 bootable drive damage alter the os on the drive?
05:18:18edoubleso it should be safe then
05:18:36[IDC]Dragonto swap in your notebook disk?
05:18:54[IDC]Dragonshould do, if it's FAT32
05:19:01[IDC]Dragonone partition
05:19:18[IDC]Dragon(dunno if that's a requirement)
05:20:28edoublemin size?
05:21:08elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: late there?
05:21:17[IDC]Dragonearly here
05:21:19elinenbewhat are you up so late working on?
05:21:41[IDC]Dragonwaking up sleepless, there's so much going on now
05:21:53[IDC]DragonI need to distract my thoughts
05:22:12[IDC]Dragonso I came here to meet some boring people ;-)
05:22:44BlueChipI have a very interesting collection of milk bottle tops ;)
05:22:47edoublehey we're not boring people we've just got boring problems!
05:23:07[IDC]DragonBlueChip: tell me
05:23:44[IDC]Dragonwe're buying a piece of land to build a house
05:24:11BlueChipoh wow! /me seeps envy
05:24:23[IDC]Dragonso you may not see me around very often inthe future
05:24:44[IDC]DragonI have to cut this down very seriously
05:25:37BlueChipYou have done more than your fair share for this project - we'll be sad to miss you for a while
05:26:08[IDC]DragonI'd like to clean a few things up
05:26:26[IDC]Dragonbut I was pretty much through with my "list"
05:26:45BlueChipSuch a shame we never got the last bit of information to do WAV playback
05:27:06BlueChipwe got soooo close :(
05:27:16[IDC]Dragonask Rocker
05:27:42[IDC]Dragonhe should be able to give you the piece of download code
05:27:55[IDC]Dragonit's used in the AV3x0
05:28:01*BlueChip jaw hits the floor
05:28:32BlueChipis the MAS chip wired the same as ours - the code I got required a hardware mod
05:28:57[IDC]DragonI don't know if wav over serial is possible
05:29:13[IDC]Dragonour parallel is input only
05:29:21edoubleHEY BC popping in a new drive (not freshly reformatted) still hangs on 3 bars...
05:29:35edoubleer...that was a misdirected comment me thinks....
05:29:42BlueChipcertainly not a full 44.1/16 - but even a low bitrate would open a LOT of doors
05:29:56BlueChipedouble: sounds like a dodgy connection to me
05:30:42edoubleoh! me poor jukebox!~
05:32:48BlueChipSo Dragon, if you like to say, where are you building your house?
05:33:24[IDC]Dragonright where I live (not in Hawai)
05:34:52BlueChipIt's always been a dream of mine - bit of land in the country side - although I think putting it in the middle of a Maze might be a little deluded - lol
05:35:18[IDC]Dragonit's very little land, in the city
05:35:36BlueChipRecording Studio in the basement?
05:35:43[IDC]Dragonjust enough for a house
05:36:06[IDC]DragonJukebox Studio in the basement
05:36:30[IDC]Dragonrecorder, actually
05:37:45BlueChipIt's going to be the future here in the UK, my "2-up, 2-down" is now worth about £140,000 - house prices are getting stupid
05:38:17BlueChipyou need about £0.3M for a reasonable house
05:38:34[IDC]Dragonhow does euro convert to pound?
05:38:57BlueChipabout 1.6 E == £1 iirc going on for about E0.5M
05:40:01[IDC]Dragoncheaper here
05:40:20[IDC]Dragonwe expect maybe 0.35
05:40:49BlueChipI presume you can build pretty much what you want though?
05:41:15[IDC]Dragonwithin 8.5m width and 1.5 stories high
05:42:11BlueChip1.5 stories?? how do you build 0.5 of a story?
05:42:44[IDC]Dragonthat's how we call it if the roof starts at the upper floor
05:43:17[IDC]Dragonso the outer walls have an angle from maybe 1m height on
05:43:42BlueChipriiight, yes, that makes sense - so windows in the roof (skylights)?
05:44:26BlueChipHow long will it take to build?
05:44:41BlueChip<1 yr?
05:44:50[IDC]Dragonwe just said OK to the land owner#
05:45:06[IDC]Dragonyes, less
05:45:49BlueChipWhat % is land cost? (hope you don't mind me asking all these Q's, it's just that you are living my dream)
05:46:16[IDC]Dragonabout 1/3
05:46:35[IDC]DragonI thought your dream is the countryside?
05:47:41BlueChipI would also prefer a bungalo (one storey) ...but you've still got my imagination going
05:47:51***No seen item changed, no save performed.
05:48:57BlueChip(kettle) brb
05:52:33 Quit elinenbe (Connection timed out)
05:53:35 Quit scott666 ("i'll be back...eventually...")
05:55:29 Quit midk ("yo yo yo cya later YO YO YO wasa wasa!")
