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#rockbox log for 2004-05-19

00:04:50amiconnThis is of course a start.
00:05:34amiconnThe idea behind my search:
00:06:28amiconnWithout the library approach, one has to include the source of e.g. grayscale framework to use it.
00:06:51LinusNhence the library
00:07:07amiconnIf he does so, he can throw out functions that are not needed to save space (the plugin space is only 32 KB after all)
00:07:55amiconnIf all this is put into the library, the whole framework is static, so all functions are included even if only a couple of them are used.
00:08:02LinusNi know all this
00:08:24 Quit AciD ("Il vaut mieux douter de ses certitudes que d'ętre sur de ses doutes.")
00:09:04amiconnThe whole grayscale framework is rather large (for a total 32 KB of available ram)
00:11:52amiconnAnother thing that I could not yet solve in a clean way - the framework needs a pointer to the plugin api structure
00:12:19amiconnHow can I supply this without relying on specific variable names?
00:15:10LinusNwhy not rely on variable names?
00:17:37amiconnThe only way I got this to work (well at least compile without errors) is defining the variable within library code (grayscale.c) and then referencing that *in the plugin* by declaring "extern struct plugin_api* rb;"
00:17:43amiconnThis is dirrrty....
00:18:16LinusNwhy is it so dirty?
00:18:35 Join midk [0] (
00:18:57midkhi evb
00:19:13amiconnLinusN: All hell would break loose if either (1) the plugin author forgets to declare it "extern" or (2) wouldn't call it "rb"
00:19:39LinusNso he would have to correct his what?
00:20:11LinusNit's no different from relying on specific function names imho
00:20:57midkhmm, with the makefile isn't there a way to "make plugins"?
00:21:00 Join top_bloke [0] (
00:21:04midki thought this could be done a while ago
00:22:21amiconnImho this is simply unintuitve and bad style, much like having code in .h files, because although the variable is declared in grayscale.c, it has to be set in the plugin code, without an obvious hint that this is necessary
00:22:56midkamiconn: was the grayscale framework ever going to be placed in rockbox itself, or just plugins?
00:22:58amiconn(of course I could add a check to *every* function...)
00:23:39amiconnmidk: Until now there are no plans to place it in the core
00:24:05midki was going to try some grayscaled status bar icons / dir browser icons
00:24:07LinusNhow about having a xxx_init(struct plugin_api *rb) function for each framework?
00:24:25midkgrayscaled progressbars and peakmeters would be pretty cool
00:24:44LinusNthe grayscale framework will not end up in the core code
00:25:03midkso basically no core grayscale?
00:25:17midklinusn is such a party pooper. :)
00:25:30LinusNthat's me
00:26:54amiconnLinusN: How would that xxx_init() be called? Do you think of it as a convention, or is there a way to automate it?
00:27:36LinusNa convention
00:33:50amiconnHmm. Either this way, or every framework declares a struct plugin_api *xxx_rb variable, which has to be set by the plugin by convention
00:34:09amiconn(same approach, only without the need for an extra function)
00:34:20LinusNi like the init function better, since many frameworks may still need one for other reasons
00:34:33LinusNsetting up frame buffers etc
00:35:02 Join Strath [0] (
00:36:58amiconnThe grayscale framework actually has some kind of init function, but it can be called multiple times (after previous de-initialization), and needs a number of parameters
00:37:22amiconnSo this one cannot serve as the framework init
00:40:15amiconnLinusN: Another qn concerning conventions:
00:41:46amiconnHow to name the functions to avoid name clashing? Shall we establish a convention to call the xyz_ within the "xyz" framework?
00:42:20amiconnShould internal functions be named the same way, or would _xyz_ be more appropriate?
00:44:37LinusN"internal" == static?
00:46:18amiconnDoes using "static" hide that function from the symbol table of the lib?
00:46:34amiconn(I always wondered waht "static" does for functions...)
00:47:01LinusNwant the static lesson?
00:48:42amiconnI know what it does for variables within functions, but...
