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#rockbox log for 2004-05-24

00:03:35 Quit pfavr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:05:55BlueChipARGH! what is it with me and diff? Can anyone correct this diff command please?
00:05:55BlueChipdiff -u rockbox-daily-20040523/
00:06:23BagderBlueChip: that only diffs those two dirs, not recursively
00:06:32Bagderyou need -r too for that, afair
00:06:43BlueChipd'oh! One day I will suss bash - I promise!
00:06:45midk:D jk
00:07:37BlueChipand one day they will also add "ignore trailing whitespace" to diff !
00:08:17Bagderyeps, that'll be a good day ;-)
00:08:36 Join joeyslls [0] (
00:08:48BlueChipperhaps that'll be my next fun thing to do ...go get the source for diff and do it myself - lol
00:09:30BlueChipperhaps we could consider adding "no trailing whitespace" to the Rockbox coding standard?
00:09:41BlueChip...just an idea
00:10:13Bagdertrailing whitespace is annoying
00:10:26 Join Nibbler [0] (
00:11:03BlueChipI am surprised more editors do not have a switch in them "strip trailing w/s on save"
00:12:56Bagderrecently I've made my default editor setup display trailing whitespace
00:13:22Bagdersince having it stripped automaticly makes so many unintentional changes
00:13:46BlueChiplikewise ...shall I let my plugin.h|c patch strip the trail w/s from it?
00:14:07Bagderit'll just get bigger
00:14:40BlueChipthe patch will be bigger, the result will be smaller Rockbox code :)
00:14:55BlueChipanyway - to hell with diff - it's crap - I'll write the file by hand
00:15:01Bagderyes, but you'll also increase the risk of colliding with other patches
00:15:46Bagder... and changes that is irrelevant to the function you provide is generally not good to include
00:15:55BlueChipanything that patches these files will definitely collide with this patch anyway
00:16:14Bagderonly if they change the same lines
00:16:47BlueChipi would have though that any edits to plugin.h|c would update the plugin_api_version_number!?
00:17:25BlueChip(btw. just to make it clear, that I am not debating the stle for this patch, which I am currently rewriting whatever the outcome of this chat)
00:17:30Bagderthere's no point in doing that in the patch really
00:17:39Bagderbut perhaps it is
00:18:25BlueChipwould take 2mins to create one bloody great bit "strip trailing whitespace" patch anyway
00:18:29Bagdera collide on that line wouldn't be that hard to resolve anyway
00:23:00BlueChipoh ffs this is a nightmare!
00:23:28BlueChipI'll do it some other time - there is whitespace EVERYwhere
00:23:39midkthat's bc's fault.
00:36:27Bagderfun reading
00:37:24BlueChipI still don't get why they don't just simply add their unit to our source and sit back while we do all the work - Knobby by name, Knobby by nature ? LOL
00:38:43BagderI believe they get paid from Neo
00:38:54Bagderso they need to make it look like they do something
00:39:36Bagderthat's what I think, yes
00:39:39BlueChiphehehehehehehe - "Dear Mr Accountant, how would you like to save a small fortune in development costs? ..."
00:41:28BagderI need sleep. See ya
00:41:30 Quit Bagder ("Leaving")
00:43:12 Join vraa [0] (
00:43:18vraaHey yall!
00:43:40BlueChipevenin' vraa
00:43:57vraahow ya doing bluechip?
00:44:18BlueChipgetting the Audio 3587 up to scratch
00:44:21BlueChipand yourself?
00:44:25vraathat flew over my head :)
00:44:45vraai put my archos back together and have it on hold until finals are over, or until i feel like trying to fix it again :(
00:44:47BlueChipwriting a plugin so that you can get better sound from your JBR
00:44:54vraaah, that sounds sweet!
00:45:36BlueChipbookmark this: ...that's where it'll be released
00:46:08vraawell it's kinda useless for me right now, i need a working jukebox :)
00:46:14BlueChipwhat's dead?
00:46:35vraaremember a few weeks back i had a fm recorder that was fried or soemthign?