06:01:49 Join roguefire [0] (
06:02:20roguefirei have a problem with my fm jbr
06:02:43BlueChiplol - most first time callers do ;)
06:02:51roguefireit's making a skipping sound, do you have any idea why?
06:03:06BlueChipare you running the latest "daily build"?
06:03:13roguefirei think so
06:03:53BlueChipwhere (& when) did you download it from?
06:04:19roguefirerockbox site a couple of days ago
06:04:48roguefireit makes a skipping sound when it's connected to my computer
06:05:00BlueChipwhat is the yyyymmdd version code on the boot/version screen?
06:05:22roguefirejust a second
06:06:33BlueChiphmmm - yesterday's build - you say "while connected to the computer" ...connected in what way?
06:06:46roguefirethrough the usb
06:06:58BlueChipso you are playing the mp3's on the c with (eg) winamp?
06:07:04BlueChipc -> pc
06:07:17roguefireno i'm transferring files
06:07:50BlueChiphmm - it is impossible to play files while connected to the pc!?
06:08:34BlueChipwhen the usb port is enabled all the jbr does is show a usb screen - the firmware is locked out
06:09:07BlueChipperhaps i did not undertand the word "skipping"
06:09:27roguefirethe sound is coming from inside the machine-
06:09:39roguefireits like the HD is skipping
06:09:57BlueChipAhhh, yes the HDD will make noises - that's normal
06:10:05roguefireno, but its differnt
06:10:21roguefirelike a continuous skipping sound
06:10:39BlueChipdoes everything else work perfectly?
06:11:12roguefireno, sometimes when i push a button the thing thinks i pushed a differnt button
06:11:28roguefirelike up= f2
06:12:01BlueChipthis problem has been reported by several people - i don't kow what the core devs are doing about it - that should be reported to the mailing list
06:12:09roguefireo ok
06:12:31roguefirethis thing is driving me nuts, i think im gonna smash it
06:13:03roguefirewould dropping it be a cause for a skipping sound?
06:13:35BlueChipdropping hdd's is not healthy for them - especially if it was accessing at the time
06:13:51roguefirecan it be fixed
06:14:03BlueChipyeah fer sure, pop the back off and put a new hdd in :)
06:14:23roguefiredo you think i can return it?
06:14:38BlueChipgotta be worth a shot
06:14:45BlueChipdid you flash it with Rockbox?
06:15:11roguefireflash it? is that the dangerous thing that could result in a dead box?
06:15:22BlueChipnot much of a risk, but yes
06:15:39roguefirewhats that all about, i read about it but didn't understand
06:15:58BlueChipput the new firmware in a chip instead of on the hdd - just makes it boot quicker
06:16:32roguefireok... would that void my warranty?
06:17:01BlueChipit's all a bit debatable, but probably, yes
06:17:15roguefireok, so i'm not gonna do it,yet
06:17:32roguefiredo you use the movie plugin?
06:17:40BlueChipnot personally
06:17:53roguefirehave you ever converted a move to .rvf
06:18:07BlueChipno - but there are some windoze gui's for it now
06:18:34roguefiregui? is that the tool thing for making movies?
06:19:24BlueChipgraphical user interface
06:19:44roguefireyeah thats probably it
06:19:47BlueChipno, it is a point and clik interface for the command line tools
06:20:27roguefireok, i dont kno what that means, but it doesnt matter.
06:20:51roguefiredo you know of a good avi converter
06:21:15BlueChipyou mean avi->rvf?
06:21:42roguefireno like mpg/wma/mpeg etc. to avi
06:23:16BlueChipbest I can do :(
06:23:31BlueChipfor ???->mpg, i suggest TMPEGENC
06:23:50roguefireok thanks anyway
06:24:05roguefirei got another q
06:24:25roguefirei cant remember it,
06:24:36roguefireo i remember
06:25:09roguefiredo you think it would be possible to make an instrument tuner plugin, utilizing the mic?
06:26:04BlueChipwhat an amazingly cool idea ...errrrrrrr
06:26:35BlueChipI'm going with no, but I would be mighty happy to be proved wrong
06:27:02roguefiredo you know who would be the one to do it?
06:27:56BlueChipI wouldn't want to name names, but you'd spark the most interest by hitting the mailing list with it
06:28:21roguefiredo you do that kind of stuff, the plugin making stuff?
06:28:32BlueChipsure do
06:28:41roguefirewhat have you done?
06:29:08BlueChipliterally writing the html as we speak
06:29:29roguefireholy crap, you did the othelo game?
06:29:55BlueChipNew version online a couple of days ago
06:30:06roguefirecool man, i love that game
06:30:11BlueChipthank you :)
06:30:27roguefireso there are other games for rockb.
06:30:39BlueChipother than?
06:30:48roguefireon ur site
06:31:06roguefirehow come there not in the rockbox plugins?
06:31:07BlueChipsnake, tetris, klondike, star, sokoban
06:31:32BlueChipcoding demo
06:31:46roguefirestarfield is a coding demo?