00:48:50LinusNstatic always hides the symbol
00:49:16LinusNwhen you declare a local variable static, it becomes global, but with a hidden symbol
00:49:39LinusNthe same mechanism applies to variables/functions in a global scope
00:52:17amiconnSo if I use static for a function, that function is only visible from within the module? The of course that part of the problem didn't ever exist.
00:53:03amiconnThe other part (naming functions for public use) still does
00:53:14LinusNi like the prefix
00:53:33LinusNor maybe gs_xxx()
00:54:12amiconnSo I think I will rename the framework files to gray.c and gray.h. Every function will have a gray_ prefix (most of them already do)
00:54:34LinusNsounds ok
00:55:13amiconnShall I commit the Makefile? Bagder didn't do it yet, but only posted it on the ml for testing
00:55:36LinusNi am working on it now, i'll commit it soon
00:55:52amiconnAlready added my changes?
00:56:18LinusNworking on the dependencies
00:56:43amiconnyup. As I called it, makefiles are magic ;)
00:56:53LinusNnot magic at all
00:58:40kaboofaOh? Make files, you mean the magic things that just let me blindly type make install? Then have shiney new stuff(tm) on my computer?
00:58:52kaboofas/Make files/makefiles/
00:58:57amiconnkaboofa: yes
00:59:13LinusNthe principle is sooooo simple
00:59:18kaboofaI know.
00:59:34kaboofa<3 /usr/ports/make search name=softwareTomWants
01:01:13 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
01:03:17kaboofaoh wow
01:03:25kaboofai just found out something evil that my history teacher did.
01:03:34midklet's hear.
01:04:08kaboofaWe had this mock trial thing, it was 'right after vietname war' and captian ernest medina was on trial.
01:04:21midkyeh yeh get to the good stuff
01:04:42kaboofaWe (meaning myself and everyone else on the jury) found him innocent, the procecution didn't prove their point.
01:05:10kaboofaEveryone on the procecution got a 64 as a test grade :X
01:05:13kaboofaone point below passing.
01:05:37kaboofaEveryone on the Defence got like a 115 or some insane crap
01:07:08kaboofaHmm, need to grep for the charger for my mobile... the battery is about to die ;\
01:07:22midkdude tight.
01:08:20kaboofafound the charger for my archos... not the right voltage, but the right idea...
01:08:38midkkaboofa: recorder or studio?
01:08:39kaboofaif i find out who took me phone cable i'm going to rip out their trachea!
01:08:44kaboofamidk: recorder
01:10:51kaboofawhat keeps messing up my /etc/resolv.conf
01:10:55kaboofathis is really getting to me
01:11:16midkits me
01:11:18midk*stops hacking
01:11:49kaboofaI think it's cron
01:12:50kaboofait's not cron
01:13:07 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:14:34 Join midk [0] (mk@
01:18:06LinusNamiconn: makefile changes committed
01:19:10midk*forcefully reminded of LinusN after he tried breakout
01:19:37LinusNmidk: i am considering exporting button_read() to the plugins
01:19:38amiconnI already have a "void gray_init(struct plugin_api *rb)" function.
01:20:14LinusNraw key reading, no queues and shit
01:20:36midkno button stackup?
01:20:43amiconnLinusN: If you do, please add font_get() on the go, so this doesn't require an extra version bump.
01:21:05LinusNone caveat, though
01:21:07midkalso is button_set_repeat getting put in?
01:21:29LinusNthe button driver will still send key events to the queue
01:22:04LinusNso you still need a loop to get all the key events, but you can throw them away
01:22:29kaboofaand that's what i'm good at. forgetting the user.
01:22:33midkah just to keep them from getting buffered?
01:23:18LinusNmidk: exactly
01:23:29midksounds ok
01:23:35midki think i may be able to handle that
01:23:59LinusNthe drawback is of course that you have to handle everything yourself, key repeat, button up/down etc
01:24:18LinusNin your case, it shouldn't be any problems at all
01:24:24midkerm wait?
