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#rockbox log for 2004-05-22

00:00:04HenrikBBedtime, goodnight
00:00:06pfavrBlueChip, then 4.0 :-)
00:00:28BlueChipyes, suspend should be a feature implemented by the plugin from /lib
00:00:57scott666BlueChip: i think 2.3 is going to be the official voice release
00:01:01[IDC]Dragonpfavr: what's that talk about?
00:02:06BlueChipquick interruption - what time is this con likely to finish - I'm hungry and wondering whether to eat now or later
00:02:09pfavrI will just take Zagor's advice on how to do this :-)
00:03:36pfavr[IDC]Dragon, what talk - who is talking? me? no can't be me? ;-)
00:04:02pfavr[IDC]Dragon, take a look at
00:04:17 Quit HenrikB ("Lämnar")
00:04:25 Join Mazza [0] (
00:04:32pfavrTrying to come up with a _consistent_ and _simple_ UI
00:04:58[IDC]Dragonnewkeys, or more?
00:05:04mattzzZagor: If you are setting up a _nice_ looking twiki you should check out "freeskin"
00:05:04pfavr(and please help if you fells like it)
00:05:21pfavrnewkeys as a starting point but moved far beyond that
00:06:23mattzzZagor: currently I am playing around with it ("> - not finished yet
00:07:11pfavrThe idea is to have a number of "screens" oriented particular user tasks, each of them having a context menu. Then moving out the stuff which is currently in the "Main menu" into these context menus. And providing accelerator keys and "custom menus".
00:07:58 Part Mazza
00:07:59BlueChipno comments on time?
00:08:05[IDC]Dragonour "main menu" is currently mostly configuration stuff
00:08:41pfavryes but you also find "record" and "id3 viewer" there
00:08:59pfavrand fm listening
00:09:19BlueChipok - I'm off to eat - see you guys later if you're still here
00:09:22pfavrthe idea is to flatten this out so you have e.g. 4-6 top-level screens
00:09:26[IDC]DragonI said mostly ;-)
00:09:32 Nick BlueChip is now known as bc|bbl (
00:10:46Zagormattzz: yeah, i'll adapt it to the general Rockbox theme. we've got it CSSed pretty good.
00:11:55 Join midk [0] (
00:14:21midkis that an av320 i spot in the devcon picture?
00:14:23 Join cejay [0] (
00:14:29midkit sure is!
00:14:34midkclose enough :D
00:14:44midknice picture
00:14:44cejaycan anyone tell me what folder JPGs go in.. got latest build today
00:14:50midkany folder
00:14:58midkjust play them
00:15:08cejayok.. got error on plugin.. but i didnt have jpgs loaded.. sigh
00:15:25midkyou don't run it, you run the picture
00:15:26cejaycan it decode 16bit color jpgs? whats max size
00:15:39midkcolor is fine, not sure of size limit
00:15:45midkall i know is that lots don't load
00:16:02[IDC]Dragoncejay: about a megapixel
00:16:06cejaywill try it..
00:16:12midkis that wny my larger pictures don't work?
00:16:18[IDC]Dragonif it's larger, you can't zoom in fully
00:16:33midki got *one* picture out of about twenty to work
00:16:38[IDC]Dragonmidk: what error do you get?
00:16:50midkit's been changing
00:16:55midklately i think it's been -12
00:17:06Zagoryou normally don't want to zoom in 1:1 on a 112x64 display when viewing a 3MP image... :)
00:17:11midkit used to be -9
00:17:12midkor -8
00:18:45[IDC]Dragon-12 is resync markers
00:19:04midkyes, but what can i do to get around it? can it be loaded?
00:19:16[IDC]DragonI can fix that sometime
00:19:54[IDC]Dragonfor now, re-encode it without restart markers
00:20:16midkhmm ok
00:22:02amiconnmidk: I'm working on the grayscale api change now
00:23:52midkamiconn: ok, so also with this gray lib i can remove the framework from my plugin right
00:25:22 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
00:25:42amiconnmidk: You just have to #include "gray.h" and call gray_init(rb) as the very first thing (preferably from plugin_start(), see grayscale.c
00:26:09midkok thanks
00:27:49midkhmm what's happening at the devcon? just lots of rockbox updates?