06:31:55BlueChipsure is :)
06:32:01roguefirewhats that?
06:32:35BlueChipme showing off
06:32:42roguefireo cool
06:32:46BlueChipthink "flashy screen saver"
06:32:53roguefireooo i c
06:33:08roguefireare there anymore cool games in the works?
06:33:47BlueChipSome that are only happening in my head atm, a guy called midknight is working on breakout
06:34:28roguefirebreakout? hows that go?
06:34:52BlueChipbat, ball, little blocks
06:35:09roguefireok sounds cool. any idea when itl be done?
06:36:13BlueChipdepends on how much time midknight dedicates to it - maybe a few weeks?
06:36:30roguefirecool ill be looking forward to it
06:36:59roguefiredo you know of any keybord app. or search app. for rockbox?
06:37:03BlueChipif he pulls his finger out, it might be the first full greyscale game
06:37:22BlueChipYou mean like the rename file keyboard?
06:37:47roguefirea virtual keyboard
06:38:01BlueChipA search plugin has been requested a lot, but no programmer is really interested in the project
06:38:22roguefirehmm that sucks
06:38:30BlueChiptry to rename a file, you will see a keyboard :)
06:38:37BlueChipdo you program?
06:38:48roguefireno i dont kno how
06:39:00roguefirewherd you learn
06:40:00BlueChipin my bedroom as a kid with a sinclair zx81
06:40:24roguefirewhats that?
06:40:37BlueChip"the first home computer under £100"
06:40:46roguefireo ok
06:40:59BlueChipthink is was a tsr80 in the US
06:41:11roguefirewould a pacman game be hard to make?
06:41:18BlueChipno, quite simple
06:41:47roguefirecould you make it?
06:41:59roguefirewould you make it?
06:42:05BlueChipmaybe one day
06:42:19edoublesinclair nice vintage:
06:42:44BlueChipmissed the zx80, by the time I saved up my pennies the zx81 was out
06:42:54BlueChip256bytes of RAM
06:43:12roguefirewell thanks for the help BC i'll see ya later
06:43:19BlueChipl8rz roguefire
06:43:25 Part roguefire
06:44:16edoublebc or anyone got any good general discussion techie programmer IRC channels
06:44:45BlueChipno, this is about the only irc channel i frequent - got a specific problem?
06:46:08edoublenot a problem. Haven't been on IRC for years, piqued my interest again and I was just curious about common or popular channels geeks like me frequent.
06:50:07 Quit BlueChip (
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07:43:48 Part edouble
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10:21:42 Join dwihno_ [0] (~dw@
10:22:04 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihnoi (~dw@
10:24:40BlueChiphey, dwihno, what ever happened with your GUI interface?
10:24:53 Quit dwihnoi (Client Quit)
10:25:10lImbus_uhh. made him firghten ?
10:25:16lImbus_err, frighten ?
10:27:24BlueChipI have that effect on people
10:31:47 Join cjnr11 [0] (
10:31:48 Join cjnr112 [0] (
10:31:49 Quit cjnr11 (Remote closed the connection)
10:31:54 Part cjnr112
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10:32:15 Part cjnr11
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10:40:18 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
10:44:46 Part dwihno
10:46:14lImbus_BlueChip: BTW: The plugins are missing on cyborgssystems again. just wanted to have some klondike, but only Audio_3587 is there
10:47:00BlueChipI'm updating the site as we speak - Try navigating from the home page
10:47:06BlueChipThanks for mentioning it though
10:47:32lImbus_whoa. a home page
10:48:47lImbus_uhh, no klondike-code ?
10:48:54BlueChipNot yet
10:49:42lImbus_you wrote embarassing code ;-) ?
10:50:36BlueChiplol - i want to tweak the card engine so that the arrays are numbered from 1
10:51:33BlueChipall that -1 crap makes the code trickier to read
10:52:46lImbus_I suppose bc_*.h is inline style so you can reuse your code ?
10:53:37BlueChipyes, there has also been talk of supporting "Framework" code in Rockbox, which will make life simpler
10:54:25lImbus_yeah, I read that. Apart from the fact that code _should_ not be in headers, it's fine solution for me
10:55:11BlueChipthe current plugin system makes it IMPOSSIBLE to move the code to seperate .c files :(
10:56:35BlueChipin fact, when Othelo was ported to the plugin system (not by me) all the _valid_ .h files were included in Othelo.c!?
11:17:59 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
11:17:59 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:18:21 Quit dwihno (Client Quit)
11:19:07 Join dwihno [0] (~dw@
11:22:53BlueChiplimbus: I've put a redirector on the old page now - thanks again for mentioning it :)
11:23:41amiconnLinusN, listening?
11:32:05lImbus_BlueChip: everytime. gotta go to work now.