00:47:00BlueChipvaguely, but as you can probably guess, we get quite a lot of that in here
00:47:00vraai'm almost positive my sister used the incorrect adapter to charge the archos so it must've blown a voltage regulator
00:47:07vraai know what ya mean
00:47:16BlueChipahhh, yes, the on your sister killed - I DO remember
00:47:25midki do remember too
00:47:30vraahaha sup midk
00:47:38midkI REMEMBER
00:47:41midkand the webcan
00:47:43midkand the solder
00:47:46BlueChipyou could always connect her to the mains and see if she works well as a replacement adaptor?
00:48:23vraawait.. my sister?
00:49:12midkgo vraa-ey
00:49:42vraashould i just wait for the 4th gen iPod to come out?
00:50:08BlueChipmy only complaint is that they are unhacked
00:50:21vraayeah, that's why i didn't want my sister to order the iPod mini a week ago
00:50:32vraabut where would i get a jukebox fm recorder from?
00:50:45vraai dont trust ebay, sorry :(
00:50:47BlueChipget a v1 - they are better anyway
00:51:00BlueChipfair call - shop around then, they are still available
00:51:07BlueChipJukebox Recorder Version 1
00:51:16BlueChipv1 is easier to type ;)
00:51:16vraado you have a pic of the differences?
00:51:26BlueChipa PICTURE of them?
00:51:34vraa*slaps himself*
00:51:35BlueChipdifficult to show a picture of digital out not working
00:51:46vraawhat's the differences between v1 and v2?
00:52:30BlueChiptheres a link to the table on my homepage
00:52:41vraaopening it up now
00:53:26vraahow come the V1 are better?
00:53:30vraathe V2's look cooler
00:53:54BlueChipif it's looks you are after - buy an iPod
00:54:04vraawell, archos > iPod in looks IMO
00:54:08vraaiPods are played out :)
00:54:12midki think fms are better
00:54:16midkthey are a bit lighter too
00:54:21midk4/5 weight of v1
00:54:32 Quit joeyslls (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:54:48vraa400$ though, and it's a video player, i just needs mp3s :(
00:55:14midkvraa what is it
00:55:15vraaunhacked or unhackable?
00:55:30vraaARCHOS Portable 20.0GB MP4 Video Player with MP3 Recording and Digital Camera Option
00:55:38BlueChipthere have been archos legal problems with AVOS
00:55:48vraaoh crap
00:55:52midki have an av320
00:55:58midkthere have been, there aren't anymore
00:56:21BlueChipcheck #avos or avos.sourceforge for latest info I guess
00:59:23BlueChipanyone noticed this?
00:59:50midkwhat about it
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01:06:39DBUGEnqueued KICK vraa
01:06:39*vraa is AFK, food or something or the other
01:18:52elinenbeBlueChip: what about that patch?
01:19:16elinenbeBlueChip: and is your plugin going to be released soon for the MAS stuff...
01:20:22BlueChipI am working on the plugin presently
01:21:02BlueChipyou're welcome to see it in its current state, but it unfinished
01:32:58elinenbesure −− that sounds great!
01:33:06elinenbeit is on your webspace?
01:33:37BlueChipnot yet, I will not put it there until is "public-worthy" ...never been one to bit my pride - LOL
01:34:23BlueChiplet me compile up the latest code for you...
01:35:33BlueChiphmmm, bugger - does not compile to target ...gimme 5
01:35:53 Part BlueChip
01:36:03 Join BlueChip [0] (
01:41:16BlueChipelinenbe: what unit do you have?
01:41:37midkit will work no matter what
01:44:52 Join track [0] (
01:45:50 Quit AciD ("")
01:47:54trackmikeholden has quietened down a great deal
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01:51:35BlueChipI gotta get focussed on my CV for a while .... elinenbe, feel free to page me if you come back
01:51:45 Part BlueChip
01:59:30 Part track
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03:44:15BlueChipelinenbe: did you atill want this plugin?
03:44:33midkhi bc
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03:52:38midkhi bc
03:53:07CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:53:07*BlueChip nods
04:04:21BlueChipwell I guess elinenbe is gone for the night - l8rz all
04:04:24 Part BlueChip
04:11:55 Quit vraa ("2.0 Build 3515")
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08:07:51midkhi amiconn
08:07:59amiconnhi midk
08:31:17 Join LinusN [200] (
08:35:17midkhi LinusN
08:35:28amiconnhi LinusN
08:36:13midki've updated my clock update again
08:36:32LinusNa silly router problem made the rockbox site inaccessible for the whole weekend for some people
08:36:40LinusNincluding me
08:37:55LinusNstill can't reach it... :-(
08:38:56midkhmm linusn i think i'm going to update it once more −− did you have any suggestions for it?