01:25:30amiconnLinusN: The xyz_init() approach is indeed very good, because I can check later in gray_init_buffer() if rb is already set.
01:26:04midkLinusN: so... can you tell me what really needs to be done differently with this button_read function
01:26:31amiconnIf it is not, the grayscale buffer won't get initialized, which in turn is checked by the graphics routines.
01:26:33LinusNmidk: button_read() merely returns the current status of the buttons
01:26:50LinusNamiconn: and what does it do if it isn't set?
01:27:20midklinusn: as opposed to button_get_w_tmo...?
01:27:31LinusNi mean, is there a point in wasting code space and cycles on looking for programming mistakes?
01:27:46amiconnIt simply returns zero, like for any other error.
01:27:57LinusNamiconn: yes, but why?
01:28:51LinusNmidk: button_get_w_tmo() gets the next message from the queue, not the current button status
01:28:52amiconnIt cannot initialize the grayscale buffer, because for that it needs rb-> functions itself. It would crash badly if that isn't set.
01:29:00midkso just
01:29:08LinusNamiconn: then let it crash
01:29:11midkswitch(rb->button_read) and going on like normal will do?
01:29:37LinusNmidk: when i think of it, it's not that simple...
01:30:12LinusNamiconn: my point is: why check for programming mistakes in runtime?
01:31:03LinusNonce the programmer fixes the bug, the check only wastes memory and cpu
01:31:09amiconnLinusN: Why do you check bounds in the core graphics routines?
01:31:54amiconn(As it is now, without clipping support I mean)
01:32:05LinusNgood point
01:33:47amiconnI think *some* check should be done to avoid bad crashes. Of course I wouldn't check everything.
01:34:31midkdid i just yell "ahahahaha coolies"
01:37:11 Join Blacklabelskater [0] (
01:39:06LinusNamiconn: afaics, only lcd_bitmap() does a bounds check
01:39:54jakesirLinusN, I have quick question for you
01:40:13jakesirwith your rs232
01:40:23jakesircan't i use exteral power?
01:40:31jakesirinstead of voltage regulator?
01:40:42LinusNof course you can
01:41:29LinusNi only did that to make it compact and simple
01:41:56jakesirso.... just connect Vcc from 3.3 source and just ground it?
01:42:21jakesirbut what about DTR? where do i connect that?
01:43:42jakesiror, just connect Tx, Rx, GND without DTR?
01:43:56LinusNdtr is the voltage source for the regulator
01:44:51jakesirok.... I'm using this powersupply which I can adjust to any voltage
01:45:00LinusNthen you don't need dtr
01:45:11amiconnLinusN: lcd_update_rect, lcd_roll, lcd_putsxyofs, lcd_drawrect, lcd_invertrect do bound checks as well. Within lcd_putsxyofs it isn't even necessary.
01:46:21amiconn(Since lcd_putsxyofs uses lcd_bitmap for drawing, which does check for itself)
01:46:38LinusNsome of these checks may be good, because the coordinates may come from a bad font file
01:47:05LinusNand the clipping will of course change the situation
01:47:45LinusNi'm normally against runtime checks of programming mistakes (remember the xor discussion in the recording code?)
01:48:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:48:30amiconnThe check in lcd_putsxyofs does only check if the line would go past the lower display margin, which isn't necessary, as lcd_bitmap would already clip there -> partial last line is already possible with text
01:48:38LinusNespecially when it's the same programmer (or programming team) that writes all code
01:49:33 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
01:49:37LinusNcan it clip the entire blit? i mean, can the entire bitmap be off screen?
01:49:49amiconn(I only counted checks that are pure bound checks, not ones that are necessary for the function's behaviour)
01:49:52 Quit midknight2k3 (Remote closed the connection)
01:50:21amiconnLinusN: See lines 475-476 in lcd-recorder.c
01:51:30 Quit mecraw_ ("Trillian (")
01:51:39amiconnAnd no, this wasn't added by me.