11:32:25BlueChiphave a good one :) byeeeeee
11:32:42 Join Fedor [0] (
11:32:48 Quit lImbus_ (" I love my HydraIRC -> <-")
11:32:50FedorHi ppl!
11:32:57FedorLinusN: respect!
11:35:31BlueChipHi Fedor - gotta ask, what cool thing has Linus done now?
11:35:53FedorQuestion for people who are into hardware. What type of LCD in multimedia machines???
11:36:11FedorBlueChip: doesnt matter, he just first on the channel who i had contact with ;)))))
11:36:22BlueChip:) good choice :)
11:36:56Fedori need a blooody connectors for that lcd.... ;(
11:37:44BlueChiplcd? I;m confused - for MM I favour CRT
11:38:03FedorBlueChip: what?
11:38:31FedorBlueChip: i mean JBMM20 machines of course.
11:38:31BlueChiptouché - lol
11:38:39FedorBlueChip: dont start
11:39:07BlueChipSadly not supported by Rockbox :(
11:39:46FedorBlueChip: i know. but doesnt matter.... i have to move a screen about 6-7 santimeters away from mobo... just looking for smart ideas how to do it less painfull ;)
11:40:20Fedorin worst case, and i actually very close to - will unsolder damn connectors from mobo ;)
11:41:33Fedorgotta smoke
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12:14:11 Quit limbus ()
12:15:56 Join limbus [0] (
12:48:50amiconnLinusN, are you around??
12:56:41 Join Nibbler [0] (
13:09:16amiconnLinusN: First, I would like to know if there is any progress on support for multiple source files for plugins.
13:10:22LinusNthis is one of the issues that will be discussed on the upcoming rockbox devcon this friday
13:10:35amiconnIt would also be desirable to make libray-like frameworks (xxx.a), where the linker could pick only those functions from that are really used.
13:10:52dwihnoDevCon! DevCon1
13:11:49amiconnSecond, I would like to know what plans are there for rewriting the gfx core for clipping support.
13:12:02amiconnPerhaps I could help there.
13:12:59amiconnImho, there should be some more functions, and e.g. lcd_bitmap() could benefit from a <stride> parameter.
13:14:24amiconnFurthermore I am wondering if the concept could/should be changed slightly.
13:14:28amiconnThese ideas came to mind while implementing the grayscale graphics core:
13:15:12dwihnofont aliasing!
13:15:16dwihnotoo space consuming
13:15:54amiconn- Currently, there is one function for ever draw mode (drawline/clearline; fillrect/invertrect etc)
13:16:25amiconnThis could be replaced by one function per graphics primitive, and one function to set the draw mode.
13:16:42amiconn(Pretty much like there is a function to set the current font)
13:19:08LinusNand the benefit would be?
13:21:00amiconnThis would give less code size because code duplication would be avoided.
13:21:20Fedordoes anyone have schematics JBMM20?
13:21:45LinusNi don't
13:22:23LinusNamiconn: why the stride parameter?
13:22:27amiconnThis could also be done with adding a draw mode parameter to every function, but having too many parameters isn't good imho.
13:23:30amiconnThe stride parameter (already existing internally since my modification) would help for drawing partial left-clipped bitmaps (e.g. needed for left-scrolled text)
13:26:42LinusNgo ahead and implement it
13:28:20amiconnI could do so, but won't without "ok" from the core team, since this will be an incompatible api change.
13:29:29LinusNyou would of course have to fix all calls to lcd_bitmap(), or make a new function, lcd_bitmap_ex()
13:29:39LinusNor something
13:31:30amiconnThe necessity to fix all lcd_bitmap() calls is obvious if I change lcd_bitmap() directly, but this would also imply an incompatible change to the plugin api.
13:31:46amiconnOf course, lcd_bitmap_ex() would be an option...
13:37:41 Join elinenbe [0] (
13:43:57LinusNi don't care much about keeping the plugin api compatible
13:44:55LinusNyes, it's a minor nuisance when you get "incompatible version", but a recompile solves the problem
13:45:34amiconnIn this case, a simple recompile won't do it, the source has to be modified (additional parameter for lcd_bitmap())
13:45:59LinusNyes, so you will have to change a few more files
13:46:15amiconnI would do this for all plugins within cvs, but it would be an issue for plugins in the patch tracker
13:46:47LinusNthen the submitters would have to take care of that
13:47:02LinusNhow many plugins do we have in the tracker?
13:47:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:48:18amiconnFurthermore, I would like to know your approach to clipping support first.
13:48:34LinusNwe plan to add clipping
13:48:36amiconnIf this would enable negative x and y coordinates, the stride parameter wouldn't be necessary externally, but could be computed within lcd_bitmap()
13:50:07BlueChipafter consideration, I opted for -x,-y in mine
13:51:18BlueChipmakes the controlling code easier to write - eg, getting the space ship to move off the left of the screen
13:51:43LinusNgood point
13:53:45amiconnThis would also simplify the text left clipping in lcd_putxyofs: If a letter is at least partially visible, it would simply call lcd_bitmap(); clipping is handled there.