00:28:32 Join edx [0] (
00:28:40pfavrmidk, I'm trying to come up with a new NEWKEYS
00:29:19pfavr(and could use some help that is :-)
00:29:21midkis that bagder?
00:29:25 Quit edx (Client Quit)
00:29:50pfavrmidk, pfavr is not bagder if that's what you mean?
00:30:02midkdidn't bagder start the newkeys thing?
00:30:45pfavrI dunno - but I started out readin the newkeys document and ended up with something else - you can take a look here:
00:32:29 Quit c0utta (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
00:33:28 Join c0utta [0] (
00:34:09pfavrmidk, you don't need a login - you can edit directly (or just tell me your opinion and I'll put it in)
00:34:18midkanybody up for trying my latest clock update + giving any suggestions or comments?
00:35:14 Join [2]c0utta [0] (
00:35:32midkone comment: pressing and holding opposing key sounds like a bad idea
00:35:54pfavrpressing and holding ON while pushing another key - is that better?
00:36:03midkyes, i like that idea
00:36:12midkits just that sometimes it presses the play button if you press both
00:36:13limbusmidk: I would test your clock, but my batteries are very low (boots, then switches off if the hdd should spin up)
00:36:19midkand also that it just doesn't seem that intuitive
00:36:36midkhmm, plug it in? :)
00:37:02limbusme ? i'm at work, charger is at home
00:37:15midkhmm ok maybe later
00:37:29limbusand IF / WHEN i go home, I'll fall into bed.
00:37:38midkhmm ok, maybe never
00:37:54limbuskeep it up in the tracker, i'll grab it there
00:38:04pfavrmidk, most Roland synthesizers use the oposing key approach: to change a value real fast you hold down + and then push - to boost the repetition speed ten-fold
00:38:14midkyeah i was just wondering if anybody would want to try it before i officially released it
00:38:22midkjust to make sure most bugs are killed
00:39:05midkhmm pfavr, i guess it just doesn't sound very right to me... but if it were implemented i'd certainly give it a shot
00:39:09midki use on+up/down all the time
00:39:43pfavrmidk, you're probably right about the oposing keys
00:39:56midkpfavr: if it's not awkward also the play bug
00:40:02midkit seems that both at the same time triggers play
00:40:15pfavrmidk, ah ok
00:40:17elinenbe[IDC]Dragon: thanks for fixing that bug!
00:40:18midkit presses down around the play button and forces it to trigger (at least i remember this happening)
00:40:27midkwhilst i was gaming tetris.
00:40:42[IDC]Dragonelinenbe: fixing what?
00:42:38pfavrI think I could still use the ON key as having three functions by carrying out the action upon _release_ : 1) short keypress goes to the "alternate/previous" screen 2) long keypress (hold 0.5 second and release) brings up the "Choose Screen menu" 3) hold down ON while using other buttons acts as the _speed_ _boost_
00:45:28 Join [3]c0utta [0] (
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00:51:24limbuscOutta: got some serious problems ?
00:51:51limbusc0utta ? [1]c0utta ? how to address ?
00:52:52limbusapropos midk: not that I would have enough battery power to test that now, but did you shook the dust off the keyboard improvment patch ?
00:53:44midk*turns red
00:53:58midkwhat was i going to do with that again? i forgot
00:55:02 Quit [2]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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00:55:48amiconnZagor: For the filetypes patch, some language strings were introduced. However, the first two of them seem not to be used anywhere...
00:56:03 Join [2]c0utta [0] (
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00:57:55[IDC]DragonI guess we can't speak filetypes any more now, when they're dynamic.