01:53:36amiconnlcd_bitmap does not yet support negative coordinates though, but it shouldn't be hard to add. For x it is _very_ easy
01:55:19 Quit midk (Connection reset by peer)
01:55:54LinusNget working on the grayscale lib now, the daily builds are red when there is no code to build in plugins/lib :-)
01:56:35LinusNi have to sleep now, good nite
01:56:50LinusNjakesir: good luck with the rs232
01:57:12 Part LinusN
01:57:30kaboofaI should probably update to uh.. daily.. cvs
01:57:33kaboofaor something or other
01:57:39kaboofaso my plugins run again.
01:59:18*kaboofa goes off to listen to aphex twin, and to update his bulids
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02:04:39 Quit BlueChip (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:06:16 Join BlueChip [0] (
02:07:05kaboofawhat is that thing?
02:07:08kaboofathat's awesome
02:08:04 Join sunpower [0] (
02:08:16midka watch?
02:09:28 Quit jakesir (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:10:16 Quit midk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:17:31 Part amiconn
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05:05:35 Nick asfafds is now known as mharmon (~lkpo3@
05:05:40mharmonis anyone around for questions?
05:07:14 Quit mharmon (Client Quit)
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10:01:22 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
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10:51:54midknite all
10:52:09 Quit midk ("its NITE")
10:53:37 Join Bagder [241] (
10:53:49amiconnhi Bagder
10:54:00Bagderthought I'd better drop in ;-)
10:54:38amiconnI've seen that you were a bit impatient to get rid of the red builds ;-)
10:54:48Bagderhehe, yes
10:55:01Bagderbut I'll keep my fingers away now
10:55:22amiconnI had already prepared the grayscale library inernally, and renamed it as discussed with Linus.
10:55:39amiconnOriginally I wanted to do some tests before committing
10:56:06Bagdersorry for bursting in like that, I should've joined here first
10:56:42amiconnBtw: the jpeg plugin now produces two warnings. This is because not everything in the grayscale lib is really public
10:56:57amiconnSo I will switch to gray.h, then it should go away
10:57:13amiconnMay I delete grayscale.(c|h) from lib?
10:57:16Bagderfeel free to clear up my mess
10:59:32amiconnThere is a third plugin using grayscale - mandelbrot.c. I really would like to change that in the evening in order to be able to do some tests.
11:01:09amiconn(I can't do tests atm because I left my usb cable at home - special one for recorder v1)
11:02:26Bagdertake your time, I'll refrain from ruining this anymore for a while ;-)
11:02:32 Join limbus [0] (
11:03:50amiconnGrr, I cannot change jpeg.c to simply use gray.h, since it uses sizeof(tGraybuf), which is private to the grayscale lib...
11:04:24Bagderwell, perhaps you can export a function or variable thay provides the size?
11:05:14amiconnYes, this is something I've already planned, but not yet done.
11:10:44amiconnBagder: Please see the irc log for plugin library issues I've discussed with Linus (Especially the necessity of an xyz_init() function)
11:15:35 Join cjnr11 [0] (
11:15:40 Part cjnr11
11:16:58Bagderwell, since the plugin library can provide pretty much anything, I guess *init() functions should be provided for those areas that need them
11:27:12limbusHi Badger: I see some patches are moving into cvs. nice.
11:28:14Bagderfoot time!
11:28:19Bagderfood even
11:28:22amiconnBagder: This is of course clear, but one thing will be almost always needed - the plugin api pointer. This should be done with a xyz_init(struct plugin_api *) function by convention
11:28:40Bagdergood point
11:28:44*Bagder runs away
11:34:44 Join AciD [0] (
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12:15:08 Part Salokyn
12:15:19 Join Salokyn [0] (
12:15:23 Part Salokyn
12:15:45*Bagder fixes his reds
12:27:59 Join pfavr [0] (
12:47:00Bagderdaily-build table ala "xmas-tree look"
12:53:47amiconnBagder: Would you mind me delaying the jpeg fix until the evening?
12:54:10Bagdernot at all, you take your time
12:54:41amiconnThen the yellow build will stay until I got my things done
12:54:59BagderI'll fix the reds
12:57:06amiconnI have another optimization for grayscale in mind, and want to fix a potential dangerous instruction sequence along the way.