13:54:44BlueChipabsolutely :)
13:55:22LinusNsounds like we should support negative coordinates then... :-)
13:56:00BlueChipIt makes life a lot simpler for both core & plugin coders - imho
13:59:45LinusNmeeting time
14:03:23BlueChipami - if it's gonna make it into core feel free to take ideas/code/whatever from my libs
14:07:06BlueChip(not that i think you need it)
14:31:48amiconnBlueChip: On you page, way down, is a mistake: "Flash%quot;
14:36:14BlueChipthanks dude, I am literally working on that section as we speak :)
14:36:43BlueChip(well, slight lie, I've just taken a quick break to reply to an email)
15:03:22 Join midk [0] (mk@
15:03:46midkhi all
15:06:18*Tempis stumbles into work
15:07:56limbushi midk
15:08:12midkhi LinusN, limbus
15:09:02 Join Guest1 [0] (
15:09:09Guest1hi anybody in?
15:09:28Guest1i'm trying to reflash my rockbox, but i need some assistance
15:10:08midki'm here
15:10:53Guest1cool, well - should i use firmware_flash or rockbox_flash?
15:11:47Guest1and as far as i remember i need a new binary as well, isnt it? like firmware_rec.bin ....
15:13:15 Join Guest11 [0] (
15:13:16 Quit Guest1 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13:31Guest11sorry ... got disconnected.. do you have an idea?
15:13:36midkyes, check out the flash page
15:14:16 Join Christi-S [0] (~christi@
15:14:26amiconnhi midk
15:14:34midkhi amiconn
15:15:13midkGuest11: got it then?
15:15:21amiconnmidk: I consider changing the grayscale api a bit and are wondering if my new approach might be a good idea
15:15:35midkamiconn: i'm listening :)
15:16:35Guest11well, I'm wondering if i get the newest version ... the website looks like the one i used some months ago...
15:16:57midkto flash, guest, use the one in the package
15:16:58amiconnI think instead of having all those parameters in every function, it may be desirable to have some functions to set foreground pen, background pen, and draw mode.
15:17:01midkyou can update it afterwards
15:17:33amiconnSubsequent drawing instructions would then use the values set by these functions, until you set them again.
15:17:42midksuch as for gray_drawbitmap?
15:17:54Guest11are the binaries changed? or is it still the version that arose when flashing was possible the first time?
15:18:03amiconnmidk: yup.
15:18:18midkguest: it doesn't matter, just use the one in the pack + update later
15:18:31amiconnThis would save fg_brightness, bg_brightness and draw_bg parameters.
15:18:45midkwhat else is it used by?
15:18:54midki thought only for gray_drawbitmap
15:19:08amiconnThe draw_bg would be replaced by a more generic "draw mode", of which there would be 4:
15:20:08midkoh i like that!
15:20:36Guest11okay, so I'll flash it right now with the package and take the ajbrec.ajz of the daily build... i hope i understood correctly.. THANKS!
15:20:54midkuse the ajbrec.ajz from the flash pack
15:20:58amiconnThis would definitely be good for gray_drawbitmap, but maybe also for gray_xxxrect, gray_xxxline etc, which would then be replaced by a single function for each primitive.
15:20:59midkand the plugins
15:21:07midkand the firmware_rec(_norom).bin
15:22:15midkamiconn: if all the rect and line functions were using foreground and background, i think that would be a bit too complicated
15:22:16 Quit Guest11 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:23:13amiconnOf course, the line functions would only use foreground, which would mean that draw modes (1) and (3) would be identical, and mode (2) would do nothing.
15:23:58midkyes, but that also means changing it every time you need a differently colored line
15:24:55amiconnYes. I want to get an idea if this approach would be faster or slower.
15:25:37midki could propose an alternative:
15:25:46amiconnIf you have to change the values between each two graphics calls, it would be slower, but if you have to draw several primitives with the same settings, it would be faster.
15:26:42midkoh hm
15:26:48LinusNgotta go
15:26:50 Part LinusN
15:26:58amiconnThat was fast...
15:27:04midkyeah lol
15:27:11midkok i was going to say a parameter for each function
15:27:19 Join Guest11 [0] (
15:27:33Guest11alright! thanks midk
15:27:34midkie gray_set_parameters(int fg_bitmap, int bg_bitmap, int line_darkness, int rect_darkness)
15:27:42midkno problem Guest11
15:27:53midki'll assume at this point it works :)
15:29:11midkamiconn: so that you could keep your bitmaps and lines seperate darknesses
15:29:12 Quit Guest11 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:29:47amiconnHmm. I think this would be too much parameters. Too bad that there is no simple way for optional parameters in C
15:29:57amiconn*too many
15:30:13BlueChipcan you not "..." for extra prams in C?