00:59:28 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:01:28 Join top_bloke [0] (
01:01:43amiconn[IDC]Dragon: For the grayscale framework, I wonder if it would be better to put the documenting comments into gray.h rather that into gray.c
01:02:32 Join [1]c0utta [0] (
01:05:22[IDC]Dragonamiconn: yes, the header is what you publish
01:06:03[IDC]Dragon(but the comments don't hurt in the C file, no need to delete them)
01:06:04***Alert Mode OFF
01:06:25limbusmidk: sorry for beeing afk: you said you'd "reactivate" it. I was wondering if it would suit to type in many/fast numbers.
01:09:03Zagoramiconn: oh, badness
01:09:35amiconnCould we simply kill these 2 entries, or does that break something?
01:09:46Zagorwe can kill them
01:10:05amiconnThen I'll do so.
01:12:56amiconn[IDC]Dragon: Do all .lang entries need a voice: line?
01:16:41[IDC]Dragononly the ones which get spoken by the voice UI
01:17:30amiconnI've seen that even entries which are not spoken have an (empty) voice: line, but the new entries added by Zagor have not.
01:17:36 Quit [3]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:18:35[IDC]DragonIIRC, absent counts as empty
01:19:06amiconnI wonder if I should add them, as I'm currently trying to sync deutsch.lang
01:19:34[IDC]Dragonat least it looks nicer
01:19:59[IDC]DragonI would wait with any sync work til this is over
01:23:28 Quit [2]c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:31:09limbusgoonite guys. hppy hacking to devcon.
01:31:41 Quit limbus ()
01:36:01 Join iralemming_ [0] (
01:39:02 Nick bc|bbl is now known as BlueChip (
01:40:15midkdo you have a target available?
01:40:54BlueChipnot immediately
01:41:17midkwhen might be available?
01:41:56BlueChipif i go and get it from the bedroom
01:42:21midkah. might i request this? i need a tester for clock.rock v2.1
01:43:28[IDC]DragonI'm also saying goodnite, happy devconning!
01:43:45[IDC]Dragon(and thank you!)
01:43:48BlueChipnite dude
01:43:53 Quit [IDC]Dragon ()
01:46:04BlueChipmk: kinda busy right now
01:46:31midkk thanks
01:46:55BlueChipwhat is wrong with your unit?
01:47:05midki don't have it right now
01:47:11midknm a bit of things i want to add anyway
01:47:27midki mean... your code broke it
01:47:43BlueChipyeah, probably
01:48:24 Part cejay
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02:00:21[1]c0uttahey devcon. i haven't synced with cvs for a while and now i get a make error on the calculator plugin for math.h
02:01:26[1]c0utta../apps/plugins/calculator.c:99:18: math.h: No such file or directory
02:02:03 Join Strath [0] (
02:02:48Zagorweird. we don't get it.
02:02:58Zagortry a clean dir and "cvs update -dP"
02:03:37 Join jakesir [0] (
02:03:53 Quit jakesir (Client Quit)
02:04:28[1]c0uttaa "clean dir " as in empty ?
02:04:39 Nick [1]c0utta is now known as c0utta (
02:05:19Zagoryes, create a new empty build dir
02:08:40Zagorhmm, are you grabbing cvs from the new server?
02:08:41LinusNc0utta: the cvs repo has moved
02:10:33 Quit AciD ("indent -kr -nbad -bap -nbbb -nsc -br -nce -cdw -ss -cli2 -npcs -ncs -i6 -ts6 -saf -sai -saw -di0 -nbc -npsl -brs -lp -ip6 -pp)
02:15:34c0uttayes, i changed all my CVS root files to
02:19:09BlueChipamiconn: you around dude?
02:19:26BlueChip(or a slim dude?)
02:19:37amiconnHaha, yes
02:20:39BlueChipI've been debating whether my drawbox() should take x1,y1;x2,y2 or x1,y1;w,h ...what's your take on this?
02:21:24amiconnDoes that draw a filled box or a hollow one?