12:57:54amiconnIn grayblock() I have two asm blocks, the first pushing something on the stack what the second one consumes.
12:58:37amiconnIf something in between accesses variables expected at defined positions on the stack -> kaboom
12:59:37amiconnThis may occur just if the compiler decides to do the optimization a bit diferently (already got that)
13:03:28Bagderok, only those yellows ones left in the build now
13:10:42 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
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14:07:22 Quit scott666_ ("i'll be back...eventually...")
14:20:16 Join Hes [0] (
14:44:45Hes might affect rockbox anonymous cvs, I guess
14:45:25Bagderit does, yes
14:46:17Bagderme update
14:46:58Hesgood 8-)
14:47:31BagderI find no newer version
14:49:09Bagder1.11.15 is the latest provides
14:49:15Bagderin the stable branch
14:50:16HesCVS stable release <= 1.11.15, CVS feature release <= 1.12.7 says the release, I'm wondering if it should read <
14:50:44Hes indicates that .7 and .15 came out 14th of april
14:50:58Hesoh, sorry, forget that
14:51:05Bagderwhich is before they found this flaw, yes
14:51:08Hesthe advisory dates are in may
14:51:25*Hes has wooden eyes
14:52:35HesHmm, where is the CVS of CVS? 8-)
14:53:03elinenbeamiconn: what other optimitzations are you planning for the grayscale framework?
14:57:18amiconnelinenbe: Font support (already done locally), slight speedup for any depth, moderate speedup for "special" depths (8/16/32 bitplanes)
14:58:30amiconnFurthermore: api change - no more handing over all parameters, but having functions to set draw mode, foregorund & background pens
14:58:42amiconnThis will also reduce code size
14:59:21amiconn*foreground even
15:04:16Hesok, just dropped in to say hi, and thanks, the improvements made in recording & the speedups have made me happy a few times lately!
15:05:08Hesthe image viewers / grayscale / video work are amazingly funny hacks although i haven't really needed them 8-)
15:11:34 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:43:33 Join edx [0] (
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15:57:29 Join quelsaruk [0] (~WzY@
16:06:11 Quit BlueChip (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:16:56 Join MeeBit [0] (
16:19:47 Part MeeBit
16:22:22 Part quelsaruk
16:38:01 Join MeeBit [0] (
16:38:02elinenbeamiconn: sounds great! how long until the commit?
16:38:53 Quit elinenbe (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age")
16:47:23 Part MeeBit
17:09:54 Join mecraw_ [0] (~mecraw@
17:13:08 Part Bagder
17:15:50 Join BlueChip [0] (
17:16:07 Quit sunpower ("—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— 2.0 Build 3515")
17:16:13 Join jakesir [0] (
17:18:51 Join KoRnfReaK [0] (
17:21:21KoRnfReaKplanning to put in 2300mAh accus into my AJB6000
17:22:18KoRnfReaKanyone changed accus already ?
17:22:53KoRnfReaKsry im german
17:23:08KoRnfReaKbatterys wich you can charge again
17:23:18KoRnfReaKNiMh batterys
17:23:32BlueChipaha - yes, many have put in more powerful batteries
17:23:54BlueChipThere is a setting in Rockbox so that the meter will stay accurate
17:24:08KoRnfReaKive seen already
17:24:18KoRnfReaKyou changed batteries ?
17:24:33BlueChipnot yet, 12 hours is enough for me :)
17:24:42BlueChipI will when they finally die though
17:25:08KoRnfReaKim thinking about putting in those batteries;ACTION=3;LASTACTION=4;SORT=artikel.artnr;GRUPPE=D52;WG=0;SUCHE=2300%20mAh;ARTIKEL=NH%25204X2300%2520CEL;START=0;END=15;STATIC=0;FC=667;PROVID=0;TITEL=0
17:26:24BlueChipyou can get bigger than 2300, but any NiMH will work okay
17:27:00KoRnfReaKthere are 2400mAh batterys but i think that 2300 are okay too
17:27:54KoRnfReaKi will order them in a few days
17:28:09KoRnfReaKmy father put then in them ;)
17:28:29KoRnfReaKi thik it roxx if my player runs for 15 hours or more ;)
17:31:48KoRnfReaKyou know the gp32 ?