15:30:50midkamiconn: that's what i considered, but i also considered that you wouldn't have to change it every time you need a new darkness
15:30:59midkor wait! preset darknesses!
15:31:00BlueChip(grabs C book)
15:31:17midkgray_set_parameters(int preset_1, int preset_2, int preset_3);
15:31:24amiconnBlueChip: Iirc you can, but this adds quite a bit of overhead (if I'm not totally wrong)
15:31:31BlueChiphow is printf defined?
15:31:35BlueChipahh right
15:32:16amiconnBut this would be really good: if you don't give the extra parameters, use the pre-set ones defined with e.g. gray_set_foreground()
15:32:41amiconnIf you give them, it would use these and wouldn't change the presets.
15:34:22amiconnI will have a look how much overhead this adds in the evening.
15:34:41amiconnmidk: Btw, font support already works (not yet committed)
15:34:56midkamiconn: sounds good, if i can't get my own working well :)
15:36:08amiconnThere will be gray_setfont(), gray_getstringsize() and gray_putsxy(). These can use the 2 fonts currently defined in Rockbox
15:36:43BlueChipami: setfont() very interesting - will you be able to choose any font available?
15:36:57midkjust like lcd_setfont i'd presume
15:37:19midkamiconn: considered "gray_puts"?
15:37:32BlueChipI was amazed to discover that you cannot select any font with the current core code
15:38:24amiconnmidk: Why? I guess grayscale won't be used for text-only applications, so putsxy() seems to make more sense
15:39:17BlueChipI've yet to understand the difference between puts and putsxy
15:39:21midki meant both... i guess it's not needed, but it's just an idea
15:39:29amiconnBlueChip: No. Currently there are 2 fonts available: FONT_SYSFIXED and FONT_UI.
15:39:55midkBlueChip: putsxy uses (x, y, "test") −− puts is puts(char, char, "test"
15:40:14midkie puts(2, 0, "test") would place "test" over 2 characters and down 0
15:40:31midkwhich would translate to putsxy(12, 0, "test")
15:40:37amiconnBlueChip: Very easy: putsxy puts the text at pixel position (x, y), while puts puts it ( :) ) at (column, line)
15:40:42Christi-SShould be possible to implement as a macro anyway.
15:41:00midktime for midk to go
15:41:03midkgood luck on that amiconn
15:41:12 Quit midk ()
15:41:29amiconnChristi-S: Not easily. The y position of a line has to be computed (varies with font height)
15:41:38BlueChipami: so do you plan for set_font("rocklatin") ?
15:42:13Christi-SIsn't font height stored in a global? (I don't know the source code at all, I'm afraid, so I'm rather guessing.)
15:42:34amiconnNo, see above. gray_setfont(int font). Font can be FONT_SYSFIXED (==0) or FONT_UI (==1)
15:42:58BlueChipso the same restrictive font support :(
15:43:20Christi-SI suspect the problem with font support is that it all takes up memory.
15:43:45BlueChipSo if I want anything else I will have to recode the font and write my own routines
15:44:36Christi-SIs there any particular reason you want to use more than one font at a time?
15:44:58amiconnThe font_load() function might be exposed to the plugin api, but if you use it, this would replace the ui font set by the user
15:45:31BlueChipAh yes, that might be a work around, font_load(), set_font(UI)
15:46:18BlueChipi feel a #define coming on :)
15:46:23amiconnThe problem is how to reset the user-defined font on exit
15:47:23BlueChiphmm - would need a get_font() call to ask what is currently loaded
15:47:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:15amiconnThe path and file name of the currently loaded font isn't stored in the font struct
15:49:56BlueChipso effectively plugins remain without font support :(
15:52:48amiconnBlueChip: We'd have to convince the core team that support for an additional (third) "font slot" is needed.
15:53:04amiconnThis is already prepared in the core, only commented out
15:53:08BlueChipor just some way to know what to reload when we've finished
15:53:46BlueChip(which imho, should be done by plugin_load() )
15:54:09amiconnAs reloading might fail, it would require additional error handling, which adds complexity...
15:54:25BlueChipwhy should a reload fail?
15:55:52amiconnPerhaps the font file was renamed/moved/deleted by the user after booting rockbox
15:56:42BlueChiphm, okay, in which case you're in trouble at next boot also
15:57:01 Join Guest1 [0] (
15:57:40amiconnBlueChip: correct, but then it's not the problem of the plugin...
15:57:59BlueChipbut still the problem for font_load()
15:58:20BlueChipso surely the error code is already in place?
15:58:30BlueChiperror code -> error handling
15:58:38Guest1hi again... sorry - I've flashed version 2.2 and put a CVS build of today into the root directory... do i have to tell the version 2 to automatically load the ajbrec.ajz?
15:59:04BlueChipwhy not flash the version you want to use?