02:21:28midki like x1 y1 x2 y2
02:21:33BlueChipx1,x2 ...seems to align with drawline(), but w,h seems to be more intuitive for boxes
02:21:44BlueChipmy drawbox does all types
02:21:58midkhow about
02:22:09midkx1 y1 x2 y2 bool width
02:22:14midktrue = width height
02:22:20midkfalse = x2 y2
02:22:49amiconnAhh. I'm just thinking about doing the same for grayscale as I'm currently doing the api change, and implementing full clipping support along the way
02:22:53BlueChipmk: nice thought, but I think I would rather have a single format for code clarity
02:23:03midki like x2 y2
02:23:05midkbut that's just me
02:23:24amiconnI think I'll go for (x, y, w, h) for boxes as well, as it is consistent with bitmaps
02:23:39BlueChipamiconn have you seen my code?
02:24:19BlueChip...but inconsistent with the line routines ..hmmm
02:24:38BlueChiphang on, surely you must have seen it helped me debug it!?
02:25:16amiconnCurrently I have (x1, y1, x2, y2) for hollow boxes, and (x, y, w, h) for filled one - surely even less intuitive
02:25:32BlueChipouch! that's no so good
02:25:49midknot that funny, but a bad idea
02:26:18BlueChipI instinctively feel that x1,y1,x2,y2 would give an overall consistency
02:26:27amiconnI think (x1, y1, x2, y2) is easier to handle when it comes to clipping
02:26:44amiconnBut for bitmaps it is ugly
02:27:12BlueChipi plan to extend my routines to sprite handling - and a sprite will know it's w,h
02:27:28 Join BioHazard|150Mhz [0] (
02:27:39BlueChipis i go w,h the first thing drawbox will do is generate x2,y2
02:28:34Strathnew image generated by GMini Emulator:
02:28:50midkits so cool
02:28:51midkits like
02:28:53midkgreen and red
02:29:24amiconnBlueChip: I think I will go for (x, y, w, h) except for lines
02:29:52BlueChipwill this add a code overhead for each call?
02:30:30amiconnEven if it does this will be neglectible imho
02:30:43BioHazard|150Mhzk, just got here, whats being discussed right now?
02:31:37midkhi biohazard
02:32:00BioHazard|150Mhzyo midk
02:32:41BioHazard|150Mhzi finally figured out the second half of my RLD problem
02:32:58BioHazard|150Mhzso i ve gotten back to coding
02:36:21BioHazard|150Mhzso what cool new thingys have been added to the plugin API since ive been gone
02:36:33midknot too much
02:40:03StrathOk... I added a colour key for the image, now at:
02:41:14BioHazard|150Mhzwhats it for?
02:41:35Strathit is a visual representation of the gmini's address space
02:42:00BioHazard|150Mhzah... i knew it was something i wouldnt understand :)
02:42:03Strathor rather, the gmini emulator's
02:43:56Straththats ok bio... not many would
02:45:39BlueChipgiven my complete ineptitude with CVS, does the latest source tarball fix the calculator plugin problem?
02:50:31amiconnNit eeveryone
02:50:37amiconn*Nite even
02:50:57 Part amiconn
02:56:29BlueChiphow do I set an environment variable under bash anyone?
02:58:39midki would respond but i know bc wouldnt really listen
03:01:34BlueChipsuch a friendly chap ;)
03:02:17midki know!
03:02:20midkyou surely are
03:12:52 Quit BioHazard|150Mhz ("wait! come back! i want that muffin! -=SysReset 2.51=-")
03:14:45hardeepBlueChip: export VAR=value
03:15:07BlueChipthanks hardeep :)
03:41:39 Quit hardeep ("BitchX Official WWW Site --")
03:41:39 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:41:39 Quit top_bloke (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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04:01:07LinusNTime to sleep. Rockbox devcon 2004 is officially closed...
04:01:21 Part LinusN
04:01:24 Quit Zagor ("Lämnar")
04:13:07 Quit pfavr ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/1]")
05:01:48 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
05:03:04 Join whokid [0] (
05:04:18midkhi whokid
05:04:34 Part jkerman ("Leaving")
05:04:35whokidis this channel devoted to the rockbox dap?