08:42:53LinusNfor the clock update? no
08:44:51 Join AciD [0] (
08:48:44 Join Nibbler [0] (
09:00:27midktime for me to sleep, nite
09:00:30 Quit midk ()
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10:23:53 Join mattzz [0] (
10:24:46mattzzhi all
10:26:16mattzzLinusN: I submitted a patch for the metronome, it uses the register_timer function now - could somebody please have a look at it?
10:35:55LinusNsaw it, will take a look as sonn as i have some time
10:55:48 Nick mattzz is now known as mattzz|afk (
11:01:27 Join limbus [0] (
11:05:51limbushi all. anyone there known to the new viewer plugin file association stuff ?
11:06:47limbusZagor build that in this weekend accordingly to the patch #879411, the cvs-comment on tree.c says
11:07:42limbusthat patch description tells me I've got to go to "settings->system-manage settings->reset plugin" to init it, but I havn't that menue. yes, I already updated the lang-files
11:09:38 Join Nibbler [0] (
11:16:48 Quit mattzz|afk ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
11:18:09LinusNlimbus: that menu item was removed
11:18:15LinusNyou don't need it
11:18:38LinusNthe patch wasn't applied as-is, we changed it a little
11:22:11limbusLinusN: So how do I get the /.rockbox/viewers.config or the new equivalent ?
11:23:02limbusfact is the jpgs, videos and txts are recognised as "supported" files types anymore ony my box.
11:23:50limbuserr. NOT recognised anymore
11:31:33LinusNdid you do a complete reinstall?
11:35:51limbusreinstall ? howto ? I can't flash, so I recompiled everything, copied the ajz, langs, rocks, reboot.
11:38:49LinusNit was mentioned on the mailing list today
11:38:54LinusNmake zip
11:39:56limbusjup, I'm just looking for the new toolset
11:40:40LinusNthe viewers.config file is in apps/plugins/ if you want to copy it yourself
11:41:01limbusaaah. ok, will try that. tnx Linus
11:41:36limbusand it has to go there on my box too ?=
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11:53:07limbusyeah, I was just about the second try ;-) it works after having moved the rocks to the new position.
11:53:38limbusI still don't know how to get make to know the zip target rule
11:54:52limbusit's not getting updated by cvs.
11:56:29LinusNyes it is
11:57:02LinusNperhaps you have forgotten to change CVS server?
11:57:37limbusstrange. I just noticed the same thing. but make still complains if I "make zip"
11:58:01limbusI deleted it and it came new in, as well as
11:58:26limbus$ make zip \n make: *** No rule to make target 'zip'- Stop.
11:58:30limbusfeeling dumb
11:58:59*limbus is using win32 - environment, cygwin
11:59:26 Part LinusN
12:02:00 Join LinusN [200] (
12:02:38LinusNdid you run the configure script?
12:03:32limbusmhmmm. good point. didn't know I have to rerun it.
12:05:47LinusNthe Makefile is created by the configure script
12:06:44limbussorry i'm pampered by visual studio-stuff
12:07:21limbusmake zip \n ../tools/ -DARCHOS_RECORDER
12:07:30limbusmake: *** [zip] Error 255
12:08:17LinusNhow did you install cygwin?
12:09:35limbuserr. as described in the how-tos. I've always been able to make my rockbox the last weeks
12:10:36LinusNas described in which how-to?
12:10:55LinusNthis one?
12:11:42LinusNor was it this one?
12:12:27LinusNthe first one is the recommended way
12:13:13limbusI don't remember where it came from, but I remember some parts of the text that is on the latter one.
12:13:20limbusi'll try the first method then. thanks
12:13:33limbuswill tke some time
12:13:57LinusNthe second one is a stripped version of the cygwin installation, which probably lacks the zip.exe command
12:15:35LinusNlunch time
12:20:10limbusenjoy you meal
12:26:33amiconnlimbus: Even my Cygwin installation (a quite large one) doesn't contain zip, so "make zip" doesn't work for me either.