15:59:17amiconnGuest1: Flashed rockbox doesn't look for ajbrec.ajz on startup
15:59:46Guest1hm, that's what i originally was looking for, but where do i get the *bin file for the current build?
16:00:06Guest1when i visit the flash site, i get the binaries of 2.2
16:00:09amiconnSo to get the current version flashed, put it on the disk, boot rockbox (this brings up v2.2), then RoLo into the current version.
16:00:28BlueChip*.ucl - errr, suspect on the downloads page somewhere
16:00:41amiconnAfter that you can "play" the file "rockbox.ucl" which would fire up rockbox_flash.rock and flash it.
16:01:03BlueChipguest: listen to ami :)
16:01:14Guest1aha ... i'll try that - thanks so far!
16:02:27elinenbeamiconn: helloooooo there!
16:02:27 Quit Guest1 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:02:32elinenbeBlueChip: hi!
16:02:43amiconnhi elinenbe
16:02:46BlueChiphey there elinenbe :)
16:02:47elinenbeamiconn: nice changes with the jpeg viewer...
16:03:08elinenbeamiconn: I heard a rumor you are working on a bolderdash clone?
16:04:19 Join Guest1 [0] (
16:04:23amiconnelinenbe: Not yet working on it, but I like that idea much more than minesweeper...
16:04:44Guest1verify okay... ! thanks amiconn and bluechip :D
16:08:14elinenbeamiconn: you can find an example game here with source:
16:08:16 Quit Guest1 (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:17:32amiconnelinenbe: Thanks for the link. Unfortunately this is in assembler.
16:18:11Christi-SWhere is the assembler for the Archos documented?
16:27:26amiconnChristi-S: See
16:28:30limbusIs anybody intrested in a VS.NET Project-File for the rockbox-Stuff ? It doesn't compile either, but all symbols are known and can be browsed ;-)
16:31:55 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
16:44:14BlueChipany reason why it cannot be compiled?
16:44:28BlueChipI know nothing of .net, but i have contacts
16:44:46Tempishey BlueChip, whats the price of petrol over there?
16:45:55BlueChipabout 77p/litre last I noticed, but I haven't driven in a couple of months and we have had a "budget" since - so probbaly more like 80p now
16:47:07TempisI have no idea how to covert that to dollars/gallon
16:47:38limbushehe, not gallon/dollar ?
16:47:58BlueChipa *US* gallon is
16:48:07BlueChip3.8 liters
16:48:28BlueChipor 4.5 liters in a UK gallon
16:48:41BlueChipor 4.5 litres in a UK gallon
16:49:21BlueChip80p * 3.8 = £3.04
16:49:26limbusBlueChip: I didn't try yet. It's not complicated at all, I bed. At least I could fire up "make" in cygwin for custom build step, but then you can't compile file per file which would be sweet.
16:49:51BlueChip3.04 * 1.9 = $5.77
16:49:58BlueChipso about $6/gallon
16:50:06BlueChip(US gallon that is)
16:50:38Tempisits only about $2/gallon right now
16:50:39BlueChiplimbus: let me know if you jit a wall, and I can ask around :)
16:51:03BlueChipyes, but you've just occupied another oil country!!
16:52:26Christi-SPretty much everything is more expensive in the UK. Product of living on a small island, I suppose.
16:52:38BlueChip17.5% sales tax
16:52:46BlueChip25-45% income tax
16:52:54BlueChip5-12% insurance tax
16:53:08 Join Christi-S_ [0] (
16:53:10BlueChipabout $200/month house tax
16:53:23TempisI guess they've never heard that no country has ever taxed itself into prosperity
16:53:44BlueChip85% petrol tax
16:54:06Christi-S_Whoa, politics is probably not a good thing to get into.
16:54:35Tempisall politicos I know are extremely unhappy people
16:54:43BlueChipIt doesn't matter who you vote for, the same people will be telling him what to say
16:55:51BlueChipa bottle of beer is about £3.50-6.00 (that's half a pint)
16:56:43*Christi-S_ blinks. Where d'you buy your beer? Harrods?
16:57:03BlueChipI remember being in US when McD's did the 102 dalmations promo - "trip to london with $102/day spending money" LMAO
16:57:24Tempisthats like 2 meals
16:57:56BlueChipand certainly NOT in london!
16:58:50 Part BlueChip
16:58:55TempisI'm leaving for England on Thursday
16:59:06 Join BlueChip [0] (
16:59:49 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59:59 Nick Christi-S_ is now known as Christi-S (
17:00:04BlueChipChristi-S_: a pint of draught is about £2.00...3.00 nowdays
17:00:47BlueChipbut as all the pubs shut at 23:00 that's not too bad
17:01:02*Christi-S nods. I remember when I lived in Aberystwyth and booze was about 1.50 a pint.
17:01:14Christi-SOf course then you had to live in Aberystwyth.