05:04:54 Part whokid
05:05:23midkhmm bc am i really blocked?
05:05:28midki need someone to test my clock
05:12:07 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
05:12:14 Quit midknight2k3 (Client Quit)
05:15:47iralemming_i just wanted to say thanks
05:16:26iralemming_to the developers, i am amazed by rockbox
05:16:51 Join Nibbler [0] (
05:20:58BlueChipiralemming_: you're very welcome, shame you missed popping in earlier - it was our devcon today you could have met everyone in person
05:21:19midkbc were you at the devcon?
05:22:17iralemming_ah neat
05:22:46iralemming_i really wish i could contribute to the project...
05:23:01iralemming_i know very little programming though
05:23:16BlueChipwhat language do you know?
05:23:43iralemming_i took computer science ap at my highschool which was java, and i know very little perl.
05:24:09BlueChipjava - ouch! ...well if you can handle java and perl you could sure deal with C
05:24:40BlueChipthere's normally someone to point you in the right direction if you get stuck
05:24:58midkbeware of bc though −− he may be the one to get you stuck
05:26:06 Join midknight2k3 [0] (
05:26:15 Quit midknight2k3 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:26:46BlueChipbest thing is to pick an idea and go for it
05:27:30iralemming_did you self teach C?
05:28:01midk*feels like putting down bc a bit more but refrains
05:28:03BlueChipyeah, but i had a good founding in several languages before i learned C - I started with basic when I was 11
05:28:35iralemming_i am 18.. and still very noob
05:29:10BlueChipthe art is in breaking a task down into little bits - from there it is simple
05:29:20midkhmm iralemming_
05:29:24midkyou have a recorder?
05:29:28iralemming_yes :D
05:29:31iralemming_i love it.
05:29:35midkmidn testing my clock for me?
05:29:42midki need a tester to see if my new clock update works
05:29:48midkah great thanks
05:29:59midkor dcc?
05:30:08iralemming_email is fine
05:30:26iralemming_i have rockbox flashed
05:30:32iralemming_it boots so fast now ;D
05:30:36midklet's just see if dcc works
05:30:46BlueChiplucky - mine isn't flashable :(
05:31:08midkok forget dcc −− whats your email?
05:31:37BlueChipanother one for the spam search-bot
05:33:00iralemming_are you guys from usa
05:33:17BlueChipim inthe UK
05:33:30iralemming_ah awesome
05:34:11midkiralemming_: have you tried the original clock yet?
05:34:23iralemming_yeah i've looked at it before
05:34:33midkok that was mine
05:34:37midkit's very bad actually
05:34:41midknow you can compare it to this
05:34:48iralemming_it works fine :D
05:34:55iralemming_i like how you can do digital, or analog
05:35:05midki fixed numerous bugs
05:35:14iralemming_you send yet?
05:35:25midkjust sent
05:35:36iralemming_you from usa?
05:36:22iralemming_got it..loading
05:37:57midkbesi besi
05:38:20iralemming_"incompatible version"
05:38:28midkah you need a new daily build
05:38:32midkwhat version are you running?
05:38:59midkno no no get a daily build
05:39:16BlueChipWOW - lots of stuff added since 2.2 official release
05:39:26BlueChipincluding speech
05:40:07 Join jkerman [0] (
05:40:18 Quit jkerman (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:42:31iralemming_ah there is a little menu telling what the F keys are for
05:42:51midkyou can turn that off
05:42:53BlueChipyou can turn that off if you prefer more browser space
05:49:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:56:54BlueChipSo ira, what cool plugin do you think is lacking from rockbox?
06:00:33 Quit c0utta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
06:13:10Strathhrm... current hang up in gmemu seems to be waiting for an interupt to kick it out of the idle loop :)
06:13:42BlueChipthats good?
06:14:30Strathwell, it means that everything up until the idle loop seems to be working
06:14:38BlueChipkewl :)
06:15:21BlueChipdoes the gm use the mas3587?