12:26:50amiconnI will have to add "zip" to cygwin first
12:27:09limbusbut I can run zip from the cygwin-shell as it is in the path
12:27:32amiconnIs this the real command line version of zip?
12:27:43limbusit's just maybe an incompatible version what's about the parameters
12:27:50amiconnIf not, the parameters used by the makefile may not work
12:27:53limbuswhere to get the "real one" ?
12:28:24limbusis unxutils the real one ?
12:32:46amiconnI think you will have to select some packet within cygwin-setup, have to look myself
12:34:22amiconnlunch time
12:39:18limbusenjoy you meal too
12:48:17 Quit AciD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:18:35limbusgot it: cygwin can't run perl scripts ?!? I had to prefix if with "perl". changed configure, works
13:22:37amiconnlimbus: If you still want to install zip within cygwin - "zip" package is found under the package category "Archive"
13:28:36 Join pfavr [0] (
13:28:57limbusno, it's ok since I call "perl" instead of "" files are somehow no associated to perl ?!?
13:29:38limbus...on my machine at least
13:36:47 Join mattzz [0] (
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14:18:11 Join midk [0] (
14:20:26midkhmm, LinusN, what do you think of setting the time directly from the clock?
14:21:48midka function in the clock plugin to let you set the time
14:21:52LinusNah, you mean from the clock plugin?
14:22:03LinusNsounds reasonable
14:26:40 Quit amiconn (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26:40 Nick amiconn_ is now known as amiconn (
14:30:16midk*gets idea
14:30:22midkhow is rand() used?
14:33:26midkrb->rand() % 112; this will return a random number between 0-112?
14:42:32 Join AciD [0] (
14:52:25midkok thanks
15:17:58limbusmidk: I finally checked your last clock update, and it looks nice. just one thing:
15:18:41limbuswhere has the date gone ?
15:23:12midknot there?
15:25:14midkin what mode?
15:25:54limbuserr, lemme check that
15:26:23limbusno date with up/down in any more
15:28:11midkjust a moment
15:28:13limbusintend ? bug ? forgotten ?
15:28:14midkmay have fixed it
15:28:16limbusfeature ?
15:28:28midkup/down: ?
15:29:48midkthe setting is at the settings screen, F3
15:30:44midkup used to do it - it doesn't anymore
15:32:29midkalthough maybe a nice idea would be to have custom functions for each of the arrow keys
15:37:38limbusüber-customization must be a new illness that broke out on rockbox-developers ;-)
15:39:24midkjust me
15:39:38midkdid that work? f3?
15:40:29limbusf3 shows me that option pane where I can toggle border, the second hand and the inverted seconds. no date
15:40:53midkoh, you're in fullscreen mode
15:41:01midkfullscreen is the only one that doesn't feature a date mode
15:41:11midkalthough i could add that..
15:41:31limbuswell, then show me how to minimize the clock-window ?!?
15:42:31midk:) press "play"
15:42:38midkfullscreen is a seperate mode
15:42:43midkf1 may help you
15:43:32midkah time for me to go
15:43:37midkbut each mode has seperate options
15:43:43midkf1 is instructions
15:43:50midksee you later
15:43:51 Quit midk ()
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15:52:50pfavrhi, if anyone has an opinion on how to make a better UI for rockbox, I have a draft of a spec here: - it is a wiki so everybody can edit the pages.
15:53:26pfavr(Still remains a lot of work )
15:55:10 Join Nibbler [0] (
15:58:31dwihnopfavr: Looks great!
15:58:58LinusNtime to go home
15:59:00 Part LinusN
16:04:45pfavrdwihno, thanks! I'm not sure if it should be done as one mighty change or maybe it could be done through smaller incremental changes. Some of the things has been asked for already (see the feature request links at the bottom)
16:06:33dwihnopfavr: I guess the easiest way would be to do one thing at a time.
16:06:43dwihnoPerhaps the multi-screen thing.
16:07:39pfavrdwihno, yes, but I think it is important to do a consistent design throughout. So that the same keys and principles can be used everywhere.
16:07:55pfavrBut implementing it could be done incrementally
16:14:19 Join jakesir [0] (
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