17:01:27BlueChipbeat me to it ;)
17:03:01limbusI've been in London for three weeks some month ago. One of the things I recall: London is really expensive. But it doesn't hurt that much if you leave the city and go over to "woodford green"
17:03:58BlueChipyes, fer sure, get out of the city in any direction you can - the city is where you find (a) generally well paid people and (b) gullible tourists
17:05:03BlueChipthere are infinitely nicer places to go than London anyway - it's just that the London ministers have more advertising money than other places
17:08:27BlueChipI guess that is the same the world over
17:08:40 Quit Fedor ()
17:09:20limbusi suppose. although I loved to lay down at hide park
17:09:38limbusi happened to get some sunny weeks
17:10:34BlueChipagain Hyde Park is nice, but if you like lounging most towns and cities have something almost identical
17:10:59BlueChipwe have an original roman castle in the middle of ours
17:11:12BlueChip(well, to one side)
17:14:33*Christi-S idly wonders what city Bluechip is in.
17:14:53BlueChipcheck my ip ;)
17:15:17BlueChip(bloody ntl)
17:15:22Christi-SAh, right. Yeah - it's a nice castle. I've been there a couple of times.
17:15:54Christi-SI used to say that, and then I moved to a village just outside Oxford where we only have dialup.
17:15:58Christi-SEven NTL is better.
17:16:20BlueChipyou in the uk then?
17:16:46BlueChip(possible stupid Q, given your last statement)
17:17:01*Christi-S nods.
17:17:31Christi-SYeah - I've lived in Derby, Durham, Nottingham, Oxford, Cambridge, and Aberystwyth.
17:18:05Tempisso are all of yall from the UK
17:18:11BlueChipI managed Somerset, London, Harlow, Colchester - going north slowly but surely
17:18:36Christi-SGood move. It's cheaper. I've been slowly migrating south, which is not so good.
17:21:38limbusTempis: Nooo, I'm not from UK. I'm just from the other side of the canal
17:45:41Tempiswelcome bak
17:46:17TempisI'm ready for lunch
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18:05:49 Join matsl [0] (
18:25:45 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:02:35 Join Tempis2 [0] (Tempis@
19:11:16 Quit Christi-S (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:11:49amiconnBlueChip: Did you have a look at the rockbox hp recently?
19:19:40 Quit Tempis (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:27:11 Part limbus
19:41:20 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
19:43:40 Join matsl [0] (
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19:59:40 Quit AciD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:05:56 Join Nibbler [0] (
21:14:15 Join Rjc1286__ [0] (
21:14:41Rjc1286__can anyone tell me how to delete a folder in cygwin?
21:22:48 Quit Tempis2 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:23:37 Join jakesir [0] (
21:25:10 Part Rjc1286__
21:29:00 Join Guest1 [0] (
21:29:11Guest1Hi −− anyone around?
21:30:03 Quit Guest1 (Client Quit)
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21:51:13 Join scott666 [0] (
21:59:33 Join AciD [0] (
22:18:36amiconnSomebody in here who know really knows about Makefile magic??
22:28:06 Quit matsl ("Leaving")
23:37:39 Join LinusN [200] (
23:37:47amiconnhi LinusN
23:38:01LinusN"makefile magic"?
23:38:35amiconnI tried hard to get Bagder's Makefile modification to work for grayscale.
23:39:08amiconnHad some success in the meantime, but still doesn't work completely
23:39:30amiconnThere were two mistakes in it:
23:40:23amiconn(1) The order of the libraries to link with obviously does matter, because the linker complained about undefined symbols (from libgcc)
23:41:05amiconnWhen I changed line 36 to ... -lplugin -lgcc ... , it works
23:41:36LinusNsounds reasonable
23:41:41amiconn(2) "make clean" didn't clean the lib objects and libplugin.a
23:42:14amiconnFor target "clean:" the following line was missing: $(MAKE) -C lib clean
23:42:44amiconnOne thing still doesn't work that should:
23:43:37amiconnIf I change something in a library source, libplugin.a gets rebuilt, but the plugin(s) using that library don't get re-linked!
23:45:39amiconnSince I don't really understand makefiles, for me it is hard to get all this stuff working
23:45:53amiconnAnother thing that I _would like_ to work is:
23:46:36amiconnMake every function a separate object so that only functions that are really used get included in the final binary.
23:46:36LinusNamiconn: commit what you have and i'll fix the rest
23:47:06LinusNthat's all up to you, of course
23:48:05amiconnI really don't have a clue if this is possible at all, currently googling heavily to get an idea.
23:48:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:48:31LinusNput the functions in different .c files
23:50:08amiconnHmm, this would work, but add to file clutter.
23:50:34amiconnI wonder if it is possible to do this with one file (something like "compile that file as a library" with gcc)
23:51:18LinusNi don't think so
23:54:40amiconnIf this won't work, and I want to split into several files, perhaps there should be a subdir under "lib"
23:56:35amiconn...which in turn will require some change in the "lib" makefile...

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