06:15:46Strathi think it's more a 'wait for HD to spinup' idle loop, rather than user input idle loop, though even that is speculation
06:15:54midkF A C!
06:16:24Strathnope, it uses an integrated DSP
06:17:08Straththe TCC730 has CalmRISC16 + MAC2424 cores
06:17:54Strathdo we have full specs on the mas3587?
06:18:09midkemm ayy ess three five eighty seven
06:18:11midkand yes we do
06:18:19BlueChipwe got close, but never got the full specs on the programming language
06:18:31midkbc remember we got all the docs?
06:18:40midkwell bc has me set on his ingore list
06:18:43midkbut we got the docs
06:18:45Strathmidk :P
06:18:47midki'm not sure if he knows that or not
06:19:01midksend him messages for me!
06:19:08midkhi iralemming_
06:19:15midkdid you give it a try?
06:19:18iralemming_sorry my mom came up from florida, had to say hi :D
06:19:21iralemming_yes i did
06:19:27midkcomments? suggestions?
06:19:33midkbroken bits?
06:19:48iralemming_so i pressed over... then F2 and it looks like it stays on the same type of clock..
06:19:50Strathok... time to go implement interupts.... fun fun.. to back oxy is on vacation
06:20:04Strather.. to bad
06:20:06midkf2 is the logo pickter
06:20:12midktoo bad* strathy
06:20:19BlueChipThe MAS WAV codec required the a h/w mod - but I'm sure we could work around that if we could get more programming specs
06:20:47iralemming_just the logo, i see
06:20:56iralemming_i thought it changed what type of clock it is too
06:20:59midki should make that a big clearer
06:21:37BlueChipStrath: why do you ask?
06:22:22iralemming_i like how the invert seconds fills up the screen after a minute...thats neato
06:22:33midkah thanks!
06:22:39midki want to make more visual effects
06:23:17iralemming_yeah..maybe like a circle that grows or something, but that is seriously cool heh
06:23:37iralemming_why did you take out the digital clock
06:23:38midkthat was actually probably the simplest effect to creat
06:23:42midkit's there
06:23:42BlueChipso, ira, what cool plugin do you fancy coding?
06:23:47midkpress play to cycle
06:23:58midkwait what do you mean?
06:24:18midkthere's a few new ones now
06:24:21iralemming_midk i see, its still there ;]
06:24:25midkfullscreen as well as a second digital type
06:24:39iralemming_oooh that new digital one looks better
06:24:53midkyeah i felt including all 4 of them was a good idea :)
06:25:04iralemming_bluechip, not sure
06:25:24midklol bc
06:25:25iralemming_lolls, omfge that would be so great
06:25:51iralemming_i think RVF is one of the best things about rockbox
06:25:58iralemming_i have impressed a lot of people
06:26:04BlueChiprvf is pretty damn awesome
06:26:06iralemming_they are like "THAT can play videos?"
06:26:14iralemming_and THAT good of quality?
06:26:36BlueChipthe biggest irony of all is the guy who wrote it doesn't use it - he did it simply for the challenge
06:26:45iralemming_midk, this is much improved. i like it.
06:26:50midkthank you
06:26:53midkdid you try f3 yet
06:27:01midkhow do you feel about the help screen and options setup
06:27:05midkand the credits roll on ON
06:27:12midkand also REW is backlight off, FF is on
06:27:18midksort of like indiglo :)
06:27:36iralemming_i like the zooming of Clock and stuff
06:27:38midkby the way... on the startup logo animation does the text "CLOCK v2.1" show up ok?
06:28:01midkand exit
06:28:45iralemming_it says Clock v2.1 then CLOCK v2.1
06:28:53midkoops :D
06:28:58iralemming_once the logo comes down it changes to all caps
06:29:00midkat what point?
06:29:05midkah crud
06:29:07iralemming_but on exit, it does not do that
06:29:16midkYOU'RE RIGHT
06:29:23midkthanks for pointing that out
06:29:26midkjust fixed
06:29:27iralemming_no problem
06:29:35iralemming_i'll be expecting an update ;D
06:29:40midkhehe ok
06:29:44midkanything else?