17:32:12BlueChipis that the open platform game unit?
17:33:16BlueChipin which case ...YES :)
17:33:53KoRnfReaKthis little devil ^^
17:34:17BlueChipI've given Lik-Sang far too much money in my life :)
17:35:46KoRnfReaKyou have got the gp32 ?
17:36:10BlueChipno, I've been enjoying writing games for the Archos personally
17:36:33KoRnfReaKim happy owner of gp32 and AJB6000
17:36:44BlueChipwritten much for the gp32?
17:37:02KoRnfReaKno im 13 years old
17:37:42KoRnfReaKbut i start learning c/c++ in a few months
17:37:57BlueChipJEEZUZ your english is good - why is it that most "foreigners" speak better English than most Enlish people I know??
17:38:31KoRnfReaKdont know
17:38:35BlueChipAt 13 I was just learning "ich bin BlueChip"
17:39:04BlueChipAnyway, no reason you cannot learn to speak C - far easier than English imho
17:39:42KoRnfReaKi had my first pc with 7/8 years and that was the beginning with english ;)
17:41:01BlueChipWell, so long as you can understand that data is stored in memory at an address which is just a number and the data is different from a thing which POINTS at the data, you will get along with C just fine :)
17:43:32KoRnfReaKi think im born into a situation like this
17:43:43BlueChipparents are programmers?
17:44:02KoRnfReaKmy brother built something like this
17:44:17KoRnfReaKand much more
17:45:16KoRnfReaKmy father build me a amplifier for my boxes ...
17:45:39KoRnfReaKmy brother codes and builds and my father is expert in mechanic knowledge
17:45:50KoRnfReaKyou get what i mean ?
17:45:56BlueChipunderstood :)
17:46:12BlueChipSo what cool thing do you plan to write?
17:46:25KoRnfReaKi dont know
17:46:31KoRnfReaKan emulator or something
17:46:41limbushe KoRnfReaK: The maximum setting for Batteries within Rockbox is 3200 mAh
17:46:49BlueChipWOW Start Big!
17:47:18KoRnfReaKi mean in the future
17:47:24KoRnfReaKnot at the beginning
17:47:32limbusdon't forget to reset/check that setting everytime you had your rockbox without batteries or you load a new firmware
17:47:41BlueChipMaybe start by writing a chip8 emulator, they are quite simple
17:47:41KoRnfReaK@limbus but i dont know where to get thema cheap
17:48:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:50:34limbusto get what cheap ? thos batteries ? I got some at ebay: 8 pieces of 2300mAh for 8 ¤uro + 4 ¤uro transport
17:51:53limbusand don't believe what they say over there. I'm gettin always better results with decharging them
17:52:30KoRnfReaKmy brother build a rotation per minute displayer for his trabant (if you dont know )
17:53:03limbusyeah, I know traband. I'm from belgium and work in germany
17:53:06KoRnfReaKbut we had to sell the car ;(
17:53:08limbuserr, trabanT
17:53:16limbuswhat a bummer
17:54:28KoRnfReaKmy brother build a gameboy linker with 2 cartridges (4mbit)
17:54:55KoRnfReaKi think thats enough to describe the situation ;)
17:58:13KoRnfReaKand what are you doing all the day ?
17:59:03 Part Salokyn
18:05:01 Part KoRnfReaK
18:05:01 Join KoRnfReaK [0] (
18:06:21DBUGEnqueued KICK BlueChip
18:06:21BlueChip[17:06] *** CTCP: KoRnfReaK pinged you.
18:06:21BlueChip[17:06] *** CTCP: KoRnfReaK requested your version.