06:29:48midki MUST have more gfx
06:29:49BlueChip...with a #define - lol
06:30:05midkmaybe instead of text for the info screen i could use icons
06:30:18midk|> instead of [PLAY]
06:30:23midk>> instead of [FF]
06:30:42midk[] for stop
06:30:45midk() for on
06:31:01midk<< |> >> [] () (= == =)
06:31:12iralemming_yeah.. good idea
06:31:12midkRW PLAY FF STOP ON F1 F2 F3
06:31:28midki want another clock mode :)
06:31:42midki think i'll try for a "Casual" one this time
06:31:44iralemming_i like how you can turn backlight on/off ...that is nice when listening in dark
06:31:55midkyeah also if you were really using it as a clock
06:32:01midksort of like indiglo on watches
06:32:36midkhmm so
06:32:39midkany more suggestions?
06:32:45iralemming_why is there no 2nd hand on the 2nd analog clock?
06:32:45midkmost of what you can think of i can do
06:32:54midkcheck in the options
06:32:56midkshould be there
06:33:03iralemming_options for each
06:33:04iralemming_i see
06:33:12BlueChiphey ira, mind if I boast a little - have you seen the Cyborg Systems stuff yet?
06:33:21midk:) yes that was one of the major problems with the last one
06:33:34iralemming_dang..there is a lot of stuff hah
06:33:51iralemming_bluechip, no i don't know that is
06:34:17BlueChipcheck this page:
06:34:28midkand /Rockbox
06:35:04midkiralemming_: so before you go on with bc, no suggestions?
06:36:21iralemming_midk, i think you have it on lock...there are a lot of great options... one thing i've never seen was a "logo picker"..its neat, i guess i just have to get used to it..
06:36:38iralemming_i will try to play with it more..see if i find and bugs, etc
06:36:50midkyeah that did seem *somewhat* overkill... but heh.. lol.. *shrugs
06:37:10iralemming_;D ... i think you should just pick a main logo??
06:37:19iralemming_i dunno, do what you want, it's great either way
06:37:21iralemming_i am impressed.
06:37:27midkok thanks
06:37:32midkhmm if i decide to do that
06:37:37midkwhich is your favorite logo?
06:37:38iralemming_definite upgrade from v1
06:38:02iralemming_2 or 4
06:38:12midkmm kay thanks
06:38:24iralemming_my pleasure
06:38:38midki'll let you know if i get any better gfx in there :)
06:38:55iralemming_do you have AIM?
06:38:59midksure do!
06:39:13midk−− don't ask
06:40:15BlueChipon the CS site you can find new games & other cool stuff
06:41:48iralemming_thanks bc ... solitare! :D
06:42:28BlueChipmy fave to date is my starfield demo - but then I suppose your latest code is always your favourite
06:42:49BlueChipI hope to finish the card game engine soon to make creating new card games real easy
06:43:03BlueChipbut I am working on the enhanced audio features atm
06:43:12midkoh boy
06:43:16midkhmm btw bc
06:43:20midkdid you get that mdb function working?
06:44:00midkhmm iralemming_ can you ask bc if he got the mdb working yet
06:44:39midksay this: "midk wants to know if you finished the mdb "geek mode" "
06:44:52iralemming_bluechip "midk wants to know if you finished the mdb "geek mode" "
06:45:07midkthank you
06:45:58BlueChiplol - not to release standard
06:46:43midkLOL whatever that means
07:08:57 Quit Nibbler (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:09:38 Join c0utta [0] (
07:20:18Strathhrm... would you consider a text file, larger than 100 MB, to be rather large? ;)
07:20:48BlueChiplol - blimey, even my commenting disasm doesn't produce anything THAT big!
07:20:52midkmy #rockbox log is like 3mb
07:20:57midkand like 5000 lines
07:21:36Strathheh... trace log of every op executed, for over 2 million steps.. :)
07:21:53BlueChipLOL - time to tokenise?