18:06:55BlueChipIf KoRnfReaK tries to hack me, KoRnfReaK is in for a nasty surprise
18:07:24KoRnfReaKim not trying to hack you
18:07:30KoRnfReaKjust look around mIRC
18:07:38BlueChipok ;)
18:07:50KoRnfReaKim 13 -_- i cant hack
18:07:58limbussorry for beeing afk
18:08:13KoRnfReaKand i dont want to hack someone
18:08:49limbusKoRnfReaK: I am somehow developing software all the day, or that's what they pay me at least
18:08:53BlueChipit's fun ...but you'd be better picking someone from a non-techie group :)
18:09:43KoRnfReaKplease dont hack me
18:10:01BlueChipYou're safe dude, far better things to do with my time ;)
18:10:21KoRnfReaKshit its 18.09
18:10:29BlueChipout of interest, did you get a reply to your ping?
18:10:30KoRnfReaKso late -.-
18:10:39KoRnfReaKyeah 2 secs
18:10:58KoRnfReaKstrange ;)
18:11:26BlueChipstrange - must be some weird IRC ping thing - pings are generally blocked here
18:12:19amiconnBlueChip: This _is_ an irc ping: /ctcp <nick> ping
18:15:20amiconnAnd this way you can find out about the irc client: /ctcp <nick> version
18:17:12 Quit KoRnfReaK ()
18:56:23 Join Winner^Sh [0] (
18:56:28Winner^Shhi all
18:56:39Winner^Shi want to know
18:57:01Winner^Shcan i add external cdrom to my archos jukebox
18:57:14Winner^Shvia usb port
19:01:05limbusno, the usb port on the archos jukebox recorder/player/studios can only be used a client.
19:01:23limbussorry, "as client"
19:04:19limbusWinner^Sh: see
19:33:03BlueChipthere is a small device that you can link two masters together with - someone posted in on the ml the other week - not sure if it's up to that though
19:37:15Winner^Shso it is hopeless :)
19:37:17limbuserr. no. we need a device linking two "slaves" or usb-devices together. that device then will be a master (usb controller, usb-host)
19:37:31BlueChipsorry, yes, slaves, not masters - my bad
19:37:49limbusyou mean the device does what Winner^Sh needs ?
19:38:25Winner^Shis there any way to play wma on archos ?
19:38:27BlueChipboth jbr & cd are slaves, so yes, but the device I saw was specced for cameras and the likes
19:38:55BlueChipit may be possible, but we need more info on the MAS chip
19:39:55limbusBlueChip: That device may work then. It is a host-controller and has some logic for file-systems and how to copy.
19:40:11Winner^Shand do you advice to write rockbox to device eprom or load to ram on every boot up ?
19:40:36BlueChipflashing makes boot quicker - your call
19:40:54limbusWinner^Sh: wma: another feature blocked in hardware. you really should have a look at the nodo-page :-)
19:41:53BlueChiplimbus: flashing is nodo??
19:42:47limbusI was still talking about wma, as I specified in the second word that line over there
19:42:51limbusWinner^Sh: Not every device allowes flashing the eprom.
19:43:46Winner^Shi always escape to update flash because i broke down my ipaq while upgrading flash rom :)
19:45:04Winner^Shin orginal o/s you can delete files on hd but i could not find any options on rockbox version
19:45:04BlueChipyes, there is always a small risk in flashing - I say only ever do it when the thing is brand new and you can return it easily
19:45:59Winner^Shi ask too many questions sorry about this event.. i am new owner only 5 day lasts
19:46:34BlueChipdid you enjoy reading the manual?
19:46:58BlueChipwe're always up for suggestions on how to improve it :)
19:48:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:48:58Winner^Shconguralations for rockbox. it is great work
19:50:04BlueChipyou can find more stuff at my homepage
19:50:25 Quit silencer (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:53:00 Join silencer [0] (
20:03:56 Join silencer_ [0] (
20:07:55 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:08:01 Join CpuMan2001 [0] (
20:09:14CpuMan2001my archos is spazzing out and acting like some of the buttons are stuck, which they don't seem like they are
20:09:45CpuMan2001most notibly the on button, so I can't turn it off
20:11:37CpuMan2001actually I think it works now, nevermind
20:18:47 Quit Winner^Sh ()
20:20:39 Quit silencer (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:49BlueChipwhat version?
20:21:38BlueChipactually, more to the point - hold off for about 5 seconds - if it's a firmware issue it will switch off
20:22:14limbusCpuMan2001: I had some problems switching off too. Then I realized that it can't be switched off while charging...
20:22:30BlueChipahaa -yes, got me a couple of times that one
20:29:26 Join Azurefog [0] (~jirc@
20:30:04AzurefogDoes anyone have the link to Jorg's page with the voice stuff on it?
20:30:30BlueChipnot personally, you can do a search of the mailing list from the rockbox homepage :)
20:31:25AzurefogYeah, I ran through this months posts.... I'll have to do some digging...
20:31:56BlueChipuse the "search" box?
20:31:58AzurefogNew build killed all my .dirname files... I need to regenerate and I can't find the vbs...
20:32:23BlueChipdamn! :(
20:32:52limbusI found out that the spelling is not that bad in english. german is worse
20:33:01AzurefogI hate it when I screw myself up :)
20:33:58BlueChipany help?
20:34:07BlueChip32 hits
20:34:29BlueChipgoogle is lying ...15 hits
20:35:01Azurefoggot it now... and I rememberd to bookmark it - live and learn.
20:35:43 Quit Azurefog ("Leaving")
20:36:18CpuMan2001<BlueChip> actually, more to the point - hold off for about 5 seconds - if it's a firmware issue it will switch off
20:36:24CpuMan2001the problem was that it thought a button was stuck
20:36:31CpuMan2001so once it turned off it turned right back on
20:36:36CpuMan2001works now though, no idea why
20:37:20limbus<so once it turned off it turned right back on>: ahh. I understand. that's a silly
20:38:58limbushe guys, gotta go now. goodbye
20:40:29 Part limbus
21:00:30 Join jorbond [0] (
21:11:15 Quit jakesir (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:15:01 Join uski [0] (
21:15:16uskidoes anyone knows when will LinusN come ?
21:34:35Strathwhen he sees his first real live nekid chick?
21:41:43 Join scott666_ [0] (
21:48:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:58:27 Quit jorbond (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:00:39 Quit CpuMan2001 ()
22:07:37uskianyone can tell me the physical size of a Recorder LCD screeen ?
22:13:46amiconnuski: See data sheet,
22:18:33uskiperfect ! thx !
22:18:46uskii'm on the manufacturer's website but i couldn't find the datasheet yet ;)
22:30:38elinenbeamiconn: nice work with the grayscale framework... it's awesome!
22:31:00amiconn...and it will get even better
22:34:36elinenbewhat's up next?
22:37:18amiconnI made the "block painting" (the routine that made the last huge speedup possible) more solid and slightly faster.
22:38:08amiconnCurrently I'm experimenting with another speedup approach for block painting with "special" depths
22:38:33amiconn(8, 16 and 32 bits - 9/17/33 shades of gray)
22:39:04amiconnFont support will be included on the way
22:39:36amiconnNext thing is api change & cosolidation - should yield less code size
22:40:30uskiamiconn, can i speak to you privately ?
22:42:14 Nick scott666_ is now known as scott666 (
22:50:15 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:58:19 Part BlueChip
22:58:43elinenbeamiconn: I think most people would be happy with 8/16/33 shades of gray if those were the only options.
22:59:08elinenbeIs there really a necessity for any other values?
23:06:00amiconnI don't know for sure, but support for any bit depth (1 to 32, equals 2 to 33 shades) is the way I wrote it in the first place.
23:07:41amiconnThis enables fine-grained "graceful degradation" - if the memory doesn't suffice for n bitplanes, try (n-1), (n-2) ... until it either fits or n < 1
23:32:47 Quit uski ("Fermeture du client")
23:48:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:49:17 Join jorbond [0] (
23:54:40 Quit jorbond ()

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