07:24:04c0uttahuys, i have downloaded a fresh cvs but continue to get "math.h" not found with the calculator plugin
07:24:09c0uttaany ideas ?
07:24:31BlueChipsorry, my solution was: erase calculator.c
07:24:51BlueChipI asked the devs but got no reply
07:25:13c0uttai asked too and got "just do a cvs refresh"
07:25:49BlueChipi presume you tried that?
07:26:08c0uttai sure did
07:26:24c0uttahey bc, do recommend getting your latest Rockbox-Devkit ? you gave me one about 6 months ago and it works just fine
07:26:25BlueChipgimme a mo, i'll see if I can spot anything
07:26:30midkhi bc
07:27:19BlueChipthe main thing with the latest is that it will build UCLs out of the box
07:27:47c0uttai think the one you gave me builds ucl's too
07:28:03BlueChipnot unless you updated it by hand
07:28:40c0uttahmm it creates UCLs without me doing anything
07:28:47BlueChiphow big are they?
07:29:43BlueChipweird - i've only JUSt added uclpack to the distro
07:29:54midknice job bc
07:30:18c0uttaanyway, i'll update to your latest
07:31:07BlueChipcool - you know where to find it?
07:31:26c0uttasure do
07:49:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:58:49BlueChipWell, the sand man is calling - time to go dream of Bombay Duck (since they made it illegal in the UK)
07:59:38 Part BlueChip
08:37:00midknite all
08:46:49 Join Nibbler [0] (
08:53:22 Quit midk ()
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13:04:47pfavranyone dare to look (new UI proposal)
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19:51:23kaboofaHmm, I wonder if I could implement a goya gameboy emulator on rockbox.
19:51:33kaboofaI'll try it after work.
19:55:28 Join midk [0] (
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20:09:37 Quit midk ()
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21:34:38 Join jasper1 [0] (
21:36:00DBUGEnqueued KICK jasper1
21:36:00jasper1hi was wondering if anyone here had used the Archos v2 mp3 recorder for recording speech in lecture halls
21:37:02 Quit jasper1 (Client Quit)
21:37:05 Join jasper1 [0] (
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21:50:31 Join Guest0 [0] (
21:51:41Guest0hi there i am hopeing someone can point me to some info regarding a comparsion with the hp140 and archos jb v2 for speech recording
21:51:51Guest0using external mics
21:52:03Guest0or mic
21:52:35scott666never used an hp140
21:53:34Guest0whats the v2 like for recording say lectures in a lecture hall
21:53:39Guest0if you know
21:53:52Guest0odd one i know
21:54:11scott666using the internl mic?
21:54:33scott666or an external and pre-amp?
21:54:42Guest0 an external mic and pre amp
21:55:00scott666you should be able to record pretty much anything pretty well then
21:55:49Guest0is there any HardDrive EMI?
21:55:58Guest0as in the case with the internal mic
21:56:47scott666not that i know of, but i havnt used an external mic personally
21:57:19Guest0ok thanks for your help
21:57:58Guest0just one other thing, i looked through the pdf of rockbox firmware
21:58:24Guest0and i was trying to figure out if it supported real time levels of the sound imput
21:58:49Guest0or whether you could change levels when recording from listening thro headphones
21:58:54scott666theres a peak meter, but its not quite real-time
21:59:30scott666couldnt you change hte level on the pre-amp anyway?
22:00:18Guest0yeah if i got a varible gain pre amp but from whati am seening price wise it is a few bob
22:00:28Guest0sorry few pounds
22:01:17Guest0i take it from what your saying you can hear the recording through the H-phones
22:01:25Guest0in real time?
22:03:09 Join adi|home [0] (~adi|
22:03:23Guest0i shan;t take any more of your time Scott - thanks for your help
22:04:36 Quit Guest0 ("Leaving")
22:33:08 Join edx{code} [0] (
22:40:38 Quit edx (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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